Awesome Sport Tech Deals & Sales!


Looking for sweet sports tech sales?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll update this page live as noteworthy sports tech sales happen.  Things like GPS watches, bike computers, action cams, fitness wearables, and the like.  Probably no diamond rings here (unless it’s a wearable encrusted in diamonds).  All the jazz I’d usually write about, you’ll find deals here.

Generally speaking, here’s the most popular times for big sales:

February: No idea why, this just seems to be the case. Though, sometimes companies clear out older stock as new product announcements are made in early January.
May: Many (almost all) companies put sports tech products on sale each May – largely to get you motivated to buy something for the warmer weather.
July: Amazon Prime Day – this can be a biggie, but it’s kinda a mix of what’s offered. It’s mostly older stuff, and usually watches, scales, and some action camera accessories.
November-December: Usually starts in early November, then into Black Friday and finally pre-Christmas sales in December.  This is the super-bowl of sales.

Here’s what’s currently on sale:

Current DealsRegular PriceSale PriceStartEndAmazonClever TrainingOther siteSale Notes
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated December 16th, 2017 @ 6:26 pm
DJI Mavic Pro$999$200 off!!!Nov 23 2017Dec 20 2017LinkN/AN/A⚡ I love my Mavic and use it anytime I'm not using my DJI Spark. Simple line in the sand is quick vacations/cycling I'll take DJI Spark with me. Whereas for really cool destinations with lots of flying I'll take DJI Mavic Pro.
Fitbit Alta$129$30 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Fitbit Alta HR$149$20 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Fitbit Blaze$199$50 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A⚡Not too shabby a deal on this unit. It requires your phone for GPS, but otherwise it's a good option for a more full featured Fitbit.
Fitbit Charge 2$149$20 offDec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Fitbit Ionic$299$30 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A⚡About the best deal we'll likely see for a while on Ionic (it was down a bit more for Black Friday, but that's a rarity).
Garmin Edge 520 $299$219Nov 28 2017Dec 20 2017LinkN/AN/A⚡ ⚡ Note: This has an unknown end date. Could be in 2 minutes, or in 2 weeks. No idea, it's an Amazon specific deal.
Garmin Fenix5 (5/5S/5X)$599$100 offNov 13 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLink⚡ Definitely the best deal you're going to see this year on this.
Garmin Forerunner 235$329$30 offDec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Garmin Forerunner 35$199$30 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/A
Garmin Vivoactive 3$299$50 offNov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLink⚡ Awesome deal $50 off the base unit (thus $249), or $50 off the Slate unit (thus $279). The slate has an extra resistant coating on the band which his why it costs more. This is a superb deal for a unit that came out a mere 2 months ago.
Garmin Vivofit Jr$79$49Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLinkThe lowest we've seen this unit. Was super popular last year (the most popular item ordered via DCR actually).
Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2$99$69Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLink⚡ This just came out 5 weeks ago, and so this is a solid deal. Note: This price was dropped $10 further on Dec 5th.
Garmin Vivosmart 3$139$99Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLink⚡ Note this just came out earlier this year, if looking for an activity tracker as opposed to a GPS watch, this is a great deal.
Garmin Vivosport$199$149Nov 22 2017Dec 23 2017LinkLinkThis just came out back in September, so a pretty good deal.
GoPro Hero5 Black + 32GB SD + $40 store credit$399$100 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2018LinkLinkN/A⚡ This is technically a permanent price drop effective Dec 10th, but now the GoPro Hero 5 Black is $299! I'm listing it here for now since it's a good deal if you don't care about the new Hero6 features. Also, this edition on Clever Training includes a 32GB SD card and a $40 store credit (great for picking up a few extra batteries).
GoPro Hero5 Session$299$100 off!Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2018LinkLinkN/A⚡⚡⚡ This is technically a permanent price drop effective Dec 10th, but now the GoPro Hero 5 Session is $199! I'm listing it here for now since it's a good deal, especially if you want a small camera that has 4K capabilities and is totally waterproof.
GoPro Karma Drone Hero5 & Hero6 Bundles$200 offDec 10 2017Dec 24 2017LinkLinkN/AWhile I don't generally recommend the GoPro Karma drone...if you really want it, it's on sale for about 20% off. Instant price reduction for the Karma Hero5 and Hero6 bundles.
PowerPod$299Dec 10 2017Dec 19 2017LinkLinkN/A$249 for the ANT+ version, $279 for the BLE version, and $299 for the dual ANT+/BLE version
Suunto Watches (Almost All Models)-30% offDec 15 2017Dec 26 2017N/ALinkN/A⚡ The only exception is that it excludes the new Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR (that's the $275 one) and the just released new colors for Spartan series.
TomTom Adventurer (Music + OHR + GPS)-$50 offDec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/ADown to $299, includes music, optical HR, and GPS.Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
TomTom Spark 3 Product Line$149-$299 (Features Vary)Up to $100 offDec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/AFull list of options: • Spark 3 Basic: $30 off (from $129 to $99) • Spark 3 Cardio: $40 (from $189 to $149). • Spark 3 Music + headphones: $20 off (from $169 to $129) • Spark 3 Cardio + music + headphones: $20 off (from $249 to $199)Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
TomTom Touch Cardio$89$69Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/ANormally $89 for the 'Cardio' version. Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
TomTom Touch Cardio + Body Composition$89$99Dec 10 2017Dec 31 2017LinkLinkN/AThis is the version that includes the body comp metrics as well. Note: TomTom wearables division is being shut down however.
WatTeam PowerBeat Gen2From $25920% off!Nov 26 2017Dec 24 2017N/ALinkN/A⚡⚡ This brings it down to $207 for a single sided unit and $319 for the dual-sided unit - by far the cheapest direct force power meter out there.

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Note on comments: I’ll be cleaning out comments below after sales expire, just to keep things tidy.  But feel free to drop sweet sales you find below!

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  1. Luca

    Garmin Fenix 3 at 285€ (amazon.it)
    link to amzn.to

  2. Claudia

    Garmin Forerunner 235 at 209,99€ (amazon.de)

  3. Laurent

    I do not have free delivery as shown in CLEVER TRAINING

  4. David Thompson

    Polar H7 Transmitter – 60% off MSRP Amazon Prime Day Only. Goes live @ 2:25pm EST here in the US

  5. NasserZ


    There is no such thing as a garmin 920 xt @ -45% on amazon.it . Cannot even find it in the section ” deals which are over ” .

    • It’s gone now, but was there earlier. A few readers noted it. For reasons that don’t quite make sense to me, not all past deals show up in the ‘past deals’ section. :-/

  6. Susan

    What do you think about Revolights Eclipse Bicycle Lighting System for $159 on the Amazon US page? I’m debating getting it for my hybrid/commute bike.

  7. Andy Pole

    Hi, can anyone advise how to get the primeday deals in a different country?

    I’m in the UK and trying to get the Garmin 520 from Amazon Spain. It seems they have Amazon Premium instead of Prime?

    So it’s showing as 320euros instead of 242euros when I log in.

    • Florian


      I just checked a couple of European sites and it seems that the Prime Day deals are country specific. Really too bad.


    • Sorta – but not entirely. If you do a temporary Prime Trial for that country (which is free for 30 days), then you can use it cross-border. But some deals don’t require that. Sorta odd. Either way, after the free trial sign-up for that country, simple cancel.

  8. BikeNerd

    Hi Ray, Do you know if REI will join in on offering the Fenix3 discount?

  9. Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer for iPhone and Android
    Starts for Prime members at 5:49pm

    Scosche RHYTHM plus Heart Rate Monitor Armban
    Starts for Prime members at 7:49pm

  10. Erik

    GoPro Session + Remote + 32GB SDCard Amazon Germany … 219,00 (-30%)

  11. Ian Grant

    FYI, Withings Smart Body Analyzer currently on a Lightning Deal at Amazon UK, £72 (45% off): link to amazon.co.uk

  12. Mathew

    I snagged the 920XT with HRM-RUN on Amazon UK prime day sale for £239.99 57% off :)
    Went /w it over fenix 3 (which was £229.99 with no sensors or straps) for low profile and quick release options, replaces my M400 which is fairly useless now it has broken HR strap after the wife put the H7 in the washing machine! This should be much better for Tri anyway :)

  13. Mel

    Purchased Wahoo cadence sensor based on your write up. Is there a similar speed senor that may be attached to a cycling shoe or a pedal arm?

  14. Gryphon

    REI conveniently removed the Tacx Neo from their website at the start of the member 20% sale. You’ll notice that your link above actually takes you to the Wahoo Kickr on the REI website. Thanks for nothing REI.

    • It was actually there as of last night. It was just a copy/paste error on my side when putting in this table. Here’s the Neo link: link to dcra.in

      I did these links on Friday morning, and at the time it was available. It’s one of the problems though – REI does seem to remove trainers often quickly into the sale. It usually happens to the Wahoo stuff within a few days.

    • Oh – and one more tidbit/tip. I’d check back in a few days. We’ve seen in the past as well that once REI loses inventory, they’ll usually add it back in – it’s just a case of whether it’s done in time.

      In most cases what I believe is actually happening here is simply that REI’s systems automatically remove when it goes beyond a certain backorder threshold (of units sold). They likely have X inventory level of a given trainer model throughout the year that they probably don’t sell a ton of. Then these sales hits and hundreds of units sell in a very short period, so it’s ‘out of norm’.

      Last time we saw in the last two days of the sale one of the KICKR models came back. Anyway…FYI.

    • Gryphon

      Thanks for the info Ray. I’ll keep checking between now (20th) and May 29th. My misfortune to be on a business trip until very late on the 19th and apparently missed the first (and possibly only) opportunity to score a Neo.

      Do you recall where it was that you discussed your prognostications for trainers this upcoming fall? I’m thinking it was one of the podcast episodes? I know that generally your thought was that there would likely be no big revelations or advancements. But now that the Neo would be essentially going into its third trainer season, do you think that Tacx will feel compelled to offer something that improves on the Neo?

      Thanks again.

    • I don’t expect many new trainers this season, and especially nothing at the high end (Neo-like).

  15. kris

    bought a magnus through clever training and it’s still processing, been over a week. Not impressed

    • I believe a week ago it would have said at least 5-7 business days until in stock. What’s your order confirmation say?

    • Scott

      For what it’s worth, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with CT. I picked up the Kickr during the sale and it was backordered at the time. Showed up after about 7 days. As soon as they get it, I’m sure it will be on its way.

  16. Gryphon

    As of Monday morning, May 22, California time, it looks like the Kickr 2 is no longer available for the REI member sale.

  17. Nicolas Guilbert

    Just ordered the Kick R from REI this morning including 20% sale !
    I confirm it was not there anymore yesterday.

  18. Alex

    Ebay currently has a 20% or $50 Dollars off on selected outdoor/home products.
    I got the 735XT for 265$. 935 is also 50$ off.
    Authorized dealers of course!

    • Rafael

      Alex, you are awesome thank you! I just did the same on a 735xt on ebay from this seller…

      link to ebay.com

    • Steve Perry

      eBay code is P20MEMDAY

    • Povilas

      Alex, could you point to where you found a 50$ off 935? I’ve been searching eBay, but with no luck.

    • Alex

      You need to use the coupon P20MEMDAY and pay with PayPal.
      All 935/735/235/520 etc.. that I’ve tried on the shopping cart got the discount ($50).
      Just check authorized dealers only for the warranty.
      And FYI Ebay sellers usually have a restocking​ fee.
      Sales ends on the 29.

  19. Great site…Tons of useful information. Thanks for putting this together.

    One comment about Clever Training Discount codes: They are not applicable to Garmin 735XT….Or sale items perhaps? You may want to clarify that. I would purchase it from them if this were the case, but REI gives me dividends to sale goes to them.

    Have a great day.

    • HI Jay, thanks.

      Indeed, CT discount codes don’t work for most sale items. The dividend on CT and REI works the same there though, fwiw. If you hit up the REI link above though for the Wahoo products for example, and then once on REI’s page search for the FR735XT, it’ll still support the site here. :)

      Appreciate it!

  20. Bryce

    I am looking to buy a Garmin Vivosmart HR+ for $149. I have clicked on both links (Amazon and Clever). Amazon’s price is $179 and Clever’s is $199. Do I need to enter a discount code somewhere to get the $149 price?

    Thank you.

  21. mediclips

    Polar V800 Blue at $212,27 amazon USA

  22. Ben

    Heya, I’m looking for a pedals based power meter in the immediate future, does anybody here know of a good deal?

  23. Gryphon

    Is that Bose information correct? Link sure doesn’t seem to work and I can’t find that price anywhere. (As of Nov 14).