The Girl’s Newsletter Valentines Giveaway Page

Hi All!

Thanks for finding the Valentines Giveaway page! As I said in the Newsletter, this is a giveaway just for you, Newsletter Readers! Ray won’t be sharing this on Twitter or any other various forms of social media.

I’m sure you’re impatiently awaiting “WHAT IS THE PRIZE??”

The winner will get a $500USD credit to, our most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything. Seriously. Well anything on their site.

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below. Preferably an idea to peer pressure Ray into doing something romantic for his one and only this Valentine’s season. Otherwise, do be sure to leave some sort of comment more than just a word, as that sometimes leads to your comment getting stuck in SPAM. And no matter how much the Hawaiians try to sell it to you, there ain’t nothin’ good about SPAM.

That’s it. Go forth and good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, February 14th, 2019 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person. 


  1. David P Bradway

    Thanks Ray. I Def just read the girl’s section at the bottom as I am a new dad and would love to be expat

  2. Patrick

    Trying to get my wife into Zwift….in the most romantic way possible!

  3. Pieter

    Opting for a valentine’s DUO side power meter

  4. Michael

    Where I grew up, we used to have a saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” PS – it applies to husbands, too – it just doesn’t rhyme as well!

  5. Tamsin

    ❤️❤️❤️ Start the day off with a hand-written meaningful message of love to your beautiful wife. And make sure to have a favourite treat on hand for breakie like a pain au chocolat or croissant. Later suggest a pre-dinner sunset walk followed by a glass of local bubbly and a hardy but healthy fresh dinner. Gifts might include a new piece of workout clothing or jewellery (can’t go wrong with gems ?).

  6. Lia

    Fingers crossed!

  7. Lieven Op De Beeck

    Flowers always work!!! Great initiative btw 🙂

  8. John Poisson

    Every day is Valentines Day; Eliminate the notion that one day a year is the time to celebrate time with your loved one – the current holiday has become a commercial activity.

  9. Bert

    Why not paint a wall of your cave in the favourite color of your wife for valentine’s day?

  10. PJ

    This would definitely help the training budget!

  11. Matthew Weigel

    I say go for a romantic sunset (or sunrise) run along the beach.

  12. Denali

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  13. Erik B

    Maybe the classic “get babysitter and go for dinner” is nice?

  14. Adam Baxter

    Nothing says love like some quality training gear!!

  15. TB

    Ray….my advice…keep it simple and write her a letter telling her how much you appreciate her for not only being an amazing wife but also a great Mom! You’ve won the lottery my friend! Happy Valentine’s to you both!


    Happy Valentines!

  17. Will Budge

    $500 would go down nicely! Happy Valentine’s Day to all on Thursday.

  18. Jon Rich

    The only gift you can buy your partner this Valentines Day has to be the new Sram eTap AXS groupset. Surely nothing else will do!

  19. David L.

    Howzit from DC: enjoy Cape Town and be sure to try the Seven Apostles for a romantic seafood meal!

  20. Jack T Allen

    “Preferably an idea to peer pressure Ray into doing something romantic for his one and only this Valentine’s season.”
    Ray, my sage advice to you is… If you don’t treat her like a queen the rest of the year, Valentine’s day is too late. Never take her for granted.

  21. Michael Haverkamp


  22. Kyle Polansky

    Happy Valentines Day, and thanks to Clever Training for helping with these awesome giveaways!

  23. Cheryl Lohman

    Happy Valentines Day!

  24. Ray should bake a cake for you!

  25. Rob P

    Surely a dinner out isn’t too much to ask?!

  26. Jimmy Sharman

    Nice newsletter!

  27. Ray Cottam

    How about treating your loved one to a tandem bike turbo session on your Wahoo Kickr this Valentine’s Day? 😉

  28. Darragh

    As someone with two small girls (about the same age as your two) I know if I let my better half get away on a bit of a shopping spree on Valentine’s day that’d go down well. And of course I could go and use a clevertraining voucher to do my own shopping at home (when little person nap time arrives…)

  29. Henriëtte van Dorp

    He should spend all his time with you, Lucy and the peanuts! No website activities allowed! ?

  30. Tami

    Please send some warm temps and shine to New Hampshire, we are probably going to have our 6th snowday tomorrow.

  31. Jordan Trump

    I could use a new watch 🙂

  32. Joseph Dumont

    Thanks for putting this on and for the chance at such a great prize!

  33. Kandis Kerr

    Hello, happy almost Valentine’ Day, may the odds be ever in…my?…favor.

  34. Chris Inglis

    I’m only here to copy others ideas, When I say copy, I mean get inspired.

  35. Karl W

    I have always had luck with a nice bouquet of flowers. Some added chocolate may help as well.

  36. Paul

    Here’s hoping

  37. Harry Seifert

    HVD, Bobbi. I suggest that Ray demonstrate his love by giving you the most romantic of gifts, a pizza oven.

  38. Scott Dickie

    Take her on a trip.

  39. Matthew MIller

    Happy Valentines Day!

  40. Christopher

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have a beautiful wife
    You do too

    Happy Valentine’s to you both

  41. Lewis Winston

    Would love to win, fingers crossed!

  42. Ray, just make the Girl’s heart race for Valentine’s day.

  43. Frank

    The newletter is awesome! Specially the “In-Depth Thoughts”!

  44. Henrik

    Champagne is never wrong! ?

  45. Brian Ferguson

    Hello from the currently frigid East coast of Canada (Halifax). I have to say that perhaps dinner at one of the many fine wineries South Africa has to offer sounds like a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

  46. Sounds like you are really enjoying Cape Town. I’m super envious.

  47. Andy Helm

    Here is my comment, I will buy a powermeter when I win !

  48. Nic Papadopoulos

    I’m the least romantic person my wife know, so I am very sorry but i cannot help you out with any valentines idea, .. .. ):):) Hope i win 🙂

  49. Norman Bungay

    Hello from Newfoundland where it’s a balmy -7C at the moment. It looks a little warmer over there.

  50. Stefan

    Get her a pizza oven!

  51. Peter Speight

    Something romantic on V Day? How about some “parenting coupons” where he takes both kids so Mommy can go do whatever she wants (ladies night out, spa day, exercise, etc). Sound good? Good. Let’s do that! ?

  52. Chris

    Ray … come on, Paris is so close …

  53. stacey scarboro

    Happy Valentines!

  54. Kevin Brice

    Oooh SRAM eTAP AXS….Yes! Please shower your sweetie with goodies….like really cool romantic running or cycling tech!

  55. Ian Christianson

    Hello from Foxboro MA where we’re waiting for the snow later today.

    And, I’m thinking mountain top picnic for V-day.

    Enjoy and thank you!

  56. Frank Velez

    First to Comment! Happy V-day

  57. Tris Skirvin

    Happy Valentines WEEK … yup a whole week to remind those in your life how important they are since life took over most other weeks. I am a firm believer that for V-Day more than any other it is the thought that really counts. I have taken over the day so I could pamper my hubby and let him off the “hook” since he makes my life so much more enjoyable (and unbearable at times as well).
    This is our first Valentines as empty nesters so it’s time to spice it up!!

    I think you guys should do something that reflects back on your travels. Or something that reflects what got you where you are now. What about a meal (homemade) with taster sizes that reflect favorites from where you have been. I am vegan but as a Canadian if I weren’t, POUTINE would be in there!!! Or even a “spa day” where you pamper each other, separate days of course.

  58. Sam T

    What could be more romantic than exercising with your significant other? Happy valentine’s day!

  59. Mick Verlinden

    To buy a Valantine gift for myself

  60. Tom Bateman

    When did you say valentine’s Day was?

  61. Szilard

    Have a great time together! Thanks for this giveaway.

  62. Mike Guitard

    This news letter is the high light of my Tuesday mornings, keep up the great work!!!!

  63. Kim Archbold

    Hi! Happy romance week!

  64. Neil Glessner

    I’m as hopeless as Ray when it comes to valentines day ideas! Sorry!

  65. Matt

    Yay! Nice dinner at home for my wife and I Valentine’s day

  66. Andy Monks

    Ray should buy ‘the girl’ a nice new bike with Sram etap axs (in pink) 😉

  67. Leonardo Nascimento

    Ray, get her to a store she likes and not only support her on buying nice clothes, but when she picks one, suggest a nice matching style and THEN take her to lunch and finish the day with a nice family activity. The peanuts are result of valentines, after all!

  68. Kyle

    Another giveaway, cool.

  69. Dave Carroll

    Happy wife, happy life. Make the effort ?

  70. Michael Bösl

    How about a dive in a Cage with the sharks? I heard that’s a Thing in South Africe.That sure would bring out Ray’s urge to protect his Girl!

  71. Mike

    The Girl does great newsletter, Ray, do her a great Valentine’s Day!

  72. Poul Erik

    Let Ray buy the pizza oven and make him cook your favorit pizza and some nice wine

  73. Brandon L

    Time for a romantic mountain biking trip!?

  74. Kyle Lee Shaw

    Assuming you’ll still be in South Africa, Ray should plan a date out of the city. Go to the Stellanbosch region and hit up some of the wineries. I bet pinotage pairs well with chocolate!

  75. Elive

    For Valentines Day old fashioned breakfast in bed with lemon-ricotta pancakes and blueberry syrup is sure to please. Don’t forget the flowers!!

  76. Nick

    Ray could make you a romantic, valentines pizza… if only he had something to cook it in!?!

  77. Kristen Salkas

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Maker family! Awesome giveaway.

  78. jon Livengood

    the girl seems like a nice person

  79. Francois Normand

    Hey Ray,

    Ha Ha Ha, what about procrastinating your usual business this week (anyway, what is deferred is actually not going to be avoided) to bring your sweet heart to the stars on Thursday … Yes, it’s valentine’s day. A nice sunset picnic with a playlist of the significant songs of your life with The Girl.

    Have fun !

  80. Dan Jeon

    What are you talking about, spam tastes good.

  81. Greetings from DC! Hope things are well in the Rainmaker household!

  82. Nancy

    Congrats on your top 5 Bobbi!

  83. Dembo

    All I want for Valentine’s Day is a sub 1:40 half marathon… 😉

  84. Alex

    Not sure anyone with 2 kids still does Valentine’s Day..

  85. Florian

    what about a tandem valentines ride?

  86. Ziggy

    Please let me win this time! Your Valentine:)

  87. Marco

    Ray should take the Girl to Kloof Street House for a nice and romantic valentine diner 😉

  88. Paul O'Neill

    Hey Ray,

    I think the Girly deserves a nice romantic Bike ride dinner!! Candlelit of course.. You can attach some to the end of your Tri Bars with minimum fuss.. and if you are wondering what to serve on this glorious evening here is my suggestion.
    Starter course: Cliff Nut Butter filled organic (blueberry and almond butter)
    Main Course: strawberry jam sandwich with butter!! bit of effort on your part to not squash these will show real LOVE
    Dessert: Lärabar cherry pie flavour with!! Untapped’s Maple syrup all over it…..

    And to wash it all down… a nice chilled original flavour Gatorade!!

    If you somehow manage to pull this off i expect photos!!

    Whatever you decide to do, have a fantistic evening,



  89. Chris

    I believe that unencumbered free time with the family is the best Valentine’s gift!

  90. Emils E

    I think you might want to change the deadline to this year 😉
    I have never been really good about peer pressuring other people so all I can suggest talk about it non-stop asking if he knows what are your friends plans but never asking about his plans..

  91. Rob

    What’s more romantic than his & hers trainers??

  92. Kerstin

    Have a nice meal somewhere!

  93. Rafal

    Pretty sure that Ray will have 100 – or more – ideas on how to make this day ‘special’ for you 🙂

  94. Raphael

    A secret giveaway? I won’t share it. Too bad for Valentine’s Day.

  95. Mickey

    I could use a new running watch.

  96. tadaka

    Peer pressure!!! I’d say do something fun for Valentine’s but more importantly give her random (positive) compliments throughout the year

  97. Bertraket

    Haha, I have been feeling guilty since upgrading to a Fenix 5 while my significant other still rocks a FR220..

  98. Tex Murphy

    Share the love Ray, time to get a tandem bike and ride with your sweetie!

  99. Hugo McHugh

    Ray – you know she (The Girl) makes everything possible for you…so push the boat out and show you appreciation- but most of all your LOVE.

  100. Geoff

    Hey Ray! Go treat the girl to something special for Valentine’s day, she’s awesome!

  101. Stephan Hodges

    Over the years, I’ve given my grandchildren “wishes”. They come in various “sizes” (dollar, difficulty value, etc). tiny, small, regular, large, larger, “anything”. They can keep them and combine up to the next size.

    I’d say give your partner a wish.

    They can wish for ANYTHING within the scope of how big you define the wish. It might be fun to sketch out some sizes for future use with the peanuts, as well as with each other. The discussion on limits, etc. alone should be fun – haha.

  102. Brad L

    happy valentine’s day

  103. Marco

    Going on a quick skiing trip is always fun for valentine’s! you guys should do that. gotta take advantage of the snow!

    PS. Spam is great!

  104. Brian Hayes

    Hey Ray be a romantic and get your wifey something nice.

  105. Darin Eades

    Hi Ray, uninterrupted time with the girl is a great way to show her you love her on Valentine’s Day!

  106. Sabina Biber

    Since you both like eating so much why don’t you find some great native Food, get the Kids taken care of for the day and enjoy some freee time 🙂

  107. Eelco Wiersma

    Always enjoy reading your newsletter 😀

  108. Hank Balle

    A new AEROAD CF SLX DISC 9.0 SL that would make my knees tremble

  109. Kay

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; so are new power meters, Garmin’s and trainers. Happy Valentine’s!

  110. Robert Ramsay

    Ray, get a sitter and take your wife out for a lovely dinner. While at dinner record your heart rate before, during and after you tell her something really special.

  111. Nick F

    It’s valentine’s day this week?

  112. Derek

    Wait a sec…am I the first to comment?
    re: Valentines Day ideas, sorry I got nuthin!
    Have a great one!


  113. Stuart Raven

    Hi, love the newsletter and the reviews. Waiting for my Neo2 to arrive tomorrow as a replacement to a broken Flux so it was great to watch the sound comparison video

    Ray I hope you will be spoiling your wife on Valentine’s day especially after her top 5 race finish.

  114. Dennis J Ahl

    Dinner Cruise on the nearest river and a dozen Roses

  115. Eoin

    A nice valentine’s 6am swim ???

  116. Brian

    Happy Valentines Day

  117. Chris L

    Picked a good day to read the newsletter!

  118. Emil

    Ray, pack a nice picnic in a bike trolley and ride out with The Girl to a nice viewpoint!

  119. Sean Kukura

    I love your work.

  120. Lisa R

    Pick me! And Ray, take the Girl out for dinner.

  121. Bsquared

    Ray, consider doing what I’m planning – cook your lovely wife a romantic V-day dinner (pizza oven?). Have a great one!!!

  122. Martin

    Open Air Cinema
    Romeo & Juliet at Nooitgedacht Wine Estate

    link to

  123. Luca o.

    Ray maximise the effort! Namibia romantic desert camping and extreme gps testing: all in one romantic shot!

  124. Uh? Am I really the first one to comment? Girl, get your man a pizza oven. Ray, make your woman an awesome pizza, add some flowers and a nice present.

  125. Daniel King

    Happy (nearly) Valentine’s Day!

  126. Neil Donovan

    Buy the girl a half marathon entry!

  127. Gar Spollen

    Buy the girl something nice (even though I personally think Valentine’s day is a scam).

  128. Brady

    Happy Valentine’s day to me

  129. Steven W

    I am secretly leaving my comment as a secret entry to this secret giveaway!

    Thank you both for all you do to keep us so informed and up to date on the latest out there!

    And for Valentine’s Day… Ray… this one has to come from the heart… there is no app or watch for this one!


  130. Ted Meisky

    My wife always said that the most romantic thing I could do for Valentine’s Day was to very quietly sneak out of the bedroom in the morning, feed the kids and the dog, clean the kitchen and then take the kids out of the house until at least mid-afternoon.

  131. Ryan Kurpiers

    have him make a cheesy strava art run or riede for you

  132. Freek schepers

    39:02 is amazing!

  133. Dan

    Tandem bike tour!

  134. Rainey Niklawski

    Aw, definitely do something, Ray! You will never regret showing the person you love that you love them ❤️

  135. Christopher Chen

    Love the newsletter. Great job on your race!

  136. James Cisneros

    Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a paper shredder!

  137. Adam Mullins

    Chocolates, definitely chocolates for Valentine’s Day

  138. Alan Stewart

    Can’t help with the Valentines Day suggestions. Other than hoping my wife and I actually get to sit for dinner and talk about something other than our kids and our parents, I am fresh out ideas.

  139. Jannick Rosenlund

    How about doing a Stravaart heart and write The Girl in it?
    You will both train, use technologi and show your love.

  140. Michael W

    Ray could promise you a heart-shaped pizza for next year’s Valentine’s Day with his new pizza oven 🙂

  141. Linus

    Valentine’s Day… go for a couples massage

  142. Massimiliano

    Hey Ray, you could put on a romantic dance with a bunch of drones up in the sky for her!

  143. Mike

    Please pick me!

  144. Jamie Mullins

    Breakfast in bed!

  145. Tom

    Happy Valentines Day!

  146. Sampo Saarenpää

    Have an new experience together, every year <3

  147. Ian McHardy

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  148. Veiko

    I cannot give you or Ray any suggestions but would like to participate in the giveaway.
    Keep up the work with the newsletter and everything else as well.

  149. Eric

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers!

  150. Roderick Wold

    OK, dinner and talk about the 5 best moments together in 2018.

  151. Andrei P

    When love is true between a person and it’s smartwatch, it’s forever, there are no wandering eyes or thoughts about regret.

  152. Keith G

    I love a Gouda cheese pun! Happy Valentines Day!!

  153. Shai Simchi

    Happy Valentines!

  154. Kelvin Ng


    Maybe a nice home cooked meal, Africa edition without all the usual gadgets Ray has at his disposal.

  155. Shawn

    duct tape roses

  156. Fred

    Go give your wife a day off of her daily grind. Give her a day of no responsibilities and let her do what she wants for Valentine’s Day whether that is swim, bike, run, eat, or sleep.

  157. Michael Welch

    personal massage

  158. sabeard

    Newsletter fun!!!!!

  159. Scott L

    Hello and as a far as a valentine romance. A relaxing meal sans kids is always nice.

  160. greg padden

    I love dcrainmaker reviews!

  161. Paul

    $500 would be a great gift to spoil my Valentine (myself)!

  162. Greg Marsden

    Take you to Maui to checkout the various flavors of Spam and he might as well climb Haleakala while there.

  163. Jonathan Wass

    Ray, I can’t believe you are such a slouch in the romance department, LOL! Time to kick it up a notch, use your noggin, and plan something big for the Mrs. My suggestion is to make your own plan. Your wife isn’t ever going to let you live it down if your best Valentine’s Day was some idea from a random dude on the internets ;-), LOL!

  164. Matthias Engler

    Please keep on going with the newsletter

  165. Sumet N

    Happy Love day from Bangkok. When are you two going to visit?

  166. Gabriel A Proulx

    Valentine’s for us is now a family party where our 2 girls are almost demanding more attention then my wife. Since we do love them very much, it still makes sense to celebrate with them. Do enjoy this day as a couple while you still can.

  167. jason

    Happy Valentine’s

  168. Bob Wise

    Maybe I can win something for my lovely wife?

  169. David

    Get the Peanuts washed and to bed for a week, then do the dishes, all after pouring you a glass of wine for R&R time. $ Cost = Free. Worth? Priceless.

  170. Jason Gillespie


  171. Bob NJ

    Love to get the letters and reminders of what is new. Great response on questions too. Happy Valentines day.

  172. Blake Sills

    Pretty neat little idea here. Hope the Makers have a good Valentines.

  173. Peter Davies

    Happy Valentines you two!

  174. Michael Harris

    Happy Valentines Rainmaker Family. Here’s hoping the parents can get a night out on the town.

  175. Luke Martinez

    I think Ray should write/draw something romantic for you on a GPS map!

  176. Thomas Tollstedt

    Need mi some material luv!

  177. W

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  178. Luis Ferreira

    I want that prize.

    And Ray, give to The Girl what ever she wants!

  179. Bart

    Love the work you guys do. Thanks for all these years of great reading.

  180. Ray

    Will use this for some his and hers new kicks and a bolt on for my Wahoo training universe!

  181. Eric Meadows

    Ray doesn’t need any peer pressure to know he should be doing something great for you on Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Have him bake you a cupcake. Hopefully he knows how by now!

  182. Mike

    Make a fancy dinner and let the girl relax.

  183. Eric Tiffany

    Koreans like SPAM, too. Just sayin’.

    Keep up the great work, both of you!


  184. Nina

    Come on Ray! Don’t let kids take away the romance with your wife! Pony up!

  185. Thomas Fairley

    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Spa Day is always a good gift.
    My ex-wives say grocery store roses are just as good as flower shop roses.

  186. Valery Allen

    Loving the power pedals my husband purchased me for Xmas based on DC review! We are now in the habit of checking reviews first before purchasing anything! Happy Valentine’s Day. <3

  187. Michael Fechtig

    I bought my wife an ebike so that we can ride together. Maybe this would be someting for you guys. 😉

  188. Pourquoi je t’aime…
    La réponse est juste devant moi
    Dans la lumière de ton sourire
    Dans le charme de ton regard
    Dans la douceur de tes caresses
    La réponse est juste devant moi.

    maybe Ray can reuse this lines…

  189. Shashwat

    If you really want something, you should beg, borrow or steal. Hope this comment helps.

  190. Brian

    Merry Valentine’s Day!

  191. Zoltan Papp

    Draw a huge heart on the map using his favorite watch.
    If he has a longer training he should add a few other characters too. Eg: <3 Valentine 2019 <3

  192. Mike McVey

    Love the newsletter!


    still thinking…

  194. Jesse

    Breakfast in bed is a good Valentine’s morning activity!

  195. Hannah Smith

    Happy Valentines DC – I think you should take the kiddos out for the morning and let Mrs Maker sleep in / get a run in / drink a hot cup of coffee for a change – with an 11 week old baby that’s the most romantic thing my Mr could do for me right now!

  196. Max

    How about a cooking class for two – you and her – seeing as you’re in Paris? Maybe it’s been done but surely can’t tire of it in the city of lights. 🙂

  197. Adam Evans

    Thanks for the newsletter. As a fitness geek, married with 2 youngsters as well, it gives me a chance to live a bit vicariously through you guys with all your travel and fun. All the best.
    PS thanks for the reminder about Valentines