The Girl’s Newsletter Valentines Giveaway Page

Hi All!

Thanks for finding the Valentines Giveaway page! As I said in the Newsletter, this is a giveaway just for you, Newsletter Readers! Ray won’t be sharing this on Twitter or any other various forms of social media.

I’m sure you’re impatiently awaiting “WHAT IS THE PRIZE??”

The winner will get a $500USD credit to, our most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything. Seriously. Well anything on their site.

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below. Preferably an idea to peer pressure Ray into doing something romantic for his one and only this Valentine’s season. Otherwise, do be sure to leave some sort of comment more than just a word, as that sometimes leads to your comment getting stuck in SPAM. And no matter how much the Hawaiians try to sell it to you, there ain’t nothin’ good about SPAM.

That’s it. Go forth and good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, February 14th, 2019 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person. 


  1. Ron

    hope you have a great valentines day thanks for the giveaway

  2. Ian Marchant

    Given my lack of romance skills, I was hoping for some hints myself!

  3. Gregg Jorgensen

    Come on, Ray! How about some extra love for The Girl on V-Day!!!

  4. Mike Nininger

    Hmmm, how about a winter getaway to a warmer climate? ?

  5. Scott Simon

    Love the newsletter!

  6. Alex

    Ooooh! I want one!

  7. Brandon L

    With 3 ladies in the house now, Ray needs to step up his Valentines game! .Although the Peanuts might be easy to please.

  8. Julia

    My husband always gives me a gift certificate to my favorite local running store for Valentine’s Day, and this year I’m also getting some gear from Oiselle.

  9. Carlton

    I’m planning a romantic Valentines Day run with my wife…on Saturday. (Kids…Saturday is the best we could do.)

  10. Darrell

    Ummm. Spam is delicious. I suggest Ray make a heart shaped cake out of spam. Pan fried is the bed although it will stink up your house for days.

  11. Dave

    Take a walk in the beach. Make the most of a rest day. Cheers!

  12. Shawn Faucher

    A stay at a bed & breakfast is a popular Valentine choice with my wife!

  13. Olly

    Happy Valentine to you! Maybe spend an offline day each 14th’s a month 😉

  14. Vidar Fjelltun

    Hi, i dont like to give advice to other people…

  15. Robert

    A walk in the woods.

  16. Pure ZOOG

    Go on Ray, you know The Girl wants a romantic bike ride to a to go see a glorious sunset, followed by a super relaxing evening over food and wine. What’s stopping ya!

  17. Martin Stanley

    Keep up the great work

  18. Chris Portman

    Couples massage is always a great valentines idea

  19. Robert Nash

    Ray, why not make the girl some wonderful cupcakes – like she used to make in Paris??

  20. Matt O'Brien

    Make sure you treat the girl to something nice for Valentine’s Day Ray!

  21. Pete Graham

    Hoping to treat my pain cave to a new smart trainer!

  22. Guillermo

    This would make a great Saint Valentine’s Day gift for my wife. Seriously, for her!


  23. Richard Jansen

    Hi, take Ray for a dive with the sharks.

  24. Mike L

    Happy V-Day

  25. Dennis Piche

    Hey DCR – step away from the gadgets and hook your girl up.

  26. Chris D.

    Happy V-Day!

  27. Frank Goehner

    Hey Ray, give you wife a spa day, with no kids

  28. Ariel

    A “no devices” 24 hours. No watches, phone, or anything.

  29. Tony Pletcher

    Valentine’s day is always a good excuse for chocolate!

  30. Hey there! I expected to see more newsletter readers here, or nobody wants to comment first? 🙂

  31. EJB

    Who deserves it more than The Girl ?

  32. Nicole T. Lewis

    Ray, don’t forget to shower your lovely spouse with love and goodies on Valentine’s day!

  33. Giorgio Saracco

    No ideas to share with Ray, my SO and I live 800km apart (and different EU states). And so it has been since we date (just after the last Valentine on a w/e!). Can’t help!

    I was planning a date on zwift with my SO but I’ve got huge fever now, I can’t go to our lovely and very romantic date.

  34. lindsay mccrae

    ETAP ASX is a great prezzie 😉

  35. Kaue Pepe

    First comment. Tough decision for Valentines gift. The Girl likes to run, so some running gear seems nice (non tech), but this can backfire (Are you saying I need to workout more?). Go safe and buy a nice jewelry or spa day.

  36. Paul

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  37. Mantzi

    A night diving with White sharks?

  38. Marcus

    Hope I’m the only one seeing this 😉

  39. Joe Wilensky

    What a great idea!

  40. Natalia

    A lovely dinner

  41. usr

    In a pinch, Ray could go for a random pair of matching sports watches from one of those mythical drawer boxes. Fortunately, the cave is far out of range so he has to come up with something better.

  42. Duncan

    Hope you both have a lovely St. Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  43. Miquel

    If a sport focused plan, what about a run without the peanuts?

  44. Jason Hall

    Full agreement on SPAM

  45. Adler Teixeira


    Just treat yourselves and I love every minute of it.


  46. Matt Kauffman

    Thanks for putting this together, love the weekly updates!

  47. Ron Green

    Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather!!!

  48. Jason Lentzke

    Thanks for the love!

  49. Costa

    Yum $500 store credit! Hope you have a good time ok V day on a nice warm beach!

  50. Mark K

    Hopefully use the voucher to buy his and her Garmin watches.

  51. Jake

    Why just one day to be romantic?

  52. Steve J

    Offer to watch the kids so the girl can do a long run. And don’t give her any new watches to test either.

  53. Joe Nartker

    Definitely an evening out without the kids and maybe a kids free day!

  54. Tony Kmush

    I’m reading the comments for ideas also!


  55. hotdi

    nice present for my wife 😉

  56. Jay Mitchell

    Nice job on the newsletter! Jay

  57. Dave M

    Oh wee! This would be the perfect way to surprise my wife with some new sports gadgets!

  58. Miquel Barbera

    Making a pizza in Ray’s new pizza oven? ??

  59. Jim Palistrant

    Ray, given how many great photos you have of all your adventures, perhaps a nicely put together ShutterFly (or other Photo book maker) of you and The Girl would be a nice romantic touch for V-Day?

  60. Thomas C

    This giveway is awesome, thank you Ray 🙂

  61. Stephen M.

    Ray could be the most loving husband by purchasing you a pizza oven! 😉

  62. Rob F

    Just last week I thought to myself “I should actually read the newsletters, there may be special stuff not on the website in it.” It’s like you read my mind!

  63. Chris

    Thank you very much for the super secret give away. I like to read the newsletter and get a little look behind the scenes.

  64. James Green

    OK – no flowers they’re to obvious and should only be given when they’re not expected.

    That said, Ray, do something unexpected! It’s that you don something that counts not the act that counts.

    That’s my ten pence worth anyway.

  65. Kristian Edlund

    Oooh, a secrect giveaway. Count me in 🙂

  66. Tyler Loewens

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  67. Darren

    The Girl does the accounting there needs to be more 5 random things that include I took the kids for the day and the Girl had a day to herself.

  68. Koen

    Newsletter fam 🙂

  69. Matthew Bell

    Hey! I lived in Hawaii for 3 years when I was a teenager back in the mid 1970’s. Spam is a food group there. And, it’s just canned ham. I don’t eat it very often, but I like it.

    I loved your story about Ray and his back issues. I’m nowhere as good as he is, but I saw a bit of myself and my wife in that one.

    Gifts and special attention on Valentine’s Day is important, but just as important are occasional gifts and special attention given randomly and for no particular occasion.

  70. Vincent C

    A run on the beach at sunset.

  71. Szabó Zoltán

    Have a nice day

  72. Samantha McGowan Glass

    Thanks for the opportunity! Ray, plan a fun day with the family in the morning, and a date night picnic for the two of you that night at home. Good wine, good food, nice music, and time to be silly together. ?❤️

  73. Michael Raz

    I can think of nothing better than a Valentine Snowshoe Run with my one and only.

  74. jason

    I love, love, love the newsletter! Keep up the great writing and reviewing!

  75. Joshua Mattix

    How cool is this?! My wife and I love food and wine, of course. So, we try to go to a nice multi-course dinner with wine pairings. Last year was a French menu. This year might be German. We’re not sure yet, but it’s several hours where we can just chat and relax.

  76. Blair

    Super secret valentines!

  77. Dave W

    Tell Ray I already bought my SO a couple dozen roses…just to surprise her and let her know that I love her every day, not just on 2/14!!

  78. Yevgen

    I know I won’t win but happy valentine’s day! 🙂

  79. David Lloyd

    Hello and Happy Valentines Day from Lower Alabama, the real LA.

  80. Ray should take you for a romantic trailrun on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Let me know when so me and my wife can join you. Oh wait… that kinda cancels the romantic part, right?

  81. David Soler

    Come on, Ray, just take her out to dinner and let her think she is more important than all your gadgets 😀

  82. Mike w

    A romantic side by side ride on Zwift is the only way to go!

  83. Dan

    Something sweet

  84. Kris

    The season of love

  85. Etienne

    That’s so sweet of Ray to give his love a brand new bike…

  86. Ray, maybe do the chores and finally score that pizza oven when the weather gets better :-).

    The Girl, thanks for writing the newsletter, it’s always a great read!!

  87. mischakugelrund

    Hi there, nice thing! Keep up the good stuff you guys are doing.

  88. Sandro

    Love this secret giveaway!

  89. Sylvain Giguere

    What better place to find Valentine’s gifts for the loved one than

  90. Eric

    I want to go to there

  91. Julien

    Usually I would say that Valentine’s day is a pure invention from marketing and that there’s no need to celebrate it, but I guess this is not exactly what you expected? So yeah, common Ray, flowers and Champagne for a start, and then it’s all up to you! 🙂

  92. Steve

    Sorry no good ideas for Ray, my wife despises V day so I get a pass. How about a nice hug and I love you?!?
    Thanks for the newsletter and give away, you guys are great!

  93. Samuli Teittinen

    Thank you, for the reviews and blog and all the info etc…

  94. Matt Leitch

    Hey Ray. I appreciate you might struggle to get sitters for the kids in Cape Town so cook the girl a romantic meal, light the candles and open a great bottle of SA wine.

  95. Baksteen89

    Ray! Take the girl to Delft. Its a beautifull small city/town close to Den Haag. Its the right thing to do for Valentines. (i am not from here btw /s)
    Oh and the prize, that would be nice too.

  96. Greg Hilton

    I think some fresh home cooked pizza would be perfect for Ray to cook for you with a nice bottle of something cold and fizzy you’ve kept from France!

  97. Aaron

    This might come off as insane, but maybe you can do something together as a family for valentines day that does not involve sports tech. When is the last time you saw a good movie, or even a bad one and had fun making fun of it? Maybe even take a listen and watch the movie attached to an episode of the podcast How did this Get Made?

  98. Gary Hall

    Roses are red
    Strava is orange
    Ah, crap! There’s nothing
    That rhymes with orange

  99. Nicole Thomas

    I love your below the fold musings!

  100. Jack

    More secret admirers?

  101. Justin Berthelot

    I could buy my wife a lot of stuff with this!

  102. Maddy

    Wow, the Girl is the best, take her at least for romantic dinner, romantic movie, romantic swim, romantic run, do not forget romantically cycle! Add foot massage, cook her somenting good 🙂

  103. Niklas Forsgren


  104. Max

    There’s nothing better than dinner and a movie, a rom com to be exact

  105. Dave

    great run!

  106. Scott E

    Newsletter giveaway! Hooray!

  107. Martin Syvertsen

    Hello 🙂

  108. Jim Kucharczyk

    Congrats on your top 5 finish!

  109. Ken Clark

    happy Valentines’ Day

  110. George Raihala

    have a great valentine’s day!

  111. Gary

    Sounds like you already had your Valentines get away last week.

  112. Bethany Jirak

    What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  113. Julien

    Haha, Nice idea from The Girl! Maybe I’ll get a chance of winning with her as I’ve managed to loose every Ray’s giveaway since I started to read the blog 6-7 years ago!

    But: here it this… he could find a nice Triathlon and do the registration for you. This will give you the boost for extra training! Extra present: take care of the Peanuts for the 2 days prior to the event to make sure you’re in perfect condition to put in a great result! Which is what he normally does of course… right?

    Ha and for Valentine’s day, hope he’ll get the croissant for you in the morning,… always nice to start the day with some croissant, right?

  114. Jens

    Hello and thanks for the Newsletter 🙂

  115. Ollii

    Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to be lazy for the rest of the year. So just do it the other way around.

  116. Omar Ali

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d love to win the prize, and…that’s all I got. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  117. Noam Ben-Ami

    Does posting first increases the chance of winning?

  118. Jonathan Tate

    A quiet dinner with the family at home. Kids may be able to help. Save the dinner out for another night why battle the crowds.

  119. stephan uzzell

    Well, I’d hope by now that Ray would know by now to do something nice and romantic, but if not, shame on you, Ray.

  120. Ernie

    Hope I win! Take The Girl out for a romantic midnight moonlight bike ride for Valentine’s Day!

  121. Ray, you should buy her an outdoor pizza oven!

  122. Pete

    I’d love to be a winner

  123. S Roth

    Hello Girl…thanks for sharing your adventures!

  124. Zac

    Make her some macrons!

  125. Nico

    Create the most en beloved Strava Artwork by riding a heart shape around your house AND whilst riding stop by your local flowershop for a large bouquet!

  126. Dennis Okon

    I’m just hoping for some snow on Valentine’s.

  127. John Fuhrman


  128. Matt

    Hello and thank you for the give away. Have a great time in summer sun of South Africa. Get out to the skeleton coast in Namibia if you can as it’s amazing.

  129. Daniel W Sekera

    funny, the best valentine I get my wife is to have a day without me………..hmmm………maybe we’re approaching this wrong.

  130. Mark Caza

    Telol Ray that he should get you a coupon book of personalized favours included inside a basket of Canadian memorabilia like a hockey puck, real syrup, a proper toque, etc…

  131. Nicole Adams

    I think you should challenge Ray to a romantic couples training fest for an upcoming race that’s something more than a 5k;). What could be more romantic than spending hours training together for a joint goal:)? Perhaps a half iron or something similar! Happy training and thanks for the opportunity!

  132. Erik Shewmaker


  133. Hi there!
    Ray should NOT get you gadgets! Flowers are the go, I don’t think he ever gives you any plus my last name means ‘flower’ as you might now from living in clog land now!
    (I am somewhat of a climate refugee and moved from there to Australia – TDU city to be precise)

  134. Doug Dinero

    Happy Valentines Day!

  135. Dimitri

    thank you the Girl & Rai!

  136. Andrey

    What a nice surprise… Good luck to everyone…

  137. His and hers pizza oven!

  138. Peter w

    A home cooked meal after the kids go to bed

  139. christine

    Cook and awesome dinner and lots of chocolate!!!

  140. Ricky Roberts

    I promise to get something for my wife. *fingers crossed*

  141. Bob L

    a nice day trip to Delft….

  142. Toan

    Get her a ring!!!

  143. Mark Donnelly

    Perhaps a pizza oven???

  144. Ryan

    Have Sean Sako serenade her, while drinking a bottle of Le Gentleman

  145. Romster

    Great idea!? I love the newsletter; keep up the work and let yourself be spoilt this Valentine‘s..

  146. Tyler Philp

    A good ol’ fashion “hello”

  147. Armin

    Sorry, no good ideas for Ray… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  148. Stuart Strang

    I am so glad you are enjoying Cape Town! I, like you, really wish that running after 2.5 and 1.5 year old peanuts was good for fitness! Sunday’s triathlon proved to me it isn’t. As for valentine’s a kid free night would do it for me. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  149. Doug

    Making something is my preference as a gift both as a giver and receiver. I usually cook something involved.

  150. Stephen Schwartz

    All happiness to you both on Valentine’s Day.

  151. Mark Nickerson

    I’m just here for the suggestions because I am in need of ideas for Valentine’s day.


  152. JB

    Hi! Seen you’re already in South Africa I would say this already counts as a very romantic scenery.
    So to the girl, Ray might have planned this all along! @Ray I’m giving you some kudos upfront here, all you additionally need is a kind of non-gadgetary evening beside the beach with some very nice South African wine!

    If I would win, would get a female version of a garmin Fenix for my wife – as valentines gift!

  153. Sébastien Gagné

    Ray could make some nice homemade pizzas in a pizza oven for dinner! ;~)

  154. Bartek Sadaj

    Hi Ray, thanks for the giveway only for NL-readers!

  155. Paul S.

    Surely I’m not the first visitor?

  156. Amber mayr

    Take some beautiful pictures of your wife and kids for Valentines. If she is like me, I don’t exist in family photos because I am the one taking them. It will be a treasured gift for years to come.

  157. Jay Medlock

    Thanks. I could really use this.

  158. Philip

    Giveaway time!!! Ray, please do something nice so The Girl doesn’t leave you and leave us readers without a weekly newsletter. I don’t care what you do, just do SOMETHING!

  159. Mike Greathead

    Flowers & a nice home cooked meal!

  160. BustA Groove


  161. Sebastiaan Verweij

    To Ray and the Girl, have a lovely Valentine’s day, and Ray, make sure to cook the Girl an amazing dinner (she made me say it, honest — but still…). Anyways, have a good one and thanks for your great work, both.

  162. Guy Ward

    I fail to see how spam is anything other than a quality product.

  163. Dave W.

    More giveaways?? You guys are nuts! In the best way 😉

  164. Ken Cestari

    Hello !

  165. Jonas Christensen

    Ray should definitely log a training with a heart shaped GPS track. What could be more romantic?

  166. larry marshall

    I always write my wife a poem that she has collected and saved over the years.

  167. Jonathan

    Happy Valentines! Ray – if you do buy something nice please buy two so I can have one to give my wife!

  168. Andy Smiley

    Hey. Always enjoy reading the newsletter.

  169. Joseph Wagner

    I disagree. Fried Spam with a fried egg on a toasted bagel can be delicious! And if you cut the Spam in the shape of a heart it can be very romantic. 🙂

  170. Gary Forrow

    Loving the website, and loving the newsletter, always good to hear what is going on, especially at times of radio silence from Ray 🙂

  171. Brian Cheeks


  172. Simon J

    I love running and cycling gear almost as much as I love beer; which is the reason I run and bike…

  173. Alistair

    No spam for me thanks 🙂

  174. Oddbjorn F

    Flowers and homemade din er! Happy wife = happy life!

  175. Scott

    Make a nice meal.

  176. Jo

    Hello Ray. Love the reviews!

  177. I’ve got Lindt Chocolate for my wife, but what can Ray do for you? I would offer to babysit, but I don’t think that would work (we’re going out for dinner)! That said if you need a baby sitter, Ray would just have to ask and one would appear!
    Concert at Kirstenbosch might work (is there one?)

  178. Eduan

    If you’re still in south Africa…have Ray take you to Hogsback for valentines day! 😉

  179. Felix Mai

    Yeah! I wanna win!!!!

  180. Rafa

    I have missed the last two, it would be great if…

  181. Matt W

    I’m not romantic enough to think of anything right now, so I agree with whatever you’d suggest

  182. Marcos E. Kurbán

    If the whether allows it, a walk in Domburg (Zeeland province) is a nice romantic thing to do!

  183. Eric Besenius

    keep it going!

  184. Matthew Harvey

    Happy Valentines!

  185. Steven Moore

    The number one reason I read the newsletter is for the “In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl”. I do read through the beginning of the letter, but it is “The Girl” section that I find most interesting. Even better than the 5 Random things I did section. Ray is lucky to have you all year not just Valentine’s Day. He should celebrate you every day.


  186. Stephen Gunn

    How about going for a nice curry? You’ll get the hots for each other for sure.

  187. Pierre

    This is very unusual that I’m the first commenter…

    Anyway, love the newsletter. Keep it up!!!

  188. Anders Sivesind

    Flowers. Always remember flowers 🙂 Oh, and pick me for the giveaway 😉

  189. Jacob Stanosheck

    Thanks for the giveaways!!

  190. Pierre Etienne Favre

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  191. Brian

    This might sound cheesy…but I think you’re really grate.

  192. Ruben Wattel

    Valentines day? Give the girl a nice wearable! (Like jewelry that is)

  193. Karen Quilty

    Ray should make his three favorite girls a great dinner and then give out foot massages!!

  194. LittleSaul

    Nothing more romantic than finishing quest for pizza oven greatness 😉

  195. Harrison Zucker

    c’,on ray, take the mother to your children on a nice dinner… hire a baby sitter, keep the phones off the table, and bring a few of your favorite photos to reminisce together. We like to look at our dating and wedding photos. ‘

    Happy Valentines Day, Yall!
    HZ from Texas

  196. I hear chocolate and rom-coms make a pretty good gift for Valentine’s Day.

  197. Ivan Kunz