The Girl’s Newsletter Valentines Giveaway Page

Hi All!

Thanks for finding the Valentines Giveaway page! As I said in the Newsletter, this is a giveaway just for you, Newsletter Readers! Ray won’t be sharing this on Twitter or any other various forms of social media.

I’m sure you’re impatiently awaiting “WHAT IS THE PRIZE??”

The winner will get a $500USD credit to, our most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything. Seriously. Well anything on their site.

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below. Preferably an idea to peer pressure Ray into doing something romantic for his one and only this Valentine’s season. Otherwise, do be sure to leave some sort of comment more than just a word, as that sometimes leads to your comment getting stuck in SPAM. And no matter how much the Hawaiians try to sell it to you, there ain’t nothin’ good about SPAM.

That’s it. Go forth and good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, February 14th, 2019 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person. 


  1. Andrew Jenner

    You know what South Africa is famous for Ray? Diamonds!

  2. Jon

    Ray…Take the little one for a few days. Seriously. It gives your wife some free time, and gives you a great opportunity for dad-child time. Trust me, those opportunities go by quickly.

    (PS-thx for Kickr video chat on failures, etc)

  3. Scott Bauer

    Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather in South Africa!

  4. Erik

    Ray! Cook The Girl a nice dinner.

  5. Max

    How about a cooking class for two – you and her – seeing as you’re in Paris? Maybe it’s been done but surely can’t tire of it in the city of lights. 🙂

    Typo on my email in earlier post

  6. Volker

    Baking a cake is probably not a good idea 🙂 – just kissher!

  7. Ignas

    As you travel a lot you can start sending real postcards and handwriting from those places with some your thoughts about her or poetry/prose to her. I think it will be nice way to say that you do not or can not usually do on every day basis.

  8. Nancy

    Happy Valentines Day. ??

  9. Alejandro Camacho

    Hi, Greetings from Mexico. Repeating the trip to Riviera Maya would be a nice gift for Valentine’s.

  10. Peter Vanleeuwen

    I am def not a romantic so a simple hello to you and the family is probably the best I can do 🙂

  11. Greg S

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  12. David

    I got my “Girl” a beach cruiser, she loves it. (Yes I let her have it early).

  13. Stefan Hardt

    Enjoy Cape Town while we sit here in bad weather in Germany
    – Stefan

  14. Deanne Miller

    What woman wouldn’t love a spa day to herself or with a close friend 🙂

  15. Carl sommer

    She deserves a spa day – no kids!

  16. Brendan

    Oh hello 🙂

    Perhaps the rose gold vivomove HR would be an excellent valentines day item from Ray to you 😉

  17. John Green

    I got nothing.

    Ray should just do whatever you tell him to do. Every day.

  18. Christopher Bowers

    Obviously Ray needs to plan a private dinner at a small table in a cool and dimly lit wine cellar for Valentine’s Day.

  19. D

    Being romantic is going through your vulnerabilities and actually show what and how much you FEEL and CARE!

    It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it. For you, the anticipation is pure adrenaline and for her the surprise she’ll get will be unexpected and hopefully not requested before a thousand times…..
    (well, the surprise part is for you as well as you will be sooo excited when you’ll see her being taken out of the blue)

    Don’t make it grandiose, make it matter…..for HER…..and then, it will come back to you with a snowball effect 🙂

    Ok, that’s it….that’s my advice…I tried with one word, but I couldn’t 🙂

  20. Gareth Loggenberg

    Ray, 14th Feb, Spier wine estate, sunset!

  21. Patrick

    Happy February!

  22. Alisdair Craig

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  23. Peter CB

    Buy her flowers 🙂

  24. Allyn Crowe

    Valentines day with the wife in South Africa?! That sounds pretty amazing already! Even with the peanuts! So I say get out and have some fun family style! That’s what I’ll be doing in the middle of cold Ohio in the US! :p

  25. Gary Boline


  26. Gary ramsey

    Howdy from Texas

  27. Richard McDowell

    Hope you have a wonderfully romantic valentines!

  28. Michael Prytherch

    Awesome dudes

  29. David Hiatt

    You should do something really romantic which would lead to the greatest gift of giving her another little one to carry on the family name 🙂

  30. Jason

    #hallmark holiday

  31. Tony

    That’s a lot of love. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Kevin

    Ok Ray this one is easy. Organize a babysitter and take Bobby to Steenberg (just below that Silvermine dam you did the open water swim in) for tapas and their Lady R sparkling (champagne style). Early dinner – arrive around 6 (kitchen closes at 8). Outstanding Tapas and very good value for money. Enjoy?

  33. Jet

    Happy Valentine’s Makers!

  34. Seamus Bradley

    Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the great work!

  35. runner-33

    Love your newsletter! Getting your husband as a personal trainer for your next race could probably be an idea?

  36. Aaron N

    Homemade chocolate mousse for the family. At least that’s what I’m doing.

  37. Jonathan Burchmore

    Love the newsletter, keep it up!

  38. Nancy Abraham

    Romantic night bike ride to restaurant of her choice. But no electronic devices allowed!!

  39. Christopher Hodges

    Stay strong; nothing good comes from celebrating a Hallmark Holiday!

  40. Al

    Love your work team 🙂

  41. Mike Whitlock

    Happy Valentines Day

  42. Amy Waschenfelder

    My husband decided long ago we were “post-romantic” which actually just means lazy, so no good ideas here for romantic stuff. But shout-out to ‘The Girl’ for what you bring to the DCRainmaker empire. Having a woman’s perspective on various sports tech really makes a difference since so much of it is not designed with 5’6″ 120lb women in mind! Thank you both for all you do!

  43. john

    no way no ones posted. 12 apostles for evening valentines dinner Ray and stay over

  44. Thomas

    Go floating at float zero!

  45. Michel

    Nothing more romantic then a carefully home cooked meal.. in the interest of healthy food for a healthy life and happy wife

  46. Jackson Cheng


    Ummm… how about you take dancing lessons together?

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  47. Ryan

    Make her pizza in the pizza oven!

  48. Nate

    I’ve got a birthday coming up, so this would be awesome.

  49. Stefan de Vries

    Hey There! I like Reading the newsletters?

  50. Sean Herbert

    Ray, give mommy some training time on Valentine’s Day.

  51. Erik Althoff


    I love the news letter. Happy Valentines Day! Ray I wish luck with Valentines day. It is a holiday that most guys like myself struggle with. I never have a clue what the perfect gift/date/dinner is for my wife. Dinner away without the kids (we have 3) is always nice especially since there is no cooking or cleaning up. Again I love the site.

  52. Gwyn Moore

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  53. Chris Driver

    Ray, happy wife = happy life! Do something nice for The Girl!

  54. Crispin E.

    I’ve heard that ladies really don’t want flowers, Belgian chocolates and fine wine for Valentines Day; the real way to her heart is a new turbo trainer and power meter pedals……said nobody ever!

  55. Raymond

    Why doesn’t he make dinner for the family while testing new gear??

  56. Oleg

    I am not such a romantic person, but nevertheless I want to take part in this giveaway. Hopefully Ray will come up with something special himself.

  57. Nathan Girdner

    Will you choo-choo-choose me?

    Thanks for the fresh voice you bring to the DCR world!

  58. Tom S.

    I’m not the one to ask about romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, but I want to be in the giveaway sweepstakes anyway.

  59. Lawrence Mize

    Hi!! Love reading the newsletter everyweek! Keep up the good work!

  60. Michael Wyss

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  61. German Merino

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray, tske the girl for a surf and turf data being in Australia!!!

  62. Erin Quintana

    Hello! Maybe a good ol fashion beer and bubble bath with some peace and quiet on Valentines Day? That’s my request to my hubs! Maybe add in some pizza with that?

  63. Brian

    Brie mine. Here’s to Gouda luck.

  64. Jonatan Pregliasco

    Skip a Saturday morning trainning so u can have breakfast with your love one. That’s a true sign of love haha

  65. Alison Kirkham

    Love is…. finding out both kids have an activity booked at the same time that don’t need a parent, so we get to go for a run together!

  66. Gerard

    Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck to me!

  67. Eddie Chen

    A special gift for the girl like. A whole package to run Antarctic Ice Marathon. 😀

  68. John Pescatore

    Ray – I think you need to do some Strava art and do a heart-shaped ride on Thursday, with the top of the heart being a running shop you stop at to buy The Girl those expensive running shoes that will take 48 seconds off of her 8K time…

  69. Brad Stewart

    Ray, take The Girl out for a nice dinner date and then go let her pick out something sparkly……

  70. Jimmy Strack

    Congrats on your top 5 finish! ??

  71. TDOG

    Ray – Valentine’s Day is no different than any other day except it is. She is still right and you owe her dinner too.

  72. Christina Hanson

    Zwift workout art designed to show your love for her 😉

    Thanks Ray and fam crew!

  73. Heado

    An subscription to a baby sitter service in order to have more time for the girl and for couple stuff *wink*

  74. Erin Doak

    Sometimes doing an unpleasant chore for your significant other can be romantic.

  75. Heath

    I’m giving my wife a date night at home at the time of her choosing. Dinner, chick flick, and a bottle of wine.

  76. Nicholas

    You could let him give you a pizza over or “The Wine Song” remixed into a long dance single.

  77. Wendy Chen

    how about just a simple one for girls. 200 of roses plus a beautiful ring.

  78. Austin walters

    Happy heart day!!!!

  79. Cisco Tobar

    Love the site!

  80. Ray Stephens

    Really enjoy the reviews and the newsletter. Keep up the good work!

  81. Nicholas

    Make The Girl dinner!

  82. Ian J

    A padlock on the DCR Cave might be more effective than peer pressure.

  83. Tyler

    Sometimes, the little things matter most. I’m finishing out an updated closet for my wife.

  84. Matt Priddle

    Turn off the tech, unplug and got analogue together for the day…

  85. Seebaum

    Happy Valentines Day!

  86. Kevin R

    Well, mine isn’t peer pressure that is for sure. I feel no reason to act special for a day created by florist and card companies. However, you should try to let the other person feel special every day in some little way.

  87. Chris Tomlinson

    Oh, a secret giveaway! I’m sure Ray will have something ‘secret’ planned for the big day 😉

  88. Stephanie Reinwald

    I think an adults only spa day would be a great idea!

  89. Thijs Reyniers

    Omg yes please

  90. Peter G.

    Maybe for Valentines Ray has to follow any orders given by The Girl?

  91. Scott Morey

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  92. David Brown

    Happy Valentine’s day to you both and thanks for all the valuable info you provide! Here’s my romantic idea for Ray – Clean the house (and definitely do the dishes!) 🙂

  93. Mark van Wolfswinkel

    Well, here goes! And keep up the good work! Love reading/watching the emails and reviews!

  94. Ross

    Give the middle finger to Hallmark instead of your money! And maybe do some extra cleaning the night before.

  95. Rowlarry

    I’d like to spend Valentines Day side by side on his and hers Atom Bikes!

  96. Yodi

    Ray please get a sitter and go on romantic dinner together 😀

  97. Nathan

    Should take you to a fun night out. Which probably means i should plan the same

  98. Robert Brown

    Happy Valentines! Love the newsletter and all the great content you guys put out for us aspiring athletes. Keep it up!

  99. Nathan L

    Giveaways are awesome. Thanks for all the work you do

  100. Nicholas O'Loughlin


  101. Chad Hartley

    Keep up the good work! I’d love to hear if Suunto has anything new on the horizon for 2019. Oh and don’t forget to do something super romantic for the girl Ray. Like getting her a shiny new bike!

  102. Aaron Gray

    Couples massage, Ray

  103. Andrew Neckowitz

    Ray you need to get your wife a pizza oven. Wait a second…

  104. Mark Veenstra

    Well, a special romantic place – in Amsterdam (which is easy now for you) – is dining in the dark at the Amsteldijk (ctaste). You won’t see anything (so far for the romance), but served by blind people and experience their world of eating and drinking will actuate all other senses apart from “seeing”.

  105. Pablo Gonzalez

    Great Idea! A romantic date without the little ones and pizza. You’re never wrong with pizza. 😉

  106. Nate C

    Take care of the kiddos so you can have an entire “me” day!

  107. Martin Short

    Fried SPAM sandwiches aren’t terrible.

  108. Christian

    How about dinner for two once a month that is not Valentines (more genuine in that way) 🙂

  109. Tim D

    Great idea and happy Valentines day to you and Ray

  110. Kruso

    Thanks for the amazing posts and newsletter, always very happy when it hits my inbox!
    Why not go for a run together on Thursday or make your own family triathlon with the kids cheering you on?

  111. Kees

    Here is my reply, thanks for this nice opportunity.
    Unfortunately, not that romantic myself. So I will come back to read some other comments and steal some ideas for my girlfriend maybe ;).

  112. Jeff Gillen

    A spa day always seems to work for me!

  113. Ray, go on and build that Pizza oven that she so secretly wishes for.
    Uhm … was it so?

  114. Emil Gercke

    Happy Valentines!

  115. Happy Runner

    Am I really first? OK, let’s declare a winner now!

  116. Florian L

    How about a Spa day + Dinner

  117. Ryan Peetz

    giveaways are very fun! Almost as fun as treating your wife to a spa day for valentines!

  118. BG

    Gift idea: day spa retreat?

    Living vicariously through the Maker family adventures. Thanks for keeping it real.

  119. Alex Whittemore

    I’m in! At LEAST some flowers. And a full evening home 🙂

  120. Darlene

    Happy Valentine’s

  121. Purchase some beeswax candles, play on some opera, have a seat on a comfy carpet together and just be present. (Watches and gadgets off. 😉 )

  122. J. E.

    Woop …. I’m in – but can’t help with that romantic thing – Not good at it

  123. Anders Larsson

    Wine and dine!

  124. Chris

    My wife always likes a good massage and /or pedicure Those are always a good thing 🙂

  125. Trent Miller

    Thanks for another giveaway! It might just be what I’m craving, but my vote is to celebrate V-day with a relaxing massage and sushi for dinner!

  126. Roland LaRose

    Hello. Enjoy Cape Town

  127. Duane Hastings

    The newsletter, and it’s written, is one of the best pieces of dcrainmaker content

  128. Chris Rodriguez

    Ooo always fun with giveaways

  129. Aaron Ainsworth

    Love is in the air! Ray better make it unusual!

  130. Bob kortyna

    Thanks for keeping us updated with the newsletter

  131. Hagai Eshel

    A seafood dinner with white wine will be nice 🙂

  132. Rudy

    Happy Valentine’s day to you and Ray!

  133. Marc Simkin

    Tell Ray, that the girl needs an away spa weekend so she can relax and decompress.

  134. Tom

    A tandem bike race could potentially be a romantic experience for Valentine’s day (or maybe not at all) 😉

  135. David E.

    Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a new pizza oven.

  136. Happy Valentine’s everyone!

  137. Nick Mosley

    Hey, love the newsletter.

  138. Matt Wiggins

    I don’t have any suggestions, but hope you get something great!

  139. Markko

    Defo lots of flowers 🙂

  140. I think you should give the girl a foot massage, especially when she gets back from a long run 🙂

  141. Marc Guerrisi

    It is time to give back to the Girl. She gets a girls weekend , sans Ray, at her convienence.
    You will thank me.

  142. Andrew

    Hi there, don’t fall for forced “romance” of Valentine’s day and such 🙂

  143. Corey

    Forget the pizza oven, take The Girl out for a special date night!

    Okay, I think the coast is clear…GET THE PIZZA OVEN and cook her a special pizza in the shape of a heart!

  144. Remember 2/14 everyone! Life’s a ride and you don’t want to get “dropped.”

  145. Kris

    Hey DC.

    Love the site. Keep up the good work!

  146. Emilio Romano-Diaz

    What about a bike ride around Zaanse Schans? If weather is nice it could be very romantic 🙂

  147. Philip Landström

    I’d recommend Ray to cook you some bacon. Heart shaped bacon; because everyone loves bacon. Let’s celebrate bacon this Valentines.

  148. Eirik Tørneng

    No peer pressure here. I’m sure Ray already has something amazing planned.

  149. Steve

    Can’t go wrong with a condlelit home cooked meal!

  150. Robin

    Spa day of choice? Not creative I know…

  151. Giles Rowland

    how about a nice 2-together run followed by a swanky meal?

  152. Achim

    no entries yet? let’s get this started 🙂 HAPPY VALENTINE.. and may the Love be with you!

  153. Adam Wojnowski

    I wonder if Spam is an appropriate Hawaiian valentines gift. Hmmm…

  154. Kenneth

    Happy Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

  155. Joel Kary

    Nothing can replace a thoughtful, hand written note expressing your love for your spouse on Valentine’s Day. That being said, finding child care for a lovely date night is usually appreciated too! Have a great week and thanks for all your sports tech content.

  156. Geoffrey Lambert

    This is awesome!

  157. Michael Watkins

    Well, ditch the kids for a night out on the town. Maybe a sunset dinner cruise!

  158. Anne

    Hello! (Coupons for feet or back massages are a cheap and fast gift…)

  159. iirenaa

    I am no good at romantic stuff, but will use to opportunity to thank you, The Girl, for the newsletter, which is probably the only newsletter I really enjoy reading 🙂 please keep on spoiling us 🙂

  160. Michael McCloud

    I think the most giving thing Ray could do would for Valentine’ Day for “the Girl” would be for him to watch the kids for an entire day. While his wife gets to do what ever she wants to do!! Thanks for everything you two do to enlighten us fellow athletes!

  161. Happy Valentine’s Day all! Keep up the great work Ray and The Girl!

  162. Dale Woitte

    Hello and thank you – I suppose flowers are just a little too traditional – but beautiful none the less

  163. Nils Johan Engelsen

    Maybe you can go for a flower picking run?

  164. Kevin Tan

    Personally, I think one of the most important love languages I can show to my wife is time. Focused and undivided attention, at least on V Day!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  165. Cody Terry

    Take her out to eat Ray…that’s all I’ve got.

  166. John

    Secret giveaways are the best giveaways!

  167. Rasmus Toft Jensen

    Hi There.
    I hope Ray will be true to you and him self by arranging some sort of adventure (sport in the wild) for you and him.
    And afterward we want you to share you 24h puls so we can see how good you where to each other.

  168. Jan

    Hasn’t Ray concluded once that chocolate(milk) is the best recovery after excercise?

  169. Roger

    Our weather has been anything but sweet!

  170. Tim Ferguson

    Love the newsletter, this is a grate! idea.

  171. Richard

    I’ll be feeling the love if I win!

  172. Andrew

    Yay for newsletter giveaway! Ray – I think you need to do some cooking for the girl this week!

  173. Dom

    Fine giveaway. I’ve bought my OH dancing shoes with fancy Noene bouncy insoles. I reckon you could do with some the same 🙂

  174. Kasper Brink


  175. Lee Hunt

    Love what you do Ray!

  176. Kevin

    Let’s go!

  177. Reginald Brown

    Flowers, man. Can’t go wrong with flowers. Pick a flower that happens to be her favorite color.

  178. Andrew Chaloupka

    Thanks for the great content!

  179. Bartosz Adamczyk

    Something you make yourself is always a great choice imo :).

  180. Tom

    Idea for spoiling the girl ?
    Run, bike, swim in the shape of a heart and let here show how much you love here in a digital-gpx-kind of way ? it will last for ever

  181. Alexis

    Pizza oven?

  182. Riccardo de Lutio

    Thanks for the great newsletter!

  183. Kerry Parker

    Hey, Ray – shoes are always a great Valentine’s Day gift idea!

  184. Mattias Kardell

    Cool if I will be the lucky one. What about a smart training watch to surprise…

  185. Florian

    A nice dinner always works 🙂

  186. Simon Morton


  187. Alain

    Thank you for the funny newsletter! You should write newsletters for more sites (BBC News, NY Time, just some suggestions). And you clearly deserve some quality time with Ray this Thursday! So you are all in the mood for the next newsletter 😉

  188. morey

    Flowers are always a good idea.

  189. Lisa C

    We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day (usually too busy with work), but I will say that any nice gesture that’s out-of-the-ordinary is welcome! I’ve always been delighted when getting flowers (picked up on the way home from someone selling them on the street), tickets to a play, or a Chef’s Table reservation at a nice restaurant. I suppose it’s because these things happen so rarely that they’re appreciated. Hmm… maybe I should listen to my own suggestions? Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  190. Brendan

    As always, thanks for all you do. We greatly appreciate it.

  191. Ian Smith

    Pizza oven for valentines.
    Ray’s got to win sometimes too.

  192. Valentines is a weekday which puts some constraints on romantic creativity. But getting up early to prepare an extra nice breakfast would be a nice touch. Getting a sitter for the kids, then go for a run/bike/swim, followed by dinner out could also work.

  193. Gilles Levesque

    I think Ray needs to take you out on a great date for Valentine’s.


  194. Isaac N

    Bikes are very romantic, so I think Ray should get you one. Or rather, another one ?

  195. David


    You need to take your wife out for a nice kid free lunch, beach stroll and then a massage for her race sore legs.

  196. Graeme

    Oooh, $500, that would be nice

  197. Kjell Ivar Tjetland

    I would like that prize, please! 🙂