The Girl’s Newsletter Valentines Giveaway Page

Hi All!

Thanks for finding the Valentines Giveaway page! As I said in the Newsletter, this is a giveaway just for you, Newsletter Readers! Ray won’t be sharing this on Twitter or any other various forms of social media.

I’m sure you’re impatiently awaiting “WHAT IS THE PRIZE??”

The winner will get a $500USD credit to, our most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything. Seriously. Well anything on their site.

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below. Preferably an idea to peer pressure Ray into doing something romantic for his one and only this Valentine’s season. Otherwise, do be sure to leave some sort of comment more than just a word, as that sometimes leads to your comment getting stuck in SPAM. And no matter how much the Hawaiians try to sell it to you, there ain’t nothin’ good about SPAM.

That’s it. Go forth and good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, February 14th, 2019 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person. 


  1. Marcin

    Have a great Valentine’s day!

  2. Lindley Kirkpatrick

    Thanks for everything you do! Always love reading the newsletter!

  3. Maxi

    I’m sure Ray knows best what the girl love. Just share your love all the year.

  4. Marius

    I think Ray knows better what to do.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!
    Thanks for the giveaways!!

  5. Eoin O'Connor

    Yes please.

  6. Libby

    Thanks for doing this! Love the newsletter! How about a pizza on the new oven for Valentine’s day?

  7. Magnus

    Came here to remind him that every girl’s dream has to be a pizza oven!
    Seems someone beat me to it, but I stand by it!

  8. Alex M

    Whenever I fill these in, I often “joke” that I’ll spend the voucher exclusively on socks. Cos, you know, new socks are just awesome.
    So for the same reason, Ray, I think you should buy your wife a mountain of new socks for valentines day.

  9. Andrew

    Look up “Bakoven” and take a bottle of champagne and go and watch the sunset, come on Ray.

  10. Ed Lyons

    Just think of all the gear I could buy the mrs if I won!!!

  11. Jacco

    I’m in, no suggestions for Ray though. I’m unsure about his valentines level, but mine sucks! Hope the wife forgives me…

  12. Ian Hutchinson

    DC Rainmaker – “Loves The Girl more than SportsTech” – the ultimate compliment

  13. Raf

    Great site!

  14. Daniel

    Finishing the to-do list!!

  15. Christy

    Stellenbosch winery tour by bicycle

  16. Hans Jacob Hofgaard

    Great newsletter and happy valentines.
    I suggest you make a feature on how I can take my girlfriend on a rpmantic training camp in a beautiful place

  17. Imre

    Do a Valentine’s week instead 🙂

  18. Ben

    Love the newsletter and the cool sorta hidden give away. Keep them coming.

  19. DavidW

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. Mike B

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Theo

    Let Ray leave all the gadgets at home. Collect flowers, chocolate (we all love it) and a bottle of wine. Next, find a nice spot wherever you are and enjoy the sunset. Have a nice one.

  22. Matt Gallagher

    Fly her to an exotic far away location – like South Africa 😉

  23. Mathias Aebersold

    Happy valentine’s day!

  24. jb

    I’m feeling the urge to recommend a pizza oven… but maybe a nice portuguese romantic dinner? Lot’s of good portuguese restaurants in SA.

  25. Luke

    Ray: more race entries for The Girl!

    The best present, right?

  26. Alex Tsagas

    Skip Valentine’s Day all together!

  27. Glenn Christenson

    Ray – Do the right thing on Valentine’s Day!!

  28. Johannes

    Have a great Valentine’s!

  29. teeuwes

    keep up the good work

  30. Olegs

    Try Tandem parachutes as part of Valentine’s day

  31. Kevinm

    Here’s hoping

  32. Matthias K.

    Nothing says “I Love You” like a nice, homemade pizza baked in in an portable pizza oven! ??

  33. Stefff

    There is no St Valentin without Champagne Rose…. Can’t wait !

  34. Karl Lord

    Happy Valentines! Have you been to the Starbucks The Bank yet? On Utrechtsestraat 9. If you guys enjoy your coffee, that could be fun. Or the Whisky Café L&B, if you like your wee dram. Personally, I could be found at Café De Dokter with my squeeze. Enjoy!

  35. Jokim Pluijmers


  36. Tepi

    Hyvää ystävänpäivää ??

  37. mariuscr

    Thanks for the giveaways!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  38. Mark Braspenning

    Hi! <3

  39. Damien FERRARO

    DC Rainmaker AKA Ray,
    With technical gadgets does play,
    But it’s time for the girl,
    To be given a whirl,
    And push HER buttons on Valentine’s Day

  40. Attila

    Not good at Valentine’s stuff…but hope this special giveaway brings me luck , Thanks !!

  41. Adi

    Ray, gift The Girl a Pizza Oven. Near perfect valentine’s gift, for you.

  42. Paul

    I don’t have a Valentine’s this year, but great idea! 🙂

  43. Gabor Kmetyko

    Did I hear “pizza oven”? 🙂


    Happy Valentines guys…. good luck with this one Ray, there’s ALOT of expectation to live up to 🙂

  45. Ivo

    Have a great Valentine with your love

  46. Peter K

    I’m sure Ray will think of something!

  47. Virginia

    +1 for thinking Ray should get you a pizza oven!

  48. Puddleduck

    Awesome jobs you guys do, muchos love to the Maker household! Thanks for keeping us right with gadgets and keeping us smiling with reports of your adventures.
    A tandem adventure with a picnic would be on my list, but the boy is away with work, so hopefully you do it instead! Happy Valentines!

  49. Viktor S. Poór

    Definitely make some pizza!

  50. Trevor B

    Who doesn’t like a good giveaway. Good luck on this persuasive tactic!

  51. Alex H


  52. Domen

    Apparently HiLucyLoo needs a brother or sister, so here is an idea. Or because as far as I know Ray isn’t excited about that, he can write In-depth review of yours relationship (love letter style) just for you. Fijne Valentijnsdag!

  53. Mark Gee

    I hope I win.

  54. Matt Bristow

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  55. Russell Gwynne

    How about no wearables or tech for a day?!

  56. Tuomas

    Well buy her a dinner of course!

  57. Jodi Plante

    Happy Valentines Day…dinner cooked by your husband is always nice!

  58. Eric

    Hello. Thanks for keeping up the newsletter!

  59. John FitzGerald

    A romantic bike ride and picnic together!

  60. Frederick

    So Ray, skip the pizza oven job list (probably nothing there that can be done in Capetown, anyway) and just do something romantic. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do…

  61. Jorge Vergara

    Yes, please. Ray, take The Girl someplace nice.

  62. Gavin Hodgson

    Much love from Luxembourg 🙂

  63. Erik Herou

    Happy valentine!

  64. Tommy

    My wife and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day so I am of no use there, but regarding Spam (the canned meat product, not the annoying email), don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

  65. Gareth

    Heyy, happy Valentine’s Day guys

  66. Serge Hofkamp

    Happy Valentine

  67. Barry D

    Have a Happy Valentines Day! Ray, you should make some Valentines with the kids for an hour or so. Some kid free time plus a cute Valentine for The Girl (aka the great newsletter writer).

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. Myriam

    Sign her up for another race. She seemed to have enjoyed it 🙂

  69. Ian

    Go classy, tulips and Belgian chocolate !

  70. NLRainmaker

    Climb table mountain

  71. Martin

    Hi, love the newsletter xx

  72. Roman Thiele

    He should bike you to the next spa area (in the urban arrow) and take the kids for the weekend. Pick you up on Monday.

  73. Kristy Ward

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  74. Kaj

    A cheesy (mozzarella, preferably) heart-shaped pizza from that long overdue pizza oven seems like a nice gesture!

  75. Michael

    All you need is love (and a sports gadget)

  76. MaartenVD

    Congrats on your excellent newsletters! Keep ‘m coming please 🙂

  77. RunnerHK

    Although some days he gives more, some days she gives more, try to appreciate every day what you each give to your relationship.

  78. Drew Delashmit

    Happy Valentines Day

  79. Richard

    Fijne Valentijnsdag!

  80. Simon

    Surprise trip somewhere warm! Just tell the girl to pack a swimsuit and flip flops!

  81. Daniel

    Get P1 and P2 to help create a card. Present the card during a nice meal together.

  82. Gary J

    Bring on the chocolates !

  83. Barbara

    I say break out the pizza oven!

  84. Mike Hayes

    Roses are red
    The Girl is a winner
    On Valentines day
    Take her out for dinner!

  85. Ben Johnson

    Here’s to hoping the girl doesn’t have to bake her own Valentine’s Day treats this year.

  86. Hessel

    Maybe a romantic run together?!

    Love the newsletter!

  87. Torkil Skille

    Get that open water swim of the year done, and find a pearl necklace in your bag when coming up from the water!

  88. Rohan

    Surely there’s no need for peer pressure


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  90. Ann

    Have a nice glass of wine together and relax!

  91. Laszlo

    I hope Ray won’t need our advice 🙂

  92. Mike

    I love lamp!

  93. Julie Gasper

    Loving the updates from South Africa. I took a trip there several years back and it was such a great experience! Mmm. Stellenbosch wine.

  94. ken whalen

    hello, Happy Valentines day. A baby sitter and a bottle of wine works

  95. João Cravo

    A night run for the two maybe?

  96. CGSjr

    thanks so much for this.
    I don’t have any suggestions for Valentines day, I’m single, but hope you have a happy one…

  97. John

    Congrats to Bobbi on her return to race day form! ?‍♀️

  98. Arne

    Why not try the classics with a nice dinner and a romantic walk for Valentine’s day

  99. Katie

    I’m a believer in all the good food (that I don’t have to cook) for Valentine’s Day.

  100. Randy Randall

    Sounds like a Valentine’s Day massage from Ray would be appreciated given your recovery from the race.

  101. Marianna Szep

    A classic, romantic dinner with candlelights and all.

  102. Chad Beert

    V Day!

  103. Thien Son Mac

    Pizza from the pizza oven for the win…

  104. John Hill

    Happy Valentines Day! And yes, electronic shifters are awesome.. but maybe not for $4k.

  105. Dani

    Buy two gps watches of the same brand and model , but in different colors. And get a nanny so that ypu can use the watches at the same time 🙂

  106. Valentina

    I really like the newsletter, it’s always a fun read!
    As for Valentine’s Day…. I love a day at a spa with a nice Dinner at the end! ?

  107. Richard Davies

    Yes, please, I’d love that $500. That might just be my entry into the world of power meters. Hope that Ray spoils you rotten on Valentine’s day.

  108. Xabier Díaz Silvestre

    Hi Ray and The Girl:
    It’s complicated, as I was to suggest Ray to SURPRISE you with a dinner 100% made by him.
    But if you read this, it’s not going to be a suprise 🙁

  109. Steve Gallagher

    Hello! Thanks for all your amazing work and interesting emails!

  110. Robert DeMeulemeester

    Hello ? Take the Girl for a Zwift?

  111. Kyle Orrick

    The better half loves Baskins Robbins, so here’s hoping that a Valentine’s Day ice cream cake is a success

  112. Justin B

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope Ray can make you a lovely dinner (or take you out to your favorite food type restaurant) – this is what I’m going to do. If I win I will give it to my wife as a B-day gift 🙂

  113. Sam

    Not taking the time to convince her that the new SRAM Red is a must purchase for the bike. Happy valentines day.

  114. Mike McGuirk

    Love your newsletter Ms Maker, it’s a nice relief from so much tech all week long! Tell Ray I want him to do something really nice for you on the 14th like maybe, I don’t know, flowers or something!

  115. Adam Harrah

    How about purchasing a nice massage for her

  116. Pavel

    Am I late to the pizza oven party?

  117. saludos desde colombia!!! and please, give the girl whatever she wants, you’ve already got all the toys!!!

  118. Jon

    Ray should give you what every mother wants…A few hours to herself, breakfast in bed and a massage!

  119. Gonzalo Cordova

    Roses are always a great idea!

  120. Caleb


  121. Chris

    After your race, sounds like a massage from Ray would make an ideal gift!

  122. Robert Hurdman

    How do you get down from a horse? You don’t, you get down from a goose.

    It’s cold here in Canada and your photos from South Africa were a ray of sunshine.

  123. Eva

    Love the newsletter. Here’s my suggestion, a couples massage after an afternoon of running or biking together.

  124. enzolalay

    Hey, I suggest you formally promise each other a good massage every time one of you get those terrible back pains!

  125. Paul Molnar

    I think I’d just recommend Ray stick to a year round policy of praise and worship for Bobbie. (especially for the whole “The Girl” thing! ?)

  126. Eddie

    Happy Valentines!

  127. Justin Kremer

    You can’t go wrong with more romantic puns like that cheese grater one.

  128. David Arbuthnott

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!!

  129. Christopher Gould

    It would be great to win!

  130. Jim H

    Wife and I have been together about 30 years now. Our anniversary is a few weeks before the 14th, but this could also be done for 14th. We have been burning the same candle for a few hours on anniversary for 30 years now. When we look at it, and how far it’s burned, it’s a reminder of all our years together.

  131. cosmide14

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  132. Matthew

    No grate (and great) ideas from me. Sorry! I’ll take any I can get!

  133. Remco

    Great Giveaway!

  134. Aaron

    Find somewhere to watch the sunset! Thanks for the newsletter!

  135. Marc Collignon

    Looking forward to the newsletter each week.
    Starting to understand my wife better seeing Ray through your eyes:D

  136. Stephen G

    Ray, you need to treat your lady to the most romantic running event…a champagne mile! First one to finish a mile AND a bottle of bubbly wins!

  137. Dan E

    nice idea, thanks!

  138. John

    Get a babysitter and enjoy the day! Thanks for doing the newsletter!

  139. Jean-Yves ANDRE

    A nice dinner with candles, without peanuts should be perfect

  140. Chris Kuchin

    Happy Valentine’s Day ?

  141. Allan

    Good food and good wine in a nce setting. What could be better than that?

  142. Meredith

    Is a turbo trainer with a giant pink bow romantic?

  143. JK

    Love the newsletter and insight into your worldly lives! I suggest a nice give-and-take, where Ray gets his pizza oven… to make fresh homemade pizzas on demand whenever commande- err… requested!

  144. Mark Southam

    Happy valentines day! It may depend on your tastes, but my girlfriend loves poetry, especially that which I write for her – for valentine’s day this year, I’ve collected all my works written for her, and put it in a book for her… I hope that checks the “romantic” box…..

  145. Stephen Harding

    Simple is always better when it comes to Valentine’s day. A heartfelt personal message or a song. Then take the kids out for several hours and give mom some alone time.

  146. steve moss

    try one of the small wine farms near Groot Contstania or even groot Constania good for kids to play a nice family afternoon for valentines day. – short travel from C/town.

  147. Jonas

    Hi, free stuff is always good.


  148. Ritchie Robertson

    Maybe I could use the money to by a pizza oven, if Clever Training sold a pizza oven. That would be extra romantic.

  149. Matt Lewis


  150. Shaun Hook

    I can think of a couple things the wife would like to get.

  151. Tom

    Just be there for her man!

  152. Gregory T

    Definitely homemade pizza from the wood pellet oven 😉

  153. Jim Robertson

    Hey, Ray:

    I come here for tech support; instead, I get (much deserved) reminders to do the right thing for the love of my life.

    She’s right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Marc D.

    Lucy’s friend/sister/brother?

  155. Nick

    Dude, Just Do It!

  156. Greg

    count me in

  157. Pete

    Nothing quite says Valentine better than a bicycle-picnic

  158. Alex

    Homemade pizza seconded!

  159. Mark Cook

    Can’t beat a nice meal for two and nice bottle of wine, enjoy! Happy Valentine.

  160. George

    Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  161. Roger

    Give the girl an entire day with nothing work related.

  162. Stef

    a run/ride with a nice lunch break 🙂

  163. Roy

    Make it a family day and a Valentine couple’s evening!?

  164. Trevor S

    Hello from Vancouver!

  165. Jerry M

    The pizza oven is a great idea but include flowers.

  166. Anna

    Happy Galentines! Love the newsletter.

  167. Paul

    No suggestion for Ray, couples ride on Zwift maybe. 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway and for taking time to write the newsletter.

  168. Christopher Carvalho

    Nothing says romantic like a candle-lit trainer ride.

  169. Ab Brody

    How about a sweeping gesture involving some sort of ♥️ themed scavenger hunt

  170. Patrik

    Spend an entire screens-off day together!

  171. Pavel

    Nothings bonds you better than than a long bike ride!

  172. Raymond Wright

    Nothing romantic because I am recovering for 2 surgeries.

  173. Craig Hawkes

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  174. Michael Adrian

    Loving the newsletter!

    What could be more romantic then a relaxed 10k followed by a picnic?
    You could use the stroller to carry all the goods as Ray seems to have some practice with it 😉

  175. Cezary Piekacz

    Secret comment to a secret giveaway 🙂

  176. Zak

    Whatever floats your goat

  177. Ben Psaila

    A cage dive together to see the sharks? You’ll have a good excuse to give each other a good hug!

  178. Jan Roman

    Another use for your cave maybe? Alone with the Girl?

  179. Caroline

    Your site is my go-to place for any questions I may have before I buy anything. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  180. Bill Draper

    Anything be good

  181. Ivo

    Visit Rotterdam. A Though and modern city. With some great option for a nice city run

  182. Wim Boonstra

    You would expect the newsletter giveaway to get smaller replies than the big site giveaways, but no; The Girl is as popular as Ray himself, if not more so 🙂

    Thanks for all your stories and who know, might win 😀

  183. Zach S.

    Chocolate. Chocolate is always safe!

  184. Sjoerd Witjes

    Would be a nice valentinesday gift 🙂

  185. Owain

    I was hoping for some inspiration myself – Pizza oven it is!

  186. Mark S

    Loving the pun picture!

  187. Reuben

    Buy the pizza oven!

  188. James Sloan

    buy the wood fired pizza oven already!

  189. Lennart R.

    Good thing I read the newsletter in time this week.

  190. Deborah Chan

    Thanks for your newsletter, it’s always a fun read! For Valentine’s, I always appreciate it when my other half cooks a nice meal for me (and does the dishes later!), that makes me feel pampered and is a good break from the kitchen 😛

  191. Mike

    Candlelight dinner on private beach.

  192. Rich

    Pictures from South Africa are awesome! Some day a Maker Reality Show!

  193. CJ Carland

    Now this is LOVE!!

  194. Stu

    Double kiddo bike trailer for you, Ray?

  195. Greg Lanz

    Ray, step up your game and treat your Valentine right!

  196. Joe R

    You guys rock!

  197. Tru Tran

    Love the weekly newsletter! Please keep them coming.

  198. Tom

    Surely a homemade pizza?!

  199. Steve

    Sorry, no valentines advice but I’d still love a shot at the Clever training credit!

  200. G Zawadzki

    Have a great valentine’s day.