The Girl’s Newsletter Valentines Giveaway Page

Hi All!

Thanks for finding the Valentines Giveaway page! As I said in the Newsletter, this is a giveaway just for you, Newsletter Readers! Ray won’t be sharing this on Twitter or any other various forms of social media.

I’m sure you’re impatiently awaiting “WHAT IS THE PRIZE??”

The winner will get a $500USD credit to, our most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything. Seriously. Well anything on their site.

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below. Preferably an idea to peer pressure Ray into doing something romantic for his one and only this Valentine’s season. Otherwise, do be sure to leave some sort of comment more than just a word, as that sometimes leads to your comment getting stuck in SPAM. And no matter how much the Hawaiians try to sell it to you, there ain’t nothin’ good about SPAM.

That’s it. Go forth and good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, February 14th, 2019 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person. 


  1. Denis

    Le sport c’est comme DC R, intéressant et sans fin 🙂

  2. Evelyn

    Happy valentines day!

  3. Clauds

    Tell Ray to take you on a picnic up on table mountain so you can see the sun set from there. Gorgeous!

  4. Travis K

    Love means getting off the trainer before things go numb.

  5. TMat

    Do they even celebrate Valentine’s Day in South Africa?

  6. Jose Martin Miguel Suarez Sanchez

    Hello there!

  7. Tim Halliday

    Get your cupid on! Nothing better than starting ‘the’ morning in a little red speedo and an apron for preparing a stack of heart shaped flapjacks doused in fresh fruit and CANADIAN! maple syrup for the whole family. Little notes of love and appreciation sprinkled throughout the house to be discovered throughout the day

  8. Kari H.

    Love the blog!

  9. Run to up to a lookout point and watch the sunset together! Bringing food and beverage = Optional. (Thanks again for all the reviews, your hard work helps me feel confident in all the gear I use)

  10. Scott Letendre

    Two words: Hot Tub

  11. Ed Muggleton

    Love it the use of bribing the public to ensure ray makes a romantic gesture…

    Enjoy the sun guys

  12. wg

    love the reviews

  13. Steve

    Newsletter love

  14. thomaek

    you know what you gotta do ray

  15. Tom Box

    Peer pressuring Ray: seems like the best thing to do is to take away his phone and laptop so he gives you his undivided attention for an evening. I think his time is his most valuable commodity and if you have that then you are set up for a romantic evening. Wine, cheese, sunset!

  16. Marcel

    Why Ray does need our help? He must have found a gadget for that!

  17. MTR

    Happy Valentines Day To All

  18. Jim C

    Card with a nice note in it from him and handprints or markings from the kiddos, and a date night or gift card for a massage

  19. Cassie Winter

    Surprise trip to some place warm.

  20. Cathy Johnson

    Do something really sweet, low-tech for Valentine’s Day. Just the two of you–farm out the kiddos. Love both parts of the newsletter, top and bottom, thanks!

  21. Jeff

    Keep up the great work on the newsletters. I love reading them. Here’s hoping Ray treats you well every day of the year not just the 14th of February!

  22. Mike Milk

    How’s the chocolate selection in South Africa?

  23. JM

    Thanks for the funny weekly newsletter.

    Ray, I hope you bought tons of chocolate for The Girl and The Peanuts.

  24. Paul

    I’d recommend Ray spring for a day trip to a spa (for two)! Definitely a favourite in our household.

    Happy V Day!!

  25. Alex

    How about Ray give you a call sometime when he’s jetting about just to say hi and that he’s thinking of you…?

  26. Harold Needham

    Roses are red and violets are blue…

  27. Mike B.

    Get the %^&*-ing pizza oven chores done already, Ray!

  28. Pat Burke

    Put the tech away n be romantic for a day^^

  29. Doug Covington

    Valentine’s Day, aka “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” Day.

  30. Chris Panza

    Quality time spent with you significant other is more valuable than romantic gifts. Find a way to ditch the kids and find a special run in S.A. (or hike, etc…)

  31. Michele Roberts-Bauer


  32. Steven

    Suggest Champagne

  33. Richard D

    You could go see the mass wedding on Robben Island. Or just stay in and enjoy the wine lest after your get away.

  34. JR


  35. Dale

    Enjoy the day wit a bottle of wine and some cupcakes ?

  36. Ben JENSEN

    Go groading together

  37. Thomas

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. Why have just one bike when you can have two?

  38. Robert Johnson

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  39. Sam

    Absolutely Ray should be taking the Girl out out for a nice romantic evening.

  40. Carlos Flanders

    Tandem Ride! Bicycle made for two. No one gets lost.

  41. Matt

    Two words: pizza oven. All the peer pressure and motivation that should be needed.

  42. Cocoy

    Hi, You can’t go wrong with Red Roses and dinner at at fancy restaurant. Happy Valentines!

  43. VICTOR

    Hey, why not skiing somewhere in Alps in a spa hotel…

  44. David

    You two, wait…four, no, it’s five I think! have a happy Valentine’s day

  45. Matt H

    Getting up at stupid o’clock and not even seeing my wife on Valentine’s Day till very late tonight means I’d rather just spend some quality time together, I hope you guys manage to get quiet time together.

  46. tom

    Please peak me. He can do your to do list for a day 😉

  47. Ingo

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  48. Asher Kuper


  49. cj

    Have a nice day!

  50. Craig Daniel

    Happy Valentines Day! A trail run together through Jonkershoek, Newlands Forest or Constantia Green Belt

  51. Martin Drewniok

    what about a no tracker, no smartwatch, no phone, no whatever weekend – also no kids for this weekend, if you have someone to take care of them

  52. Timo Lehtinen

    Thank you for the newsletter, it’s one I actually read every week!

  53. Andrew Rowan

    Loving the day and your blog

  54. Antonio Solano

    Let’s give it a try… Happy Valentine’s day

  55. Mikael Böhm

    I think Ray should give five number of “coupons” to The Girl.
    These coupons would give her for example a day off to do what ever she feels like, go to a spa or just simply be attended to by Ray.

    Happy Valentines day!!

  56. Slava

    Happy valentine’s day!

  57. Blake Taverna

    Ray better pony up and do something special for you Bobby!!

  58. Edwin

    A lovely run together through Vondelpark…

  59. SwimNBike

    I second oven for Ray. and on V-day, no tech for Ray, strictly the Girls and Peanuts

  60. Nuanda

    Give love!

  61. Ross Pyne

    Would love this!!

  62. Murray Nolan

    I needs a new watch!

  63. Thija

    A special night in an Igloo during our week of holidays

  64. edo scheffer

    would be great to win and give it away to my best friend who really “needs” it

  65. Izabela

    my boy will be happy with the prize 🙂

  66. CharlieO

    Love the idea of this competition.

    Beach time on Valentine’s day? Coming from the northern hemisphere it’s not usually a possibility!

  67. Pierre

    Swimming with White sharks in south africa

  68. Carlos

    Washing machine!

  69. Adam Smith

    Keep up the awesome job!

  70. St..Se

    family time and a workout 😉

  71. Steve

    If I had an idea I’d do it for my wife. Hoping to work less and be home for dinner.

  72. Luís

    Thank you for all your work!

  73. Roger Langevin

    Thanks for the contest, and love the newsletter.

  74. Peter Z.

    Hey, thanks for the great reviews and I love reading about the Peanuts growing and seeing the family stuff. Glad “The Girl” got more involved, the newsletter is very helpful to keep me up to date.

  75. Wouter Jorritsma

    Gift for today to be thoughtful the rest of the year 🙂

  76. Pekka

    Chocolate is great after the training in Valentine’s day

  77. ReHMn

    Best gift for Valentine? Aorta. It comes from the heart…

  78. Wayne Fisher

    Happy Heart Day!

  79. Kelly Kestler

    You cray, SPAM musubi is great, haha. Or add it in some breakfast burritos. Yum yum. 🙂

  80. Phil Baluyot

    BEST. SITE. EVER. (and Ray, you’re a lucky man to have a wife so supportive of your “techiness”…my wife can’t stand it!)

  81. Rachel Davenport

    The newsletter is one of my favorite emails to get and peruse! Congrats on your top 5 8k finish!!

  82. Jean

    Pizza oven or maybe chocolate ? ?

  83. Tosin M. Akinmusuru

    My wife and I buy 2 packages of Milano cookies. We eat then after the kids go to sleep and then watch a movie. We’ve been doing this for at least 5 years, and it works.

  84. Tiago Salvador

    Cook her a nice dinner!

  85. Evert

    So my most romantic moment so far was getting some candy hearts at the supermarket and gave them to my girl.. So yeah, I should come up with something better this evening 🙂

  86. Joshua Styron

    Love the newsletter!

  87. Chris Jones

    Happy Valentine’s day.

  88. Jonathan

    Newsletter giveaway, awesome!

  89. Piotr Os.

    Great Valentine’s!

  90. John

    Go with the traditional flowers and chocolates

  91. Barb

    Sunrise sea kayak for 2 from Sea Point with some champagne en route!

  92. Maxim

    Warm and fluffy pajama. What could be better for winter?

  93. Joe

    Thanks for the newsletter! Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter what Ray decides to do.

  94. Patrick Reill

    Yes! Now I can work off the girlscout cookies I got for Valentine’s Day

  95. Dan O’Leary

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  96. Maurice

    Pizza party

  97. Tim K

    Fresh baked pizza in the backyard pizza oven…wait a minute

  98. Mark

    Bike ride to the quiet countryside. Picnic in nature.

  99. Alexandre Issao

    Hi, love the newletter!!

  100. Clarke Gagnon

    Roses and chocolate… never go wrong.

  101. Adam Bowie

    I am all out of good Valentines’ ideas…

  102. JB

    Hello. I think it would be great if Ray would get the Girl some flowers and take her out to dinner. Then on Friday, he can take the peanuts for the entire day so the Girl can have some alone time to sleep or do what ever else she would like to do with some peanut free time.

  103. Daniel Lhotka

    Sounds like spa or massage treatment is needed for those weary legs!

  104. Joris

    There sure must be a great wine tour nearby.

  105. Lauri

    Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for the newsletter

  106. Anouk Alexander

    Love your newsletters and always check the reviews before I buy anything!

  107. Ray, take it from a 68 yr. old 35 year marriage veteran. Just because you’ve whisked your wife (and Peanuts) off to an exotic locale, don’t think your done for Valentines day.

    What to do? -I have no idea.

    In the heretofore mentioned 35 years, my experience says, -“It’s never enough!!” Besides, based upon my observation of all your great internet communications, you’re more creative than I am. JUST DO SOMETHING, MY MAN, or you may regret it.

    Here, I’ll tell you what, just take the $20 that I’m paying to support DCR and get her some roses. However, you should be able to come up with something better. Money should be not object in a situation like this.

    Happy Valentines,

    Charles (Tom) Wimsatt, Sr.

  108. Matt Gledhill

    Long time reader, irregular commenter….

    Get your apron on my man… cook up a storm… braai?

  109. Pedro Fradique

    Hi. Love the newsletter humor, thanks 😉
    As for valentine, I’ll be reading the comments for ideas 🙂

  110. Chris Graham

    Happy ♥️ day!

  111. Shawn Crafford

    Nothing is as special as a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates go get her tiger?

  112. Tom P

    Don’t fall for the hype! Be good to each other every day and life will be great!

  113. John M

    Happy Valentine’s Day all!

  114. Pat

    Thanks for putting this together!

  115. David

    There is nothing more romantic than Semper Fidelis!

  116. Thomas Strande

    Bake a cake, eat it together, and then “work out” to burn off the calories!

  117. Alexis Meschter

    Awesome idea!

  118. Ben E

    I d suggest you bake bbmaker some cupcakes… have a fab v’day anyway you two (+1) 🙂

  119. JeremyN

    ol’ fashion “hello” 😉

  120. Aaron Chinander

    Hello, have a great valentines day!

  121. Joseph Campbell

    Happy Valentines day!!!!!!!!

  122. enrico b.

    hi from the cold north,

    tx for the greetings and truely returning it back to you and your family


  123. Ian Smith

    Ray should make a custom Valentine-themed watch face for you

  124. Marco

    Happy Valentine’s day!!

  125. BJ

    Just being together on Vday is gift enough.

  126. Cliff

    Almost missed it. The contest and Valentine’s Day.

  127. Csaba

    Happy valentine’s day! 🙂

  128. PCs

    Happy valentine’s day! 🙂

  129. Michael Hart

    Would love that prize!

  130. Therese T

    Any and all meals served in bed, and anything the girl wishes and not just today only … after all happy wife happy life!

  131. Sam

    Oh no! It’s almost over!