Do you have a full time job?

I do – I write here now full time.  Or, sometimes I take photos.  And occasionally videos (but I’m not very good at video).  Either way, it’s now what I do full-time.

After 15 years in the IT realm (and millions of miles travelling for work), I left my day job back in October 2015 to blog full time.  You can read all about it here!

Previous to that, for my day job I designed enterprise IT infrastructures, focusing on messaging (primarily Microsoft Exchange), and authentication platforms (primarily Active Directory based) in large scale IT migrations and deployments (i.e. 50,000-350,000 users).  I also worked heavily in storage, datacenter design and various private/public cloud deployments.   As part of this I tended to travel a lot, both supporting technology pilot deployments worldwide, as well spoke at various conferences/conventions/customer sites about said deployments (I still do often speak, but now on sports technology stuffs).

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