Who’s “The Girl”? And why do you call her that?

This is The Girl. For longtime readers, you got to see the entire evolution from friend to girlfriend to fiancée to married couple. She’s a runner, triathlete and super-creative baker.

As for the nickname, it’s commonplace in the blogging/internet world to often refer to people as “The Boy” or “The Girl” (though, it’s usually used for someone’s kids). I used The Girl initially as a way to give her a name without giving away anything identifying. Over time it evolved into a bit of a mystery. For probably close to a year, no identifying photos were ever actually shown. Just snippets of her hand or things of the like (actually some really funny stories there with people whispering when they thought we were out of earshot “That’s The Girl!!!!”).

These days, The Girl spends her time owning/operating/decorating a full time cupcake and cake business in Paris – Bertie’s CupCakery.

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