Peloton Tread In-Depth Review on YouTube Posted

This is just a super-duper-quick post to let folks know that I published up the full video review of the Peloton Tread over on YouTube (or simply hit the Play button above). You may remember back in late December I published the written in-depth version. However, my best laid audio-video plans kept getting the better of me, and a number of attempts later, I’ve finally finished and published that review on YouTube too.

The notable differences between the written format and the video one is various video shots of me and my wife running on it, so you can see things like stability of the treadmill. Plus, you get a bit more depth as well in terms of a user interface tour and other random things that have come to me since I originally wrote that review. Though, on the whole, nothing has changed except our combined usage has increased more as the weather has gotten uglier.

Anyways, go forth and hit play above! Alternatively, here are the sections of the video:

0:00 Quick Overview
1:19 Setup & Delivery
2:06 The Hardware Specs
5:49 Peloton Platform Features
11:34 Running Feel & Stability
15:44 Post-Workout Stats
16:35 Accuracy (Pace and Output)
18:26 Final Recommendations

Or of course, you can always read the full written in-depth review here too!

Thanks for watching, and reading!


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  1. Matt

    Hey Ray, it’s not great form to run looking down. When your wife was running it appears at eye-line as I guess she is shorter than you, so for us runners at the taller end like yourself does the screen extend up so it more in your eye-line? My guess is no, therefore is there any way to cast the content to another device/tv on the wall? Otherwise the screen seems rather pointless for running

    • You can cast if you want to another screen. That said, at no point has the height bother me in real world usage, especially since the vast majority of treadmills with displays or control centers have them lower.

    • Garry Munro

      This is something that bothers me with treadmills at the gym. I almost wish there was no screen as I find myself looking down. Think it’s partly as I have a tendency to run nearer the top of the treadmill but even when at the bottom I’m still looking down and I’m only 5’9”. Trying to force myself to stare straight ahead at the brick wall instead as my gym can’t be bothered to install mirrors.

  2. Dennis M.

    Didn’t know the Tread+ would be even louder. Good insight!
    Thanks for the review!

  3. Tim

    Great review Ray, as always! Can you recommend a quality non peloton home treadmill? $1000-$2000 range?

    • It’s tough, only because it’s not easy to test all (or even many) treadmills – unlike watches, they don’t ship easily. People often mention the NordicTrack 1750 as an option, though, the screen is tiny in comparison 14″ vs 24″. Inversely though, the NordicTrack can simulate downhill (at -3% incline), and the screen also rotates. That’s $1,899.

      I wish I had better suggestions there, sorry!

    • Michael

      Horizon 7.0 and Sole 63
      Treadmills at $1000.00.

    • Tim

      No worries Ray! Yah, I knew reviewing treadmills was not a normal thing for you but I figured you might have a suggestion since you are the Godfather of fitness tech news. :) Thanks for your time and content, always appreciated! (Thanks for the suggestions also Michael)

    • C.Sco

      I’m hardly a treadmill expert, I’ve only ever bought one, but I can definitely highly recommend the one I picked – Sole F80. I got mine for $1600 at Dick’s sporting goods in the US. Fantastic treadmill, rock solid and very powerful with a big platform. Absolutely zero “smart” features (a good thing, in my opinion), but it does at least display your HR from a BT-broadcasting chest strap like a Garmin HRM-Pro. I equipped mine with a NPE Runn (thanks for the recommendation, Ray!) and put up a TV screen and a BT soundbar, so now it’s got all the connectivity/smartness I could ever want, and is easy to upgrade those things in the future without having to trade in the whole treadmill.

    • Lee

      The F80 does broadcast your speed to Zwift which is awesome! I am still trying to figure out why my Forerunner 945 doesn’t recognize the F80 though.

  4. JimC

    Hey Ray, a very minor nitpick: you’re missing a word here:

    so you can [see] things like stability of the treadmill.


  5. Peter Hirsh

    Can you create a custom workout? Or even better and to the point, import/sync a coach planned workout from TrainingPeaks?