Massive Sports Tech Deals Complete List!

Here’s your complete guide to sports tech deals, sorted by category and updated constantly throughout the day, often hourly with new deals. Also, if you follow on Twitter, you’ll be the first to know of any super-hot short-lived deals (sometimes lasting only minutes, like the recent Tacx NEO 2T for $999 deal a few days ago, it’s normally $1,400).

New/Updated! Here’s the Top 10 items purchased in order of popularity people have picked up here over the Black Friday weekend. Best of all, almost all of these deals are still live (as of Dec 1st). The only exception being AirPods & HRM-PRO are slightly higher, and the FORM swim goggle deal is gone. Still, the rest were popular for a reason!

#1: Garmin HRM-PRO for $99 ($30 off): A steal for being a brand new unit that just came out, the HRM-PRO is Garmin’s most advanced heart rate strap with tons of extra metrics.
#2: Apple AirPods for $99-$109 (31% off): Essentially the lowest price we’ve seen AirPods at. These are what I use when travelling, or just for general day to day usage for quick calls.
#3: Garmin HRM-DUAL for $56 ($10 off): This is Garmin’s dual ANT+/BLE strap and it ‘simply works’.
#4: Withings Body+ Smart Body Composition WiFi Scale for $64 (35% off): This scale pushes your weight to Zwift automatically, as well as other platforms.
#5: Garmin Speed Sensor for $32 (19% off): This dual ANT+/BLE speed sensor can also save data in the background, making it great for commuter bikes.
#6: Garmin Forerunner 935 for $269 (46% off): Garmin’s prior generation high-end triathlon watch is still great if you don’t need the absolute latest features.
#7: PowerBeats Pro for $199 ($50 off): These are the main headphones I use for workouts. They were a bit lower at $175 over the weekend, but this is still a strong sale.
#8: Garmin Instinct for $149 (50% off): This is Garmin’s budget/mid-range hiking/outdoors/etc watch, and a steal given the features it packs in.
#9: Garmin Forerunner 945 for $519 ($80 off): This is Garmin’s flagship non-Fenix multisport watch, and honestly isn’t supposed to be on sale. But Uncle Amazon is delivering the deal here!
#10: FORM Swim Goggles for $179 ($20 off): These heads up display goggles are never on sale, so take the deal when ya can! Plus, it connects to both Garmin and Apple Watches. Note: You must check the box on the site to save the $20.

Most links here help support the site – which I greatly appreciate! These three DC Rainmaker partner sites here are also running huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on sports gear to supplement your sport tech addition – Backcountry.com, CompetitiveCyclist.com, and Wiggle.co.uk:




If you know of a sports tech deal (gadget-focused), feel free to drop a note in the comments or in the contact form. As long as it’s not spam-like, I’m more than happy to share it out! :)

Watches & Wearables:

This covers anything you can wear that’s watch-like or activity band-like, including sensors.  Generally speaking, you’ll mostly find deals here that are on things I’ve written about in the past.  So you won’t find a deal on some random non-sports tech watch here, or on socks.  Unless the socks have some crazy sensor or something in them.

ProductSale PriceAmazonOther siteSale Notes
Garmin Epix (Gen 2) - $200 off!
$499⚡⚡ This is an incredibly strong deal. Especially viewed in light of all the non-Garmin AMOLED competitors charging far more for far fewer features. This non-sapphire edition doesn't have multiband, but testing has pretty clearly shown that Garmin's Epix non-multiband GPS is basically on-par with their competitors multiband config (see my NYC tests for that).
Garmin Epix Pro Series (All variants) - $200 off!
$699⚡ This is only the second time we've seen these on sale. This is probably my go-to watch these days (middle-sized one), with the singular reason I tend to choose it over the Forerunner 965, being the built-in flashlight for night.
Garmin Fenix 7 Pro (All variants) - $200 off (7S/7/7X Pro) - $200 off!
$599+⚡ This is only the second time we've seen the new Fenix 7 Pro series on sale, and it's a nice strong sale. The smaller Fenix 7S Pro watch has become my wife's go-to watch since it came out, for all of her training and 24x7 usage.
Garmin Fenix 7 Series (All Models/Styles) - $200 off!
$449+⚡This is a strong deal if you don't care about the new optical heart rate sensor (including ECG) of the newer Fenix 7 Pro, especially given the Fenix 7 series has received virtually all of the Fenix 7 Pro's new software features, keeping them essentially identical. $449 is the lowest price I've seen to date.
Garmin Forerunner 255/255S Music - $100 off!
$299This is Garmin's mid-tier running watch, and is a very polished option with good multi-band GPS, and of course, a boatload of running metrics. This model also includes offline music such as Spotify and Amazon Music.
Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar: $100 off!
$499See everything I said above on the Forerunner 955 base, except this one also has solar.
Garmin Venu 3 - $50 off!
Google Pixel Watch 2 - $70 off!$329
Suunto Veritcal (Solar edition) - $50 off$699

Cycling Gear & Trainers:

Got a bike? Then this section is for you.  Everything from bike computers to bike lights to trainers, it’s all here.  I won’t generally be adding things like brake cables or bike seats here, but if I find a good deal on a cassette to stack on that new direct drive trainer you just bought, I’ll probably list it here.

ProductSale PriceAmazonOther siteSale Notes
Garmin Edge 1040 - $100 off$499The is the lowest price we've ever seen on the Edge 1040, and only the 2nd time it's ever been on sale in two years. It's still Garmin's top-end units, and still receiving new features via quarterly firmware updates.
Garmin Edge 1040 Solar - $100 off$649
Garmin Edge 540 - $50 off$299First time this has been on sale, and the lowest price to date. I personally prefer the Edge 840 due to the menus being a bit easier to use with a touchscreen. Both Edge 540/840 have identical buttons though for days you don't want the touchscreen.
Garmin Edge 540 Solar - $50 off$399
Garmin Edge 840 - $50 off$399This is, best I can tell, the first time Garmin has put the Edge 840 on sale.
Garmin Edge 840 Solar - $50 off$499
Garmin Varia Radar (RTL515) - $50 off
$149This is Garmin's standalone radar/taillight option, and $149 is pretty much the standard sale-price. This product is universally loved, and works with Garmin/Wahoo/Stages/Hammerhead/etc, and other bike computers.

Action Cameras & Drones:

Wanna record it?  No better way than an action camera.  Anything that’s action camera related or drone related you’ll find here.  That’s especially true of action camera mounts, which are often found for great deals around the holidays.  Same goes with drone and drone accessories.  Usually a great time to pick up an extra battery or extra props.

There are no deals currently.

Other Sports & Fitness:

Anything else that’s sports and fitness related that I think is interesting will be here.  It may not be super techy – but it’s stuff that most readers will be using in pursuit of their running/cycling/swimming/hiking/whatever.

ProductSale PriceAmazonOther siteSale Notes
Garmin inReach 2 Mini Satellite Communicator (2-way) - $100 off$299⚡ This is my defacto satellite communicator when out of coverage area, and I've used it on a number of major treks over the past two years when well outside of cellular service, both in a 24x7 tracking mode for friends and family, but also there in case of emergency. Would strongly recommend for anyone doing anything in the wilderness.

European Deals!

What’s that? You’re not in the US and still want a deal?  No problem!  Note that on Amazon Europe deals, generally speaking, you can order from any Amazon European country site (i.e. Amazon France) and have it shipped within the EU (i.e. Spain). Thus, many times deals are duplicated across the sites. I generally try and just distill it down to one.

Remember these deals refresh each day for the most part, and usually only last a few hours. Jump if you see something you like!

There are no deals currently.

DCR Random Gadget List:

This is basically the mostly totally unrelated gadgets and things I think are cool deals that I’ve likely bought one or five of (you can never have too many, right)?  Some of it’s probably photography stuff.  Some of it’s random stuff like chargers and battery packs that I use daily, fun camera gear I use to make videos like sliders and turntables, and well…just random things you’ll find around the DCR Cave.  It’s all random…but it’s all awesome randomness!

ProductSale PriceAmazonSale Notes
HoverAir X1 Drone - $80 off!$349Note: There's virtually always a $80 coupon that can be clicked on the Amazon page.

I’ll continue to add deals as I find them. I don’t expect *ANY* further smart trainer deals this year that beat the earlier 20% off deals. Cause frankly, there’s no reason for retailers to offer such a deal on trainers. They sell virtually every unit they get without even trying right now. REI’s inclusion was mostly just because they’ve always sold trainers as part of the deal.

With that – thanks for reading, and for supporting the site via the links above. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Have a great weekend!


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    Good deal for edge 830 @ 299€ here : link to lepape.com

  2. Dmitry Pupkov

    Nice discount on Assioma Favero uno/duo at bike24.

    • PeterF

      Just checked and the Duo is €725 and not in stock. Whereas mantel.com (in the Netherlands) has them for €649 with “10+ available”

  3. Alex S

    Not a single Wahoo home trainer available in Europe at any price. Does any one know if this is genuine ‘unprecedented demand’, or is it more like AMD/Nvidia/PS5 and all the tech launches recently where ‘unprecedented demand’ meant that retailers only got 3 and it’s in fact a supply problem. Seems like a massive own goal to be out of stock of everything in a lock-down. Is there no flexibility in the production speed that they could just make some more?

    From looking over the last few weeks I don’t see any evidence that they are coming into stock regularly and they are just being snapped up before I can react. They just seem to be permanently unavailable on Wahoo’s website and all retailers.

    Not too worried because I have an original Kickr that is bulletproof though not quiet like the new ones (and global pandemic etc etc), but I am curious where all the Kickrs are.

    • Definitely genuine. Most of the companies are 3x in demand over last year right now, and even supply is in many cases 2x over last year. Zwift’s CEO last night on a ride note that their membership is more than 2x what it was a year ago.

      Having talked to every trainer company out there, they all wish they could make more faster, but it’s simply not possible. Factories are booked up and getting additional factory time is near impossible right now, with some being quoted a year out for adding lines/factory times. It’s nuts.

    • Alex S

      Thanks – yes crazy times. Where is the new stock going though? I doubt they are all being bought by bots in a microsecond like graphics cards. Apart from a ‘back in stock’ notification from Wiggle yesterday for the Kickr Core that was out of stock again by the time I saw the mail, I just don’t see any stock appearing on any site including Wahoo Europe in the last month or so. Is it back ordered through bike shops and new deliveries just fulfil existing orders? Am I just missing midnight stock availability and people pressing F5 all night?

      I guess it could also be shipping times from Vietnam or wherever because heavy trainers are probably in shipping containers rather than aeroplanes. I guess they are sent in batches rather than containers leaving every day.

      Like I said, I’ll just wait until it get backs to normal and by that time we may see some of the improvements/accessories for the smart bikes anyway.

      Anyway sorry for the distraction on the Black Friday sale page! My wallet will have to stay closed for another day.

    • Almost all fulfilling backorders. So the way it works (normally). is that most retailers place orders ahead of time for allotments of trainers, and then they hope they can sell them. So historically, someone like Wiggle will say in August – ‘Hey Wahoo, I want 5,000 KICKR’s, with delivery dates of Oct/Nov/Dec’., and then goes about happening, and Wiggle hopes they can sell those.

      These days though, that still occurs, but the difference is that retailers have already sold out that inventory, or aren’t even offering consumers the ability to backorder. So in many cases, by time you get a stock notification, it’s likely because all backorders were filled, or, perhaps someone cancelled an order, opening a slot.

      The pandemic meant that most trainers were out of stock back in March, and since most trainer companies tend to more seasonal in nature, they didn’t have the extra manufacturing capacity planned to delivery tens of thousands of units per month back in April/May/June/July. Instead, normally companies ramp up new models in July/Aug/Sept for the usual Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec buying season. All companies build year-round, but they usually stockpile from April to Sept. None of that stockpiling happened this year.

      Indeed, all trainers these days go via chipping containers. On average, most trainer companies can fit 600 trainers per container.

      Things started to catch-up around July this year, briefly, until August. And then as lockdowns started creeping back up again, it’s all over.

    • Alex S

      Thanks for taking the time Ray. This is really helpful for me but I imagine also for others who are frustrated by the stock issues!

      Surprised Wahoo and others haven’t really communicated about this. I guess it’s niche compared with the Nvidia/AMD launches and there was no Reddit backlash that needed to be quelled. Maybe cyclists are are more patient bunch.

      Will soldier on with my non-silent Kickr V1!

      Happy belated thanksgiving to you and family.

    • Dopey Me

      You say : Not a single Wahoo home trainer available in Europe at any price.

      Yes they are in the UK
      link to uk.wahoofitness.com
      link to uk.wahoofitness.com

      Plus free sufferfest for year

      Hope that helps

      This at 20:10 London time 2020-11-27

  4. JP

    Apple Watch 3 on Amazon is $120 but you can purchase only one.

  5. Colin Hayes

    Managed to get a 4iiii r7000 left hand power meter from Mantel for £204.99. Great service as well. Ordered last Friday evening and delivered (UK) on the Monday morning. The 172.5mm is still in stock.

    • Steve

      I’ve been periodically looking at this the entire week (and the Ultegra version, when it was in stock) and almost ready to click buy but keep backing out.

  6. Kestas

    Edge 1030 is for 359.99 in bike-discount ;)

  7. Thoughts on a FR 645 music on sale for $219 vs theFR 245 for running, occasional bike rides and hiking?

    • In general, I’d go with the FR245 in almost every case, especially for running. While it lacks a baro altimeter that might be useful for hiking (your activities will get elevation corrected after the fact).

      However the FR645 lacks PacePro and the new Running Track mode, which I think are well worth it.

    • Isaac

      Thank you! I appreciate all you put into this site

  8. Thomas


    the Garmin Edge Explore is even a few bucks less at R2 Bikes. Ordered it from there on Wednesday for my dad as a christmas present, received it one day later. He won’t need all the sporty stuff of an 530 or 830… just routing, mostly.

    link to r2-bike.com

  9. Nathan B

    Hey DCR,

    Just about to buy a Fenix 6 Pro from Wiggle or Amazon (using your link), but I’m torn between the 6 and the 6s.
    I’ve got a 935 atm, and I really like the size.

    I’ve been over old reviews, but can’t see a rolling pin pic anywhere.

    Do you have one, or a link to similar?


  10. Luis

    The Garmin edge 530 cost 249,99€ in almost all decathlon sites and if you buy them today you should get back 30€, so in the end it cost 220€ not bad

  11. Diego

    The link to the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music shows a Vivoactive without music….

  12. Christopher Strickland

    The stages deals are on Clevers website today. Not sure if anyone is aware of this deal.

    link to clevertraining.com

  13. Jörgen

    Prices at Amazon indeed fluctuate. Bought an Edge 520 Plus yesterday at € 154, now it’s € 188.

  14. Sam Jelfs

    Be aware that the prices on amazon.de show with the current reduced VAT / Sales tax which only applies in Germany, when you put in your shipping address the price may change if you are outside Germany. The Fenix 6X is €510 delivered in Germany, €530 delivered in NL…

  15. JR

    if someone is interested in Garmin fēnix® 6 Sapphire Titanium => 551,72 €

    link to bike-discount.de

  16. lowlevel

    @ray is €460 for the regular edge 1030 bundel a good deal? I’m doubting between this one with the cadans meter and stuff and a simple edge touring. I’ve got a fenix watch and recently got myself a mountaibike and I really love to go out with it

    link to bol.com

    ( It’s a dutch website)

  17. Chips

    Look at Amazon Germany. I just bought a Polar Vantage V at 275€, the M is at 152€ and Fenix 6 at 404€.

  18. Bradley

    In the US, Costco has the same deal on the Apple AirPods Pro $169. Best Wishes!

  19. david walker

    945 has been floating the high 400s, low 500s for weeks now. lowest I’ve seen is $494 3rd party new

    • Odd, for new or renewed? I haven’t seen it new below that $494 threshold at all (and CamelCamelCamel seems to confirm it).

      The exception being being last Black Friday when it dipped to $452

    • david walker

      3rd party new. looks like the sub-500 oscillations started Oct 14. Interesting amazon pricing algorithms. Thanks for all your work on the deals. I was back and forth between the 945 and fenix 6 Pro. I went with the fenix bc of the power management features.
      I rec’d this email from the Philly Marathon Weekend on 11/20 but have not see this pricing on the 945:

      Wherever and however you run, Garmin has a Forerunner® GPS running watch that’s perfect for you. And from Nov. 22 – Jan. 9, save $50 on select models, including the lightweight, fuss-free Forerunner® 45 and the Forerunner® 245, which offer more ways to help you measure performance.

      If you’re the kind of runner who goes the extra mile, save big on Forerunner® 945. From Nov. 22 – Jan. 9, save $200 on this premium watch with detailed stats, on-device storage and mapping, plus a full suite of smart features. Find your Forerunner® now.

  20. BikePower

    Withings / Zwift integration has been broken for a long time (it’s been a known issue). AFAIK, Zwift still has not allocated resources to fix the problem.

  21. robert day

    The Garmin 935 dropped to $269 on Amazon. Friday 9-27 at 3pm

    That’s one heck of a deal

  22. Dopey

    Just wanted to say that UK wahoo site has stock of trainers.
    Just trying to help out before Black Friday finishes.

  23. Fabio

    I m only one cick away from buying a fenix6x pro on amazon.it..my doubt is about the new 955 that is rumored to be out on Q1 2021. Considering that my next race will be in spring 2021 i really don’t know if it s a good moment to purchase it.
    I know that there is always a new model coming…but 955 could be really close now

    • gtom

      Fenix 6 have never been FR9x5 competitors in my personal choice. I’m multisport athlete and lucky to be able to test FR945 and F6, F6x. I’m super happy with 945, size and weight if used as every day watch is spot on for me. I’m not currently missing any possible feature the next 955 might bring to the market so I would buy them again today for sure.

  24. Grant DiLucchio


    Don’t know if you have seen this deal but over at pacers running, they are honoring the $150 off Garmin AND a special discount from Letsrun.com for an additional 20% off (code: letsrun20) Just picked up a Fenix 6X pro solar for almost $350 off MSRP. Regular $999, paid $679.

    link to pacers.fittedrunning.com

    • Grant DiLucchio

      Forgot to mention the letsrun20 goes for anything that pacers sells. Including all garmin watches. Pretty awesome!

    • Jim

      Whelp. Looks like they fixed it between when you got it and now. I can’t get it to work. Great find though. Hope they already shipped it!

  25. Giemsa

    garmin edge 530 is $250 at a number of sites
    link to bhphotovideo.com

  26. Dmitry Pupkov

    Garmin 745 @ 399€ at bike24. Is that a first time discount on a new 745? Final price depends on the specific country / VAT.

  27. olimark

    I’ve been hoping for a deal on a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, but instead it looks like online listings are disappearing. Sold out on Wahoo’s site, not even listed at REI and others. Is it being discontinued? I hope they have a follow-up soon that can compete with Garmin’s 530 on value or else I’ll likely stay in the Garmin camp.

  28. Mike McHenry

    The GoPro 9 is available via Amazon bundled with a $50 Amazon gift card…dont know how long it will last
    link to amazon.com

  29. Mo

    DC Rainmaker, do you have any advice on which GARMIN watch to buy for a female athlete that is looking for an accurate gps watch for road/trail runs, keeps track f swimming laps, tracks cycling, and accurately calculates exertion with lifting weights? I want something that will have recovery assessment and wrist based HR. I am torn between the Fenix 6s, Forerunner 745…. is the Garmin 5s obsolete at this point?

    • RTellis

      The F5 had some sensor connection problems which led to a lot of drop outs so I’d stay away from them if you’re using a power meter. The extra weight of the Felix models, in my experience, leads to poorer wrist HR readings but you might be fine.

    • Pat

      The original 5X doesn’t have the sensor problems of the regular 5 and 5s models but it’s big damned watch compared to the others. It also has maps and a claimed longer time between charging. The original 5 and 5 Plus models are effectively obsolete (minimal to occasional Beta OS updates, no new features) but they still work fine, they just won’t have the latest/greatest metrics and features.

      Get the device that has the metrics and features you want/need/desire as they typically aren’t updated with new ones down the road. For example- if actual maps are critical then you need to be looking in the Fenix 5x / 5 plus (S, reg. and X)/ Six series (all variants) or FR 945 series.

  30. Greg McClure

    Did you ever test the Kinetic Smart Control? How does it compare to the Kickr Snap> I know you said their R1 Direct Drive had some big issues. The inRide Sensor V3 has been great and somehow more accurate than the Smart Control (2% vs 3%).

  31. Peter Mullarkey

    The Stages L10 at Backcountry seems like it is $105, not $75

  32. Justin B

    I hope Coros has some good discounts tomorrow, all they’ve had so far is a mystery box when buying a watch.

  33. Good thing Ray didn’t report the vote results. grin
    Garmin HRM-PRO – 15% off! $129 $99 $30 off Amazon thinks is 23%.
    I wonder if Amazon Warehouse deals will have lots of HRM-PRO that are returned for a better price.

  34. Michiel

    I bought a Garmin Forerunner 45 yesterday at RunnerXpert.com (Danmark, but ships for free to NL). for €135,- which is a really solid deal. Deal is still valid today (Nov 30)! It will replace my Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR which died after 3 years, now I don’t need multisports only running mode on my watch hence the FR45 was the best option for the money.

  35. Peter Z.

    Hey, the review link from Polar H10 strap listing goes to your review of H7. (though I couldn’t find a full review of the H10, just a new product listing)

    • Peter Z.

      Also, I hate to be the link police, but the HRM-PRO link goes to HRM-TRI/HRM-SWIM review.

    • Nice find!!!

      Specifically, the HRM-PRO link error. Mostly because it’s a quirky bug that I’ve been looking for examples of for months to raise an issue on. Woot! Got one!

      As for the H10, I show that going to a crazy old announcement post. Which, is unfortunately the most recent thing I have on it (save some ANT+ announcement stuff). I really should do an in-depth review on it, since I’ve got tons of data there. That’d be an easy one…

  36. Peter Mullarkey

    Thanks Matt!
    Last night Clever was sold out.
    But right now (Monday 11:34am MST) Amazon has a $75 coupon on the L10 shipping from Stages, so a net of $75 before sales tax.

  37. Jo

    Polar has a Black Friday deal in US on Ignite and Vantage M. $138 and $168 respectively.
    Oh and GritX also but that is a freebie deal only (buy Grit get Unite or H10 for free)

    link to polar.com

  38. Tim

    I totally dig the Speed Sensor 2 for my 5yr old’s bike. It was fun to see how many miles he got in with BLE sync after-the-fact. He had a few 45+ mile weeks early in the pandemic :)

    • Indeed, I’m definitely doing the same soon too!

      In the meantime, I bought four of them earlier today…going to put one on every bike in our commuter bike fleet and track all the stats for 2021. Should be fun!

  39. Elena

    I checked this article too late.. Checked Amazon USA and the HRM Pro from garmin is no longer 99, but the speed and cadence bundle I still on sale in case someone is interested..

    • I’d keep hitting that refresh button on the $99, looking at today’s transactions, people have purchased it at $109, $119, and $99. In watching the price yesterday, it fluctuated constantly throughout the day.

      Good luck!

  40. Michael Kushner

    Thanks for all of your work Ray! It is incredible and you must be exhausted by now (4:45 p.m. Eastern time). On November 28 at 8:05 p.m. Eastern time, I was able to get the Elite Suito on ProBikeKit for 70 dollars off with free shipping…I have no idea how I got it (believe I saw a message on their website saying first 30 buyers get the deal). It seems to be shipping on or about December 15 – I just hope that it actually comes through. Any experience with this company?

  41. Jeff Buschman


  42. Was able to grab the Polar OH1+ at 22% off on Amazon US today.

  43. Edouard

    Hi Ray, everyone

    Not sure if I can paste a commercial link here but I got a nice deal on the forerunner 945 at 479 EUR (20% VAT included) on this French web site link to lepape.com.
    I think it is an incredible deal that might be of interest to some of you.

    Love your work Ray
    All the best

  44. James

    Are there any discount codes or sales on the pace 2 from Coros??

  45. David Monroy

    Any way to get a deal on a Kickr Climb? Seems like Wahoo is very good about not discounting their products much. It would be great to add the climb to the pain cave but I can’t justify paying $600 for it :/

    • It’s rare, but most times we see deals for the KICKR CLIMB it’s via the 20% sales from places like REI, CompetitiveCyclist.com and others. These tend to be twice a year, including just recently. But also, Wahoo has managed to get itself on the exclusions list for some of these recently – so I think those sorts of sales are slowly dying away in terms of usefulness for most trainer things.

  46. Kory

    I realize this post is old now, but Amazon has the Garmin Varia RTL520 bike radar on sale right now. The MSRP is $199.99, but it is normally $167 on Amazon. Right now it is available for $144.97.

  47. Jeff K

    Ray, are you still seeing the Fenix 6 deals? In the US, the backcountry page is showing no sale. Too bad, I was going to pick one up.

    • The Fenix 6 deal is still on, though, I’m not sure why it’s not on at Backcountry as of today. Technically today was changeover day on the Garmin sales (which didn’t impact this particular sale), but my guess is there’s some manual entry that failed here for BC.

      That’ll probably work itself out in the morning. But, if you want to get it immediately, REI is also doing the sale, and this link here helps support the site: link to avantlink.com

    • Jeff K

      I see it at REI. Will use the link. Thanks!

  48. Junglejay

    Hi Ray and gang,

    Best Buy in Canada has the Garmin Venu and the Fenix 5X Sapphire listed for C$350. Which one would you get for casual running, hiking and general fun with a smart watch? I don’t listen to music while running. Thanks!