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Indoor Cycling Trainer Desk: For when you just can’t justify the Wahoo KICKR Desk Price


Want the Wahoo KICKR Desk (which work with any brand trainer), but can’t exactly justify spending $250 on an indoor trainer desk? No problem, there’s an alternative – the RAD Cycling Desk, also branded as the Lifeline Cycling Trainer Desk, Vinsetto Cycling Desk, Conquer Cycling Trainer Desk, as well as some truly special brand names like PPWear, CXWXC, etc…. This ‘I can’t decide what I want to be called desk’, is almost a direct knock-off of the KICKR Desk.

The difference though? It actually has more features…for less than half the price.

Look, I’m no fan of direct knock-offs. I think there’s valid reasons why you should support the engineering pipeline of companies that do that original innovating. But, there’s also a point in time for every company to innovate on existing designs or address noted shortcomings. Yes, I love the Wahoo KICKR Desk I bought nearly 5 years ago, as does almost everyone that buys one (despite the price). But in that initial review there were only two complaints I had with the original Wahoo design. Both of which could easily have been rectified down the road in minor revisions. Neither happened. Instead, a mostly no-name company was apparently this listening. And implemented both of them, for half the price.

And so, because obviously I need two KICKR/Wannabe KICKR desks in the DCR Cave, I went out and bought another one (at full price too). This time the Lifeline Cycling Trainer Desk. And thus, this is my review of that desk. Note: I’ve never talked to said random company. I assume they have 32 other names in various countries they go by.

Now, if you’d like to see this thing in action, then just hit play below. Everything’s better with action.

I’ll try my hardest to keep this review shorter than 12,000 words. But realistically, I can’t make any promises. The TDLR: It’s better than the KICKR Desk in most ways that matter but isn’t quite as sexy. If desks can be sexy. But hey, it costs less than half as much in most countries, and I’ve been using it for most of this year, side by side with the KICKR Desk.

What’s in the box:


There is no fancy box here. It’s just a cardboard box imprinted with the product name and the retailer it was destined for. As well as the Sharpie’d quantity for that lot. In my case, I bought mine (at full price) from Chain Reaction, which is owned by Wiggle. It was the only place I could find it earlier this year in Europe in-stock. Now though, it’s in a boatload of places under different names (all linked at the end). In the US, you can get it on Amazon. Perhaps those boxes say ‘Amazon’ on the side.


After I removed all the parts, here’s what I’ve got:


Basically there’s the following things:

– Table top
– Floor base (the u-shaped thing)
– Legs (pretty obvious)
– Three Wheels
– Four bolts
– Allen key and wrench
– A quick-start manual you might actually read

Here’s a close look at those pieces for fun:

And, the unboxing section is done.



Putting together is pretty straightforward. In my case, I selected to do so on the most awkward surface I had – the unboxing table. I wouldn’t recommend building a rolling table on top of another table. Poor life events can happen that way. But that’s how I roll.

I put the wheels on first (stupid idea), then put the legs on.


On the bright side, the wheels do have locks on them, which helps…assuming all those legs actually fit on our table top.

Then I stuck the legs on:

DSC_3330 DSC_3331

About the only quirky part here was inserting the table top into the base. It didn’t lock at first, but I think that was just user error. Once it locked in by pressing the buttons, then it was nice and crispy from there on out.


Total DCR install time: 10 minutes including taking a pile of unnecessary photos and shooting video too. Normal person assembly time: 3 minutes tops.

Daily Usage:


The whole point of a trainer desk is simply a place to stash all your crap while you ride. That could be things like nutrition, but also stuff like a laptop,  tablet, your phone, or Haribo. In my situation my primary use cases are:

A) Hold my iPad for training apps (special groove to keep it upright)
B) Place to stick my phone, sometimes charging too
C) Place to stash the 18 extra bike computers I’m recording data from
D) Place to stash Apple TV remote

Plus of course, sometimes things like cameras or whatever else I need to have up there.

And yes, since the days of the KICKR Desk people have selected all sorts of hospital side-table desk & musical instruments things that are cheaper, as well as other contraptions. All of which is cool. I think the point of this desk is basically splitting the difference for something that’s purpose-built, but won’t set you back as much as a mid-range GPS watch.


(The above $7 Apple TV remote case is amazeballs for trainers, it’s a non-slippery silicone that goes around it, while including a strap. It also often hangs on my handlebars. Here’s my full review on it. Yes…serious, I wrote an entire review about an $8 silicone case – it’s that awesome.)

The first thing you’ll want to do is adjust the height of the desk. You’ll simply press the two blue buttons and then push/pull to adjust to where you want it.


In general, you’ll want this to clear your handlebars, so that you can have it rest over the edge of it if you want to. Also, if you have a KICKR CLIMB, remember that’s going to go up and down, so do consider that elevation situation prior to your first ride (and find it goes up into the desk and throws your laptop, water bottle, and Haribo all over the ground). Further, if you have an Elite Sterzo or Sterzo Smart, consider that your handlebars will turn. My bike is probably about as tall as you’re gonna get height-wise, and it barely clears under the desk at it’s highest when I rotate the handlebars fully. But there’s no reason you really need to have it overlapping if you don’t want it.


Meanwhile, down at the base are the wheels. This allows you to roll it front/backwards, useful if perhaps you just want your screen further out of the sweat drip-zone. And most notably, wheel locks.


This is one of the two core features I found the Wahoo KICKR Desk lacked. It mattered to me when I reviewed it because in the Paris DCR Cave, the floor wasn’t level. So much so the KICKR Desk would literally roll away (no joke). So I had to always block it wish something so my desk wouldn’t end up on the other end of the cave.


While we’re down here, you’ll see that the base bar structure is higher off the ground than the KICKR Desk. This is notable if you’re a Wahoo Headwind fan user *AND* also put your Headwind fan atop that base bar (that’s why there’s a cut-out in the Headwind design, it’s made to perfectly fit the KICKR Desk). So on the RAD/Lifeline desk it ends up just looking a bit weird.

DSC_9898 DSC_9899

That said, I don’t tend to use my fan there, since about the only thing it’ll then cool is my crotch. And while my junk’s hotness levels might be off the charts, I can’t say it’s a major priority compared to cooling my chest/head. So I tend to put the fans off to the side anyway.

Meanwhile, back up top desk-side, you’ve got the two towel holders, interestingly, the RAD/Lifeline desk has slightly larger towel holder slots, which is nice cause it makes it easier to actually get the towel back in again. Though, most times it just ends up on my handlebars anyway since the holes are on the ‘far side’ of things.

(Above: KICKR Desk left, Lifeline desk right)

And then up front the two water bottle holders. Why do water bottle holders matter when the KICKR Desk doesn’t have them? Because, as any KICKR-desk owner will tell you, one slight bonk of the desk and off goes the water bottles. This solves that. Also, it makes for a great place to put snacks and such.


Then there’s two sets of grooves. These allow you to place a tablet in there and have it stand up at a slight angle. Here’s the two positions. Note that you can fit a phone in there just fine, but not a phone with a case. I’ve never had my iPad fall out of it (or the KICKR desk for that matter), it’s pretty solid.

DSC_9867 DSC_9868

You’ll notice at the base of the grooves there’s cut-outs, so that you can wire a very slim cable up if you want. Or, they also act as drains if they fill with sweat or whatever, it’ll simply drain out and not become a swimming pool.


Next, there’s the surface. It’s got a bit of a non-slip surface atop it, so that things don’t slid off. It’s the exact same surface as the KICKR Desk.


Still, keep in mind my Wahoo KICKR Desk is just shy of 5 years old now, which is a @#$#@ crap-ton of trainer rides. So in the grand scheme of things it looks pretty good. It’s more that photographically close-up it’s not quite as sharp.

Finally, note that there’s no power in it. In my case, I just have a longer USB-C cord and longer Apple Lightning cord nearby that I can drag up there if I need to charge things. The SARIS TD-1 desk does have two USB ports and two AC outlets, super handy. In fact, it’s also sitting in my cave. Expect a review of that in a few weeks.

In any case, day to day wise I’m pretty darn happy with this variant.

Compared to KICKR Desk:


So I’ve been using both decks, literally side by side, since earlier this year. Some days I’m at the RAD/Lifeline desk, and some days I’m at the KICKR Desk. It’s purely dependent on which bike or trainer spot I’m at.

In general, at a high level, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference between them. But, you don’t come here for high-level differences. Here’s the nuances:

– RAD/Lifeline desk has two water bottle holders (Wahoo has none)
– RAD/Lifeline desk has wheel locks for uneven surfaces so it doesn’t roll away (like the DCR Paris Cave was) – Wahoo has none
– RAD/Lifeline desk has slightly larger towel holes than Wahoo
– Wahoo Desk has better and silkier wheels than RAD/Lifeline, which a professional rollerblader might notice. Didn’t matter to me.
– Wahoo Desk fits the Wahoo Headwind Fan perfectly (by design), so you can stick it over the front bar. The RAD/Lifeline desk is raised slightly too high. You can make it work, it’s just not pretty. That said, the fan works better when it’s not pointed at your crotch anyway, so I usually place it off to the side (for either desk)
– Wahoo’s frame base is definitely prettier being rounded surfaces versus the squared look of the RAD/Lifeline. Not sure if anyone would notice unless I said something.
– RAD/Lifeline desk’s wheels can actually rotate, useful when you need to rotate it out of a tight space, the KICKR desk only goes forward/backwards
– Non-slip textured surface is the same on both
– Tablet holder situation is the same on both
– Usable surface area is the same on both
– Max/min adjustable height is the same on both
– Both can withstand my entire body weight (see the video!)

As I said, I’ve been using both side by side for quite a while now, and probably even use the RAD/Lifeline desk more since it’s in the position closest to the wall (which is what I consider my primary trainer spot).

The biggest advantage for me is really the water bottle holders…but as noted, not actually for water bottles. Instead, I put my remotes in there most times. I just find it easier to grab. Also, sometimes I put nutrition in there. But yeah, I’ve one water bottle too.



In general, knock-offs across numerous consumer product categories tend to be lesser devices. Usually sacrificing something (often notable) in quality or functionality compared to the original products. Not always, but often. However, in this rare case, I think the RAD/Lifeline trainer desk is actually better than Wahoo’s KICKR Desk. Simply put, it’s got two water bottle holders and wheel locks that Wahoo lacks. These are functionally useful. Plus, obviously it’s roughly half the price of Wahoo’s option.

As for downsides, about the only thing I could possibly nitpick on is the base legs aren’t as pretty as the KICKR Desk. Also, if you have a Wahoo Headwind fan, it doesn’t fit over the legs of the RAD/Lifeline desk as seamlessly as the Wahoo KICKR desk. But frankly, if you spent $250 for the Wahoo fan, I have a funny feeling you might have already spent $250 for the KICKR Desk anyway.

Of course, I’d love to see Wahoo iterate on their desk. Not massively, just slightly. The two features added were ones I identified in my Wahoo KICKR Desk review 5 years ago. Nothing has changed in Wahoo’s Desk since then. I’d want those features incorporated, and most notably, some element of power. Specifically 1-2 international outlets, and then 2-3 USB ports.

But if you’re looking for a trainer desk, you won’t go wrong with this one. And I’ll probably even pick-up another too for home, since this one has pretty much exclusively lived at the DCR Cave.

With that – thanks for reading!

*Reminder: The exact branding will vary by country/year, but it’s all the same desk. Some of the names you’ll find it under include: RAD, Lifeline, Confidence, Conquer, PPWear, CXWXC/etc…

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  1. Mike

    Good wrap up. I’ve had the RAD desk for a couple of years now and love it. I also have a Headwind and “solved” the center placement issue with two scrap pieces of 2×4 on the ground underneath the center bar of the stand. It puts the Headwind in a position to hit my torso rather than crotch.

  2. MP

    I have that lifeline desk and can absolutely recommend it, it’s great

  3. Mike T

    Thanks for this comparison. I was just looking at the Kickr desk and the Saris TD-1 as potential birthday/Christmas items. Since my trainer is a Saris H3, the headwind isn’t much of an issue for me. The TD-1 seems like a product that would be clearly better than the Kickr desk, but just not worth it vs the $130 Amazon option. Maybe there will be a 20% Black Friday coupon somewhere that closes that gap enough to justify.

    Looking forward to when the TD-1 review comes out

  4. Frank

    Love my lifeline desk, i have been using some hand made desk which was really badly made.. this one is perfect

  5. Broward

    Can we take a moment to recognize this desk is so outstanding, a lady in jeans and running shoes is just killing it on their Amazon page! That’s impressive!

    • Mike T

      There is also the bit where nothing in that photo shopped pic is actually in perspective and the trainer isn’t plugged in.
      Look at the size of the legs on the desk vs the length of the bike (especially since the desk is further away).

    • Technically…I think that’s an old mag or fluid trainer, since you can see the cable running from the frameup to the handlebars. Or…that could be a snake. Unsure.

  6. Georg

    The trainer table in all its confusing name variations is unavailable (out of stock) in all stores in Germany and Europe as a whole. Too bad, but thanks anyway for the review. Maybe there will be a new table from Wahoo to replace the one that has been on the market for 5 years now.

    • Patrik

      Search amazon uk for “Confidence Fitness Adjustable Height Treadmill Desk”. 120£ shipped and in stock. Same thing, different name.

  7. Mike

    Dumb question, but did they do better with the push buttons for raising and lowering the unit? My only complaint about the Wahoo desk is trying to adjust it up/down for my wife and I.

  8. Michael

    Your Amazon (US) links have no honor. They both go to Canada, and the Canada, UK, and Spain links appear to be borked, but I didn’t try them.

    Clicked the US link, changed the URL to .com instead of .ca, hope you get your affiliate.

    • Yeah, fighting Amazon’s ever-clever re-direction links is almost impossible. I can do some minor stuff, but for the most part it’ll redirect to the correct Amazon country based on your current shipping address.

      Of course, it doesn’t always do so correctly.

      The good news is that as part of that, it does manage to keep the affiliate tracking bit, even if it sends you to an unexpected land. I appreciate it!

  9. John

    Great Review. Perfect timing as it is getting cold already. One small note. It may time for new DC Rainmaker Bibs. Surprised those made it by the girl!

    • Haha…yeah, I pulled ‘stock’ footage from the last 7 months of indoor trainer/bike videos for those segments. I realized the other day that the only reason I hadn’t finished this darn review was that I was too lazy to re-setup the camera for a bunch of trainers showing me riding it.

      …then I remembered I have tons of that footage already. So, good news is new kits came in about two weeks ago. :)

  10. Heinrich Hurtz

    Of course you can attach a power strip to your table…something like this one that includes USB charging ports.

    link to amazon.com

    • Mike T

      Kind of sad that for the $130+ generic power strip, extension cord and cable ties you may already have+ double sided tape, you can beat a $250 desk (Kickr Desk) and probably a $320 desk (Saris TD-1).

      It just feels like someone just needs to try a bit harder.

  11. Barrie Gibson

    It looks lovely but I don’t think it would be big enough for me because on top of the ironing board that I currently use, I have a laptop connected to a 24 inch monitor plus a phone (don’t want to miss a text !) plus mp3 plus water bottle plus oddments such as electrolyte gel for the heart rate strap. Granted the gel doesn’t have to live there but for me the indoor cycle is the only place I use the heart rate strap (goes odd when I run with it) so it is sensible to have it there.

  12. JD

    Besides your wheels-on-last tip I also suggest you leave the leg base bolts slightly loose until you slide the table top on. Otherwise you may find yourself struggling to line things up. :)

  13. Tanner

    I used the RAD desk for about 2 years. I do have a potential downside to add to your list. I dont know if it is also an issue with the wahoo desk or not.

    The RAD desk 3 wheel design does have potential “tipping” ability if you have kids. One time my youngest stepped on the front of the desk while I was riding, the desk tipped over and I had to grab my computer before it slid off. Probably not an issue for most people, but just a caution if you have kids that play around while you ride.

    I ended up just stacking 2x4s under both edges so it wouldnt tip if someone stood on it ?

    • Jay

      Great idea! I have had my ipad flown across the garage 2x times due to my kiddos doing that exact thing. Luckily it was an old ipad in one of those otterbox/lifeproof cases so no damage.

  14. Oskars

    Does anyone have any idea when Tacx Flow smart will be back in stock?

  15. Tim

    Nice refresh on this table! I bought one about 6-months ago and it was delivered and packaged well and I had zero issues setting it up.

  16. Tori

    Have been looking at something sturdy like this for my rollers.

    Whats the width between the legs? Will it wrap a 58cm wide Elite E-motion rollers?

    And what is the height up the the underside of the table?

    • Hi Tori-

      Just measured it. The width in between the legs at the base is 62.5cm, while the max underside height is 105.5cm (floor to underside of desk).


    • Tomas

      Hi Ray! I just saw this comment. In the review, you say that the wahoo and rad have the same maximum height. And the wahoo has 48″ (122 cm), but here you say max underside height is 105.5 cm. Is the table itself 15 cm thick (I doubt it)?

      The bar on my bike is 106 cm high if placed on the riser block (“riser block” = 45x70mm piece of wood), so my bike wont fit under the RAD?

    • Apparently that day answering that comment my brain wasn’t fully turned on – it should be 115.5 (not 105.5) as the max underside of the RAD desk.

      And I just re-measured the Wahoo desk too, and it goes ~117cm for the underside. Both end up in the ~121cm range inclusive of the top/buttons. Just re-measured both of them side by side.

      Fwiw, the RAD actually can go a crap-time higher (like 20-30cm higher), but there’s no locks it there at that level, so it’ll slowly slide back down. But if someone was desperate enough, it’d be silly easy to just drill a hole in the side and stick a screw in there (not even permanently). Problem solved.

    • Tomas

      Thanks for the clarification! This is an interesting desk. Been F5:ing the amazon pages for weeks now, hoping that one soon will be in stock and possible to ship to Sweden.

    • Which Amazon sites are ‘best’ for Sweden?

      I’ve considered adding the RAD variants to the DCR Stock Checker tool* (we already track it behind the scenes).

      * link to dcrainmaker.com

    • Tomas

      Hm. Not sure about the ‘best’ sites for Sweden anymore.

      I just to be able to buy from Germany, but this particular item cant be shipped to Sweden. Maybe it’s because Sweden recently got “it’s own” amazon site, I don’t know.

      I can’t see if France/Italy/Netherlands et al deliver to Sweden because the item is out of stock currently. US can ship it, but with $360 in shipping fees only.

      Didn’t know about the stock checker tool. I will definitely bookmark that page!

    • Tomas

      “…I USED to be able to buy from Germany…”

  17. Jose

    Minutes after reading your review, I ordered the desk via the Amazon link, and it arrived today! I threw a power brick on top for charging devices and after one Zwift session I’ve pretty much determined that this desk is awesome. My old set up was a couple of repurposed mic stands with iPhone/iPad holders and the desk can’t even be compared.
    I think it also might have taken me just as long to unpack than it did to actually put together.

    Many thanks for your review and insight!!

  18. Pia

    I don’t know about everybody else, but adding the Apple remote holder into your review was life changing for our household! The weight of the remote is so much better and less likely to accidentally throw it out, lost in the couch or dropped. Thanks for adding that!

    • “less likely to accidentally throw it out”

      I assume you mean out the window…towards the path of an impending bus, which will then be runover and crunched further by a steamroller.

      Or sorry, were you referring to something else?

  19. Kevin

    The genius of the apple remote case is you can finally tell which end is which without looking at it.

  20. J

    I have mine set up without the wheels and like that setup. I’m on carpet so no worries about the bolt heads for the legs protruding but swapping to some flat heads could solve that for hard surfaces

  21. Louis-Philippe Gauthier

    I have the Lifeline desk but it’s not high enough to go over my aero bars. Did anyone try drilling extra holes to have it higher?

    • Damian Botoulas

      Not trying to be funny, but have you pushed the blue buttons and lifted the legs all the way up? Mine goes about 50cm above my tri bars, plenty of space.

  22. Jeremiah

    “ That said, I don’t tend to use my fan there, since about the only thing it’ll then cool is my crotch. And while my junk’s hotness levels might be off the charts, I can’t say it’s a major priority compared to cooling my chest/head. So I tend to put the fans off to the side anyway.”

    Haha haha ? haha ? One of your best paragraphs short of the entire Love Sack review back in the day!

  23. Ned Ryerson

    I’ve used this exact desk for well over a year. It is everything and more that Rainmaker claims. I am totally satisfied and wouldn’t trade it for Wahoo’s offering. That coming from a Wahoo Fanboy who has a Kickr, Climb, Tickrs, and Element!

  24. BL

    I use an adjustable height medical “overbed” table for my trainer. It has wheels that lock, height adjusts, and it’s a table. Since it’s not for bikes it doesn’t have the cost multiplier and only costs $40 on amazon.

    link to amazon.com

  25. Bananachipz

    just got this table. Overall I love it. My only grip is a bit of “creaking” when you grab it and move it. Not a dealbreaker, as it’s not moving when you’re riding. Anyone else have this issue?

  26. Richard

    Back in stock at Wiggle! Just ordered it thanks to this review.

  27. Just as a quick heads up for Europe folks, Wiggle got more stock in today, so you can actually order it immediately now: link to awin1.com

    (And the above link helps support the site. Thanks!)

  28. Damian Botoulas

    Thanks DCR. Bought off Wiggle after your review, arrived today. Only issue I have is trying to get table top to click into place, seems like you had same issue. It keeps pushing the plastic inserts out so that I can’t lock it in. Most annoying.

    • Thanks for the support!

      Yeah, when mine was like that I just pressed the buttons in/out a few times and went up a level/down a level, and then it properly locked into place. I wish I had better advice than that. :-/

  29. HD

    It was out off stock when I checked wiggle though Planet X Bikes in the UK also have what looks like the same model & it’s £20 cheaper too, though you do have to pay delivery.
    link to planetx.co.uk

    • Patrik

      Seems to be everywhere, which is good. Just got mine delivered, from amazon co uk. Was 99£, has gone up 10£ since. Quality stuff, for the price. ( “Confidence Fitness Adjustable Height Treadmill Desk” )

  30. If you want change back from your US $100 – Confidence Fitness Adjustable Height Treadmill Desk is $99.99
    I just got one – blue trim like the Rad. link to amazon.com
    Amazon shows the Conquer with yellow trim. link to amazon.com
    The Confidence seems to eligible for: Spend $10 on small business, save $10 on Prime Day
    Valid for Prime Members only
    So Ray can almost get a Haribo 5oz packs 12 box for free.
    I have been looking for computer table that I could use with my under desk elliptical. This desk is high enough even in the fully down position. (Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider link to amazon.com)
    Fine print – the box the Confidence comes in says “Please keep packaging materials for manufacture warranty.”
    Thumbs down to Amazon when trying to search for: “treadmill desk” Their search is mostly miss.

  31. Toon

    I have exactly the same issue as posted in #49 and had no luck sofar getting it right. I was thinking cutting the little legs of the plastic inserts and glue them to the desk. Any other ideas? Still waiting for a replay of Wiggle.

    comment #49
    Only issue I have is trying to get table top to click into place, seems like you had same issue. It keeps pushing the plastic inserts out so that I can’t lock it in. Most annoying.

  32. Jon Walters

    Just wanted to say thanks for this review – I found it as I was bidding on a used Wahoo Kickr desk, and decided to stop and buy a new one from Wiggle… the water bottle holder and the wheel locks must be better than the sleeker design of the wheels on the Wahoo one…

  33. WOW! Great product. I’m searching something like that for my wife. I will try it.

    Thanks for your great review.

  34. CAW

    I found the reviews of the two training desks really helpful, but I really didn’t want to spend that kind of money–fortunately I had some 2×4’s and plywood in the shop. 90 minutes later, and I have a training desk the same dimensions as the Wahoo with the pad/phone grooves and cup holders! Not adjustable, but that’s fine in this case.

  35. Dennis Martin

    I was looking for a Trainer table but did not want to fork out $450 Cdn for the Wahoo trainer.
    After reading your review I decided to go for the RAD Trainer and I’m very happy with it. The water bottle holes are very useful as well. It sure beats using the ironing board as a table as I was doing previously.

  36. Steve

    thanks for the review I bought one thru the link you provided

  37. What are your thoughts on using this to actually get work done during the day? Think I could ride a bike and be on calls while typing, etc? I get using it to put a screen on to ride Zwift, but what about work from home (while riding) functionality?

    • Sorta.

      I have used it many times for typing/etc. Like…many…many…many hours worth. However, the center of gravity of it means that you tend to get a little bit of movement that’s not a big deal for casual taps on an iPad/laptop, but more obvious when you’re composing multi-page documents. When you’re on the bike, that’ll add to that lack of stability (versus just sitting in a chair), since you’re likely moving around a bit.

      Just my two cents.

  38. JR

    Thanks for your receive, thoughts and comments!! I’ve recently invested in the Kickr Core and waiting for the climb to be back in stock to add that. I have a pedestal bar top table which I was using, although the height’s nice it simply doesn’t work well for what I want it or a cycling desk would do. I’ve just ordered a RAD desk today, funny how pricing on Amazon USA fluctuates with no explanation. Desk has been standing up (good one!) around $180, early in the today is was $125 and now back up again to $180. Glad I made the purchase when I noticed the price drop, will be building it up end of this week due to being a prime member. Thanks again!!

    • Thanks!

      I’ve been trying to update the review (well, the backend database that drives the links) every day with whichever branded variant of the desk is lowest that day. It wobbles back and forth between the RAD Desk and the Conquer desk. Again, totally the same desk – just different color scheme (and not even in some cases).

      All the links are at the bottom of the review to help though!

      Enjoy it!

  39. Trevor Cooper

    Purchased one, love it and want a second for the wife and can’t find one anywhere in the UK at present :(

    • JR

      Trevor – I’m really glad I picked one up, with all that’s going on in the world, these desks are selling more than before. Restocking can be expected eventually. On the US Amazon sight, there is an identical desk without the RAD stickers available and for much less i.e. $120 USD. Search for “Vinsetto Height Adjustable Mobile Computer Desk with Wheels,”

    • Hi Trevor – also check out Wiggle UK, they have it in stock currently for 119GBP: link to awin1.com

      (Plus, that link helps support the site)

    • Trevor Cooper

      Thanks so much. Had checked wiggle but I swear it wasn’t there when I did.

  40. Lee C Kresge

    Thought about buying one of these for myself on Christmas Day.
    Then thought there were better things to spend my money on…

  41. Paul L

    Unfortunately, the RAD is NO Longer 1/2 the price. Amazon lists four suppliers, from $280 to $400. To bad. Now it’s just what features do you want.

    • It was in stock yesterday at that price (since half a dozen or so people bought it via links from this site at that price). It basically goes in and out every week this week.

      I suspect if you check back a few times tomorrow or by the end of the week it’ll be all good.

    • Paul L

      Ended up using your link to Wiggle in reply #68. $149 US there, and I just ordered it. Wasn’t aware, until I read more of the replies here, that this item is also sold ‘unbranded’ (under different Seller names), but otherwise identical.

      Thank you!

  42. Allison

    I just looked this this up on Amazon and the price is $300.00. WTH

    • Per the above comments, it fluctuates on a near daily basis when it goes out of stock – because then it falls to secondary resellers.

      The desks come in stock and then get sold out, and when they sell out, the price temporarily spikes as secondary resellers try and capture your money. Happens like the tides. It was in-stock mid-last week.

    • James Plumb

      It is now available at Lowe’s for $149 w/ free shipping (i’m pretty sure its identical to the one reviewed)

    • jrakai

      Greetings all – Amazon still have same desk under $120 USD, Vinsetto Height Adjustable Mobile Computer Desk. Have a look, same RAD desk without RAD stickers!

    • Boom – you’re correct. Yet another brother of the same mother with a different name…or, something like that: link to amzn.to

      I think I’m up to like 15 different accounted for names for this darn thing by now. All the same unit.

  43. George Bellows

    I’ve found that a heavy duty adjustable music stand is just as good or better than any cycling specific stand. Only $60 or so dollars too for a music stand!

  44. Roger

    I bought the desk, went together easily and seems to be high quality…thanks as usual for the tip

  45. Sean Kolar

    Came here to say that as of me shopping for a desk in February – these lifeline desks are more expensive than the Wahoo alternate in almost all online retail channels – at least the ones I’ve found. Feels Bad Man :(

    • Honestly, just give it a day or two.

      The three branded variants (RADVinsetto/Conquer) that are available in the US via Amazon are all in-stock at some point every week. Seems to be mid-week is the best time, based on my tracking. I’ve put all three links in the description above. But they don’t last more than a day most times. But without fail…every week they show up.

  46. Kieron

    If you didn’t fit the wheels to the RAD/Lifeline desk would the Headwind still fit over the bar?

    Once in position I can’t see a reason why I’d need wheels to move it so if not fitting the wheels worked that would suit me perfectly.

    Or are the wheels needed to get the desk height over the handlebars?

    • MikeY

      As to your first question the answer is probably but I didn’t measure it.

      However, at least for me, the wheels are necessary to achieve the required height. I have the front edge of the desk (edge closest to me) just over the brake hoods. There is approximately 1.5 inches of clearance between the hoods and the bottom edge of the desk. However, if I removed the wheels that would bring the desk down by just under 3 inches and thus it would not fit.

      If you had the desk completely in front of your bars it would work but then for me it would be a bit of a reach. As it is where I have it placed the farthest away edge can be a tough reach when on the trainer. Usually only an issue on long trainer rides when I’ve got the desk loaded with bottles and food.

      Theoretically, you could might be able to brin the desk even farther forward such that the brake hoods are positioned near the center of the desk in a small hollow space on the bottom but then it’d be a very uncomfortable hand position. I can’t comment on how it would impact TT bars as I don’t have any but I suspect it wouldn’t be fun.

    • Kieron

      Thanks for responding. That’s a shame and what I assumed. I’ll probably have to go for the Wahoo then.

      I don’t want to bring the desk over the hoods but more concerned without the wheels would I have to reach over and down the handlebars to get to the desk.

      As you say over the hoods would be uncomfortable, especially in aero position, although could rest your chin on the desk! ;o)

      Whilst researching found this link and I definately do not want it that close over the hoods.
      link to keepitsimpelle.com

  47. Matthew Owen

    This is currently £86.98 delivered from PlanetX which looks a great price.

    link to planetx.co.uk

    • Andy

      I came here to post this and try and give something back to the community as I’ve been a reader for a year or so now but you beat me to it! it’s exactly as in the article.

      If anyone else is into cable management I bought these and think they’re a perfect fit for this application: link to amazon.co.uk Like the desk they are sold by many different brands, the link is to the cheapest at time of my purchase. A couple from the pack are the perfect length to run a power cable neatly up the leg. Incredibly snug on the lower leg but if you fit one to the upper leg and slide it down it’s easy enough. It’s just the right tight for keeping everything in place when I raise & lower the desk (so far.)

      If anyone was considering the the neoprene & velco wrapround style that are also common on Amazon don’t would be my advice, great elsewhere but for this not at all. Quite literally a stretch to fit and challenging to set up neatly with only one pair of hands. An accidental tug on the cable it all comes undone plus you can forget about changing heights.

  48. Zippy

    Any one know the size of the bolt used to fixed the legs to the base, please? Lost them…

  49. Very nicely put, Thanks for this comparison. I was looking to buy and was really confused. Really helped me, Thanks again.

  50. I just stumbled across your review for the Rad Cycle table. While I have the table, I don’t use it for bike riding. I am a voice actor and thus table makes the perfect stand up table in my vocal booth. I can literally roll it all around my recording studio.

  51. Kemal

    Finally got this couple weeks ago from PlanetX when it was on offer (they’ve embossed the top left corner with their logo) and had the first session today. Wiggle still has it in BF sales (“LifeLine Trainer Table”) and it’s even (about 10 quid) cheaper than the past PX offer.

    The headwind position is currently an issue (I don’t have any space off to the side as it’s all drawers and my work desk) which I’ll solve by propping up the back portion of the fan (similar to the previously mentioned 2×4 method).

  52. Heinrich Hurtz

    Late to the party, but I just moved to a new place with much more room and nicer area for my trainer setup so got a RAD desk on Amazon for $92. It works great and is an amazing value at that price, and would be even at it’s regular $126 price. I’m a big fan of anything that improves upon the hassle and tedium of trainer riding.

  53. Phil

    Thanks for the review. Is it strong enough, si you can actively work on it while doing endurance ride? I guess I would need to have both hands on it, lying with my weight and working at my computer. Would that work with this desk?

  54. wrfreese

    Great review – thanks!