The Didn’t Get What You Wanted $500 Gadget Giveaway

I’m sure many of you received various sports gadgets over the last few weeks as part of the holidays.  But for those unlucky elves who received only a half-eaten gel packet in their Christmas stocking from their not-so-significant others, I’ve got a festivus of a present for you: This giveaway.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead that are kinda like cash).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero 8 Black to a Garmin Fenix watch to a massive pallet of nutrition gels, to the Favero Assioma power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer. Actually, it’ll cover exactly the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB, since that’s on sale to $499 right now.  Whatever floats your boat (Note: While they don’t technically sell boats, they do sell stand-up paddle boards…which, are kinda like boats).

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what product you’d get and why (but don’t worry, you can change your mind later if you win).

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a simple product name (i.e. F6), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that? Oh, and if you just want that amazing gadget t-shirt above, you can pick that up here. Or, become a DCR Supporter here!

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Sunday, December 29th, 2019 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time [Update – through Dec 31st when I remembered to turn this off].  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Alex Pond

    New set of rollers

  2. Eric Gross

    Ready for all new power meter! My G3 hub is holding back my wheel choices!

  3. Alex Hemke

    Still waiting on the new power meter!

  4. Steven

    New forerunner 945 for my brother!

  5. vicent

    I think i would get a new watch!

  6. Thomas

    Garmin Venu, for my wife’s B-day.

  7. Jerry

    I need a new watch so I would get a Fenix 6.

  8. Sonya

    I would like a Fenix 5x because battery life

  9. Steve Powell

    I got an ice-cube tray and massage ball…I really wanted a Garmin 945! Oh well, it’s hot here in South Australia, the ice-cubes will come in handy!

  10. Christina Barker

    A Tacx Neo 2 or 2T…santa said it was out of his price range this year 😕

  11. JR

    Last year I got a KICKR trainer, so now I need a power meter to use power for racing and training outdoors.

  12. Jose

    I would love to get the gopro hero 8

  13. Jason

    I would probably get a power meter.

  14. Joseph D'Amato

    I would defiantly start with the gadget shirt. But then move on to picking a new trainer. I’ve been using a fluid/mag trainer from back in 2007. The things got to go. I think a new Wahoo kicker would be great.

  15. Kurt

    I desperately need a smart trainer, Tacx Neo 2T, so that I can train smarter not harder. 😉

  16. John

    I’d love a Hyperice Hypervolt Plus to help with recovery as I plan to increase my mileage quite a bit next year.

  17. Stefan Bluemmers

    I’d probably try the Sidi Men’s Shot Air Cycling Shoe!

  18. Chas Mays

    I would love to upgrade to a Fenix 6 from my Fenix 3!

  19. Justin Valentino

    Probably a GoPro8 or an Osmo Pocket to play around with video.

  20. Rhys

    I’d probably get a power meter of some description. Probably a pedal based one to make for easy swapping between bikes.

  21. Peter

    Garmin F945 … it’s finally time to upgrade the trusty old vivoactive 2!

  22. Chris Kuebert

    A new powermeter

  23. Pierre B

    Getting my comment in just under the wire!

    I need some accessories for my trainer, so it’s always ready to go, and I have less excuses to skip. Sigh

  24. Darren Goh

    I’d love a pair of favero assiomas so I can get more accurate data from my outdoor rides

  25. James J

    I’d go for the Wahoo trainer!

  26. Kurt Malcolm

    Fenix 6, no new gadgets this holiday, credit would be great towards putting a dent in the F6 cost.

  27. Kevin H

    I’ve always wanted to get an SUP

  28. Sharon

    I’d love to get a Garmin Venu.

  29. Joe Worobey

    A trainer to get me through the winter.

  30. Andrew Lawrence

    Varia or maybe a gopro. Likely something I don’t really need but definitely want!!

  31. Brian

    Kickr Trainer… because why not?

  32. César Román


  33. Andrew Lamond

    I’d love a gopro as I want to film stuff but can’t justify the cost

  34. Craig Mackenziue

    Upgrade my watch

  35. David Kelly

    Favero Assioma Power meter pedals. Didn’t purchase them during the sale at Clever training and keep kicking myself.

  36. Nazeeb

    My current Garmin is so old!! I would love a Fenix 6 🙂
    Thank you !!

  37. Andre C

    Garmin 530 for my new bike commute

  38. Francis C

    Easily a Garmin Fenix 6. I know it costs more than $500 but I can justify buying it with a $500 discount😁😍

  39. Alex

    I would get a Garmin Fenix , for my next thriatlon

    …. Long distance maybe .

  40. gil eliraz

    need a new trainer for building my shape

  41. Sanford Poon

    Time for a new bike computer (Garmin 530) since the old one is running out of battery endurance!

  42. David

    I’d like the new Bryton 860 when it is released. Time to upgrade my Bryton 330.

  43. Amir Yaacobi

    I’d get an FR-945. Time to upgrade my very old watch…

  44. Tracey

    Would have to be a Fenix 6S

  45. Attila

    Feedback Sport Omnium Trainer for me!

  46. Roland

    New bike computer would be in order.

  47. Krishna

    I’d probably get a new Fenix to replace my aging Fenix 3 HR

  48. Sergey

    i’ll take gopro hero8

  49. Tasos

    I would like a Fenix 6 to replace my Fenix 3.

  50. Carsten Tjelder

    I need to get a trainer, as its too hard to bike here in Singapore

  51. Bob

    I was hoping for a drone (from the DJI Mavic line), but the mini’s were all sold out by the 25th.

  52. Quietschi

    i would take a Power Meter

  53. Roel

    I’d go for a new trainer, so I can be ‘at home’ more often. The typical triathlete’s struggle..

  54. Peter

    A new smartwatch. My old VA3 is on its way out.

  55. Andreas

    I would get the new gopro or a powermeter if i decide to commit my self in a training plan

  56. Lukasz

    I did get a Vivoactive 3, but I still lack a bike trainer…

  57. Keith Chant

    Probably buy a Garmin 945, as my 935 is starting to look like it’s had a hard life

  58. Vikram

    I’d go for new Apple Watch series 5

  59. Olegs

    I’d like to get a Wahoo KICKR CORE, since I wont benefit from higher tier KICKR 2000+ watts? not in near future). A trainer? So that it could be more regular training as not always I’m able to go outside for coupe hours…

  60. Michel Christianen

    Getting a Garmin Edge 830 or a Garmin Fenix!

  61. John

    I would like a Garmin 945.

  62. Rouleur

    I want a Tacx Neo 2T to get rid of my Christmas fatness!

  63. Philip Kurmann

    I’d go for a Garmin Fenix S (6 or 5 plus) for my wife.

  64. Mike

    a second Wahoo KICKR CORE so i can train together with my girlfriend

  65. This is ayesha from Pakistan, I have purchased one Garmin etrex 10 from a website w11stop in Pakistan and the problem I’m facing is that I’m not able to connect its Bluetooth. The error I’m getting is this ” Can not find the bluetooth serial port, please contact your nearest product distributor/reseller for further assistance”?

    As I have called the store back and they said me to search online,that is what I’m typing here.

    Appreciate your response


  66. Alan Godfrey

    I’d go for the Garmin Varia backlight. I’m tackling 1000 mile solo bike ride – Lands End to John O’Groats – in April (at 74 yrs old) and would value the radar safety feature.

  67. Thijs

    I would be very happy with the Garmin Fenix (6)!

  68. Matthew

    I’d buy a decent fan to push through summer indoor training!

  69. Gary Forrow

    I’d go for a power meter of some description, not sure which one yet though

  70. Brian

    I’d love to get the Fenix 6 as it’s got everything I’d ever need.


    I think I missed the game window. Would have like so much the Fenix 6s Pro cause I have small wrist and love the size of my FR645 (lacking the maps)

  72. Michael Swann

    Some new shoes because the ones I have need replacing.

  73. manuel

    Likely a favero assioma single or dual

  74. Hélder Rodrigues

    A new sports watch, mine is getting outdated

  75. Will

    Smart trainer, not sure which yet.

  76. Ben Dobson

    I’d love a new smart trainer for when I get back to training after our new baby


    I like a Garmin Fenix 6 for my running

  78. Sylvia westmaas

    Love to have a new watch!!

  79. N Ranjan

    Garmin Forerunner 645 Music please.

  80. Timo Vuorela

    Definitely a new trainer (Wahoo Kickr Core) since my current wheel on trainer is slipping (regardless of tension or tyre) and thus preventing proper sprint training to hold me back.

  81. Borja Irezabal

    I’d go for garmin Fenix 6S

  82. TimG

    Garmin Edge 1030 for me!

  83. A new Garmin Fenix would be awesome!

  84. Michael Haefner

    A Garmin Fenix for location tracking so I don’t have to carry my phone and the built in HR sensor/stats (have a old garmin with not HR sensor or strap)

  85. Tyson

    Garmin Edge 530

  86. Adam Lewis

    Only just seen this and fear I am too late however, I really wanted a Garmin Venu to support my training from being a non runner to my first marathon (London 2020) where I am trying to raise some money for three cancer charities here in the UK.

  87. Adam

    I’d put it towards an Elite Suito!

  88. John

    A power meter that doesn’t stop working in the rain would be great

  89. Nicolas Soenen

    I would like a new garmin edge computer!

  90. Francisco

    I am not really sure right now about what I would get. Perhaps some bone conducting earphones, so I can listen to music on my bike. Thank you.

  91. Tanel

    I would go for GoPro Hero 8 Black.

  92. Matthew B.

    I’d love to try the Venu out – or perhaps the Captain America version the Vivoactive 4!

  93. Nathan

    Am I too late??

  94. Stefan

    I’d get myself a wahoo roam

  95. Leon Jager

    new fenix 6

  96. Jack

    Garmin 945 would be nice.

  97. RaksiA

    Some gadget for my Garmin 645 🙂

  98. Job

    Een nieuwe Garmin fenix zou supergaaf zijn! Op naar meer km’s in 2020 dan in 2019

  99. Dulle

    I would prefer Garmin Forerunner 945 to track my runs and hikings in the woods.

  100. Marco Miranda

    I don’t want to be catch by the filters 🙂 …. but I really want a fenix 6, its time to upgrade my old watch