One Tiny Little Random Thing This Weekend


Normally on my ‘5 Random Things’ posts after each weekend I highlight a blend of tech gadgets that may have gotten unboxed, initial trials with new gizmos, and just random life things.  These things are generally about living in Paris, but they also follow wherever I and the rest of the family happens to be in the world.

This weekend – there were no sport tech gadgets unboxed.  Nor any workouts for me.  Instead, we unboxed one tiny little thing: P2.

[Editors Note: No unboxing photos or video was shot for this product.]

P2 being the nickname for The Peanut 2, who arrived Saturday evening:


She’s happy and healthy!  And Mom is doing really well, since releasing her second product!

Like her sister, she was born in Paris, but won’t get Baguette and Beret citizenship anytime soon.  Instead, she’ll soon gather both American and Canadian citizenship once we get her taken to the passport photo place.  And if we’re here long enough, she can eventually pick up her French credentials.  But if nothing else, she’ll always have a birth certificate that says Paris.

Meanwhile, the original Peanut is curious about her but very gentle.  Lucy (the dog) is also curiously gentle while sniffing.

DSC_5376 DSC_5290

Of course, this being our second product tester brought on-board, we’re expecting big things from her.  And thus far she’s tested out precisely one thing: The weight scale. Given she didn’t poop or cry on it (her only rating system), I’d say it must be a success!  Note though that the two girls do occasionally offer differing test opinions.  P1 very much dislikes the weight scale, and will frequently attempt to rid it.  Same goes for the HR-monitoring sock thingy which she despised. So it’s possible reviews could get complicated with differing opinions!

We’ll have to see whether P2 enjoys sports as much as P1 does.  P1 is a fan of the running stroller, as well as riding with me on the bike.  As soon as P2 is big enough, I’ll be taking her around town as well!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

(P.S.: The Girl recently updated our large list of mom/baby/kids gear that we’ve been using over the last year. A lot of you have asked, so we put it in one handy place!)


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  1. Kevin

    Congrats to you and the gal. Enjoy.

  2. Kevin W.

    Congratulations! Your schedule will get even more challenging now I guess, but she’ll definately make up for that in all her cuteness. Enjoy!

  3. Iain C

    Big congrats to you both!

  4. betscharts

    Congrats! Well done.

  5. Arjaan Peree

    Congratulations! She looks lovely! You are hereby granted time of from testing products and writing stories.. Unless it involves some kind of pacifier with activity tracking..

  6. Judit A


  7. Dennis Muehlenstaedt

    All the best to the little sister, mom and proud dad :)

  8. Maarten


  9. Tomas

    Congratulations to mum and dad – and to P2 who wisely chose good parents!

  10. Kendall

    Awesome! Congratulations to you all!

  11. Denis

    Congratulations and best wishes to all of you!

  12. Gerald Brown

    Congratulations to you all! (especially The Girl!)… enjoy sleeping when you can :-)

  13. Andreas

    Congratulations and all the best :-)

  14. Peter

    Hurayyyyyyyy! Congratulations Ray. Exciting times for you! All the best to all of you- don’t return to work to quickly, take time to enjoy:)

  15. Dora


  16. Rob Poma

    Congratulations Ray! All the best to you and your family. Thank you for all you do!

  17. Alfiniess

    Congratulations, great product ! :-)

  18. Urs J.

    Congratulations from Switzerland.

  19. Dennis

    proficiat !!!

  20. JDC


  21. ulgui

    Congrats Ray. Enjoy every moment of it :)

  22. Andrew hk


  23. Alex Masidlover


  24. TIll

    Now, that’s a fantastic, feature-packed update.
    Congratulations to the developers!

  25. Louis Sarok


  26. Theo

    Congratulations to you, Bobbie and the Peanut! Time flies so enjoy these moments before they’re asking you for the car keys ;)

  27. Henrik

    Interesting times ahead! :-D

  28. Inge

    Congratulations to the Makers family and welcome Elise!

  29. Greg Franks


  30. Hugo Noronha

    Congrats Ray!!!!

    Happy Times!

  31. leonn

    Congrats, Ray and family!

  32. Georges T.

    Congrats DCR, The girl and Peanut!

  33. michael bells

    congratulations & blessings

  34. navnit


  35. Gouke

    Congratulations to all four of you!

  36. Bill Cahill

    Congratulations, Ray

  37. Martin Perry

    Congrats Ray!

    Our new ones were born just a few days apart, my P3 arrived VERY early Thursday AM.

  38. John

    Congrats – enjoy every minute as they grow up fast. My two “little ones” are now testing craft beer with me at the brew pub.

    PS: Love the pink rabbit!

  39. tqubed

    Of course we will expect a full unboxing and review video in the near future…

  40. 8

    Wow ! Congrats !
    Super cute !

  41. Tom

    I hope you have lots of sleep stored up!
    Congrats and enjoy every moment with your family!

  42. Beatriz Salvat

    Congratulations to both!! She is IDENTICAL to P1! Both of them are gorgeous… enjoy

  43. AJ

    Awesome, Congrats!!

  44. Jon Post

    Congratulations to you and your family! Just in time for the holidays!!

  45. Jon Post

    What great news, congratulations!

  46. André

    Congrats all of you, Ray.

  47. Fimmx

    Congratulations! She is so beautiful. My best to you all.

  48. Brian K

    Congrats Ray to you and family! Exciting stuff.

  49. Matt H

    Congratulations, I better get ordering my Christmas List from your Amazon link, 2 Peanuts must be expensive!

  50. Sam

    Congrats Ray. In due course, I can thoroughly recommend the 735xt strap as the ideal teething toy – perhaps you could add a column to the compare tool!

  51. Patrick R.


  52. Stijn v.

    Excellent review :)

    Out of personal experience I can confirm that 2 female peanuts, can be a great combo…Enjoy!

  53. Steve Aitken

    A massive Congrats to all the Makers. Good luck with the T2 with P2!

  54. Steve

    Well done to the whole Maker family!

  55. Murray Lees

    Massive congratulations!!

  56. Chris Boyer

    Precious! Wishing you all the best.

  57. Artur

    Congrats Ray! Had a boy this weekend as well, second. Very excising!

  58. Andrea


  59. Ron Melton

    Congratulations! Beautiful new addition.

  60. Emilio

    Congrats Again !!!

  61. Devin Morris

    Congratulations for Miracle #2! P2 that is ?

  62. William

    Congrats!!! It’s going to be challenge to get away for rides with little ones at home :-)

  63. Dan

    Congratulations to your whole family. Very adorable.

  64. Daniel

    Hello Maker Familiy! All the best wishes for P2! Stay safe, healthy and have a lot of fun!

    Greetings from Germany.

  65. Guido


  66. Stanislav Sokolov

    Congratulations and wishing all the best!!!

  67. maxfrance

    Lovely Peanuts <3
    Biggest congrats and all the best, to The Girl, Kids and of course, you !

  68. Julian

    Hey great news, congratulations. As a father of 4 I can assure you the more the merrier. Brings back happy memories despite the lack of sleep.

  69. Andy Jelagin

    Many congratulations on your beautiful family! As a father of 3 girls I can tell you with certainty that you’re in for quite a ride!

  70. Jürgen Hohenwarter

    Congrats to the hole family and healthy for the little girl! a wonderfull lovley gadget

  71. Raul Magadia


  72. Mike B

    Congrats Ray!!!

  73. Andrew Greif

    Congrats you guys! Got a cutie there! Enjoy the craziness!

  74. Mike S.

    Congratulations and best wishes to your growing family!

  75. falconeye

    Congrats, but three girls at home is heavy ;-)

  76. David Cartwright

    Congratulations and the very best to you, your wife and the rest of the family.

  77. Joe Tori

    Congratulations, Ray and Girl!!!

  78. Jeff Stucky

    Congratulations to you and your growing family!

  79. Alice

    Congratulations, Ray, she’s gorgeous, just like her adorable big sister, what a beautiful family you’ve become! Wishing you all the very best, X

  80. Marcel

    I applaud the succes of this release! I am 100% certain she will be as much of a joy and success as her big sister :) As for the reviews… now that you can review baby products with n=2 you will have double the accuracy!
    Good to hear the girl is doing great, of course! I wish you all a wonderful time!

    best wishes from The Netherlands

  81. Congrats Ray and the Girl!

  82. Matts

    Congratulations! So glad everyone is doing well.

    Good choice on skipping the opening photos.

  83. advaitasiva

    congratulations you are a lucky man with such beautiful family

  84. Marc


  85. Henrik

    Many congrats!

  86. Eileen B

    Woo hoo – she’s a beauty. There’s no greater blessing than a new baby. Congratulations!

  87. Jeff

    Congratulations! All the best to you and the family.

  88. Manuel


    2 girls, just like me… you better get prepared… ;)

  89. Congratulation to you. 3 girls for one man. You’re not alone. ;)
    Keep up the good work!

  90. Harris T.

    Wow ! Big congrats to you both!