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One Tiny Little Random Thing This Weekend

Normally on my ‘5 Random Things’ posts after each weekend I highlight a blend of tech gadgets that may have gotten unboxed, initial trials with new gizmos, and just random life things.  These things are generally about living in Paris, … Read More Here

First Look at the New DCR Babymaker Product Tester

Our first product tester in residence has now arrived! Heck, she even arrived via Velib bike with a polka-dot wrap. Despite joining us just two weeks ago she already been out testing various devices. From heart rate sensors to weight … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

While the weather was almost totally crap for much of the weekend, we still made the most of it here within the pockets it stopped raining.  Or in some cases, we just dove right into the water…literally.  Here’s what the … Read More Here

DCR Expansion On the Horizon

Over the last few months, many of you have asked how I might expand the DCR blog.  For example, with it becoming a full-time thing, a number of you wondered whether I’d expand into new product categories like bike components, … Read More Here