DCR Expansion On the Horizon


Over the last few months, many of you have asked how I might expand the DCR blog.  For example, with it becoming a full-time thing, a number of you wondered whether I’d expand into new product categories like bike components, recovery systems, or perhaps even consider offering branded DCR apparel.  While all very viable options, I’ve decided to take a slightly different tack for expansion.

In my case, I’ve enlisted The Girl for assistance (or, perhaps she enlisted me for assistance). Either way – in doing so, we’re brining onboard some new testing talent – beginning in July.

This individual will be responsible for testing devices that require small hands, small wrists, or just general cuteness.  Additionally, this individual is estimated to be able to provide vast amounts of sleep tracker data for capture and test.  Or, we hope so anyway.

Now given July is high time around our neck of the woods for the Tour de France spectacle, it’s hoped that this individual will be able to jump right into their newborn job responsibilities without too much fuss.  Either way, I’m sure there will be plenty of adventure right here in our little apartment – and the French broadcasters do an excellent job covering the race anyway.


With that – we’re super-excited to get another little one roaming around these parts (even if Lucy doesn’t know what’s coming for her yet)!


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  1. Mark M

    Congratulations to you and the girl Ray, looking forward to reading new gear reviews and “triparenting” lifestyle tips (having a 7 and 5 yo myself)!

  2. Ciaran C

    Congrats Dude!!!!

  3. Carl

    Congratulations, Ray!

    I’ve been following your blog for about 2 years now and this is the first time writing in for anything other than one of the two giveaways I’ve tried to win. I just wanted to wish you and yours the best and congratulations.

    My wife and I have a 2.5 month old. It’s crazy, but we’re loving every minute of it. Looking forward to some product reviews for newborn, infant, toddler tech gear.

    Does Garmin have a baby monitor you can recommend…

  4. Craig Vespa

    Congratulations to you both, Ray! Enjoy the adventure!

  5. Ravi

    Wonderful News Ray !! Congratulations to both !! Was wondering when this would be coming. Wishing many many Wonderful, joyous moments ahead !!

  6. jay d

    Congratulations Ray!

  7. Luke


  8. Alex

    Congratulations Ray :)

  9. juanman


  10. George

    Congrats to you and The Girl!

  11. Juan

    Congrats! Enjoy the little fellow!

  12. RAFrisk2

    Absolutely fantastic. Congrats, there’s nothing more fulfilling than having a child bless your home.

  13. Tony Tang


  14. Eyal Ovadia

    Congratulations Ray!
    And a great post announcing it!

  15. Lorenzo Pasquale

    “….we’re brining onboard some new testing talent ”

    Oh no, I hope you won’t be ‘brining’ your new testing talent just upon his/her arrival! ;)

    Typos apart, I wish you and The Girl all the best from the bottom of my heart!!!

  16. flaca

    Huh? I er, I was just going out for a ride. No no, I mean just a quick one……… Erm, well yes of course I was joking and no of course I wouldn’t dream of leaving you here on your own with the baby and the nappies and the washing up and the bottles and the mess. Er, yeah sure, I’ll grab the uh, right, bottle brush, erm thanks… (aaaaand repeat).

  17. dieter neirinck

    Wonderful news Ray. I can see some potential in the new talent for testing the limits on that decibel meter you got for turbo trainer sound comparisons. The Lemond Revolution might finally get some competition.

  18. Stephane

    Congrat Ray!
    There’s few month that will keep you out of your usual thing…. But they will came back later… :-)


  19. m9inger

    Superfantastic! Congratulations the the two of you!

  20. Stace


  21. Akshat Gupta

    Many many congratulations to The Girl and You !!

  22. Paco

    Congratulations enjoy it.

  23. Sam A

    Congratz, welcome to the most challenging and most rewarding part of life, being a parent.

  24. Babies + fitness tech + endurance training… I know this life well! Congrats! It’s tons of work and it’s intense — but ultimately my babies crack me up almost non-stop (we have a 15-month old boy and a 3-year old girl). Enjoy it!

    Sam from Team SportTracks

  25. Filipe Lopes

    Congrats to you both! Wish you all the best!

  26. Euan Henry

    Looking forward to your review of the balance bike power meter 3 to 4 years for now.


  27. Mike Cem


  28. Benjamin

    Whilst I’m not at that stage in life just yet, when I get there, you’ll have a decent cache of reviews for me to read. Excellent!

  29. Mike

    Congrats To Both of you!

    Exciting news!!

  30. Amedeo

    an huge coongratulation to you and the Girl.

    Now you have to increase your training to be ready to this new adventure.

  31. Bruce Turner

    Congratulations to you both. Can’t wait to see the reviews on stroller aerodynamics

  32. Michael L.

    Congratulations to you and the Girl. I hope its a great long run with lots of beautiful sights along the way. My wife says now we’ll info on how waterproof each item is. Prayers for your family as you move forward.

  33. Congrats to you both.

  34. Lee

    Congratulations to you and the Girl!

  35. Jeremy

    Gratz Ray.

    Welcome to the next chapter of your life.

  36. Stephen

    Great news! All the best to you both.


  37. Hamish

    A new blog testing out baby products could be your next big thing.
    There is a lot of loose opinion out there, the rigorous approach you could bring to the area would be valuable.

  38. Julian Chua

    Congrats! I guess you will be expanding your reviews to include baby tech like nappy sensors or wearables or jogging prams (with power meter perhaps?).. Anyway all the best with the pregnancy!

  39. Gildas

    Congratulations !

  40. ricky

    Ray, it’s a BIG project! Congratulations to you and the Girl!!

  41. szyMarek

    Nice! GOOD FOR YOU! I have two and I can’t imagine my daily activity without Chariot CX (now it is Thule CX). You should try it.

  42. Mike

    Huge congratulations to your entire family!
    Looking forward to expanding your blog in this direction!

  43. 8

    Awesome !
    congrats to all of you !
    that’s gonna be fun !

  44. Tonny Madsen


  45. Martin Hauske

    Congratulations! Wonderful news!!

  46. Tom S

    Congrats! When you have The Kid will The Girl now become The Mom on your blog?
    Best of luck.

  47. Damien


  48. Keith Brown

    Congratulations to you and The Girl. My wife and I would like to give our unsolicited support of co-sleeping, co-bathing, cloth diapers and not knowing the sex of the baby before birth. Nah, Just do everything the way you want to.


  49. Martin Uher

    Certainly suprising way to expand ;) Congratulations to upcoming parents!

  50. mama

    To both you and the Girl: It could feel weird congratulating two people you’ve never me on something so personal. Yet, I can genuinely say that you two give off some goods vibes, and I’m sincerely happy for you. Toutes mes felications!

  51. jan

    Enjoy, don’t make it a race. You get more out of it the more time you spend. So be prepared to enjoy that time .. I really recommend that.
    That’s time you can never get back!

    My big girl had her first triathlon for kids and really enjoyed that – man I was proud. The small one is more into flowers and princesses.. I am still proud.


  52. Jake

    Congrats Ray! I’ve been a reader for over a year now and I’ve recently started listening to the podcast. I was wondering about using your link to Amazon. I am always buying stuff on there and would love for you to get credit. I buy through the app on my phone though. Is there some type of code I can type in at checkout so you get credit? Or is there a way to know that the link you post is working? I’ve used it but don’t see anything at checkout to say you’re getting your cut. Thanks and good luck with the little one.

  53. Will

    Congratulations to both of you!


    Congratulations to you and your wife!

  55. Jonathan

    I just read an email that informed me that my marathon I was ready to run tomorrow morning has been postponed due to the -20 forecast. I won’t be able to run it on the new date. Bummer. Then I click on over to DC Rainmaker and read this awesome news!!! Suddenly a canceled marathon seems less important. Congrats!!!

  56. Tatiana

    Congratulations! waiting for the new column :-)

  57. Ade C

    Congratulations to you and The Girl. Things will never be the same again. Enjoy the journey!

  58. Frans

    Congrats to both of you! Enjoy

  59. Bora Barcin

    Better late than ever. Congrats Ray to both of you!

  60. Franko


  61. MattS


    With a 19 month old I can recommend getting a jogging stroller that the car seat snaps into. While they will be too big for the car seat for runs pretty quickly it made the transition really easy.

  62. Alexander

    Belated but heartfelt congratulations!

  63. Patrick

    Congratulations! your lives will sooooo change! things will never be the same from now on.

  64. Stu

    We are expecting beginning July too!
    Trying to convince my wife that I will stay at home and watch the tour, I mean look after our baby during July ;-)

  65. David

    Congratulations! I like your take on cross-training

  66. KeithW

    Congratulations to you both!

  67. Joe Meehan

    Fantastic! Congrats, another Rainmaker on the way!

  68. Giulio

    A lot of congrats to both of you!!!

  69. FJ

    Congratulations to you both! I hope everything goes great and you both deliver a perfect healthy little one

  70. david coles

    about time. congrats. will make you an even better human being

  71. Kraig

    Congratulations! A tremendous change but so very worth it.

  72. Hi All!

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the well-wishes! The Girl and I are blown away by the response!

    I can promise you that however a product review may shape up on the little unit, there will not be an unboxing section. ;)

    Thanks again!
    The Girl & Me (and Lucy)

  73. ted b.

    Congrats!!! May I recommend b.o.b. strollers…they’re awesome!

  74. Mitch W

    Mazel Tov!!!

  75. Ivan

    Congratulations ! :-):-):-)

    I was wondering which camera you have in mind to take pictures and videos from the baby.

    Will it be the GoPro?

    My wife and I are also expecting our first in June.
    Looking forward to you experiences and recommendations, especially ask sportive active parents.

  76. Kenneth

    Congrats! You in for at world of wonderfull moments…

  77. Jaap

    Well done! Congratulations!!