In Just 7 Days….


Yes, the time is once again almost upon us: The Annual DC Rainmaker Giveaway Extravaganza.  While most of my neighbors are out on vacation, I’m here to step up the game and wake up the neighborhood.  Or at least, keep me awake.

Next Wednesday (August 9th) starting at exactly 12:00AM US Eastern (0600 CET/CEST) the pinnacle of sports technology giveaway awesomeness will commence…again.

Once again last year topped all previous years.  Thousands of dollars in gadgets were given away to people everywhere on this little blue planet (everyone is welcome).  Here’s a summary post for all the craziness that went down last year: Trainers, GPS watches and bike computers, power meters, action cams, you name it!  There’s even a table with all the goods.

But as with every previous year, I aim to make it bigger and better.  Bigger prizes, worth more, more unique.  Cause as always, bigger is definitely better.  The conversation with Clever Training pretty much goes: How can we step it up again?  And I’ve got some nifty stuff up my sleeve this year to do just that. I’ll be giving away the future. Or, something like that.

Like the previous two years, I’ll be giving something new away every 2 hours.  This means that every two hours a new giveaway starts and the previous one closes (i.e. 12:00AM, 2:00AM, etc…).  The entry period will only be open for two hours for each giveaway, during which you need to leave a comment on that specific post.  One comment = one giveaway  You can comment on each of the 12 giveaways throughout the day.  So be sure to plan your entire existence on Wednesday around being able to enter during that two hour period for each giveaway.

Not clear on how you enter/win?  It’s simple:

A) At 12AM US Eastern, visit
B) Click on the the giveaway post for that hour.
C) Drop a comment on that post.
D) Sit back and hope for the win!
E) Repeat two hours later…for the rest of the day.
F) Bask in the glory.

So if you need to barricade yourself in the pain cave, bathroom, or other small facility for 24 hours to ensure proper attention to entry periods, that’s totally acceptable. Just do what you need to do!  If you aren’t sure how to convert your time zone to Eastern time, you can use this little tool to figure it out.  Though, it doesn’t really matter as long as you know what time everything starts in your country.

Cause yup…it’s gonna be awesome…again.

Note that the giveaways will be announced promptly on Twitter – so that may be easiest for those that are following along there!


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  1. Ian Marchant

    Yay! oh…
    On hols…
    Wahey! free euro data roaming…
    Calendar programmed for 4 hourly reminders :-)

  2. Tosin M. Akinmusuru

    Automation fail

  3. Matt Leary

    Finally I’ve organised to be on holidays at a good time of year. No work to get in the way of DCR comp entries.

  4. Jackson Cheng

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

    Thank for doing this Ray!

  5. Robert

    Thank you for doing this, now I just need a lot of luck!!!

  6. Nick

    Hi Ray.
    Just to help us European dudes, what time will it be in Paris or London when you start ?? 00.01 on the 9th August ?
    Sorry to be a bit thick……
    Cheers for the good Reviews – invaluable….

  7. COLIN

    Just want to make sure I set my alarms correctly…in the second paragraph you say Wednesday, but in the fifth you say Tuesday. I’m assuming that the Wednesday one is correct since you mentioned the date, but I don’t want to miss anything!

  8. Casey Cook

    Bigger and Better?!!!!!!!
    This could be my year!!! Oh please, oh please

  9. Ashri S


  10. Michal

    Do you need some kind of account to participate?

  11. Dave van camp

    Wooww this sounds awesome! How many participants attended the previous give away and on what base a Winner will be picked?
    Succes to all!

  12. I choose the winning ticket, please

  13. Dan

    A 1 in 4000 chance at winning a 400 dollar gadget is worth 10 cents. This compares well to many online contests, but if you spend 30 seconds on the entry process that’s minimum wage.

  14. Scott E

    GAME ON!

    Counting on my DCR Voodoo doll for luck.

  15. Yul

    Hell yeaaah

  16. Drew

    My Birthday! I gotta win get a birthday present right?

  17. Adam W

    Thanks Ray!

    Great reviews and giveaways too!

  18. Terence Chia

    Thanks Ray! I can’t wait :)))

  19. Jacques Dubois

    J’y serai!

  20. David Bradway

    Netus velit.

  21. Alexey


  22. Eli

    Anyone else realize this means the Edge 1030 won’t be out till at least Thursday at the earliest? You know Ray will get an early unit to look at so he can have some writeup on it for release and he won’t post it right before or during the giveaway.

  23. James Butler

    What’s better than tech? Free Tech

  24. James Richards


  25. Bachulator


  26. antonio ricci


  27. Eli D

    I can’t wait! good luck to everyone who enters!

  28. Timrules

    Oh, man … I gotta long haul flight on Wednesday (prayforwifiprayforwifiprayforwifi)

  29. Steen Lau Grabowski

    MTB rider.

  30. Mario

    Thank You

  31. Rob Blazoff

    Thanks for the contest.

  32. MagicM

    Waiter, 1 Powermeter please *wave*

  33. Gary

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  34. Eric Lamoureux

    Awesome Venture – TY Ray for all your (very) informative reviews – the giveaways are just an awesome bonus!

  35. Maribel

    I want it all!!! And I want it now!!

  36. As always, I won’t win anything. But it will be fun to try and hope :D

  37. sean jones

    airing patiently all the way in south Africa

  38. Nl

    Looking forward to it!

  39. Aviscaino

    Tick tack! Almost less than 30 minutes to start the EXTRAVAGANZA TIME!!!

  40. Matthew

    Getting pumped!

  41. roy gamilla

    thanks ray,,,,waiting

  42. A. Rahman D.

    let me get this please….. :D

  43. Brad Davis

    I want to bask in the glory of winningness!!! Random number generating gods of mersenne twister please be kind to me!

  44. Carolien de Vries


  45. Vija

    I need luck!

  46. Victor

    After 36 marathons I think a watch will help

  47. Richard Posgay

    Would work with that drone, love it!

  48. Dora Kovacs

    I would buy a drone but dont have possibility for it, this is my dream to have it once :)

  49. Fiona

    Love to learn drone photography

  50. Oink Oink

    Oink oink.

  51. Nicholas

    Nice stuff. Good luck to everyone.

  52. Giannis Felekis

    Any luck yet?

  53. KL

    Hope to win something. Thank you DC Rainmaker.

  54. Mikey

    I enjoy the reviews! Keep them rolling!