Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals


It’s time to kick this party up a (another) notch.

For this next gifting I’ll be handing out two pedals.  Albeit, just one set.  But still, you do technically get two of something.

These PowerTap P1 pedals will handily measure your wattage efforts no matter what type of crank arms or wheels you use, broadcasting it across both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart.  They’re super easy to travel with, since all you need is the pedals and your cycling shoes.  And a bike.  But that’s not really my problem. That’s what I would call ‘your problem’.  Fear not, I’m sure you can find a bike in most cities.  Rumor is they’ve even spread to America.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: PowerTap P1 Pedals In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Eduardo Guemez

    I’ve been debating power meters so long my friend think I just don’t want to find out how little power I can put out…

    Can’t pass this opportunity up…

  2. AnssiT

    If not the Bepros, then these!

  3. Ivo

    Nice! I like!

  4. alpaga77


  5. Bradford Wilson

    Love the site! Sign me up! 🙂

  6. Thomas Jenssen

    I wish I was lucky

  7. Jay


  8. Sonntag

    I got lucky today

  9. Daniel H

    Yes please!

  10. Maria S

    I’m a triathlete mom! Would love these to get accurate data!! Moi! Please !

  11. Ronald S.


  12. Robin Davies

    P1 pedals would be tremendous!

  13. Pat G.

    I hope I’m random enough

  14. Marcos Caraballo

    Thanks Ray

  15. Iain Gray

    Another power meter 🙂

  16. Jon

    No6, halfway through

  17. Robert‘s


  18. Edson Ribeiro

    It will be mine!

  19. Carlos Vazquez

    Can’tbelieve I forgot this was today … yes pls.

  20. Fabrizio

    Yes, yes, I need a Power Meter….

  21. Antony Rutter

    me please

  22. Chris Houghton

    Pick me!!

  23. Steph G

    pick me! pick me!!!

  24. Ralph Elliott

    I’ve been looking for another rider with a Power Meter so I can check my Wattage but I haven’t found one yet. If I got these Peddles I would be ridin’ like Chris Froome.xD Thanks.

  25. Jason


  26. Thomas

    yes please

  27. Denis S.

    Please send them over!

  28. David

    Me please

  29. Mariano Villegas Campos

    I want them

  30. Gabriel Vargas cc

    Nossa! Assim vc me mata


  32. Dean Pearson

    More power please

  33. Kirk Raddatz

    More cool toys!

  34. KilkennY

    Me Please.

  35. David


  36. Eric

    Pick me

  37. Devon Quaglietta

    Sure why not

  38. Robb Brewer

    Love these pedals!

  39. David Collins

    Enjoyed the Paris run last year. Power pedals would make riding while traveling easier.

  40. Max Raykevich

    Choose me!)

  41. Jonathan Frye


  42. William L

    Wow. Great prize. Thank you DCR.

  43. CR DE BREE

    I never win a prize

  44. Elisa Fernandez

    :/ please meeee

  45. CJ

    Power up!

  46. Wesley Brown

    power meters for all my friends!

  47. David Gray

    Definitely need power measurement!

  48. Klaas V

    Ray, i want this!

  49. Olle Gibson


  50. AJ Hagwood

    I’d love this for training!

  51. Qek

    These would be just awesome.

  52. Lacey Croco

    Yes please

  53. Cas Mulder

    I will

  54. Yao-Chang Hsien

    I want them, please.

  55. Ash

    sure would love these pedals!

  56. Ryan Crissey

    Very cool! Been looking at getting some of these for a blind athlete to measure power on a tandem.

  57. pat

    Choose me….I need pedals to tell me how slow I really am.

  58. Brad B

    Just under the wire

  59. Fred

    I need it ! Thxs

  60. Heidi BH

    What is it about technology that makes us want to perform our best?

  61. Aislinn

    I need the power!

  62. Larry Ahearn

    Like them better than the garmin pedals.

  63. Stéphane Renaud

    I already have a bike and shoes to go with it!

  64. Patrick Young

    More power!

  65. Joe Rosati


  66. Denis

    Power x2 🙂

  67. sam r

    love these pedals!!!!

  68. Jenn V

    oooh pleeeease

  69. Pie

    Nothing beats a good power meter

  70. Chris Letizia

    Thanks for the raffle!


    I want in for these please

  72. Guillaume

    Amazing blog !!!

  73. Peter Gibson

    Wanting to start training with power.

  74. Li Kai Wang

    i want them

  75. Jon R.

    Always wanted a power meter!…

  76. Tommi Vainikainen

    Would be nice.

  77. Rich Toltzman

    I’d love to have a power meter for my road bike! Love the information you publish Ray. I’ve been using it for many years to make my fitness tech purchases.

  78. Desmond Loh

    Give me Power!?

  79. Pedro Almeida

    Woohoo pedals!

  80. Robin

    Please and thank you

  81. H

    Nice giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  82. Javi


  83. Chris Ivary

    These look pretty sweet!

  84. Sam Westhead

    These need a thorough testing in the heat of a Dubai summer…. I’d be grateful to help out 😉

  85. Ivan Karacic

    Finally I won!

  86. Eugenio

    Would love one of these! Thanks anyway!

  87. Dave dupuis

    New pedals would be nice !!!

  88. Loek Zinkweg

    Would love ’em!

  89. Peter Zumsteg

    Fingers crossed

  90. Carl

    Power to the people.

  91. Dan Turner

    Q: Why was the farmer arrested at the gym?

    A: He was destroying his calves.

  92. Ron Green

    Awesome giveaway

  93. Brian Marchese


  94. Bram


  95. Dan fortuna

    Awesome. Thanks Ray

  96. Chantal

    Would love to get those so I could try to keep up with my husband when we ride together ?

  97. Kenneth Xiao

    That’s what I want the most now. Wish me good luck!

  98. Cristian


  99. Natalie Cardenas

    Great giveaway!

  100. Dan Murray

    ohh, nice