Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Fenix 5


And so it begins – the mother of all giveaways once again!  Thus, it seems appropriate to begin with what is effectively the mother of all fitness smart watches: The Garmin Fenix 5.  No other watch on the market has as many features.  Or, as many ways to tell you that you’re lazy and that you need to train harder.  And if all else fails, you can even play Tetris on it (no, really, I’m actually not kidding).

No worries if your laziness level is high though.  After all – if you’ve got a race coming up, then laziness is where you want to be in those last few days.  At least, that’s what I keep telling myself…all summer long.

Giveaway Opens: 12:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 2:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin Fenix 5

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself
Fine Print: In this case you can select either the Fenix 5, 5S, or 5X in the base variants.

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is, of course, eligible as always.

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Thanks all!


  1. James

    just in time?

  2. Dino


  3. Steven Agar

    Perfect replacement for my aging Forerunner 630!

  4. Andy

    I’d like one of those, thanks!

  5. Jordan

    Mine just died! I need another.

  6. andy bowser

    Please send two!

  7. Jero

    Great ideas!

  8. Jillian Burgoyne

    What a great watch!

  9. Robert van Dijk

    Yes, please

  10. Anderson

    This is great! Thanks Ray!

  11. peroni

    Me me me, pick me!

  12. Marcin Rodziewicz

    Nice watch.

  13. Lindsey Garber

    I would love this watch!

  14. Laszlo

    I want it!

  15. Sven

    Cool watch

  16. Jaroslav Procházka

    Still in time, please give them to me! :)

  17. Nick Tume

    It’s gonna be a long day!!

  18. Fusun

    Awesome, I want it.

  19. Artur

    Rainmaker, you’re the best!

  20. Samuel

    Here’s hoping that the fluctuations in atmospheric conditions point in my direction

  21. Jean-Francois Loiselle

    Hi Ray,
    Nice way to start.

  22. Wouter Flemming

    The Fenix would be amazing!

  23. David

    The 5S would help with training for my first half tri in February in Wanaka New Zealand

  24. Gavin McIntyre

    My 910XT is dead. I’ll gladly help you out by taking one off your hands.

    Thanks for the reviews. Love your work.

  25. Kelsey

    My husband would love it!

  26. David

    Would love this.

  27. Richard McCulloch

    This will do nicely as a replacement for my Fenix 3

  28. Ivan

    My treasure….. It’s mine! I want it!

  29. Job

    Really really like it!

  30. Phil

    Count me in please!

  31. Dennis

    I could really use this watch!

  32. Marcel Wouters

    Love the watch

  33. Paul langelaan

    Would love to have one!

  34. Judd Anderson

    Love me some garmin

  35. Hi Ray, Lost faith I the Fenix series after a bad experience with a Fenix 2 that would turn its self off in a workout etc.
    I weened myself back with a Forerunner 235!
    To be fare the Five looks class!
    Look of the Irish an all.

  36. Tom

    I’ll have one, please. Thanks!

  37. Steve Blake

    Would love this!

  38. Oleg

    quite nice watch!

  39. Thanks DC Rainmaker for your great product reviews!

    The new Garmin watches look great!

  40. Tom

    Please random bot choose me!

  41. Andy

    Looks so shiny!

  42. Shannon Parrington

    Ooooh, a pretty watch!! :-)

  43. Matthew Chen

    I have been wanting one of these! Thank you!

  44. Eli

    I think….?I am going to have luck This time garmin 5X here se go!!!?

  45. Seb

    Fingers crossed…..

  46. Hon

    G8 giveaway.

  47. Hansueli Jud

    I’m in

  48. Chris

    Love the fenix watch!

  49. Simon B

    cool stuff

  50. Dan Hunter

    Just woke up in time!

  51. Mark Haggart

    Perfect replacement for my Fenix2

  52. Runningtoy


  53. Martin