A November Garmin (Fancy) Fenix3 Giveaway


It’s somehow already halfway through November, and we’ve lacked a giveaway this month.  Heck, did we even have a giveaway last month? That seems like eons ago.  My bad.

No worries though, I’m here to save the day.  Or at least, save Tuesday.  I’ll be giving you a Fenix3.  But not any Fenix3, one of their newfangled fancy looking Fenix3 watches.  Had I thought this post through a little bit more, I could have put it on Friday, and named it the ‘Fancy Fenix3 Friday Freebie’, but alas – I didn’t think of that until now as I write on the plane.  My mental schedule is set for the week, and here it is.

In any case, they released these ones back a few months ago.  One is more of a leather strap, and the other more womanly with swanky rose gold trimmings.  Though honestly, it’s still kinda a big watch for a woman – so if you’re more petite – I’ll let you downsize and pick some other GPS watch that Clever Training stocks, even if it might not look as pretty and be lacking the flower power.


Since I landed in a snowy place this evening, we’re going to get you thinking about winter. To enter, simply leave a quick comment with an answer to the following:

How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?

Giveaway closes Friday evening, November 20th at 11:59PM US Eastern Time.


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  1. Andre moraes

    Treadmil and wahoo for bike… Too cold outside

  2. Robert N

    Change the running shoes from ones with summer rubber to ones more adapted for wet, slippery and snowy conditions. Increase the weight training to build up strength for the next season. And finally if there is any time left, besides that spent with the family and on work, winter brings out the cycle trainer from its hiatus and possibly a couple of turns in the pool. So it’s a bit more time spent indoors but otherwise it’s pretty much the same. 😉

  3. Jake

    Bundle up and keep running. On really cold or snowy days I bring it inside and catch up on Netflix.

  4. Gordon

    Winter means getting off the bike and on the cross country skis. 3-6 inches forecast here in the Midwest overnight!

  5. Jon c

    More indoor training and running.

  6. Lachie

    Well, I live in Australia, so winter isn’t anything to be too concerned about. I don’t change too much, just tough it out! Certainly makes it harder to get out of a warm bed in he morning though!

  7. Geraint Jones

    Lots of HIIT sessions on the turbo trainer, and an increase in the running miles as I love torchlight running.

  8. Darren

    I become a gym rat. Lift weights to condition and put in lots and lits of hours on the spin bike..

  9. Steven Fons

    You have to layer up for Wisconsin winter runs.. and throw in some indoor cycling to thaw out.

  10. Dustin

    Lots of layers. I also add more indoor swimming and weight training.

  11. Andrew Price

    When winter comes I head for the treadmill!

  12. Sous

    No changes really, save for the bike. That moves to a pretty permanent home on the trainer. 99.9% of my swims are indoors to begin with so no changes there. As for the run, I just wear more clothes!

  13. Nate D.

    Zwift! And the gym :/

  14. Nate page

    Winter? Running on the treadmill and looking like ralphie from a Xmas story when it’s not icy out

  15. Jeremy

    It gets pretty cold and snowy here but I don’t really change my training. I can’t stand running on a treadmill and I don’t really enjoy any activities besides running. I just complain a lot more.

  16. Jason

    The trainer comes out, though I layer up and get out on dry days.

  17. Carson

    Cut swimming down to 1 or no swims per week. Bike trainer only x3 per week at high-intensity intervals. Run in the morning or indoors if darkness comes before getting the run in.

  18. Marty

    Love Garmin

  19. Rupesh

    A Brit who has recently married my USA childhood sweetheart and moving to the states in the new year!! Also…..just entered in for my first ironman Florida in November 2016!

  20. Chris

    Generally don’t change for winter specifically in Melbourne Australia, just throw on more layers for the bike and try and tough it out during the long runs!

  21. Steve Henderson

    Living in western Pennsylvania, winter is a whole different beast. Luckily we have an indoor pool in town so swimming isn’t too different. Bike is ALL trainer and running is 90% treadmill (still run outside when there’s no ice). I’ll do inside bricks to keep ready for the spring. Once a month I will do a training indoor tri.

  22. Michael Madsen

    I live in Austin. We train the same year round.

  23. Jeff Koncius

    Lucky enough to live in So CA. That said, usually ride inside during the week year round on my Kurt Kinetic and use Trainer Road. Then hit the hilly roads on the weekend.

  24. Pat Smith

    More functional/strength/cross training instead of all cardio all the time.

  25. Dhariyash Rathod

    Adapt or Perish is my motto.I stock up on layers and continue to do what I always do. RUN !

  26. Jake Scheckman

    Already have a Fenix 3 but this one is so perrrrrrrtty!!

  27. David

    lots of pool swimming and indoor trainer rides

  28. Jason B

    Try to keep the same program, unless there’s unplowed snow or ice…then it’s a retreat to the treadmill. Otherwise it’s the same as the non-snowy season…just often more frequented places where the snow isn’t too high.

    Must for the winter in Michigan (imo): layers…and pocket cleats. Gloves go a long way. Chap stick also helps.

  29. Julene Neves

    I live in Brazil in a place where the difference between summer and winter has little influence in my workout!

  30. Asger H Jensen

    Winter, I do long term carb loading 🙂
    The added weight then acts as extra motivation on the trainer and the occasional run…

  31. Mike

    Conquer winter with trainer rides, lots of lumens and better baselayers!

  32. Shane Christman

    I don’t live in Hawaii, but Southern California isn’t too shabby.

    People often joke about how we don’t have “seasons” here, and although that’s not entirely true…we’re certainly not hindered in our activities during the winter months. If it gets much below 70 though, we start to complain a lot, at which time we’re forced to put on more clothes than just our usual shorts and a t-shirt. 😉

    Thank you for putting this giveaway together, and good luck to all. Cheers!

  33. Habusake

    I’ll layer up and stick to the outside…until it gets well below freezing. It’s not worth smashing a knee on pavement. At that point, I suffer on the indoor trainer. 🙁

  34. peejers

    I stay off the wheels but dress warmly and still run.

  35. Robert

    Either run with snowshoes or train in the pain cave.

  36. Jason Hatfield

    I don’t have to change my training since I live in the deep south. I do, of course, move indoors for swimming.

  37. Matt

    I train in my garage, treadmill and cycling (trainer).

  38. James Pickens

    Change sports altogether, cycle throughout the summer and run or hike in the winter. Lucky that winters aren’t crazy cold where I live, but still a bit chilly on my bike.

  39. Jim C

    Monterey, CA — So almost no change for me, a couple extra trainer rides for the one or two mildly chilly/damp days we’ll get.

  40. Azrine Abu Seman

    This is the first year I’m going to continue training. It’s going to be on a trainer in the basement.

  41. Jan

    I happen to be one of those lucky ducks to train inside

  42. Steven Lardizabal

    I was a lucky duck living in Miami Fl with 12months of cycling.
    Now in Northeast US we adapt to the fluffy white stuff and new sports.

  43. Naomi

    No snow where I live so same training, more layers!

  44. Dan Loucks

    Move training indoors 🙁 Cycling on the trainer with more core strengthening work during winter.

  45. Mike getz

    Move inside to spinning class and the treadmill (ugh). At least the pool is warm.

  46. Brian Dauernheim

    I live in Virginia, so I am able to mostly continue running outside, but I make sure to go full-on high-viz: reflective vest, bright hat, blinky red rear light, head lamp. I suffered through some treadmill days when it was particularly icy last year, but I’m seriously considering getting Yaktrax because treadmills are the worst.

  47. Martin Nel

    I use an indoor trainer.

  48. Caleb Jahn

    I live in Denver, CO so I do a lot more training inside, ride on a trainer, run on a treadmill, still swim at the same indoor pool. I do get the occasional warm winter days and take full advantage, or I just embrace the snow and go snow shoeing.

  49. Juergen

    Run on. There is no bad weather, just bad clothing!

  50. Alejandro Moreno

    Run inside during the week, outside on weekends. Mt bike at night and in weekends. Love it, although it does not get as cold around here.

  51. Tim

    I get the long sleeves out and a headlamp in addition to making a new playlist. Temperatures don’t get too bad in Seattle, but the darkness makes it tougher to get out there.

  52. Jerry C

    Bike rides on a trainer

  53. Damian

    I have a gym membership that I barely use. If it snows, it’s the treadmill for me. I signed up for a Spring half marathon (April 10) so not training is not an option.

  54. Jim S

    I enjoy winter running. Just add another layer or two.

  55. Wesley

    I stick to a trainer for cycling. Everything else stays the same. Just longer sleeves..

  56. Sandy D

    Add extra layers for running outside.

  57. Kevin V

    More trainer rides and treadmill runs. Less trips to the pool.

  58. Nancy Marie

    I’m hoping for a mild New England winter, but even if it isn’t mild, I’m planning to jog outdoors as much as possible. I’m taking swim lessons at the Y and hope to stay disciplined and train consistently.
    BTW – today is my 60th birthday and that would be a sweet gift!

  59. Azli

    I’m from Malaysia. Obviously we don’t have winters here, but at this time of the year we’d just have to deal with torrential rains and tropical thunderstorms 🙂

  60. GJ Sequeira

    I’ll keep my training the same, it will just be with a bit more layers on outside. Since I’ve played sports all my life, it helps to get acclimated to the weather I will play in eventually.

  61. sameer

    Fir me it’s basically strength work in the gym, change to mountain biking but still doing smaller runs

  62. Lisa

    I live in Canada, so winter training means cold runs outdoors when it’s not too snowy, treadmill runs (at the gym) when winter is really upon us, and hot chocolate and laziness when I’m fed up.

  63. Rosalind

    I live in Panama City, Fl. Usually pretty decent weather!

  64. Transitions from season to season in the great white north are a given. I move seamlessly from running/cycling to swimming/alpine skiing/XC Skiing and then back come spring! Vivre le choix!

  65. Jacob

    I switch from the road and trail to the trainer and treadmill.

  66. Cindi Eicher

    With a rotten thyroid, winter is not my friend. But, there’s no such thing as bad weather…. just inappropriate clothing! Rock on synthetics!

  67. Bruce Kamp

    New trainer for Christmas

  68. Patrick Richardson

    Typically I will wake up earlier to work out in the gym instead of focusing on an outdoor workout. If I do go outside, I’ll just add an additional layer.

  69. Chris Houghton

    In winter, I just do what my coach tells me!

  70. As a western Australian we are pretty lucky with the weather year round. On dark an me Coke morning through winter the kickr does get more usage which I find beneficial to my fitness anyway.

  71. Ron Chamrin

    I usually switch from 70/30 cardio/strength training to the opposite in the winter.

  72. Jeramy Duffee

    I keep on running through the midwest winters. If it’s snowy or icy, throw on some yaktrax run and off I go. I’ve found it’s better to run real early when there is less traffic, in case sidewalks aren’t usable. Having an original Fenix, the fancy new 3’s are spot on. Thanks for this offering!

  73. Chad Spangler

    I mix in training for a couple ski trips. After those ski trips tri training kicks into high gear!

  74. Andrew

    I live in Cairns so all winter means is I wear a cycling jersey rather than a singlet!

  75. Chris

    Keep on running!

  76. Drew

    Nothing special changes, just another layer or two.

  77. Greg Emerson

    I live in Maine. I run through the winter between 40 to 60 miles a week. I dress in layers and run faster if I am cold. I run on snowmobile trails when they are packed down. On sub zero days I use heated packs in my gloves.

  78. Jason Brez

    I trail run more and ride outside. No temperature is too low as long as there’s no ice or snow!

  79. Taz

    It’s all mental. Get out there and work!

  80. Joe

    I get a three month membership at the local gym. Running on a treadmill isn’t ideal but it gets me through ,December, January and February.

  81. Jake Saunders

    Lots of hours in the pool, on the trainer and on the treadmill. No snow yet here so keeping it outside as long as possible!

  82. Frank

    I was lucky enough to train with both Bear Grylls and Sasquatch in the mountains of Belukha. So a little bit of Northeast cold weather doesn’t change my training schedule

  83. Judy S.

    I just add more layers and hope it doesn’t get too cold.

  84. Trevor d

    Nicest looking running watch I’ve ever seen!

  85. Travis

    Hat and gloves

  86. Maria Boothe

    Add layers! Winter running is my favorite!

  87. Tavis McNair

    I love winter running because it gives me a chance to try out new gear. Just got to get past that first mile so you get warm!!

  88. Ann

    I add more layers, living in NH you just enjoy it! Congratulations on your new endeavors!

  89. Jason

    Put on the thermal cock sock and get out there!

  90. Matt Chitwood

    Adapt the clothes (to the temp) and do some dark hours early morning mental preparation. I live on Arizona which is hardly Hawaii, even in the winter.

  91. Davide

    I just raced Ironman Arizona last Sunday and my plan for the next couple of weeks is to do absolutely nothing 🙂 Then, El Nino permitting (I live in California) I hope to have some fun with my MTB. Otherwise I’ll do some snowshoeing and xcountry skiing (no downhill for me, I don’t want to jeopardize my next season). Finally, starting in late January, I’ll start training for Ironman Boulder. Given that this is going to be a wet winter I’ll most likely do a lot of indoor training on the treadmill and the trainer.


  92. kawika Liu

    i am going to be riding the trainer, running on the treadmill, and working on becoming somewhat of a snowboarder.

  93. Blake

    I actually AM one of those “lucky ducks” who lives in Hawaii.

    The training regimen here changes in the winter based on two things and two things only:
    1. Amount of daylight.
    2. Da waves, brah.

    There are a significant number of people here who, like me, use surfing as our swimming substitute for aquatic exercise. For most folks who aren’t adrenaline junkies, the summer offers the absolute best time for reliable, non-death-provoking surf to start the day. Winter brings large, powerful, incredibly intense waves that are for expert surfers only. Cross-training at that point switches to swimming and paddle boarding.

    You still don’t need a wetsuit. I know. People hate me for it.


  94. Chet S

    Ad Free!

  95. Ryan

    Thanks, DC!

  96. Sam Manlosa

    I’m one of those lucky ducks that live in the tropics. Summer here is 33C, winter is 28C. Go figure!

  97. Kevin

    Living in SA the rand is so week there is almost no other way to get it than win it

  98. Andy

    I still ride my bike in these Southern California winters, but I wear sleeves, a Buff to keep my face and neck warm, and my new Zackees “turn signal gloves” to make sure drivers see me in the dark.

  99. Kin Heng Chay

    For the winters I go back to martial arts…wing chun!

  100. Mark Endrizzi

    Hit the trainer and indoor swimming. Thanks.