A November Garmin (Fancy) Fenix3 Giveaway


It’s somehow already halfway through November, and we’ve lacked a giveaway this month.  Heck, did we even have a giveaway last month? That seems like eons ago.  My bad.

No worries though, I’m here to save the day.  Or at least, save Tuesday.  I’ll be giving you a Fenix3.  But not any Fenix3, one of their newfangled fancy looking Fenix3 watches.  Had I thought this post through a little bit more, I could have put it on Friday, and named it the ‘Fancy Fenix3 Friday Freebie’, but alas – I didn’t think of that until now as I write on the plane.  My mental schedule is set for the week, and here it is.

In any case, they released these ones back a few months ago.  One is more of a leather strap, and the other more womanly with swanky rose gold trimmings.  Though honestly, it’s still kinda a big watch for a woman – so if you’re more petite – I’ll let you downsize and pick some other GPS watch that Clever Training stocks, even if it might not look as pretty and be lacking the flower power.


Since I landed in a snowy place this evening, we’re going to get you thinking about winter. To enter, simply leave a quick comment with an answer to the following:

How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?

Giveaway closes Friday evening, November 20th at 11:59PM US Eastern Time.


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  1. Alex

    Switching indoors on the bike and spicing up the routine with some nice trailrunning.

  2. Grrrippp

    I wish it ‘d be a little more chilly. It’s way too wet these days and I hate cleaning my bike after each and every ride…

  3. Craig McNeill

    I live in the Rockies, so biking and hiking get replaced by alpine and telemark skiing, skate skiing and skinning/backcountry outings.

  4. TJ

    Running in Atlanta in winter is perfect., it is summer we have to make special plans for.

  5. Mark Grossenbacher

    Wear more clothes.

  6. Mark Shaffer

    Turbo trainer and classes on Wattbike, coupled with time on the MTB.

  7. Chris Apperley

    I switch to my other nationality and become a Sufferlandrian, sweating holy water on the turbo training mat

  8. Emmanuel Millan

    Living in Venezuela, my training routine will be a little bit more fresh

  9. James

    I just bundle up then have a still drink afterward. For example: I ran the other day. It was 24F. I had hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps after to warm me up. Perfect.

  10. Sven

    Add more layers, that’s all. I run in any weather 😉

  11. Guillermo Eguiarte

    For extreme athletes there is no bad or cold weather, just different challenges! Get out there!! Haha

  12. Haitz

    Once the good weather dissapears…indor trainning!

  13. Miha


  14. Oskar Nilsson

    I live in Sweden. I keep running during the winter. I just use more clothes.

  15. S Schwark

    Winter is the time to reset for the next year. I’m in N. Virginia, so it’s training on the trainers and treadmill often. It’s a time to work on form, power, and strong technique.

  16. Desmond Keogh

    In the summer I run and cycle with my wife … but she is a wimp so in the winter I run in the wood with my dog – Izzy – a Rhodesian Ridgeback that never gets tired !! I wear Tribesports long sleeve top once it drops to zero.

  17. Phil W

    Living in North Texas, I can still cycle most weekends, but I also incorporate more treadmill workouts, and hoping to add trainer workouts as well.

  18. Marco

    I don’t change my training at all in winter, apart from activating the backlight of my GPS watch 😉

  19. Jessica

    I would love to enter to win this watch

  20. Dan

    More indoor conditioning, treadmill/stair climber. Always looking for ways to increase endurance while staying indoors.

  21. Paul Mitton

    Extra layers when needed in the UK, always keep running outside whatever the weather!

  22. Andreas

    I’ll be cross country skiing this winter along with using my trainer and treadmill indoors. With that I fokus more on strength training during winter.

  23. SD

    The only advantage of rollers are you know exactly what you’ll hit in the event of a crash.
    (and crashes are likely when trying to close that @#{#| error dialog on Zwift while on rollers)

  24. James

    Indoors for some squats, lunges and deadlifts
    Trainerroad on a Lemond Revolution
    Some swimming if I can summon the motivation
    Want to add some canal path and bridle path running if the weather is rubbish so I can feel epic 🙂

  25. Davide

    No great changes in workouts just wearing long sleeves and nice caps

  26. Stuart Grey

    Winter is the time muddy it up on the trails with the MTB/fell shoes and enter lots of adventure racing team events. Nothing better than the fun of teamwork and nav to stave off the “exciting” weather!

  27. EB

    Rather boringly I move indoors. I have cycled in the snow, but you can’t push yourself as you might crash. Running is better if it is light, but it gets dark so early.

    The reservoir I swim in has banned swimmers too, as it has threshold of 10C

  28. Mike Hubbard

    I live in Michigan so winter weather is an issue. All biking and swimming is indoors but I still try to run outside as much as I can.

  29. Simon Higgins

    When winter comes, my main strategy is to harden the f*ck up

  30. Troy

    Still run outside when it’s not snowing, not often here in Oklahoma. It’s usually tolerable, just not as nice as Hawaii. If I feel too chilly, just move to the treadmill and watch some movies.

  31. Lucas Goodspeed

    Being the wimp that I am, my training schedule begins to resemble the TV schedule due to an abundance of treadmill runs in the winter

  32. Simon H

    No change to the running, almost more interesting in the dark. Too soft to continue the open water swimming. But we have zwift when it’s too bad outside now.

  33. richard p

    Wear warmer clothing – that’s it

  34. Natalia

    Will start my Nordic (skate) skiing for the Tour of Anchorage!

  35. CJ

    Hey glad I made it to the party!

  36. Dave S

    Currently in New Orleans. In winter sometimes I might wear socks for a bike ride. Occasionally Ive had to put on leg and/or arm warmers. To get in the mood of winter weather, every now and then I will do a trainer ride while I Google pictures of snow.

  37. Christian Hansen

    New season, new opportunities. I shift my focus from Triathlon to cross country skiing. Keeps me motivated throughout the year.

  38. Shane

    Mainly bring the bike indoors on the trainer, and continue to pretend that next week is the week I start working on my swim technique 🙂

  39. Peter Granger

    Indoors to avoid the dark, cold Wisconsin winter.

  40. Ken

    I live in AZ so winter training is not a problem. 1 extra layer at most! 🙂

  41. soundbyte

    As the colder, shorter days approach, more runs are done – still outdoors – in the morning and during my lunch-hour. Long runs are stil done outside, incorporating more hills whenever possible. When the truly terrible weather hits (heavy snow & slush; bitterly cold temps), I’ll hit the treadmill for intervals or tempo runs.
    And pilates & yoga stay on the schedule year-round to keep the body strong!

  42. RP

    I’m a lucky ducky, who gets to swim with turtles, dolphins and an occasional monk seal year round.

  43. Attilio

    Hawaii are definitely overrated – I am glad to live in one of the sunniest and driest European country: the Netherlands – no need to winter adapt

  44. Luke

    I put a jacket on, a pair of long trousers and out i go 🙂

  45. Dawn Conniff

    Trainer time, treadmill time, and fun in the cold when the sun makes an appearance.

  46. Dave

    Being in Canada, winters here can be tough. I play soccer outdoors in the summer/fall/spring and indoor soccer in winter. I started running this year and my vivosmart has kept me motivated throughout. I prefer running at my university running track which is indoors anyways, so my running won’t be affected by the winter.

  47. Philip Cooper

    I live in northern ireland, in winter it gets dark at 4pm so I do a lot of running with my head torch and sometimes change it up by going to an indoor circuit training class if I can’t stick the rain anymore ⌚?☔❄⌚

  48. MKC

    More treadmill and TRX in the man cave.

  49. Steve Duran

    Sharp looking, but super functional watches.

  50. Manu

    Not sure I’d call it “adapting”, I just hate training in the winter a little more. But still not really. Just wish it wasn’t so dark all the time, so adapting for me is mostly adding a headlamp and some reflective gear. Not changing anything with regard to how often and/or where I run. Gotta power through and be happy that you don’t overheat as quickly. 😉

  51. Tal

    I just love winter runs… Living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, winter time here is just about perfect: not too hot, not too cold 🙂

  52. Mike Korfhage

    The weather does not dictate my training. Getting out on those super cold days builds mental strength.

  53. Brad

    I always promise to focus on my strength training and speed work – to build a better base for the warmer weather!

  54. Alison

    Layer up and head outside

  55. I stock up on layers and continue to head out. Although this year I’m adding a few sessions of Deep Water Running and more cross training and strength work with weights and other equipment. Thanks for all your work and writing Ray.

  56. Brian

    I just give up in the winter until I get very fat (usually around Christmases) and then I go full bore into training in the pain cave until that drives me crazy and then it’s outside for runs. But when it gets down to -40, my HRM doesn’t work correctly, so I go back inside on the hamster wheel.

  57. Switch to the turbo unless it is dry and not not icy when I want to go out for a ride, and get my map out to find the gym again…..

  58. Jorge Bronze

    Split shorts get picked away and running tights come out to play. Pretty much the only adaptation!

  59. Nicole

    ….winter training blues…..but sometimes the treadmill is a necessary evil!!

  60. Tom Veitch

    I am primarily a mountain biker living in deepest, darkest,wettest and muddiest Scotland. I’m lucky in that although I love the summer Singletrack, I also love sliding around in the mud over winter. My outdoor millage does drop though, so I tend to supplement it with indoor Turbo sessions and a bit of running .

  61. dom

    Hi, i’m leaving in cold part in France, so i bike less, my foot can’t support the snow.

  62. loukask

    I live in central Greece and snow is scarce in winter; rain too can be avoided and still keep a relatively normal training schedule (run 3-4 times per week including a long trail run on weekend.

  63. Aaron

    As winter comes, I try to stay out as much as possible. But living in Michigan has it’s limits and eventually I’m forced to the treadmill and trainer.

  64. Robi

    I live on the Mediterranean, training 365 days/year

  65. dominick

    How I changed my training, I normally like to trail run in nature parks across the netherlands ending it with a nice latte in their visitors center, now when the days are getting colder I decided to visit the parks located further away. Turning up the radio on my drive over there enjoying the music, I look like a crazy energetic crazy man to fellow drivers I assume, so when I get there I am pumped up. Combined with good cold gear clothes I can still enjoy a great 15-20 km run in nature, ending it with a nice cup of hot tea.

  66. Joshua Crowe

    I use the winter to build aerobic fitness back up after fall races. I view it as a purposeful liminal phase between fall and spring seasons. Our local Y adds a huge “bubble” to the outdoor pool so it becomes an indoor pool. This is a nice help.

  67. Matthew Austin

    Moved back to California from Michigan earlier this year so excited to actually be able to get in some winter bike rides and runs (without needing yaktrax and heavy clothing).

  68. Howie Nordstrom

    Historically, I work ski patrol so skiing is crosstraining. This winter, tho, I’m devoting 100% to tri and doing an extended stay on Mallorca.

  69. George Grenier

    Winter? Maybe an extra layer and a light. Otherwise it’s all the same.

  70. Jordan

    Gotta move inside. Elliptical and trainer.

  71. Vegard

    When in Norway, I spike my shoes up, and move my workouts to an open field with lots of snow for one of the toughest workouts of the year. This year I’m moving my winter training to Oklahoma for some proper mileage without interruptions

  72. Gary s

    Wear extra layers except for snow ice and rain, then it’s the dreaded treadmill and weights

  73. Brandon Cosby

    I focus my training on strength, core, and legs for the winter and return to running regularly again in the spring. Each year I try a different set of DVD’s to try.

  74. Ulpio

    Winter is the same as summer but less shiny!

  75. Vancouver, BC – Get a lot of high-quality rain gear, a bright light… and a trainer/zwift setup for when I’m feeling wimpy.

    Also wool clothes for running

  76. Ethan

    Trail running in — night running on streets — out. Swimming stays the same, as it’s the only reason I have a gym membership.

  77. Blair Cabot

    Leave the bike in the trainer all winter. Some running on snowy trails to, but my pace slows an extra 2min/km.

  78. Bryan Starks

    I run more in the winter than the summer as I enjoy the cooler weather here in the South. Mountain bike season keeps me in the mountains all winter as well.

  79. Humberto Ruiz

    Live in Puerto Rico so there’s no winter season. December and January are the best months to train for long events.

  80. Ben

    Not Hawaii but Austin has been pretty good with winter weather. Hopefully no winter changes.

  81. Jakub

    I simply put another layer on, polar beanie and on-ear headphones instead of earbuds. And of to the forest nerby 🙂 i also tend to start training earlier im the afternoon rather than in the evening to catch some daylight.

  82. Jennifer

    I live in Las Vegas so no change in training is necessary other than taking some sport specific blocks for triathlon ‘offseason’

  83. Tim

    Two words: skiing and turbo. That’s the perfect winter training. Always good to hit the Alps in the summer too!

  84. Shelley B

    I focus on running and strength training during the winter months

  85. Juan Gili

    As every saturday going out for a long trek

  86. RQE

    I spend more time on the bike trainer

  87. Sean Huang

    I lived in Southern California. I can still do outdoor running and biking. In the rare case that it rains, I would switch to indoor training such as cross-fit training, weight training. Exercise just become a hobbit and something fun just to be moving around.

  88. Konstantinos Goneos

    Living in a Greek island… Not very cold but windy. Some extra layers and accessories do the work.

  89. MaverickNH

    More weights, indoor jamming to tunes on the cycle trainer and in the pool.

  90. Chris Tallamn

    Indoor trainer, indoor pool, and run on sunny days

  91. Tanasut

    I put lights on my bike and dress warmly. Also need to wear a waterproof jacket in Vancouver, BC.

  92. Fernando

    In Buenos Aires in winter It doesnt snow, but humidity kills you, so more functional work-out inside the gym to gain muscles for the marathon’s season

  93. chien gris, chat rouge

    Skiing, dog sledding, ice climbing. …more skiing. …then back to Singapore for 350 days of tropical heat and humidity!

  94. Andrew McKendry

    How do I adapt for winter. Ride less. Soft I know but motivation does drop. Still commute to work during the week but more often than not Sat and Sun are spent sleeping in. Or going skiing.

  95. John

    I currently live in FLorida and don’t have snow here. I just use layers when it gets cold. Growing up in a colder climate I have come to enjoy winter running.

  96. Brian E.

    My training is very sporadic in the winter but that’s really no different than the summer. Snowboarding becomes my “training”.

  97. JogOnBen

    I become the nocturnal runner, laughing in the face of the pitch dark and high winds of the fat fens of the U.K.

  98. Don

    It depends on the general state of the weather.
    If the sun is shining and it’s just plain cold (<25F) I'll try to target the warmest part of the day.
    If it's overcast and maybe snowing it doesn't seem to matter, just go when it's still light out.
    If there is a hellacious wind blowing I'm staying inside.

  99. Adam

    Stay in the same location but add many many layers for running. Whimp out most days on the bike and ride the trainer. Or schedule work meetings in warmer locations and run in shorts. Oh and dread going to the pool in the morning.

  100. Eric

    I like to change my routine and do more strength training. Cardio typically consists of laps in the indoor pool and a little running on the treadmill.