A November Garmin (Fancy) Fenix3 Giveaway


It’s somehow already halfway through November, and we’ve lacked a giveaway this month.  Heck, did we even have a giveaway last month? That seems like eons ago.  My bad.

No worries though, I’m here to save the day.  Or at least, save Tuesday.  I’ll be giving you a Fenix3.  But not any Fenix3, one of their newfangled fancy looking Fenix3 watches.  Had I thought this post through a little bit more, I could have put it on Friday, and named it the ‘Fancy Fenix3 Friday Freebie’, but alas – I didn’t think of that until now as I write on the plane.  My mental schedule is set for the week, and here it is.

In any case, they released these ones back a few months ago.  One is more of a leather strap, and the other more womanly with swanky rose gold trimmings.  Though honestly, it’s still kinda a big watch for a woman – so if you’re more petite – I’ll let you downsize and pick some other GPS watch that Clever Training stocks, even if it might not look as pretty and be lacking the flower power.


Since I landed in a snowy place this evening, we’re going to get you thinking about winter. To enter, simply leave a quick comment with an answer to the following:

How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?

Giveaway closes Friday evening, November 20th at 11:59PM US Eastern Time.


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  1. Doug

    Swapped from rugby to triathlon training – easier to get out of bed for an indoor pool or treadmill than a rugby pitch

  2. Josef

    Mountains are always a place for the extremes so prior planning and an abundance of suitable layers is the order of the day during winter

  3. Sebastian Fern

    London doesn’t get truly cold but cycling moves exclusively to the trainer and it takes a little more self discipline to go out for a run when you’re guaranteed darkness and just above freezing rain tests your clothing choices.

  4. Mark

    It’s getting wet cold and windy so the bike hibernates and the trainer goes in front of trainer road for a couple of months! Other than that the runs become a bit shorter and the swims are all indoors.

  5. Georgi Kostadinov

    I ride more my bike on trainer at home. When I ride outside, I put on winter clothes. Also It so funny to ride through the snow on mountain.

  6. Mary

    I live in Canada and adapting to winter is a matter of taking of advantage of the snow, rather than fighting it! Good gear is key: rented cross country skis/snowshoes, or microspikes if you’re going for an icy run. For shoulder season (the worst!) when you can neither comfortably bike nor even ski, it’s time to hit the climbing gym and pool. In any event, the common thread to motivation is big groups of friends (piling into a car full of people and skis to drive up to the snow belt, early on a Saturday) and hot chocolate. With egg nog. And rum….

  7. Carlo Gonzalez

    Dress warm and forget the excuses.

  8. chris ehlers

    Lots of trainer riding in the basement…instead of Netfix and Chill for me it is Netflix and sweat.

  9. Henrik Persson

    I switch from shorts to long legged tights and keep on running!
    Keep up the great work Ray!

  10. Kevin Hayes

    im a lucky one who lives in the sun scorched island of ireland where short sleeves are worn throughout the year……..

  11. Marton

    more clothes

  12. Ryan Christensen

    More time on the trainer and more time running during my lunch hour. More layers on Saturdays.

  13. Tim

    When it gets cold, I bundle up and brave the weather. If it turns snowy or icy I have no choice but to run on treadmills. 🙁

  14. Szymon

    I replaced my road bike with moutain bike few weeks ago and I try to ride whenever it’s possible. When the weather is really really bad, I choose running. Additionally I do some core excercises with my girlfriend to strengthen the muscles and prepare properly for the upcoming season. I hope it will bring the expected results.

  15. Heather Agnew

    I don’t train my training up but just my gear instead. I primarily run so I can usually make it work but on occasion will get on the treadmill if the weather just won’t cooperate but that’s not too often in Alabama.

  16. leon whaanga

    Put a heater next to the wind trainer – add a layer of clothing. And Go.

  17. S Fox

    I live e in Southern California – in January I just wait until mid-day, or put on a second layer before heading out…

  18. Joerg

    Running in winter means wearing an extra shirt and long tights, means wearing a headlamp and a reflective vest, means running more lonely, and is, however, as much fun as it is in any other season.

  19. Daniel

    SoCal weather is great in the winter, so no change

  20. Linda Eriksson

    Here in Sweden with all the snow and cold weather, we prefer xc-skiing and indoor biking, instead of road biking. The ice is to thick to break, so we do all the swimming indoors. If it’s below -15° we still running outdoor.

  21. Brent

    In Chicago it can be hard to maintain running mileage outdoors. Layers, layers, layers, layers! Use the yaktrax when you need them and don’t be afraid to netflix and mill if it’s below 0!

  22. Juan Perez

    Live in San Diego, so not too much required to adapt to the “cold”. Usually just a light running jacket and reflective gear(it’s usually dark when I run).

  23. Mirek

    Thanks to remind me – I have to change a battery in my torch 🙂 That’s it.

  24. Robert

    Count me in!

  25. Indiginous European

    This Winter I’ll be encouraging the French security forces to ‘take out’ the violent Islamic scum, their recruiters, and the scumbag preachers before they perpetrate their next massacre of innocents.

  26. Oscar

    Berlin winter here, so some snow, wind and freezing temperatures. The bike sleeps in the cellar, running slows down when icy…

  27. Ben Katz

    I focus mainly on running and add in some gym and snowboarding

  28. Tom K

    Just put some warmer clothes and run as usual

  29. Simon rimdal

    I hit the gym and trainer

  30. Kevin McMahon

    For me, it’s all about transitioning to the inside.

  31. Virgile

    Switch to track cycling and cyclocross, two winter sports…
    But also enjoy riding the snow in the mountains

  32. andrew rauen

    I just bought a Vortex Smart, based on your recommendations, and choose to stay out of the cold all together! 🙂 I also do more diving. Yes I know that doesn’t make logical sense.

  33. Rob f

    I swich from cycling to running, and moan about it till the spring.

  34. paul

    I train less and eat more. Damn isn’t it meant to be the other way around….

  35. Alejandro C

    iam in!!! give me this garmin!!!

  36. Jason Lovelacd

    I eat a lot more and train a lot less. It’s called hibernation.

    If only that were true. I bundle up like an Eskimo and head outside. If you ever want to race in the cold (aka Norseman; which is on the bucket list) then you have to train for it!

  37. Michael

    winter. There is no winter anymore. Thanks to our industry 😉

  38. Ben

    I will have my focus on running and swimming during the cold and dark days of the year.

  39. John D

    Run a little, cycle a little and swim now and then. Eat lots and drink more than normal.

  40. Somnium

    My running hardly decreases at all, I just layer up and run a little slower. My winter base has been one of the things that sets me up for strong springs. I also get on my trainer a few times a week, I hardly find time for outdoor cycling, so the winter is when I get the bulk of my yearly riding in.

  41. Trey

    Finally a watch that I can wear to work!

  42. Jonathan Patterson

    put on tights, put on gloves, deep breath, and ride as normal

  43. Alessandro

    no bike for 4-5 months and more swimming but same running!

  44. Stephen

    I use the treadmill at the gym more, and layer up some. also, I’ll sub out more days swimming than running at the gym. living in georgia, generally our winters are pretty mild. it was 70 degrees yesterday, the week before thanksgiving.

  45. Damian

    I’ll wear more layers when running and cycling. Mountain bike rides will be shorter and avoid the hardest climbs which become impossible when ground conditions deteriorate and traction is reduced.

  46. Ben

    Thank you for providing amazing product reviews and a really interesting blog!

  47. Gary

    I live in Brisbane Australia – I have to put lights on the bike, because its still dark when I set out……, very inconvenient ! haha………, maybe a wind vest as well ?

  48. Daniel Condon

    I’m a Lucky Duck that has recently moved to Australia.
    Been from Ireland, this move was a welcome one.. No more FREEZING COLD Winters.
    Exercise is must easier down here, running on beaches and promenades…

  49. Phil

    In Canada, it’s layers layers layers – and when that doesn’t do it, treadmill.

  50. Melvin Jones

    Living in North Florida I am able to Ride and Run year round. I recently picked up arm and leg warmers and they have been awesome so far. I keep the same short sleeve jerseys from the summer but add the sleeves. Saved money having to buy new Jerseys/Kits… Ordered some lights for the bike so I don’t get stuck in the dark and I run with flashlights and a petzl.
    Swimming is still doable indoors or even a heated pool. This is where I need to work more. I have found that just making to where I have to drive 7 miles to swim has severely impacted my swim schedule which I don’t want to do anyways. 🙂 I will push on!

  51. peter p

    Keep on running through the snow to get ready for the spring races

  52. ailsa

    Adding a few layers to survive the -20

  53. Alejandro Coy

    I am calgary so ride outside not an option.So I ride my Tacx bushido and using Zwfit!


  54. Jordi

    I decreased in winter and a few hours of training and kilometers a week , also lame less bike one day and do more of gym or pool.

  55. Grant

    Do some crosstraining in Gym combined with trail running and MTB in Winter.

  56. Luis Coy

    Live in Calgary so I ride my bushido smart and ride using ZWIFT!

  57. JM Fox

    Same procedure as every year: swap my bike for my running shoes… or cross-country skis !

  58. Chuck

    Biggest change for me is trying to schedule my runs with the daylight. Winters here aren’t terrible but running alone in the cold, dark night is just asking to be yelled at by the wife…

  59. Gerard

    He Ray,
    Just in the netherlands we can continue allways with running. I prefer the mud and do more off-road in winter (weekends). To get more strength I alternate with MTB trips as well. In the evening we do once a week a running bootcamp to strengthen the body alterated with some HIIT’s
    rgs to you all folks in Paris – we’ll support you by our thought.

  60. Living i cold Denmark I bring out (or in) my home trainer, but keep commuting on my old road bike.
    Same amount of running and less open water swimming 😉

  61. Leonard Ellis

    I run and swim just the same (I live in NYC and like running in cold weather better than i do in the august heat…). as for biking, I get on the trainer occassionally, but honestly have yet to find it satisfying, so I take a soul cycle class to remind me what pedaling feels like.

  62. Jakub Malina

    Well, I hope to get back into running very soon. Hope there will be no change in winter, we’ll see about the show.

  63. Ted H

    Just put on more clothes unless the weather is too bad. Then is the dreaded treadmill.

  64. Kristina Malinova

    We went with running last winter as ussual. However we’re bit lazy this upcomming season, so hope to get back on track (trail).

  65. Michelle

    Colorado weather takes a little adaption but gives no reason not to train. My bike lives on the trainer in the house. My running involves extra layers (actually my favorite time of year to run) or a treadmill if the weather is bad. Finally…. the pool… always feels warmer when it is cold outside!

  66. Hervé

    Reduce Time and distance barefoot running training.
    But increase number of trainings per weeks…

    Still hard

  67. Patric

    Grow a beard and keep on running.

  68. Johny Malina

    I’m an indoor calysthenic guy, so working out in my flat is easy, no matter the weather outside. 🙂

  69. Daniel

    I’ll continue running through the winter, but living in Salt Lake UT makes it great to cross train with skiing.

  70. Felipe Arzayus

    How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?

    Hi DC, I happen to live near the US Capital and Winter does set it pretty nicely here. My approach to training is to switch to mostly maintenance rides/runs on treadmills/trainers and increase the frequency of swimming drills.

    I try to sneak in a weekend ride when the weather collaborates, and do short runs during work lunch breaks.

    Take care,


  71. Quentin

    I am in the Pacific Northwest. No sport change for the winter. Biking now requires rain friendly wear, as do my runs. Rain shells, warm leggings, gloves and hat (or balacavas) are the norm now until late Spring.

  72. Adam Harrison

    Trail shoes for ice and snow, running tights and base layer/long sleeves for sub 5C, headlamps for evenings. No reason to stop running unless it is really hazardous underfoot. Swimming = pool. I haven’t got room for a trainer so the cycling suffers… maybe I should take up spin?

  73. Jonathan

    I live in New York City, but don’t change my training schedule at all. Just put on more clothes.

  74. Cian Smart

    Just brave the elements, run and cycle more

  75. John

    Short skirt and a lonnnnnnngggggggg jacket

  76. Urko

    Living in basque country just put more clothes and run!

  77. Hack Kampbjørn

    I put on warmer clothes, traffic vest and sometimes even lights

  78. Steve Hindman

    I switch over to the trainer at night and ride mid-day on weekends and once during the work week.

  79. Albert Pallàs

    I use to do some indoor training, plus jogging and swimming. But I’m a little lazy in winter, I admit it! 🙂

  80. Cezex

    October through November I leave the bike at home and go for a run instead. In December I get the trainer out and dreaming about better weather while pedaling on a balcony.

  81. Jaclyn Armstrong

    I switch to the treadmill to run during the winter. I hate the cold!

  82. Simon Murden

    Get dirty off road, in the woods, to sharpen up bike handling skills. The intensity of a night ride in the woods gets the heart and mind going. If I won’t have time to clean the bike afterwards I will enter the dungeon, and take a tour of Sufferlandria.

  83. Mike Addison

    Run between the rain drops & schuss over the snow (sometimes stopping to recover a shoe lost in a snow drift).The hardest thing is getting out of the door!

  84. Pietro

    More strength training at the gym and extended runs,rides and swims at lower effort!

  85. Craig Skinner

    I just bundle up and run outside. Also use the bike indoors on a trainer.

  86. Tony

    In the winter, I tend to do less of everything and a little (very little) more strength training.

  87. Lynne Anderson

    I own a variety of athletic for every type of weather imaginable. The only thing that takes me indoors is rain when I need to cycle.

  88. Philip

    Not that bad anymore. Smart trainers and things like Zwift….

  89. Joakim

    Living in Sweden I just have to make use if the snow and cold. Meaning it’s a lot of skiing and skating. Running still work perfectly well with trail running shoes and the road bike is exchanged for a mountain bike with spiked tires.

  90. Picko

    Absolutely no change to training except for switching to the winter bike. TTFU ?

  91. Ian

    As a runner living in a warmer part of Texas, there is really no need to change sports or training practices. Around here, winter is the best time to get outdoors and run (as opposed to the oppressive combination of heat and humidity that plagues us in the summer). The only change I make is breaking out the headlamp and reflective gear due to the shorter days.

  92. Charles H

    Winter? I live in CA.

  93. Adam

    Still running regularly, but now in tights and gloves. =)

  94. Pat

    Warm clothes, plus Zwift/TR when things get really rough out there.

  95. Yes, softer, nicer, not so hard training, creating the suffer soul for the next year. To build inside myself.

  96. Dana

    I like to hit the gym and use the treadmill and elliptical machines to get my cardio in.

  97. stephen fallows

    Its all about the turbo…….oh and muddy off road fun!

  98. peter

    it crashed commenting on my phone, so second attempt
    in winter my options for running become very limited due to the darkness mainly but i try not to reduce
    can’t wait for summer-time to be back 🙂

  99. Jim

    Keep ridin’ those Scottish roads when they are ice free, other elements are character building! add in the rollers and a bit of running. Also started Metafit – that’s sore 🙂

  100. Swap road bike for mtb, seek out the mud to run in, and be ready to hose kit and self down after every outing. But I admit the wetsuit is packed up and I’m back in the pool, instead of the lake.

  101. Cody

    I like to swim laps at the Y, and on days it’s warm enough, I’ll go outside and run.

  102. Fabrizio

    I am setting up my Tacx Satori again.

  103. Buwr

    Run/cycle less and do more strength training indoors. And gain some fat.

  104. Stu Lamb

    I’m training to be a Spartan. The winter is just a colder time to train.

  105. Slawek

    I adapt my schedule a little bit … by doing my workouts earlier 🙂 but nothing more!

  106. Joe Deering

    In cold New England I move out of the lakes and into the pool and off the road and onto a bike. I am not thrilled with cold weather running so a lot of catch up is played in the weight-room and pool…

  107. Johan Hoeke

    In the winter I go from road cycling to spinning indoor and indoor rowing. Also enjoy TRX workouts at the gym with my son 🙂
    love your website!

  108. Karen

    Luckily our winters aren’t too bad. I generally continue to run outdoors but will take to biking indoors on a trainer. Something about riding in the winter is worse than running in it… or maybe a treadmill ir worse than a trainer? 🙂

  109. ABQ Bill

    What a great looking watch ! Great for running out here in New Mexico !!

    Thanks for all you do !

  110. J Partridge

    Open water swims in Barton Springs. No need for a wetsuit, the water stays about 70 degrees year round. Come join us next time you’re in Austin.

  111. Rafal

    If there is lot of snow then freeriding on my splitboard in the mountains and if its just cold without lot of snow then still riding my mtb bike on my local trials and also doing some weight and functional training during winter months.

  112. Stuart

    There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people says Bowerman.

  113. JC

    Houston winter, well it is cold to me. I try to brave the cold but if it is cold and wet, troll the weather sites to find a time it is not raining.

  114. Rolf

    I doesn’t get terribly cold here in Central Cali, so just bundle up and get outside to ride!

  115. Mark

    I keep a treadmill in the garage

  116. Jason Perez

    Just put on a 2nd layer on top and be done with it.

  117. Alex Holland

    No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Get out there 😉

  118. Michelle parish

    I tend to hibernate! But seriously I use a trainer for riding due to the decreased daylight. I don’t live in Hawaii but south Texas is pretty forgiving. I can still run outside.

  119. Chris

    In cave at 25 and below

  120. Sandra

    I’m fortunate that it doesn’t snow too much here so I can run all year round. I do have to change up my schedule to seek daylight or avoid stormy weather. I spend my winters base building and don’t do any tempo runs or speed work.

  121. Paulo

    I just run through it. “there is no such thing as bad weather…” 🙂

  122. EricWerner

    I stop riding f/t, running p/t, and start a focused running program f/t for winter. And Maui for Jan/Feb for some warm weather training doesn’t hurt! Thanks !

  123. Nicolas

    Time for winter sports! Ski slopes, here I come!

  124. Bruce M

    I simply add a couple of layers and push through !

  125. Brad

    I live in Boulder….and run/hike/ski in whatever the weather delivers. If the snow is higher than my shoes then gaiters are in order. With 300 sunny days a year it is hard NOT to be outside.

  126. Amanda M

    It’s been unseasonably warm for November here in S. Jersey, but I know the end is coming. Pulled the Under Armour Cold Gear to the top of the drawers, dusted off the trainer and printed the new pool schedules. I’m a beach girl, I hate the cold.

  127. Julian

    Keep riding and curse the weather.

  128. CapeHorn

    Headlamp for runs, and quality time on the KICKR. (and suffer the cold walk from the pool to the car, instead of just running from hom to the pool)

  129. Tamás

    Shorter and slower runs, some ice skating and more indoor strengthening.

  130. Michael

    How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Not much, even though I live near Boulder, CO, I never run on a treadmill, and I don’t add or subtract sports. Mostly I just sleep in a bit more in the winter if it is icy out.

    Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii? Nope, as noted above, I primarily run all year, unless injured, and secondarily add in swimming and weight lifting.

  131. Daley baxter

    I continue to run outside as I enjoy running in the cold and wind and it’s all made possible with compression/base layers to keep your muscles warm and prevent injuries. I mix up running and strength training throughout the year so not much different whatever the weather.

  132. Matt

    Change up the gear a bit. More reflectors and a more annoying alarm to get me up when it’s pitch black out.

  133. Fernando G

    I live in Montreal, Canada which is kinda cold. I keep running, I reduced a bit the mileage and of course I bundle up

  134. adam schultz

    Wear warmer clothes, carry less water!

  135. Kevin Heberlein

    Living in California I’m able to keep riding through the winter. I simply layer up and leave later in the day.

  136. Stepan

    Building the base 🙂

  137. Yevgeny

    Living in the south of England I will put extra layer on and continue running. If it turns torrential then will be using rower indoors 😛

  138. Carter

    grow a beard, grab some good mittens, and grind on.

  139. Mark S

    It gets cold here in Pennsylvania over winter, but the amount of snow cover can be variable. As long as the roads are clear and dry, I try to run and bike some outdoors each week. But Nov to March I do spend time at the Y doing strength training, and some cardio to account for reduction in outdoor time.

  140. Peter Stuart

    I live in SoCal, so it’s strangely just like the rest of the year. Sunblock and pray for rain.

  141. Andrew W

    I drink even more coffee and eat more donuts, so I’ll be extra motivated when it gets warmer.

  142. koo chan

    There is always the treadmill and cross fit training to count on

  143. Matt Langford

    I live in Sydney, so some great cycling still to be had in the winter months. The main adjustment is riding a bit later when it gets light or using the indoor trainer a bit more if it’s raining!

  144. Ciaran

    I hit the trails in winter both running and mountain bike

  145. J M

    Trying to avoid injury on the turbo. might throw in an ergo if I’m bored…

  146. Gerard Guillamet

    Swap your summer clothes to winter clothes, add some light and ready to run and ride in the evenings 🙂

  147. Tom Billinghurst

    Grind through and love what winter throws at you.

  148. Tim Stevens

    For winter training, I typically move indoors on my spin bike. I also hope to do more weight training this winter, but as of yet, I haven’t gotten too serious with that.

  149. Jean-Bernard Pellerin

    My training moves indoors, and the frequency of it drops like a log.

  150. Derek

    I’m forty-five years old this year and it’s the first time I need change “my” sport (thanks for the bike honey!) I’m taking up running until the 5:00a temp rises a wee bit.

  151. Michael Haring

    change of shoes to icebugs, warmer clothes and the addition of a headlamp for myself, and a blanket/jacket for my dog.


  152. Jack Dusthimer

    The older I get, the more I prepare by buying indoor equipment. I have collected many training tapes, an actual VHS player, treadmill, and bike trainer. Something about Iowa winters not getting any easier to tolerate.

  153. Barry

    Mostly the same since I use Trainer Road for cycling. Tough out the runs with many layers. If doing a run in evening then I’ll head to the gym to use the treadmill.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Glad to hear you were safe in Paris.

  154. Tony Race

    I live in NZ so just coming into summer 😉 but cycling is my only sport so in winter it’s pretty much business as usual, just with a few extra layers…

  155. David ware

    Switch to XC skiing. Would love a new Fenix!

  156. South Brazil winter is not so rough. A bit wet some days and not so cold.

  157. Anthony Proctor

    This would be nice to enjoy for this upcoming Denver winter

  158. Gary B

    NSW Australia Ray, it’s actually better to run here in winter. I have the opposite problem and adapt summer training basically means head indoors to the boring treadmill or go running in the night and fall down a ditch, it’s dark here.

    Really happy to see the supporter option. Can’t wait for your reviews of the Garmin in house optical, I’ve ordered a VivosmartHR for the other half but waiting on your approval to get a Garmin 235.

  159. Mike Gathy

    I change nothing, just muscle through the cold harsh winter

  160. DS

    I’m in Louisiana, so winter means I will eat more oysters (and fewer crawfish) to recover from my training. Otherwise, I’ll do more long runs because it’s not 90+ degrees outside.

  161. Reese

    playing zwift mostly!

  162. Christian Domroese

    Love the cold and mostly clean air running along the Thames. Can’t get enough of those beautiful citylights around central. Don’t like the early darkness as much but listening to your podcast helps a bit ;).

  163. Jakob Claffey

    I ride the trainer indoors, and add in some xc skiing.

  164. Brandon Ewing

    I give up the cycling, but continue to run outside until there’s snow on the ground. Then I switch to my pay-by-the-visit gym to use their treadmills.

  165. Zach

    I’m a marathin specialist, and here in snowy Michigan, speed work options get limited pretty severely, being as all of the local tracks are buried for about 2 months. Winter means endless mile repeats around my neighborhood block, exchanging wary, early morning waves with the plow guys and dog walkers.

  166. Kris

    I am thankful to live in a snowless winter state, but my outside riding time drops just because I lack the willpower to suffer through the cold wind. Zwift will be a nice substitute for some riding time this year, but I also heavily increase my gym work.

  167. Nathan Brock

    After a year spent in Afghanistan, I’m happy just to be able to train again. But my winter plans are to use my new KICKR trainer and keep training and racing in the Southern USA.

  168. Ray

    I swim and bike indoors on a trainer.

  169. Scott

    Living in Utah makes the winter running tricky. I tend to cut back a little bit, since there are no real road races to train for in the winter other than small local 5k’s. I usually will run 3 days a week and use the other days to cross train so that come spring I am ready to hit the road and log some serious training.

  170. If it is above 40 degrees I continue to run outside, but the colder it gets the more swimming and indoor cycling I’ll do to stay in shape. Below 40 degrees I’ll run on the treadmill (very little) and really amp up my cross training.

  171. Robert Barton

    Your reviews are spot on! The personal stuff is great as well as it is great to see all the places you visit. Thank you so much for all the work you do as it does not go unnoticed. Starting up the Kickr as well with FulGaz!!!

  172. Dylan Boyles

    I don’t change my training for winter, just adapt my activities. More weight in the backpack, but that’s the price you pay to head into the wilderness when no one else is there.

    P.S. great reviews!

  173. Hans

    I live in sunny California. My only change in my training is that I hope I can run in the rain sometimes.

  174. Mark

    Keep on running! I run in shorts until its -5c!

  175. Marc V

    I live in an area of TX that goes from 110 in the summer to the low 30’s in the winter.

    I am very good at layering for running year round and swimming is mostly indoors at the gym so that’s not an issue.

    Biking is where i have trouble with the wind chill on the cold days. I’m trying out some new apparel this year and plan to attend some spin classes.

  176. Veronics

    Set up the trainer, run on the treadmill & snowboard

  177. Enoch Palmer

    I find friends to motivate me to get out there! Same sports but with lots more gear on!

  178. Eric

    Run all year in Vermont, but I add in some indoor racquetball and tennis.

  179. lucas moersdorf

    Kickr and a treadmill for me

  180. Mike B

    Catch the light when you can!

  181. Kelly Ash

    I live in Springfield Mo so it can get cooooold……………but enjoy 4 seasons……. I do change up my sports in winter. No outside biking. Still run albeit with extra a layer or two and work on my swimming indoors more!!

  182. Goncalo

    Run earlier, but almost no changes 🙂

  183. Jon Hughes

    Run faster, stay warm!

  184. John McClain

    I just add a few layers of clothing and power through. Weekends in the mountains are now for skiing but weekdays the routine stays the same.

  185. JTate

    I try to go outside for my runs when I can, but if not some inside cross training: treadmill, rowing machine, circuits etc. When snow is on the ground snow shoeing and skiing

  186. Gábor Révész

    Changing swimming outdoor pool into an indoor one, bike to spinning and running to cross-country [XC] ski, that’s so easy change.

  187. Adam

    I love outdoor winter running in Vermont!

  188. Mo

    Rain is pretty much nonstop here in Vancouver. Running in the rain is much better than riding in it.

  189. P Mang

    I still ride on the road when it is dry and ice free. Otherwise I skate ski and ride on rollers.

  190. Luc Simoneau

    Being from Canada, I cycle on a trainer, dress in layers for running and hit the pool twice a week!!!

  191. Mark Goddard

    I just add an extra layer and enjoy the cool SoCal weather.

  192. Joe Mantello

    Great info. Keep it coming. Thank you

  193. Aaron

    A membership to Zwift and my Wahoo KICKR are my two best friends.

  194. Ivo

    As a runner, i just keep running. Only using more layers of clothing

  195. Randall S. Wise

    Don’t change. I run outside no matter the weather and workout in my garage sweatshop with lots of layers.

    This will be the perfect Christmas gift to me. 😉

    Thanks for your work, congrats on the new chapter in life.

  196. Jackie

    Microspikes and snowshoes do the trick for enjoying our mountains for some cardio in the winter. A bike trainer and fan help this fair-weather biker make it through the winter.

  197. Ted Teague

    Lots of warm clothes, more indoor workouts.

  198. Erik

    During the week I force myself to stay inside. On the weekends I bundle up to the nose and get outside

  199. David

    I do cross country skiing

  200. Tom Tarnow

    More treadmill, more often. Warmer, if not as scenic.

  201. JoeFitz

    Same deal, more layers. Maybe eggnog instead of chocolate milk post run.

  202. Vincent

    I live in Florida so no change really

  203. B Rai

    More climbing during winter months!

  204. Jessica Voss

    I love running in winter. I just hate that it’s dark all the time. I don’t really change much except that I do get more workouts in at the gym

  205. Fermin Aportela Letona

    I want it so bad

  206. Peter K

    Mostly indoor cycling (TrainerRoad on my KICKR). But, I do go for an “outside” ride if the weather is dry. I don’t mind the cold if I’m wearing all the right gear.

  207. rowslo

    More indoor rowing and more layers for running once the snow starts.

  208. Martin

    Run faster. Ride harder. Defrost after.

  209. Veronica

    I love a new Fenix

  210. Track session followed by nice long run over the weekend!

  211. Chris

    Rock climbing moves from Rock to Plastic in the Gym. Running stays the same (mostly trails or neighborhood streets…), swimming stays the same, skiing takes the place of slack-lining, skate-boarding and hiking. Pretty much dictated by the beautiful Oregon winter rain 😉

  212. Jeff Seisser

    I joined a gym and I’m going to use a treadmill

  213. Derek M

    Switch to mountain biking and indoor swimming, but running stays the same.

  214. JaderWaters

    There is no bad weather, only bad gear… I’m married to a Swede. They put snow tires on the bicycles. Need I say more?

  215. Mark Gowin

    Keep on running – just dress properly.

  216. Daniel

    Down to around 35F or so I’ll run outside all bundled up. Below that, or with snow or ice on the ground, it’s the treadmill or indoor track at the gym. For cycling, it’s the trainer most year round.

  217. Mark Moeller

    I live in sunny southern california, so sometimes I do have to wear a long sleeve 😛

  218. Definitely use the turbo a lot more during the winter…Zwift has definitely made life easier. Also a good time to hit the gym to build strength for next season’s races.

  219. Dan

    I’ve been spoiled in Arizona, however that is all going to change with our move to Wisconsin! There will be plenty of adapting to learn. I have narrowed my trainer choice for zwifting down thank you DC, Now if you could work on the fat bikes and XC skis everything might be figured out. Excited to frolic in the winter wonderland again, will have to learn to enjoy the pain cave though. Adapt and overcome, why fit it join them all!

  220. Ken

    For winter here in the snowy northeast US I am mostly back in the pool and get more running in on the treadmill when I cant get outside

  221. Mallory Lundy

    I warm up by jumping rope before heading outside; and make sure my face is covered up to protect it from windburn! Run inside on treadmill when it’s raining/snowing.

  222. Jim Peters

    In NH we just HTFU

  223. Scott Kennedy

    I bike less, swim more, and run about the same (all layered up instead of on the treadmill…unless it’s really nasty outside).

  224. Pamela Kennedy

    I definitely hit the treadmill more.

  225. thrbob

    the gym and indoor riding on a vintage computrainer no less.

  226. Jacq

    Looking forward to your newsletter 🙂

  227. Gene Seto

    Going to be moving to a new sport (skating) and the bike trainer

  228. Art

    I keep running outsides and cycling, but sometimes do indoor running and more power workouts. If weather is really bad.

  229. Amy

    I am lucky cuz I live in San Diego so winter is not so much of a winter as other cities. However, I’m anemic so I’m always cold. Wearing layers helps me! 😀

  230. Alex

    I live in Indiana, so i ride outdoors if its > 45F, and make up the missing days on my resistance rollers in the basement while watching re-runs of The Soprano’s.

  231. Mike J

    I live in on the island of Borneo, so winter means that the monsoon has arrived (=hot rain). So sometimes I have to jump out of the pool because if lightening storms. Other than that I’m just ticking along.

  232. Hugues Tremblay

    Living in Quebec, winter is part on our lives! You can stil run all winter long, and it can actually be really fun to run in the snow. Only adaptation is to dress properly…

  233. Janis

    I live in Texas. No change, just keep on running!

  234. Md Nif

    Just eat more spicy foods!

  235. Joel

    I run in the afternoon instead of the morning – much warmer.

  236. Dan Johnson

    I adapt my winter training schedule by training less and eating more. The result is a nice layer of fat that keeps me a afloat in the pool, warm on runs where it’s five below zero and motivated to get on the bike. The real risk I am taking here is that I might win the watch – in which case I will have to train more and, thus, sacrifice my precious, precious fat. It’s a risk I am willing to take. If I win, I promise to send a picture of me wearing it along with at least two other watches. All hail DC Rainmaker!

  237. Fab

    I just happen to live in a nice and warm around the year place – Southern California! So no change to training but for the addition of skiing on the weekends.

  238. Steve

    Just workout indoors here.

  239. Dan E

    I add yoga back into my regimen for the winter months.

  240. Jonathan

    I hunker down on my wahoo kickr and then head into t2 at mot local gym across the street for a nice long run. Winter is great for building up endualrance and skills!

  241. MooCow

    Treadmill. A lot.

  242. Michael

    During winter, I turn to snow sports – downhill skiing and training in the pain cave (Wahoo Kickr in the basement).

  243. Stephen Vallance

    Texas is best for winter training!

  244. Alex

    The winter sadly finds me in the gym much more. In lieu of running too much on a treadmill, I try to do more cross training. The best days are the ones when I can land an indoor tennis court 🙂
    Thanks for doing the giveaway, as always.

  245. Ange

    This is my first Tri winter so I will train like the pros. I will continue to train outside unless it’s dangerously cold. Alternatively, I will take it indoors and bring out my Sufferfest videos.

  246. Connor

    Living in FL means temperatures aren’t really an issue. Mountain biking with lights and more running in the winter for me.

  247. Mike

    In south Florida, sometimes I have to wear long sleeve shirts.

  248. Cathy

    In northeast Texas, there are rare ice days every few years, so no problem running year round. Light and/or reflective gear is a must.

  249. Michael

    I usually run outside and ride on a trainer in the winter. This year, I plan to add snowshoeing.

  250. James Park

    I’ve decided to give running a try. I hear its good for me…

  251. Noah Gray

    The trainer and the treadmill are set up next to each other. We also have an outdoor heated pool in my community that opens at 4 AM. Its cool to have the splashes from your flip turns frozen to the deck by the time you get out of the pool.

  252. Chris Kuchin

    I shift training to indoors. Trainer and Treadmill all the way!

  253. Peter L

    No cold weather where I live. Just keep running. 🙂

  254. Keith

    I try and get outside as much as possible still but use of my rollers goes up substantially.

  255. David Frey

    Winter is for easy base building.

  256. Drew

    I live in Florida, so my winter training schedule is pretty much the same as it is for the rest of the year.

  257. Robert

    I pretty much keep my running schedule the same. I just add cold weather gear to what I wear, so I’ll wear a nice pair of gloves, a nice tech cap, a nice tech long sleeve shirt, and when the temps drop to 35F or lower I wear some tights. I also usually swap over to wool socks to keep my feet nice and warm. Then if the side walks are covered in snow I’ll run on the opposite side of the road, since the roads are always clear.

  258. Tom

    neoprene shorts and cap in the outdoor pool!

  259. Peter N

    I live in Florida, so I welcome the cool weather for running. If it’s too windy and cool, riding indoors let’s me catch up on my TV shows.

  260. Mjl

    I try to bundle up and get my a$$ out there anyway, but it doesn’t always work. More easy runs when footing is suspect, as I’m more likely to biff it if attempting intervals.

  261. Jon Hadfield

    Entering Fenix 3 contest. Wooo hoooo.

  262. Matt Reingold

    I find that even in Chicago where we experience below zero fahrenheit weather, you just need to change your gear. Grab a balaclava, don’t overdress, done.

  263. Tina M

    It’s dark when I go to work and it’s dark by the time I get home during the heart of winter. I live in Minot, ND so any running is pretty much all indoors. It’s not so much because of the snow as it is outrageous wind chill. Crowded 1/12 mile track doesn’t appeal to me so my husband and I try to snowmobile whenever we can. I’d love some ideas from others that deal with similar weather 🙂

  264. DJ L.

    I primarily run, so I don’t really adapt. I just stretch more and I make sure to at least leave the house with long sleeves and a hat. No matter how cold it gets, I can’t bring myself to wear those skin tight runner pants that people wear. Not knocking those that do wear them, though.

  265. Robert

    I try to train in the warmer part of the day when possible. Or hit the dreadmill or bike trainer instead.

  266. Tony Harris

    Not Hawaii but Southern California. So I do change things up in the winter. My winter routine is to ride my fixed gear bike to the pool, about 20 miles round trip, and swim 1 mile. 2 or three times a week.

  267. Derek

    Break out the fatbike and the winter running gear. Hit the gym more often.

  268. Kelvin Lim

    No snow here, but lot of rain, so indoor treadmill.

  269. Kristen

    All year runner here…shift time and gear. Under armor and mid day lunch runs!

  270. George

    Swimming indoors. Run if it’s not icy on the roads.

  271. Lee Bourgoin

    I mostly do cross-country skiing, with other HIIT programs, as a kind of “break” for Tri season.
    Then, when XC-skiing is not much of an option anymore, I switch back to rollers and winter running to get things started, as well as first swims, to get rid of them chlorine-pool headaches 😛

  272. Ronni

    Ride on the trainer, swim indoors, run ouside with layers, and ski!

  273. Lee D

    Inside bike, outside shirts.

  274. Sebastie

    Same. I swim, bike and run… but indoor!

  275. Beth L.

    Usually add a couple of layers and keep running outside. Routes change with the footing. Bike path when clear, parking lot loops if icy, and neighborhood loops if plowing and de-icing needed. Indoor track if too brutal outside.

    This year winter will be different. Recovering from foot stress fracture. So…indoor swimming for now, trainer soon (hopefully), and maybe some outdoor runs in time for the real winter fun 🙂

  276. Wylie

    More morning taking long ways with my bike commutes and afternoon runs.

  277. Pat

    Enjoy the empty, windswept, lonely frozen roads. Give everyone the eye when they show back up on my roads in April.

  278. Audrey

    Treadmill and cardiotennis

  279. melissa

    I end up doing more running than riding. Riding indoors on the trainer is mind numbing.

  280. Anh

    Run , Ride outside with layers , swim inside and enjoy the holidays !

  281. Dan

    I tend to hop on the treadmill. On days where we get mid 30’s or higher I’ll run outside. I like the idea of getting a trainer and pairing it with Zwift, I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a bike and trainer setup for winter.

  282. Brittany b

    I don’t mind the cold, but because it gets dark so early I have to take most of my training indoors.

  283. Matt

    Reduce volume, focus on strength, form and drills.

  284. Greg

    I already posted but missed the checkbox with the $20 support button so I added it now only for that reason alone.

  285. Mike

    Still doing it all but maybe less

    Netflix + bike trainer

    Weekend group rides with layered clothes

    Threadmill and indoor pool for me 🙂

  286. John

    I come for the gadget info, but it’s the rest that gives the site personality.

  287. Sandro

    Running outdoors during the winter months in Ontario require some Merino wool, more layers and some good Gore-Tex shoes… and don’t look at the weather forecast too much…

  288. Harvey

    I mostly just run.

  289. Michael W

    Winter is not so harsh where I’m from… so I just wear more clothes when it gets colder.

  290. Mike Cassels

    I just tell myself that I love the cold, dark, and wet–it’s perfect.

  291. I live in New Mexico, so even in winter I’m still able to get outside! It gets colder, so just add some layers. It even snows a little, but considering the typical lack of snow, it’s an added bonus to the landscape!

  292. Nathan

    Like the look of these new Fenix watches

  293. jcg1112

    I break out my cold weather gear and keep on running. Don’t let the Illinois winters stop me.

  294. Izuan Izham

    I live in Malaysia, winter doesn’t exist here! Unfortunately, the end of the year brings the wet monsoon winds as well 🙁 this means checking the weather forecast and taking advantage of clear days. Getting a trainer for my girlfriend and I also helps!

  295. Nedosd

    I just erase the memories of running against the harsh cold winds to repeat the cycle the next winter…

  296. Ted

    In the winter, I workout in the gym more (weight training). I live in Boulder and so I’m still able to run and bike most days. And of course, go skiing (though I’m not sure I consider it part of my workout routine).

  297. Liam Kavanagh

    Thanks for all the great reviews

  298. Tamas321

    Indoor trainer will help me to keep my fitness level. Beside this new training plan set up focusing on long slow runnings on weekends.

  299. matt

    i live in a warm climate in qld, australia…so i just throw on a jacket and away i go as per normal in winter

  300. Johan

    After seeing Cadell Evans (and many others) ride through dolomites in snow, I’ve been convinced that exercise doesnt changed in cold weather- you just need to be dressed for it!! Although I shouldn’t complain, after 2 years in rainy London – I’m back in Australia!! todays lunch run involved 32 degrees of humid heat though.

  301. Jerome

    I love running in the snow! If it’s only rainy however, I stick to road/track running. The hardest part is to go running in the dark…

  302. Andrew

    I usually switch from running to cross country skiing in the winter. The last couple of winters have not been good for skiing here, but so far so good this year. I’m still running though because I’m still training for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile Championships in early December. I’m just dressing warmer, and doing an occasional treadmill workout.

  303. Cody

    Bundle up and endure the bitter cold!

  304. Charles

    I usually would keep cycling, but this year am mixing in more running because it’s much easier to do that in the raining / cold than to ride!

  305. RobN

    Bundle up and brave the cold. Run more than cycle outdoors, and hit trainer road as often as possible!

  306. Roxana

    Fitness at the gym with some extra zumba.

  307. Andrey

    Switching to cross-country skiing, a bit of snowboarding. Assuming that we’ll have snow of course….

  308. James Hong

    I live in a warm, humid sometimes rain… so no winter for me 🙂

  309. John

    Cycle commute unless dangerous conditions (ice/debris). MTB in my backyard park (St. Eddys). Concept 2 rowing and BEEEeeerrrrzzZZzZZzZzz. Treadmills are the devil…

  310. Tramb

    I change tires and sole to have fun on the park while biking (Gravel) and running. Also I swim indoor (25 m).

  311. Stephan Joos

    How do i adapt? Simple – i put on my trailshoes instead of my road racers and enjoy every run in snow which is more than 10 inches deep.
    Greetz from Bavaria…

  312. Bernard Maughan

    Winter here in Singapore means monsoon season, which, while welcome for dousing haze inducing peat fires in Indonesia and bringing northerly winds to blow the smoke away from us, also means slightly cooler (like 32 Celsius instead of 34), and much wetter outdoor training. SO, I adapt my training by accepting that not all rides and runs will be dry and hot, and that whatever the weather, I need to train so I can get through Christmas without looking like the Michelin man!

    Thanks for the great giveaways Ray – there’s a fair bit of training motivation when one has new gadgets!

  313. George C.

    Put on heavier clothes and a mud guard 😀

  314. Fred

    I put on my winter gears but winter is actually not that cold where I live

  315. Norb

    I have to work out and bike indoors for the winter sadly.

  316. Denis

    I use bike trainer during winter, swim once a week and normal running sessions with winter clothing. If weather turns really bad I throw in elliptical training to fill in for missed running session.

  317. Vlad O

    What winter? We are in Australia!

  318. theodosis iacovou

    Dear Ray,
    Running has changed my life. Where i live (Cyprus) it is not that cold. The max lowest temp would be 0 degrees in the capital where i live. If it is too cold, i usually stay home and do core strengthening.
    Thank you and good day

  319. Anton Petrov

    Up for a great reviews!

  320. Oleg

    I like the winter run. My Asics Gel-Arctic 4 G-TX is ready.

  321. szyMarek

    Cold is not the problem for me, it’s even better 🙂 Problem is the smaller number of daylight hours that force You to run with headlamp.

  322. Brian

    Hello skis!

  323. I Kind of look forward to winter, its a real kick up the arse stepping out into a frosty morn. With regard to adapting training, wrap up warm & stay visible.

  324. Bharat Rajgopal

    Back in southern India, winter is just the basic version of summer. So it’s pretty much Run in Shine throughout the year.

  325. Caron

    I get into afternoon training! haha….the mornings are too cold!

  326. Chester Loke

    Start spending a lot more time in the boxing gym.

  327. Derek Swart

    I Live in Cape Town, South Africa and winters here are rather mild if very wet. I just layer up for the rain and keep on cycling (road mostly). Not a fan of having to clean my MTB after a muddy ride.

  328. Natalia

    Just more clothes and enjoy!

  329. CraigBerg

    Perth, Western Australia – winter is prime training time – get the mileage in before it gets too hot.

  330. Craig

    I just keep running…more clothes, headlamp, reflective gear. Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, best winter piece of gear is hands down the boot dryer I purchased last year. Dry shoes at the start of every run!

  331. Michael

    I am forcing speedwork. Therefore very short intervalls on the running side and high wattage on an indoor bike for short timeframes. Mostly no training session for more than an hour.
    Beginning of march i will then do the big units again.

  332. Ricky

    Lots of turbo time and running outside to keep me sane.

  333. Bartosz Nazar

    I put on warmer clothes and I still go out riding a bike! Nothing changes but the outfit 🙂 Sometimes I run instead (mostly when it is raining).

  334. SUSDEV

    Love running outside in winter, better than in hot summer, just pay attention to keep warm.

  335. Adi Hassan

    I am from Malaysia where its sunny most times and rainy the others. Running, biking and swimming all year round is no problem in my locale.
    We do however have a Haze season where its very detrimental to even go outdoors and schools are closed. Think of it of a snow day for Malaysians. During that “season”, Swimming, Biking and running can be done indoors, albeit with much less scenery but is a decent trade off for any respirotary problems that you might get braving the haze.

  336. James Millson

    I now jump on my new Tacx trainer and enter the virtual world of Zwift and Bkool and ride my videos from the summer (thanks for the good review on trainers) or if its dry pop on the lights and do loops of a 10km circuit. keep up the good work.

  337. Kathy

    Change my Training: Cross Country Skiing and Ski Alpin in Winter. Sometimes I run outside or go mountainbiking. Swim will be the Same. Winter is the Time for alternative Sports.

  338. Martins Pakulis

    As our winter has a lot of snow I try to replace cycling with swimming. Running wise I tend to run less times a week and the distances are a bit shorter. (From 3-4 times a week to 2-3 times and from 10k per training to 7-8km on the average). Everything else is just layering more clothes.

  339. Anders Prytz

    Away with the bike, the snow is coming. Change of sports and the Cross Country skies are used instead of the rollerskies and are used as much as possible during the snowy season here in Norway. Would be nice with a Fenix 3 to get the Cross Country mode in the watch 🙂

  340. Tea Rex

    For me, the worst thing about this time of year is the early sunset. Anyway, I compensate it by listening to a lot of happy music like link to youtube.com 🙂

  341. Imran

    I don’t live in Hawaii rather in Australia. It’s fine to cycle here all year round. It gets a bit chilly in winter but to warm up you just go faster.

  342. Phillip Lindsay

    ICE climbing, great for core stability!
    As for luck we are just entering Summer in the other half of the world

  343. pschemo

    In winter I have finally time to enjoy winter sports offering endurance training =)
    Crosscountry skiing with my daughter in chariot, cyclocross and running.

  344. Anton

    I happen to be one of those lucky guys living in Israel. Slight raining in winter. That’s it. I just wear long sleeves tee-shirts and finally can start running in parks. Then some fitness in the gym and swimming in the pool.

  345. Frank

    winter I replace cycling with swimming. Running I tend to run indoors and less times a week with distances a bit shorter

  346. Jon Rune Trengereid

    The fenix3 is starting to appeal more and more to me. Does it support sports other than running, cycling etc? Thinking of indoors sports such as squash, tennis etc.

  347. Manu

    Besides running I usually ride my mountain bike once a week during the summer. That I skip during winter, meaning I only stick with running.

  348. stefanosM

    with a log sleeve and out

  349. Lionel Lau

    I setup my indoor trainer in my storage locker and change my sessions to more frequent, shorter rides.

  350. Mattia

    Ski ski ski ski 🙂

  351. Brilly

    It usually down to the trainer and Sufferfest for the darker months. But only ’cause I’d NEVER bunk off work at lunchtime to get some road miles in. ?

  352. OperationOne

    winter? running, as usual. one year ago, a lot of hard and cold winter training, and a new marathon PB in february (Tokyo) pops out 😀

  353. Mike Shirley

    Kia Ora.

    Being based in Auckland, the only real difference between summer and winter is the availability of outdoor swimming pools – it’s coming in to summer here BTW, so they’re open!

    Love the site!

  354. Winston

    I don’t change sports I do in winter, it’s just the portion of indoor training would increase because the wind and rain in winter.

  355. Gabor Szilagyi

    Inddor spinning instead of cycling and lots of LSD running.

  356. Kasper

    I mainly run, and that is no problem in the winter, even when living in Denmark. I just need to use a headlamp and some shoes with adequate grip. The i’m ready for darkness, mud, and snow.

  357. Rob

    Best thing about the UK: it never really gets too cold to run/ride all year round. Get the right clothing on, and get out there. If it’s really foul, there tends to be more turbo & pool time. How dull…

  358. Martin

    Hi, most of the runs I use the headlamp, as the days are much shorter. I put on bit more layers, a cap and a pair of gloves. I slow down a bit and I run longer workouts. I love running in the crispy snow. Past two winters were not very cold and with almost no snow in Prague. Lets see, what comes. BR. M.

  359. Chris Gati

    I’ve been looking forward to the winter for several months already. My cross-country skis are prepped and my headlamp is charged. (I live in Norway)

  360. Patrick S.

    Living in the chilly and windy Netherlands: pool training, winter running and of course the Turbo Trainer. Thank God for Zwift!

  361. Melvin

    I stay in Singapore, which is sunny whole year round! (apart from the recent haze…in which I became a hamster on the dreadmill)

  362. michel

    just workouts in the middle day

  363. Jake George

    Bike tends to get locked away (unless I remember to charge my bike lights for the now very dark early morning commute) and the long sleeved training tops make their appearance from the bottom of my drawer

  364. Karl Billeter

    Pretty much like summer but slower. And lonelier.

  365. Kenny

    Based in Denmark, winter can get rather cold and somewhat snowwy. I keep running outside, as long as the weather allows it. I just hibernate the days/weeks/months when it snows or the roads are icy. No reason to risk accidents.

    Winter is always the season for a bit of indoor soccer, whenever the mood is right and a busy schedule allows it. 🙂

  366. Balazs D.

    There is no particular change in my training habits during winter. On weekdays I usually go to the gym (same sports), but on my weekends I’m always trying to go out into nature with my family or friends.

  367. Joseph

    Winter weather in Louisiana is actually perfect running weather for me so I look forward to NOT sweating profusely like I would any other time of the year.

  368. Hari

    Just a bit more clothing and off into the cold and dark evening… ah yes, reflective vest for visibility…

  369. Tim B

    Hibernate like a big bear!! Then work double hard when it gets warm to lose the winter coat….

  370. Kim Kronberg

    Winter for me means no cycling (except commuting) and a cut down in running in exchange for cross-country skiing. 🙂 I will try to do some orienteering though – running in the woods in (hopefully) deep snow is good training.

  371. Sigurður H. Pálsson

    I’m located in Iceland. I keep running, using hex screw studded shoes when needed. Swim a bit more than usual. Don’t do much bike exercise anyway, but stick to bike commuting through the winter (on studded tires – don’t want to break more ribs). Whenever there’s a decent buildup of snow, I grab my cross country skis and head for the nearest park.

  372. Fred

    I move back up my home trainer from the cave for heavy rainy days but keep on commuting my bike every day!

  373. Argiris Roussos

    Thanks Ray!!!

  374. Will Murray

    Bring the bike indoors onto a turbo trainer. Must get a winter bike!

  375. Vitalijus

    Change clothes ( for winter ones ) , bike on turbo trainer 🙂

  376. James

    Living in South Africa makes it a little easier to endure winter, and we play rugby which gets you warmed up pretty quickly!

  377. Mattias Björkhem

    In sweden we have the luxury of alternating seasons for real so we have the possibility to change sport when there are new possibilities.
    Open water swimming is fun when the water i warmer than 8 degrees Celsius. When its colder we can enjoy poolswimming.
    Riding the bike is fun in the summer but with sow and ice on the road spinning and Tacx trainer offers new challenges.
    Kaykaing works fine in the summer, but with frozen water in the winter the gym is a good alternative.
    Skiing and skate, is best in the winter especially if your an amputee like me then Rollerblades is like suicide.
    I’d gladly send you some fotos from each sport if i’ll win the Fenix.

  378. Garth

    I run less and surf more

  379. Mike D.

    I would get through an El Nino winter in San Diego by inviting everyone out for a beautiful 20 miler around Mission Bay!

  380. Julian Chua

    Winter in Melbourne Australia isn’t that harsh. Saying that I’m still a wuss and only run outdoors when it’s nice and sunny outside; else it’s just the treadmill.

  381. Robert

    Heyhey, biking in the gim on shitty days but keep running outside

  382. Luís Miranda

    This winter i will run with my new watch from DC Rainmaker

  383. Charlie Holden

    I move indoors on the horrible days using training videos

  384. Durrin Hynes

    I swim and run more, and bike a bit less. I own a lot of wool!

  385. Fortunatly or unforrtunatly in my country there is no winter. Actually I continue my trainings as usual 😛

  386. Donna

    Trainer & dreadmill.

  387. Paco

    Warmer clothes for running, more bike trainer sessions and the usual indoor pool. Madrid is not that bad in winter for training. thanks for all your reports and comments.

  388. Fonz

    Lucky duck living in the Florida Panhandle! Thicker shirt, maybe a rain jacket and go.

  389. Indy

    Due to my workload I hardly find the time for training. I’m afraid this will not change in the winter. 😉
    But normally I just change cloths and change the roads I run because my “Summer routes” will be pitch black and I don’t like running with a light on my head.

  390. Ray

    Living in Ireland means it just gets colder – the rain NEVER goes away here! So wrap up for runs/bikes and walking to the pool!

  391. Amalia Pelegrin

    Madrid is not so cold… but some days in January I prefer to go to gym instead to run outside…

  392. JimmM

    Heatwave hitting Brisbane this week, definitly looking forward to the cool of winter

  393. Ryan

    One word: Manpris

  394. Vlad

    it’s mine

  395. Christian

    Running stays the same (lengthwise), cycling takes place in front o t TV (but no longer than 60′ and doing mostly intervals) and I’m intensifying my swim-training.

  396. Maiger

    Always keep warm cloths 😀 – I´m training in a periodic way.
    During the later autumn and winter month, I´m mainly training a split of long joggs 1,5 h – 3 h with low heart rate frequenzies (3 times a week) and maximal strength training (2 times a week workout sessions).
    Some times I´m mixing it with swimming or yoga workouts.

  397. TonyL

    Living in Hong Kong means winter is race season. Cool mornings and warm/hot afternoons. The only adaptation is how much longer do I want to train for!

  398. Nikos K.

    No plan changes, i live in Greece with pretty nice weather to do what ever work out you wish !!!

  399. Oskar

    Less biking, more running.

  400. Bernd

    more weight training, running, and MTB rather than road bike.

  401. D

    Free for me!

  402. Michael

    I switch over to the winter sofa as I watch TV.

  403. Ignas

    I working on my speed and run until it’s -20C.

  404. Phellan

    Goretex appareil for running, more cardgirus and mountainbiking instead of roadcycling and as usually the same swimming trainings.

  405. Hubert

    I adapt to the weather, not the schedule.
    I work at Nike, so I get to test the ProCombat gears: great!

  406. Jonth

    I’m in the UK, so it doesn’t get really cold here, so just an upper base layer and gloves is all I need once the temperature drops below about 5C. It does get a bit soggy though (you may have heard that it rains a bit over here), so I avoid off-road running once the paths start getting muddy,

  407. Michael

    running switches to riding to indoor swimming in winter!

  408. Seba

    More clothes, no indoor training.

  409. James HENNESSY

    When the weather gets bad and the roads get slippery I swap the road bike for the MTB, conditions that feel joyless and dangerous on the roads can be fun on the trails.

  410. Dean

    I just switch from morning rides to afternoon rides and / or morning spinning classes.

  411. Tim Vanhaeren

    Living in Belgium, I challenge the muddy woods with my mountainbike more often and go on more longer steady-state runs.

  412. Tristan LEDARD

    Just started living on the Isle of Man, so I should buy a new smart Trainer for the winter I guess!

  413. Jose Gonzalez

    I live near the sea, so the temperature here is pretty stable. In winter I can run with a long sleeve base layer and a windproof vest. No snow at all. I use the indoor trainer on rainy days.

  414. Wheeler24

    Rose gold to match my pink singlespeed and bespoke kangaroo leather cycling booties….I just types the most hipster thing I could

  415. Brett

    More cycling and running in the winter. Although it is summer in Sydney so I get to enjoy nor swimming at the moment.

  416. Jason

    In Sydney, AUS, the biggest inconvenience in Winter is losing a little light at each end of the day. Otherwise, unless its damp or windy it’s business as usual with an extra layer or maybe two when you first leave the house. Got another six months before its a problem though 🙂 On the plus side, at least most of the snakes are asleep and away from the MTB trails.

  417. JP

    Since I am focused on running (mostly) and biking, is is just a matter of increasing the thickness of the clothes and add some aditional pieces like gloves and hat. Appart from that routine remains unchanged.

  418. GaryC

    Generally my training does not change as I’m happy to be out in all weathers but my team sports do (start of the Rugby season). Although a change in job and injuries has meant that I’ll probably be seeing the inside of a gym more than being out and about (I hate the gym)

  419. K

    No adaption – warm clothes and start training

  420. Ian

    In Brisbane I put a singlet under my training shirt in winter.

  421. Henry Holt

    No change in running… hour long trainer rides… hit the concept2.

  422. Ana Rodrigues

    It’s mine!!!!

  423. Tomek

    To secure peace is to prepare for war, to secure the PB at spring is to prepare for winter suffering 🙂

  424. Jake

    I bundle up and shorten my rides for the winter. Try to avoid the trainer as much as possible.

  425. Markus B

    I just changed studded tyres for my bike. Let it snow!

  426. Jernej

    I just do more indoor sports.

  427. Eberhard

    A lot more treadmill …

  428. Justin

    Zombies Run!, Headtorch, Long sleeves and a good podcast. Training distances don’t change to much but the speed certainly does

  429. Alicia

    More couch-training and less outdoor training

  430. John Pophal

    Waiting for snow so I can switch to cross-country skiing, great workout!

  431. Matthew Leech

    Pretty much just move my training indoors, so logs of hours on the treadmill and the Kickr. Of course once the snow starts I hit the slopes as well.

  432. Stéphanie

    Add cross country skiing to training in the week end and snowshoeing.

  433. C.MArtens

    add me

  434. A Sieges

    Trying to convince the good lady that another more winter appropriate bike is a good idea.

  435. Michael

    Instead of running before or after work hours, then I have to run to work during winter: in Warsaw, it’s just too slippery to ride to work all year long. Hopefully winters tend to get shorter for the last 2 years.

  436. Christian

    hashtag trainerroad 😉

  437. Nik

    I want it 🙂

  438. Guillermo De Cun

    I’m lucky enough to live in Miami so I look forward to colder (50s is cold for us down here) weather. That being said, I have been seen wearing long tights during training rides in winter.

  439. Anna Horeva

    In Greece the weather is lovely even in winter. It gets colder of course than in summer, but I don’t change much. I run in leggings more than in shorts and I put on my fluffy ear mufflers! 🙂

  440. Francisco Ramirez Rubio

    This is my quick comment to enter the “November Garmin (Fancy) Fenix3 Giveaway”:

    I do not live in Hawaii, neither I am a duck, neither I do change my training schedule for winter. 😉
    What I may change is to leave the light clothes in the drawer and take the thermal underwear out.

    I live in Germany and even there is not an extreme weather change, I do not mind in training aroung 0 degrees celsius or with ice and snow. I am not a duck nor a penguin.

  441. Mark

    I run a lot better in the winter here in TN, so I actually increase the mileage quite a bit in the colder months

  442. Richkier

    take the pressure off by not focusing on targets and just get out there and ride

  443. Ole Rokkjaer

    Living in Denmark you have to change your training schedule for the winter time, due to cold, wet and dark evenings. I keep on running twice a week but have swapped my racing bike with my MTB, also twice a week. Due to a new and lucky employment I will also be able to train in fitness and activity center – once a week during working hours!
    Keep the washing machine busy and step out!

  444. Peter Shoemaker

    Less bike, more run, some trainer

  445. Bernard

    Just keep running, but take precautions. At night I dress up like a Christmas tree, red flashing light on my back and shoes, bright light in front (helps me to stay on the road and tracks). During autumn storms avoid the forest and when it is raining cats and dogs; just look forward to a warm shower 🙂 Just two reasons to change my habit: 1. roads are too slippery from ice and 2. when canals and lakes are frozen no one can take a Dutchman from ice skating

  446. jessica

    I’ll run outside unless it’s below five degrees, then it’s the bike on my old cyclops trainer.

  447. I am doing MTB races. So here in Westernaustria it´s too cold and there luys to much snow on the ground. The good thing about snow is, you can go ski hiking and enjoy nature in winter.
    Else I go running, like I did the Istanbul Marathon last weekend with my girlfriend (just the 10km run, I did a few marathons years ago, and I wanted to do some sightseeing too, and that sucks with marathon legs). And finally I do more weight training in winter. But weight training i try to do the whole year once a week. A barbell (and the squat) should be a cyclists most loved equipment next to his bike 😉

  448. Brandon Blanck

    I’m in Alberta, Canada, so winter lasts about half the year here. Biking takes place on the trainer but I’ll still run outside as much as possible – I put screws in the bottom of my shoes for grip on ice/snow! I also ski whenever I can. May as well make the most of it!

  449. Fabiano A

    Brazil only has two seasons: warm and hot. 🙂 So I train as long as time is available.

  450. Janusz

    I’m just keep running. Usualy I am preparing to spring halfmarathon and 10k.

  451. James

    Run on only the streets with streetlights after dark.

  452. Luke

    Here in upstate NY the bike goes on the trainer in the pain cave. Cross country skies get brought down from the garage and layers get added on the run.

  453. Michael

    No such thing as bad weather. Just soft people. I’ll still run in the rain and adapt by wearing thicker layers.

  454. Clipa Marius Gabriel

    Nice piece. Sure could use one. 😀

  455. Michael Schobert

    Try to be outdoors as much as possible, other than that substitue with indoor rowing and cycling.

  456. Sjoerd

    More indoor training and more MTB riding

  457. Jeff F

    It’s hitting 41 degrees down here in Sydney tomorrow, so even my cool early morning runs aren’t going to cut it! Bring back winter I say.

  458. Lawrence L

    Snowy Canada – lots of hamster wheeling on the indoor bike trainer, and swimming! If I can go outside without my eyeballs freezing then runs in the snow are awesome

  459. Derek Cornwall

    More biking (trainer), a little less running this winter

  460. Sirapat Konkham

    Just only cycling and running. Too cold to swim as it’s no indoor pool here. HAHAHA

  461. I basically do all workouts the same just indoors, so on a treadmill or trainer. I also tend to work on developing strength while I am inside to change things up.

  462. Jimmy

    A Fenix watch would be the perfect gift for My girlfriend to motivate her to start running again and be a half marathon finisher!

  463. All cycling indoors on my Kickr (more interval work via TrainerRoad) more treadmill running, rowing and cut back swimming.

  464. Nicole

    Yaktrax! And a lot more layers. I also tend to change my running from longer steady-state runs to shorter sprints…through the snow…whilst chasing my dog (he’s gotta get his fetch training in, too, even in the winter)

  465. Petteri

    No big changes, trail running is fun during winter months too. less cycling though.

  466. Qiang Xiao

    Running in early morning (in the cold) to prepare for my first marathon next March, and do a little in door cycling in the evening.

  467. Mick Wall

    You say Phoenix, I say Fenix! Yes please!

  468. Will R

    It never gets cold enough in Dallas to really need to change any routines, just bundle up a little bit more and get back out there.

  469. Jan

    When winter comes, I put bicycle on hold and switch to cross-country skiing and swimming. Winter hiking is also fun.

  470. Tripp Holt

    Winter means the bike stays on the trainer and I have to get out a heat lamp to stay warm while riding. HR based training on the bike moves to virtual power based training with trainer road!

    For running, it means more treadmill where I can focus on consistency of pace and as Sky says, marginal gains.

  471. Steven Keller

    My cycling training consists of about 95% indoors year-round in my pain cave garage. The only difference is that I change from having the A/C unit to having the space heater. For running, it means doing a lot more laundry because of the increased layers.

  472. Ben Lee

    Mostly do low volume but high intensity workouts indoors on the treadmill and on the bike trainer.

  473. Mariana Alpoim

    Threadmil when it rains.

  474. Stefan

    Add more clothing to keep outside for as long as possible. I will put the bike on my indoor trainer soon. As for running I’ll keep outside all year round.

  475. Phil


    Unfortunately I live in Canada instead of Hawaii or other tropical paradise, so I need to adapt a little. Intervals and tempo runs are on the treadmill. All the others runs are done outside in the cold with a few more layers.

  476. Chris

    Indoor soccer, more strength training, continue to run trails and hike but weather permitting.

  477. Rob

    I do the same training but with the horrible weather in England I mix in turbo training. I don’t mind running in the rain and cold.

  478. jens stål højmark

    winter is coming – grab some wool baselayers

  479. IDaddy003

    I live in the southeastern US in Georgia. When we have 2-4 weeks of “cold” weather I keep running but throw on a hat and gloves.

  480. MarkD

    Lovely british weather here so more time on the turbo with sufferfest, although I might give zwift a go. I also increase my running sessions I don’t mind running in crappy weather.

  481. stefan raab

    I use the boiling frog method. I make sure to run through the cool days of fall so I’m ready when the cold winter hits. Taking off time in the fall makes it too hard to start again in the winter.

  482. Filippo

    I’m moving from a lot of road runs to few runs and crossfit classes and volleyball!

  483. PNOEL

    This year in France summer last a bit longer so no particular adaptation this year. Clothes will be a little bit longer in some days. In term of training types, no differences. For your information, I’m not living in Paris, But “Je suis Paris”.

  484. Chris R

    I tend to move indoors (since I’m in upstate NY) and do “speed work” on an indoor track.

  485. LeFred Garderes

    In the very harsh winter we see in California, I am forced to reduce my running mileage significantly!
    Running probably 10%-20% less because of shorter days, with the biggest consequence being not to have the time to pack some verticals.

  486. Dave Raines

    Move to more indoor trainer time, and pickup basketball

  487. Alan

    Unfortunately Hawaii is not an option, I simply put on some warmer clothes

  488. WRPS

    For cycling: instead of Road and/or TT Bike I go in the winter months for Cyclocross, MTB and Zwift 🙂
    For running: Training for my first half-marathon in February, so no winter-break for me when it comes to running. Just keep on going!

  489. Stuart little

    Living in Britain planning for winter consists of putting on an extra layer under the waterproof

  490. Catherine

    I tend to use winter as a point to take a step back, relax, and fall back in love with the sport without the aid of a ton of metrics (although I still like to track my progress before and after the workout). It’s also a time to work on alternative exercises and sports to keep me healthy, and focus on some additional training to address some injuries (or prevent them!) before the season starts up again. Nothing like getting some quality time in with the wall and a lacrosse ball.

  491. Onno Bosch

    Living in the Netherlands, that’s kinda just like Hawaii 🙂

    Just crank it up a notch: run faster to stay warm and get ready for my semi-marathon in January.

  492. ChrisM

    I’ll be spending a lot of time on my brand new smart trainer, the purchase of which was informed by your great reviews here. I am training up to do my first GrandFondo in May. Thanks, Ray!

  493. Nedim

    I put on hat and gloves for run’s. Not giving up that easily!

    Although, Zwift is my friend for biking.

  494. Robin

    I still run outside in Ottawa but move the bike inside. There are no bike lanes left once the snow starts coming.

  495. johnathon

    I just have to grin and bear it in the constant rain that is London!!

  496. Calienté

    I scale back quite a bit in training during the off season and give back to the family that supports me being gone so much. I do often move to off road sports as well in order to some variations. Usually add in more strength training as well. Thanks for all you do. We all really appreciate it.

  497. I start cross country sking and move indoors to pool.

  498. Brian

    How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?
    >Looking forward to adding swimming to my repertoire. I have been working with a coach 2-4 days a week to develop correct swimming form. I was doing 3-5 days a week on the bike, but biking in the dark in my area is too dangerous to seriously contemplate. Made some improvements in form, but I get my butt kicked every time I go. Great training. Hoping to be able to train during lunch since there is light and it is considerably warmer.

  499. Eric Kernodle

    Hi Ray – unfortunately no Hawaii living for me (yet), I’m in central Ohio. For winter I continue to train outside until it drops to < 30° then I'm treadmill only. Ice is my biggest concern on the running paths. I also try to do more indoor cross training in the cold months.

  500. Vladimir

    I got a PowerTower at home, plus running with my dog in the snow. Makes it a lot of fun :)))

  501. Joe B

    Winter is good time to do sports I wouldnt normally do, ie. running, xc ski etc. Taking break from bike is refreshing not only physically, but mostly mentally. I just wish the winter in central Europe was shorter!

  502. Terrance Ramirez

    I go skiing every weekend.

  503. Pete Miles

    Mainly just being prepared to get cold and wet more often! The running stays about the same all year round, just race less in the winter. It doesn’t get too cold here (SW England); generally above 0C/32F, so just contending with more mud 🙂

  504. Matt

    I run in north Florida so I occasionally need tights, which means I will inevitably run into someone I only kind of know. Also, I can run much farther, because the humidity is 250%.

  505. MarkR

    We normally have a harsh winter here in Edmonton, Canada. As such, it’s all about the fat bike and running for me. None of this trainer nonsense!

  506. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    I will train more. To be honest I like winter training more than that in any other seasons, because although I am a no class sportsman, I can be proud of cycling and running in freezing weather.

  507. jbro

    indoor cycling (kickr and rollers) until my head nearly explodes and I start shopping for plane tickets and houses in southern california …

  508. Jon

    My last race of the year is the TNF ECS 50k in Marin. After that I take a break from running for a few weeks and enjoy the holidays. As I start to get geared up for ski season, I run primarily in the early morning during the week and my headlamp and arm warmers become my best friends (no need for real winter running gear in the Bay Area) . I’ll do long runs on the weekends when I’m not skiing. I try to use January and February to rest my body, take a mental break from running, and cross train on my mtb and skis. Come March, I’m again focused on logging more miles and hours per week as my focus shifts back to running. Thanks for all the knowledge you drop on your readers!

  509. Frank G

    Good question. Decided to re-activate the old Kettler stationary training bike. We’ll see how it goes…

  510. Tatakona

    More clothing, more gear, lower tempo. Looking forward to run on snow soon.

  511. MJaquet

    Thank you for the opportunity. If I win I’ll go with the leather strapped one.

  512. Andrew Whittaker

    Winters in Johannesburg are great for training!

  513. Troy Melton

    I really need this.

  514. David Compton

    Dress warmer if weather is not too bad, use indoor track & gym if the snow get too deep.

  515. Noel Finegan

    No changes at all! I live in Scotland and, even when the weather is biblically bad, I still go out running in shorts and a tee. Running in the rain and snow makes me feel like John Goddamn Rambo!

  516. Saji

    Running on the treadmill and less outdoor, adding Yoga to cross train with additional pool time. Preparation for winter downhill ski an cross country skiing when possible. Planning to buy snow shoes for trekking cross country run.

  517. Nedas

    Our winters are cold (sometimes even -29C), so you have to prepare different clothing compared to hot period of the year. But training schedule then is adapted to gather mileage as a base for next season to start strong in the spring 🙂

  518. Gloria F

    I don’t change much from 3-season to winter, except for trainer/treadmill when it’s icy outside. And dream of being in Southern California or Maui of course

  519. Dan W.

    Ohio winters can be hit or miss sometimes, so my philosophy is I am out the door unless my training or I would be hampered/hurt by snow or ice.

  520. We only just started running last Winter, so the real adjustment will be made this year since we’re a little smarter this year. Most of our running is slow anyway. 🙂

  521. burgess eberhardt

    I switch to XC skiing. Fenix – yes!

  522. MichalGsk

    I do more gym excercises during winter time and indoor running, plus occassionally cycling on tacx trainer.

  523. St-ff

    Juist train as Ii normally do, indoor swimming and running outside ?

  524. Michael

    I live in a sunny place and our winter time is much better for doing sports than summer. So my changes for winter are:
    Run more
    Bike even more
    Swim open water in a swim suite!

    I love winter in Israel!

  525. Charlotte

    Living in Calgary Canada, i do enjoy year round running – although when -30 hits in winter time layers are key!

  526. Pete C

    Get on the trainer due to it bring dark by the time I get in (not because of the cold and rain honest). Pool swimming with no openwater, gym more. Still run outside

  527. Bhavna nim

    Running the trails

  528. UP

    I get more active during the winter – running, skiing, mountaineering, sledding 🙂

  529. Gary Ichkowsky

    love the site! hopeful to win the watch!

  530. Carlos

    I dont! Winter doesnt stop me!

    I live in Holland and in winter it gets pretty shitty but.. I go on with my training plan!

  531. Simon gordon

    In winter my training schedule consist of chasing after my 6yo in California sunshine instead of chasing after him in California sunshine – mmm not much difference apart from early sunset means sometimes chasing him indoors…

  532. Stano

    I do more indoor cycling, get lots of warm stuff for outside !

  533. Zane Z

    Swimming heads back to the pool from the pond and biking heads indoors to the trainer.

  534. Minolo

    My Garmin Fenix never worked properly.
    Thank you.

  535. RobC

    Winters aren’t too harsh in Perth, Western Australia. But if it gets too wet, then inside on the treadmill and spin bike.

  536. Szymon Dynia

    It will be mine not Bartek’s 🙂

  537. Henning

    Ha! Cutting through the grim frost like an ice-breaker at full speed. No holding back in winter!

  538. Matt

    I love the cold weather running – not much changes!

  539. Luis Lora

    This winter I’m going to finally figure out swimming so I can finally race in some triathlons instead of solely Duathlons. The focus on swimming is going to help build a stronger body overall while giving it a rest from the running. Duathlon will still be the focus on 2016 as I get ready for the world championships in Aviles, Spain but swimming is going to be the major change to training this winter.

  540. Gavin Walters

    Lots of treadmill monotony mixed with some yoga

  541. David

    Living in coastal California, all I have to do is put on tights and bring out the lights.

  542. I live in Arizona, so it’s taking the training outside to enjoy the cooler weather–rather than the melt your face off hot! Thanks for a chance to win! 😉

  543. Laurence

    I have to run in the mornings now to take advantage of the small amount of light available before I leave for the day 🙁

  544. David

    I still run most days during the winter but have to break out my long sleeve shirts, gloves, and beanies.

  545. Zach Carr


  546. sherwin

    it’s summer here all year round so i guess I’m one those lucky ducks (not in Hawaii though)

  547. Christine

    Summer bodies are made in winter. Jogging, skiing and having a lot of fun and motivation with Garmin. Stay active.

  548. SteveT

    I have a NordicTrack incline trainer that I substitute for trail running when it snows.

    I can/have even virtually run around Paris.

    Thanks in advance Ray


  549. Bryan Nelson

    Yes please!!

  550. Matt

    In the UK it’s mainly just layering up although the treadmill eats some more use at the gym. God I hate treadmills.

  551. GC

    It’s November 19th, and it was 70F this AM, …short sleeves or long is about the only adjusrment.

  552. Kim

    The snow is coming tomorrow, so the bike is going inside on the trainer. I’ll run outside in the snow, until it gets below 10 F or so.

  553. Ryan Werner

    Here in DC it’s more treadmill and trainer fun for me…and bundling up for long runs. Mental strength to get out there outweighs the physical!

  554. Elsa Escobar

    Don’t really change much for winter, just hate windy days

  555. chris

    How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?

    >> I simply eat more cheese (whatelse for a swiss guy 😉 ?)

  556. Ed S

    Layer up and let the cold air hit your lungs. Love running in the winter – no sport changes needed!

  557. Peter Black

    Do more in the gym (pool swim / spinning / x-training / free weights) than out on the road or in the lake as its just too cold and too dark for it to be safe. Roll on longer days and warmer weather !

  558. Ruurt

    after a busted shoulder due to a cycling accident last winter, my boss has given me a cycle ban as soon as the temp falls below 0 (celcius that is…) So now my race bike is on a turbo trainer, on above 0 days it is MTB for me…

  559. Murphy Flynn

    I adjust my winter workouts by focusing on strength training in the gym, hit the pool instead of OW swims, riding the bike on the trainer and running mid day instead of early morning.

  560. Switch to mostly indoor training for cycling. I use my rollers or computrainer for bike work. I hate treadmills, so will run outdoors in most types of conditions.

  561. Wills Brassil

    Winter is the start of footy (Australian Rules Football, Afl) season for me, it’s where all the hard work in pre-season (hopefully pays off).

    Playing a hard physical game on Saturdays makes training for multisport adventure races (my other love) difficult on Sundays and sometimes Mondays.

    Upping levels of swimming and riding and lowering running and paddling to compensate for a lot of interval style training and upper body work at footy practice is my main change.

    Wills, Sydney Australia

  562. James Courtney

    Not lucky enough to live in Hawaii – so I add more treadmill workouts to my winter training schedule!

  563. PhilipC

    Living in the UK, we don’t get as harsh winters as some parts of the world but I take it as the time to get in some shorter quality workouts. Given the extra indulgence of food it is also a good time for hitting the gym and strengthening ahead of setting running goals for the upcoming 12months early in the new year.

  564. Erik

    No change of sports despite icy ground. Running shoes with spikes and woolen outer clothes does the trick 🙂

  565. Justin

    Less training and more sleeping in winter….;(

  566. Erik L

    Still running trough the winter, just spiking up me shoes and put on a sheepish sports frock 🙂

  567. Tor

    When winter is coming, running is exchanged with cross country skiing (even though real winter is gradually becoming a mountain thing here in northern Europe).

  568. Hugh

    I spend a lot more time on the trainer during the late fall, winter, and early spring (If it was like last winter the entire spring). Plus I try to add in some running over the winter to cross train and just change it up a bit.

  569. Live in the great midwest with lots of cold and snow. Move the swim and bike indoors, but I still run outside throughout the winter. I do also mix things up with snow shoeing, crosscountry skiing, downhill, sledding, fun outdoors stuff. Find if I move it all indoors I don’t build up enough of an acclimation to the cold winter weather.

  570. David Phillips

    I generally wrap up warm and keep going! Currently walking rather than running due to injury, but cold wet feet … What is new?

  571. paul bayne

    This is for mtb specific training in Mid Atlantic
    2 days weights/core/stability whatever it is called now
    1 long ride on weekend, usually road bike, on the mtb if it is dry or frozen trails
    short road, mtb, or ‘cross bike rides during week, no more than 1 hour right before sunset
    lights on mtb for trails in the dark
    1 or 2 sessions on the trainer, never more than 1.5 hours at a time
    some climbing/ice climbing to mix it up
    all the above to work on FTP, skills, and some endurance until mid march.

  572. Jan Sears

    Quad Dipsea in one week so trail running in California is a year round treat!

  573. Susan

    I do a lot of bike training indoors, increase my swimming. I live in Minnesota so I snow shoe and cross country ski so I can be outside a bit. I also try to go visit my friends in Florida to get a little warm weather running in!

  574. Alanna

    I do more swimming than running once the snow hits. I’m thinking of finally getting a bike trainer, too!

  575. Kathleen T

    My outdoor running actually increases in winter. A good windbreaker and yaktrax do the trick. Something about running along the icy Lake Michigan makes me feel more energized.

  576. Brian Grossnickle

    winner, winner chicken dinner

  577. Jeroen

    Storing the TT indoors, and getting some dirt on the MTB gets me trough winter!

  578. Jeremy Rover

    I live in the Pacific NW, so usually it means throwing on a trusty wool jacket and maybe a waterproof poncho if it’s really pouring. Also typically start training in the afternoon instead of the morning as it’s warmer then but keep running and riding all winter.

  579. Jallal

    In winter, I just go & run as usual (dressed warmer though). Usually, I run at a slower pace and it allows me to recover from autumn races.

  580. Keir Allen

    Living in Scotland, winter is only marginally worse than summer so changing what I do isn’t really going to happen. What does happen is that I wear my off road shoes even on paths when it snows, get muddier when it doesn’t and pretty much rely on my headtorch. The result of all this is more energy used as I spend longer in the shower, have to wash my clothes more often and charge the batteries too. Sorry environment.

  581. lekkerbek

    Layers. Add more, sweat more and wash more but still train! That’s what it takes to be a Flandrien.
    Unless it snows, then I shovel. A lot.

  582. Bradley

    I second my fellow Joburger, winter training here is great. No rain, mild temperatures.

  583. Garvin

    Please be mind <3

  584. Trevor

    throw me in there

  585. Mark

    Dug out the winter gear and purchased some new wool running gear (SmartWool socks, Saucony wool half-zip, Merino base layer, etc.)… also got my fitness gym membership re-activated for the rainy days – cold and/or snow doesn’t bother me with the right gear (see previous), but neither myself or my four-footed running partner like the cold rain, so on the rainy days it’ll be off to run on the hamesterwhizzle at the gym sans Fido.

  586. Michael Main

    Rollers, Running and Raincoats here in Bonnie Scotland 🙂

  587. Kate P

    I bundle up and workout outside unless the snow and ice build up enough to make it unsafe. I have to move my weekday bikes inside for the winter because its dark by the time I get out of work.

  588. xophe33

    No adaption – warm clothes and start training

  589. Martin

    I switch from windsurfing to mtb when the temperature drops below 5 degrees celtius

  590. josh

    Lately training has been keeping up with our 1 year old… really need to get back to the YMCA for the winter months.

  591. Flemming

    Would like to live en Hawaii, but here we have to put on some more clothes or changes sport. I do change sport to swimming in door.

  592. Mats

    Living in Norway, the winter is probably the best season for training. Cross country skiing that is….no need to think about weather or clothing…just a good headlamp.

  593. Jon Clodfelter

    INDIANA – Indoor workouts, cycling trainer. Outdoor urban rides if weather cooperates.

  594. Trey Lord


  595. Luc

    I renewed my gym membership for the rainy (and cold) days and more swimming.

  596. seboricor

    For my first 86 km trail ;o)

  597. Brian Miller

    Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing.

  598. TedH

    Winter time is pretty much the same for my running – though less of it is in daylight hours. I run starting at 5am throughout the year, so I’m already in the dark for my full run by the end of October.

    The one change is that I will use the treadmill (ugh) when the streets/trails are too treacherous from snow/ice. Fortunately, the log term, overall forecast for my area this year is for a relatively mild year.

  599. Antonio A.

    Great, I will use it!!!!

  600. DavidG

    Winter means ice and snow (and occasionally hail) – speed training is eliminated from my outdoor runs and I find myself a pool to swim lengths – it changes up my regular running routine.

    Oh, and I play hockey!

  601. Rodolphe

    Tartiflette Vin blanc, That’s the way to train during winter !!

  602. Nate T

    I run with a lot more layers

  603. Mai T

    I spend more time in the pool

  604. Fragkiskos Vellis

    This is clearly the best watch! Much better than those Android smartwatches! I would definitely love to wear it all-day long!

  605. Bernardo Alfaro S

    Training still the same… maybe a little bit more indoor cycling

  606. Gabe Dakowicz

    Your posts and reviews are awesome ! Keep it UP. Stay safe in Paris!

  607. Joseph

    I’m from Louisiana and have Cajun blood which means I do not do well in the cold at all. So for me training in the winters comes down to layers upon layers upon layers. I have even resorted to using my high tech Army waffle gear. I can honestly say nothing keeps me from riding though. Last year I road in the snow and ice. By the time I got home my brakes didn’t work and my speedplay cleats would no longer engage into the pedal.

  608. Carlos Fernandez

    This will be a very particular winter for me. I just moved from Santiago de Chile to Chicago and from what I’ve heard winter are serious stuff here!!
    So probably I’ll do all my training indoors. This will be: swimming in the University pool (very nice pool), bike in the gym and running on the indoor track (though I’ll try to run outside as much as possible if the weather allows it).
    I think the change will be hard, but I’m ready to face winter in Chicago!

  609. Andy Finnigan

    Move inside to a treadmill..to the gym for spinning sessions.

  610. Elissa Quilici

    I live in central California so I don’t have to “adapt” too much. Mainly switch shorts for running capris and occasionally a long sleeve pullover. Now if it actually starts raining that will be another story…

  611. Sonia

    I live in the Montreal aera in Quebec and I LOVE running in the snow.

  612. MonteS

    Oh, yes, it looks good and I need one!

  613. norman

    Winter ready schefule means sleep sleep and more sleep for me 😉

  614. Esteban Tamayo

    Easy, keep on pedaling! That’s the beauty of living in Colombia, at the foot of the mountain, with unchanging weather year round!

  615. Matthew H.

    How do you adapt your training schedule for winter?
    I keep on riding like have all year!

    Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?
    i am debating a gym membership to do some running and lifting of weights.

    I wish i could spend some time in Hawaii

  616. Michel

    Cycling happens on the trainer – thanks for the latest summary btw – and I go skiing every weekend 🙂

  617. Anders Dahlgren

    I am running as usual, but instead of running alone I tend to run more in group activities and with friends. Because its so tedious and boring to run alone in dark and cold weather.

  618. Steven

    Indoor trainer, weights, and I still jog since I actually prefer to jog in colder weather… I’ll take one watch please, good sir! 🙂

  619. Roberto Nazario

    Living in Miami helps keep me training all year

  620. Rerai uthairam

    I move indoors when the temperature gets down to around 0. To cold and dark to run outside In the evening.

  621. BG

    About the same with swim and run, riding outside will be minimized and spend more time on the trainer.

  622. Lance Heppler

    cycling turns to the trainer, except on weekends when I get brave enough to gear up and head into the pacific northwest wetness.

  623. Crag T

    Just bundle up for the winter temps for running outside. Intensity backed off around holidays and picked up after New Year.

  624. Carl Helander

    Winter=more swimming, less running.

  625. Kirk

    I’m in the southern hemisphere so training is just coming into peak season. In winter, hmm, training???

  626. James Hardi

    Indoor swims continue at a local gym with weekend bikes/runs continue at my usual places. Since daylight is a in short supply during the weekdays, biking fully transitions to the indoor trainer. For running I stick to well lit neighborhood areas and bundle up for the cold.

  627. Andy Raynor

    Less outside work, more treadmill, indoor track, and indoor swimming.

  628. Thomas

    I move indoors, treadmill, fitness bike and some weights get me through the winter

  629. Meelis

    Spending more time in gym and sadly less outside. Also, if we will get some actual snow in our little corner of Europe this coming winter, i will most likely do so some cross country skiing – it has been years since my last decent time on skis.

  630. Dejan M.

    I mostly workout indoors during winter (insanity, p90x…)

    As a sign of respect for your work i have disabled adblocker+ on your site 😉

    would love it if you could find a sponsor like Clever training for Europe (10% discount or at least free shipping across EU). I would use it for all the sporting equipment i buy.

  631. Kevin Morrisey

    Responding as to how my training changes in Winter, I tend to focus on running vs. cycling….running more and training for races in early spring. Living in metro Atlanta, Georgia our Winter can be cold and windy (contrary to common belief). Running is more enjoyable in the cooler / cold air so I tend to hit the road and trails more versus the hot and humid Summer. Not that I forego cycling. In fact, I still ride 3-4 days per week (at night even). My mind, body, and soul appreciate the change in pace and I actually become stronger during the Winter months.

  632. Paolo

    How do I adapt my trainings for winter:
    No Hawaii, but Poland weather to deal with!
    – Late autumn: no competitions, so, enjoying some Squash with girlfriend!
    – Winter: Long runs, progressions to improve aerobic! Oranges and C vitamins are good in winter and they contribute to NOT FEEL the fatigue. WIN-WIN situation as result is: more KMs and more Oranges

  633. Casey Ross

    How do we enter the giveaway contest?

  634. Chris

    How do you adapt your training schedule for winter?

    I run indoors when there is snow on the ground.

  635. Alexandra

    SF Bay here, all outdoor rides now happen in the morning and we have to uncover-cover the pool. I actually enjoy winters here way more than summers.

  636. Stephen G.

    I cut back on the running when it’s wet (living in the PacNorWest that means quite a bit of cutting back), and beef up my bike-riding gear to keep sludging along. Swimming? I haven’t kept up with that much this summer anyway, so we’ll put that on a New Year’s resolution for next year.

  637. Justin B

    I adapt by eating fueling with hot chocolate instead of ice cream

  638. Stefan

    Winter here in Florida means not having to run indoors to avoid heat and humidity any more 

  639. Phil

    Trying to up my run volume and include some cross country racing, but generally training when I want to not always when my schedule says I should.

  640. Harri Roto

    I put spike tires under my cyclocross and mountain bike.

  641. Brian Dickens

    No changes. Just need to dress warmer and try harder to convince myself to wake up and run in the cold and dark.

  642. Eran Peterson

    trainerroad in my paincave and the treadmill at lunch at work. what I REALLY miss is open water swims.

  643. Albert

    I get to buy more winter gears (long pants, jackets, etc.) and keep the same running schedule. Having a running buddy is key to keep each other motivated!

  644. David Kayda

    I have been very good this year, make my Christmas wish come true!

  645. Emily

    I just keep running outside – as long as it’s not too icy, I’ll stay outside. If it’s icy I’ll hit the treadmill.

  646. Blaze Cook

    Nordic skiing and snow trail running! Feed the soul and embrace the seasons!

  647. lester

    I live in the Caribbean, there is a tag team Triathlon on the 29th November. Four persons per team, two male, two female, all team members have to do the full distance but it’s short.

    My final plan event for the year is fun MTB race on 5th December.

  648. Jan

    Changing… nothing… just run on!

  649. Simon Porteous

    Put on a long sleeve shirt and maybe a raincoat and go. Lucky to live in Australia.

  650. James

    I put tacks though the soles of my shoes to conquer pesky ice on my runs… Or I just step gingerly!

    A little more honestly, reflective clothing for the runs, but my bike moves inside to the trainer for the most part.

  651. No road bike after the first sprinkle of salt and more MTB for the long long winter season.
    If there is no snow, biking in the forest is really relaxing. With not too much snow the forest is a peaceful place for biking.

  652. Owen warburton

    Coming into summer in New Zealand, so more training in the sun. But in the winter nothing much changes, same sports, just more training in the darkness and wet conditions!

  653. Herbert

    more swimming, shifting cycling from outdoors to indoors with more intervall training and running stays the same

  654. Karl Magnus Josef Renström

    Come to Sweden!

  655. Adam

    I grow a beard and ride outside/persevere all winter sometimes in -30 deg C with the windchill! The studded tires help!

  656. Todd Sadler

    Still run, but here along the Lake Michigan shoreline winters are brutal. I add running pants and many layers on top. Use the treadmill when weather does not cooperate.

  657. Dennis Fox

    little bit more mountain bike riding and indoor training, but in SoCal it is easy to ride year round

  658. Thomas H. Kokholm

    Off season is all about going back to run with fun. No schedule, just driven by motivation.

  659. John Varonas

    Warmer clothes, indoor training, swimming at the pool.

  660. Steven Kasapi

    I work out at home and do urban running. Here in Northern California it gets a bit rainy, but after you’re completely soaked running in the rain is very fun. So, no changes to my winter routine, just re-learning how to enjoy running in the rain.

  661. xophe74

    Less bike, more run, some trainer

  662. I live in North Florida, so it’s not that much of an issue. On colder days, I shift my runs from first thing in the morning to mid afternoon.

  663. Dave

    Northern Europe – More layers, merino is king!

  664. Sven

    As winter is coming to Europe I spend more relaxing time in the pool 😉

  665. AlexCat

    Wrap up warm, head torch, brave the elements

  666. Mark

    Still running outside but riding inside on the old Computrainer.

  667. stephane

    I live in PA, weather gets cold here, but not crazy cold, so I just layer up for running and will still bike, road conditions permitting. I actually like running in cold weather, much more so than hot weather, which we get too here in PA.
    I am not a big treadmill person (to say the least), but if weather gets too hardcore, I’ll head to the gym and suck it up.

    I WANT THAT WATCH! The one with the leather brown leather band.

  668. Lili

    Increase my indoor swim session.

  669. Reuben S

    Its all about the layering, a good hat and when all else fails hot hands®.

  670. Daniel Rexroth

    I tend to run slightly less and use the elliptical more. I have also found clothing such as “heater hog” to be helpful against the wind.

  671. Eric Roberts

    Bundle up and run more during the winter. There are not as many other outdoor activities during the winter, and running is a great excuse to get outside.

  672. Peter St

    When it’s snowy outside, I switch to off-season mode. Namely, I drop all the speed-work and stick only to slow runs, incl. long runs, and start my cross-country skiing season. XC skiing gives real endurance boost by the way.

  673. Kevin Verhaege

    Lots off mountainbiking and running ..

  674. Mike Young

    pick me

  675. Stefan

    Well, I try to keep running outside. Usually works. Indoor cycling tends not to last…did get the insideride erg setup last weeks, have high hopes for it. Still need to do the calibration run (a hassle since it requires a windows machine and I use a mac with trainer road to cycle).

  676. Sean Craig

    Treadmill in snowy Pennsylvania

  677. Mike K

    I typically fail completely at keeping a good exercise schedule all together in the winter. But when i do keep things up I tend to just do the running and or biking i normally do with heavier clothes on, and if the weather is bad I have a treadmill, and I typically tell myself that the few ski trips i do count as well!

  678. Mitch

    I take it indoors and spend lots of time on the Kickr. Same bikes, different “scenery.”

  679. Solt

    warm clothes, that’s all.

  680. Yiannis

    Living in London.Trying to convince myself that the weather is good enough to go for a run and consistently failing.

  681. Duce

    Dress warm!

  682. David

    Warmer clothes. More indoor pool training and….SPINNING!!

  683. Anete D

    My life is split between country with almost no snow and country where .. lets say, some winters are quite snowy and every year I hope that this winter will one of those, 🙂 Therefore during workdays I keep my usual running schedule, well almost – I have one base run and one interval training (or maybe none, depends on the mood, :)). But on weekends – leave the running shoes in the suitcase, take my pair of skis and off to cross-country skiing track. It is great to have option to change the sport! (pity though that my Forerunner 620 does not support other activities than run and bike, that’s why new Garmin is looking towards me, ;))

  684. Joe

    Switch things up on the bike and do less road riding and more mountain biking/dirt road riding.

  685. Max

    Tacx and running 🙂

  686. Since I live in the bootheal of new mexico, and January and February represent my first of two seasonal racing seasons, I actually begin to add more intensity as I move into the year end. Also have to forgo all those holiday pies and treats as I have to keep from adding a lot of girth!

  687. Joe

    I live in the UK and unless the ground is covered in deadly ice then runs go as normal, usually with an additional layer and if necessary a waterproof coat but those things can soon become wearable saunas so I try and avoid them!

  688. Simona Ba

    Running a bit slower and less kilometers and doing crossfit training more often 😉

  689. Frank

    Winter means I go harder and faster for those mad winter gains and to stay warm!! But seriously, I just dress for the weather and carry on. Work it through winter, otherwise you’ll pay for it in spring.

  690. Aism

    More indoor, less outdoor where it’s nice and toasty!

  691. Mo

    Lives in northeast part of US. Running stays the same, maybe more on treadmill. Swimming in indoor pool. Will try to do at least one outdoor biking a week before the skiing season comes

  692. Sixto

    I live in Barcelona, Spain. It is not Hawaii but you can run outdoors, swim with a normal wetsuit in the sea and ride your bike most of the days because it does not rain very often (it snows once every 4-5 years) and weather is nice. This year it is hotter than usual, last sunday (Nov. 15th. we went to the beach and swam without a wetsuit !

  693. Ana

    Just a bit more indoor (swimming pool instead of sea, spinning instead of road bike) and running when the sun shines.

  694. bcindiana99

    I try to catch up on the work I ignore during the summer.

  695. I train inside much more !

  696. Johan Larsson

    Living close to the Polar cirkel in Sweden mean you have to get used to run or ski when temperature fall way below -30 degrees celcius. How ever you mentaly get realy strong after compleeting those strides:)

  697. Iris

    Winter? What is that? No changes at all from Summer, the same training (and with this heatwave it is even easier)

  698. Michal Kopaczewski

    50% more treadmill than in summer

  699. John Adolph

    During the winter, I hit up the trainer and treadmill a bit more than I’d like, but the change can actually be welcome during the single-digit months.

  700. Lindsay

    Wear warmer clothes! Running in zero degree weather in the snow just means you had to wear the right gear. As for cycling, spin classes are the best. I miss swimming outdoors the most in the winter, both open water and in the outdoor pools.

    Also enjoy x-country skiing to mix things up.

  701. Sean

    Winter is bulking season. I change sports from running to lifting and eating.

  702. Michael

    Outdoors as much as possible…

  703. Allan

    A few more TrainerRoad workouts in the basement, a few less rides outdoors. I also tend to find my way to the pool more often.

  704. JOHN D

    Train indoors at the gym. Focus on strength training and stretching. Run out doors when the NYC weather is warm enough.

  705. Bond

    I change my training plan i.e. more activities in gym.

  706. lewis

    I do the onion. Lot of layers and try to keep the frequency of my trainings

  707. akawilyums

    Actually, unless the ground is almost completely dry, I’m scared to run outside. The thought of hitting the pavement with little or no warning sends chills up my spine, so I turn indoors for exercise. Love to mix things up and HIIT it! 😉

  708. Stu Sklinar

    For me, turbo and much more running and less riding 🙁

  709. Kevin Kohlhagen

    I hope I win!!!! I would love this thing.

  710. Wilson Molina

    Since I’m a frequent reader of your posts (via RSS) I’m pretty sure I should be the owner of. It would see very nice in Panama.

  711. Brett

    My winter training tends to be more trail running during the fall and winter season.

  712. Steve

    Cycle on the Fluid 2 and just layer up to run =D

  713. We live in the lower Eastern seaboard so we can train outside 11 months out of the year. That other month is spent on the stationary bike or bundled up for a train run along the beach dunes. if the sun is shining, the dunes block the wind so it’s a nice, chilly run.

  714. Rob terH

    I start spinning classes in the winter, because running outside in the evening is too dark. Ik keep on running in the weekends.

  715. boris dubon

    I normally run lots more during the winter, instead of biking.

  716. Michael Li

    Santa Barbara, California is one of the best place for winter training. As an cyclist, all I need is leg warmers and arm warmers, and that’s it. No worries for the snow, no worries for the extreme winter weather. Get on the road whenever you want, and enjoy the nice view along the road!
    So I would say I am the lucky duck in Santa Barbara, instead of Hawaii. 🙂

  717. Jons

    No cycling, a lot more swimming & running. Opposite for summer.

  718. Bora

    Have been very lazy lately. But usually I move from outdoors to indoors mostly spending time at the gym instead of offsite. Not as motivating but hey better than nothing!

  719. Zeynep

    Moving to indoor swimming mostly instead of the runs outside. Fancy Fenix will certainly help 🙂

  720. Joe

    I would really like to win this. Thanks!

  721. Vidar Fjelltun

    I run outside the whole year. But since I live in Norway i have to run more on asphalt when we have snow, than I do the rest of the year… And on really cold days i run shorter runs.

  722. Chris B

    I just wear extra layers, gloves and a hat (in the UK).

  723. Amedeo

    For this winter I’ll try to add swimming, hoping not to go under

  724. Ciara

    Being in Ireland, it doesn’t get too cold. Just very windy and raining at the moment. In the triathlon off season over winter, my training turns to a lot more gym workouts, turbo training and spinning! Have been trying to convince myself to buy the Fenix 3 rose gold as a Christmas present for myself! It finally looks like a watch a girl can wear during the day, not just for training! So winning it would mean the world to me! Thanks Ray!

  725. Daltonik

    I run in almost every climatic condition. The only thing I hate is wind.

    Moreover, just few weeks ago, I bought Ark reactor (light run by decathlon) 🙂

  726. Naomi

    never ever..it will get too cold and wet for my FIVEFINGERS and me ..!I ´m looking forward to take long hot shower after running and then:

    rund,rund geborgen
    Kopf gesenkt und Augen zu
    rund,rund geborgen
    mit angewinkelten Beinen
    die Arme um die Knie geschlungen
    den Kopf in die Armbeuge geschmiegt
    hat soviel

  727. Frenk

    As a new indoor swimming pool will open nearby in January, I’ll try swimming.

  728. Demos

    The main difference in training is caused by how early it gets dark now! I have to run on treadmills at the gym instead of the local parks and London pavements. I really don’t like it, I feel like a hamster (not very original, I know) but it’s safer and really the only option in this stormy weather caused by Barney.

    I also cycle to work but nothing has changed yet other than getting a flat the previous day.

    I really want to condition myself to train for the London Marathon before going to work…I just need a bit more persuasion!!

  729. Oleksa

    No excuses – just run

  730. Ian

    Winter training is done with spinning and more pool workouts.

  731. Retzel Orquiza

    I used to live in tropical Philippines but will be staying in Vegas for the winter. It ain’t fun coming from a country in the 80s to a state in the 50s. Time to purchase a new trainer and a season pass for the indoor communtiy pool

  732. Scott

    Winter brings the cross country ski season in Europe…although I live in the UK. Now’s the time of the year when all the rollerskiing and cross training get properly tested by trying some races. Have the weak links been strengthened…what needs a rethink.

  733. Christopher Tobias

    I live in the northeast so it makes it tough to train in the winter. I am a runner all year round so I do try to keep up my average of 12-15 miles during the week. Not so much weather but overcoming running in the dark since it gets pretty dark about 5PM.

  734. Pedro Salomão

    How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?

    Changing sports. Winter is pretty harsh in Canada so I switch my outdoor running to some indoor squash. Obviously outdoor biking doesn’t work as well so I try to alternate between indoor bikes at the gym and some stair-climbers.

  735. Kevin Hayes

    Unfortunately training schedules in the run up to Christmas tend to be substituted with college work

  736. Nick

    I’m heading indoors for a winter of Zwifting! P.S Glad you’re safe Ray!

  737. DanW

    Half Ironman is the goal next Summer. Picked up the Tacx Vortex Smart thanks to your review.

    Reduced bike and run volume. More swimming, focus on technique in all three sports, more core, less rigid of a training schedule.

  738. Mike A

    I switch my workouts from set distances and paces to be based more on time and effort.

  739. Ian

    Training stays much the same, I just change to tracksuit pants instead of shorts, and maybe add a jumper.

  740. Kyle

    have a trainer set up and ride more mtb

  741. Isha

    Few extra layers, that’s it.

  742. Gazhen

    Normally a cyclist, but swap to running more and buy mudguards and lights for winter spins in Ireland 🙁

  743. Karim

    Play hockey 3 times a week (one practice and 2 games), which is the BEST, and log some miles on both the treadmill and the spin classes…

  744. NedB

    Love your website and blog. I refer to it often. Glan to hear that you and “The Girl” are safe.

    In the winter my training schedule moves indoors with Spinning classes, except when I can get to Florida and bike.

  745. Kim

    I do a lot of running on the treadmill and I get a lot of use out of my bike trainer!!!

  746. Steve MacDonald

    Generally always cycle, both MTB & road however due to shorter days and getting more pushed for time with a young family have now started trail running to get a better workout return from the time I have.
    Much quicker and easier to get out in the woods and highly addictive, especially when it’s wet and muddy, certainly beats the turbo in the garage!

    Great site, been using it as a reference guide for a number of years – thanks.


  747. Dana

    I migrate indoors to the treadmill and weights.

  748. Tom Robertson

    I start skiing!

  749. Brian

    Being in California, there seems to be no winter as such, just what we call ‘cold’ and shorter days. So my weekday rides become lunchtime rides instead of after work, at least that’s what I’m trying to do.

  750. Miguel Fernandez

    Not in Hawaii but living in Spain though. Mid-november and still 70 degrees at noon

  751. Greg

    Relax for six weeks (and eat lots of chocolate chip cookies) then start training (and eating right) December 1st.

  752. BenjaminP

    I’ll keep training outside with thermal clothing or just more layers and my Swim sessions get limited to the pool only. Hope we have a mild winter this year 🙂

  753. Mark Simkins

    3 weeks in Sydney enjoying the sun and some nice warm weather runs, then back to the UK and zipping up the man suit for the British winter.

  754. Jordan Powers

    No lucky duck here – born and raised in Chicago and despite a brief warm weather living situation in Kentucky, I’ve found myself back in Iowa where we are expecting 5 to 9 inches of snow tomorrow!

    I try to keep my training the same as possible – gearing up and running outside as long as it’s safe (i.e. no snow or ice). But biking is a different story – we’ve been digging through your trainer reviews to keep us in shape for RAGBRAI next year!

  755. GinaG

    Outside training takes a hiatus unless other hearty souls are out there running. I switch to the gym and move to strength training and yoga.

  756. Greg Purviance

    More swimming and xc Skiing

  757. Sergio Dantas

    I do live in the sunny British Virgin Islands… no need to adapt, actually do enjoy the cooler temperatures!

  758. Bethany

    Winter running is my favorite, so I don’t really adapt too much. Put on more layers, I guess. I live in Kentucky so the winters are somewhat mild.

  759. Ira Schwartz


  760. Matthew Kofahl

    I don’t it when temps dip under 15 degrees F so I do a lot of Spinning and treadmill work in the deep cold of Western New York State

  761. Tim

    Living in Northern Australia – Winter is running time! I Change sports for summer…

  762. Dave

    Try to eat less during winter months, since I don’t workout as much.

  763. Karen

    I bought a rebounder for winter training. Working out on a rebounder isn’t too jarring on my two previous broken ankles and it’s also great for the lymphatic system.

  764. Ed Francoeur

    I wish I lived in Hawaii! Training moves from the road to the trainer and look forward to randomly nice days where I can get back outside!

  765. André Berger

    Since I’m living in Norway close to the nature, I like to go cross country skiing in winter. And if we have little snow, as have happened in the last years I also have crampons and snowshoes so I can go hiking. As for cycling I put winter tires on my bike so I can use it all winter.

  766. Jeremy Harlan

    i’ll take it!

  767. Tomas

    Warmer clothes!

  768. ErikNorth

    Sweden… start to run more often instead of biking or inlining.

  769. Jenn Homa

    Depends on the upcoming race schedule. As for now I’m currently waiting for MRI results, so my IM training consists mostly of swimming and beer drinking.

  770. Dave Bloom

    This is actually the first year that I’ll be running in winter so still figuring it out. Just invested in a road bike so I plan to be cycling too. On the really cold days, I’ll probably stay in and focus on body weight training or aerobics (or both).

  771. Clark

    Sadly, more running…

  772. Dan

    I move everything indoors. The dark makes outdoors a bit dangerous of a morning.

  773. MartinN

    I move much of my training indoors because I am a wuss.

  774. In the winter, the road bike goes on the trainer and I suffer through various workouts and videos. Thank God for the new breed of trainers and workout subscriptions! (takes gun out of mouth and puts it away)

    I pull out the mountain bike and trail shoes and promise that I’ll do one of each every weekend. (except when it rains or snows or is too cold or I’m too tired or hungry or busy or football is on TV or the wife needs me to do something)

    Oh, who am I kidding? I eat and drink beer all winter long and gain 20 pounds.

  775. Fran

    As a runner, I just transition to running on a treadmill. I still do some runs outside, even in snow, but sometimes it’s just too cold or there’s too much white stuff on the ground.

  776. Jeremy

    Tough out the weather in Chicago. At least the streets are plowed.

  777. Robin

    I’m pretty lucky living in Sydney Australia. Winter doesn’t make much of a difference.

  778. Halissa

    I plan to change my routine this winter and do some video workouts to get into shape for next season.

  779. Jeff

    Living in WI my sports are seasonal; cycling and paddling in summer (and shoulder seasons) and XC skiing when there’s snow. Thought about fat biking, but I’d rather ski than haul a bike along. Hit the trainer too, but ugh… Gym time gets upped a bit, but I do some strength stuff year round.

  780. Ben Anderson

    I pretty much don’t change much other than maybe wearing more layers!

  781. Kevin Karr

    Love DCR

  782. Mike

    I do mostly trail running and hiking. For me, winter means I can lay off the bug spray and I don’t have to eat spider webs.

  783. Bradley

    I like to take spin classes and do more core training to increase balance and muscle strength. I hope to start riding rhe trauks, if Santa brings a MTB, unless my wife realizes that I’ll start leaving on Saturday mornings again.
    And just to be honest, I’ll add 15 pounds from now to Jan 7, and then start the new year with a 21 day all vegetable plan to flush the system.

  784. Matthew Gow

    I’m continuously chasing the sun because of my job so that helps keep me in good training weather. The only issue is I travel by boat, so the trainer definitely comes into play!

  785. Tim

    I take the cold, snowy, icy months as an opportunity to work on aerobic fitness, training primarily by HR.

  786. Gerard

    I just know I’ll be running in the dark most of the time.

  787. Andrew

    I break out the cold weather gear and boots when the snow comes for LSD runs. This year I’ll be adding Zwift work on the turbo trainer though!

  788. Bo

    Sick of rain, sleet and snow from December to February?
    Me too.
    For that precise reason, I moved to New Zealand. And pronto: December to February is the best time of the year. And our winter is like a northern hemisphere Autumn, so it’s a double win
    And talking about winning: I’d really like to win one of these fancy Fenix 3 watches. Pick me! Pretty please.

  789. Chris

    DCR rocks

  790. Michael S

    Living in Los Angeles, we don’t usually get too much of a winter. But I’ll taper down my trail runs (probably stop them entirely if El Nino decides to hit us hard this year) But cycling gets me to work, so, add some long tights and it’s go time. 😀

  791. matt c

    Drop the bike onto the trainer and fire up Sufferfest.

  792. Chua

    Living in the tropics so I’ll chip in on training during bad weather. Uphill running or lactate intervals on treadmill, more frequent core exercises, doing intervals on stairs. There is no stopping regardless of weather!

  793. Ron

    I don’t like running in the dark with a headlamp so I often run paved trails without the light.

    I do like the cold. Much more control of my temperature with layers and half zips! I now prefer spring marathons because I do much of the hard training in cold or cool weather.

    DCR rocks! I was glad to see your post that you survived the attacks in Paris.

  794. Jon

    Californian checking in with highs around 80 and beautiful days lately. No changes planned. 🙂

  795. Chandler Burke

    For me, the only thing that changes is when I run. I live in Dallas and Houston, which means in the summer I have to run before 9:00 am. In the winter, I can run whenever I want. Everything else stays the same.

    I get to go to San Diego this summer, so needless to say I’m excited.

  796. Mike V

    Like most, I bundle up and run outside, but when the air quality is poor I head up to the speed skating oval that has a “Super” track on the outside of the ice, and run in circles! Biking is for the basement and 007 marathons.

  797. smichael

    Running stays the same with the addition of a few visibility aids. More cross-training.

  798. Samuel Khoo

    no winter here in Singapore, training as usual 😉

  799. Weng-Hong Yim

    I’m a hiker and cyclist interested in looking for a heartrate monitoring watch, smartphone bicycle/body/car mount, and other exercise-tracking and cycling gear.
    Recently discovered your web site and I like you reviews – very user-focussed (as they should be).
    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews.

  800. Steve

    Just put on the tights and go for it. I would rather run outside in a blizzard than get on a treadmill.

  801. Nathan

    The winter months are the nice ones for us here in Arizona. In the hot summer, the training has to be early in the morning or indoors.

  802. Howard Helbein

    I live in South Florida. It’s been a hot and humid summer (and fall). I’m hoping it will cool of soon so I can get some quality long runs in.

  803. Mathieu LeBlanc

    Living in Canada means layers of clothes for running and snowshoeing instead of cycling. Gonna try an exercise bike this winter but hate training inside! Love your site! Thanks!

  804. Alex


  805. Aaron Cowan

    It may have seemed to some that moving to Borneo was just a way of getting away from the howling horizontal rain in Wellington, New Zealand. And I’m not going to deny that that was one of the reasons. But I find that I did really enjoy going out for runs when the wind was at just below cyclonic (it helped running up the never-ending hills ) and that I’m missing running in less than 25 degree C heat a little. Still – it’s Borneo! Who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical paradise?

  806. Masa

    I switch to gym and skiing. Also a time to take it easy.

  807. sarah

    me run!!

  808. kathy

    adapt to winter means we wear sleeveless jerseys and singlets now as the sun is not so strong. also can run midday and not have to restrict run/bike to dawn/dusk to avoid the heat. so, for us training is much more free in the winter than the summer. we’re heading indoors and avoiding outside in summer but come out to enjoy outside in the winter. yes. very strange. 🙂

  809. Yang

    I love this watch, it could be perfect if an optical heart rate monitor is added

  810. Carl H.

    Trying xc skiing this year. The trainer is rough!