A November Garmin (Fancy) Fenix3 Giveaway


It’s somehow already halfway through November, and we’ve lacked a giveaway this month.  Heck, did we even have a giveaway last month? That seems like eons ago.  My bad.

No worries though, I’m here to save the day.  Or at least, save Tuesday.  I’ll be giving you a Fenix3.  But not any Fenix3, one of their newfangled fancy looking Fenix3 watches.  Had I thought this post through a little bit more, I could have put it on Friday, and named it the ‘Fancy Fenix3 Friday Freebie’, but alas – I didn’t think of that until now as I write on the plane.  My mental schedule is set for the week, and here it is.

In any case, they released these ones back a few months ago.  One is more of a leather strap, and the other more womanly with swanky rose gold trimmings.  Though honestly, it’s still kinda a big watch for a woman – so if you’re more petite – I’ll let you downsize and pick some other GPS watch that Clever Training stocks, even if it might not look as pretty and be lacking the flower power.


Since I landed in a snowy place this evening, we’re going to get you thinking about winter. To enter, simply leave a quick comment with an answer to the following:

How do you adapt your training schedule for winter? Do you change sports altogether, or do you happen to be one of those lucky ducks living in Hawaii?

Giveaway closes Friday evening, November 20th at 11:59PM US Eastern Time.


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  1. Ron

    Road bike -> MTB bike
    22C swims -> 12C swims
    Runs -> Runs + Gloves

  2. Julie osoteo

    Winter is time to hit the pool and the weight room! The treadmill is my friend!

  3. Fred Shackelford

    I find myself spending the majority of my bike time on the trainer and running more. I also hit the weights and swim indoors a little more frequently.

  4. Jason Brewer

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Adrian Leibas

    My training in the wintery cold months here in Ohio change in one way…they get lonely. In the warm months my runs are my way of escaping the stress of Grad/Nursing school…why? Because I usually have my 3 year old triplets with me in a triple jog stroller. So answering all their questions about things on our runs will be put on hold until the weather breaks in the Spring. Not sure I’m gonna like the quiet while I run in the snow.

  6. Justin S

    Get out the headlamp, hat, gloves and long sleeves. More treadmill runs and sauna sessions.

  7. Larry

    I indoor train with KICKR and Nordic ski.

  8. Kevin

    I move everything indoors (trainer, treadmill, etc).

    Hope that Paris is starting to return to normal in some way.

  9. Mary Richardson

    In the winter i usually go to the gym more often and do group classes or the treadmill/arc trainer.

  10. Whit Dawson

    Friggin love this site and Garmin fenix!