The 2nd Annual DCR Cave Open House–December 12th!


It was roughly one year ago that I announced the DCR Cave (along with Bertie’s Cake Studio).  Following that in December, we did an open house one Saturday evening for folks to come check it out and just in general have fun chatting about sports and sports technology (and wine, cheese, and cupcakes).  Oh, and we gave away a bunch of free stuff.  Watches, gift certificates, apparel, and a few random other things I had floating around.

This year, we’ll be doing it again!  But bigger of course!  And plenty has changed since last year – most notably there’s probably 2-3 times as many gadgets and gear.


On top of that though, we’re raising the stakes this year! For those that would like to, I’ll be doing a group run that morning on my favorite running route around Paris.  The Girl will also lead another run at the same time, split roughly into two pace groups – but the same route.  It’s full of all the major Parisian sights, and is what I love taking out of towners on!


Of course, the evening of the Open House I’ll have plenty of devices around should folks want to play with the latest and greatest stuff.  Anything that’s been announced will be available and fair game for tinkering.

While the annual Santa Clause 10K race is the following weekend this year, there’s still tons of fun stuff in the city to do if you’re coming from out of town.  For example the Christmas Markets are up then in multiple locations – including the Champs-Élysées. Not to mention ice skating should be open in a few major locales around the city (though, if it doesn’t warm up from t-shirts and shorts weather, it might be a bit wet).  And finally, for those who want to skate, there’s the weekly Paris Roller events on Friday nights that are always epic (they also have a tamer version on Sunday morning geared towards families).

As you can see – it’s a great time of year to visit the city, especially since it’s just ahead of the typically more busy tourist weekends.


For the Open House:

Date: Saturday, December 12th, 2015 – Starting around 5PM.
Address: Location sent a few days ahead, but within the Paris 5th Arrondissement near Notre Dame
Closest Metro: St-Michel Notre Dame (RER-B/C) or Cardinal Lemoine (Line 10)
Food: We’ll have various appetizer & dessert items
Price: Free of course!

For the Run:

We’ll leave at 9AM from the DCR Cave location (sunrise is 8:34AM that morning, so just after that a bit).  We’ll divide into two groups on a route that’s approximately 7.5 miles (12 kilometers).  We’ll divide into two pace groups, one will be about a 7:45-8:00/mile (4:50-5:00/KM) pace with me, while another group led by The Girl will go at approximately 9:00/mile (5:35/KM).

Upon return we’ll have some goodies to help you replenish your nutrition for a few hours.

Note: Folks from various sports tech companies are of course more than welcome for either!


For the open house simply use the form below to sign-up (just so I can figure out how much cheese to buy, and cupcakes to make!), we look forward to seeing you then!

Create your own user feedback survey

I’ll use the e-mail provided to send the final details (and a reminder) as we get closer to the date.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

See ya then!
– Bobbie & Ray


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  1. Karl

    Awsome Ray, I wish I could be there. An amazing event!

  2. hollyoak

    The run’s a great idea, I’m in on both and if I can borrow a 235 for the run that would be awesome 😉

    • Since you asked first, assuming I have one, it’s yours to try.

    • hollyoak

      Great, thanks !

    • hollyoak

      Having gotten a hold of a FR235 I’ll “free up” the one you’d kindly set aside for me (saw other requests) and would like to switch to the TomTom Cardio (the first one with the Mio sensor) if you have one handy, thanks!

    • Johnny Nordahl

      I have a feeling I’ve used the wrong form (no directions received so far). I’m accessing this from my iPhone but I don’t see a feedback form (I only see this option to reply to your post).

      Can you send me the meeting point for the morning run in an email?

  3. Andrew

    Ray, that’s awesome – if I wasn’t horrendously broke and Paris wasn’t eye wateringly expensive I would be on a Eurostar and there… as it is I may have to wait until next year 🙁

  4. Bernard

    When does your Christmas run go on international tour?
    Enjoy it!

  5. Sitting here in the African Sun I had better play the Lotto as winning is the only way I’m going to get here… Sounds like fun. We’ll just have to follow the day on Twitter!

  6. Count me in and let me know if as a local I can help somehow.

  7. Den

    I hope I will make it next year.


    Sounds like a good time for sure… Care to pass along some of your airline miles? The wife and I cancelled our Paris vacation last year when we (slash she) got pregnant and was too far along to travel. Lost 2/3 of the costs but on the bright side I now have the cutest baby every made. True story.

  9. Sergio Melo - Brazil

    Would love to be there, however it is not possible unless tickets from Rio de Janeiro are also available for free 🙂 Sounds awesome!

  10. Jamie

    Dam I always miss out. Daughters 3rd Birthday which in all honesty is more important but would have been nice to meet you.

    Hope you have a good day. I will be partially there in spirit.

  11. Jim Couture

    Darn, I get on the plane December 12th. I am moving to Versailles from Oregon. I am looking forward to meeting you sometime in the future though.

  12. So jealous! Was in Paris with my bicycle a month ago.

  13. I’ve long thought that there could be a market for you and the Girl to run DC Rainmaker tours or events. With enough notice I, for one, would pay for a DC Rainmaker inspired tour of some unique, sports type destination filled with tech gadgets, exercise and great food.

    I wish I could get to Paris this December but the timing is bad. Maybe next year.

  14. Carl

    Very cool! Maybe you could do a Christmas in July event based around bikes. Why yes, I will be in Paris in early July!
    Seriously, looks like a very cool event and a great way to build the DCRainmaker brand. (Hope that doesn’t sound to crass and Trumpish.) Have a great time.

  15. Jacob

    Too far from Kona, Hawaii – good excuse to get away from winter and do a visit here! I volunteer to show you around!

  16. Florian

    “Note: Folks from various sports tech companies are of course more than welcome for either!”

    would be a bit awkward if the LIMITS guys show up after yesterday’s rather sharp reprimand…

  17. Didone

    This is so awesome! Thanks Ray and The Girl! <3

  18. Martin

    Awesome idea. I’m currently searching for some reasonable priced plane tickets to get to Paris (Friday evening) for the run in the morning and the open house in the afternoon.
    Would it make sense to leave the open house event at approx 20:00 to take a flight home Saturday or would I miss all the fun by leaving so early?

    • Hmm, it depends on the airport and how you’re getting there. I typically budget 2hrs that time of day prior to departure. So if the flight is at 8PM, you’d want to leave here at about 6PM on a Saturday to get to CDG by about 7:40-7:45PM. Orly would be about 7:30, but you can cut it tighter since it’s quicker once you’re there.

      As for leaving the DCR Cave at 8PM – no problem at all there!

    • Martin

      Thanks for the info. There is a plane leaving Orly at 21:35 so that seems to fit perfectly. I just have to make sure that someone can take care of my kids on Friday before I order the tickets. Hope to see you soon in Paris 🙂

  19. fili

    Brilliant idea…will love to joins..let’s see if I can arrange a small trip with family..will love to test 235 either:) next item in my wish list. Will confirm shortly.

  20. Alex

    Aargh!! I’ll be in Paris on business next week. I’m a month off! ?

  21. Jeff

    Do you have any Limit Power meters to give away 🙂

  22. Thierry Zhed

    Very good idea this morning run, I follow your stuffs advices and French sport competition experiences since a long time and December will be a good opportunity to meet you, see you next month.

  23. Jeff Ding

    Ohhhh….. From my home, ticket is around… 1,7 € ! Nice to live in Paris ?
    So… I.ll be there !

  24. Johnny Nordahl

    Great initiative!! If you have one of those TOMTOM MULTI-SPORT CARDIO watches laying around I’d love to take it for a spin during the morning run. 🙂

  25. Bertrand

    I missed it last year due to a surprise business trip… Hope to make it this time!

  26. Ben

    Thanks ray – this sounds really good. I’d like to join for both events.

  27. BillM

    Is there a risk that this will be like one of those impromptu Facebook parties where hundreds of people show up at someone’s house and chaos ensues with local police having to divert traffic etc? 😉

  28. BillM

    Just heard about attacks in Paris. Hoping you and the girl are ok.

  29. Patricia Didone

    I´ve just heard the sad news! Glad to hear you guys are safe!

  30. Jonathan

    Glad you and your loved ones are safe.

  31. Peggy oin

    Is it always around this time of the year? If so i will start planning for next year. Was in Paris Oct, nice place. Bakery/cake shop will be a Must visit next time as like to meet you n girl in person and the cakes too.

  32. Is this closed now? I had a friend who wanted to come along but didn’t manage to fill in the forum.

    • Nope, still open!

      Though, I believe if you’ve already filled in the survey from that browser once before it’ll basically show like you’ve completed it already. You can just open up an InPrivate (or similar) browser window to access it again.


  33. Daniel Jessula

    I’d like to sign up for the open house My wife, Nancy Salzman has already signed up

  34. Sam

    bummer i have a trip to rome at that time 🙁

  35. David Collins

    Just signed up for the morning run. Joining the run led by The Girl since sub-8:00 miles are in my distant past.

  36. Etienne Vallee

    Will attend the Saturday night only.

  37. Johnny Nordahl

    Hi. Was the meet-up point for the morning run already announced?