Because it’s October: Garmin Edge 520 Giveaway


It’s somehow October already, and it’s been months since the Giveaway Extravaganza, and far too many months since a standalone extravaganza.  I really need to have more of these.  Partly because I love giving away stuff.  And partly because if I was smart I’d do more of these posts merely because they take all of about 6 minutes to put together.  And in the case of this week, that means I can sit on this beach in Cancun drinking even more all-inclusive drinks instead of writing.  Boom!

For everyone else though (except I suppose those either living on a beach or at Kona) – you’ve got the weekend ahead – which is certainly like sitting on a beach.  Unless you’re racing, in which case it’s no beach.

For this weekend I (well, technically my friends at Clever Training) will be giving away a brand new Garmin Edge 520.  They’ve got plenty of them in stock now, and one has your name on it.

To enter: Simply leave a comment below telling me what your training or racing plans entail this weekend!

Yup, it’s that easy!  And yes, you can enter no matter where you live.  Louisiana or Lithuania – all are OK!  Someone from Lithuania actually won in the most recent giveaway.

Remember that by supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically everything they sell, unless it’s already on some sort of big sale.  From GPS watches to clothing to nutrition.


The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, October 12th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly, not on coolness of your training or racing plans.  Unless they are so epic they cannot be ignored.



  1. Peter Haahr Bernhard

    Commuting to work on the bike this sunday, being on call this weekend. All of 50K.

  2. Peter

    Doing my first ever cyclocross race and can’t wait!

  3. Lora

    Long run tomorrow as I prep for a half marathon in another week. Hopefully a fall bike ride with my hubby.

  4. burgess eberhardt

    10 mile run – slow

  5. Shane

    Training for my first 100km ride from Brisbane to Gold Coast next weekend. Don’t want to get lost. I need a Garmin.

  6. Brian Main

    I’m going to be unpacking my bike after last weekend’s Levi’s Gran Fondo. The ride made me aware of what a 20+ % grade looks like. It also made me realize that I’m going to be riding a bunch of hills in my near future so that I don’t have a heart attack. So yes, after the ole trusty stead is built back to its glory. I will be riding some hills and more hills after I am done with the first set.

  7. Bill Taylor

    Just an old overweight guy hoping to log 20 to 30 miles Saturday morning.

  8. MooCow

    Recovering from a marathon last week.

  9. Jake

    Out of town for a family wedding, so will have to settle for a swim and a stationary bike, otherwise there’s some hero level dirt in the Front Range this time of year.

  10. Ian Mac

    Long ride Saturday. Long run Sunday. All in preparation for my first 70.3 in Mandurah in a month’s time ???

  11. David Loring

    100+ mile ride from Madison, Wisconsin, to Devil’s Lake state park for one last ride with a good friend before he heads to Europe (insert jealousy).

  12. Jeff Pierce

    Saturday is a family ride with my wife and daughter, then settle in to watch a little Ironman coverage. Sunday will be a 3 hour group ride with some of my neighbors.

  13. Matt

    sprint tri tomorrow and then an 18 mile run on sunday

  14. Jeffrey Watts

    Maybe a couple short easy rides, resting after a long season of hard riding.

  15. Mike Mason

    Testing out mountain bikes for potential upgrades. A new Garmin would be the perfect accessory.

  16. Joel

    quick run this weekend

  17. Kevin

    I’ve got a broken wrist so it just a short ride for me and a run on Sunday.

  18. andreas

    Going for a 90k ride.

  19. Jan knyttl

    Have a rest period before start new season. So walking and swimming is going to fulfil my weekend

  20. Hilmar

    Saturday 10k running and after it 1h roadbike, Sunday MTB :-)

  21. Troy Bryant

    Today I’ll be w the kids at Little Athletics. Tomorrow I have a Cyclo Sportif race on in the Adelaide Hills.

  22. Marcus Kunath

    Riding Around the Bay- Melbourne

  23. Peter S

    Usual 100km training ride

  24. Martijn de Mulder

    Just a short bike ride for my revalidation since my motorcycle accident last year. :)

  25. Joel

    My plan? Recovery! After doing Ironman 70.3 Silverman, my fiancé and I are giving ourselves some much deserved rest. Still, we’re making time for a short swim, as well as some wedding locale scouting. :) She’d actually be the lucky user of said device if the random numbers fall my way.

  26. Chris

    Doing some weight training tonight followed by a run tomorrow doing a long run Sunday doing a long bike followed by a run, why? Because I tri that’s why.

  27. Kim Bo Jensen

    Just some recovery riding planned for the weekend.

  28. JPH

    A fun MTB ride through the forest to see the fall colours.

  29. Shawn Hime

    Planning to do about 40 miles on Sat. and 100 miles on Sun.

  30. Simon Phuah

    Road season has finished so I’m taking a break from the bike. Will run 5km or so and the do some 16oz arm curls tonight

  31. Tristan LEDARD

    A mountainbike ride tomorrow and a road bike ride on Sunday

  32. Gary Baker

    Racing my first CX race, hoping that my training has paid off and its a lot of fun.

  33. TuomasO

    Bike commute to work even though it’s below zero here already :)

  34. A 50 km ride with my girlfriend through one of most beautiful regions in Poland – Trail of Eagle Nests. It is a trail, that leads through many historical Polish castles, with breathtaking views. Take a look here: link to

  35. Mike G.

    50mile climbing ride Sunday morning.

  36. Thor

    Rest weekend, so my plans are to be pushing the baby round in the stroller and chasing after a toddler in the park.

  37. Keng Yih Chew

    Riding to work with my trusty old forerunner 110.

  38. LP

    I’ll be training on the Austin 70.3 course!

  39. Sumet

    The weekend training: 70km ride on Saturday and 10km run on Sunday.

  40. Patrik Adolfsson

    Winter has come to Sweden. Its below zero degrees celsius but still riding my mtb on Saturday. Sunday it might be a trainer session premier!


    In sunny San Diego we can still ride our asses off in 80+ degree weather…I plan hitting a nice 50 miler on Sunday morning!

  42. Nigel Wootton

    Try 50 miles each day, make the most of the end of summer!

  43. Darius Kintanar

    Brick. 2 hour bike/ 50 minute run.

  44. 5k Pumpkin Run tomorrow and then a long 8 mile run on Sunday. Training for my second half!

  45. Andy H

    90 miles piloting tandem with blind cycling mate

  46. Vitor Rosa

    This weekend will be a quiet one; since “Joaquin” is heading our Peninsula (at least that’s what they predict), I’m still “on hold” regarding my bike rides: Saturday, Sunday, none of them? Hope at least I get the chance to ride one of the days… ;)

  47. ABQ Bill

    This weekend prob just a 50 mile bike ride and an hour of so of swimming.

    2 weeks ago I helped crew the Mt. Taylor 50K here in NM. Winner (Craig Curley) broke the course record. Ran it in 4:13. Last guy was 11 hours+.

    Y’all have a great weekend !!

  48. Karim

    My plans entail a wedding and some back rehab, not necessarily connected.

  49. Riding the single speed all weekend and volunteering/coaching at IMLouisville!!

  50. NICO

    140 km Bike ride

  51. Clark

    Hit the trainer in between the kids soccer games and painting the ceiling!

  52. Adam Shaw

    No big plans, but putting together a new bike and getting a few hours in on it!

  53. Tim Ojesky

    70 mile training ride Saturday with the group, out and back. Recovery ride from last weekend’s inaugural NT444 from Nashville.

  54. Jeremy Spurgin

    Fall Bike ride through a few small towns hoping so see some fall colors.

  55. I will drive my wife ther tri sprint

  56. Mike Dettman

    In San Diego, doing repeats up the Purple Monster!

  57. Scott Browne

    Day dreaming of using my new Garmin Edge 520 courtesy of DC Rainmaker & Clever Training ?

  58. Mel

    Medium long & recovery runs, at least one on trails, likely both in the rain.

  59. Ross Pyne

    Saturday morning parkrun, tri master swim session on Sunday evening and a ZWIFT ride somewhere in between.. enjoy Mexico!!

  60. Nev

    Maybe the last dry sunny epic ride of the season!

  61. Kris

    Depends on the weather. Probably a 10km run.

  62. Peter H

    Visitors in town- trying to sneak something short in Sunday morning!

  63. Matthew Allen

    Saturday I will be cheering on my wife as she runs the queen bee half marathon. Following I will hit the weights in the gym and go for a run. Sunday is my long ride day. Cheers!

  64. Adam Harrison

    Last long run on Sunday before my first ever Marathon – Amsterdam, next Sunday.

  65. Pat

    Back to base training now. Focusing on the distance. 80 to 100km, possibly taking some hills in before winter rules the high ground out.

  66. Vincent

    No training but a weekend with my girlfriend! Monday gonna Hurt I guess

  67. Brian

    Getting my nails done a ride with the kids

  68. Andrew Craddock

    I’ll be giving my new Stages Power Meter a decent ride with 6000 ft of elevation gain in HOT SoCal

  69. Malte Erikson

    Actually, I’m going to have the weekend off for the first time in like nine months

  70. Adeel

    Running a 5k race as part of my half marathon training

  71. Louise B Roup

    Training for AIDS/Lifecycle SF to LA, weekend ride #2, riding with the ladies. An easy 25 miler, looking forward to it.

  72. Michael W

    Running medium distance tomorrow, then cycling some random distance on Sun!

  73. Samuel Medway

    Hey Ray – Fremantle Half Marathon on Sunday morning for me!

  74. James

    Might have a go at Zwift in the morning. Then a Sunday ride with a mate to Cambridge.

  75. Benedict

    Hoping not to get injured on my longest run in six years!

  76. ivo

    Running in moraira to keep the weight down during the holiday here

  77. Lora

    Carb marathon then Steamtown marathon

  78. RWC926

    2 hours zone 2 endurance building on the bike this Sunday!

  79. Marc

    A long “VTT” ride in Saint Germain forest sunday morning.

  80. Jimbo

    Doing a MTB Poker Ride on Saturday and going out to support friends doing the Long Beach Marathon by passing out beer at mile 20.

  81. Mike

    Fast metric century with the club

  82. owen

    enjoying the last warmth of summer

  83. Robert McNeil

    Getting the SS cyclocross bike a little dirty while following everything Kona. TRS Radio will be my go to for all the info.

  84. Ignas

    10k run

  85. Keith Lacey

    Nothing just did Ironman Barcelona!

  86. Steve

    DC Rainmaker is awesome, would love me a 520 :-)

  87. Mike

    8 miles Saturday, 18 miles Sunday. Ick, upcoming marathon

  88. Nick

    Half marathon! 13 months post op left hip replacement. Going to try to get close to my PR!

  89. Jaco

    Mountain biking for probably the last time this year before the snow starts flying here in Manitoba, Canada.

  90. Anatoly

    Bodypump and Spin class tomorrow morning!

  91. Isaiah

    Riding with my Dad around town! Taking it easy. And then running a half marathon on Sunday.

  92. guscrown

    I’m planning a 38mile bike ride. Training for a duathlon in November. Last race of the year.

  93. Shaun

    31mile gravel ride this morning. nothing for the weekend itself as going to Vegas!

  94. Kerry Rowley

    4 k swim this morning, one hour bike this afternoon and a half marathon tomorrow :)

  95. Johannes

    relaxing and waiting for the new trainings season begin :-) Greetings from Austria! (country without Kangaroos ;-))

  96. Dennis Steffensen

    Cyclocross race sunday in Denmark :-)

  97. David

    We’re into spring training here and starting to get ready for move to Melbourne so doing base distance and low-intensity this weekend.

  98. Michael Herald

    No plans, going on my honeymoon. :)

  99. Ed Hilly

    This weekend is Canberra’s State (Territory) road race and time trail Championships. Just about to start my warm up. It’s going to be a fun weekend!

  100. Olivier Champoux

    Try to start training again after my first ironman. so light running and light bike trainer ride

  101. Huub Raemakers

    A 100km Sunday morning ride. It will be cold but sunny :)

  102. Andrew

    Long ride…maybe

  103. Ian Cassidy

    A road bike spin on Saturday and an MTB spin on Sunday,
    Love the Autumn spins

  104. Joe A

    Riding the White Rim trail at Canyonlands National Park. Awesome views riding through the high desert

  105. Javier

    Swim TT test + easy run on Saturday
    Thermal waters / relax day on Sunday

  106. Raybol

    yes please

  107. Johan Beetge

    A brick session on saturday morning, bit of a practice run for noosa tri in a few weeks. Then sunday long ride on a new route, need a different garmin than my 910 for that! *hint* *hint*

  108. Peter Felix

    Brisk walk to my daughters Autumn fair carrying what i hope to be a prize winning lemon polenta cake.

  109. Vincent Bischoff

    If my wife is ok, 100 km ride with my team on Sunday morning – probably the ACBB ride !

  110. Joe Wilensky

    5K race with my dog and then 2 hours on zwift for Sunday

  111. BarryW

    Short taper run for next week’s half marathon.

  112. Brett

    Getting back on the bike will be an achievement in itself, and a short ride will probably be all the training I get to fit in.

  113. Nat

    I am doing a 210km bike ride in Melbourne Australia! I also did parkrun today.

  114. long ride Saturday and track workout Sunday! Yeah!

  115. Shaun moran

    Wedding anniversary weekend away so training plans will be drinking beer and riding hire bikes along the beach :-)

  116. liers99

    Planning a 40 mile gravel grinder for sunday

  117. Joe

    Starting the 1/2 marathon training plan I’ve been putting off.

  118. Stephen O'Driscoll

    I try to run 15 km in a week. Have to go to a wedding this weekend so ran 15 km in one go. Might not sound much but it really pushed me to the limits. Can hardly walk. Otherwise I would be riding both Saturday and Sunday.

  119. joris

    should help me counting the beers in the evening

  120. David

    The last club ride after the last club ride tomorrow. The good weather has continued longer than expected in Calgary.

  121. Carla R.

    Running the Devil’s Dive Half Marathon this Sunday!

  122. David R.

    Running a half marathon Sunday even though my training hasn’t been stellar…

  123. Ann

    Boot camp Saturday, climb Mt Pilchuck on Sunday

  124. Timster

    Shortish run Sunday

  125. Will Nickell

    A 13 mile 2,200 foot climb mountain bike ride Sunday. Hopefully not hurt myself!

  126. Dax

    Alternating days rowing and running; cycling with my daughter on the weekend!

  127. celeste baker

    Trail run Saturday, Mtb Sunday, and a nap!

  128. Eric

    The Tri fetcta swim bike and run

  129. Joseph Brescia

    This week includes active recovery on Zwift and some strength training/yard work. Oh, and a bar crawl. Ha!

  130. Tris

    Teaching my son to ride for the first time. Training buddy of the future!

  131. Ritchie Champion

    Riding – easy 2 hrs sat and then a structured 90 min session on sunday

  132. Andrew Tucker

    I’ll be getting on Zwift today and tomorrow.

  133. @runnerizer

    Chicago Marathon!

  134. Dan Robinson

    Found out today I got a successful entry into the national hill climb championships (cycling) in the uk on oct 25th at Jackson Bridge. Racing on the same course tomorrow as a trial run alongside a couple of national champions, then another hill climb on sunday!

  135. Tommy Toemmerdal

    12km z2 run today. 70km z1-2 saturday. 10km track session on sunday ?

  136. Russ

    I promised my wife I’d run a mile for every dollar my Garmin watch costed me before I’d buy any more gadgets. I’m almost there with about a hundred more miles to go. Last two times I went for a ride I got utterly lost and Google maps wore out my battery life so an Edge is next on my list. Pick me before I get lost and can’t find my way home!

  137. Sergey

    Will just sit at home, it’s first days of winter here in Moscow.

  138. jeremy mickle

    90 min run over the local hills and swim in the afternoon, bike Sunday :)

  139. Sarah

    An important overlooked factor of training, i.e. I’m resting this weekend!

  140. David

    Long bike on saturday, Long run on sunday. The tri season is almost here in southern hemisphere!

  141. Brian C

    Hitting the trails tomorrow and a long run on Sunday.

  142. Brian M

    Sat – 35 mile bike ride
    Sun – 5 mile run

  143. Pirate Hoy

    Flying back to London from the states, so I will probably use a 2-3 hour run to keep myself awake!

  144. Justin Ritter

    This weekend, I’m doing my last long run before my first marathon on 11/1. Then I need to ride a little for a CX race next weekend.

  145. David

    Yoga, threshold swim, long run, easy bike, long swim, long bike, sleep :)

  146. damyang

    My training plan for this weekend? Lying on the couch, looking at my gorgeous few months old bike and crying because of the sore throat and bad weather forecast… at least someone else in the family will be happy about it :)

  147. Mike

    Ive got my first marathon coming! Hope that counts.

  148. The Eric

    A romantic run with my wife on our 1 year anniversary! This will sound extra sweet if I actually win!

  149. David Griffiths

    A quick spin before visiting the in laws for a week. ..without the bike :-(

  150. Jake

    Swim Bike Run while watching Kona coverage!!

  151. Erin Ellis

    I’m doing SD to Long Beach! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  152. luke yoder

    LSD on Sunday

  153. Christiaan

    Training with te running groep.

  154. John

    Base miles. Long long base miles.

  155. Aaron Lehoux

    This weekend will be a hike with my wife on one day and a ~20 mile trail run in the Belknap Range in NH for training on the other day.

  156. Brett Goodrich

    That looks cool.

  157. Anthony

    run, run, run and… galette-saucisse !

  158. Victor Mateos

    Some running, some riding

  159. Anthony

    Short ride first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can squeeze in 20 miles on red mountain before work. Then a long run through south side Sunday morning. Thats IF my parents (who are staying with me Saturday night) don’t insist on staying up all night and/or going to church… Only God knows.

  160. Bill

    Race reversal for IMAZ!

  161. Dave

    Going to go on a short ride to see if I can ride without knee or ankle pain yet.

  162. Philip

    I am hitting the pool for technique session followed by gym for S&C. Finishing the day of with a long slow run

  163. Kevin

    Casual hike with the kids, followed by an early Saturday Thanksgiving Dinner

  164. Petter Johansson

    Doing two hours of rollerskiing and one hour of running. :)

  165. David

    just a little ride around the Kentucky country side….Ironman Louisville

  166. Russ Mathers

    I’ll be testing the Forerunner 225 my wife gave me for my anniversary present!

  167. Stephen

    Training rides with the UCSB cycling team.

  168. Jono

    Racing to a bottle shop to pick up a dozen beers from far off lands like Portland, Boulder, and St. Cloud.

  169. Hunter

    5-7 mile run on Saturday followed by a 15-20 mile bike ride on Sunday.

  170. Milkywaye

    Running with my son.. Awesome

  171. Mark

    No training this weekend. It’s a rest weekend for me ;)

  172. Sean

    I was going to:
    Friday: 120 km loop
    Saturday: Lift access Mountain biking
    Sunday: Off
    Monday: Sprints

    But seeing as I am deep in the throes of sickness, I will instead browse the interweb and look outside at the last good days this Fall.

  173. Pat Connolly

    Pedaling 80 miles in the wonderful wet and chilly New England October weather system.

  174. Gustavo Solis

    Mountain Bike for 3 hours a day and then some rolling on my Bkool

  175. nicolas

    not epic training plan

    2×45′ run

    rest for the 55k trail at the end of the next week

  176. Richard Bringas

    I will be doing a 3hr endurance hilly bike ride on Saturday followed by a 1:45 run on sunday

  177. Joshua

    I just bought a road bike last week, and this weekend will be my first ride longer than ten miles in over a decade. I will be tracking it on my FR220 and then switching the activity type to Cycling in order to get HRM data. Kludgey, but it’ll get the job done.

    Honestly though I’m just excited to have two wheels again. Running is great, but it’s nice to have an alternative.

  178. Mark Simkins

    Short run to see how my knee holds up after several weeks of physio.

  179. yeo kok siong

    It’s my key session today and I need to swim close to race effort for coming busselton IM in wetsuit. Scaring the shit outta me!!! Lol

  180. Quite hectic with a cyclocross race Sunday and a 10k flat all out run.

  181. Bob

    25 mile bike ride outside before the weather gets to cold

  182. Yay, a comp open to Canadians! Thanks Rainmaker! This weekend looks good! Sat: 3-4 hr flattish training ride with the guys. Sun: cx race less than an hour from home. And Monday – Thanksgiving – our club’s annual appetite seminar, an 88km cyclocross ride and fundraiser for our local Trips for Kids chapter; Double Cross! Weeeee!

  183. Scott French

    Riding an eighty miles along the San Diego coast on Saturday.

  184. lolwatts

    recovery rides as i wait for my P1, so i am nice and refreshed when they arrive!!

  185. Paul S.

    I’ll be doing a LSD ride in preperation for my FIRST century ride next weekend!

  186. Joerg

    getting back into training after beeing busy and ill for two weeks. exploring the beaty of northern thailand.

  187. Heather

    First training run after an injury. So…not much.

  188. gee

    Downtown Ottawa,ON to Gatineau Park and back on Sunday morning

    Monday I might swing by Montreal,QC and do the Grand Prix Cycliste course that I missed dearly when I was there in December.

    I’m travelling approximately 1200kms to train for 2 days (from Toronto,ON). I’d love to have the 520 a prize for my commitment to kick off my winter training!

  189. Bettina

    We’re supporting friends in Kona at the IM. So- morning swim done, 10k run-and waiting for the gun in the morning….

  190. Jacques Moran

    Weekend training will be 2nd road spin since moving to north vancouver head up Mount Seymour for some climbimg :)

  191. Jessica

    an hour swim followed by a 50 mile bike ride over two mountain passes…and stretching while watching Kona IM

  192. Kevin Dawson

    Recovering from a cold from the US so could be a weekend off ?

  193. DaveO

    140km sportive around the Scottish highlands. Hope the weather is getting better…

  194. Adam

    My training this weekend is DIY based! Moving a shed, felting a shed and cutting a tree down! A DIY triathlon!

  195. alex

    Crit racing!

  196. I’ll run and ride in the Catalan and French Pyrenees but I don’t know if ‘ll do a road ride or a mtb one.

  197. Neil

    I will be riding in some pleasant scenery with my gorgeous wife instead of thrashing around the roads with a bunch of sweaty blokes on the usual club ride! ????

  198. Jesse

    A weekend of long and hilly rides in upstate New York before the fall chill really arrives!

  199. Warren

    long ride on sunday after working on saturday, with a 90 min run saturday evening

  200. jon olson

    I plan on resting and recovering and eating lots of bowls of cereal.

  201. Aidan

    Get ready for my race tommorow

  202. Daniel


  203. Kylie Adair

    I will be riding a 160km round trip from Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay return on yet another perfect Spring Day in Australia :)

  204. Dathan Chesnut

    Ride the Surly cross check from Louisville Ky to Lexington to visit my sister. Ride back home the next day.

  205. Daniel

    Going to dust off a bike and enjoy a longish strenuousish ride through the hills.

  206. Charles

    Winter is coming, but this will be a nice spring time treat

  207. Andy

    9 mile run Saturday, 20 mile bike Sunday.

  208. Tomio

    Plan: Hawk Hill Ride!

  209. Brian Perkins

    Today was a short, easy groomed trail ride. Tomorrow is a planned metric century on the roads across the northern Flint Hills. Recovery ride on Sunday.

  210. Jason Gardner

    I’ll be focusing on core strength and body weight for the next several weeks. I’m moving to another country, so I’ve had to sell my bike in anticipation of the move. The good news is I have a bright shiny new Canyon waiting for me. Bad news is I have to run rather than ride until then.

  211. Kurt

    only some physio session for my injured back. The edge would keep me motivated to keep going and get back on the bike in a few months though :-)

  212. Gene

    Long ride for some ice cream :-)

  213. John M

    Endurance ride with a few sprint intervals tomorrow. Ride with the wife on Sunday

  214. Randius

    A 70KM+ ride if the haze drops to acceptable level…

  215. António Cruz

    Coming back from injury. Just making a few slow traning sessions.

  216. Jeffito

    Training for next weekend’s #STWM

  217. Nick Njegac

    Racing? I’ll be training the final cyclocross race of the season and also my upcoming cross country season, all in Melbourne’s wonderful heat!

  218. ry

    Cool! Would like to do 30k or 3hrs run & 100~150k ride with climbing.

  219. David Altmaier

    Probably just a couple of easy runs. Maybe a long one on Sunday.

  220. sbyrstall

    I’m thinking to bike about 20 miles at my parents place on Sat. and get in about 1500m in the lap pool on Sun.

  221. Would love to win this…my training consists of riding around the area as without GPS i would get lost…would love to win this and make my riding easier and better…since i’m poor i’ll never afford one :( Here’s to dreaming and hoping :)

  222. Mark

    Friday and Saturday volunteer at a run and cross country meet. Sunday group trail run, unless I bail and go for a bike ride, depends on the rain.

  223. Pat

    80km in the Wicklow hills.

  224. Louise B

    Run & bike in Toronto :)

  225. MikeB

    No plans this week; going on vacation with the family!

  226. Kristian

    Taking the last Post-summer sun in on a ride around northern Copenhagen.

  227. Guillermo Guerini

    Just like many people above, my first marathon is coming up (October 18th). I’ll probably go for a short run to keep my muscles loose.

  228. Alex

    10km Run today, 1.2-2hr ride on sunday, starting to get ready for my first Tri

  229. Chris L

    Hill running and short swim!

  230. Gary Pigott

    This would be perfect for my long rides. The iPhone battery dies 1/2 way :(

  231. Emmanuel Millan

    Saturday: 40 Km mountain bike ride.
    Sunday: 10 Km run.

  232. Matt kime

    Looking for a balance between riding and recovering from a cold.

  233. Sally

    get my act together and start training for a Gran Fondo. From scratch.

  234. Friedrich Gergely

    Maraton run!

  235. David Aldrich

    Getting back to Hawaii and getting my swim on.

  236. Dan

    Work and back to back 10 mile runs

  237. Tom

    75km enduro ride

  238. Jonas S.

    Saturday morning, short ride to test the bike set-up and a short run afterwards.
    Sunday, 130km long ride.

  239. Blake Sims

    I am going to start training again now that my ironman season is done. Going to try and hit the mountain bike trails!

  240. Eric

    Sat: Easy 5mi run, foam roll, work, and then watch IMKona finish. Sun: 1.5-2hr ride, then lazy day!

  241. Kevin S

    Planning on a bike ride with my awesome wife!

  242. Mark T

    Likely rained out on Saturday, so I will hit the trainer and re-watch the Worlds. Sunday I’ll do 3 – 4 hours with a friend.

  243. Matt

    Squeezing the last few outdoor rides I can before hitting the rollers indoors.

  244. Pieter Vismans

    Already have a 45 mile bike ride completed. One speed session and one long run for marathon training.

  245. Sally

    Coming off from a hiatus, I will start my training for next spring’s Gran Fondo I registered.

  246. Alejo

    Rest weekend for me!!

  247. Stokey

    Long ride on Sun to try and catch the last of summer

  248. Alex green

    Riding Around The Bay In a Day 250km on Sunday.

  249. Sam

    Long run on Saturday, long ride Sunday – need to get back into a routine!

  250. james

    This weekend remote work camp cycle on camp bike, home on tuesday to get back outside!

  251. Jonas

    140km ride to the city of Heidelberg and back.

  252. Nicholas

    Short ride on Saturday because I’m making the sons come with me and Kona will be available to watch. Long bike ride Sunday. Come to me Garmin Edge 520!

  253. Michael Coomans

    100km bunch ride today followed by a decent trail run on Sunday.

  254. Jenn

    Steamtown marathon Sunday, and some swimming Monday to loosen the muscles up. Waiting for shimano to warranty my di2 battery for my bike so I can ride again.

  255. See-Ming Phan

    20 mile ride in Healdsburg, CA. 10 minutes jump rope after

  256. Mike

    100 mile ride and half marathon- IM Florida in 4 weeks

  257. Jamie

    Long run while training for an upcoming half marathon.

  258. Thorsten

    Hi there,

    will do a relaxed 100km ride with friends on Sunday, after standing awake all night to watch the Kona race!!!

    No offense, but I hope it will be an all German podium :))

    Keep up the great work and best from Berlin,


  259. Jonathan Pope

    An 8 mile run Saturday and 3 1/2 hours on the rollers for Sunday!

  260. Alex Cheng

    Attending a 2-day conference this weekend so won’t be able to train…bummers. Did go for a 2-hour tempo ride with my buddies last night though, threw in a few attacks on the hills just to spice things up, good times!

  261. John Oakes

    Tour de Pig Saturday (rollers if raining)
    Belews Lake loop Sunday

  262. John

    Working on hills with my bike, mostly for fitness and weight loss. Looks like rain though, good job I’m waterproof!

  263. Milessio

    5km parkrun lead bike on Saturday morning, 8mi run in evening.

    Watch Paris – Tours & Cyclocross on Sunday, and fit a bike ride around that if possible.

  264. Eric

    Planning to do a nice 25 mile ride on my mountain bike at hole-in-the-ground in Tahoe, CA. Should be beautiful except maybe a little hot:) Would love a bike GPS unit, never been able to use one. For now it’s just strava on the iphone.

  265. Brent Grist

    Epic back roads and many flavors of Gu!

  266. Kelly


  267. Chris

    Cross race on Saturday, easy run on Sunday, Thanksgiving day long ride on Monday.

  268. Mike S

    Doing an easy ride Saturday, then a century ride on Sunday.

  269. Fermin Aportela Letona

    Saturday 16k under the sun and on sunday a 3:30hr ride on a hilly course.

  270. Rick Allen

    Metric century with my local riding group on Saturday and a 3 mile walk on Sunday afternoon

  271. Kasper Vainio

    Maybe I go for a short run 5-7km. Nothing too heavy, because I have night shifts at work.

  272. Yuxuan

    3 weeks of indoor spinning and treadmill sessions due to haze situation in Singapore.
    The haze finally cleared up this week but am down with flu and fever.
    Going to spend this weekend staring at blue skies from my bed.

  273. Jon M

    Would love this. Been using my vivoactive and the battery life is not adequate for long rides. thanks for the contest!

  274. Robert

    Jetting out to Colorado and climbing Pikes Peak. First weekend off the bike in some time!

  275. Kevin Stoops

    Gravel road race in Oxford, Michigan. Should be a cold one!

  276. Jon D

    50 or so miles local club ride.

  277. Chris

    Watching Kona! Having some turkey, going for some unguided runs and rides.

  278. Don S.

    This weekend I’ll be riding with my buddies on our annual Pie Ride to celebrate the end of the summer riding season. It’s a casual ride that ends with a bbq lunch and copious amounts of pie at a local eatery.

  279. RomanTheCube

    6 hours of road riding – perfect weekend for it.

  280. Naters

    The GoodLife Victoria Marathon. 2nd marathon within the week!

  281. Brian Darroch

    10 miles on Saturday and 20 on Sunday which will be my last long run before the New York Marathon in 3 weeks

  282. Eugene

    Get back on the mountain bike this weekend after recovering from injury.

  283. Mike Tamayo

    Hopefully riding the Capitol Trail from Williamsburg to Richmond and back.

  284. MattB

    I squeezed in my first in-the-dark run of the autumn after work tonight, to compensate for my strength training plans for the rest of the weekend…. Bicep curl reps with a pint glass counts, right?

  285. Anthony

    It’s that time of the year, this weekend taking out the indoor Trainer for an indoor Spin.

  286. Charlie

    A good toy to win to keep the winter months warm

  287. Chris

    No training, have to work all weekend :( maybe a short run on Sunday…

  288. JC V

    Planning a 60 to 70 mile ride tomorrow with a group of friends!

  289. Would love it!

    Training – riding in my new computrainer!!

  290. Allan Saito

    This sunday I’ll have a half marathon, wich I’m planning to complete under 1h and 50min. Will be the first half marathon after a year.

  291. Alan Cunningham

    Short run Sat morning followed by watching Ironman Championship. 40 mile bike ride Sunday.

  292. Heather F.

    Running a 5k on Saturday and taking the bike out on Sunday!

  293. Rounding out rest week so training consists of cleaning my kids stinky room. Really can’t wait to get back on the bike.

  294. Derek Lussier

    I am doing my long run on Saturday. Sunday will be a group ride with the Naragansett Bay Wheelmen.

  295. Lee D

    30 mile outdoor ride or 20 miles on the stationary bike depending on how my ankle sprain feels in the morning. It’s Ray’s fault! If it wasn’t for his enthusiasm I wouldn’t have decided to start running a couple of months ago and discovered how my legs do not like moving without a bicycle involved.

  296. Bruno Bourassa

    FTP test + road ride Saturday and mtb ride on sunday! Great week end

  297. Dan

    Racing a train at Race the Rail in Watonga, OK!

  298. Erin H

    It’s the off season, baby! So walking the dogs is the extent of my training :)

  299. Eric G

    50-mi Dam Loop in Austin!

  300. Milos

    Having provincial championship crit race tomorrow, wish me luck!

  301. Gabe Peer

    Got a Sunday ride planned with DCCG!

  302. Mark Holman

    Rest day Saturday, 4 hour mountain bike ride on Sunday!

  303. Rodney

    22 miles daily work commute. Plus any other detours on the way.

  304. Stephan Postmus

    long rides over this thanksgiving weekend

  305. Josue

    Aquarium of the pacific Long Beach 5k Saturday and Long Beach half-marathon Sunday

  306. Paul

    Long Run for marathon training…

  307. Sergio

    Scouting IM Texas Bike course and 10k afterwards.

  308. George

    As it’s thanksgiving in Canada, I’m planning on spending the weekend exercising my jaw :)

  309. Andrew

    Family visiting this weekend so packed 7 days of training into the work week.

  310. MrXC

    Charm City Cyclocross, both Saturday and Sunday and course work for DCCX Monday!

  311. Stephen Vallance

    3:10 @ 210w

  312. l kutter


  313. Shawn

    This weekend I’m training for Austin’s Enchilada Buffet, which means I’ll be doing a 45-50 mile ride on the mountain bike.

  314. cary blanco

    cedar creak duathlon

  315. Iain

    Easy run tonight, 1 mile swim tomorrow and then a test bike/run brick on Sunday. All that along with a theatre show and a baseball game. Busy weekend :)

  316. Ron M

    Lake swim tomorrow. Bike/run brick Sunday.

  317. Neil

    Recovering from my marathon last Sunday. Having some beers. Waiting for my wife to go into labour. Buying some biking gear for my triathlon debut in 2016!

  318. Bob

    Watching two kids trying to get a weekend ride

  319. BongoM

    2nd run with my new Polar M400 purchased after reading numerous DCR reviews.

  320. Sean

    Trying out new fenders and Quarq PM on the wet weather bike!

  321. Osbert

    Lie in

  322. Maria de Aranzazu Letona Ibarra

    Early morning run on sunday

  323. John Galloway

    Getting some time in on the trainer. Hoping the new pc comes so I can jump on for the first time.

  324. Todd

    80’s in Boulder this weekend, hoping to get in 3 hours on the MTB

  325. Graham

    Turkey, ham and maybe a ride

  326. Tim

    56 mile group ride on Saturday, 25 mile solo ride on Sunday.

  327. Rebecca

    Windy bike ride

  328. Tom mazaitis

    4+ hours on Gooseberry Mesa on Saturday, 4+ hours on Little Creek Mountain Sunday

  329. Ben Andersom

    Long run and some trainer miles on the bike.

  330. Dave C

    Tapering for Marine Corps Marathon. 4 miles tomorrow, 12 on Sunday.

  331. Robert Libbert

    Trail building tomorrow morning, Long ride Sunday!

  332. SummitAK

    Long ride, long run weekend!

  333. CowBob

    Weekly group road ride and team MTB ride.

  334. Ella Wagener

    I’m going on my toughest ride yet! Have to end the summer right. 7000 ft in 65 miles. Beautiful canyons, mountain climbs, and a lake at the top. I wish I had a Garmin to memorialize the ride!

  335. Jeff

    Cross training with some Fatbiking and rollerblading.

  336. Veronica Vargas

    Long distance run on Saturday

  337. JoeFitz

    Nursing my achilles on Saturday. Maybe an easy few miles on Sunday.

  338. David sutton

    For me? I have a 40 mile bike ride and a 8 mile run

  339. Bob Croucher

    I’m racing in the world’s largest cyclocross race (based on participation, not spectators). It’s the kickoff weekend for Portland Oregon’s Cross Crusade calendar. It’s the Alpenrose Dairy race, and it will field over 1000 riders. It’s a two day event, and I’ll be racing both days! Fun, fun!

  340. Tom

    A long run in Perth before the long flight home to cold England :-(

  341. Fungai

    No ride on Saturday, will be in bed eating well all day actually, to rest every single muscle in preparation for a race on Sunday…

  342. Shannon

    Double race weekend at Charm City CX

  343. Jim A

    Long ride on Saturday the only day off and then a short one on Sunday when I get out

  344. Scott Waeltz

    Running about 8 miles tomorrow to start a taper week for a race next week.

  345. Andre

    Nothing actually… just resting from a loooooong week.

  346. Jason whitley

    Relaxing taper.

  347. Conza

    Training plans involve recovering from having summited Mauna Kea (hardest climb in the world), and getting a flat at 3,000m on Mauna Loa with only one spare tube and two cO2… and only seeing one car in three hours

  348. Brian

    Probably run in the rain. And then cheer on my daughter in her X-country race, in the rain.

  349. Bryce

    Sat morn ride, surf (substitute for swimming) & Sunday morning jog in the bush ????

  350. Ryan

    Long solo run and a mountain bike ride with friends.

  351. David Walker

    Riding 100+ km over Sat/Sunday

  352. Josh Smith

    Cyclocross! Cross Crusade.

  353. Rafael

    Sacramento century on Saturday with a couple of buddies, then off to some delicious well deserved pizza and beer. As for Sunday the wife and I will be doing a 5 mile run…that is as long as my legs allow it.

  354. Michael S

    I am running the Brooklyn Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon tomorrow!
    So 13.1 miles Saturday and an easy bike ride around NYC Sunday.

  355. Chris

    back to back cross races, looks like a wet one tomorrow!

  356. Peter

    Mtbing or the trainer, depending on the weather

  357. Rob Hoffman

    Had an event planned (hilly hundred) for sometime and I cancelled it because my son asked if I would teach him to cycle this weekend. Going to be the best weekend ever.

  358. Brian

    A fast 5k on Saturday morning!

  359. Brian O'Mara

    Both days – Ride as hard as I can, as early as I can, so I can get home in time to take my girls to soccer, gymnastics and a birthday party.

  360. Mandy Breen

    Hoping for some good weather to get outside.

  361. Kris W.

    Cuz my Garmin 500 is sooooooio old. :)

  362. Tom Wanek

    Off to the inaugural Founder’s Fall Fondo, on the Barry-Roubaix course in Hastings, MI. My wife did her first gravel grinder on her new bike last week and is rarin’ to go again!

  363. A little Tri training and half marathon training this weekend: 10 mile run and a group ride to check out the bike course for next week’s local triathlon.

  364. Jeff Wilson

    Long run to burn some calories

  365. Dawn M.

    Recovering from a femur stress fracture, so I’m riding the bike up a beautiful canyon.

  366. Mark S.

    12 easy mile run Saturday and track workout Sunday. Marathon next Sunday. Looking for a BQ.

  367. Kevin McFaul

    Saturday – 1.5hrs on the trainer watching the 2014 ironman kona coverage then relaxing and watching the live stream.

    Sunday – 11k run

  368. David

    Easy riding on the trainer playing around with Zwift while recovering from a rough crash last weekend.

  369. Taking my 13yr old son out on a training ride up Mt Hamilton. 55 miles, 5500ft.

  370. Raul Freitas

    Cycling and running with quality and quantity, to be ready for IM Miami 70.3 in 2 weeks…

  371. Darren Spicknell

    Stroller run with one of the kiddos.

  372. FrBr

    Long run

  373. chris

    10 mile run

  374. Jacques

    40 on Saturday, 40 on Sunday.

  375. racing uphil on sat morning with mountain bike
    City creek hillclimb

  376. elhernes

    tandem ride with one of the boys.

  377. Di Chesmar

    Long group ride Saturday & a run and swim on Sunday? Onwards & upwards ?

  378. Brendan Offer

    I plan on racing a duathlon in central park nyc!

  379. Joy

    A nice long run on Saturday and some interval training on Sunday.

  380. Gary s

    5 mile run then hanging out with the fam sat. Another 5 on Sunday

  381. Larry

    Rest day today, but ride a bunch Sat & Sun before the cold weather rolls in.

  382. Keren

    Swim, bike, run and repeat over 3 days. It’s a long weekend in Japan.

  383. Alex

    If I’m lucky I can squeeze in a ride.
    If I’m really lucky I’ll squeeze in two rides.
    Such are the pearls of life.

  384. Jonathan Salas

    Casual bike ride with my buddies! \( ^o^)/

  385. Noah

    threshold power test with Serious Cycling Agora Hills

  386. John Veeneman

    Easy miles this weekend. Still rehabbing my knee.

  387. Dan

    Army Ten Miler!

  388. Montserrat Aportela Letona

    Easy 5k for this weekend

  389. Scott

    On vacation with the family. Maybe just a couple of short runs

  390. Jason

    20 mile training run for monumental marathon

  391. Ryan Starbuck

    I’m running and cheering for my friends at the Hartford Marathon tmw!

  392. melissa

    I really, really need this. I will be inside training on rollers, this would help

  393. George

    Swimming and Biking! My 910xt is on its way out. Definitely need a one and this would be great! Thanks!!

  394. Meat

    40 km ride Sunday morning

  395. matt

    Easy 35 miles to the Bay

  396. Craig Chetlin

    New personal trainer. 6am in the gym for hiit class

  397. Eric

    LSD on Sunday with 22 km run, hopefully no haze

  398. Engineeringalan

    Swim, bike, and run. Followed soon after with a couple beers and a cupcake.

  399. Chris

    Long ride on Sunday, training for first 70.3 in 2016!

  400. Tim G

    10 for Texas race in The Woodlands, TX

  401. bjgwoody

    4mi run today, rest day, 10mi run Sunday

  402. Scott

    Metric century / 4,200′ as final hard training ride before century (10K climbing) next week

  403. Bambang

    Resting… Got a bad flu

  404. Karen Pettus

    I am in recovery mode after completing my first full Ironman. Since I live in SC, I am foregoing a bike ride to volunteer with some of the cyclists from our LBS to help a family who had to evacuate their home due to the flood. I’ll be back to cycling later in the week and a new 520 will help me find my way home. I always get lost on my rides!!!!

  405. Scott

    In Southeast Asia for work and although I have a 1 hour bike on the schedule today its not going to happen because the crappy hotel I’m staying in doesn’t have any fitness equipment… and I’m supposed to run 12 miles tomorrow… which might actually happen…

  406. Scott McC

    Easy ride on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. Weather looks great!

  407. Dennis J.

    20 mile bike ride on Saturday and 30 on Sunday.

  408. Mark Yeo

    Was planning to do a 1h plus long run this saturday morning but unfortunately I fell sick and can’t do that anymore :( hoping to train well for a fitness test that’s on next saturday though :)

  409. Nicko

    Cruizy 75km group ride done already this morning and follow it up tomorrow with a 50k ride / 5km Brick run off bike ;-).

  410. don

    plan to ride the computrainer and watch some of the ironman on saturday –

  411. Jeff

    3 hrs of riding gravel in Saturday and hiking with the family on Sunday!

  412. Casey gourley

    Hoping to get a tempo ride in on Sunday as long as school work doesn’t get in the way!

  413. andy

    stroller run!

  414. Mark

    50 km each day over the long weekend. Maybe I will not be lazy one day and go for a couple of more hours…

  415. Blake

    Going to fit in a road ride (mostly climbing) and mountain bike ride around kids soccer.

  416. Cathy S

    Saturday is 4 mile run followed by a 30 mile bike on Sunday. The weather is going to be fantastic.

  417. Eric Silva

    Do an easy 50 miles to work off some beer and stress!

  418. Adrian

    9 miles in the morning. Last long run before next Saturday’s half marathon.

  419. Frank

    Fri – 2500yd swim, Sat – 55mi ride along the coast, Sun – 5k XC race, yoga

  420. Jeremy

    Hill tune up in the Great Smoky Mtn National Park. ..getting ready for Tour of Richmond 100 next weekend!

  421. Marc Royster

    After a week off in Puerto Rico, will get in an easy spin on Saturday and three races in Chicago CX on Sunday.

  422. Jeff Miesemer

    No races this weekend but spending 4-6 hours on the bike.

  423. Michael

    Assuming I don’t get sick from my epic commute home in a torrential downpour, then long run tomorrow, then kicking back on the couch to watch some Kona. Rest day Sunday.

  424. Jon

    Swim and bike

  425. Brett

    Would love 1

  426. Vitaliy Uvakin

    Short ride on Saturday – 30 miles or so, and some claims on Sunday ~80miles /7500 feet

  427. Friday: 1.4 mile pool swim
    Saturday: 1 hour lake swim and 38 mile bike ride with my Tri Club. 5k brick run afterwards.
    Sunday: 2 hour run. Recovery in the afternoon with football, playoff baseball and hockey. :)

  428. Kenneth

    3x [15min Zone 3 on Computrainer + 5min Zone 3 on Treadmill + 1min Jump Rope]

    Cool-down to watch Kona on

  429. Benjamin

    indoor cycling on my new kinetic Rock and Roll. Aproximately one hour, testing a new saddle

  430. Treadmore

    12 miles tomorrow, followed by a Week of Carbs(TM) to prep for the Detroit marathon. Hoping I don’t get overrun by a pack of wild dogs during the race.

  431. Steve Fridenmaker

    Going on an 8 mile run on Sunday, last long run before I run the Columbus, OH Nationwide Children’s Hospital Marathon on October 18th!

  432. Brandon Blanck

    Swim on Saturday and that’s pretty much it. It our Thanksgiving this weekend so turkey abound!

  433. Tim B

    Out with the bunch from 7.30 this morning along the coast for 95km. On the return strain through a large strong cafe latte and banana bread! Then chase the kids for a few hours then off to work and chase the bad guys around. Then short sleep before training again tomorrow with the bunch to smash some hills, followed by more chasing the kids! Kids win every time!!

  434. Drew Bromwich

    No races for me :( long ride Saturday, maybe a run Sunday morning and off to the velodrome for some sprint sessions Sunday evening :) being at the beach also sounds like a good plan. Hope you enjoy :)

  435. Rony

    Sat-Donut Ride in Palos Verdes Peninsula, about 45 miles + Run intervals 6 1x mile
    Sun-Easy Ride with friends another 30 miles + easy run
    I don’t have a bike computer yet, I really want one, thinking on buying one, It will be nice if I can win the Garmin Edge 520, Thanks and God bless you!

  436. Oliver

    Hopefully a ride in the river valley with my family.

  437. Jonathan

    20 mile mountain bike ride on Saturday and rest on Sunday

  438. Jeff

    first LT and VO2 Max test on Saturday, afternoon spin on Sunday, long ride on Monday (and then a massage :-)

  439. Dsmith

    Casual ride, then dust off the e-motion rollers for the coming winter. Can’t believe it’s October already…

  440. Roy

    2.5hr trail run

  441. Jeff Addison

    Heading to the Cabot trail for a hard hike / trail run! Long mountain bike ride in the local park followed by some trail maintenance. Then Monday a long trail run on one of the local ultra courses before the big Thanksgiving meal!

  442. Ophelia

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada…I’m racing towards my turkey dinner with all the fix’ins

  443. Mr. Bill

    Donate a car, walk the mall, paint a ceiling, ride a bike.

  444. Thomas Grolemund

    Does resting to cure plantar fasciitis count as training? I hope so. But I did run around with my 6 yr old niece today while playing soccer!

  445. Verdy

    90 km bike as fast as possible (never done that far), & possibly brick it with 21 km run

  446. Kevin K

    Hammering the threshold hard with my heart in my mouth and the thought of the new Garmin 520 with Strava Segments on heading my way so fast it’ll get its own KOM.

  447. Clai Selden

    Ride the Greenline in Memphis

  448. Chris Pollett

    Racing a provincial cup CX. Warm up mountain bike the day before. Monday is a long gravel ride. All in all a great weekend of riding.

  449. Tan Yee Hou

    My weekend will be spent stuffing my face, and then it’s back to feeling guilty after that!

  450. Jim Saunders

    Riding in event to raise funds for bikes for kids of families who cannot get them bikes!

  451. Amy Sayre

    Running a 5k to benefit local cancer victims and help with some of their out of pocket expenses in my small hometown.

  452. Dave Tanay

    Nothing special, just some base miles for the next couple months before training plan for spring marathon kicks in. Summer is over. Sad face.

  453. Nick S

    This weekend in training my liver with beer ?

  454. Carolyn H.

    Aggressive rest due to illness. :(

  455. Keith Khor

    Normal weekly routine. 85km. Alone.

  456. Memorial bike ride and ghost bike dedication to a cyclist who died during the Horsey Hundred in Georgetown KY in May. Rest in Peace Mark.

  457. Victor

    Weekend morning ride with beautiful Texas Weather!

  458. Travis Thompson

    My weekends training plan is 75km bike ride this morning weights and abs session tonight and tomorrow 60 min session on the trainer on trainer road..

  459. Danny

    I’m doing the Optimism Race 5K for Parkinsons on Saturday.

  460. The classic ‘Three Gorges’ ride in Sydney, NSW.

  461. Wayne tikkanen

    To mount disappointment. A serious climb.

  462. Eric

    Half marathon in building base towards Lake Placid in July

  463. Maureen

    16k run and 75k bike, plus a little ocean swimming in Koh Samui, Thailand.

  464. Breno

    50 miles ride on Saturday follow by a 5 k run.

  465. NM NP

    Sun bike+run; Mon swim+bike. Prepping for first Olympic in two weeks.

  466. Tommy

    60 miles group ride with xXx racing on Saturday. Watching Chicago marathon on Sunday.

  467. Two hours on the spin bike in the gym – boring!

  468. Riding a few hills and some flat long intervals, 4-5 hours altogether, getting ready for racing season starting soon.

  469. Brenton Bills

    110km ride this morning (Saturday here already) and a long run tomorrow 15km I think. Training for my first ironman Cairns, Australia.

  470. Brian

    8 Mile Run on Saturday to prep for 1st ever Half Marathon next weekend!

  471. Adrian Walton

    50km trail race in Yachats, which is on the Oregon coast SW of Portland. It’s going to be wet and awesome!

  472. Luciano SR

    Just a small bike ride and being selected in about 5000+ comments!

  473. Steve

    An hour on the trainer on Saturday, and taking care of my four year old for the rest of the weekend. The trainer will be the easy part.

  474. Rudy Acosta

    A little century and a little climbing :) tomorrow

    link to

  475. Katie M

    I’m tapering for a marathon (next weekend), so I’m keeping it fairly low key this weekend, with ~ 15 miles planned between Saturday and Sunday.

  476. Jon

    Just a turbo session, yawn..

  477. donovan

    Planning on hitting the trails on the ole MTB this weekend.

  478. Erick

    A 5k run Saturday and Sunday

  479. Enrique Quesada

    Some running and spinning this weekend

  480. Mark Seekford

    My derailleur broke and cracked my seat stay 3 months ago. Was finally able to get a new bike, I’m going to try to ride the wheels off of it in one weekend!!!

  481. Patrick

    10K run on Monday, quiet weekend for thanksgiving in Canada.

  482. Mark

    A couple of easy hours Zwifting on my new Tacx Vector, trying not to inflame my throat infection :-(

  483. JR

    Racing plans – watch Kona.
    Training plans – might do an easy run, but otherwise takin’ it easy.

  484. Tommy

    9 mile run Saturday morning. 20 mile bike Sunday in SC (if it floods again….maybe I will get in a swim)

  485. Tae lee

    Legs, a no structured 90 mins ride followed by a short run.

  486. iaincbr

    90km bike ride this morning, followed by swim and run tomorrow in between watching Kona.

  487. Walter

    Rest day Saturday, 20 minute FTP test on Sunday (which I absolutely hate!)

  488. Brian Raap

    50 mile training ride up to top of Mt. Diablo!

  489. Ditlev

    6k run, 40k bike, Core session, Kona watching recovery, 1 hour around Zwift Island

  490. Halfab

    Doing a charity run around a local 250m roundabout for two hours.

  491. John Caracoglia

    Half Marathon on Saturday and easy 10 miler on sunday

  492. Kwek JH

    Easy ride to get back intonaction after illness!

  493. Brad Rauh

    I’m trying to do the 112 mile charity ride on Zwift while watching Kona.

  494. Dave

    Tapering for my first half marathon! It’s a week from Sunday so volume is winding down.

  495. Kevin Heberlein

    In addition to some karate cross training, hill repeats are the plan for me

  496. Dan Lipsher

    First ride in a month after a crash (if being tagged by a car counts as a crash). Hope to get in 100km, including a 700m climb in the Santa Monica Mountains. Enjoy your beach time, Ray, and many thanks to you and Clever,Training.

  497. Anthony Gen

    Swim and run on Saturday. Bike and following Kona on Sunday.

  498. Will

    Not very epic, but I will be hitting the bike trainer early before work both mornings this weekend. It’s one of those “not fun” weekends.

  499. Stu

    I have just switched back to triathlon after 15 years of purely cycling. Got my first 10km run this Sunday!

  500. Rory

    50 k, easy today. Around 60 tomorrow with a Zwift sesh later Sunday evening.

  501. Jp

    Some hill walking on Saturday, 15 running on Sunday

  502. Whitney M

    Go for run in the rain!

  503. Jeff

    Need to run 8-9 mi on Sun. Not guaranteeing that I will though!

  504. Cleave Law

    Off season endurance rides.

  505. Gus

    Ride, then swim, then run, at night cause its cooler.

  506. Janice lopreste

    Bike ride! Once I fix it…

  507. Ken Wade

    Was up at 5:45am for a 100K up and over 2 passes.
    Called for rain! Perhaps tomorrow morning.

  508. Dan

    Wake up and run on Saturday morning. Followed by a bike ride to the office to tie up a few loose ends. On Sunday, I will run again or hit the trainer.

  509. JP

    20 quick ride.

  510. Chris R

    5.5 hr ride on Saturday
    2.5 hr run on Sunday

  511. Brian

    Saturday: 50 mile ‘out n back’ trail ride getting ready for The Iceman Cometh race.
    Sunday: 30 mile group ride around Old Mission Peninsula. Hopefully not the last of the season before winter arrives.

  512. Kgreene

    I’m recovering from an early season flu this weekend but still savoring fifth in the state road race championships. Wooohooo.

  513. Antonio Chavez

    12K Running and 17K on bike

  514. Max

    I’ll be honest DCR, the days are getting shorter and the weather is starting to turn. The snooze button has seen a bit more use this past week, and that’s unlikely to change tomorrow. However while the bike will likely remain still, I will set the metaphorical wheels in motion on a new training plan and goals for the next few months, after enjoying this end of season recovery and rest so I can return with renewed passion and drive.

  515. GPSig

    Two Crossfit workouts, endless paperwork battles at my desk in the office.

  516. Mike

    Long ride Saturday, turkey Sunday

  517. Jono H

    Just some Words With Friends

  518. Tom F

    No racing- kid watching.

  519. Chris

    About to head east of a big city in northern thailand. Meeting my friend to go explore the countryside. Hopefully when the temple dogs are chasing us i am in front of my buddy. After we will have a cold beer, sticky rice and chicken…

  520. Rusty Davia

    15 mi taper

  521. Kin Li

    40 to 50 mile endurance pace ride on a relatively flat service

  522. Cleo

    Taking a break for Thanksgiving in Canada

  523. Bill

    Racing in the rain

  524. Simon

    a long swim (2-3km) today up on the roof of the Sands casino in Singapore

  525. Brent

    Running the Chicago Marathon

  526. Rob Barlow

    Nursing an achillies injury with ice and massage.

  527. Helmut

    Long autum ride!

  528. Rob L.

    Just a 4 mile run this weekend.

  529. Mark

    Long Saturday morning ride. Easy Sunday with updates on football and friends in Kona.

  530. Luca

    Watch kona!!!

  531. Beth

    I’m running the great pumpkin 5k and watching kona streaming online :)

  532. Ayden Demeijer

    Local fast bunch for 70km smash fest and then watch the national road series stages in town at first KOM and then finish. Sunday will head to see the final stage at the crit circuit.

  533. Don

    Putting the fenders on and getting out in the Whidbey rain.

  534. Injured, so I’ll be mountain biking instead of running :(

  535. chris

    Plan to do some mtn biking to train for my first century

  536. Alex B

    Testing out some new spikes ready for XC season and hopefully a long bike ride.

  537. A Brady

    Hoping to get a ride in during a family vacation throughout the western US.

  538. Simon

    Just some nice easy rides with the kids and hopefully avoiding a thunderstorm or two.

  539. Colleen

    Sat- sherpa/cheerlead for my hero-role model for his 50 mile run/race. Will bask in his awesomeness and use that as inspiration for my training runs on Sat and Sun. Working toward my first Ironman.

  540. Enoch Palmer

    a long ride and running (after my kids)

  541. Ofer Yehuda

    This week plan is to take it easy, towards a FTP test at the end of it…..

  542. Mike S

    Night road ride as its unseasonably hot here in So Cali.

  543. martin gvardijancic

    30km surfski paddle from paihia, round the islands in the bay and back

  544. Alex

    Tonight was a good beer league hockey game (on my “day off” from training) and tomorrow I’m going to do an hour ride on the trainer/zwift and then a 35m run sunday. Getting ready early for the tri season!

  545. Evelyn

    Indoor ride while watching the start of Kona!

  546. Warren

    No racing this weekend, long slow distance off road Saturday with speed pyramid on the trainer Sunday in prep for a 12hour race next Saturday – an edge 520 sure would help with pacing in the 12 hour races, hint hint !

  547. Owen

    7 mile run on Saturday

  548. stephen

    112 mile ride in the books 12 mile run tomorrow the sleep

  549. Mika

    Gym tonight after my son’s hockey game. 18 holes golf tomorrow. That will be the end of the golf season.

  550. Tako

    A ride this morning tonight a speedskating training and tomorrow mountebikin. Love your site good luck!

  551. Tinh

    80 mi coastal ride on Saturday am and 18 mi run sunday morning

  552. Nicole Harrison

    R and R and maybe a run

  553. Diane Silva

    Nothing epic this weekend: Friday was 5 miles on trails, 8 easy miles today and tomorrow will be 2 hours of Hill work. Light training, dont want to wear myself out, I have Rock and Roll Lisbon Marathon next Sunday.
    Hoping I win this it will go so get with my new Garmin watch!

  554. Ricardo

    A sunday trail run to “pico de loro”

  555. Raul

    60km on saturday including cleaning the Bike and 125km going to “chocolate party” at Agramunt

  556. Tim Horsburgh

    Saturday: Hilly 80k bike ride
    Sunday: Hilly 100k bike ride

  557. Brad

    120km on the road bike today and feet up for a rest day tomorrow!

  558. Justin

    6hr hike planned in the alps on Sunday. It is the off season!

  559. James Cheah

    Functional training goals this weekend: Saturday – moving furniture; Sunday – 23km run to and from my Sis’ place for a belated watch of this year’s Great British Bake Off finale. Pretty rock n roll, and well punctuated with baked goods. Fingers crossed! :)

  560. A cross country race on Saturday, and a road race on Sunday! :-)

  561. Peter

    A 60km ride around Fraser Valley with my wife and friends.

  562. Dan Reed

    Long run tomorrow, rock climbing on Sunday, and a long ride on Monday.

  563. Heading up to Manchester to drink beer rather than heading down to Brighton to race CX…

  564. Adam Wood

    Withdrawing from am HC event due to a chest infection :-(

  565. Jason

    Recovering from a cold, so just an easy run to get the legs moving and hopefully get back into normal mileage next week.

  566. James Smith

    Ahh. . awesome. . .I was hoping to win a 520! Fortunately part of my training plan includes a wine and art walk on Saturday in Idyllwild. . .Sunday, a nice early morning mountain bike ride to beat the anticipated mid-90 forecast.

  567. Dave

    Getting back in to it after separating shoulder so 20 mile FTP test tomorrow out on my local trail and then 3 hours trail ride taking in some long Welsh fire road climbs

  568. Jens

    yes please :)

  569. Nate

    First outdoor ride after Ironman Chattanooga two weeks ago!


      My training or plans entail doing a long round island ride with my monstrous bike kakis this weekend and a long runs with my fellow group of fun runners.

  570. Musette

    I have a half marathon on Sunday morning. So I’ll take a short run Saturday morning and will be running as fast as I can for 13 miles 24 hours after that.

  571. Hendra

    Just did 142k on saturday and planning on another 230k on sunday while enjoying the first 25C cool weather after a 30+Chot humid summer since april

  572. Kamil

    Nice Gear.

  573. Oleg

    Getting to the bottom of this page was already challenge.
    Ok- this weekend I have Godjy Ryu karate seminar and Sunday will ride 40km in cold(0C) weather.

  574. Stuart Smith

    Just a short ride on a local trail this weekend!

  575. Grant Thomas

    210 km Around the bay in a day bike ride in Melbourne, Australia with 10,000 others raising money for charity Smith Family.

  576. Pavel

    Route from Jevicko to Bouzov castle and back to Jevicko with 2 friends on Saturday and lone ride around Brno on Sunday. It should be a total of 150 km, I guess…

  577. Rob

    End of the season days at Whistler for me.

  578. Brian F

    Date night ride with my wife. Power in Z2!

  579. Wal

    80km hilly ride and a gym session.

  580. Mark Cohen

    Tomorrow my wife and I will paddle our tandem kayak under the Coronado Bridge and around San Diego Bay. On Sunday, a 26-mile bike ride around San Diego Bay and a ferry ride back to Coronado.

  581. Roman

    On Sat 10k forrest run and Sunday 3 hour bike ride with friends.

  582. Chris G

    Just a technical swim. Waiting for bike injury to heal…

  583. Jildou Oosterhof

    Enjoy the beautifull surroundings of Leeuwarden, cultural capital city of Europe 2018, during this nice autumnal weather.

  584. Francis

    Just a little forest run .

  585. GooBo

    Field test for TCTP

  586. N

    Saturday is a long slow run day. Maybe a quick ride on Sunday.

  587. TomislavB

    Going on a 3circlesx30km trail riding on the nearby hill, preparing for a MTB marathon…

  588. Tony Goncalves

    Cooking, eating, drinking, and sleeping. No training this weekend, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving!

  589. Thomas K Jenssen

    I’m moving the bike indoors on the trainer this weekend. I’ll put in a couple of hours on Sunday while watching NFL. Sitting still for so long on the bike makes my butt hurt plenty, still better than a full on hit by a linebacker I suppose. :-)

  590. Aaron

    Fixing a spoke on my bike then long tempo Sat on the bike followed by easy long run on Sun

  591. Birne

    Sorry, 0 this weekend, because of my injury :-(

  592. Tommi Willberg


  593. Sirapat Konkham

    Plan to do my first IRONMAN as 18 year old in Nov but got torn medial meniscus suddenly. Have to stop that plan.

  594. Lorcan

    Taking it easy because of injury :(

  595. Detlef

    Good sportive ride with guests in Mallorca

  596. Jeremy Tucker

    Between working nights, I plan on getting a run or 2 in.

  597. Alwyn

    80 mile ride Saturday and a 50 on Sunday and the touchscreen on my Garmin 800 has a bubble of liquid within!! So fingers crossed for a 520.

  598. Martin Dalskov

    Running 10 km and some intervals.

  599. Brian Ho

    It’s supposed to pour rain! Looks like it’s indoor training only. :(

  600. Kevin Tan

    24km run along the scenic Riverine Park Connector.

  601. Chunyan

    Need to train hard on bike for my first ironman race next year. Hope this helps my training

  602. Bryan Mann

    The “Shut up legs” full century at the Jensie Grand Fondo in Marin County!

  603. See

    Planning for two half iron dist races next year.

  604. Dan Stansall

    Interval training in the park: sprinting after the kids as they try to eat acorns/mud/conkers.

  605. Hugh Byrne

    Last 30k training run getting ready for the Dublin Marathon at the end of the month.

  606. Dawid

    Hill repeats – 7km, 500 ascent. First time ever. 5am start as it gets hot here late morning.

  607. Saturday: 6 X 6min sweetspot intervals
    Sunday: 2.5 hours cyclocross/gravel ride.

  608. Sebastien Spieser

    “Déblocage” un french today, and 23 km Trail running race tomorrow with à lot of friends…. Thx!

  609. DavidT

    Run and bike today and tomorrow and because it’s a long weekend in Spain swim and run on Monday!

  610. Gail Hotten

    Breast cancer support group on Saturday, with burpees during the breaks. Long run on Sunday.

  611. Jallal

    For me, it would be an easy run today and a long one tomorrow, to prepare the Nice-Cannes marathon in a month

  612. Lee Weikert

    Running a the Zombie Half Marathon.

  613. ncd91

    This weekend is the Paris 20km… not at my best but it should be ok.
    I understand we won’t be seeing you DC around this time.

  614. Samuel

    Saturday: long hilly ride
    Sunday: short group ride

  615. Christian

    swim / bike / run today. After that watching IM Kona 2015

  616. Santi Millan

    Years ago i had a edge 320 it works perfect for a long time. Now and been a Strava addicted it’s time to come back. The 520 will be awesome!!!

  617. Kevin

    Saturday morning ride from my lbs. :)

  618. Nick Hall

    Unfortunately not very much. Scaulded my foot yesterday and now it’s all blister and I can’t get my shoes on.

  619. Paul Dixon

    Two 100k road rides in UK

  620. Ana

    Some good run… I am having surgery soon and cannot lose the shape now that I am prepared for “the Women’s Race” in Barcelona !

  621. Sam

    15km run saturday, watch Kona, 50km ride sunday.

  622. Maciek

    Ride my mountain bike 1000 meters up to the abandoned military base to go down an epic singletrack that was the 5th stage of 2015 Enduro World Series. Repeat. Go to the beach and have a few beers with my friends. That’s the plan for the next week in Finale Ligure!

  623. Claymens

    Internet marathon googling to get a cheap new indoor trainer ;-)

    Further running 2 jogs to get slowly in shape for next season.

  624. Fan Zhang

    No racing, but 50k river loop ride

  625. Marc Townsend

    Saturday: 2 hour cross ride over the southern downs

    Sunday: London X League Happy Valley cx race.

  626. Sarah

    By the end of the week I am planning to walk around the block. No really! I delivered a healthy baby girl on Monday by c-section, and these are my small steps towards recovery. I would love to go for a jog or ride the trainer, but that may be a few weeks off.

  627. Elin

    Parkrun Saturday then a (undertrained) half marathon through central London on Sunday.

  628. Elena Thompson

    Hill repeats Saturday and 1 hour on the trainer tomorrow afternoon on trainer road..

  629. Frans

    A cold sunny ride near Antwerp.

  630. Patrick

    Sunday a birthday party, so stick with a (little) run on saturday. Put in the cycling miles when commuting past week

  631. Staffan

    I will do my usual 5.5 km trail run in the neighborhood. My Garmin Forerunner 15 will as usual be my companion. I simply love technology.

  632. James H

    Easy swim to start the season

  633. Rudolf van der werf

    Two long mountainbike sessions!

  634. Bryan Campbell

    A nice long ride with the family.

  635. Nicola

    Up and down the hills with my bike!

  636. Neofytos Sakellaridis Mangouras

    I compound word can describe the muddy nature of my training: CYCLOCROSS !!

  637. chris elfving

    Work Saturday, then Kona for a large number of hours and late Sunday a 80 km ride

  638. Franz W

    CX Race on sunday! Bavarian Cyclocross scene!

  639. Andrew B

    Last longer ride before tapering into next week’s sportive!!

  640. Kai

    Just two short easy training rides ahead of about 60 km each..

  641. Kevin

    If you insist

  642. Artyom

    I am just about to leave for 50km cross country bike ride to complete yet another week of biking.

  643. Fred2

    Seeing if I’m ready to go cycling again after breaking some ribs a few weeks ago.

  644. ChrisO

    Organising the club hill climb challenge today, then relaxing with a game of golf tomorrow, followed by beers in the pub watching the rugby world cup and rounded off with a nice Indian curry.

    Proper training starts again next week!

  645. Martin F

    A short 5K run before heading off with kids on a holiday for a week in Scotland. Can’t wait.

  646. Bartek

    Heading north, struggling frost. First time on bike since my surgery two months ago.

  647. Bob

    Just some walking, recovering from an injury

  648. Eddie

    Choose me

  649. Martin Doyle

    Short ride to a nearby cafe for bacon sandwiches followed by a swim…

  650. Lars van Zanten

    I’m gonna start the Prep period this weekend for my next season. It’s the first step on the road to my first complete Ironman (Frankfurt, in Germany). Just a bit of work on good form while watching Kona.

    The Edge 520 would be the icing on the cake for my new setup, which is including my first tri bike and the Powertap P1 pedals I ordered immediately after your Annual Power Meter Guide came out :-)

  651. jad

    4km of vertical ascent of city hills this weekend. Only 1.6 on Saturday, so it looks like Sunday will be a slightly longer ride.

  652. Tony B

    20 mile bike ride on Saturday to buy panniers and an 8 mile run on sunday.

  653. MarK

    broke my clavicle. Ortho okay’d riding on my bike trainer so I’ll be doing a good 2-3 hour session on that. Bought some new ant+ equipment based on your review so hoping to kick up zwift next week and perhaps suffer fest!

  654. Josh M

    Volunteering at a local charity 5k followed by a nice long bike ride :)

  655. Jaromir Marek

    10k run

  656. Cameron

    Twenty minute shakedown of 45 second hill reps following Berlin marathon

  657. Mike Smith

    link to

    Weekend riding in San Francisco

  658. Zeynep

    Running a 5k on the lake

  659. I am training for Dusk til Dawn – overnight 50 mile race in the Peak district in a few weeks. So this weekend I am testing out my Fenix 3, as scientifically as I can, using different settings, and I will also cycle on Sunday with my wife.

  660. Craig Hoskin

    No racing for me, I’m on Dad duties with our girls at a national kayak regatta. #lovebeingadad #sacrifices

  661. Bora

    Running my first half marathon tomorrow in Munich, pretty excited and not feeling ready at all :))

  662. Sixto

    I have the last tri of the season in a couple of weeks so last hard trains before tapering: a good swim in the sea, 10 K tempo and some easy bike for this weekend.

  663. James Doyle

    Running rain and shine in Seoul!!!

  664. Daniel

    Long run with some hills for my Christmass 10k in Split, Croatia.

  665. Gordon Brown

    I shall be racing to the Glens to go hiking – no training this weekend!

  666. Adrien

    20km of Paris as a test for my first marathon in Valencia in 5 weeks!

  667. Gerald Brown

    210km ride.

  668. Donatas

    Plan is for MTB ride in the forest to enjoy colors of the fall in Lithuania ?

  669. Joep

    Training and training on my Rowingbike…. Yeh, I like it baby !!!

  670. Feisty

    Ride with friends exploring a new hill. And it’s an EPIC hill, so don’t ignore this comment! ;-)

  671. Mafalda Rodrigues

    50kms ride on Saturday and 1h.30m run on Sunday.

  672. Michiel Zumbrink

    No plans for the weekend, cause my daughter celebrates her 10th birthday :-)

  673. Traveling with work, so Gym at the hotel.

  674. Eirik

    Saturday: short CX-ride for welcoming the autumn season
    Sunday: 200km ride in the Swiss Alps with friends, so exited!!

  675. Steve

    i’ll be attempting a 10km PB with two laps at Sochi Autodromo in Russia #F1 #Boom!

  676. Nathan

    Recovery weekend – maybe a steady 5k tomorrow

  677. Dennis Nielsen

    Did a 50k on the bike this morning at 7.15 (chilly!) and hoping to get a little run in tomorrow

  678. Lis

    Swim this morning and then a short MTB ride tomorrow!

  679. Owen Warburton

    A 2 hour trail run on Saturady followed by an aeasy couple of hours on the bike on Sunday.

  680. Mark

    50 mile hilly road ride this morning then at a friends wedding later so a day off tomorrow!

  681. Iris

    This weekend I have to study a lot, but I am sure my father will push me to go have a long run with him on Sunday like he always does…

  682. jonathan kull

    training triathlon and for a ironman

  683. Gon

    A 45 km MTB ride in the morning and a 10 km run in the evening.

  684. Ken

    50k mountainbike in the Flemish hillside is on the menu Sunday!

  685. Jdmc

    Sat-morning: family enter”train”ment + njoying moments > Sat-eve: 10K running
    Sun-morning: 40K XC + participant as spectator of a local Triathlon event in Málaga (Spain).

  686. Manuel

    No plans for the weekend, just ended my season…I’m on vacation

  687. Wolfgang

    Yesterday a short ride with the bike and 1 hour swimming, today 1,5 hours running and one hour swimming and tomorrow at the gym.

  688. Andy Green

    I’ll be pulling myself away from being a new dad to spend just an hour getting back on my bike!

  689. Ricardo Lucas

    I have planned to do my first long run on the hot weather of the Middle East.

  690. Keith Hamilton

    Rides on the local rails-to-trails path. 40 miles or so each day.

  691. Tisha Titus

    After yet another stump revision, I am sufficiently healed to get back on my bike and run. :-) this weekend, I will do both!

  692. Craig Chambers

    146km ride with the Rivet Racing boys and a few laps of the the track tomorrow.

  693. Stefan

    Year, today it’s the last race of our club-intern championship: Single Time Trail :-) “only” 30 km but hilly ^^
    No plans for tomorrow, just relaxing ;-)

  694. Eivind

    Long bicycle ride in Oslo, Norway – together with my best friend.

  695. David

    Short run tomorrow, recovering from a small cold :-(

  696. Christer Sehlstedt

    It’s time for Sweden to win

  697. Patrice

    1h40m run with 3x3000m at marathon pace tomorrow :)

  698. Neil Binnie

    Hoping to go for a short spin tomorrow and might jog it out later today as i’m still in recovery mode :(

  699. SzuBence

    Recovery training: I’ll be watching Abu Dhabi Tour with low heart rate.

  700. Katri

    Saturday – no plans. Sunday – longer hike outdoors, hopefully.

  701. Manuel Lopes

    If the weather hellps, I will ride a century.

  702. Tim

    6 hours on the kickr… And a long run Sunday. This sport is dumb

  703. RoryNic

    100km bike ride around the lakes, 1300m altitude gain. 10km bike ride on Sunday with the kids.

  704. Patrick

    This weekend starts with Yoga and ends with a 2h ride on sunday afternoon.

  705. Carwyn

    easy Saturday, cyclocross race on Sunday

  706. David

    This weekend is full body workout: we’re moving! I’ll rest next week with some running! Thanks for all the great work you put in this website, it’s awesome!

  707. Frank steenvoorden

    Should be nice training for my first half distance triathlon! It would be helping improve my cycling goals!

  708. Jeremy

    5hr ride and 1hr easy run Saturday. 4hr ride and yoga on Sunday.

  709. Darko Ronić

    Some stationery bike riding because I have to pause my running (plantar). And unfortunately the weather this weekend is lousy otherwise I would have been out doing laps on the bike and trying to break some goals set for lap times.

  710. Peter

    Nothing fancy, short MTB ride and run.

  711. Ted McEniery

    Parkrun and various mtb activities in Melbourne.

  712. Kephren Izzard

    Long ride with good mates and & fun little club race as prep for Port Macquarie 70.3 next weekend! Can’t wait!

  713. Ken

    Work Saturday, watch Chicago Marathon run 8 miles.

  714. Nikola Milinkovic

    Saturday 2hrs endurance ride, Sunday 6x400m interval runs.



  716. Reinhard

    Adapting to the flow of arctic sie coming in from northeast…

  717. Nikolas

    Saturday morning some bike riding (2mins @ vo2max), finishing out with a smooth run. Sunday might do some strength training!

    Thanks and keep up the good work Ray!

  718. Roy

    short run saturday, long ride sunday

  719. René van Alfen

    Would be nice for live Strava segments!

  720. Benjamin

    Gonna be doing the Port Dickson International Triathlon tomorrow! Will follow that up with lots of work to up my running and lose some weight!!

  721. Aaron

    A ride with mates, a few good kays with dirt under the tyres and sunny skies.

  722. JL

    Chasing after my 2 toddlers as they hurtle off on their scooters.

  723. goran

    going on a 20km run with my dog, i really hope i can keep up with him

  724. brian

    Running about magic kingdom chasing after a 2 year old!

  725. linda

    Absolutely nothing

    I am on my holidays x

  726. james turner

    50 miles Sunday club run

  727. Nolito Teruel

    3 hour mountain bike ride. Need to burn off the beer from watching the Blue Jays playoff run!!!

  728. Terry Steer

    Saturday: 3 Hours endurance miles with 3×15 min Tempo intervals (
    Sunday: 40km recovery with 1200m of climbing

  729. Steve H

    3 hours on the MTB on Sat, 3 hours on the roadie Sun, sore legs on Mon!

  730. Scott hulsey

    I’m 49 and been riding for almost 2 years up early this Saturday morning to attempt my first century wanting to get one in before my 50th birthday in December

  731. Anders

    A couple of hours training on my mountainbike.

  732. MAX D

    Because i’m working on Saturday going for a double training : 15K run on Sunday morning and a short bike ride in the afternoon for recovery + drinking some beers watching Rugby world cup would be a nice week end !

  733. Sebastian

    This weekend is a tough one! There are two long Trainings-Sessions: First one has started 2 Hours ago lasting for another few: reading through all your tech posts which i missed recently (specially all about powermeters). Secondly watching Ironman Kona, later in, following the entire livestream. Besides, just enjoying my offseason ?

  734. Nelson D

    No Plans unfortunately. Still waiting to schedule a symphseal cleft injection to resolve my osteitis pubis that has developed over the past year of intensive running.

  735. Shankar Rivankar

    20 k run in morning followed by 60 k cycling.

  736. Dejan M.

    Im just gonna by ride the nearest shop to buy some groceries

  737. ale c

    Running at the hotel treadmill

  738. Mike Mm

    Saturday Hill Country ride.

  739. Joe M

    Racin days long over. Enjoying leisurely rides with my best friend, my wife.

  740. MTB Keith

    Hopefully the trails dry out so I can get out on the mountain bike… It’s trainer time otherwise…

  741. Darren guy

    Very little training this weekend as dealing with new born.

  742. MarkC

    Racing around after 4 year old son and setting up the turbo in the conservatory are this weekend’s exercises.

  743. Brian K

    running Boston 1/2 on Sunday

  744. Simon

    Not a lot! Lots of hours listening to music at a festival instead.

  745. Ashri S

    Im just hoping i can start back rolling this Nov :)

  746. Janåke Rönnblom

    Going for a ride in the local forest tomorrow on my MTB!

  747. Jenny

    Nothing! I’ve had enough “sherpaing” for my husband and deserve as much of a day off as he does. Supporting and cheering on your spouse and friends is hard work!

  748. Orbutt TheRunner

    Tapering for Marine Corps Marathon

  749. Tom Bix

    Plan to do a zwift ride while watching IM.

  750. Virgile

    12k run and 2.5k swim today, 70/80k bike ride tomorrow!

  751. Tim S

    This weekend is prep for club race on Tuesday (SCUMB Dash link to )

  752. Dennis

    70km ride along the danube

  753. JanF

    35km on my CX, and a slow half marathon

  754. mondoshawan

    Ironman Hawaii Party with my training buddys and maybe a bike ride on sunday

  755. Jan

    Sunday Long Run (2h+ probably in the fog)

  756. Lauren

    12 mile run – tapering for Marine Corps.

  757. John

    Intervals today, long run tomorrow.

  758. Leon

    Some biking on sunday.

  759. Adam Walton

    70 mile ride Saturday, 4 mile run
    13 mile run sunday, 1 hour swim (hopefully).

  760. John M

    Easy ride and a long run

  761. Sofie Sleeckx

    1h jogging this evening, morning swim tomorrow morning, followed by a bike tour of 3 hours

  762. Vince Camm

    30+ mile ride on Saturday and a nice run in the woods on Sunday. Have the grandson this weekend, so I have other playtime activities to attend to.

  763. Jan Martijn Metselaar

    Enjoy the nice weather with a short ride.

  764. Fab

    Easy 10k run this afternoon, followed by a smallish bike tour tomorrow if I manage to repair my bike by then.

  765. julykatrae

    Running my longest ever – 16 miles! Stepping up from the HM.

  766. Derek Green

    Start of the XC (Cross Country) running season in the UK.
    First Surrey League meet for 5 miles of hills and mud :-D

  767. Clive Fredericks

    I’m doing a fast 75km race called the West Coast Express. Pan flat.

  768. Mattias Stålnacke

    Some weight training today and probably one of that last road bike rides for the season tomorrow.

  769. Jeff

    10k run, relax…

  770. Jiri C.

    Short run of about 10km on Saturady and 35km long trail run on Sunday.

  771. DGL

    Trainer ride today and long run outside tomorrow

  772. Marcel

    Hit the gym this morning, doing a careful 10km tomorrow. Slowly starting to get back in shape, now that I signed up for my first marathon in April :)

  773. Ricky roberts

    Some sprint work getting ready for next weekends half marathon pushing my daughter in a stroller.

  774. Tom

    Basicly hanging on the couch sInce my bike is at the repairman :(

  775. Rohan

    Out on the mountain bike this weekend, before the trails get too dusty and loose.

  776. Bob Frederiks

    Red bull kop over kop challenge

  777. David

    10K run later today.

  778. Ovidiu

    Easy Zwift ride :-)

  779. Justin K

    Taper run for next weekends race

  780. Ekonvalin

    Weather beautiful today, hitting hills today and speed followed by 60 mile charity bike ride tomorrow morning!! Can’t wait! Will have fun and for good cause!! :-)

  781. Paul Stocks

    A hard outdoor military fitness session to get my high intensity hit (no pun intended) then a couple of wahoo kickr aerobic conditioning sessions.

  782. 1. 10K run today
    2. watching Ironman Hawaii world championship Saturday evening
    3. running 20K tomorrow Sunday

  783. hannes

    just started biking this year and that would fit very well! Thanks for your constant efforts to make this awesome blog!

  784. M. Desforges

    On Monday, a 65km round trip bike ride from Cantley to Wakefield to Chelsea and back, located north of Ottawa, Canada.

  785. Belinda Bobst

    10K Saturday, 20K Sunday Restday on Monday :-)

  786. Greg

    After 8 days with no rest it’s a rest day followed by a run on Sunday.

  787. Kory

    Running around the chicago marathon!

  788. Andrew

    I went for a mountain bike ride today with a friend, and tomorrow I’ll go for a run – hopefully 10km if I can make it. I am just getting started running after years of cycling, and enjoying the variety!

  789. Steve

    2 hills rides 100km each to take advantage of the weather here in Adelaide.

  790. Doug

    weight training Saturday, 20 mile bike Sunday

  791. Stefan

    Saturday: 7km trail run on the slopes of Table Mountain. Sunday: 1.5km light swim.

  792. Jim

    Easy Saturday. 10k running race tomorrow morning. Swimming in the atlantic maybe in the afternoon. Probably all in the rain…

  793. Thooomi

    Clocking this year’s run #276, 277 & 278. Still 90 to go…

  794. Pierniq

    40km ride on local roads

  795. Flo

    10km outdoor running sunday morning nearby Leuven ( Belgium )!

  796. Does attending an intensive yoga backbend workshop count?

  797. Tim

    ‘Cross skills and drills this weekend plus some hot laps….

  798. francisco moreira

    60km ride on sunday!

  799. Julien

    I’m currently enjoying some really nice hiking on the beautiful island of Amorgos (Greece). An Edge 520 would really help me to face the hard time ahead when I’ll have to go back to work ;-)

  800. Robert Nash

    Sat – 5k unofficial (out of season) try club sea swim.
    Sun – 10k shoreline and trail run

  801. Doing a hilly 19km TT comp with friends on Sunday to claim kudos for all of next season.

  802. Rima

    Hopefully I hope I’ll win… Raghadan forest is the best place in my country to ride bikes x

  803. Charlie MacArthur

    One of just a few remaining long Sunday rides before the snow starts to fly.

  804. James Browne

    Decided I’m going to enter Norseman next year, so finding a steep hill and going to run up and down!

  805. pinkrunner


  806. glenn

    Hopefully a [URL=””]Coffeeneuring[/URL] ride.

  807. Jason Raath

    Long run today (done already)
    5km swim tomorrow

    Crazy thing, I was just about to pull the trigger on this item and decided to check your comments for a few clarity items… It’s a sign!

  808. Michael Clark

    Feeling lucky!

  809. Bryan

    25 miles on my mountain bike today and going to hit the road for 50 miles tomorrow.

  810. David Lara

    Ride the “Dragon” located in the Appalachian Mountains in Eastern TN. (hopefully rain/cold front holds out)…if not, get some hill training in (unavoidable here).

  811. David Patterson

    Running the Detroit Free Press Marathon next Sunday, so nothing too substantial this weekend. Probably just a little swimming at the gym and strength training at home.

  812. Blake

    A beautiful fall ride.

  813. jr

    Urban trail on Saturday

  814. Shaun

    Competing in the metro games against other metropolitan councils in various sports

  815. Alexander

    Turbo trainer long workout!

  816. Ryan Beech

    Club Bun Run!

  817. martinsoz

    Hopefully a trail run 1-1.5hrs on Saturday and around 1hr MTB ride on Sunday.

  818. Sat. AM 18 mi. progression run. , PM 4000 M swim. SUN: 3.5 hrs aerobic bike

  819. Barry

    My plan is to recover because I have a nice upper respiratory infection going:(. Lots of sleep, minimum ten hours a day, soup at lunch and dinner, and lots of water in between. If I am lucky I’ll be able to get out for a club run (probably cross country mile repeats plus warm up and cool down, so 10k plus) on Monday to work off the Thanksgiving dinner.

  820. Jayson

    Doing a Fall Fest Mountain Bike race at a ski resort! 750ft of climbing per lap!

  821. Cindy Mason

    Will be doing a mock sprint triathlon

  822. Oomer

    The biking training plan for this week is build lactic threshold which will include steady state interval, up and down interval. So far Sunday looks great to ride in NW Ohio.

  823. Tom S

    1 hr run on Saturday, watch some IMkona. Study

  824. Jimmy C

    Training is on hold for me as I recover from a painful bulging C6.

  825. Jim Childress

    No training as I recover from a recent gall bladder surgery.

  826. Jan

    No training for me this weekend, working nightshifts

  827. Asher Mortimer

    Long run this Sunday. Bugger all leading up to that.

  828. Thorsten Rauch

    Parkrun on Saturday, MTB on Sunday and a braai (BBQ) ;-)
    Summer is coming in South Africa

  829. 3K swim Sa, 30m bike on Su.

  830. Alex

    5k run before hill climb tomorrow.

  831. Joshua

    Running with my Saturday group.

  832. Uli

    A run, a swim and a birthday-party ;-)

  833. Pat Evans

    As it is a family weekend my training is just 4-5 km runs in the morning

  834. Jeremy

    Couple short easy runs

  835. Benedikt

    Would be a Great Addition for my bike

  836. Tim Raymund

    Wife and I run Saturday, ride Sunday, thankful for one more weekend of really excellent weather.

  837. Final pre-race 3 hour long run Saturday. A couple hours on the trainer Sunday.

  838. Michael Tee

    Long run while on the resort for vacation

  839. Grant

    Family ride at Bufflesdrift Pretoria and a ride at Klapperkop nature reserve.

  840. Christoph

    long run with my new trail shoes.
    One of the last sunny weekends this year.

  841. Andrea

    Plain and old run in the storm until either your leg or the wind bring you back home

    Thanks for your lovely blog Ray!

  842. Marcel

    Unfortunately, no rides at all as I’m still trying to cure … :-(

  843. John Carlsen

    Hmmm… no training but a bunch of yard-work that could constitute training I guess :)

  844. Scott

    It’s a shorter week for my marathon training, so I did seven slow miles this morning followed by a 5K race. Tomorrow is a rest day but I’ll take my kids hiking if this rain goes away!

  845. Fabio

    Ride – Drink – Sleep – Repeat

  846. Andrew Kowpak

    If I’m lucky a 30 minute run today and a 30 minute swim tomorrow.

  847. Viktor Grahn

    This weekend I go for my first ride in a long time, it’s been 7 weeks since I fractured my femur when I crashed at 55 km/h. So I’m really exited to get back in the saddle :)

  848. Jerrod H

    Just time for a quick 30 mi hopefully, on Sunday.

  849. Steven

    If my knee feels better, Sunday group run about 10 miles. Maybe git a ride in up the mountain.

  850. Srinivas Ganesh

    Going to pick up my bike from the shop and try out the Shimano WiFli feature for gearing.

  851. Srinivas Ganesh

    A ride up to Alpine Dam and back

  852. Jake VanDewater

    Long rides in NE sodak

  853. Ryan Clarke

    Bulking session this weekend….Canadian thanksgiving.

  854. Raphael

    This weekend my training will be cooking some good Italian food and a cx ride along the Rhone river.

  855. M chin

    Going on a run and testing for 2nd black belt

  856. Tom S

    Wish I could train right now, currently injured. I would be doing an easy 6 mile run as I would be tapering for a marathon next weekend. Hope this counts for the contest.

  857. Jason M

    1500 swim and 10k as they fit in my schedule for a work conference this weekend. Thanks Ray and CT!

  858. Ranjan Raja

    10km run on sunday

  859. Eva B

    30k road ride on Saturday. Zwift group ride on Sunday on Richmond world’s course.

  860. Karim

    60 mile loop out to Montauk Lighthouse both Saturday & Sunday. Then take my friend for her first inaugural ride on a road bike.

  861. Erik

    My “training plan” is to get out and go for my first on-the-road bike ride since shattering my pelvis in a bike accident in June and having pins put in my hip.

  862. Gerard

    the weekend started with a run on Friday, and Judo training in the evening.
    Saterday is take kids to sport day, so a restday training wise.
    Sunday, A nice 40 min run to enjoy the last rays of sun before the autumn will find us.



  863. Bruce Smith

    Will do my first Zwift ride Saturday, raining again here in South Carolina.

  864. cristiano

    Some biking and a final long run before a 1/2 marathon

  865. randy a

    ran my 4th (and fastest 5k) this morning so tomorrow is rest day… rinse, repeat, start over on monday woohoo!

  866. CV

    friday 10 km trail run
    saturday 1h crossfit training
    sunday 2h (35 km) trail biking

  867. Jooozi

    Just a little swimming and a lot of rest.

  868. Chris

    Walking, to recover from injury.

  869. Craig

    Okanagan half marathon on Canadian Turkey Day, plus a few training rides along the lake, through the hills, and past some vineyards.

  870. Pavel J.

    Vokolo Priglu 2015 – I just finished a wonderful race to 14.1 km around the Brno dam.

  871. Start of a much deserved taper week :)

  872. Chris

    3mi easy run today, 9mi trail run tomorrow

  873. Martin R.

    50K Ride on Sat.
    4K Swim on Sun.
    Thank you!:)

  874. Ian Chin

    Just did a 1600m open water swim and a 5k run…rear derailleur is being fixed no ride. Tomorrow will be 60k ride followed by 15km run…IM70.3 Miami here I come!

  875. Wim

    No trainings this weekend, for the first time since long. Off season in!

  876. Kerry

    Light run Saturday. But the real fun is IM Louisville, where I’m not racing but will be enjoying a few hours of volunteer work supporting the amazing athletes there!

  877. Jonathan

    120km ride with a midway break for spectating the final stage of epic israel mtb challenge

  878. Tim

    70 miles on the VA Creeper

  879. Luc Simoneau

    This weekend I’ve got a 45 min run on Saturday and a 50km bike ride on Sunday. Thanks Ray!

  880. Carlos

    Mountain biking!!

  881. Chris

    watching movies on Saturday, a nice 120mi spin through northern California on Sunday

  882. 2 hour cycling on sat morning, 6k run in the evening. 40km easy ride on Sunday morning.

  883. Jay

    I am going to squeeze in 4 hours or so on the bike around work and kids soccer games

  884. Bertilak

    Easy rides — recovering from a crash the other week.

  885. Aleksandra

    Watching kona in action

  886. Max

    What a wonderful gadget. A good beginning to start biking :)

  887. I’ve got some runs on the list (nothing crazy, it’s still off-season for me!) and cheering on people at the Chicago Marathon (in person) and IMLOU & Kona virtual cheering!

  888. Niko

    Maybe a indoor trainer session to get back on the bike after a break.

  889. Arnaud D

    1 hour running saturday and 2 hour cycling on sunday :)

  890. Mike

    100 miles spread over Sat and Sunday

  891. Zoltán Horváth

    Last good weather weekend coming in Hungary, want to finish the big season with a 160 km ride alongside the country.

  892. Christian

    10k on Sunday. Hope I´ll get up after the long ironman night in front of the TV :)

  893. wilderaz

    50mi bike/4mi run on Sat, 11mi run on Sun. Thanks for all the great reviews!

  894. Griffin

    A beautiful, spectacular, and epic training ride in the Napa Valley, California…on TrainerRoad…in my garage…#it’sallinyourmind.

  895. Beobe

    At 73 yrs of age and still working for a living, the 3-day weekend will provide me with a lot of ride time to offset the stress of work. Today (Saturday) was a delightful 45 mile trail ride, tomorrow will be a road ride of 50 miles or so and Monday morning 30-miles or so through the neighborhood. Then back to the office on Tuesday to build up the stress again. Have to attempt to stay in shape so (eventually) I can enjoy retirement with a lot of time on the bike.

  896. Run on Saturday, Trainer Road FTP test on Sunday Morning. Building a giant Tardis in the front yard for Halloween with my daughters!

  897. PPP

    Mostly couch-surfing because of F1 Russian GP

  898. Inigo

    70kms ride around Enkarterri, in the north of Spain

  899. Jon S

    Get out early to avoid the heat

  900. adam

    CX Skills Saturday and Sufferfest Sunday

  901. S Schwark

    Light weekend workouts of running and biking. Got surgery coming up over an injury while training for an ironman; need to stay active to recover well and then head into a strong rehab season for IMWI !

  902. Jeffrey

    This morning i ran 13k easy pace; tomorrow an 10k obstacle run in Rotterdam, The Netherlands; called the Harbour Run (you can imagine in which area the race is and what the obstacles are :p).

    Greets from Holland! You have many fans/readers here Ray.

  903. Amal

    I’m a 13 year old and im training for a 200k Road Race. Training aims are to clock 500-800km this week.

  904. Andrew

    Having to do my long run today because of Canadian Thanksgiving family stuff tomorrow. Will try to get in a swim too, but will have to make up the rest on Thanksgiving monday!

  905. Justin Brayshaw

    Just. Cough. Trying to get over full blown man flu. Cough. Barely 50 kilometres achieved. Cough

  906. Chip

    This weekend is a 20km run.

  907. Darren

    Today is a rest day for me, and tomorrow I’ll be focusing on core body work.

  908. Collin

    Swimming a couple miles today and a slow 7 mile jog tomorrow.

  909. Jim

    Ride, rest, repeat.

  910. Ken B

    I plan to ride 80 ish miles today then 100+ tomorrow getting closer and closer to year goal of 10K+ miles

  911. Dave

    50km for commuting, then 50km for fun!

  912. 12km jogging today and 50 km cycling tomorrow!

  913. Michael Foley

    Rode the Columbia river gorge old highway to Rowena crest & back. Tomorrow (Sunday) up Underwood, WA to Williard & up Forest road 66 – one of the best rides here int he gorge!

  914. Gina

    Running a half-marathon this weekend! So no training unless racing counts.

  915. Iain Gray

    Get in off night shift Saturday, go out on club ride. Get night shift Sunday off.

  916. Chris K

    No training today, just recovery, will tackle tomorrow when it comes

  917. Iona

    Enjoy a run in the autumn colours tomorrow, really looking forward to getting out of town. May stop for conkers on the way home, you can never have too many

  918. Florian K.

    today 1300m climb with the mountainbike… working tomorrow :(

  919. Aaron Severin

    These shorter days of light mean it’s gravel riding time in Kansas!

  920. Bryan Krick

    Ramping up training after recovery from half marathon

  921. Haris

    70 km ride from Athens to Marathon beach and a quick swim !

  922. Dustin

    Enjoying some hilly runs in North Louisiana!

  923. Jorge Villanueva

    Tomorrow Training : run for 45 min and 2 km open water swimming

  924. wycat

    Too cold for a bike ride :-( it’s going to be trail running in the woods!

  925. Thierry

    Just completed a 20k MTB ride and I will compete in a orienteering race tomorrow.

  926. Keaton S

    Looking forward to a 30k solo bike ride today and a 10k run tomorrow with a few friends!

  927. favad

    couple of hours on the turbo!

  928. Michael Dennis

    Core exercise since I am still unable to ride since my accident in July :/ …can’t wait to get back into riding though

  929. Adam Uribe

    Flag football, aka fun speed work, a bike ride and yoga ?

  930. Phil

    Very little!

  931. Jim

    Sunday after church and breakfast I’ll go for a 40-50 miler.

  932. Edwin

    My daughter was doing cross country practice which made it an ideal time to squeeze a 10mi while waiting.

  933. Dagfinn


  934. Boris

    It’s raining here in Seattle, and I’m in my off season, so I’m planning on doing 60 min Z2 trainer work.

  935. Virgil C

    Ride my bike before the rain starts this weekend.

  936. Janis

    You are the best! :)

  937. Kris

    Ramping up for my second marathon in New York

  938. Kevin Grossman

    Training plan: Slow spin today, to get ready for a cyclocross race tomorrow!

  939. Weight training the arms lifting pints at the bar of a wedding reception tonight followed by a hang over cure ride in the morning!

  940. Sascha

    I am on Sardinia right now. So I’ll ease the pain with some epic views along my routes.

  941. Jvance

    Laps on honeymoon in Barcelona!

  942. Przemek mycek

    Running intervals 10x1km

  943. patrick young

    waiting for my first child to be born, prob get in a run or two in

  944. Mike

    Racing a half marathon tomorrow and eating turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving!

  945. Steven

    Long trail run in the Arizona desert…

  946. Michael cox

    Going to rest and get a massage tomorrow for a fitness test monday morning!

  947. Joe

    Lots of strenuous yard work training

  948. Mikko

    Bicycle ride on Sunday. Should be sunny.

  949. Jacov

    1 hour night run on the treadmill, a 4 hour road ride, a 15km run and a 2k swim all easy-ish over the next 24 hours. To make up for my Olympic distance triathlon race that was cancelled.

  950. Myron Jabido

    No “training” this weekend! Just going out on the bike and enjoying the changing seasons. Hope everyone else gets a lot of good work in this weekend.

  951. Patrick Cooney

    Some nice easy rides on the ‘Cross bike, possibly followed by a nice easy run just to turn the legs over.

  952. Srdan

    Saturday easy 8k running, sunday cross-training boxing.

  953. Mike Ben-Ari

    A 38K trail run ;-)

  954. ailari

    a 16k running on saturday, and 35k BIKE run on sunday

  955. Trevor Crockford

    A mix of road and cross country cycling on Sunday morning. Weather should be great too!

  956. Adrian

    cold recovery this weekend …

  957. Dinant Geuze

    A nice Saturday afternoon 50km ride on my racing bike.

  958. Boa

    Walking for 5 mins!!!!!!!

  959. Robert Lejeune

    16km race pace on Saturday and a 36km on Sunday, last long weekend before the Hamilton marathon! :)

  960. Francisco Araujo

    I plan on doing a fast paced 7km run, to enjoy the rain outside… That’s all

  961. Steve

    1. Planning how use this prize; 2. 5km easy run on Saturday; 3. Support my daughter the whole weekend at a swim meet just outside Brussels.

  962. Naoki

    35 miles ride on Saturday and 10 miles run on Sunday!

  963. Carlos Lopes

    Long rides this 2 weekends (at least for me). 100 miles each.

  964. thomas cuc

    going for a longer ride (80km+) as my gf told me i have to, guess its because im much more relaxed and happy afterwards

  965. RaduT

    8k run and watching IM Kona!

  966. MMacnair

    30-50 mile ride in the Smoky Mts depending on weather.
    So, since there are 5077 replies but only one other comment, does that mean it’s between just two of us?

  967. Jeff M

    Watching IM worlds, RWC, WSL and F1. I can make up the training next week.

  968. Robert

    Creating a mtb route in a park near my house for the sevend consecutive week, next week the course will be ready , 4,6 km mtb route in my “back yard”

  969. Jesper Schwartz

    Easy 10k run saturday and 2 hours on the bike sunday..

  970. Nick O'Kane

    Yes please

  971. Alex

    Dinner at Chili’s, then a 10 mile run the next day to compensate…

  972. Ge

    Today a short 30k road ride.
    Tomorrow a 50k Offroad ride. Or a 1 hour run. What i feel like.

  973. Jos Jacobsen

    Just returned from Munich trip back in Amsterdam and did an hour bike ride. Now watching Ironman Kona and tomorrow 10K running race! weekend is good!

  974. Pablo Smiraglia

    1hr Z4 intervals on the bike, 90min Z3 run

  975. Laura Galvez

    90k saturday 150k sunday

  976. Benny

    Quickie loop into New Jersey before going hiking!

  977. Andrey

    It is cold in Moscow this weekend, so I have installed my bike on the kickr and planning to test Skuga app tomorrow morning.

  978. Daniel Leopold

    racing Cyclocross this weekend in Dripping Springs, TX!

  979. Arturas

    Heh. Lithuania…love that country u’v’mentioned ? i’m lithuanian and this weekend still trying to recover from injury on my knee. Waiting for spring and new HR computer on plans. Keep going DCrainmaker.?

  980. Kimmo Koski

    CX on Saturday, rest on Sunday.

  981. Fernando

    Running the 4th half-marathon of the “Running Wonders” series of 2015.

  982. I am planning to extend my run for 1.5 hours this weekend for the first time! And also ride for an hour. I’m a workaholic, so reading your blog and others experiences of others who are workaholics and have time to fit in longer runs are inspiring me to go longer!

  983. Jay

    Sweet FA.

  984. Matt H

    Would be awesome to replace my decade old Garmin…

  985. Ryan

    Taking a few rest days while the weather spits at me.

  986. jero

    Nice giveaway Merci!

    BTW let us know when you come to Mallorca, so we can go for a nice ride ;)


  987. Jean Ayotte

    I will do a 100 km ride with some teammates on Monday morning, admiring the fall colors.

  988. Jesús

    Today I went for a ride with my pals, 120 km with +1300 m. on the sunny landscapes of Murcia (Spain).

  989. Mika Laaksonen

    Hello from Finland,
    First in the saturday morning crosfit training at the gym. Then in the afternoon hour and a half roadcycling in a crispy autumn weather.

    Mika L

  990. Teresa

    Chilled ride by the seaside after a high intensity training week (more than 500km).

  991. Brian

    Still injured so no training :(

  992. Brian

    Run 30 min Sat
    Run 1 hour Sun

  993. Andy

    Went for a 4.5 mile run this AM

    Hoping to ride tomorrow.

  994. Jo

    Sa 50 km with hills. Su 50 km + 1 hour track

  995. Paul Doust

    Well this end it’ll mainly be watching the rugby as I’ve got a bit of a cold going on. Next Saturday? Break my park run best.

  996. Stefano Piana

    Long ride 110km on Sunday

  997. Phil

    Rest is the training word. With that i’m enjoying the livestream of #IMKona :)

  998. Ifco

    Saturday testing new bike at 50km long track, Sunday trip to most beautiful castle near Prague – 86km. And i hope i will not freeze. Current temperature is 9c :-)

  999. Roelof

    Tonight I watch the Kona race on my laptop, tomorrow I go out for a 2 hour bike ride.

  1000. Luke Moseley

    A team 8 hour MTB race/beer fest in Bristol (UK). A perfect way to end the season!

  1001. Andrew Bostwick

    Sat-Long ride with a slow run to finish
    Sun-Colorado Craft Beverages

  1002. Jacob Mathieson

    Saturday brick day; 1:30 bike then 30 run.
    Sunday hill day; 120 8x5min hills.

  1003. Olli

    Um ehrlich zu sein? Nichts – nur faul sein :)
    To be honest? Nothing – just being lazy :)

  1004. peejers

    12 mile run this morning, followed by some roadbiking when I can fit it in, with watching rugby.

  1005. Les

    Just a quick 35ks

  1006. Olivier

    Just did my saturday ride. 80km in l’Entre-Deux-Mer near Bordeaux. My legs hurt: a lot of up&down hill compared to what i’m used to!

  1007. J. W.

    On vacation this weekend, it’ll just be a few 5ks in the hotel gym for me. Thanks for putting this giveaway together!

  1008. Peter Nielsen

    Lifting chainsaws and chasing kids (not at the same time)

  1009. Ivan

    peaking for upcoming HIM

  1010. JS

    Walking an UltraTrail with my wife tomorrow

  1011. Roy

    50 K biketrip yesterday, and a nice 10 K run with daughter tomorrow…

  1012. Lex

    Sitting on the couch, watching Kona. Then, light run on Sunday to get some sun in.

  1013. Robby

    treadmill run at the Y on this cool rainy day

  1014. Theresa Jünemann

    Would Look Good!

  1015. Teun

    Spending the weekend with my wife because of our 1 year wedding anniversary, so no training for me this weekend. Maybe a short run Sunday evening?

  1016. Yesterday I announced that I was going to find out how many kilometers I can cycle from my house without passing a traffic light. I estimated 200 km. Well, it turned out to be 230 km. Who does more in a dense populated country like the Netherlands? #trafficlightchallenge

    • Erwin

      You’ll have to post the Strava/Garmin map for that ride. Being ex-Netherlands, thats quite a challenge. Even though the proliferation of roundabouts must have helped the challenge.

  1017. Jeremy Raaen

    Hoping to get on the bike trainer during the rainy weekend and out for a run.

  1018. Tomh

    gym on saturday & road or trainer ride on sunday, i weather permits.

  1019. Davide

    Run Deejay ten in Milan! 25000 guys in The center Of Milan sunday morning

  1020. Sylvester Jakubowski

    Ride the LP IM loop with my Girl if we get over this illness.

  1021. Clare C

    Going for a bunch ride up Bonnet Hill – trying to raise my kms for the Great Cycle Challenge (fundraiser for children’s cancer research)

    • Cole

      Clare’s efforts towards the Great Cycle Challenge have unfortunately been put on hold, after she was hit (T-boned) by a car this morning! :(

      She seems all ok – getting an x-ray for a broken patella, but expecting it to be just badly bruised. Here’s hoping I can win her a computer as a consolation prize :)

  1022. Todd

    Team ride Sat. And 3 hour zone 2 Sunday

  1023. Chris

    Mostly maintenance this weekend! Removed, cleaned then re-torqued my vector’s today, and cleaned my cranks whilst I was doing it. Will go for a short spin tomorrow, then hopefully back to training proper a week on Monday.

  1024. Jan Aniolek

    10 or so miles on my keyboard running around

  1025. Charalambos Mavrikas

    A 20K LR in Athens

  1026. Ronan Kearns

    50km spin today and an early 100km spin tomorrow. Nice autum weather for it

  1027. Arturo Sanabria

    Running a 3-3-3 today and 11 miles tomorrow. Half marathon next week.

  1028. Erik Barfoed

    Running In Munich Marathon ?

  1029. Chris

    2 hour ride on saturday, 1 hour on sunday and Monday off. Can’t wait!

  1030. Dharma

    Riding with my farher

  1031. Janlk

    I’m in Mallorca this week, but without training, only in holidays. Maybe I will borrow a bike or do a little run, but nothing special, it is off season.

  1032. Duncan Brown

    Long run Sunday in the Cotswolds.

  1033. Robert

    LSD and Core.

  1034. Ger

    Caring for a 1 year old while the Mrs is away

  1035. Doing a charity fundraising ride on Saturday. Riding for autism.
    Sunday doing mountain biking riding and bringing the wife to practice in the trails on the Jorba Jungle Jam at Jungle Habitat.

  1036. vitek

    sat long run 2,5h (did 29,2), sunday easy 30 min run.
    training for frankfurt marathon :-).

  1037. David

    Unfortunately, training cancelled due to a torn cartilage ;(

  1038. Mika Anderson

    My training plans for the weekend entail doing an FTP test on the indoor trainer for the beginning of the indoor training season.

  1039. MarcinN

    75km bike hilly :)

  1040. Samuel

    Would love to have a great bike computer, when I have one I can leave my Fenix 2 on my wrist.

  1041. ap

    long run on Sunday morning

  1042. Matthew Shepherd

    32 Mile Mountain Bike round the new forest, Love the english countryside.

  1043. Mark

    2hour bike ride out of the city via canals path.

  1044. Krzysztof

    Friday – 25 km biking, Suturday – 10 km run and on Suturday swimming.

  1045. Arturo

    Medium run on Saturday, short run on Sunday. Hey, I’m just getting over a cold ;)

  1046. Michael

    10k of moonwalking

  1047. Yagil Henkin

    Some strength training. Due to family reasons no running or biking.

  1048. samantha woitzik

    Rocking the trails at Dagmar on Saturday!!

  1049. Jim Shepherd

    Traveling this weekend so only going on a long run Sunday.

  1050. J. Berg

    Friday: Stronglifts 5×5 (squat, overhead press, deadlift)
    Saturday: Run Club (~5 miles, maybe more)
    Sunday: Long bike ride (40-50 miles)

  1051. Butch

    Autumn is pure fun time.
    So cyclocross and mtb are weapons of choice.

  1052. Juan Martinez

    I will be racing my boys to the bottom of a chocolate cake. Might need the 520 to work off the calories…

  1053. Jerome

    Brick Friday, swim then ride Sat, run Sunday

  1054. Lisa

    Between my several jobs and other obligations, I will be lucky if I get a ride in on Sunday. I’m a poor post grad with 3 part time jobs and no health insurance :(

  1055. chiran cornelius george

    today (saturday) made a 70 km ride with my friends.
    sunday probably the same if it’s stop raining. bad weather conditions in Romania in this period.

  1056. Jeroeb

    Volunteering for a run and going for a training run on Sunday

  1057. Tony Pearce

    Will be taking my wife out for a rehab ride. She is recovering from foot surgery and needs to get back in form before her new bike arrives!

  1058. Gerhard

    Rode just under 50 miles and 3000ft of climbing in my Saturday group ride. Plan on 50+ on Sunday with some wind sprints, and hope to try out some new roads I’ve been eying

  1059. This weekend is marathon training. 12 very hilly miles over dartmoor, lots of bogs to cross!

  1060. Kyle

    Threshold run on Saturday and some easy miles on Sunday.

  1061. Brian

    Morning swim and a MtB night ride

  1062. Sam

    Saturday: Charm City CX race
    Sunday: Off/recovery day

  1063. Darren

    Saturday: 60 minute ride
    Sunday: MTB ride

  1064. Tim

    Flying back from Mallorca Sat, re-assemble bike on Sun and local loop / group ride at home. Or MTB and re-assemble road bike later…. :-)

  1065. Bill H.

    Travelled cross-country to do the Healdsburg half marathon

  1066. R Chan

    Did a hike up a mountain yesterday – 2500 steps! Feeling tight in the calves and quads now!

  1067. Johann

    Unfortunately my training plan is REST! Damaged my knee after only a mile this week :(

  1068. Jason

    5 laps of Zwift Watopia due to wet weather ;)

  1069. Grace Chuchla

    My weekend plans are a local hill climb race on Saturday nad then something easy on Sunday to recover from Saturday!

  1070. Jareed Wright

    I plan on riding with my 8 year old daughter and teaching her how to ride safely and rules of riding.

  1071. Arash Fallah

    Just walking 10 kilometers and doing as many ankle stretches and bilateral calf raises as I can.
    Also doing 5 kilometers of swimming with no kicking.
    Rehab protocol for my dislocated ankle :(

  1072. RickH

    One of these Garmin 520 would be fantastic to log my 7 Peaks Alpine Challenge and compare all the data with myself and buddies. Then see where I lie with the Strava mob.

  1073. Jay M

    Run on Saturday. Probably looking at late indoor ride on Sunday due to family activities.

  1074. Steve B.

    Went for a 65 mile hilly ride, some of the bigger climbs I have done. Sunday will be a nice ride with my wife.

  1075. Nathan

    Long run, 2 hr bike. Pretty standard and boring

  1076. Sam Broomhead

    Cross country race Saturday, 3 minute PB over last year, then 50 mile bike ride Sunday with the tri club to watch a local hill climb

  1077. Chris

    Run weekend; 10k road tonight, 20k trail run tomorrow.

  1078. Jack f

    Resting the knee before a marathon next week

  1079. Scott

    Lets see update number one sons Garmin 1000 download my wifes 510 whilst my 500 looks at me from across the room begging to be taken out but the “man flu” is a powerful sickness so no training or racing this weekend!

  1080. Eric Hancock

    This weekend I’m biking around Blacksburg, Virginia. Beautiful rolling hills, empty roads. Quick 30 miles yesterday, 90 hard miles today and 60 miles of climbing tomorrow.

  1081. Mike B

    Just more laps around Zwift while it rains and the kids sleep

  1082. Mark

    Long weekend nursing a stress fracture.

  1083. Jimmy

    Take a bike commute to a shopping mall nearby.

  1084. Martin

    Sunday hiking with my wife

  1085. Ed

    1hr run & 90 mins on the bike

  1086. Robb

    No training this weekend. Recovering from hernia surgery:)

  1087. jon

    Grinding out some sessions with the vintage aluminum roadie while Netflixing or playing videogames, dreaming of a full ANT+ setup with Zwift.

  1088. Coedy

    Not to much going with the family being in town. Just try to get in a run.

  1089. David Cookman

    70km brutal spin before work on Sunday

  1090. Brent Moore

    Riding the indoor trainer Sat/Sun, hoping for warm weather on Monday to go outside.

  1091. Darrin Kinney

    Small run and sailing. Legs are really sore

  1092. cg

    Easy rides this weekend, just 20K saturday and 67K sunday.

  1093. Charlie Morss

    Rest day Saturday with hill sprints Sunday – ouch!

  1094. Michael Gagliano

    Last tune up ride for my trip to Salt Lake City/Moab. Probably a 6 hour hilly ride.

  1095. Jesse Nofziger

    Long ride with the team Saturday.

  1096. Daryl

    Long run on Fri morning, followed by low key Saturday and Sunday. Buying some new Altra shoes and tapering for my first ultra (62k)

  1097. David Reiland

    I ran an 18 miler training for the Houston marathon.

  1098. Hoping to squeeze in a ride Sunday!

  1099. Was shooting for 5o miles of biking today–but the wind was intense; settled for 30 miles and swam a mile instead

  1100. David Garcia

    Does packing for a move count as training? Cause that’s the only workout I’m getting in this weekend.

  1101. Rita

    Going to take a some time out from studying to run around and explore my new neighbourhood, aiming to do around 10miles

  1102. Cory Kawa

    Ran 13km in one hour yesterday, planning to do hill repeats tomorrow.

  1103. Arno Turk

    Probably ride a loop of Gatineau Park

  1104. Lynne

    Tyler Rose half marathon

  1105. Casey

    104 Degrees F. So 90 min on Tacx Bushido Sat and again on Sun.

  1106. Mauricio Ordonez

    Today: 152km. La ruta Colombia Gran Fondo route recognition (2 out of the the 3 climbs included)
    Tomorrow: ±120km. La ruta Colombia Gran Fondo route recognition with former world champion Santiago Botero (3erd climb)
    Monday (Holiday in Colombia): ±100km to Choachi
    Then back to reality on Tueday… I foresee some time off the bike and lots of procrastinating at work during the week.

  1107. Steven Scruggs

    Busy weekend. Indoor training with the Sufferfest and Zwift

  1108. Grant

    60km Cycle on Saturday and 90km on Sunday in the middle of a heatwave here in Johannesburg, SA

  1109. Paul

    Easy 10km run today

  1110. Grant

    A 50k m ride on Saturday and a 10km run Sunday

  1111. Jeremy W

    Some cross training this morning, and walking the local zoo with the kids tomorrow.

  1112. Jason Bui

    As a final tune-up for IM Maryland, raced (and won!) Old Orchard Beach Half Marathon.

  1113. Jay

    Planning 60 miles in the hills tomorrow.

  1114. Lynn

    MP miles in 12 mi training run and 75+ miles of cycling in prep for next weekend’s 200 mi Bike Around the Bay!

  1115. John

    I will be doing a FTP test on the indoor trainer on sunday.

  1116. Daniel Watling

    Flew to the Gold Coast for a wedding, no bike so went for a run for the first time in months. 11km.
    It hurt.
    My ITB doesnt like me

  1117. Benny

    Fall ride on dirt ?

  1118. Phil

    Fun hilly 90km ride on Sunday in the beautiful fall foliage.

  1119. Christina

    Lifted weights today. 1 mile open water swim tomorrow, then 16 miles on the bike.

  1120. I Smith

    Long run tomorrow between 20 and 30k

  1121. Scott Presnell

    Training plan: 18mi ride on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Saturday was simply too wet.

  1122. Alex

    An easy 10km trail run in fall colors! Plus ikea with my girlfriend ;-)

  1123. John L

    Spinning intervals for an hour Wed; 30 miles at speed on my new Ti bike today; 10 miles on the rail trail with my wife tomorrow. What could be better!

  1124. Esteban Villegas

    0:45 swim and 1:15 run on saturday, 2:30 bike and 0:15 run on sunday

  1125. Taylor Cook

    Fall Thanksgiving day ride through the countryside tomorrow, post turkey run Monday!

  1126. Darin Boyd

    Group ride with 20 or so friends, ended up @83 miles, on a beautiful fall day in the Salt lake valley

  1127. Sebastien

    80miles of goodness! New York represent!

  1128. Alexander Rink

    Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend training plans

    Friday: 90 min Gabb workout on Trainer Road
    Saturday: 65km solo recovery ride
    Sunday: 120km solo in hilly North Frontenac, ON cottage country around Bon Echo National Park

    Thanks, Ray and Clever Training – very generous of you!

  1129. bobm

    a: Drive 4 hours
    b: Watch and cheer my son in his 5K race
    c: Drive 4 hours home, catch up on Dr Who while we all work on tight hamstrings.

    a: morning long run or sleep in depending on how I feel from all that driving.

  1130. Matt

    Just got my bike ride ready after a while in storage, going to take it out for a few miles.

  1131. Chris

    30 mile bike ride on Sunday

  1132. Thibault

    Run / Gym on Saturday, Swim Sunday!

  1133. Tyler

    Coaching 3 soccer games for my kids before ACL surgery and 6 months of rehab!

  1134. Matt

    Training rides on Zwift :)

  1135. Paul D

    Going for a family ride tomorrow.

  1136. Joe C

    I’ll be cross training with some Krav Maga. Gotta be prepared for any muggers while out on the road.

  1137. Steeven

    Took a long walk with the fiancée (gotta get those steps in #fitbit) followed by a 1:15 trainer ride today, and a long run tomorrow morning

  1138. Rick

    Recovering from newborn twins means my weeknd workout plans will involve a walk around the neighborhood in our twinsy dual-cruiser, so long as it stays warm enough!

  1139. Brendan

    2 trail runs and a long ride

  1140. Ian

    riding up Cameron Highlands for some respite from the Malaysian heat!

  1141. Joshua

    Penultimate last long weekend of training getting ready for IMFL. Assuming I can get healthy

  1142. Terry Lazarou

    Cycling FTP test , running and Turkey, oh my. (Thanksgiving in Canada).

  1143. Starr

    Racing the Gandy Half Marathon.

  1144. Aaron

    I was supposed to do an LT increasing pain fest on the trainer yesterday and then a 2.5 hour easy ride today. Instead I went for a lazy open water swim on a tropical island yesterday and slept in super late this morning. The bike ride today might still happen but the likelihood is steadily declining.

  1145. Joshua coates

    Ive been sick for a couple of weeks. Almost better and getting out on the bike!

  1146. jacob

    Nice mountain bike ride at Snowbasin Resort in Utah.

  1147. James

    went for a 5km run… nearly died cause i’m unfit… Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  1148. across

    I did a short run today, tomorrow I’m gonna swim a little bit and visit sauna I hope. Off-season time.

  1149. Brian Kohagen

    50 to 60 mile ride on Sunday…. CX Season is upon us!

  1150. Sarath Chandar

    I’d like to become a triathlete.

  1151. Sean

    Ride up and down Queen K when the race isn’t going on. It’s beautiful out here.

  1152. Paul Frylink

    8km Run Saturday – 100km (hilly) Ride Sunday

  1153. dave cochrane

    Did the Ironmāori standard distance duathlon yesterday in beautiful Masterton, and had a recovery swim today with a cadence based workout on the bike still to come. Spring is in full force in NZ!

  1154. pat

    Long run on the tolt river trail

  1155. Jezza

    60kms. and 1500 meters of climbing before breakfast

  1156. Ian Rathwell

    Canadian Thanksgiving, so turkey, turkey, turkey!

  1157. Alan Torrigino

    No training for me. : ( Recovering from Friday’s hernia surgery.

  1158. Laura Macia

    run with my dog

  1159. Esteban

    Brick workout on sunday.

  1160. mike guertin

    watch the Ironman and be inspired.

  1161. Joseph Ferguson

    Just finished a 400km cross country ride in south korea! :)

  1162. Ross

    Bike and Run brick and then a recovery sea swim on Sunday

  1163. Mike

    Traveling so just an easy long run

  1164. Villegas

    recovery run

  1165. Randy M

    Last long bike ride… Ironman 70.3 Arizona next weekend

  1166. Kyle F

    Hoping to get a another 20 miles in this weekend

  1167. WY

    Weekend off.

  1168. STEVE

    Back to back 5k’s with my wife and son. Looks like we will be ending the day with a family bike ride.

  1169. Juro

    No training. Back to a resemblance of a running routine after 2 months of travel (13 km run on Saturday) and back on my road bike after quite a few months (40-ish km to re-start things up on Sunday).

  1170. Steve

    Sadly, I’m coming out of a lull. Revamping marathon training with a 3 mile rebaptism!

  1171. Vadim Trainin

    HIM Gan Shmuel — 1.9 swim 90 km bike 21 run

  1172. Nick Keen

    Working all weekend and trying to get over the flu.

  1173. ibrahim

    long run

  1174. Pieter

    Easy 10k run, Brielmeersen, Deinze

  1175. Anders

    16km tempo run :-)

  1176. George C.

    No training. Heavy rain forecast for the whole weekend :(

  1177. Jon

    Taking a few training rides with my newly installed Powertap C1.

  1178. kneHHenk

    Training for EgmondPierEgmond a beachrace.
    Love your work DCR! Keep it up!

  1179. John

    I’ll hopefully be getting back on it with a short, easy run :)

  1180. Christophe

    Following my training program. Plan for today is a ride of 2h30 at low heart rate but high cadence.

  1181. John McCullagh

    Saturday involved a 5 mile cross country race at Comber. Planning on going out on the bike on Sunday

  1182. Spencer Shelly

    Easy fall trail run!

  1183. CharlieO

    I’ll be running – and it with balancing child care

  1184. Uri

    1 long run. 1 swim and about 4 short rides

  1185. Steve

    88 miles in sunny Kent yesterday and a terrifying 15 minutes on some rollers this morning (my second go).

  1186. JF

    Will watch the last stage of Abu Dhabi cycling tour on the Yas Marina circuit and go for interval training on the track when it opens at the end of the race tonight!

  1187. Jason Nede

    watching the gf racing a horse race and do two short cycle sessions

  1188. Ivaylo Georgiev

    One fast bike ride around the Sofia field.

  1189. Jasper

    Training for the Maratona dles Dolomites, with shomething more than just a speedometer.

  1190. Erik B

    I soooo want this :)

  1191. Dave

    Whatever I can get in between caring for our newborns.

  1192. Jóhannes Andri Kjartansson

    Planning to take a xc trip around the icelandic hot springs this weekend. A GPS would be a big bonus ☺

  1193. Ricky

    Had a 3 x 7,5km this friday so yesterday was recovery and today there will be some bike riding.
    And yes i really would like to own a 520 :-)

  1194. Marco V

    Just a short run after a very long injury ;)

  1195. neill barton

    2hr pool set at the stirling 50m pool!

  1196. Andrew Dyson

    First xc running race of the year yesterday, slow 10k run today followed by resistance based circuit training this afternoon

  1197. Bernard

    This afternoon getting on my bike for just a smooth ride, loosening my legs in preparation of the Vencie Marathon in 2 weeks time.

  1198. Marc

    Couldn’t ride or run this weekend, but cheered on my mate Cam in IM Kona (from a distance).

  1199. Bostjan

    60 km in cloudy weather in Slovenia

  1200. Becker

    No plan this weekend.

  1201. kris

    A couple of 0400 rides into the Japanese mountains.

  1202. Jonathan L

    Saturday pootle along the taff trail with the wife and baby, combine the urge to try out my new CX and the need to spend time with the family. Spot of lunch and a coffee at the turnaround.
    Sunday load up the van with our bikes, wife 2 older daughters and baby, and head out for a few hours, combining crossing the severn bridge by bike with trying to see a Vulcan bomber fly over. Follow it up with a few hard miles on Zwift to feel like i’ve pushed myself a little this weekend.

  1203. Tim

    Couple of swim sessions in the local outdoor pool and some fell running in the Peak District

  1204. Riza

    Exploring for new trails to ride off the popular areas.

  1205. Tim Parker

    Looking after the kids and trying as much of Amstel Gold on a Tacx Genius as I can with a foot I can’t really walk on – I shall use that as my prime excuse as I grind to a halt half way a berg… ;)

  1206. actaswu

    So lazy I missed Kona, even from the couch.