Because it’s October: Garmin Edge 520 Giveaway


It’s somehow October already, and it’s been months since the Giveaway Extravaganza, and far too many months since a standalone extravaganza.  I really need to have more of these.  Partly because I love giving away stuff.  And partly because if I was smart I’d do more of these posts merely because they take all of about 6 minutes to put together.  And in the case of this week, that means I can sit on this beach in Cancun drinking even more all-inclusive drinks instead of writing.  Boom!

For everyone else though (except I suppose those either living on a beach or at Kona) – you’ve got the weekend ahead – which is certainly like sitting on a beach.  Unless you’re racing, in which case it’s no beach.

For this weekend I (well, technically my friends at Clever Training) will be giving away a brand new Garmin Edge 520.  They’ve got plenty of them in stock now, and one has your name on it.

To enter: Simply leave a comment below telling me what your training or racing plans entail this weekend!

Yup, it’s that easy!  And yes, you can enter no matter where you live.  Louisiana or Lithuania – all are OK!  Someone from Lithuania actually won in the most recent giveaway.

Remember that by supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically everything they sell, unless it’s already on some sort of big sale.  From GPS watches to clothing to nutrition.


The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, October 12th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly, not on coolness of your training or racing plans.  Unless they are so epic they cannot be ignored.


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  1. Pat

    Rainy weekend… Zwift to the rescue !

  2. Roger

    No workouts, golf trip with my buddies.

  3. mama

    The plan is to recover from a cold and follow my Light Feet Running and Total Immersion training plans!

  4. Jonathan Herpel

    Rode a Fondo with best friend Jens. Pro-ed out.

  5. David Faria

    A weekend hiking the hills of Northumberland and recovering watching the Rugby World Cup!

  6. The plan: Friday off, Saturday 6min z4 1min z2 x 6, Sunday 2:45 Z2
    The Actuality: Friday work night out, Saturday “that wasn’t a good idea” Sunday “That was a terrible idea”

  7. Christian K

    1st easy run with my 4month old twins ;)

  8. Steven Walter

    Since its now Monday I can say my training was all about avoiding the heat!!!! it was too damn hot in So Cal over the weekend!

  9. Well, since I’m only 3 weeks out from open heart surgery, my “training plans” involved a 3.5 mile walks this weekend. But I’m all signed up for Ironman Lake Placid in 2016, so I have that to look forward to!

  10. theok

    10 km running

    15 km running

  11. Took my fiance for her longest bike ride ever to help her prep for her first duathlon.

  12. Asis Pardo

    Yet another blerching weekend… I really need to get my sh*t together!

  13. David

    Sunday final race of 3 part Garmin MTB Series. Last year, after several years of sitting “on the couch”, I moved out of it. But I didn’t even dreamed, that I will be able to finish such series.

  14. Alfredo

    The most important aspect of training … recovery

  15. Kane Lo

    Bit of a cool down period for me after doing the 210km round the bay in Melbourne, Australia. Nice casual weekend ride along the coast on Saturday morning will do it for me :)

  16. Trent Sprague

    Run at the Wheeling Invite, then Go down and help out at the Chicago marathon.

  17. Eric

    It’s Monday and it was a recovery weekend for me!!

  18. Marcos

    10 mi uphil

  19. Zvonimir

    Yesterday I run my first half marathon

  20. TerpMBA

    1st ride after neck surgery. Great to get out and ride again.

  21. Rob K

    This weekend was a leisurely ride down a canal after 2hrs swimming with my children!

  22. Ricardo HR

    10miles run + 20miles bike.

  23. James

    A mix of swimming, biking, and running. Terrific weather in DC for training outside.

  24. Max Wong

    A group Saturday ride aptly named “Anarchy” that I will have to cut short and hopefully a Sunday coffee ride. How about your plans?

  25. Jesse Bennett

    200 k ride!!

  26. Neil C

    Light run today – easy day tomorrow.

  27. emorydptt

    cyclocross race! gotta love cross season.

  28. Alex K

    No real training. Just a fun ride with my son! Thanks :)

  29. Joey

    Had a nice run with my wife

  30. Gary B

    Not training at the moment. Hitting DCR website to get motivated and spotted this. Winning it would motivate me even further.

  31. Emma B

    30 minute run for me – treadmill style. You rock Ray

  32. My plans are (were): taking on the Great River Ride in Westfield, MA (which was awesome – such foliage!), and a #coffeeneuring ride in the “quiet corner” of northeast Connecticut – both accomplished!

  33. WSacarelos

    This past weekend i was gonna ride but had to work the whole weekend. This weekend im gonna get it no matter what, probably 30 miles sat. to end the week.

  34. David Malwitz

    5mi trail run

  35. Nicholas Eckermann

    I raced cat 5 cx and won.. :) Requested an upgrade and raced cat 4 and took second. Winning this would make for a great end to my weekend!!!

  36. I am just running/biking and maintaining still no race plans deciding what to do next :)

  37. JP

    Definitely some easy paced trail riding now that race season is over.

  38. Fast Eddy

    My plan of attack for the day is to start the AM with a large bowl of Organic Oats and berries to allow me to put 15 kms + of a trail run at Blue Mountain….still recovering from surgery 3 weeks ago but I feel great and I am happy to be alive again……Eat well and exercise often :) I gotta go run now!!!

  39. Linda

    Getting ready for the Devil Dash on Halloween!

  40. Scott S

    This past weekend I finished up our states Cross Country Mountain bike race series. This next weekend will entail some longer easy pace recovery rides then back at it getting ready for cyclocross. Also I lost my Garmin 510 so a 520 would be nice!

  41. Super User

    Easy ride on the trainer while I try to get healthy again.

  42. WLEI

    Swim and cycling everyday.

  43. Donna

    Went to watch friends at Louisville ironman! It was awesome. I am ready to start training do my next half ironman! Ran, swam, and core workout!

  44. Joey

    Been hitting my local bike trail

  45. Aaron Lightfoot

    Indoor mini-tri this weekend.

  46. martin

    just a quick ride on the MTB

  47. SS76

    My trainig plans are conquering the lakeshore of Toronto’s Harbourfront with my bike, and hiking Mount Kelso in Milton Ontario.

  48. Alex Lau

    Boston Half Marathon!

  49. Martin3205

    Driving down to Florida this weekend and planning to put in some nice century rides next week. No work. Going to be great!

  50. Andrew

    Logged 25 running miles this weekend. Ramping up for the NY marathon!

  51. Fran

    Walking with my Family

  52. Steve

    Estes Park, then the peak to peak highway.

  53. Adam

    I may be too late… Oops but a nice easy swim is on the agenda.

  54. Mark

    Training for Austin 70.3

  55. Arun M

    Fall is finally inching towards South Florida, and the humidity and temperatures are getting bearable. So a long ride up and down Key Biscayne.

  56. Dan

    100km+ Brisbane to Gold Coast ride (Australia) to raise money for the Heart Foundation