Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Vivoactive


You know how they say size matters? Well in this case – smaller is better.  And there’s no GPS running watch on the market today as thin as the Garmin Vivoactive.  It’s basically like a piece of paper ate a piece cardboard – it’s that thick. Roughly. Oh, and it has a color display. Yes, color!

Don’t worry though, despite the colorful display you can still actually use it to train and even race.  Or, just play Flappy Bird. For realz, you can load the Flappier Bird app onto it.  Game over.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin Vivoactive In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Jared

    Thank you

  2. Klaus

    I’m all in for the Vivoactive.

  3. Chris O.

    One can never have too many gadgets … or can you? 😉

  4. Fredrik Bergqvist

    I’d like that one, thanks 🙂

  5. EricM

    Thanks for all you do.

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  8. Jamie

    Would certainly love to put on one of these!

  9. Gábor

    Nice watch!

  10. Anthony

    Cheers everyone!

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    Very Cool !!!! Thanks Ray

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  13. Bryan

    Missed the HRM-Swim but this works too!

  14. Maybe this time will be better

  15. Carl roberts

    Yes please!

  16. Donna Velt

    If really like to upgrade my vivofit to get the GPS & swim/bike features. Please. Thank you.

  17. Adam Richter

    Woooo garmin

  18. Hat in the ring and watch on the wrist!

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  20. Maarten

    Yes please.

  21. Mark Nigh

    Awesome Give Away!

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    Yes please!

  23. Chris Tallman

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  24. Paul

    Please help me not have to buy my wife a gift!

  25. derick

    Nice watch

  26. Matt Carney

    vivoactive for the win!

  27. Craig

    Great watch!

  28. Michelle Dryden

    love this watch

  29. James G

    Count me in

  30. Joe B

    Yes Please

  31. Frederic Chauvin

    Would replace my Garmin fit bit setup

  32. Alex

    I’m in!

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  34. Christian

    I want this

  35. Cason

    Hook me up!

  36. Michael Gross

    Vivoactive time! Let’s do this!

  37. Rachel


  38. Matthew Hunt

    Would love to win the Vivoactive

  39. Kevin Myers

    Good luck to everyone!!! This is a great watch! My fiance has one, I have been known to borrow it on ocassion.

  40. Karen Smith

    Would love to win this! Hubby would be totally jelly!

  41. zealous


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  44. Andras

    such a beautiful piece of training kit! yes, please..

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    Must have. Please!!!

  48. Christopher Smith

    put me in coach!

  49. Denis

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    Love you DC Rainmaker, add

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  52. Isabela Melo

    That would be my first GPS watch!!! Please!

  53. Mark Ingle

    I’m feeling lucky today!

  54. Joanna

    Would love one!

  55. Jeff

    In it to win it!

  56. Eric

    Hope I win one!

  57. Don

    In with a few minutes to spare. Whew. 🙂

  58. Alex

    I love watch.

  59. FarAway

    Me want

  60. Marek

    Let’s do this DC!!

  61. Alex Labrie

    I’d really like to win one. Thank you.

  62. Andrew Lovig

    I love this day!

  63. Brad Loescher

    Pick me, please.

  64. Martin


  65. Russell Aaronson

    If you find me unconscious on the road, please set my Garmin to search for satellites!

  66. Olle Torkelsson

    Would look good on my wrist!

  67. Jenny Mattsson

    Go Sweden, Grönhögen!

  68. Jerry

    Get active!

  69. Paul

    Awesome competition!

  70. Vincent Needham

    Excellent blog, and thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Flemming

    With all these giveaways Ill have to start working out again!

  72. Luke

    The products keep getting better, and the odds keep getting worse…
    Oh well, I’ll keep trying

  73. Agostina Maloberti

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    Fantastic watch! Yes, please!

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    🙂 Love this site!

  79. Maarten

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  80. Karen Klepacz

    Awesome giveaway! Hope I win! Would be a fantastic training tool!

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  83. Dirk Naumann

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    Great device!

  88. Kim

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    My 220 isn’t worn out yet but that’s ok!

  91. JLV

    Heard great things about this watch, would love to try one.

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