Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar M450 GPS bike computer


Think small and mighty.  Like mighty mouse on EPO (or synthetic testosterone as the cool kids are doing this week).  But legal instead.  So, like Nutella and bananas.  That’s what the M450 is like: Incredibly powerful yet super small.  It’s pretty much what every cyclist out there has been asking Polar for since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and in this case – Polar definitely delivered (sans-doping).

Aside from being small and feature packed the unit at $170 is probably cheaper than an annual stash of Nutella (assuming consumption in at least two meals daily).  Thus, go forth and use this to get faster – your gut will thank you.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Hands-on with the Polar M450 GPS bike computer

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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