In the Queue: The Leikr GPS Multisport Watch

The Leikr project was crowd-funded via Kickstarter a number of months ago and has now reached beta stage.  The unit features mapping, GPS support, ANT+ compatibility, and Bluetooth compatibility.   I’ll be testing it until final release, but keep in mind it’s in a beta state and thus many areas are subject to change.

DC Rainmaker :

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  • A request for something to cover in the review, how well it handles walking pace in map view. As a wrist mounted GPS with a claimed long battery life it would seem to be a great watch to use for hiking so you can easily follow trails without a larger hiking style GPS

  • Too funny, I just posted a comment on the Viiva post because i saw the Leikr photo in that post and then clicked the queue section link and there it was! Any word on when they anticipate releasing this one stateside? I really like the TomTom Runner but the Leikr looks amazing and may be worth waiting for.

  • Can I have the leikr with TomTom GPS predictability and speed, but also with heart rate sensors built into the back of the watch! All the best in one! Am I greedy?
    Oh, and cheap $$

  • I asked the developpment team and they confirmed it will not have FM radio, MP3 or voiced coach/data capability. For this, the MotoACTV is unrivalled yet !

    • I completely agree with Jean-Charles. The Motoactv has many more features and other than battery life: I am struggling to find a good rationale to purchase this over the Motoactv (which has the benefits of the mp3 player with BT connectivity).

    • Yes its shipping but software development is still going on at the same speed it was going before release so there is a chance when they finish it will be good. At present with what it can do now it sucks.

    • Yeah, I'm a bit torn on this one. In theory, according to Leikr the device is now shipping and thus meets the typical bar I have for whether I review a device.

      The challenge I have is that I just lack any desire to as it stands today. Mostly because I know how the story will end. I'd put a lot of time and effort into the review, but ultimately it's going to tell me what I already know: The device simply doesn't have the features to make it competitive - even in the sub-$99 category.

      If I were to add it into the product comparison tables (which, I might do, just for fun), you'd find virtually every feature the answer is 'No', or incomplete.

      It's tough, and one of the challenges I have in balancing what product reviews to write. Ultimately I enjoy writing about things that are fun to use, but don't typically enjoy spending time and energy writing about things that aren't so great, when I could instead be taking a different item from the massive queue of products to write about.

      Just my thoughts for now...

  • I found this on my facebook feed:
    I use mapmyrun's app on my gs3 phone when I run. True its not as capable as many of the watches that you review but I slip it into my camelbak and off I go. It serves many purposes, as I bring my phone along with me on runs, I sometimes listen to music on it, and it tracks my path. I already pay for the phone and data so its just another perk for having it.
    So my question is, would this leikr watch with the mapmyfitness api built in bring it up to the next level? BTW, I'm very seriously considering a Garmin Forefunner 310XT or a Fenix2 (way pricier). I'm working off a limited budget so for now the gs3 works. Thoughts?

    • Unfortunately not. Don't get me wrong, they are doing cool stuff - but right now the gaps in functionality are so vast even between the FR310XT and the Leikr. I'd really go with the FR310XT.

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