Friday Photo of the Day: Me featured in a brochure swimming with a floaty duck

Earlier this week a reader sent me over a note letting me know that my favorite friend – Mr. Duck – was featured alongside me in the Polar Bear Plunge brochures that are now found in countless stores around the DC area.

After some quick back and forth e-mails, you can actually download* the PDF of the brochure, including me.  Hence, how I was able to check it out.  Sure enough, me and Mr. Duck are right there inside!


This picture is actually from two years ago, when I did it with a group of triathlete friends – including The Girl.  You can read up on that awesomeness in this post (tons of pics).

Interestingly, within that post you can actually see the camera this was taken from, just in the lower left corner of the picture:


Funny how small the world is sometime.

Mr. Duck was originally something I picked up in Jordan, while on a work trip there.  I had the weekend and went and visited the Dead Sea and I found the duck at a little roadside stand on the drive out there.  Full story and video here.  I nearly lost him that day…


If you’re looking for other examples of me swimming in cold water (Polar related, not Dead Sea related, as that was warm), you can pull them all up right here with this simple link.  For example, the year prior at the Polar Bear Plunge.  That year it was determined it was too cold for the second wave of plunge participants.  So Rob and I made our own plunge in a nearby creek (video included, possibly the funniest video ever shot/published here):


But again, you can hit up the rest of the examples here.

Perhaps some of my Parisian friends can let me know of a good Polar Bear Plunge in the area**.  Though, the weather here isn’t quite cold enough to warrant the ‘Polar Bear’ part of the plunge.  Just more like a wet bear plunge.

With that – enjoy the weekend, and thanks for reading!  Get ready for next week, it’s gonna get crazy busy around these parts!

*To view the brochure, go to the main page, then ‘Register’, then ‘Printable Brochure’.  And of course, the Plunge Maryland is all for a good cause (Special Olympics) – so consider signing up, or supporting a team!

**Interesting side note: The river here (The Seine) has been so high the last few days that much of the running/walking paths along it are currently underwater.  And today was the first time in 6 months here that the tour boats couldn’t make it under the bridge near Notre Dame.  It was a quiet/dark night without them and their brilliant lights.  Interestingly, two cargo boats made an attempt.  One came so close that the guy reached up and touched the bridge.  A short bit later, the second boat made the bridge attempt, but then somehow grounded itself on a portion of river that was otherwise a running path.  Saw it at the start of my run.  A gazillion river police boats/cars out there sorting him out.  Anyway…moving along…


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  1. Jan

    Don’t know anything about plunges in Paris, but in the Netherlands the New Year’s dives have become tradition, possibly inspired by the Polar Bear Swim Club (see link to It started out on the North Sea beaches (7 degrees Celsius / 45F this year), but is now done all over the country. But these were on Tuesday, too late for now.

  2. Sam

    Nice picture with the duck! haha

  3. Lindsay

    Hahaha *awesome*

  4. Lindsay

    Hahaha awesome

  5. Not sure how the duck helps with your swimming but it looks hilarious!