Because it’s cold: Garmin FR910XT Giveaway


Tonight (well, last night by time you read this), I was running.  It seems like I’m always running.  It was cold.  Now to think of it, it seems like I’m always running in the cold too.

Though not as cold as many of you have had over the past few days.  I’m going to Stockholm on Sunday night for a few days, and I see it’s cold there too.  I told my boss I wanted to go somewhere warm next.  Instead, he signed me up for something in Ukraine. It says it’s –11*C there right now (12*F).  Not warm.

The point being, I was cold on tonight’s run. And that’s all that matters.  And because it was cold (for me, and thus probably you), I’m going to give you a reconciliation prize: A Garmin Forerunner 910XT

Well, not all of you.  That would be a lot of FR910XT’s to give away.  More than I have.

In case your wondering about my reconciliation prize, I ate cookies. Chocolate chip in case you were wondering.

This time to enter the giveaway:

Just drop me a quick line or two about your coldest run.  Or, if you’re not a runner, then cycling.  Or failing that, swimming.  And failing that…well…work with me here, ok?  It can even be a blurry cold memory – just like the self-portrait I took tonight…

Some of you said in the survey there wasn’t enough self-portraits these days on the blog.  See, gotta be careful on what you ask for.


Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (January 27th, 2013).  I’ll be giving away one FR910XT with heart rate strap.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday (unless I freeze to death in Sweden first).

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I semi-recently announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead (CLOSED NOW).  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No fashion models or horse whisperers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Carbonated

    Running on the Bethpage golf course in shorts in winter. I ran thru a thicket of thorn bushes to get away from security and the bloody scratches froze shut. . . Until I got home. At least I eluded security!

    • TheHut

      Did two triathlons last month a week a part both sharing the same swim course. Swam both with a suit but the first one was a really comfortable temp, around 66F. The next week, in the same piece of ocean it had dropped to 56F. Numb face, hands and feet… Can’t say I enjoyed that much and felt sorry for the folk that arrived without suits after the previous week’s warm water… I was very glad to get onto the bike to warm up :)

    • Dor N.

      My coldest run was a rainy one.
      it was around 10 degrees C but what almost caused me to stop was the pouring rain and car splashes that got me completely wet :(

    • I think these last couple of days have been the coldest ever for me (Monday 8 deg, Tue: 3 deg and Wednesday 0) none of those include wind chill which were around -20 the whole time. Everyone asks how do you do it, I just answer, ” the dog has gotta run, and i just layer up! Kinda like suit up =)”

    • Nick

      Training for an early spring marathon. (bad idea in New England!). My camelback froze it was so cold and it was UNDER my thick cold weather running jacket. But I still got it done!

    • AuroraM

      Competed in a 5K New Year Day Run at Lincoln Park, Chicago Il. USA along Lake Michigan. Temp was 0 degrees Fahrenheit, but with a wind chill of -10 degrees running in snow over ankle height.

    • David

      -5°C in Cordoba, Argentina. Really Cold for me, not used to run in that temperature.

    • Andrei joghiu

      Went with my dog in the park when it was snowing, it was a great experience but I had to keep running otherwise we were freezing :)

    • Davesmrfld

      I remember a run when I was stationed in Vicenzo Italy in the army. We ran 5 miles to the top of Mount Baraco in a blinding snowstorm it was definitely the coldest run ever.

    • EdwinB

      Cross country skiing in Ely, Mn. and camping – sleeping outdoors when it was 20 below

    • eh

      Last winter was really cold in Finland.I was doing 1h running 5.2.-12 -29C and few days after was -25C and I was skiing 3h.I think it was quite cold:)

    • Riding in Strasbourg, France this winter. It has been pretty consistently below freezing with ice and snow! Right next to Belgium and I am gaining a new appreciation for the Spring Classics.

    • Danihecht

      Love to run in the snow! Yesterday we got another 30cm here in Austria. I use my S-LAB 5 with Yaktrax. No problems at all! But all in all I’m lookong forward to summer :)

    • Irene

      Philadelphia Marathon several years ago. So cold that at the aid stations, when runners dropped their water cups, the water instantly froze when it hit the ground. Volunteers were putting cut-up cardboard boxes on the ground to cover the ice.

    • Viv

      Coldest run.. Hmm? About two weeks ago. During my lunch hour. I don’t think it was the coldest day that we’ve had so far in ny.. But it was soooo windy. Applied a&d on my face and wore My new running sweater my husband got me, and I was good to go! (Training for my first sprint triathlon in August). Yay!

    • Cathal

      The coldest I ve ever been was on last years IM Wales bike course the zip broke on my gillet out of T1 so I had no wind protection against the September cold in Wales :( it took me 8 hours and started lashing rain for last 4 hours I was soaked through . My hands were so cold I couldn’t peel my gels off my bike and it was so wet my back wheel was losing traction up the hills :( the best part of the day was when I got to change my soaks before the run :)

    • Scott

      Mountain biking in the middle of winter at 6 am, temp -7deg celcius.. Canberra Australia. We rode for 2 hrs. I ended with a mild case of frost bite on my toes.
      Awesome ride though!

    • Living in South Louisiana, can’t complain with too much cold. Have gotten caught out cycling as a front was passing through, went from raining and 70 to cold windy and 40’s. almost hypothermia!

    • Eric

      I was out for a 20 mile long run. The night before I put out drinks every couple miles. When I got to the first one, it was frozen solid. My run was cut short!

    • Mark Rowsell

      I live in Ottawa Canada. Yesterday Ottawa was the coldest capital city in the world at -40ish degrees Celsius. I am currently in the late stages of recovering from a broken ankle but most winters I drill screws into the soles of my running shoes, slap on a balaclava and run through the icy streets. In late january there is a long canal that is groomed for skating (longest in the world I believe called the Rideau Canal) where you can also run. It is part of a winter triathlon every year (ski, skate, run).

    • s schott

      0 degrees C here in Michigan this week- coldest run of the year!

    • Daniel Langer

      Running in Phoenix last week. Normally it is quite hot or hot in town, but last week temperatures were around 25F and people even covered their cactus to protect them from the cold. It was cold! Run with our pug to keep warm.

    • Chris S

      Polar Bear swim in the Arctic Ocean off Barrow Alaska

    • Miriam W.

      3 years ago, a huge blizzard hit NYC. the city was mostly shutdown and I had to get a speed workout in. I armored up with my face mask, lobster gloves, running shell and trail shoes and decided to have a go at running the Brooklyn Bridge after 8″ had already piled up. the wind was fiercely cold and ripped across the bridge. the snow was coming down sideways and felt like pins and needles hitting my face. I was slipping and sliding everywhere. what made this the most memorable run, wasn’t that it was in the middle of a blizzard, rather, for the first time in my life, I was the only soul on the Brooklyn Bridge… I had it all to myself. call me hardcore or call me stubborn, but blizzard and all, I will never fail to miss a run!

    • Ben Feinberg

      Running up the middle of Duke St. in Alexandria all alone the day after Snowpocalypse….and sliding back down…the entire street was an ice rink.

    • Jo Bouchard

      End of fall 2010, Quebec-Canada mountain biking in a trail close to a lake, it was -7 C but felt -15 C, and then started snowing!

    • Brenden B

      Went to school in wisconsin so running during the winter got me used to not being able to feel any part of my face after my run. ALso needed to wear two layers of socks and gloves just to keep the feeling in my hands and toes. Many days it was below 0 F but thats not going to stop me!

    • George

      Living in Toronto from 1988-1994, and being strictly a runner then, many winter runs caused frozen eyelashes. One run in particular stands out. We were volunteering at a youth track meet at York University, so I and two friends went for our run, in -25F It was so cold, i got a bad headache towards the end, but we finished. When we finally went inside to the warm indoor track, we saw our Coach doing laps in shorts. “Where were you guys”

    • Aaron

      Ran in -55 degree weather with 40 mph winds in New Hampshire. Yikes! At least I got my training in!

    • Gummee!

      I’ve had a bunch of cold runs over the years, but the coldest bit of exercise that sticks in my head was a ride a few years ago.

      So there I was… Head cold. Stuffed up. Sniffling. Can’t breathe. The works. We’ve all BTDT

      Picture the scene, it was a lot like yesterday (in the DC Area) snow on the ground, fierce headwind, and below 20deg. I calculated it out, the temps + the wind and it ended up feeling -20deg or so.

      I live SW of DC out in the cow fields. The road takes me up a little rise and back down to the ‘main drag’ past the high school. Before I even got to the top of the rise, my nose was running like a firehose. I won’t go into details, but if you’ve ever run/ridden in the winter, you know how it goes. Add a cold on top of just riding in the cold, and things got… …well… colorful.

      I got most of the crud out of my sinuses on my hour-long ride and could FINALLY breathe!

      …right till I got done riding and stuffed back up before the bike was put away. Grrrr Oh well. Least I got in a ride!


    • Pierluc

      Living in Québec province, Canada, I always get outside for a run and wear too much clothing for what I need. I should get better at this, but I am not…

    • danihecht

      Love to run in the snow! Here in Austria we got another 30cm yesterday. I use a S-LAB 5 with Yaktrax if there is much snow on the street. Never had problems! Nothing is better than snow and a shining sun.

    • Michelle Wills-Jiron

      My coldest run ever was this past Wed morning (the weather said it was 14 degrees and felt like 5 degrees) at 6am in the dark on the National Mall. It turned out to be a great run because I ran with a group of people. It sure made the run “warmer” with the company I was with. I hope I win :-).

    • Lisa Starmer

      My coldest ride was with a friend of mine who was training for RAM and we rode on the Natchez Trace in our ski gear for about 6 hrs. The weather was in the single digits.

    • Adam Peterson

      The most recent I can remember was my half marathon at the end of october in 2012. My cousin and I got to the start line at 6:30 for the 7 am start, we shivered inside trashbags until the start…it was cold but when the race start it got much warmer

    • Adriana Blesa

      Well, my coldest run, I had actually two!! The first one was in a 60 km race, starting at 6 am in Córdoba, Argentina, July 8th, 2012 (in July is winter in Argentina), in the Comechingones Sierras. It was 10 celsius below zero! The race was named Amanecer Comechingon, becuase after 2 hours you got to see a beautiful sunrise from the top of the Sierras!! the second coldest, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, also in 2012, we started 7 pm raining, ad by midnight we got to a high point, over 2000 meters, where it snowed for a while, the thermometer was minus 10 celsius!! BUT, next week I will be in Ryouan-Noranda, the forecast says highs will be in the minus 10 celsius, and of course, I will not miss my training sessions!!!!

    • Stan Sokol

      Running at -26 in Russia- that was really cold!))

    • Lionel Gimelfarb

      Last Winter I run in some hills with round -5°c, hard training.
      When I did my first OL Triahtlon I was 12° and water was 16°. ON the second km of biking I got rinse from a local storm. My feet got out of ice only up the 5km of running

    • sylverdevil

      my coldest ride was about 4 years ago on december 30th in approximately -5 degree celsius, just to hit 9000 km in a year :) it was succesful

    • k b

      i once ran in alaska….it was really cold

    • Alexandre Paquet

      Did a short run at minus 40 last year. Was a bit cold.During these runs you always end up looking like a snow n ninja

    • Alexandre Paquet

      Did a short run at minus 40 last year. Was a bit cold.During these runs you always end up looking like a snow ninja

    • Sebastian

      December night, it was dark an about -10*C. I wanted to take a new Route in the woods, but could not find the way back. Took me 1:30 hour and 15km more than i wanted to run this night…

    • PGodwin

      Ran 15k in -16C on Tuesday. Yesterday was equally as cold so I decided that enough was enough and did my 800m repeats on the treadmill. Hate treadmills. Should have run outside.

    • James

      My first 1/2 Iron distance race the water was sub 50. It was so cold my T1 was over 5 minutes because I couldn’t feel my fingers to take the wetsuit off.

    • Bryan

      My cold adventure occurred just a few weeks ago.
      Now that winter is here we have been riding mountain bikes and getting in touch with our inner child in the mud! On that 20 something degree day we decide to try a new mountain bike trail that only one of us had ridden before. Well about two miles into our adventure (already numb from the cold) I decided to take the path least followed and cross a small stream… Well, before I knew it my front wheel went out from underneath me and I was spread eagle in the middle of the stream. My immediate worry was to avoid getting soaked so I quickly gathered my self and moved out of the stream. While doing so I looked at my left hand and the pinky finger of my glove was bent in a 45′ angle away from my hand. Saying to myself “that looks really odd” I proceeded to grab the glove and found that there in fact was a finger in there! Without thinking and with a little pop I moved the finger back to the position that it normally resided without any pain. The guys asked if I wanted to turn around and go back? After not feeling any pain from being numb and not wanting to be “that” guy I decided to press on.
      After 16+ miles of tough riding we arrived back at the bike shop where I removed my glove in front of the guys for the first time after the fall. To my amazement the finger looked completely normal. I brushed it off (not having a dislocated finger before) saying it must not be a bad dislocation. While we chatted my finger slowly thawed and started to ache. What I didnt realize was that along with the ache, my finger was swelling! It was double its size inside of 20 minutes!! What a day
      I guess the morale of the story is, if you are going to go A$$ over tin cups and dislocate a digit, do it on a super cold day!

    • Oddly enough my last run on Tuesday. I was doing 1600m intervals head on into gale force winds on the sea front with hail. Fortunately I’d brought a cap along which kept the hail stones out of my eyes(!)

    • Randy Featherston

      Early AM run in dark, went commando under running tight….wind chill was lot colder than i could believe…ended up stuffing gloves downfront of my tights and letting my hands freeze….thawing out was not fun at all !!

    • Ryan Menze

      Running in -35°F wind chill through knee deep snow. It was one of the best threshold workouts I’ve ever done!

    • Jay El

      After living in Atlanta for a number of years I just happened to be home in Minnesota visiting my parents for Christmas during the first 10+ mile run in the training program for my first marathon. Back then I didn’t have any of the correct gear, so I slogged around Lake Harriet, Calhoun, and Lake of the Isles in loose sweatpants and a ski jacket in -10 degree F windchill. Bad idea.

    • matthew vaneenoo

      I recently performed an evening track workout this winter. Nothing like watching ice build up on the track, as you run.

    • Adam

      Running in Buffalo, NY with the windchill at -5 and Lake effect snow!

    • clinton fisher

      Just ran this morning in 31 degrees weather. That’s as cold i will do.
      Thanks Again for the amazing giveaway.

    • Coldest run ever: in the rain at 32.000001 F: much colder than anything colder.

    • Wes

      My coldest run was earlier this month. It was 23F with high humidity and light breeze. It seems like the humidity is always high in N. Georgia (U.S.A), which makes the temp. feel so much worse than if the humidity is low. I run in the early mornings, when it’s still dark outside, on a 2 lane highway. Traffic is low near my house in the early mornings, so I don’t have to worry so much about getting hit by a car. Running at any time of the day when it’s cold is an experience. But, I love it!

    • Coldest run? -20F in Bend, Oregon. Wore glasses (stupid); every breath condensed on the lenses. Legally blind! But at 0530, no cars out, so it was a pleasure cruise down Wall Street in the business district with no traffic, just me on the double yellow line grinning like a fool…

    • JeffM

      I have done lots of colds runs in the single digits (F). Most memorable for me was a snowshoeing at -15 below zero. Luckily no wind and lots of sunshine. You had to keep moving or else you would become a Popsicle.

    • Dwight Kellams

      I did a road ride on New Year’s Day a few years ago in very cold temps and also strong winds; wind chill was probably in the single digits. I looked around and I was the only rider with Summer shoes and shoe covers; everybody else had Winter specific riding shoes.

    • Beth Ahrend

      So while I do enjoy swimming, biking, and running. In the off season I do quite a bit of volunteer work. So here’s where you should give props to those who volunteer… Last weekend I volunteered at the 20 mile aid station of a 50k in Melba, Idaho. The start of the race at 7 am was -3 and the temperature rose to a smoking high of 6 degrees by 4:30pm when my volunteer duties were done. Let’s just say little hotties do not even feel warm in your shoes or gloves in that type of weather! But in the end the runners had a great time and they always had great aid when they arrived!

    • Dan Morley

      My coldest run was just a few weeks ago. I ran 20k in -20C (-30 with the wind) with about 5cm fresh snow. I wore 2 pairs of socks, wind briefs, long johns, thermal pants, 2 long sleeve shirts, long sleeve thermal jacket, wind jacket, balaclava, toque, and a pair of running gloves with mitts over top! It was a lot of laundry for one run!

    • Gleb Gotgelf

      I run and swim in warmly Israeli conditions, so even in the coldest run it was about 10C (50F) nothing to compare to northern countries.

    • Joseph LeBlanc

      Trying to ski in -25 over the xmas holidays in Canmore, Alberta. Even after putting on every layer of clothing I brought with me, I barely made it 2km down the trail before throwing in the towel and calling it a day.

      Or trying to get a practice swim in Osoyoos Lake before the Oliver Half Iron in early June. I think I saw an iceberg float by.

    • Marc Diede

      Coldest Ride ~2 years ago: Start at +6°C ended with -9°C in a blizzard. German prealps

    • Chris Jackson

      Ran 11 miles this Tuesday in 13 deg. F. Wasn’t too bad, except for my nose.

    • jab

      I passed a cross country skier on a 12 mile run (on what I thought were cleared trails) when I first got my 305 and couldn’t wait to get outside and play with it.

    • Micah

      I once did an hour long swing practice in 59 degree water. No wetsuit but stages of hypothermia

    • PufMuf

      Had a mountain run the other day (-25C). Not too bad!!! 😀

      No whether surprise you after such an experience! :)

    • Royce j

      I met my wife on March 26, 10 years ago. It was my birthday. We were at a conference in Williamsburg, VA. My boss and I were having drinks, my wife and her colleagues were having drinks. We all started to chat it up, turns out she was a runner. We all had our running gear, and she and I decided to run the next morning. It was a very cold 15 degrees. My boss who didn’t bring anything for running in the cold, decided he was going to join us. I tried very hard to convince him to not run because it was so cold, and well I wanted to run with woman I met. He did not get the hint, and he joined us anyway. Us in our cold weather gear, and he in a tshirt and shorts. The three of us ran, and 1 mile in he stopped, said f this and headed back to the hotel. My future wife and I continued our run, and unfortunately for her, she slid on some ice and did a face plant. Not the best first date for her, but it started a relationship that resulted in marriage, kids, and seeing our 10 year anniversary approaching. If my boss hung in there for the cold run, who knows how it would have turned out.

    • Just been to a Winter School in Geilo in Norway for grad student. Skied around the lake, which they call a fjord, a couple of times.

      On the coldest it was -26 C, I was using an Airtrim (link to cold-mask, which actually got icicles on the outside, I was looking like a creature from Star Wars.

      When I think about it, cold-masks is a sporting technology where a lot is happening right now. Maybe something you can cover?

    • Joe

      Swimming at 5 am at the Amercian University Swimming pool in Washington DC for morning practice. so frigid the coach actually through a hot water hose into the pool that we passed around to warm ourselves with in between sets. Couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering when not actually swimming!

    • kthomas151

      Trail running western Nebraska. Plus 5 degrees. Helped to numb the legs from the tumbleweeds cutting through my shins.

    • Scott Trice

      We trail run as a group every Sunday morning. Last year we ran in 0 degree weather 2 weeks in a row. the second of which, every person had ice on there eyebrows. Never fun!

    • Christopher Smith

      Cycling in 15 degree weather, semi competitively. Couldn’t feel my hands, which makes shifting a bit of a chore. Thank god for Under Armor!

    • Live in Houston, so my coldest run is only around 28F…not cold at all by other folks standards.

    • Dave

      It was January 2012—27 degrees(F) with freezing, pouring rain and 20mph winds. My shoes were soaked and sloshing. It was only a 6 mile training run, but it was the worst 6 miles of my life.

    • Hannah Stedge

      My coldest run ever was a few years ago in Indiana. It was -9 degrees not counting windchill…..and it was snowing! I ran on a trail near my apartment. It was snow-covered and icy, but beautiful! I had “icicles” on my eye lashes and frozen snow on my jacket collar by the time I was done, but I had a blast!

    • YawWei Ow

      well here i am in tropical Singapore so its a tad difficult to get a run that’s freezing cold but here goes. I used to run in the still of the night and once while on the run i got caught in the rain.its wasn’t a drizzle but more like a storm. to be fair i thought the weather would hold til i finished the run but i was totally drenched and the wjnd made it worse. without a windbreaker i was exposed to the elements and had to wait at abus stop in the cold til the rain stopped.

    • Dutchy

      My coldest run was this week around -5 degrees C when I did my interval run-training.

      After I ran I was warm again….

    • Reservoirdoggy

      Love to run on snowy roads! Feeling the cold air running through your lungs, hearing the snow under your shoes and the warm bath after!!

    • Chris H

      I was visiting my girl friend in CT and decided to go out for a morning run (4:00am) it was snowing but I starting out it didnt look too cold. I wore a hat, some tights, long sleeve compression shirt and gloves. The problem was that my hat only covered the top of my ears. I got back from the hour run and I had gotten frost bite on my ear lobes. it turned out to be -13 degrees without the wind chill factor. Ooops.

    • Caleb

      Ran into an incoming blizzard. Start of the run was 32 degrees, thought I could get it in before the bad weather hit. Not the case! Around mile 3 I was running into a 30mph wind, wind chill down into -20’s F and both water bottles on my belt froze solid in less than 40 minutes. End of run temperature on my wall clock: -3 F. Dropped 35 degrees in about 80 minutes. Brrrrrr!

    • Eric R

      Living in Minnesota, I am frequently faced with weather that is well below frezing. I can vividly remember a run a few years back when the temp was around zero, but the wind made the wind chill somewhere closer to 20 below zero!

    • Dany Pelletier

      I live in Canada and let me tell you these days around Montréal are so Cold (-30 Celsius and more) so i was stock at home but…..Last week i made my running (i’m addicted) and had good feelings to be in this cold temp, the light was so wonderfull on the snow and my pace was perfect.If you have good clothes and you protect your face there is no reasons to go out and do what you love to do….So, thank you for your good advice on your blog and keep on your all your workout. (sorry for my poor english i am french speaking)I live in Canada and let me tell you these days around Montréal are so Cold (-30 Celsius and more) so i was stock at home but…..Last week i made my running (i’m addicted) and had good feelings to be in this cold temp, the light was so wonderfull on the snow and my pace was perfect.If you have good clothes and you protect your face there is no reasons to go out and do what you love to do….So, thank you for your good advice on your blog and keep on your all your workout. (sorry for my poor english i am french speaking)I live in Canada and let me tell you these days around Montréal are so Cold (-30 Celsius and more) so i was stock at home but…..Last week i made my running (i’m addicted) and had good feelings to be in this cold temp, the light was so wonderfull on the snow and my pace was perfect.If you have good clothes and you protect your face there is no reasons to go out and do what you love to do….So, thank you for your good advice on your blog and keep on your all your workout. (sorry for my poor english i am french speaking)

    • Dany Pelletier

      I live in Canada and let me tell you these days around Montréal are so Cold (-30 Celsius and more) so i was stock at home but…..Last week i made my running (i’m addicted) and had good feelings to be in this cold temp, the light was so wonderfull on the snow and my pace was perfect.If you have good clothes and you protect your face there is no reasons to go out and do what you love to do….So, thank you for your good advice on your blog and keep on your all your workout. (sorry for my poor english i am french speaking)

    • Angela

      Coldest run was I’m Northern Finland literally running on the arctic circle: 3 miles to Santa Claus Village and back home. -12 C, snow everywhere. Near darkness at 12 in the afternoon. Amazing

    • Isamu

      Training runs with the University of Toronto tri club. It was very, very cold, but also very beautiful when there was a lot of snow and a full moon!

    • Xavier

      Used to live in Montreal when trained for my first Ironman…

    • Nothing is colder, for us Californian’s, than a chilly swim in Aquatic Park in the San Francisco Bay. No snow or sub zero temps, but it is cold:)

    • Andrew Lam

      It’s not that cold in California, but I went on a ride in 25 degree F (again, not that cold compared to other parts of the world). I wasn’t prepared enough so my fingers went numb and I couldn’t feel my toes. My whole body was shivering so now I always make sure to wear enough layers.

    • k b

      Running in alaska in the a rain/sleet….

    • Jay

      Mine was last week, in my garage on the treadmill. It was -5 IN THE GARAGE!!!

    • disilvif

      My coldest race was the Cherry Tree 10 miler in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, over President’s Day Weekend. Usually I run warm, but I just never warmed up in this race. It was a great course but I shiver to think of doing it again.

    • Matt

      The first winter I lived in Michigan I made a rule to run outside every day no matter how cold the weather. I remember running in -16 F. After 9 miles in an open field I had ice everywhere. Even my eyelashes had ice within them.

      My dog had ice on his little chin. The last stretch home was a quarter mile of road that had been salted. My dog’s paws were raw and he was not a fan of the salt. Funny part is that he never hesitated to head back out for another run no matter what the weather was like. Needless to say, we’ve both slowed down a bit.

    • Lucas Moersdorf

      Coldest run to date: 26°f. Not as cold as most others, but I froze my boys off for the first 2 miles. Later, I learned to layer up.

    • Katie

      The Philly half marathon a few years ago. It was so cold their bullhorns wouldn’t work.

    • Yves F

      XC ski in Chic-choc mountains ( – 45 celcius with wind chill )

    • Robert

      A few weeks ago I rode my training commute to work by bicycle as usual. It was -16C.

    • Thomas

      Ran the other night when it was 20 degrees F with 35 mph winds. Wind chills well below zero. Eyelashes froze.

    • Traci

      I can’t recall the exact temperature Wednesday night, but we’re going through a COLD spell :-) It was approximately -24, feeling like -32 with the wind chill. Bundled up, vaseline’d the areas that were exposed and headed out for our group run! :-)

    • Fred Turatti

      I skiied at Alta, Utah three days in a row last week and the temperature was -4F, -10F and -13F on each consecutive day. I actually suffered slight frostbite on my nose on the second day. It did not deter me.

    • Charlie Brandwick

      Growing up in Minnesota every winter run seemed like the coldest I can remember. That said, running the Securian Frozen Half Marathon at -13 degrees is the one that stands out the most. Not only for the temp but because there were actually guys running it in shorts. No joke.

    • Believe it or not, coldest run so far was in Houston, TX. Really, it snowed that day (happens every few years). Around 30F I think. Otherwise I stay away from freezing zones on purpose. Last big bike ride had a good half-hour stretch of 27F though, in a canyon with no sunlight. Brrrrr! Especially after being 75F on the coast just 15 miles away…

    • Justin Markel

      My wife and I attended our teams weekly track workout this past Tuesday in harford county MD. 17F or 18F. Coach told us for every runner we had over 15 people he would do one interval shirtless in the freezing cold. We only had 8 show up. Either way its a good session to put in the memory bank for the next time it gets really cold out!!!

    • I am in the midst of training for the Phoenix Marathon (March 2, 2013)and Saturday was my long run (18 miles). a quick check of the thermometer placed outside had it at 24 degrees. I stashed my nutrition and water at the mid point of my out and back. Well, as I retrieved my water around mile 9, it was frozen solid. As a mater of fact, so was one of my gels. a few uncomfortable minutes of a frozen bottle in my tights and I was good to go…I sure could use the 910xt.

    • Shan Haq

      Everyday at around 11 I grab a quick 4 mile run before I wolf down lunch. Yesterday it was 13 degreesF and I had on 2 pairs of gloves, one finger tip sticking out for controlling my iPod and then socks over gloves (with a hold for iPod finger) to keep my hands toasty. Funny how feet, hands, and face are always freezing but my legs, trunk, and arms are warm.

    • Baptiste

      A winter trail in the alps. -17°c. 30cm of snow….

    • Jelle de Haas

      Coldest run was the train race outside Bloemfontein in South Africa. We wore back bin liners at the start so we could throw them out when we were warmer. Kept them on for the entire race, 15km in all. Brrr!

    • EvE

      One of my coldest runs was last week, lots of snow and an icy wind. I’m already looking forward to the summer.

    • Simonr

      3 days ago. -10 celsius and the Wind blowing. Nice to finally use all the warm clothes

    • dan

      My concentrated mix of gatorade froze in my handheld.

    • SteveJ

      -20C earlier this week. And the wind!

    • DavidS

      Last year’s Granollers half-marathon (the most famous half-marathon near Barcelona) was really cold. The day before, I went to the running store just to buy a beanie and the shop was full of people buying long tights, handgloves and all kinds of extra layers for the race. It was a cold but nice run!

    • marc Evans

      Bosnia, intervals in one foot of snow, good for high knee drills.

    • Joey

      I can’t remember my coldest run but I definitely remember my coldest swim so I hope this counts. I think it was around 65 degrees WITHOUT wetsuit! It was my early days in tris and I hadn’t invested in a wetsuit yet so I had to suck it up. THAT was a foggy memory. All I could think was “just a little further”. It didn’t help that it was an overcast, foggy day – quite Jurassiac park-esque.

    • domino

      running through 24 inch deep snow in the hills of scotland, cold but a good way to build leg strength…

    • Brian

      Being a native Texan, it doesn’t take much to feel cold for me…but I did get the chance to run in snow and 70 degree weather only 1 week apart…on the same route! Oh the joys of Texas weather…where you can experience summer, fall, winter, and spring not just in the same year, but in the same week!

    • Frank Fernandez

      I worked at an international school in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, for three years. In the winter there were days when the high would be about -17 F (-28 C), and I would go running. The liquid crystals in my Garmin watch would begin to freeze so when the numbers changed, the previously displayed number would fade only slowly. I wore a balaclava and hat on my head, with a coating of Vaseline on the exposed skin. Multiple layers on my body, of course, and heavy gloves. REI expedition weight socks on my feet. I would run on a road along the Tuul River to the Sky Resort which was about 7 miles from my apartment. Near the resort it was very exposed and often windy.

      In 2012 I ran the Baikal Ice Marathon in Siberia across the frozen lake. I trained for the marathon by running on the Tuul River in UB, which turned out to be nice because there were fewer cars on the river than on the road. The Baikal Ice Marathon turned out to be much warmer than most of my runs in UB (in the mid 20’s F), and I had to strip off some layers because I had dressed like I did for my long runs in Mongolia.

      I am so happy that this year we moved to Jordan!

    • Glycerin 9

      coldest run was two nights ago 11F ran in shorts i think cold weather consumed all the juice in my current watch.

    • JT1960

      The coldest race : Nordic skiing training during preparation of la Transjurassienne last year : -25°C outside : -35°C apparent with wind
      Lost a finger

    • Bunk Rogers

      This evening, when I get home from work, will be my coldest run. Bring it on NoVA cold snap!

    • Jose E.

      One day on december here in Valencia, had to wear gloves and couldnt breath properly 😉 immglad cold weather dont last long here haha

    • Henrik G

      Had the mixed pleasure of a snow storm run just before Christmas. The first km or so was horrible, but after that it started to make sense. You feel awesome when you push your own limits a bit. Going into the wind I couldn’t really see anything, and coming home I looked liked a snowman. I felt great !!

    • Benjamin

      Did My first run when i got my Cyclocross in -9 c and snowing and very under dressed. Hard learning but fun :-)

    • Ian Braucksieker

      The coldest run was part of a soccer tournament I was part of. A cold rainy February Midwest weekend. I still think I am feeling the affects 10 years later. Brrrrr.

    • David Dentry

      Went for a run a few days ago here in New York – 9*F here. Got home and had some, uh, problems…

      Quickly ordered a pair of shorts with a “wind proof” panel in the front!

    • Ian

      Hi Ray, did a some very cold runs when I was in the military some at -25 but don’t count them as didn’t have much of a choice! The coldest I’ve done for ‘fun’ well fitness was during a real cold snap in the UK. I’d been running to get fit and loose weight so was determined to keep going, I remember it being -15 and bitter but wanted to get out as the bug had me. Two years on a lot fitter and lighter with a number of races under my belt and I’m hooked. So much so I went out this week in -2 with my winter kit on and loved it! Summer 10k races will be getting booked soon!

    • Will Hunt

      I remember a triathlon in Fruitia Colorado last year where we got in the water when the air temperature was 35 degrees. It wouldn’t have been such a bad triathlon except I wanted a fast time so I didn’t waste time with socks or gloves. Needless to say, I was frozen during the swim (still had a good time), my hands and feet were frozen during the bike, and I couldn’t feel my feet till mile 4 of the run. That wasn’t good :(

    • zach smith

      I live in houston, so the coldest run i had was a blistery…. 25F.
      It was also the first time i saw snow in houston.
      naturally, i ran shirtless with gloves and beanie.

    • Nancy Egan

      Phoenix, AZ. Not cold to most people but it was in the upper 30s. Pool swim was ok, while running to transition it started sleeting & lightening. As I was standing by my bike wondering what to do my husband exited the pool & ran to transition. I asked him “what do I do?” He looked at me and said “get on your bike already!” So my feet were frozen and we had to run through multiple puddles during the run!

    • Iah

      Coldest swim for me was at the Russian River in Napa during Vineman 70.3. Coming from a tropical island sure didn’t help!

    • Larry Bard

      Coldest run in years was today. 6 predawn miles @ 17F in Bethesda. Broke out the balaclava! Been swimmin outside all winter as long as air if about 32 Y pool is OPEN!

    • Dav Nadz

      I’m an Army Engineer, and like to jog it out, to and from work, often in ACU’s and boots with a backpack. Well, it was so cold up in northern NY (-20 degF) that my boot soles hardened up and slid around like hockey pucks. Add super-hardpack snow from cars spinning their tires and I couldn’t run, hell I could barely walk! The cold killed my Garmin 405, should’a worn it under my sleeve. It hurt to breathe, and my breath condensed like snow on my hat. I even developed eye-cicles… link to
      Essayons, -Nadz

    • Makeen Buckley

      Im in Adelaide, South Australia so im going to assume cold is a relative term as it never goes below zero here (Centigrade). I once rode down from Mt Lofty in about 3 degrees, toes turned into icicles and fingers froze on the handlebars.

    • Sammi

      The coldest ride I have ever had is every morning riding to campus for class. Early morning, freezing rides are what save me a lot of money on coffee.

    • Shawn

      No real crazy stories here, Ray. I just try to run outside when I can. I always make sure to dress one layer colder than I’m comfortable with at first. Works every time.

    • Yak

      Coldest cycling moment was descending Lake when it was 10 degrees at the top. (Not that cold I know, I live in Oz so we don’t get that cold here! :) )

    • paco

      Last year in winter, running in the St Aubin bay in Jersey Island. It was very windy and heavy hailing, no place to get protection so no other way than run back 5 Km to the hotel completly wet an with some hail marks in face and legs

    • Chris

      Cycling with temperatures in the teens with sloppy, slushy, salty snow on the roads. You’ve gotta love training in the winter time.

    • DBK

      A chilly run last week in Provo Canyon in Utah when it was 5 degrees F and the wind was a blowing.

    • WiscoSwim

      I did my first team triathlon last spring, and we had to do a lap around a lake in Washington. I survived the swim and ran proudly to the transfer point. Only later did I realize that I was bleeding from the stones that had jabbed my feet…I couldn’t feel them while I was running!

    • Yonadav Yuval

      A couple of winters ago was the coldest in the UK with all major airports closed for many days. I went for a run which ended up more of a walk because of everywhere being icy. Never got my heart rate up so never got warm. Brrrr. Got home and stood under a hot shower for half an hour.

    • 3 degrees C here in Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain. I think it was my coldest run , after it , a bath and a hot chocolate!!!

    • Scott Cavendish

      It doesn’t get cold in South Florida. Coldest run was probably 55. Ran in shorts and tee, same as any other run

    • Scott Cavendish

      It doesn’t get cold in South Florida. Coldest run was probably 55. Ran in shorts and tee, same as any other run.

    • Ray

      Two days ago it was 0 with -15f windchill. Last year the coldest was -5 with -25 windchill. It’s below freezing for most of Dec-Feb so we get a lot of cold weather running in.

    • JimBon

      When I first moved to Wisconsin, I ran in -13 degrees just to see what it was like. I ran wearing multiple layers and used a scarf to cover my face. Didn’t make it very far before I turned back.

    • Carlton Bale

      Last weekend I did 13 miles in windy, below freezing conditions – without lip balm! That was the worst part of the run, other than not charging the battery on my JayBird headset beforehand.

    • BroSizwe

      Last night was my coldest run. I thought I was heading into the wind on the first half of my run only to make the turn and find that I was wrong. 16F into a 15mph wind. I tried to sheild my face with my gloves but it did not help much. Every part of me was cold when I made it home.

    • V Chu

      Since I run barefoot, I can only tolerate the near-freezing temperatures when the pavement is dry. My coldest run so far this season was three miles and change on Dec 28th when it was 30°F.

    • I’ve fortunately been saved any really abominably cold runs, growing up in Arizona. But the coldest run was probably a fall half marathon in Vancouver that turned into a thunderstorm (incidentally one of only 2 thunderstorms I witnessed in 7 years of living in Vancouver) and the rain was drenching and relentless. Hands went completely numb. Toes numb, back shivering. Whole nine yards. For about an hour and a half. First time I ever took one of those blessed blankets they had waiting at the finish line.

    • Sheena Leung

      a 2.5hour hidden forest trail run on the first day of chinese new year 2012 in 9degrees with mega windchill and in the rain, even heard a wild boar and that made the next section of the run ALOT faster!

    • tgoguely

      During my stint in England, decided to do a HellRunner crosscountry race in late November. Temps were just below freezing at start and barely got above by the time we were done. The trails weren’t soft at all as they were frozen solid, and the waist-deep lake we had to wade through still have chunks of ice floating in it….

    • Angus

      Doesnt get too cold here in Australia. Zero degrees was the best I could do, on a day at the snow when I chose running over skiing.

    • Eric "Jake" Lindstrom

      December of 2010…Annual Santa Run. It was 7* F with a -10* windchill. 11 miles while wearing a santa hat and singing christmas carols. My snot froze to my face and my eye lashes had icicles………it was a blast

    • My coldest run was in New Braunfels, Texas two years ago in the River Road Half Marathon. It was below 30 degrees (cold for me) and rainy. The route goes along a river so not only are you feeling the cold of the atmosphere but you get an extra dose off the already frigid river. Memorable for sure.

    • G Newton

      Anything below 20 with wind is cold for me

    • Kevin Lang

      I once went running at 2am in the middle of the winter in Pennsylvania during the pouring rain. I got lost and wound up walking back to college on the side of a highway. I didn’t feel any arms or legs for quite a few days and almost got blown off the road by the borealis effect from the passing semi-trucks.

    • AdamAnt

      A 16 mile Saturday long run on Magnolia road outside of Boulder in January with snow blowing and single digit temps. One of my favorite memories of college. Also slightly hung over… :)

    • Eirik Sovik

      I remember going for a run at 5 am in – 36 C while living in the northern parts of Norway about a decade ago. I can remember that no matter how much effort I put into the run, I never managed to get warm. Such a miserable experience..

    • David

      Coldest run was on a trip to the San Francisco area and I only had running shorts and a t-shirt with me. 38 degrees wasn’t terrible, but cold enough in that gear.

    • Bill

      Coldest ride just last week in 10 degrees F – was out for 2hrs & my water was frozen after about 30min!

    • Stephen Jenkins

      Arrived in New Jersey from Australia last Sunday.
      Left Sydney close to 47C, but listened to tv on arrival in hotel room, encouraged that it was 12 DEGREES the next morning.
      Mentally prepared for a quick 30 min run after 22 hrs on plane.
      Sorted out route in the warmth of hotel room ( over New hope/ lambertvillehouse bridge in NJ)………
      Pretty soon, or rather immediately after exiting hotel, realized that I had gone from a 47 metric to a 12 F…….
      Realization of my mistake was emphasized by use on the river, and my chest feeling like it was being hit with a bag of ice with every breath.
      My ” 30 min relaxing run” rapidly turned into a 15 min sprint across the bridge and back before hypothermia set in!
      Q: does the 910XT automatically switch between C and F for idiots?
      Cheers from a cold NJ.
      Not sure if this is the coldest run, but the difference between a bike ride in +40C and a run at 12 F one day later was an interesting experience.

      Great site btw


    • Gretchen

      My coldest bike was was 45 degrees F which was cold for me since I’m just getting into cycling & don’t have all the great cold weather gear :)

    • Tom

      Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon: bike 15 miles uphill, run 5 miles uphill in snow, x-c ski another 2 miles uphill, then snowshoe 1 mile uphill to the top of Mt. Taylor at 11,000 feet. Then turn around and do it all in reverse…

    • Jim Trout

      Trying out a 100 mile ultrarun this year. Strava has me up to break 200 miles in Jan. I live in Michigan, and this week has been under 20 consistently. Ran 12 miles at 5 F (-8 windchill) and a few other 12-18 milers at sub 20 F. Snow makes running a challenge, but I like to think of it as running on a sandy beach on the Gulf.

    • Don McAuslan

      I’m from Canada, so pretty much every day from September through July is cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

    • My coldest run was actually during a soccer game in -10 Celsius weather. It was an exhibition game and we were in our soccer jersey’s and shorts. Freaking cold!!

    • Mark

      Coldest event was last Sunday, the Cascade Half Marathon. 29 degrees and fog. Anyone not wearing a hat had real frost highlights in their hair. My mustache was frozen just like I’d been skiing.

    • Mansi Gupta

      Delhi doesn’t get too many super cold days…. I guess my coldest run would have to be this January when I misjudged the weather and went out in short sleeves. The chilly winds, short sleeeves and no headgear made it a tough tough run. Ended up with an aching head and paining ears. But still beats running in Delhi summer!

    • Loukas Anastasiou

      Not much beats cycling on my mountain bike in the snow, in sub-zero C temperatures. Beautiful location in Mont Royal park, in downtown Montreal Canada, to keep up with some cross-training in the winter.

      Just me, the ice skaters and … the polar bears out there… :-) Didnt have to race them, fortunately!

    • Fman

      For me riding to work at -2 or -3 C, but going downhill it feels much colder with the windchill!

    • Mickea

      Running round local streets at -5 boring i know but truthful. Some of us just have a boring life………..

    • Barbara

      Ran in a park in Berlin (was living there at the time) in the winter 2005 at -18Celsius with a balaclava to protect my skin and spikes under the shoes. It was the most beautiful scenery with deep snow and a clear blue sky.

    • mitch

      My coldest run was last year in Mosjøen, Norway, where I live. It was minus 17C, my hand froze to the doorhandle when I got back. Luckely I managed to pull my hand away just in time. And my nose bled that evening. That’s when I desided that a tredmill isn’t such a bad option afterall…

    • mitch

      And my coldest bike ride was 2 years ago from Bodø to Mo i Rana, north Norway. A 250 km ride over a mountain they call Saltfjellet. It was raining all the way and on that mountain it was minus 2C, so the rain turned into snow. It snowed horizontally! I already had to let the maingroup go, so the follow cars were in front of me…I had no other option than to ride to the finish line. I had waterproof gloves, which only meant that the water running into my gloves from my arms, stayed there. I couldn’t grab my waterbottle anymore, let along unwrap a bar. So I was quite empty when I finished after almost 8 hours of misery.
      It took me a week before my thumbs became opposable again. Last year I didn’t enter and the sun was shining all day.

    • nico

      My coldest sport moment… That was few years ago, on a 24th of December. After several days of rain, finally a sunny one. It was a beautiful winter day, so I went whitewater Kayaking in small rapids near Nantes on the Sevre Niortaise. I was student at this time and couldn’t afford proper equipment, so I just went with a swim short, a pair of shooes, a couple licra and a rain jacket. I realised it was maybe not enough when I saw the ice on my kayak seat. Anyway, I took the bull by the horns jump on the river. All the rains of the previous days have made the water level level much higher than usual, and it was a pretty exciting ride in the rapids. I guess it’s the adrenaline levels that kept me alive after several rolls in the icy water. When I finish, my hands were completly blue and my fingers frozen in the position like I was still handling my paddle. Then the pain started… It tooks for ever to warm up back in the car, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. And the X-mas eve that follow that ride was one of the best ever.

    • Alejandro Fita

      Running with 8º and high HR, with summer clothes…result? I´m Cold!!!! :-(

    • Jesi Vasquez

      Coldest day ever was during a Spartan Beast with rain, wind. At the end it took over 2 hrs to start warming up again.

    • My most memorable COLD run was a half marathon in April of 2012. Yes, that is correct APRIL. Good old Michigan weather – It was suppose to be (according to the weather man on Channel 4 in Detroit) a high in the 40’s – which turned out to be in the 20’s. Of course since we are in Michigan we ran by one of our Great Lakes – lake effect temp – in the teens. I have ran in colder weather but was dressed for it. Dressing for 40 and running in the teens = one very cold runner. By the end of the race my legs were so cold I felt like I was running on stumps!!!!!

    • Margrét Blöndal

      My coldest Run was on the morning of 31 december last year. It was a dark and freezing cold morning and the wind was strong, up to the strength of gale or near gale. I Ran 24km with the wind into my face more then half of the way and then I blew away the rest 😉

    • Toby Ring

      Frozen nose hairs….need I say more?

    • adam

      Running in Chicago along Lake Michigan two days ago. Brutal cold wind chill! It was lovely run though.

    • HebdenBen

      Living in Belfast we don’t get many really cold days or much snow but last week it was -1c with an inch or 2 of snow on the roads (don’t laugh that’s a lot for here!). Really enjoyed going out and doing a few miles in it the conditions, definitely different from my normal runs.

    • Matt Hanson

      Living in Wisconsin, about half of my runs are on the cool side of the thermometer, and about half of those are pretty darn cold, and too often, some of those are on the side of painful. I’ve run in some -20 weather, and when you factor in the wind…well…you get the idea. I had one epic run where thermal fleece, topped by windshell pants, and 4 layers of torso covering surly would do the trick. Nope…having a layer of frozen sweat frost caking the inside of my shell was enough to encourage a rest day until the spell broke.

    • Tro

      an early am run at 10 degrees last week not taking into account the wind:(

    • shmulik

      i am going to run this evening and its freezing cold out here

    • derNate

      My coldest run would have been a snow shoe race I did a couple of years ago. Maybe 15 below zero (celsius) but with a bitterly strong wind. Ended up stripping down to a t-shirt for the second half though as I was sweating so much!

    • Tom

      The coldest i have ever been was whilst i was in a snow hole just outside Saas Grund. We did it for fun. Weird i know. We had to sleep in the cable car station after my mates sleeping bag froze.
      Cycling wise i commuted during the UK’s recent snow fall and hit wheel deep snow. My feet felt it for 3 days afterwards.

    • Helder Santinhos

      I work for an airline company and i travel a lot too. My coldest run this year was in Helsinki. (-10ºC wind chill -15ºC). My iPhone died from the cold. When I arrived at the hotel I had to unfreeze my feet with cold water.

    • Matthias

      The coldest run I can remember was one that didn’t really happen. I had a sudden, sharp, unexpected pain in my hamstring after about 200 feet, so I had to turn around and come home. So I got all of the cold of going outside, getting my watch set up, etc. But none of the warming effects of actually running. My big toe was literally purple when I got back inside.

    • Thomas Gibson

      HI, me and my friends went on a decent 40 mile ride in the cold rain. Half way through we had to stop huddling together to regain heat :( we tried to continue back to home but had to stop as our hands were to cold to use the brakes so got a taxi for the rest of the journey :S all in all a very sad cold ride!!!!

    • shiva bissessar

      recently started running 5km in 0 degrees and single digits Celsius in UK, but considering I’m from the Caribbean and accustomed to 30’s that’s quite an feat for me

    • frienetic

      The coldest? The Disney Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida. How can this be? Well it was January and it was actually snowing at race start. And by the time the sun was up it was sleet. We were wet and cold and by race end, my hair was a bit crunchy.

    • Daniel

      A five mile New Years Day “Hangover Handicap” was my coldest in memory. An out and back course along the lake shore with freezing 25 mph winds hitting you at all times and plenty of black ice on the path. Great fun!

    • chanman

      ran in -7 C when I was training for my marathon last year.

    • Jonathan Palmer

      -10 degrees C in Scotland mountain biking over the new year holiday.

    • martin a

      The is a race inside ski Dubai where u have to run up the slope.. Isn’t the coldest iwas running but one of the coolest..

    • Quitschibo

      I did a run at -17 degrees celsius in 2009 while preparing for ironman 70.3 germany! 1h25mins and it was soooo cold that i hardly could breath, but well, train hard – Race hard!

    • pabfou

      Today was the coldest this year. Not sure how could it was, but it was freezing! It was also beautiful with the fields and trees white in snow. Definitely worth it!

    • ad astra

      -10 C. 40kms in January in Hungary. It was fun. :)

    • Nick

      Last two weeks in preparation for escape from Alcatraz I have been swimming in the San Francisco Bay. You really never get used to swimming in 51 degree water

    • David Wegehaupt

      Living in Chicago meant for many many outdoor runs in some pretty frigid weather. Thank goodness for Yaktrax! My coldest experience was on a spring bike ride where I got caught 50 miles from home with two flats (only had one tube :I) and got caught it sleet. Ended up walking a few miles back towards a train stop, but that was certainly the coldest I ever was out training in Chicago!

    • chris

      Houston marathon 2013

    • dboatRunner

      I paddled on a dragon boat team that trained during off season until the water in the boat club nearly froze over. Every time the paddle would go into the water and splash water, the water droplets would turn into snow. The paddle actually get heavier and heavier as water froze along the blade…… Ah…. good times.

    • Markus

      -4° on a run at the highest mountain in austria – grossglockner berglauf. it was raining at the start in heiligenblut and 1500 meters above at the finish we had nice snowfall (which is not to common for that time in the year). Wasn’t my coldest run but remarkable.

    • Peter Christiansen

      Cant remember the coldest run for sure, but the recent streak of cold weather here in Scandinavia is beginnning to worry my girlfriend due to the size of the sausage in my pant after these freezing runs.

    • Eyal

      My coldest run was this morning: -20 C (-4 F). I was running with friends who are training for the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Montreal on February 17th. It was sunny and not windy so it wasn’t at all as bad as I thought it would be… I recommend everyone to try it sometimes.

    • Micea64

      only local roads……wish could run better places … oh hum….

    • Jesús P

      February 2012 in Stockholm, a run around Kungsholmen, don’t recall the temperature but, for sure it was the coldest time I have ever run…

    • Brian

      I just ran in Toronto this week in 12-13 degrees with 0 degree windchill. That’s plenty cold for this Southerner!

    • Kasrhp

      I run about 5 mornings a week at 5am, and haven’t had a run in months where snot hasn’t been pouring down from my nose. I used to live in FL, and the move to GA has been interesting from a training standpoint. Heck, the last couple of morning runs have been sub 30 degrees and because I don’t run in pants, my legs actually start freezing up after about 5 miles.

    • Tyler

      I feel like a wimp….my coldest run was in the low 40s. Wore the warmest things I had and I still thought I was going to keel over on the spot! I guess living in Southern California isn’t all that bad!… :)

    • Erik from Sweden

      (Great to read that you’re in Sweden! Hope you learn that it’s not all polar bears and blond girls…) My coldest run was when me, my brother and a friend was in a sauna by the ocean on new years eve. Every now and then we went out and took a quick dip. Because of the snow we had our shoes on, which was a good decision when the sauna door locked behind us and we had to run naked in freezing weather back to the house. Only 800 meters, but man it was cold, and man I was fast!:)

    • Tim

      This past Christmas Eve had a 17 mile trail ride with my brothers in 20F weather. First ride since ACL reconstruction surgery in September. Slipped in some mud and fell into a shin deep puddle 8 miles in. For a couple hours after the ride I thought I was going to lose my toes from frostbite…I didn’t.

    • Rochelle

      I’m not sure it’s the coldest temps I’ve ever run in…but this morning I ran 7 miles in 22 degrees Farenheit. I never quite warmed up!

    • Matt

      Being from San Diego I had no concept for what temperature freezing actually was. While in Chicago visiting family for Thanksgiving I decided to go for a run around the River Forest area. I had already used my long sleeve tech tee, so all I had clean were my trusty Nike dri-fit shorts, my SD rock n roll short sleeve race shirt and a visor so out the door I went into the 25F degree weather for a quick 5 miler. I run warm, so it was actually pretty pleasant, although I couldn’t feel my nose, ears or (strangely) upper thighs when I came back. Good times.

    • Beth

      Well my husband and I live in New Orleans so it doesn’t get cold like you are talking about but it does get chilly. Anytime I have to put on gloves and a headband, it’s a cold day!

    • Matt Durflinger

      No stand-out cold runs, but did my first winter surf on lake Michigan in quite some time…30° air and 40° water. Kept amazingly warm and toasty with my Xcel wetsuit though….

    • Tom

      Please don’t freeze to death, I really want a free 910! :)

    • German

      A marathon in Madrid. It was 32F when we started but I got my PR that day!

    • Benny Perales

      My platoon and I had to hike with our backpacks for over 10 miles in the middle of the night. At first the cold was the barrier that I thought would get me at the end. Then in the middle of our hike I realized that it was not the cold, but my minds reaction to how my body was reacting to the cold. I reorganized my thoughts and made it through one tough night. I took my body forever to feel normal again, but the experience is one I will always remember. It showed me how strong the mind can be either when I work with it or against it.

    • Spence Bridges

      Houston Half marathon this year. Cold, rainy and windy. Miserable time. I know not too cold by most standards but it was by Houston stds.

    • Bull

      Coldest run was on Wed last week in CT. Car wouldn’t start at 7am in 12 degree weather so I ran in full dress suit, tie and shoes .75 miles to the train station to get to NYC. Train was late. Never again.

    • jonrdt

      Coldest run along the atlantic city boardwalk a couple of years ago during a trade show.

    • Bramble

      Doesn’t get that cold here, the coldest temp I’ve been riding in is 34 F. However I’ve been drenched in a cold spring rain plenty of time, even if its in the high forties, low fifties, and you don’t feel like you’ll ever warm up.

    • PPaull

      Running in Chicago where your breath freezes when you exhale. Brrr!

    • Tritoendure

      Annual 10K road race last January temperature at the race start was -21C and with the wind chill felt like -25C.

    • Dan S.

      Coldest ride for me, it probably wasn’t THAT cold outside, but I had not bought shoe covers. About 20 miles away from the house my toes were so cold that I ate two power bars and tried to put the wrappers around my toes to block the wind from coming in my shoes. In case you’re wondering… it didn’t work. Now I have booties 😉

    • Dani

      Yesterday I was running and it was 2degres. Then it started to snow, what a beautifull run was!

    • Steve Jutton

      Most of my coldest runs were done in Bucharest, Romania where I lived for 2 years. The first week I arrived was particularly tough – running at night, in the dark, in a strange city. I was cold and jet-lagged – but so stressed from the new environment that I needed to run and was glad I did.

    • Jeff Taylor

      Running this morning at 18 degrees F. Coldest run for me ever.

    • avolas

      My coldest run was in Lithuania, in December two years ago, when the breath was freezing to snow on the scarf over my face.

    • Kent Kurfman

      Wow, I’ve lot’s of memories of running in crappy, cold weather, having started running back in west central Illinois back in the ’70’s. The land there was so flat that the state has to install picket fences along the sides of the interstate during the winter to keep snow drifting off of the roads. Just plum-cold, with none of the technical gear that we have now. You always looked a bit like a hobo going out for a run then, unless you had the buck to shell out for one of those gore-tex running suits ($200+, not too cheap in 70’s dollars). Lots of frozen fingers, toes, frozen snot on your face. Soggy, corn-flake snow that ended up freezing your jacket zippers shut. All sorts of fun, but it made you tougher!

    • Wayne

      Training for boot camp I would run every morning at 5 am, in December Indiana gets slightly cold, average about 10 degrees . What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    • Marek B

      I did my coldest ran in January last year. I live in Poland and temperature here from time to time drops to -25C. It was so cold that I had to wrap my toes with the duck tape :) When I’ve returned from the long run my wife noticed that the sweat from my cap formed a nice icicle, but it was fun!!!

    • jennifer padilla

      Over 2k replies but worth a shot!!! My coldest run was at the Disney half… nose running, toes numb, and lots of fun!

    • Scott W

      last month ran through Ute Valley park, no so cold at 18 deg.

    • Michael Lewis

      Coldest run didn’t last long… went outside, saw ice on cars and floor, turned back around after 1 mile. Florida blood couldn’t handle it!

    • Wes

      Riding in 38 deg for 40 miles with snow on the side of the road. Took one hour bath to thaw out.

    • Step

      Several years ago I ran the Hypothermic Half in Calgary… February……there is a reason its called the Hypothermic Half. I can’t remember the exact temp but think minus 10 – 20 celsius. My brother in law from Houston was in town and ran with me for a bit to cheer me on. He said he wore every piece of gear he had and was still cold!

    • Alex

      My coldest run was most certainly of my own making. Instead of going for my workout at a more reasonable time and temperature, I instead went at almost ten at night. The wind was so cold it physically hurt my face. The run wasn’t so much to workout as it was to just preserve my body temperature. It probably didn’t help that I’m often stupid about bundling up, and wore just shorts and a tshirt. Not my best plan. But I put in my miles, and made it through! Only took me about 30 minutes in the shower to warm back up.

    • Thomas

      I actually enjoy running in the cold, but try to avoid temps below -15 C. Today it was -6 C and a strong wind, the coldest ever has been -20 C.

    • Brad

      I live in Massachusetts and train year round for marathons. Being a overworked, self employed contractor with a 2 year old means I train at 3:00 am. My cutoff is usually -15F. Just last week it was -12 for my 15 miler. Then I spent the day roofing! Very grateful for my beard and lots of warm clothes!!

    • Brad

      I live in Massachusetts and train year round for marathons. Being a overworked, self employed contractor with a 2 year old means I train at 3:00 am. My cutoff is usually -15F. Just last week it was -12F for my 15 miler. Then I spent the day roofing! Very grateful for my beard and lots of warm clothes!!

    • Brett

      My coldest run was the 2011 Oklahoma City memorial marathon. After a week of warm, sunny weather, the weather turned nasty with rain and a biting north wind that drove temperatures into the mid 30’s. It rained the entire way and even hailed on us at the finish line.

    • Pablo

      My coldest run was today, in a 10K race in Trevias, Asturias, Spain, It was raining and with 5ºC i did my best and I finished in 38′, then I had to wait for my teammates for about 10 mins in the cold, raining like hell with no roof, I’m having a stomach ache right now.

    • Tom H

      St. Patricks Day 8k a few years ago, prior to investing in some winter running gear.

    • Coldest swim was in my bath tub filled w ice first thing in the morning to “speed up” my metabolism & lose TONS of weight . . . best advice from a diet weight loss book yet . . . NOT!!!!!

    • Bloby

      Mine would have been a bike ride two years ago, started out well for a 90 mile trip but about quarter of the way into it we ran into a thunderstorm with nowhere to go for protection. After making it to a house’s front porch for protection we were soaked head to toe and waited for the storm to end and after an hour resumed the ride. The temperature dropped into the 30’s so the temperature wasn’t terrible but being wet made it feel like zero out. Finished the ride but it was rough for awhile.

    • Rory

      Bit tough to find a cold story in South Africa, but running the Two Oceans Ultra in the pouring rain for 6 hours dressed in a black bin bag for warmth – probably about as bad as it gets

    • joal

      I’m from the tropics so last week’s 5k run along Lake Geneva at 3 deg C was my coldest run. I caught a cold and missed a week of runs.

    • Joy Orvis

      If I could run right now I would have a more recent story, but since I am recovering from knee surgery (meniscus tear) I am unable to run right now. I have many cold weather running memories since I live MN. However, one run worth sharing is when my first born was young. I was a single mom at the time and because it was roughly -10 degrees (colder with the windchill) taking him running with me in the jogging stroller was out of the question. So, I did laps in the cul-de-sac while he watched through the window. I can’t say that it was funnest run, but it was fun to see him wave as I ran by the house many many times :)

    • Ciaran

      Just last week, out on the track. Snow, ice, gale force winds and an interval session. Yeeha! Topped it off with some speed work at the end. Doubt I could’ve been running/sliding very fast though!

    • erik pieh

      -15°F cross country ski marathon!
      This is the reason that I own two pair of wind briefs.

    • Gae

      This winter, training in the evening after work at 0 C. The lower was in the night walking at – 16 C several year ago, literally risked to freeze!

    • Caio Graciolli

      Training in a 9° C in Fort Lauderdale for the Walt Disney World Goofy and a Race Challenge! I’m from Brazil and normally, almost the whole year, I run in hot days, so this one was different!

    • jim

      Took off on a group ride 2 weeks ago and it was 30F (supposed to hit 40F). 10 miles in the temp dropped to 25F and we hit freezing fog. We ended up going less than 8mi/hr for the last 16mi. 30 miles took over 3hrs…

    • Krysten

      Coldest run by far was in Chicago in early January 2010. There was icy snow on the ground and the temp with wind chill was close to -15 F. I did not wear warm enough gloves and ended up putting my hands in my armpits for the last 3 miles to stay warm. That sucked!

    • Kevin1716

      My coldest run was not supposed to be a run at all. I live in central Alabama and a couple of years ago we were suprised with about 5″ of snow in the middle of a regular work day. The weather men vastly under estimated the forcast and by the time they released us from work the damage was done. I made it to within 4 miles of my house before coming to a dead stop. We are not equipped with snow equipment or salt so the roads were basically a parking lot. I pulled over to the parking lot of a church and began what was the worst 4 mile run of my life. Dressed in my blue jeans, wolverine boots and a hoody, I made the 4 mile journey in just under 2 hours. I was so cold my wife put me in a hot shower clothes and all. Some how I still have 10 fingers and toes. The up side is that those 40 degree bike rides during the southern winter months are now a piece of cake.

    • Stephen Morgan

      Ran in Rip in Czech Republic mid winter and got lost. Brrr.

    • Mike Vitale

      -3 w/ wind chill this week may be the coldest. Lips still cracked 5 days later.

    • Luiz Filho

      I´m from Brasil and there is no cold run here!

    • Shawn

      Hi Ray. No real winter fitness stories here, just dropping a comment to enter the drawing.

    • Seth

      New Year’s Eve 5k – all the water and fake champagne froze solid!

    • Amy

      My coldest runs were when I lived in NH many years ago. It was so cold I moved back to England. I’m now in NJ, my coldest run here still isn’t as cold as NH!

    • Chris Rodriguez

      I was born and raised in Southern Cali so I am pretty spoiled weather wise, but lately it has been really cold (for me…) I get up and run before work so I get out at 4:30am and with it being 38 degrees F was freezing for me and again being a SoCal guy I don’t have much cold gear. You other guys with colder weather I gained much respect for haha.

    • dan

      I rode in Baltimore back around Winter of 2004 and I purposefully went out because it was -5F windchill one particular night. My nipples (I’m male) froze to my jersey. Should’ve put on the bandaids before I went out…

    • Rachel

      My husband and I were doing some base miles in preparation for our Italian cycling honeymoon. It was about 26 degrees F when we left the house, with a chance of flurries. About 25 miles from home, the sky opened up, and dropped 2 inches of heavy, wet snow in a matter of thirty minutes. We turned around, but were still about 11 miles out when I got a flat! Talk about cold!

    • Jack674

      Coldest ride bike ever happened late november last year. It was first snow of the year down in Quebec (CAN) and I was trying to get one last ride before the winter. Riding on blue ice with my mountain bike, dressed like a cross-country skier…I was cold from head to toe, but jeez that descent on the ice at 60km/h was fun!!!

    • Henry

      A hike and a night in a one-side-open shelter in -18C, the sleeping bag did not deliver according to the marketing..

    • It’s been pretty cold in SW VA that past couple of weeks with more than a 1′ of snow in a week. Coldest run was last week with a windchill of 0F but the temperature for the run was in the low teens.

      Hope you’re enjoy the Parisian life!

    • Daniel

      Riding my bike to work on a windy and snowy day at -13C. Bridge was all frozen and I kept thinking of getting myself tires with snow chains :)

    • Ricky Knutson

      Nothing crazy but in the low 20’s. It’s tough trying to do the speed work in the snow!

    • Ian

      Hmmmm… windchill of -40 C last week in Ottawa! a warmer -20 the last few days :)

    • Amanda Carlton

      I haven’t been running too long, however I remember about two months ago I started training for my first big race. It was my first long run ever and it was below 30. I normally run cold anyways, after much debate I finally bundled up and went out in the cold. I finished the run and felt very accomplished. It might not be the coldest story, but at least I know with the right clothes anything is possible!! Thanks for all your great stories and motivation. Keep up your great work and the great stories!!

    • Brian

      Running on 12/24 this past year in International Falls -11, -20 with wind chill.

    • Robert Mayo

      Sleigh ride on lake at Mt. Tremblant in December years ago turned into a run to avoid frostbite on fingers and toes.

    • Fmoser

      After committing to start running again (after a lenghty absence) i hit the treadmill for the winter, it breaks after a month! So in keeping with my goal I hit the street- it’s in the single digits with below zero wind chill, the coldest it’s been in a while- just my luck! It’s not easy but I’m sticking with it!!!!

    • Brian T.

      My best cold run was when snow delayed school, but the delay wasn’t announced until I was already there (snow is rare where I am at). I had only shorts and a long sleeved shirt. I ran sockless so that I would have dry socks for the rest of the day. It was a really awesome run despite the frozen feet.

    • Chris Gautreaux

      Don’t do cold. Under 60 = treadmill. Did a half in the 30’s swore never again.

    • byard53

      First open water swim in the Pacific (Santa Cruz). And pretty much every one since (but that one was the worst – temp 50-52)

    • Luke Tucker

      Drove from my house -25F up to the mountain for a snowshoe jaunt. On the mountain it was 3F, water froze in my backpack during a 4.5 mile trail breaking snowshoe. Great morning!!

    • Brooks

      I guess my story is more sad than anything. My coldest run was about a year ago. Just getting some miles in, did a 10K with the temperature 42F. Ended up with a respiratory infection. We just don’t get a lot of frigid temps in south Alabama.

    • Training for a winter marathon means I run outside at night in the dead of a Canadian winter. Honestly i could deal with the -20c temps, but I’ve had some runs that as much as I tried to avoid them, I inevitably end up stomping into a huge slush-puddle. No gore-tex shoes here. Just mesh shoe uppers, performance socks, and cold feet.

    • Colin Hynes

      Probably my coldest run this year was trail running up our local mountain with my dog. It started out great, but as I climbed it got colder and crisper. Until it eventually turned into ice/snow. My dog had no trouble at all, and was actually very excited, she was only 5 months old at the time! Although I was having a hard time with grip because at the height were the snow started the trail was mostly rock faces. Eventually I slipped and the strap on my Timex ironman broke. So hopefully I can get a new garmin!

    • Steve

      coldest run this winter was today so far. 23*F and with the wind chill was 14* but it felt great. Only did 10 miles though :-(

    • John G

      Triathlon training in Cleveland, OH back during my undergrad years. I used to run in full cold weather gear down to -20 degree temperatures–so cold that any exposed hair would immediately freeze!

    • Dennis

      Coldest swim was when I was in my teens, our swim coach made us swim in the outdoor pool while there was a pretty decent show shower going on. The pool was heated but man my arms and back cold!

  2. David

    Well neither a run nor a bike ride but it was -11F (-24C) during my Cosmic ski mountaineering race two weeks ago. That was wee bit chilly, especially hitting 30+mph on the downhill with a broken zipper on the front of my jacket.

    • Nate

      I live in the Florida keys so my coldest run was horrible. It was 49 degrees with a nasty north wind blowing 25 knots. When you’re surrounded by water the north – northwest wind blowing off the mainland cuts right through you.

  3. Diana

    I’ve never been out on a really cold run. I have horrible circulation and can loose feeling in my feet in my house barefoot. I tend to hit the treadmill when it gets cold out. 😉

  4. Peter

    We’ll it’s summer here in Melbourne at the moment. I went for a run on a 37 degree C day at noon. Does that count as being cold?

  5. Lee

    It was 22F at the start of a local ride. Cold enough that my water bottle froze mid ride. I also forgot to factor wind chill when going downhills at 30+mph (-11F). I had to stop at a gas station to warm up in order to make it home.

  6. Chris

    Coldest run was in Vermont two years ago when I went out for a long run of about 15 miles. I significantly underestimated the wind chill and even with a balaclava my entire face was an face-cicle by the end of the run with the moisture of my breath freezing instantly. A little embarrassing, but the worst part about the run was not being properly prepared for the ice cold wind cutting right through my shorts, tights, and underwear. I spent a lot of time in severe pain after that run. Suffice to say, I am now the proud owner of windstopper underwear. I love running in winter, but one must be prepared for the elements!

  7. Rick Bancroft

    My coldest run began knee-deep in water with temps down to 45F. That may not be as cold as today, but when you start a high school cross country race knee deep in standing water, you may as well get ready to freeze your butt off. That was a tough race. And it was pouring rain the whole time!

  8. ChrisB

    Two years ago, on Christmas morning it was about 10F in NYC. But I had to try out my new cold weather gear to see how it held up. I survived and thankfully live in Cali now, so now cold weather is anything below 50F.

  9. Keith

    Around -5F and very windy in Ohio. I cut a long run short when I became seriously concerned about frostbite somewhere. (I was the only man in the group.)

  10. Matt

    Swimming in Lake Tahoe in the middle of winter…. Burrrrrrrrr!

  11. Brian

    My coldest swim was the oceanside HIM… 1/2 an hour in 54 degree water…

  12. Steven Graves

    4*F. A quick out and back. Not a great idea. Haven’t run in temps less than 20*F since.

  13. toh

    Tears always coming out only from left eye, somehow, in the cold. But I guess it’s not cold enough because tears don’t freeze…

  14. Jan

    -15C one year ago and my face felt like a ice wall…

  15. -7*C at the start of a race here in SA, Rhodes Ultra Marathon, it was a little colder in the valley as we climbed the mountain!

  16. Ann

    Pacific Crest triathlon. Water temperature was 58 and air temp was in the 40’s! Left on the bike on the verge of hypothermic, but fortunately dressed right and warmed up on the bike.

  17. PJ

    I’m from Texas. If its below 30, I ain’t running in it.

  18. Renz

    My coldest run was last year at Los Angeles, CA going to Sta. Monica Beach. I was about to do 28km LSD but due to cold weather, and I’m not really used to it since I’m from tropical country, I got injured and only finished 14km.

  19. Madelein

    Last year we did a 50km trail run in the Drakensberg (South Africa/Lesotho). We started at 5:00 in the morning, the previous day it was snowing on the peaks and raining the whole day. It was probably only -1 C or so at the start (in the dark) the only problem was that we had around 4 stream crossings in the first 2 km – the first one coming around 200m from the start. Due to all the rain the stream was flowing quite strongly as well coming up to thigh height in some spots. The good thing was that after the first two crossings everything got completely numb and the water from the next crossing actually felt nice and warm upon entering.

  20. Jenny Wimmer

    I have done the frozen fools challenge for several years here in Wisconsin. We bike at least 5 miles every day from 1/1 to 4/1 as contest and fundraiser. I’ve seen evening from 20 below to 10 inches of snow on my bike.

  21. Ed St. John

    Running at 5 degrees an New Years day. Cycling at 15 degrees to work a few years ago. Swimming in 48 degree Lake Michigan during a early tri (wetsuit does not help much). I will go indoors before going any colder than these. . . . Will not do that swim again . . .

  22. JasonDC

    If it is above 30 degrees I run in shorts and a t-shirt. When it’s colder I add gloves as my fingers are about all that bother me in the cole. While it wasn’t the coldest run, I recently ran in Dallas at ~45 degrees and EVERY other runner wore the equivalent of a parka and snow pants. I just smile and keep going. They think I’m crazy for sure.

  23. Tosin

    Coldest run was a couple of years ago training for a winter half marathon. I was on the Brooklyn bridge at night, 20 mph winds, and actual temp was 20 before windchill calculations. I had two pairs if socks on with a Subway sandwich bag in between them.

    Coldest indoor swim was in high school. Hell week in Michigan, during winter break and the heater in our new state of the art pool broke. Ended up swimming in <65 degree water. One kid threw up. His new nickname was Rice Cakes. Coldest outdoor swim has always been the New Year's Day Polar Bear swim in Coney Island.

  24. Tim V

    Summer here in Adelaide at the moment. Did a 11km session in 35C (95F) last night. The beer was cold afterwards.

  25. Alberto

    I hate training in the cold. Anything below 5C means lots of pain. So my coldest run was last November in Washington State. It was 0C, but my hands were screaming in pain.
    I’m never, ever, ever going to live in a cold place anymore!

  26. Nicolas T

    Well, my coldest run was probably today, and I’m not joking! -20 C with 30km/h winds, the first few km were headwind and a bit of a pain for the few inches of exposed skin around the eyes, but after that I turned and it was so good I ran a few more km than expected (10 total)… so why would one need a threadmill? Mind you, with this cold air, running intervals is too tough for my poor lungs, so I can’t really push. But it’s still better than watching TV :-)

  27. Nathan

    The SuperSprint Kinglake Ride of 2011. Started off not raining and warmish. But as soon as we started it rained and then rained some more. And then it was cold. And what made it colder was the wind. And then going up Kinglake Hill I got hot and sweaty. And then going down the other side in the wind and rain I got colder and wetter. I didn’t finish but was a great day.

  28. DanL

    Thanks for the chance. Coldest run was back to my towel after a Polar Bear a few New Years ago. Somehow I’ve been busy or away every 1/1 since….

  29. Denver, 28* cycling, 35 mph winds gusting higher… It was bloody cold and I didn’t notice the wind till I had to loop back and it became a headwind. No wonder I was making good time on the “out” portion!

  30. Will W

    Texas is the only part of the country warm right now. I’ve only been running for two months. It hasn’t been cold yet :). One if these days that West Texas wind is gonna freeze my face off. We’ll see my commitment then.

  31. Phil

    Quick jog at -40 degrees C in the Gobi desert… had an ice beard after that one!

  32. Gareth Davis

    Training run a few years ago, greater Vancouver area near freezing and lashing down with rain. Only had my windbreaker on and got soaked to the bone within 10 minutes. The next hour was one of the most miserable runs I’ve ever had. But I’m still running!

  33. Matthew

    Saturday, January 17, 2009. I was living & working in Montreal, Quebec for November through January. The day before I left the city it was -13F temperature, I suited up in a wind proof jacket, pants, gloves and hat and ran 5 miles through Mont Royal park. Gorgeous park in the city, and I actually stayed warm through proper layering. Makes you feel proud of yourself for toughing out a run in those conditions and enjoying what is one of my favorite cities now! I’ll take ca cold run over a cold swim *any day*!

  34. Charlie

    Coldest bike ride was Ride the Rockies a while back. It was in the summer but it didn’t feel that way getting out of my tent at 6am in Vail, Colorado. Bike gloves were inadequate and gripping the handlebar, my fingers were *freezing*.

  35. Julia

    My coldest run was my first race ever – a 10K in NYC with temperature of 7*F (adjusted for wind chill). This week came pretty close though – 17*F for my 7 mile run tonight. Didn’t see many fellow runners in the park.

  36. Barcelona, Christmas 2008, I recently started biking and I was eager to go out, I wasn’t really prepared, a 10$ rain jacked and shorts, when I hit the peak it started snowing, so all the way down with snow flakes hitting my legs like knifes. When I entered the shower I didn’t know if the water was freezing me more or burning my skin.

  37. Thomas Chan

    Resolution run, Edmonton AB. Jan 1, 5K run @ -30c, (-35 with wind chill).

  38. Marc Schmidlin

    June 2 2011, Perth Western Australia… it must have been 2° C and believe me, that’s as cold as it gets here. :-)
    Bugger, I can’t compete with your coldest, but then it’s all relative. We get over 40° here in summer, and now is summer..

    Sunny greetings from Down Under. Marc

  39. I went out just a few days ago when it was 5 degrees, forgetting to check the windchill which was at -16. Gotta love that Minnesota winter running. Kicking off 2013 race season on Saturday where we expect a balmy 13F day.

  40. Steve E.

    I did a bike ride on Monday, right at freezing. The coldest I’d ridden before that was around 10F warmer than that and I wore similar clothes, not realizing that those 10 degrees would make a huge distance in my (stationary) forearms, fingers and toes. Luckily the way back had more uphills and my lack of speed and increased heart rate took care of all but the toes.

  41. Tristan

    Relatively recently along the Charles River after the sun went down and the wind picked up. How cold could it be in Boston? Cold enough that around mile 10 it was necessary to reconsider the best use of my gloves… By mile 15 they were stuffed into my pants.

  42. Philip Blackwell

    Would definitely be a ride. Doesn’t get all that cold in Australia, but zero Celsius can be plenty if you’re riding downhill for long enough in inappropriate clothing.

  43. Brian

    Dec 8 2009, it was only -6F. Eyelids started to freeze shut towards the end.

  44. Ron

    Ran in the USATF Masters Club XC Nationals in Spokane several years ago. During the race it was 15F with a cold 15mph wind out of the north. The ground was frozen solid. Finishing became the objective – racing wasn’t even a consideration.

  45. Shaun Moran

    Living in Brisbane Australia (sub-tropical) temperature almost never drops to zero (Celsius). Coldest run for me was a couple of years ago where it dropped down to 1 degree C and I couldnt stop shaking for the first km or so!

  46. Eric

    I was out running in freezing weather a few years back trying to exercise my way out of a nasty head cold. No problems on the run because I was wearing warm gear and my cold seemed to go away, but when I got back inside I looked in the mirror and noticed icicles coming out of my nose . . . .

  47. Oliver

    I don’t go out running when it’s cold outside.
    But then again, it rarely gets below 20C in these parts.

  48. My coldest bike ride is much more memorable than my coldest run. I was living in the SF Bay Area and decided on a very cold December morning to try to ride Mt. Tam (3,000′ climb), Mt. Diablo (3,300′ climb) and Mt. Hamilton (5,000′ climb) in one day. (driving between the three). It was 35F at the top of Mt. Tam at 7am and I was under dressed for the descent in the cold fog. My hands were numb by the bottom.

    Even after driving to Mt. Diablo with the heater on and a cup of coffee I still didn’t warm up enough by the top of the climb. It started raining / hailing on the way down Diablo and I was shivering uncontrollably. I had to pull over half way down and get a ride the rest of the way down to the car from the Rangers. I passed on climbing Mt. Hamilton that day. I had to stay bundled up the rest of the day indoors.

  49. Hmmm… every single memory that I have when I used to live in Canada. I remember running through -25C + windchill in a 10k, ice everywhere on the roads, and somehow everyone was still smiling? Canadians, eh?

  50. Tom

    While training for my first marathon a few years back the temperatures got down to -25C, and with the wind factored in it was in the -35C (-31F) territory. I was scheduled for a 16 miler that day, and soldiered through despite my face covering freezing solid (moisture from my breath + cold) half-way through and making it difficult to breath through it. I ended up popping into an indoor mall and doing a half mile or so inside to allow it to thaw out before I headed back outside. I’ve run in colder overall temperatures than that a couple times (IIRC the lowest was -41C with windchill), but they were all shorter runs so it didn’t quite hurt as much as that one :OP Either way, still orders of magnitude better than running on a treadmill!

    Fortunately, the last few winters have been pretty tame around these parts so we’ve been lucky. Had a stint going down to -20C (-4F) this week, which has been a reminder of what we’ve been missing. The joys of running in Canada 😉

  51. Fred Garderes

    Been colder than usual here in California (Silicon Valley).
    I ran in the hills 2 weeks ago mid-afternoon on Sunday, and wide areas had not defrosted through the day.
    I ran through the same place last Saturday morning..and looks like these spots had not defrosted for the entire week…the frost had “grown” up making beautiful crystals! Wished I had my camera with me…

    Coldest run: Lake Tahoe in the middle of a snow fall. Thank God for thermal wear…

  52. Diplomatack

    I forgot to bring my wetsuit during Wildflower a few years ago. That was a very unpleasant 30 minutes I will never get back. I live in the tropics now, I forgot what it is like to be cold.

  53. Chris Ford

    Tempo run at 2 degrees F. Happened to cruise past an elite ultramarathoner that lives in the area (he was on what was probably a very easy recovery run and I was barely faster :)

  54. pablo

    I remember going out in Seattle after that big wind storm in 2006. It was around 15°F. It was a weird experience having to navigate all the fallen pines and branches. I had just moved from Mexico and was really not prepared for the cold. Good times.

  55. Droffen

    Always doing some short weekend rides (up to 2 hrs) if the temperature drops below -5 deg C so that streets are kind of dry again. Hate the wet streets between +5 and -5 deg C.

  56. jezza

    Running (and sliding) on a snowed over golf course in Queenstown NZ

  57. Russell

    That’s what treadmills are for…

  58. Patrick A

    Coldest run was a sub 10C trail run last March with my buddies in Baguio, Philippines. All of us were wearing single layers since it was a humid 32-34C morning. Weather quickly got worse as the day got on, temps plummeted and we were suddenly caught in a crazy downpour on top of a mountain. Visibility was down a few meters and we couldn’t feel our limbs by that time, being drenched and chilled to the bone. One of my friends was also dangerously near hypothermia. Fortunately, we found shelter in a nearby house and arranged for someone to pick us up in a car. Will remember to prep according next time

  59. Massimiliano Flego

    Hi, 2 weeks ago with my MTB in the mountain near Udine – Italy, it was all white for the snow, -8°C!!!!!

  60. Matt B

    My coldest run was when I was working in Sweden. Coming from Australia I had no idea what cold was so I only brought my shorts, shoes and a singlet to run in. Not sure what the temperatures were on my runs but they were all shorter and harder than I would have normally run.

  61. Mark Zanker

    Been on plenty of cold run’s. The coldest I have ever been though was training on my bike on a cold morning wearing my summer gear. My planned two and half hour ride was over after 40mins. When I got home I had hyperthermia. Nuff said!

  62. Seona K

    I don’t cycle outside if it goes below 5 Celsius, I would rather do twice the k’s on the indoor trainer than risk it outside. :)

  63. Andy

    Minneapolis business trip 1995. We were dumb brits so went for a jog in the evening. Minus 17 or something – I forget – windchill, no people or cars in sight, until a taxi pulled over and driver shouted “you guys are nuts, get in”. We did. Unnerving experience!

  64. Kyle K

    ghost lake alberta (home of the calgary 70.3). you are white as a ghost when you come out.

  65. Guillermo

    The coldest run I ever experienced started slightly below freezing, but ended well into the very freezing temperatures. The big problem was that the sweat on my running beanie plus the freezing rain and sleet that started halfway into my run caused it to freeze to my ears by the time I finished. I had to go inside the house and thaw out a bit before I could take the beanie off. Ouch.


  66. Kyle K

    ghost lake alberta! home of the calgary 70.3

  67. Julien R

    I remember one commute last spring where the temperature unexpectedly fell below freezing: I was sol cold when I arrived home that I had to soak my hands in hot water to get the blood going.I felt nothing for some time, then I cried.

    Gotta love Canada.

    Thanks for the opportunity Ray

  68. Daniel

    Evening run in the dark when it’s five degrees out with a little wind… It wasn’t very fun.

  69. Steve Fitzgerald

    This is not the coldest run but maybe the coldest to warmest run done in a 24 hour period. I ran outside yesterday at 5 degrees in a suburb of Boston and then tonight in Honolulu at 80 degrees. Sweated like pig!!!

  70. Meredith E.

    Coldest ride was the Chilly Hilly in WA in 2009. It was also my longest to that point and we took the shortcut which lopped off the last 10 miles or so.

  71. andyc

    Minneapolis business trip 1995. We were dumb brits so went for a jog in the evening. Minus 17 or something windchill, no people or cars in sight, until a taxi pulled over and driver shouted “you guys are nuts, get in”. We did. Unnerving experience!

  72. Nate E

    Because I live in Central Florida, running in the cold is very hard to come by. But I still could still make good use of that watch.

  73. David

    Coldest run for me is about ~30F in Sacramento, CA.

  74. drhend

    Coldest run this year was a 10 mile run a few weeks ago. Temp was about 8 deg when I started but a cold wind picked up about 2 miles into the run and when I got back the temp was right at 0 deg. My man parts hurt for a few hours while everything thawed out.

  75. erica

    Well, my latest business trip took me to -9 degree weather….so my “run” was from the cab to the building! and then, um, to the hotel gym :). My actual coldest run found me slipping on ice along the Charles River.

    Thanks, as usual, for the great posts and great giveaways!

  76. Mike

    Coldest run was not actually a run, but rather acting as a course marshal for a NYRR 1/2 marathon in Central Park a couple of January’s ago. 14 degrees without windchill, 2+ hours of directing runners, managing pedestrians, cheering, and freezing in a full snowsuit. Wow that was a cold day.

  77. Benn

    Training for the Tokyo marathon, doing laps of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, the moat of which was frozen solid – confounding the ducks!

  78. Lisa

    We had freezing rain. Everything was covered in an inch of ice. Not good for running

  79. Grace

    Last year I jumped into a glacier lake in high Sierra in Sept brrrrrrr ~~~~~

  80. Holly S.

    The coldest run I can remember was along the Chicago lakefront a few winters ago. There were several, really, and the wind always made it much worse. I was leading a half-marathon training group, and the usual policy was to cancel the run if the temperature was below 0 F. The run wasn’t cancelled (but barely), but the only people who showed up were me and my co-leader. We ran anyway, and on our way back the snow turned icy, so we had ice shards pelting our faces.

    For what it’s worth (and I hope this won’t disqualify me), it was sunny and 63 in Golden, CO, today, and I ran in shorts and short sleeves.

  81. Zach

    You guys are crazy! I’m from Georgia, if its under 35 F, I’m staying inside!

  82. Donald Joppa

    coldest swim… Boy Scout camp in Montana near Glacier National Park… The lake is glacier fed and around 50 degrees. No wetsuit and had to pass a swimming test to be able to participate in other water activities like canoeing and rowboats. Brrrrr!

  83. Coldest? Recently on a group walk, I had a sore back so packed as light as I possibly could imagine, the group normally has a good pace, so you warm yourself up.

    But someone brought a friend. He walked at a truly g.l.a.c.i.a.l. pace. I ended up running in circles and jumping up and down like a puppy as we got higher and higher into the mountains and it started to snow…


  84. davide

    my coldest runner was last week. I went to Versailles to see my gf and took all my running stuff with me to the pleasure to run one more time into the versailles park. But it was snowing big cats and big dogs! it was very very cold and I run just 15 minutes -just to say my stuff didn’t made an useless trip-. At the end I has ice on my eyebrowse and nose. Finally, I was tired as I run for an hour. 😉

  85. Ed

    Cycling in Switzerland for the first time in late fall. I dressed with the theory that you should “start cold”. What I wasn’t prepared for was just how long and steep the climbs would be, and how much colder it would be up top (I was new to CH). I was ok going up the first climb, but going down my teeth were chattering and my limbs were shaking.

  86. ismo

    Do not worry: it seems that the weather in Stockholm won’t be that bad.
    link to

  87. Gaspar

    Coldest training, cross-country skiing 3hr@-20, coldest run 20k@-18, coldest marathon 42,2k@-11 (+ wind 10m/s) on snow.

  88. Sumrit

    Not very cold here in Thailand. But as I remember last 2 year in December, morning run at 10c made my feet very cold in VFFs.

  89. Edward C

    The coldest I’ve ever been was in July in Johannesburg on a ride averaging around 5°C, specifically the lowest point where it hit -7°C.
    This may not seem that cold by Northern Hemisphere standards, but bear in mind that we believe that it never gets cold in Joburg (and ignore the annual six week period where this is patently not the case). As a result, we have absolutely no clue about properly insulating our houses or about proper cold weather gear. I thought my hands and other important extremities were going to fall off.

  90. Yannick

    My coldest run i Think is in 2009 in the French montains By -10C under and on snow in the clouds

  91. Antonio

    I was sent to work in vladivostok for a few days and I run one day, guy, the faces of the people looking at me were incredible. I still have the cold in my bones.

  92. Ned Bowen

    This past Monday, a nice run in 7 F weather. It wasn’t a long run, but I still had a good crop of ice crystals on the beard. Its interesting how 17 F is not too bad, but my hands get really cold in gloves when it is just ten degrees colder.

  93. Alex

    I’ve never ridden my bike on a cold day since my racing days back in the 80s. I prefer my trainer instead.

  94. Thor R

    Seven years ago I was lucky enough to get to Scott Base, Antarctica. While there I joined in a 10K race in cold (Ukraine cold) and windy conditions. With several layers of clothing and with mukluks on my feet it was more shuffle than run and that 10K felt like an ultra marathon.

  95. Coldest run just yesterday, -5°C link to
    Coldest ride earlier this month, -3°C link to we had to turn back soon after leaving town, as road bikes with slick tires do not go well with ice (falling with 5 km/h in a turn, priceless :D)

  96. Magnus S

    About two weeks before last christmas temperature dropped to -15°C during one of my runs. So cold my chest hurt… won’t be doing that again

  97. David A

    First I want to say welcome to Sweden and my home country!

    One of my coldest runs was just a few days ago. -15 and a perfect day with 1 dm newly fallen snow and clear skies.

  98. Sean

    I live in Hawaii so ummm….I got nothing. Crap. Well, I DO get chilled swimming at the pool for night sessions. That’s gotta count for something!

  99. Ole

    Running in -8°C last tuesday

  100. Herbert Grasberger

    A few years ago, riding along the ocean in Victoria, B.C., Canada. It was on my birthday in November, my carbon frame was pretty new and I feared it would be too cold and break because of the vibrations (later I found out that I didn’t need to worry). I also got new long tights for “winter use” and a friend had crappy gloves.
    During the ride he went buying new gloves, since his fingers got blue, while me and my wife were waiting for him outside the store, making sure the bikes are fine. Keeping warm while waiting was a challenge, and I returned my new pants the next day, making sure to get the “extreme cold” version of them this time.
    We all agreed, that even tough the weather looked so nice (clear sky and sun), the chilly wind near the ocean was just too much.
    I don’t know how cold it was, but the wind and wet air from the ocean must have made it so much cooler.

  101. Mike Graham

    Riding on a sunny day early in the morning, expecting that it would warm up, so didn’t wear any warm clothing. Fast forward 4 hrs and still could barely feel my fingers! Was a good ride though.

  102. Joe

    -4, snowing, just got into running so only wearing shorts and a t shirt with no hat.

  103. Stefan

    My coldest one was -25 Celsius. Nothing compared to Alaska or northern Canada but still terribly cold. Was quite windy as well. Wore 2 pairs of running tights but didn’t help much.

  104. Lars Villaume Jørgensen

    Here in Denmark its pretty cold and I had one of my coldest runs in -7C a few days ago.

  105. Chmouel

    long run around paris.

  106. eddie

    riding my trainer in my enclosed back porch is not too bad when the sun is out, but the other day at night my toes get numb. I live in jersey.

  107. Sven

    -15° C during lunch break last February. People on the road looked kinda puzzled seeing be rushing by with icicles on my eyelashes.
    If it weren’t for the ice on the roads and paths, I would really enjoy running in the winter.

  108. I ran after a snow storm and decided it was a good idea to run through a local field at the beginning of my five mile run. It was about 300 yards of two feet of snow. My legs were burning by the time I made it to the other side. I didn’t have gloves and I had to tuck my hands into the sleeves of my sweatshirt to keep them semi warm. I don’t check the temperature… but it was cold and windy that day.

    Thanks for all the info!

  109. I live in tropical island so my coldest run was during a rainy day 5am in the morning, only hit 2km as I don’t want to get cough by cold. Anyway, it was fun though ….

  110. Berber

    I remember it was -15 Celcius. My gloves had gotten wet, so I came home with frostbite.

  111. Patrick

    I’m from Texas so our battle is 100+ heat. However, a few weeks ago I was running in 32F bundled up in a jacket and tights. I passed another runner in shorts and a t-shirt and we each had this look of “This guy is crazy!”

  112. Noel de Kock

    Have had many cold runs and rides, but best that comes to memory was a cold swim…a friend and I would weekly schedule an outdoor swim session at 06:00am, only for one of us to text the other at 05:30am to chicken out eg its too cold, its raining, I’m too tired. The evening before one of these sessions we both swore that come rain or shine we’d both be there for the next session. So we arrived to rain, 14 degrees Celsius outside, 6 degrees Celsius in the water….and I forgot my wetsuit. Lost feeling in my hands and arms after the first 500m, swam the next 1000m at race pace just so that I could get out the water faster. Shivered through the last 500m of the swim, through the toweling off in the rain, on the drive home (was really strange to drive while shivering uncontrollably), took a cup of coffee into the shower to warm me up (shivered through that as well), only to return to normal at around lunch time….needless to say we never has another one of those swims again

  113. Paul

    Rock climbing on a limestone rockface above a river in winter. The cold fingers didn’t want to work properly and I fell off on the overhang. When I hit the water it knocked the air out of me. Damn it was cold.

  114. IainM

    Cold eh…. went from warm 23c degree water in Sydney one January to San Fran and into the bay for a quick swim…. with a wetsuit… in 10c water… it was a really really really quick swim!!!!

  115. magnus

    About -8 C sometime in december. Ran 8 km and I realized that my running gloves were a bit too thin for those temperatures.

  116. Magnus W

    Did a couple of runs in -20 C last easter in the Norwegian mountains – oh the things you do when you have a big race comming up!

  117. Christian

    My run this morning outside Stockholm was nearly -20c. My eyes froze so in nearly didn’t see a thing! Tomorrow ill take the treadmill instead :) Welcome to Sweden!

  118. Kelden E

    T-shirt and shorts on a nice sunny day running to the store for some much needed chocolate milk, ended with snow and wind bringing it down to at least 0. Not the coldest temperature wise but the coldest feeling run.

  119. Alan

    Two weeks ago the temp was about 0C but the snow was more-than-knee-deep… Very memorable!

  120. Cold? I don’t know what your talking about! Greetings from Athens, Greece :-)

  121. Ngurah

    Swimming in lake Rinjani, Rinjani is second highest volcano in Indonesia.

  122. William R

    My coldest run was when I was in the Netherlands. My old Garmin FR50 kept on going even though I didn’t want to keep on truckin’ through that cold ass weather. Nice scenery though. :)

  123. Manolis "popilas" Tsigrimanis

    Here in Greece the weather is not so cold so maybe my coldest run is a joke to most people but it was cold for me. Monday 01.01.13 around 11:00 with 5 degrees Celsius. I wore my tight, my shirt and my jacket. Made the run and after that I went home to eat something sweet. I wish the best for all of you here. Sky is the limit people.

  124. Jerry

    Wet and moderately cold is worse to me than just cold. Just miserable…Christmas day 2011, steady rain, 41F, 4.4mile run.

  125. Adam

    -20 C in Warsaw with icicles on my eyelash

  126. miinhow

    i was climbing mt kinabalu (link to last year…. on the way up it rained cats and dogs for 4 hour straight! the climb to the first base camp ( laban rata) takes about 4-6hours. so we were freezing as we navigate our way through the puddles, wrong pool!, that were created… everything was wet.. and cold. i thought that was bad… but.. we had to make the trip to the top at 2am in the morning… that was even worst as we had wet shoes, lucky the clothes were dry.. but half way up.. i really could not feel my toes… really.. i tot i lost them! once again .. it was windy and cold.. and walking and walking and walking.. .with the wind blowing… once on the small peak.. it was beautiful! made a waypoint on my GPS! and went to check my feet.. all toes counted for… sat in the sun for a good 1/2 hour before going back down again…

    great stuff… but… shiviring cold.. haha

  127. Jeff Mack

    Colder Bolder 2011: 6inches of snow and temps in the teens. It was a memorable 5k!

  128. Paolo Varalta

    Hi Ray!
    My coldest run was in january 2011. I was just returned from an accident, and the first day that doctor said “yes, you can run again” it was snowing. But who cares! I was so proud to run again that I go for a 10Km run … I come back home like a snowman!

  129. Krystian

    In november 2012 I was running one evening with a temperature of -5 °C and everything seems great until I had to stop for a couple of minutes … I then started to feel really uncomfortable when my hairs and my clothes started to freeze.

  130. martins ozolins

    Running in -16 C in orienteering competition – beautiful snowy wood, snow knee-deep frequently, and you still have some ~10km to go to find all the checkpoints. Forgot to zip my tights down to the ankles, so when I finished, discovered that the burning feeling right above ankles comes from some snow being stuck right there on the skin…

  131. Brian L

    Coldest ride for me was in Stanley Idaho. I was riding my bike across the US, and the pavement was wet, but the air was well below freezing. It was getting harder and harder to pedal, even though it was a slight downhill into town. I stopped to look at the bike to see if something was wrong. The water was splashing up from the pavement and freezing on the chain. That stop cost me: It froze solid. I had to walk into town. I camped in the tent, and the next morning had to use my stove to thaw the chain to carry on.

  132. Alex

    A few years ago I went running at night while it was snowing and -8*F, I didn’t have any warm socks and after my shoes got wet my toes got very cold, and I ended up with frostbite on them. They were painful and purple for a week!

  133. Derek

    Hmmm… my coldest was 28*F in NorCal, seems pretty warm in comparison to all these posts, haha! My toes were quite cold for the first 1.5 miles. Outdoors trump the treadmill every time!

  134. terence

    Never too cold here in Hong Kong at any given time of year but it was about 9c or 48f. Went for a 25km trail run and it wasn’t too bad until it started to pour on us and the wind kicked up. Had to stop b/c of lightning and thunder and got pretty cold once I stopped moving!

  135. Anthony

    My first cycling club Pie ride brought us Palomar mt into the snow. I was frozen by the time summited….and exhausted but the decent scared me straight! Watch would be for my beautiful triathlon wife.

  136. Carol Kleckner

    January 14, 2012. Fairbanks, Alaska. The 4mile or 8 mile Airport Run put on by Running Club North. -41 degrees (yes minus…) I wore ski boot covers over my running shoes with spikies on top of them. I did 4 miles and was so overdressed that I had to take off my mittens for a few minutes halfway through the run. 11 finishers in the 4 mile and 4 finishers in the 8 mile.

  137. Max

    Training program from the coach said: Run 2h40min. So I ran 2h40m. In -14C. In the snow (I was on a skiing vacation in Norway). And my Camelbak froze after 5min. :(

    Came back with somewhat roughed up hamstrings, but so much stronger mentally :)

  138. Christian

    I run with minimal shoes – so that’s Vivobarefoot Neos. It gets quite cold if you stand still. And on one of my better races I had to stand still for hours with wet feet, waiting to get back my clothes. The weather wasn’t really that chilly, but the process made it dreadful for me.

  139. Stacey

    Ragnar Relay Las Vegas 2012. I started the first leg of our 200 mile relay at the top of Mt Charleston ski resort in 28 degree weather, snow flurries, and freezing winds. My shoelaces became untied one mile in and I could even re-tie them because my fingers were too numb!

  140. Rob Bennett

    It’s the middle of the winter in Ohio. I have the routine perfected. Wake up at 5:00 AM, take ten minutes to suit up in the appropriate Under Armour garments, go for a frigid run in minus zero windchills, come home, throw all assorted clothes into wash machine, wake up the next morning and do it again. Seems like each run is getting progressively colder. Only four months ’till June!!

  141. Andrew

    London 2005. Feb. -1’C. Training for Paris marathon. Run home from work, somehow pulled pulled both calf muscles. Never felt a thing till the next morning. Couldn’t walk for a day. Never ran in Paris. Gutted. Moved back to Sydney. Never run in sub zero temps since!

  142. Jonas

    -22*C this morning here in central Sweden, had to use my Airtrim breathing mask……

  143. Steve Kang

    Don’t recall the temperature but it was our annual holiday ride. We had 5 people show for the short 25 miler; wind chill was crazy. After 10 miles my waterbottle froze and my lips felt like I just came back from the dentist. Needless to say, we turned around at that point and called it a day….it was epic though….

  144. Anton Møller Christensen

    I did an 8k morning run in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland last february. It was -25 C (-13 F). I had ice all over my face when I returned – but a great run!

  145. Henrik

    I live in Stockholm, so running in cold is not to uncommon for me in the winter. I think that the coldest I have been out in was around –25*C. At that temperature I love my icebreaker merino wool gear! But strangely enough the feet does not get that cold. I have been out running in aqua socks in –10*C. :)

  146. Mhin

    Coldest I’ve experienced in my run so far was this month at 22C. That is already cold for me since I am in a tropical country and all and the climate has been weird recently! Blame global climate change?!?

  147. I live in CA, and I went running back in Chicago for Christmas. I did an 11 mile run, and my nose and chin were completely frozen when I was done. I ran on the treadmill for the rest of my stay.

  148. Cold’est cycling trip last week, -12c cycling in norway. Feet and head relly freezing, used a couple of hours after the run to regain heat :)

  149. Christophe

    the temperature was about -5°C with a cold north wind. We were on our sunday long run trip with my best running partner. When we crossed a wood bridge my speed was to high and the bridge too slippery … i fall and twisted my right thumb.

  150. Dragos

    the coldest run i do was at about -12 C

  151. Dirk

    Two years ago I was running at temps of -25°C (and this is really cold for Germany).

  152. Steven

    Last year I started a run and it was a nice five Celsius, so I just wore a t-shirt and shorts; halfway through the run the fog came down, the wind picked up and the temperature plummeted so by the time I arrived back home I was barely able to move and had to get help taking off my shoes and switching off my torch. Worst of all was that I was very uncomfortable in… certain places while I slowly warmed up again.

  153. RunningBezz

    -28 whilst I was living in Levi, Finland. Face returned white after a short run where the breath had frozen to eye lashes, hat, buff etc

  154. Andrew Hemmelgarn

    I was up in Ankorage, Alascka to see my Aunt a couple Christmases ago and just so happen to be training for my half marathon in Dallas Texas. I had to get some kind of run while I was there so i wouldn’t get out of shape . On my run i recorded a -54F and had to be taken to the hospital because of hibernation. Lesson learned, Texas winters is nothing like Alaska winters!

  155. Daniel

    My coldest run: Austria, 2011, January, sunny, -15°C, it was so cold that I had to cover my gloved-hands in addition with these bags people use to pick up their dog´s leftovers

  156. Daniel

    Signing up for a hundred mile ultra having not done a marathon left a certain student thinking he should probably run a marathon first. So I rallied up the troops being my flat mates which havent ever passed 20 miles between them and off we set. Managed to get lost on a b road in the dark of oxford then off the side of a motorway. But all seemed well, then the shower. Who knew these few thorns actually did cut my legs afterall! So not for the numbing ice do I cry. No! I cry for the dreaded warming up or defrosting period as it should be known.

  157. Running in melted snow: 0° C outside but my feet were soaked and most of the time submerged in water and snow.
    Not so cold but awful!

  158. My coldest run was in Versailles; around -10°C. Nothing challenging compared to some here-above comments !

  159. rotwild

    -5°C on the top of the Stilfser Joch at 2800m in Südtirol. The way down with only a thin jacket and tin leg warmers was my coldest adventure on bike. The windchill factor has turned my legs into pieces of ice full of convulsion.
    Half way down a station with hot tea saved my life.

  160. klonnolk

    Coldest run: -8°C – it’s not so cold if humidity is low.

  161. My bikeride to the trainstation this morning where I almost slipped twice while evading a car that didn’t want to ride on the snow.

  162. Guillermo

    Last year… a nice Warsaw run during a -9F day:
    link to


  163. Reiley

    Big Sky Montana in January wearing yaktrax while trying to maintain fitness for a March marathon. It was cold, the ground was slick, and it was tough to stay motivated after skiing all day!

  164. snehlsen

    The last cold run memory I have is a run 7 weeks ago. I came home with frozen eyebrows, kind of looked like Yeti. It wasn’t actually that cold (probably like -3°C), but there was a lot of snowing going on.

  165. Twan Schoenmakers

    My coldest run 12KM was by -13, but after running for 1-2KM my body temp raised and in combination with my clothing it was perfect, only my feet were not warmed up as much as I hoped.



  166. 2 years ago, middle of Sweden, -27 celcius. I basically wore every piece of training clothing I could find. And an Airtrim breathing mask. I did 12 km. Was enough.

    Welcome to Stockholm this weekend! :)

  167. Clint

    Mine isn’t running, but a walk home from work a couple winters ago. It was about -15 and I worked about 7 blocks from home. I was walking quickly, with my head down, concentrating on staying warm on the short walk home. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something flash across my path. I stopped and looked up and what did I see? Three deer (in the middle of town) staring back at me from across the street. They were looking at me like, “What are you doing out here? Are you nuts? It’s freezing!” It was too cold to spend time enjoying the close-up with nature so I put my head back down and continued on my way!

  168. Andrew`

    Doing a night trail run through a golf course in Johannesburg in winter… Its not that cold in your crazy Northern Hemisphere terms… but when you’re used to 25 – 30 degrees and it drops down to 5 and all you have is shorts and a t shirt its a bit miserable!
    On another note, doing Xterra Buffelspoort tomorrow and weather forecast is over 30 degrees!

  169. Filip

    cycling at -15C to my summer house, and then spending an hour in front of fireplace with my feet covered in soot (chimney was blocked a bit by snow).

  170. Johan

    A ridebike, one week ago early in the morning it was about 2°C (beleive me in south of france it is very cold :), my feet, hands and nose were totaly frozen…

  171. In 2011, after ACL surgery, I started running in December. My parents were preparing christmas and I was going out for short winter runs. I really enjoyed it!

  172. One year ago. -23C and fresh snow in sunny forrest. I have had a five layers of apparel. I looked like a funny snowman when I returned back home :-)

  173. Hans ten Berg

    My coldest run was -21 c. I live in Östersund, Sweden. About 650 km norh of Stockholm. Here it is snow fron otc-nov til may. It’s often very cold. You need some kind of long johns and pants, jacket, gloves, buff, hat etc. You can’t run hard in this cold temperatures, otherwise it’s easy to get asthmatic problem. This time of year it’s usally -10 to -15. Thats tough to. You always freeze the first 20 min, then you get warmer, if you stay out for more than an hour the sweat will cool you down and you freeze anyway.
    Hans, from a cold Östersund, -10 c right now.

  174. Francisco J. Castillo

    A training session last year, -3º C and heavy rain.

  175. Alex

    My coldest run? February 2012, 30km long – my camelback froze around halfway… With no water and the slipping snow under my feet, I was not that happy during the second half but still managed to finish…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. Coldest run,
    wasn’t fun :)

    -25C. A year ago (2012/02/03) – 10 km.

  177. Danyo

    My coldest run i did was last winter. It was the coldest winter I can remember. It was -19,5C and it hurts to breath.

  178. Tom

    Since I’ve only started running intensively lately, this week was my first week of running in the cold. And I can say it was not my nicest running experience so far ;-). Not only was it -10°C, the snow on the sidewalks was completely frozen, making running very difficult.

  179. Aqui, no hace mucho frio, lo peor es el viento del norte, que cuando acabas de entrenar ni sudas.

  180. Running at -20C with a mask on face to get some a bit hotter air. The run was in woods in deep snow so I my run was a rather vertical :)

  181. Here in Ankara, Turkey, sometimes we have real “cold” mornings… Last year I ran at -21 celcius and when I got back home all my beard was covered with ice :)… This year I started to swim and bike. So when it is that cold I use the shelter of the pool and my home (trainer)…

  182. Matthias

    A year ago at -13c. It was a lovely run however on the second half it started to become a little to chilly 😉

  183. Kelvin Lim

    0C run in England back long time ago. Dont have much opportunity to run in cold weather, as the place i am staying is hot all year round!!!

  184. Mindz

    My coldest ride was something below 0°C and when I got home I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes anymore!

  185. Woohouse

    Swimming – Vancouver Age Group World Championships. We were the last wave they sent out – Ladies 50-55 – nice. They cancelled the swim after us! The boys got to do a duathlon instead – too dangerous. My hands were frozen, punctured just out of transition, but I couldn’t change it, I had no feeling/movement in my fingers at all.

  186. Michal

    My coldest run was in Warsaw at -18C. That was quite funny, because everyone I passed on pavement were looking at me like an alien:)

  187. J

    Last year, long run at -13C… hard to breathe, but a shining winter sun… great memory !

  188. Maxbre

    Ciao Ray,
    End of December 2011 an evening run at -17 C. Refreshing….

  189. LuisB

    I’m from Portugal, but I’ve recently moved to Milan (italy) and quickly found out that my running only on shorts and t-shirt all year long didn’t really matched with the northern Italy cold weather. :)
    The coldest ever was maybe last Monday when I left my house for the weekly long run at 5:30 and the thermometer was showing -8° C…. ffffrrrrreeeezzzziiiinnnggg.

  190. Bettega

    -25 ° C in Harads (northern Sweden) when the sun rises, wonderful morning run!

  191. Leon

    Last year, riding in -20 C to work, couldn’t feel my limbs for an hour after arriving :)

  192. Dom

    I live in the UK and it doesn’t usually get *that* cold; the very coldest run I’ve done was maybe -8C, wrapped up in an Icebreaker top, hat, gloves, longs, so I was very comfortable when I got going. Worst experience running in the cold is another matter – the temperature was hovering around freezing point at the start of a 10k a few years back, and there was sleet falling solidly for the last four miles. All my clothes were soaked in near-freezing water by the end, and my hands were so cold I couldn’t unlock my car door to get back in the warmth. Sleet? You can keep it.

  193. James Spooner

    Running around Hampstead Heath – temperature wasn’t that cold, but the wind chill made it painful!

  194. David Sànchez

    Running during 45′ after finishins a jouney of snowboarding in Andorra at -6 C

  195. My first ever race was a 10km was in the Yorkshire Dales in January with snow on the ground, always remember that. Great running when cold.
    Now the coldest I get is low 20C as I’ve moved to Sydney and it always seems so hot and sweaty when I run!

  196. Janusz

    My coldest run was 2 years ago. It was -15C in the small village in the North of Poland. But now in Poland we have freeze (somewhere -20C) from 2 weeks. Tomorrow forecast says it will be the coldest day this winter. And I’m going to participate in the 5k run round the Malta lake in Poznan, with my kids who love to run as well!!!

  197. Ivo

    Living in the Netherlands means running in cold winter months.

    Ran a long run on sunday. -6 C, strong winds and snowing. Great and inspiring run! Due to the windchill it felt like -15!

  198. Daniel

    About 2 weeks ago I had a 10K run on the beach here in the Netherlands. Temps were like -5C but there was a strong head wind which made it feel like -12C. Brrr!!

  199. Lasse

    I’m running in the Copenhagen, Denmark area where it is usually quite cold. This week I had a couple of runs outside at -10 degree Celcius, but with heavy winds so probably felt like -15 to -20 degrees. A good thing that it wasn’t raining!

  200. Stanislav

    Here in Washington state it isn’t too cold. I guess a few degrees C below freezing is the coldest I ever run.

  201. vylu

    Short two days ski tour about 1 year ago in Lithuania. Temps were about -34C. It was little bit cold to sleep in a tent, but everything else just fine.

  202. Franz Hellberg

    Last day of 2012 when I ran “Nyårsloppet- New years run” In Iggesund, 300km north of Stockholm. It was round zero deagrese celsius and I had so much fun. Thus after only 5k my calf cramped, as they do nowadays and I had to walk back home for an hour. That was cold and sad.

  203. Andrew

    Coldest run was a trail run in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It was raining, and by the time we got to the top of the mountain, gail force winds were about. It got so cold I couldn’t do the zip on my top and even lost my way for a bit.

  204. Capt Decatur

    Hmm, well I had been blessed with living in Hawaii for quite a while until this past year so the coldest its got during a run in my new home (Japan) has been about -5C. Still getting used to it.

  205. Pavel Seitov

    Last year, I have done marathon in St. Petersburg (Doroga Jizni/Road of Life) and there was -20C.

  206. Jan

    Did a 40km run this past Sunday in the Netherlands. The -5 C with strong easterly breeze felt sort of OK during the run, but when I got home I had a hard time getting my key out of my pocket and turning the lock. Hot chocolate milk and a long shower were a good reconciliation prize!

  207. not a run, but cross country ski. -23 celcius and 42 km race. the feeling when your cloaths gets freezed in downhill, is amazing :)

  208. Mirko Brauns

    My coldest ride of the season was on 2012/12/08 near Leipzig (Germany) with minmal 13.2 °C and an average of -11.4 °C.

  209. Iona

    Training last winter, running in the dark on icy roads, I discovered that my mp3 player turns itself off if you get much below -2 degrees C. Silent runs. Glistening streets.

  210. Sarath Chandar

    Did not know the temperature but was at nearly 4000 m above sea level and in the Himalayas in winter.

  211. Mans

    Coldest rowing moment I had was just above zero at start, didnt had my thermal clothing yet and when I came out of the boat it was prohibited to leave port as it was below zero. Never been that cold.

  212. Iain

    Cold runs yes but coldest sporting activity was skiing when my friends binding actually sheared off because it was so frigid!

  213. Dirk

    Not sure, which was the coldest run but my yesterday´s run felt like it.

  214. Alex

    -12 C one year ago in Berlin

  215. taniwha

    Once, while headracing for rowing in a single, it was so cold that my turtle-shell got cover with ice.

  216. Ditte Lind Ommen

    I ran my first half marathon on the 31st of December 2011. (Yes New Year’s Eve) it was -5 degrees. Not that cold. After 14 km some guy ran in to me and I fell over and bend 2 ribs. It was soooo painfull (and kind of hard to breathe when you have to bend ribs and its freezing). I dragged myself through the last 7 km. and finished. (Not last there was 3 guys after me). It was my coldest, longest and hardest run EVER!

  217. David

    climbing one hill with my bike while snowing a lot of years ago, I did it sitting all the time to keep an important zone of my body warm :)

  218. Carlo

    I had right yesterday one of my coldest running session ever. -3°c maybe can sound pretty warm for many people here. But there’s a small detail, I live in Sicily (Italy) and here it’s always quite warm (often more than +30°c in the summer and got used to run HM in those weather conditions). Pretty cold yesterday for a place well known for its sun and beaches!

  219. Thomas

    Coldest run ever, just -1 degree celcius in a t-shirt, wasn’t that bad.

  220. It’s never very cold here in Lisbon, but I used to go for chilly morning runs when I lived in Brussels. The worst one was -7C: it was pitch dark and I was sleepy, and got pretty grumpy after slipping in an iced covered crosswalk in front of a bus full of people!

  221. I do not recall many cold runs, but there was that one time when I went running without gloves. At start it felt quite chilly, but as I had warmed up, I was fine. Except for the hands. I had to keep them under by running jacket for the rest of the race. I ended up rinning the nornal distance.

  222. Shane O'Brien

    Pick a day last week, they were all cold!
    But particularly Friday when I went out during a snow storm. My face got so numb I thought I was going to get frostbite. While running against the wind I had to cover my face with my hands so that my face was no longer hurting.

  223. Rob

    My coldest run was last winter as part of my marathon training. I was doing my long run as laps of the village if live in here in the UK. Picking my way through the snow and ice. Cold and slippy but it felt good once it was done.

  224. MikeB

    Any of my runs last winter qualify. The runs I remember were in the 20s with a wind that seemed to be in my face the whole time. My eyes were constantly tearing up, and I don’t think I ever had feeling in my feet.

  225. Toomas

    As a Northern European, I share the conventional wisdom, that people should knot run outside during winter. It is just not done, because it is not healthy and moreover, it is very hard to run in snow. Instead, you should do cross-country skiing. So, coldest run probably around 10C, but coldest skiing surely around -20C.

  226. MdBG

    In Alcorcón, (Madrid, Spain), -5ºC, a Sunday early in the morning, with the ground frozen and a chilly wind.

  227. Michael auchenberg

    my coldest run, Was last year injanuary.. only minus 10c, but it came right after rain in 0c. never have it been so slippery in my life. The surface was crystal clear. couldnt run fast and froze my ass off that evening

  228. Amelie M.

    We ran the Vondelparkloop 10k in Amsterdam last Sunday. Not the coldest run I’ve ever done, but most definitely the coldest race. A 3-loop course in -6 deg C real temps with the added joys of 20-to-30 kph headwinds (I swear it was both directions, but the weather webpage showed it was “only” ever other 1.5 km). Unfortunately, my only drafting option was my pacer, who was about 6 inches shorter than me.

  229. Stu F

    November 2011, my first marathon, was about 3 degrees, started raining/sleeting about a mile in & didn’t stop. By the time I had finished my hands had turned into some form of prehensile claws I had suffered with severe cramps & a flare up of runners knee. After a 40 min car drive home (heater on full) 20 mins stood in the shower (hot as possible) the wife still had to help me dress!!! Can’t wait to do it all again this year :-)

  230. Michael Lancaster

    Running around the harbour in Oslo just after Christmas. When I got back, my running top and bottoms were white with frost!

  231. It was summer but remembering Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromsø makes me still freezing… And daily running in Prague now: everyday temperatures bellow zero!

    Thanks for another giveaway!

  232. Bruno Collier

    Plan: 10K run -10dgr C.
    Result: 10min run with frozen hands!

  233. baelrati

    I don’t when it actually was the coldest while running … the last weeks it was still quite ok running with temperatures slightly below freezing. I have been out in the past at temp lower than -10C for some mountain biking, it can tell that it really sucks to get a flat when it’s so cold, especially if the pump does not work as I had to experience. But the coldest I felt was going on roadbike from Tourmalet in 2012; low temperatures, fog and light rain coupled with not so very warm clothes and the huge windchill on the descent made it painful; I even stopped several times to warm my fingers.

  234. Bert

    My coldest run was probably last weekend, at temperatures of almost -10°C (contrasting the normally quite temperate weather in Belgium). Running in the trampled snow parts was grueling, almost like running in sand.

    At a certain point, I came across a cross-country skier… Which was quite a sight :-)

  235. Rob

    20K interval run at temperatures well below -10°C last year – coming home with frozen hair was a new experience for me.

  236. Paul

    I love running in the snow!

  237. LukeJJ

    It was at the end of December 2012, at second week of training to spring marathon. There was about -14C outside, but I had to go out and finish that long run. My throat was aching, but I had so much motivation, I couldn’t just stay in home. Went out for 1,5h run. When I got back to home, my beard was one big snowball, I barely saw anything thorugh my glasses that were in snow and fog, my hands were shaking. Not good. Next day I was sick and unfortunately had to pause training.

    Motivation. Lack of it is bad, and too much is even worse! 😛

  238. Martin

    During a survival trip in the Scandinavian wilderness it got so cold that our water bottles froze during the night even as they were kept in our sleeping bags!

  239. 2 weeks ago I had a run in the “Massif Central”, in the middle on France. Snow was everywhere on the ground as it’s in the mountain, but it was also snowing: temperature was sure below 0°C and the wind was pretty cold!

  240. Stavros D

    well…actually one of my coldest runs was in Paris… :) a few weeks ago, i was there for vacation

  241. My coldest run was during the “Big Freeze” 2 years ago at -14°C. That may not be cold in countries with proper winters, but on the Irish Atlantic coast that was utterly unheard of. The main problem, however, was not the temperature but the fact that the country is unable to cope with these conditions and the roads were kept untreated for weeks. My normal running routes were covered under an inch of ice and unusable; luckily the main road featured two small lanes where the cars had forced the ice off the road surface. It was the only runnable piece of road in the vicinity, and at 6 am in the morning running on the main road did not cause any problems. I was happy enough not having to miss any training :-)

  242. Erwan M

    As I am living in Romania, temperatures are quite low in the winter (-22°C at the beginning of this year!!!) and, as I am running early in the morning (about 5AM) I generally get the coldest temperature of the day. I go out down to -15°C, if it’s colder, no way!!! I hate running on belts in fitness center but that’s definitely the only solution when it’s cold for a long period of time…

  243. Will

    My coldest run was actually just last week, here in Belgium. I took my running clothes, I went out, I wanted to go back in (but didn’t) and started running. A few minutes later I was sweating like hell :-)

  244. NoahM

    During this recent cold snap on the east coast, I enjoyed a nice 25 mile commute to work with a starting temperature of 5F. l ended the ride with a nice white (ice covered) beard which was a first for me as the beard is new.

  245. Stefan

    I skipped my evening run yesterday. It’s been -10C in Berlin and with a 10h car ride today, I couldn’t be bothered. But on Sunday I’ll definitely go. The forecast is -16C in Berchtesgaden :-)

  246. Stefan

    I skipped my evening run yesterday. It’s been -10C in Berlin and with a 10h car ride today, I couldn’t be bothered. But on Sunday I’ll definitely go. The forecast is -16C in Berchtesgaden

  247. Wozza

    My first run after moving to NYC in January, 2000 (winter) from Sydney, Australia (summer). I thought that a “just moving fast enough” and wearing a set of light sweat pants would be okay. But it wasn’t, and as a consequence it was a very short run.

  248. Stefanos Tsiolis

    My coldest run was last year at Salonica, Greece. -10 deg C.

  249. Lieven

    2 years ago. I just started cycling. It was freezing cold and there was a terrible wind. Little did I know about different types of clothing. I was wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt (both of the early-summer type).Little did I know about different types of clothing or shoe protectors. I felt like completely frozen after only 10 minutes but kept strong. In the afternoon I went to the cycling shop to buy proper winter pants, a windtex vest and decent overshoes. Lesson well learned!

  250. René

    Last oktober I did my first marathon in Lucerne, Switzerland. It was the first cold weekend and it was snowing all day long. I don’t know exactly how cold it was, but in the cups of water you received at the aid stations there swam little icebergs under a cover of snow.

  251. Vaclav

    My coldest run was in January last year, -18°C. I don’t wanna do it again!

  252. Christina

    I broke my 400m PR the other week on a bitterly cold night sprinting from the bus stop back to the comfort of the fireplace in my living room. Amazing what being motivated can do for you.

  253. Martin Lind Ommen

    My first half marathon was on december 31 2011, in about -5 C, and quite windy weather. Normally the cold isn’t a problem to me as i warm up pretty fast, but i needed close to a third of the distance before the warmth would spread.

  254. Blake Helms

    8 deg. F! Cold’er than the hinges of hell, as an old-timer coworker would say. I looked like Ralphie’s kid brother from a Christmas Story. Still, I’d rather be outside in that than the soul crushing boredom of a treadmill!

  255. Well, everything is relative I guess. Here in Rome, Italy, cold means +5*C which normally is the coldest it gets.
    With that kind of “cold” I wear a copious ammount of layers and gloves and a hat and everything on my runs. My running happens to be Scottish and everytime he spends the run having a laugh at my clothing. He wears what I would wear during a hot summer instead.

  256. coldest run must ‘ve bun sunday when I did a run of 20k through heels-high snow.

  257. Probably freezing my limbs off while XC skiing in Einsiedeln in February 2012 at something like -12 °C.

  258. Izidor Rojs

    I’m primarily a cyclist and I do a lot of cycling all year around. But I recall one late fall/early winter dive in the Adriatic see – Piran bay several years ago when suddenly when I raised my head a few drops of of water somehow got into may diving suit and down my spine all the way to my a**. Well that was COLD!!!

  259. Dick Sol

    Did the skate tour of the 5 lakes in Wappernerveen yesterday with 16.999 others. First skate tour organised in Holland in 2013.

  260. Jerc

    My coldest run was my first 10k race. It was on October 27 2012. It was about -1°C and it was snowing heavily. Here is the of that race.

    • Tom

      It’s not my coldest but I’m currently communting to work by -5°C with snow and ice on the road, tricky cycling.

  261. Stephen

    Last Run for Hot Chocolate was about as cold as I ever want to be. Don’t remember the temp, though.

  262. Sean

    My buddy Micheal and I took a run last year in -16º C (3ºF) and we changed our course to run across a frozen lake so that we could check it our on Garmin Connect and Google Maps afterwards. It looked like we had swam really quick around the lake on our run! We even went under a bridge to show off!

  263. Here in Finland, cold runs are daily in the winter. Yesterday I did 15 miles in -7 Celsius, but my best effort must’ve been on a Christmas Eve couple of years ago, 14 miles in -22 Celsius!

    Anyway, the Garmins can generally take it, so no problem! I could certainly use the 910XT though, as my old 310XT is starting to get a bit sluggish…

  264. Manuel Seyr

    I was doing a 6am zone1/2 10km run before a long workday; coldest day this winter in Austria: -15*C :)

  265. Trent

    My coldest outdoor activity ever wasn’t running, cycling or swimming, but skiing (which makes sense). I was on the ski patrol at the local mountain, and one day with windchill it was -57C (about -71F). I think the actual temperature was around -36/38C, but there was a howling wind also. The mountain should have been closed, but they had a “guaranteed days open” policy, so they tried to stay open no matter what so they could hit the guaranteed number of days for that year. There were six people skiing on the whole mountain. What they were trying to prove, i don’t know. We were all in danger of getting severe frostbite, so at lunch time the whole patrol said they were leaving, which meant the hill had to close. They made their guaranteed days for that year anyway, so there was no need for any of us to be there in the first place.

  266. Mark Aroneck

    This past Monday. I live in Germany (ex-pat). Was -10C…did I mention there was about half a 4 inches of snow on the trail, and I was pushing my 18 month old daughter in her BOB stroller? I need to get skis for the stroller…that was a tough run!

  267. heiha

    When i was a child, me and my friend rode to the gym by bike – i was f*’**g cold: – 29 C

  268. Arlen

    Rainy with head winds and a few tropical depression here and there so its been colder than usual here lately.

  269. thija_59

    fifteen years ago, 24th december, i was canoing with friends on a small river one hour away from home, small river which can only be done when raining since a week, and that day in particular : 10cm of snow


    great day, great memories

  270. Erno

    Running one hour -21 Celsius last Christmas eve at Finland. There are some (ski etc) mask available on the market that will help a lot to keep face and inhaling warm while breathing is also easy (not “blocked”). I use mask typically under -15 Celsius.

    Two years ago cycling with fattybike on MTB trail at -24 Celsius (-11.2F)

    Few other tips for running beside proper clothing and mask is learn to run with ball of the foot instead of heel first. (For me at least) it really keeps feet warm. If really slippery there are shoes with studs available.
    Remember your music and slip your mp3-player inside the glove 😉

    Some study I remembered to saw which claimed that some additional benefits can be achieved by exercising at cold weather (sorry haven’t got the link)

  271. Alessandro

    Last December I went running while it was snowing, since I just moved from Sri Lanka to Romania I did not bring my cold weather clothes from my home country, had to use socks as gloves but it was a decent run, eveen in -5 (celsius).

  272. Lauren

    Coldest run Ina’s got to be one of my runs in Montreal…I have never been colder than I was when living there!

  273. Jesper Olsen

    My coldest run was this winter running to work in -7 °C. The cold was not to bad but running un uncleared sidewalks covered in 5 cm of fresh snow made the trip a lot longer. Love running at night in the snow though. The light is so much brighter.

  274. Martin Hammer

    Just looking at the thermometer right now (in Denmark). It’s about -5º C and the sun is shining. I’ll head out for at run in a couple of minutes to test my Alpha Strapless HRM and to see how it compares to my old Garmin HRM. What a beautiful cold day for a run :o)

  275. Ivan Clavijos

    My first ever race was a half marathon at the beginning of February one year ago. The previous days we were hit by a cold front, with temperatures going down to -5ºC (that’s REALLY cold for the area around Barcelona) and it snowed pretty hard.

    The day of the race the weather had eased up just a bit (but at the time of the race it was 0ºC), but there was plenty of snow next to the roads. The first 11km were just fine as the sun was out but the other ten, were horrible: no sun and a slight breeze making me feel almost as if running naked 😛

    The following day I bought my first windstopper jacket 😀

  276. Viesturs

    Last swim in open water last autumn was pretty cold. Could not feel my wrists and feet after it.

  277. Joel

    Well since I live in Australia, our version of “cold” is a lot different to you guys.
    But I did a night run along the beach in winter one time, and the wind coming off the water and bad timing with a wave meant that i was cold and wet, and I still had another lap before I’d finished.
    Had super hot shower after that run to defrost.

  278. Commuter

    Yesterdays commute to work, the temperature was -10°C in Belgium and I got stomach cramps after 5km with 12km to go. I couldn’t go fast which made me freeze completely. It took me almost an hour to get there, the hot shower was very welcome.

  279. Antonis

    In Greece it’s supposed to be warm, so all of our pool facilities are open-air. Now that we have run out of money we can’t buy diesel to warm up the water so during the past months I was swimming for 1.30 hours in really cold waters-on the other hand there was almost no one else swimming..

  280. V Lee

    Day 5 of multistage race through the Himalayas. Overnight temps dropped below zero but having already covered 160km, felt even colder!

  281. Torgeir Nes

    I ran a race in december, when it was -13.
    That was interesting :)
    link to

  282. Simon

    Cycling…minus 10 in the UK…in the snow…and ice. Painful but felt great for training afterwards!

  283. Dan K

    November. Mountain-biking in Denmark. Didn’t wear shoe covers. After 10 minutes I rode hard through a puddle and my shoes/feet were instantly soaking wet. And very cold. And remained cold for the next 2 hours.

  284. i will run until gets down to -35 C. fortunately it hasn’t gotten that cold here in Toronto, Canada in several years

  285. Ben S

    Hook me up! Ready for a new watch…

  286. Sandijs

    Coldest run last winter was little below -20ºC, went for a run in gym just 3 times that winter when temperatures droped below -25ºC.

  287. Dani Pfulg

    Did some cross country skiing once in Finland when temperaturs were around -30C. They use some kind of mouth piece there to avoid the extreme cold air. Not much fun though.

  288. Last year i went for a run at 8 AM, with only 4ºC, and 90% hum. wearing wool gloves and a beannie. At 9:30 PM i was so frozen and my gloves were soo wet i hardly could open my door when i arrived home. Then I had the niciest warm shower after a run ever.

  289. Kuba

    Last winter, ski-running on a frozen pond in Lagiewniki, Lodz, Poland. ~minus 20 C.

  290. Cyril

    My coldest cycling session was two years ago, when I was cycling to work despite the snow and I couldn’t prevent myself to go as fast as dry weather in order to maintain my monthly speed average!

  291. TriAbel

    Weekly at the campus of Leuven here in Belgium, around minus 7 degrees Celcius.

  292. Fergus

    Just completely changed my running training from “flat out” to HR monitor “train only at aerobic HR zone 2”. So heart rate dropped from 155 to 127 bpm. Off on a little 4 mile training run yesterday in my usual kit – perished – wish I had put on a wind proof jacket – grateful for the gloves. Seems strange to be jogging so slow – did not want to be spotted at such a slow pace.- will keep it up for a month or so and see if my Pace improves.

    Snowy roads her near Gt Yarmouth United Kingdom- had to jog past a farmers hedge cutter operating in the snowy field next to the road with my eyes closed for fear of hedge trimmings being flung at me.

  293. Chuck McGee

    I once got lost on a cold run and was out way longer than I expected. I had no cell phone and had to go to a stranger’s house to use a phone and call my wife. I was so cold, I couldn’t talk – speech was slurred. That was a very uncomfortable encounter.

  294. szyMarek

    January last Year, -24*C, simple training run: link to I love it :) My Buff look like a ice wall on my face 😉

  295. Julian Chua

    It was winter in Melbourne, Aus, my wife (who was feeling strong or crazy) actually made me run with her at 545am in the morning. I think it was less than 5degC.

  296. Mieszko

    My coldest run was just before christmas 2012.
    Temperature was -18 °C and I was running in short adidas pants.
    People were looking at me funny.
    Then I got an idea to wear some thermal base layer clothes and to put on the top of this hawaiian style shirt and shorts, sun glases and watch how they will reackt 😉

  297. Brian

    Coldest run ever? Too many to remember. I just remember frozen body parts and my nostrils sticking together!

  298. Joao

    My coldest run was last december 31st, in Amadora, Portugal, a “São Silvestre” race with so much cold and rain that I was admired it didn’t snow…

  299. Sid

    I always run with shorts, can’t bear long trousers and here in Greece the mercury showed -2 with 80% humidity.As i was running down the coast the passers by where giving me the face ”are you nuts running only with shorts”

  300. Boyan Tsanev

    This winter, 8km @ -8C. With lots of snow. With Yaktrax, It was OK. :)

  301. David

    Cycling when it was 14F. Frozen toes. Wind burned face.

  302. Caleb

    Was going for a group ride, everyone assembled, but it suddenly rain, cancelled. Went for a cuppa instead, it still raining heavily after some time and everyone was still waiting for it to rain. Me couldn’t wait and just brave the rain, felt I’m faster in the rain when it’s not. Is it because of the cooling effect ? Haha =)

  303. Mountainbiking in Austria! It was very very cold. About -15°C… I used the warmest mittens, but after one hour my fingers were icy… 😀

  304. Just completed a run this morning at -5°C with short pants. A couple of guys looked at me as if I wear a christmas costume. I don’t care 😛 If you just keep running, short pants, a craft shirt and a winter jacket is enough… I don’t need more :) Love to run at this temperatures.

    Best wishes from Germany,

  305. Ricardo Sequeira

    Hi, the most cold day i run was -1degC, i was cold to death. many of my friends that was running with me also have give up because of the cold. all the way i was thinking ….what the hell i´m doing here..i must be crazy.

  306. Blacky

    Coldest run: – 20k in -3*C and lot of snow, my feet were numb for two more days…

  307. Luca Sartori

    was -9C yesterday in Eindhoven (NL). coming from Alicante (Spain) I totally feel your pain

  308. Sabrina

    Coldest run, cycle & swim? Well, by no means as cold as what you are experiencing. I live in one of the hottest and remotest parts of north-west Australia where it is incredibly hot and humid. So as soon as it drops to below 25 degrees celsius..well that is freezing!! And last year the water temp dropped to below 20 degrees celsius…now that was incredibly cold by our standards 😉

  309. eneko

    Cycling surrounded by snow in 2007 in Copenhagen at -10*C was incredible!

  310. Ben

    Being from Brisbane, Australia, my coldest run isn’t particularly cold. But I’ll go for the 2012 Paris marathon. Cold north wind and long wait to get my warm weather gear back afterwards. Just couldn’t warm up until I got back to the metro.

  311. Stein Van Loon

    Running in between fields in snow here in Belgium, when I mannaged to find an unfrozen streem of water between two fields and noticed to late and sank my new pair of shoes along with my feet completely under the freezing water. Not so much fun 😉

  312. Matthew

    Coldest run a nice -20 degree ice skating day in Boone NC. Coldest ride… Technically not coldest, but since it was 34 degrees and rain/icing the extra moisture made for an extra week recovery from that race in Greenville SC!

  313. Kris

    Last Winter, I went for a cycle with a few mates. A good way into our ride we were discussing the fact that our legs were feeling heavy and wondered why. That all ended when one of them check the temperature… 3 deg C

  314. Julie Gorham

    was -38 here yesterday… Vive le Quebec!
    This morning it’s -32 with the windchill…. counting the days until Spring.
    Stay warm, stay safe folks!

  315. Alfredo

    my coldest run was in Slovenia, Podcetrtek, last year in January. Not too much cold actually, it was -3C, but I remember immediately after the workout the wonderful effect of the Olimia SPA… 😉
    Thanks Ray for your articles and reviews, terribly useful and interesting to me! 😉
    Alfredo from Italy

  316. Jirka

    Last year it was -20 °C and running in such a temperature was suprisingly ok :-)
    Not biking, though, when temperatures go below -10 °C, its better to leave bike at home.

  317. Tracy Joseph

    Coldest run ever…. running laps on the deck of the ship on an Alaskan cruise through The Inside Passage. Beautiful…. but freezing!

  318. Well, I guess my coldest run was around -2 degrees here in Oslo. I do have to walk sometimes 1km to my indoors running track, doing that under -16, -18 degrees.
    But I guess that worse than the above -2 degrees run here was the Paris Marathon last year. I guess temps were around 3 degrees, but it did feel colder with only a short and a t-shirt…

  319. Pat kulwicki

    I did a gravel road race in March a few years ago. It was 66 miles of dirt roads with 4000 vertical feet of climbing. It was 17 degrees and both my water bottles were frozen within 30 minutes (non insulated bottles=dumb). So, 3 hours in that weather without water. Ouch.

  320. Beth R

    5k in February Run the one your with. The wind chill was -7 and it was cold. But I was with the one I love so maybe not as cold as it could have been.

  321. Henry Collet

    Skiiing last week. Sat on a slow chairlift with a windchill of -48*C (yup -54*F). Brrr

  322. A few years ago, I was out for a 30 minute short run. It was COLD! So cold that my fuelbelt water bottle (which had been filled with room temp water), froze to near solid in the 30 minutes I was outside! BRRR

  323. Michael

    Windsurfed for many years and living i Denmark that means cold water half of the year. Remember the times we been walking through slushice to get to the open water :-)

  324. Pat kulwicki

    I did a gravel road race in March a few years ago. It was 66 miles of dirt roads with 4000 vertical feet of climbing @ 17 degrees. Ouch.

  325. The coldest? Gosh, I wouldn’t know. I’ve been biking to work (almost) daily the last couple of weeks, and three mornings, including this morning, were pretty cold. And there’s the beach race Egmond-Pier-Egmond from 2010, that got cancelled due to expectations of heavy snow. I went to the beach nonetheless, and rode the route. It was about -10 Celcius, with a 6Bf wind. That was cold, too….

  326. -15 C with face mask for 15km – it was cold as hell, but the air was very clean and dry. Awesome afterwards to feel (or not) the legs, since they were frozen :) Used two tights and onion technique to keep me warm :) Keep running!

  327. 20f and snow on the ground, my first sub freezing run. felt like a cartoon character slipping all over the place

  328. Living in coastal North Carolina, we don’t have generally have the colder weather many other folks have…Buf we have rain and cool weather. Last week I started out on a 3 mile run and about 50 feet into it, a downpour began. It was about 40 degrees F and windy and it was a miserable run.

    By the time I was finished, I was soaked through and had chattering teeth.

    Thanks for the give-away. Ray!

  329. Javier

    I’m frontera Puerto Rico it doesn’t get too cold here middle 60 is the coldest, but while on vacation in the US I tried to run on 39 degree only ran 5k ill never be doing that again lol

  330. Victor

    I did an annual ride one year with my then girlfriend on the first weekend of April. It was called the Tour Dallas, pretty fun ride and it was only the second time my girlfriend had been on a bike. We new it was gonna be cold so we dressed properly. Well, it turned out that during the middle of our ride, it started snowing! Usually, its a pretty large turnout but that year was much smaller. But it was still fun, I liked to tell people that I’ve biked through snow!

  331. Javier

    I’m from Puerto Rico it doesn’t get too cold here middle 60 is the coldest, but while on vacation in the US I tried to run on 39 degree only ran 5k ill never be doing that again lol

  332. Jens

    Coldest run was a trail run in Belgium when it was freezing and I hadn’t brought any winter clothing.

  333. Michael

    My coldest run was in Stockholm at -15*C last year – it was a beautiful experience. Enjoy the city, it’s great for running :-)

  334. Rudy

    My coldest run is pretty much an ordinary one of yours in a mild winter.
    I’m a freshman in running, and tend to go swimming when it’s cold.

  335. Javier

    I’m from Puerto Rico it doesn’t get too cold here, but while on vacation I tried to run on 39F only ran 5k ill never be doing that again lol

  336. Martin Sanderhoff

    Cycling cross some years ago in -20 C – a championship race. The winners flowers looked good until they came inside.

  337. Kasper Svensson

    100 km bicycle ride in -5 C, with a strong wind. Frozen water and frozen toes. :)

  338. Andy

    Went rowing today, -6 C, but still it was worse in December. It was around -5, heavy rain, then snow, water freezing on our oars and boat. So much fun. Coffee and cookies afterwards.

  339. Javier

    I’m from Puerto Rico it doesn’t get too cold here, but while on vacation I ran on 39F ill never be doing that again lol

  340. Miha

    In december 2012 my friends and I had a little “race”. It was 6h race on 4 km circle. We started at 6 in the morning at -8°C. At sunrise, the temperature droped to -11°C and at the end of the race it was already little bit warmer. Only -5°C.

  341. Javier

    I’m from PR it doesn’t get too cold here, but while on vacation I ran on 39F ill never be doing that again lol

  342. doug

    my coldest run was a few years back when i spent a summer as a backpack guide in roosevelt national forest. needless to say i was shocked to be playing in the snow in june and was thankful that i had packed some winter clothes since i had traveled from 100+ temp in texas. but needless to say i learned the value of a pair of gloves as i got to learn first hand the beginning stages of frost bite on my hands and toes. along with the the same day my first expierence snow shoeing as i was told to take them anyway, even though i had argued with my boss saying i shouldn’t take the extra weight because it was almost july and there shouldn’t be a need for them on my run, especially with how little snow has just been dusting the trails latly. after attempting to jog in knee high snow for a few min i strapped up and made much better time and speed. but by then my toes had already gone on strike from this flat lander. cold run indeed, almost too cold for me, but has continued to be one of my fondest memories of my time in colorado for that’s the last time i saw that much snow, and attempted to run in it, i said it was fun, and fond, not my smartest moment.

  343. Gary O'Brien

    As you are off to Stockholm dress for every weather.
    I ran the Stockholm marathon last June and the week before I left, they were experiencing temperatures of 24C. I hoped and prayed it would come down just a little to make the run comfortable and packed singlets and short shorts. On June 6th 2012 Stockholm experienced it’s coldest and wettest June day since 1928. Heavy rain turned into torrential rain which turned into sideways, torrential rain when the wind picked up. Oh and the temperature drop I was looking for came true, to the tune of 6C! I had to buy something, anything, with sleeves and gloves that morning which turned out to be ladies mediums but it was all the shop had left.
    On the upside I did run a PB and the medal was pretty cool. The only way to describe it is like a manhole cover for the drains in ‘It’s a Small World’. And to cap it all off, my wife and to undress and redress me on the side of the road as my arms and hands were numb for an hour after I finished

  344. In Finland it tends to get pretty cold in winter.

    My coldest run has been somewhere around -23C. With a cold weather mask and proper clothing there are no problems with training in freezing temperatures.

    And the coldest MTB training in -27C when I did a nice 2,5h training. And I have some evidence from that: link to

  345. Elliot

    I live in Singapore and Australia, so runs that I consider cold (12* celsius) are pretty weak in comparison to all the North Americans, North Asians and Europeans but when I’m cycling my hands still freeze solid! What can I say I feel the cold!

    So instead I thought I’d tell you about my hottest run! Singapore. Midday. In the sun. 8km. I had just moved there and thought this was a great idea. I was so dehydrated. I needed to recover the rest of the afternoon. I never did that again!

  346. Dennie

    -8C sundag 13th of january, felt like -15C.

  347. Frank

    Running this morning in -10 , I’m still not right from it

  348. John G Wallace

    I have to complete 1 1/2 mile run withing 13:52 for my job every 6 months. A couple of years ago the run fell at the beginning of February. It was a windy morning about 33 or 34 degrees and drizzling rain. There were about five of us that had to do it that morning. One of the guys failed and had to make it up 30 days later.

  349. James Hong

    Being in Malaysia, we’ll never get cold weather! this March I’ll be hiking up Mount Kinabalu, where the temps will go as low as 5 degrees Celcius… It’ll be the coldest I’ve ever been

  350. Javier

    I tried to run on 39F on vacation once, I’m from PR ill never be doing that again

  351. Dennie

    -8C sunday 13th of january, felt like -15C.

  352. Serge LeBlanc

    Im in New Brunswick, Canada and here its -2F and -26F with the windchill factor (-19c and -32c-wind), it’s the treadmill for me this am.

  353. Luís

    I was so cold on that bike ride (nothing with snow) that i can’t remember how I got to the bottom of the hill without fall of freezing (Arrábida, Portugal)…

  354. Tommy T

    Very welcome to Stockholm! The thermometer on my balcony said -20*C this morning. It’s supposed to get a lot “warmer” (0*C-ish) next week though. If you’re into nordic/cross-country skiing, there are a lot of good spots around Stockholm right now.

    Coldest run: Last winter was fairly snow free so I consequently did very cold runs frequently. A lot of them sub -15*C. This winter has been very snowy, but xc ski run the other day in -18*C sure was refreshing.

  355. Vince

    My coldest run was the 2011 polar dash in Minneapolis. -15 F that day. Ran the fastest 10k since I was in my 20s and came in first in my age group. Since I moved to mn from dc, I have found the colder it is, the faster I can run.

  356. Damain

    About to head out on one of my coldest runs, -18c with a windchill of -28c.

  357. Jacek

    A year ago was running one day with my friends at 6:00 am on snowy track. Temperature was -18°C but wind made it feel like -22°C. We made 16km distance run instead of 24km . In my trainnig plan it should be “long easy run” that day, but it was “hardest I ever made”. I will never do it again and will never run when its under -12°C wiht wind.

  358. specialist

    Does rowing in the cold count? Training camp in Zarnen, Ch. Cold enough for splashes to freeze on your clothing as you rowed.

  359. Brynjulf Spalder

    Cycling to work for over one hour in minus 21,5 deg C. Slightly numb in the end.

  360. Matthias

    running last year in Nuremberg at -17°C while my girlfriend was sweating in Seattle :)
    link to

  361. This morning I ran in – 12° C circumstances but I didn’t feel cold one single moment. Last summer, I went to the alps to climb the Col du Galibier with some friends the 1st of september. We did the col du Mollard the day before in +/- 2° C temperature and pouring ice rain. The combo of being accustomed to > 25° C temperatures for the preceding two months, being cold and soaking wet, and the danger of a wet descent was incredibly terrifying, we were trembling and shaking in the car for half an hour after the ride. As we headed back to our hotel at 1800 meters it started to snow, so we decided against the 2600 meter summit of the Col du Galibier and headed to Vaison La Romaine and climbed Mont Ventoux the next day in stead.

  362. Jacqueline

    My coldest run was last year in January. A day before I bought my very first running shoes and I just needed to test them straight away. Despite it was freezing and the roads and sidewalks were very slippery, I went outside. I didn’t dare running until the forest, because I was afraid to slip and fall. However, in the forest the pathways weren’t even slipper because of the sand paths. I started running my usual route, feeling I was walking on air. It was freezing, minus 10 degrees, but it felt great.

  363. Katri

    I am from cold climate and I hate cold, so I am usually well prepared for cold weather or stay inside. One of the runs I remember was during an otherwise warm autumn but the temp suddenly fell well below zero. I was running in very thin clothing and I absolutely felt like running without any pants at all…. Another was a sprint tri, as it was summertime no one really paid too much attention to weather but it turned out to be only about +12, so starting your bike leg soaking with water (it was windy as well) ended up with people nearly falling off from the bike in T2 because they were absolutely stiff from cold and wind. Run was the best part of that day…..

  364. Gabriele Pinto

    I don’t really feel cold when running or biking because here in Naples Italy the weather is not so extreme. This winter though we’re having a lot of rain, cold rain coming from guess where… Sweden. :)

    I have got to go by scooter in the pre-dawn to swimming so, even though I am tough, the trip down to the swimming pool at 6AM, under that cold rain is really a challenge.

    Roads are treacherous and you’ve got to drive slow… and the rain bounces off the scooter and hits me in the face from below. It’s that kind of very thin but very cold rain, almost snow… that hurts… almost like CUTTING your skin.

    Hope that’s a good entry? :)

  365. Lee

    I ran across the North Yorkshire Moors through the snow. It was so cold that I lost one of my trainers in a snow covered bog and didn’t even realise because my feet were so numb.
    I ended up with frostbite. My normal 10mile run should have taken me 1.25 hours but I finally made it to my rendezvous 3.5 hours late.

  366. the 910 is perfectly matched to the wrist of a snowman 😉 Meilleures salutations.

  367. Michael Arcilla

    I remember I did some altitude training at a mountain resort. I ran 15K worth of 9% hills in 11-degree C (that’s about 50F) cold! I ran the whole way without sweating, but as soon as I closed the door behind me in the house it came out by the bucket!

  368. James

    Well, since I live in Strayyyyya (Australia day spelling), I once went for a run when it was a whopping 5*C, it was a little drizzly, I now just wait for it to warm up a little. Though my water bottle nozzle once froze at swimming.

  369. Robert

    Running in a snow storm with my soon with almost no visability

  370. Few weeks ago… Poland… Krakow… Sunday morning… 15km… -15C :)

  371. Franko Vlahovic

    Here in Croatia we have the famous northern “Bora” wind, blowing regularily with 130km/h and more – real “fun” to run in these conditions! 😉 Although the measured temperature did not drop much below 0C, the windchill is difficult to explain, but i met people from Norway, who claimed that never in their life they have been freezing as much! 😀

  372. Wednesday last week I decided that my morning commute would be a long one through the Dutch Dune landscape. Ended up to be a 28km mountainbike snow trail in -11 C. Instead of 50 minutes it took me 1 1/2 hour to arrive at work. Cold toes and a completely frozen water bottle was the result. Took the short way home that afternoon (at 16km) so I could do a nice 8km run afterwards.
    Though Dutch winter days, but still loving it!

  373. Abi

    my coldest run I think was about -4 here in london Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  374. katie

    Lived in Boston for 8 years, so there was at least a few weeks every year of running in bone chilling cold.

  375. Paul

    I only started running recently and it doesn’t get that cold in the South of France. My coldest run was about 3C. Although many mud puddles had frozen over.

  376. One of my coldest runs (9km) was this morning at -3*C. Not as low as some of the temperatures already posted, but pretty cold by UK standards plus I did have to contend with compact ice under foot!

  377. Beaufils emmanuel

    This is me live running on a Friday in bratislava slovakia! Will die ton have a nice watch like this especially to train for my first marathon in April! Vienna! I am training today for a 20k under – 6 degree and snow everywhere! Wish me good luck for the run! And hopefully good luck for the watch,! Keep running running running running running

  378. Matyt

    Actually, I love cold weather, so I like a lot running when the outiside temperature is below zero.
    One of the most hardcore runs I’ve ever done was a 4 Km ring in Pila, a place in Aosta Valley, Italy where I use to spend my winter holidays…
    -15 C°, VERY icy trail… fortunately I was using my winter trail running shoes, that have spikes, so the grip was ok.

  379. Remco

    The last couple of Weeks we are running against the elements. It is freezing -10 and the wind is blowing like crazy.

  380. Gerard

    Living in Newfoundland, winters often do leave me with frozen eye lashes and other parts. Coldest run, Stephenville -25C, 2011

  381. My coldest swim was in the river at 3ºC (air) and without neoprene because I want to feel nature on my skin.Of course I never do this again (too much nature for a day) :-p

  382. Leeka

    23rd December it was -27 C here. I did my regular Nordic walking exercise.

  383. Paul

    Being Australian I have never experienced running in temperatures you describe. I think the coldest I have ever run in was about 6 C and for that just needed a slightly warmer jacket.

  384. Chris C

    Well I’m in Florida so it never really gets *that* cold, but coldest has to be two years ago training for my first half marathon I was out on my long run of the week in 27 degree F (That’s darn cold for Florida) and it actually started snowing on me. That was a fun run, actually ran a mile further just to keep running in the snow!

  385. Dominika

    Like most people starts running adventure in spring I always wanted to start in the middle of winter. I started running last winter February, my first few minutes trainings was in about -20dg.
    Maybe thats why i didnt give up and keep on running till today 😉

  386. Only a recent outdoor runner, but just this week Wednesday, I went out for a run along the thames tow path in Reading. For most of the way it was snowing, just hovering around zero, was compacted snow/ice on the path, freezing cold snow on the verges/grass. Even wearing glove and shell top, I couldn’t get warm, couldn’t run fast enough to get warm either. When back to gym instead of a cool down I did a warm up, 10 minutes on the bike, with all my outdoor gear on getting some funny looks from the insiders. Even after a hot shower and serval hot drinks it took me 3 hours to feel warm again…

    And if that is not good enough, how about a recent hike up Snowdon (just before xmas) where it was -15c on the top .. pictures at link to


  387. Ewan Hardie

    Coincidentally the coldest run I have ever done was just two days, it was -32 (-41 with the wind chill), just a quick 6km run to work. Needless to say it has been really cold here this week!

  388. Kalvis

    Couple of weeks ago had that honor to be out running at -24 C. I am talking about a place some 800 km North from Stockholm. Not much fun I must say.

  389. Well even in Greece it gets cold sometimes. And not being used to it makes the experience even worse. I took off for the usual drive to the stadium for my 6am early morning intervals when I saw the -2 Celsius temperature and the “risk of ice” sign flashing in my car. Guess what, I realized i had forgotten my gloves and cap. Just remembering it makes my hands and ears hurt!

  390. Amanda

    It’s been below zero for about a week here. Too cold to run outside. My coldest run was last winter–a 5k in January–it was 15*F and very windy.

  391. Martin

    The coldest run is not about absolute temperature for me but about how it feels. I did some cold running in Umeå Sweden last winter with temperatures around minus 20°C, but the weather was quiet. Nothing to compare with Iceland, where around zero temperature can still make me cry. The humidity paired with 10-15 m/s winds makes me wanna quit after few minutes and only bigger goal and vision of hot shower after keeps me going further.

  392. Dominic

    It was a 10K tempo run…in minus 30 (-30*C), no idea what the wind factor was but it was a cold one. The positive part is that there were not many walkers on the sidewalks!

  393. Marko

    I really don’t like the cold weather, but you got to keep your form up, so it doesn’t really matter how low temperature is. But i think -10C is my lowest temperature measured… Snow, ice, …

  394. Sscarboro

    My coldest ride this far has been with temps in the low 30’s cycling. Here in South Georgia that’s cold! It was a 2 hour bike ride and my feet were numb the whole time and for an hour after the ride. I’ve gotta get some neoprene covers for my shoes but I suppose a new 910xt would be ok too :)

  395. John S.

    My rule is that I find a treadmill if the air temperature is below 15 degrees F. I should probably have accounted for windchill when I made that that rule, but I didn’t, so last week I still went for a run outside when the windchill was in the low negative single digits. Days like that make me appreciate wind shells!

  396. Elizabeth C

    I thought my coldest run was 35F in NorCal. That was until I moved to Illinois. Last year 17F (no idea what wind chill was) doing fartleks with my girls.

  397. Asaf L

    my coldest run was @ Jerusalem marathon 2012: 42km of 8 deg, rain, wind, hail and up hills :)

  398. Marek Fudala

    Santa Claus half marathon 2010. -12 degrees (Celcius), most of it through the snowy forest with 1500 people dressed in Santa’s hats and red shirts.
    At this temperature it doesn’t matter if you dress well because you get cold from inside by breathing the air.
    Still, great race!

  399. Matej

    Sunning on Ljubljanski maraton october 28th with snow and wind, swimming in Adriatic sea on Christmas with north east wind, caving on december 28th with wind and snow at altitude of 3300 foot with frozen ropes. I like activities no matter what.

  400. Robert Jr

    Running with my dad in a snow storm. Could not see the road or each other.

  401. Daniel W.

    My coldest race was a 10k run at -2°C. I like the cold weather as long as it is dry.

  402. mondoshawan

    coldest run at -12°C and a very cold RaceBike ride at – 3°C for 2 hours, that was even harder and i didn’t felt any toe anymore…

  403. Tovi

    Swimming in Lake Michigan with 50ish degree water temps. Had an ice cream headache the whole time that wouldn’t go away.

  404. Tom G

    My coldest run starts tomorrow, the Beast of Burden 100 miller in Lockport NY. 24+ hours in temps just above single digits (high is 19F). Brrrrrrrr.

  405. Daniela

    My coldest run was a couple of winters ago. Mind you, I’m from the south, s my cold will not compare to your cold. It was still a balmy 10 degrees, though… Which around here is pretty chilly.

  406. Edward

    Running intervals at the American University track when it was about -7 C was not the most pleasant. Not realizing how cold it was, I went out wearing splits as I usually do for intervals. The headwind on the back straight was stinging the front of my thighs.

    Similarly, I made the mistake of biking to and from school the other morning. It was -9 C and gusty. At speed, the wind was enough to make it feel like there was a soldering iron pressed against the bridge of my nose. My face hurt for about two hours after I got home. Dumb move.

  407. Mike Smith

    The coldest ride this year has been in the twenty’s, last year the coldest was 14. Great living in Atlanta, able to cycle all year long.

  408. Iakovos Anyfantakis

    Running a marathon in Athens, 2011. I know, Greece in the winter is not very cold but it was the coldest I had ever run until then. And I have never whined about cold eversince.

  409. Tim

    Both Cycling

    Did a -5F mountain bike ride 20+ years ago. That was quite refreshing

    Did a 92 mile ride on Skyline Drive temps in the Mid Teen and a 30+ mph wind. That wasn’t one of our smartest ideas. Every drop of water we had froze that day.

  410. Miguel Alonso

    My last 8K run in Tuam, Ireland last week with barely 2 degrees centigrades outside was the coldest I had. During the run it was all fine but two minutes after the end I stopped feeling my hands! It was painful!

  411. Robert

    My coldest run that I remember was at -39 Celsius, last Monday 😉

    We kinda have it cold around here in Canada you know.

  412. Diana W.

    Living in the South means my “cold” isn’t all that bad. But it means my motivation to run drops dramatically as it approaches 40F. I’m a wimp.

  413. Brad Marcus

    Coldest run was just yesterday! 7 degrees here in Connecticut. Frozen toes, fingers, and of course the lovely ice that formed on my eyebrows that turned them white. Removed the hat after running, and my head looked a NYC steam pipe!

  414. Dzulhelmi Azmi

    Last year, our whole family went to australia for our holiday.We then went for a road trip from sydney to melbourne.As it was during winter, we stayed for a night at Mallacoota, victoria. Before continueing our journey to Melbourne that early morning, i did quick 5K and it was freezing cold considering im from a hot and humid country.But it was a very good experience and will be with me for the rest of my life.

  415. Lior D

    The coldest ran I had was when I visited NYC last year in January and just had to run in Central Park.
    It was 3 or 4*C and lots of fun.

    Hope to do it again.

  416. pieter

    We we’re 3 friends riding up Sani pass (treacherous pass connecting South Africa and Lesotho – link to with our mountain bikes. As we got closer to the escarpment there was a sudden change in weather and temperatures plummeted.

  417. Sonny Winston

    I once went for a sprint around the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, with some sub-atomic particles I met a few nanoseconds earlier. Felt like absolute zero to me.

  418. Some weeks ago we had these -20 C but that’s not when I went for a run. I did wait for some warmer time and went for a run while it was some -15 C. After that I had some ice on my face which my daughters thought looks vert funny: link to

  419. Robert

    It was the first run session for a spring marathon. It was 8 degrees snow on the ground and the coach shows up in shorts! We did a 4 mile snow march versus a run. I had on every piece of run clothing i own. When we were done (4miles) it was snowing again. My coach was so cold his legs were blue.

  420. marc camm

    Its 9 degree’s in Boston. I’m heading out for a run – Uhgg!

  421. Tim

    Coldest run… 2010 Securian Frozen Half Marathon. That year they shortened the course to a 10.25k because the wind chill was -28 F. It brings back memories especially today, because the race is held tomorrow and it is going to be the coldest one since (this time air temp of around 0 F, I haven’t checked the wind chill yet). I believe the race is still on at full distance as of now.


  422. Well sadly in AL it doesn’t get too cold but I do remember trying to run when it was 20 degrees outside. I was training for my irate marathon and it started to snow. And if you know AL that’s like shit the city down worthy. But after 15-18 miles I was glad to be home!!

  423. SmokinSchwalbes

    Cycle ride last winter with friends, temps down to a nice cool 30F. Jamie, always game for a laugh, hit the pedals with the intention of doing a short slide down a, not that steep of a, decline. Only trouble was the thin layer of black ice. Watching him wobble all over the place for the first 10 feet or so was hilarious, and the icing on the cake was when Jamie and bike parted company. Bike shot off one way whilst he slid on down the road for quite a distance. We all feared the worse at that point. Amazingly only a few small grazes to his elbow and knee, and a few scuff marks on the bike was the resulting damage. Annoyingly, on that particular day, we didn’t have the GoPro with us as it would have been great to have seen it all again.

  424. Francois

    I had the crazy idea to test the new ice spikes on my MTB tires. I took my bike at 7 am to go on fresh snow in the woods, following an unknown GPS route I had traced on a map and downloaded the day before. Everything was great until either I missed a turn or the map I used to design the route was no longer accurate. I ended up in deep snow, having to push the bikes between bushes and small pine trees. The spikes were great on ice or packed snow but were of no use to open a path in the woods. My feet were freezing from walking in the snow. I was so glad when I finally could catch a larger road in the woods. Finally it was a great outdoor experience.

  425. Robert M.

    My coldest run was this week, 20 degrees here in North Carolina.

  426. I was out running on the beach in my speedos in December last year approx minus 7 deg c, when I got home my left knacker had gone black! As it defrosted it started to smell aweful so I made a trip to the hospital and let’s just say that when I run now I have only one slapping on the inside of my thigh.. :(
    That was one cold run!! Wrap up guys or you’ll lighten up !

  427. nate Winslow

    Coldest Run: New Years Day 5k in 2009. It was about 4 degrees and snowing. I had YakTrax on and barely managed to finish without killing myself. Hands were numb 5 minutes into the run…

  428. I don’t remember the temp of my coldest run but it was an 11 miler and when I finished my chin and face were totally numb from the cold.

  429. Last week at 6 am in Prague -8 and fresh snow around 15cm. Was so nice to run in it close to the river and have a chat with friend.

  430. Coldest run had to be most recently in NYC. Weather is about 5 degrees outside but since Im training for Boston this year, I have to log the miles. Usually go inside for this weather but need those outdoor hill miles.

    Gotta love it when you sweat that your head gets steamy in the cold

  431. -5 C a few weeks ago… I hate running in cold weather.

  432. Anders

    My coldest training session this year was in the first week of January, -22degrees.
    Im from Norway, mostly going cross country skiing, and going downhill with effective temperature around -26 is damn cold. Had to put an extra glove in the groin for safety reasons 😉

  433. tudor

    hey, the coldest run was at roughly -20 celsius, 8 km long :-). at that point there was nothing wrong with the temperature, but next day i started to cough (and had a faint back pain), went to see a doctor – he said that i got a pneumonia and should rest at least for the next 2 weeks…:(

  434. Cecile olson

    NYC run @ 6 am with 15 degree outside. Will race a 1/2 marathon this WE below freezing!

  435. Adam Scarboro

    I’m in Northern California, and I headed out on a quick 2 mile run at 7am. Little did I realize it was -8 degrees. I didn’t make it far, before I started having Titanic-esk flashes. I promptly returned home to ride my stationary trainer instead.

  436. The coldest run I can remeber took place last tuesday in ‘El Pardo’ near Madrid where I spent 55 minutes in a cold, wet and sno
    The coldest run I can remember, took place last Tuesday in ‘El Pardo’ near Madrid in a 55 minutes session surrounded by wet sand and semi thorny scrub. A trail full of ups and downs with a section very exposed to the elements …. Saved my nose from freezing because it was not a very windy afternoon…

  437. Tom

    Last week, europe full of snow, pretty cold outside. I think about -8 degrees Celsius.

  438. stephan

    There’s a group of us that runs almost every Tuesday night for the past year and change. Last Tuesday it was somewhere between 15-19 degrees when we started, depending on which source of information you trust. I was overdressed, it turns out, because I overheated halfway up the first hill. We got in our regular 10 miles, those of us with mustaches laughed about having frozen snot / tears / sweat in them. We’ll do it again next week – but I think it should be a little warmer then.

  439. Kristi

    I ran in a 5K at about 32 degrees.

  440. Joachim Langstädtler

    -20°C in Germany last year. Tons of snow and tons of fun.

  441. Richard Robbins

    Running the small hills at Peterson AFB in 20 degree weather with heavy winds. Good times!

  442. elou

    Last winter I went to the meet point like every sunday. No one was present, so I decide to run alone. I have tried to take a picture of to thermometer, but I could not press the button of my camera, -16°c was too could.

  443. Jeff Watterson

    I think my coldest run it was 13f. My Saturday morning running group consists of 2 of my racing friends. We refuse to wear long pants and we refuse to let the weather stop. We have been called crazy several times in the recent weeks. We have fought several weeks of snow and ice and wind lately!! Thanks for the chance Ray and keep up the great blog!!!

  444. I was in Paris last weekend with all the snow and went for a 20km trot at 7am through the fresh snow taking in all the sights, it was amazing, I wish I could have taken some footage, it must have been -0C, but it was great fun.

  445. L Parker

    Any one of the last several runs when the windchill was dropping the temps below 0.

  446. Matteo Castelli

    My daily run is always in the snow lately!

  447. Kurt

    Thanks, Ray! My coldest run was probably 10 years ago when I was in high school. All of the local districts were cancelled because of windchills below -15°F but we had “optional” track practice where we did 10 quarter mile hill repeats.

  448. Aaron

    Scariest. BAF AFG being missed by about 3 inches from a UAE truck going 40mph.

  449. Emilio

    Coldest run was last week, 2 thermal layers and after 5km I was still cold, after 10km I barely broke the sweat… :)

  450. Andrew

    Probably yesterday morning. It was 12 in the DC suburbs.

  451. This year’s coldest run was Wednesday. 5.8 miles at -1 degree F. Honestly, it was perfectly fine except for the fact that the ground was much harder than normal. I ended up busting one of my toes. Not quite the cold weather injury you’d think of, huh?

    One of the coldest runs I had ever done was not even that cold – somewhere around 20 degrees. I would have been fine, but I didn’t have full winter gloves. This was some time back in November of 2012 and I still have limited feeling on the top of my left thumb.

  452. 01.01.2000. KENYA. Mount Kenya. 5200m. The day I began understanding why equipment matters… I wasn’t prepared. I thought, a trek in Africa? A pair of shorts and my Timberland 4×4 will do. Fast forward 2 days. I’m in a tent, shivering. My eyebrows are frozen, my hair is frozen, my cheeks burn. I’m not gonna make it. The guides lent me trousers, gloves, fleeces, jackets. I was still frozen. 200m from the top, I just couldn’t walk anymore. Had to come done…

    Now, I’m the guy with all the gear whether to run, swim, bike, ski or surf…

  453. Joshua Harris

    Coldest run for me was this week at about 6°F(-14°C) with a windchill down to about -5°F (-20°C). Other than in the headwind I think I overdressed and was actually a bit overheated from running. In the headwind, my lower half was a bit chilly.

    Coldest swim was around 60°F (15°C) water in late September. Wearing a wet suit but still a little chilly, ended up coughing for quite a bit after swimming in that temp!

  454. Matthew Player

    I knew that the ride was cold, not when I could no longer feel my fingers or toes, but when I could taste ice crystals forming in my drinks bottle!!

  455. Bcrle

    Rode 4 hrs in conditions that kept changing from below freezing to just above freezing made every corner a gamble.

  456. This winter record: -27C run in the morning by 15.12.2012 around Rybinsk, Russia. Was a good test of my mountain ski thermo wear plus Ronhill winter running pack of the gear. I felt very well except for first two kilometers when my hands were frozen cold!

  457. if i talk only about running, then around -12C in February 2012… it was a cold, sunny day, albeit we had no snow. So it was possible to run with proper gear. Only problem were feet, as i used normal running shoes… and after 12km they were getting a bit cold.

  458. Garrubal

    My coldest run had to be around November, 1995 in Newport, RI. There was snow everywhere and the temperature must have been close to freezing. We had to run the mile and a half test. It was my most uncomfortable run ever. I felt that I had razor blades in my lungs. It was also my slowest time for that test.

  459. Joe Kennedy

    Gee, let’s see… this shouldn’t be too hard. I live in Maine and it was -11 degrees Fahrenheit when I got up yesterday morning to go for a run. With the windchill it felt like 30 below! Not fun!

  460. John Nguyen

    Ever heard of Chicago’s “snowmageddon?” Winter of 2011 and Chicago got one of its worse snowstorms in history and I thought it would be a good idea to go for a run before the storm hit. About 6 miles into it, I noticed that snow was about 2.5′ high and that I may be Ina little trouble. Trying my best to sprint back home in windchilled -15 degrees, I got to my front door, icicles from my nose, and frost accumulating at my eye lids, I found a 6 foot snow drift at the front door of my condo. After I dug my way through that, it took me another 10 minutes to open the door cause my hands were frozen solid!!! Needless to day, I should’ve taken that day off. The bath and warm glass of Irish coffee definitely helped!! Check out the pictures from that day and Lake Shore Drive being closed!! Intense!!!

  461. Last night track workouts in 28f with 8 mph winds….rough.

  462. I ran 9 miles on Monday in 9 degree temps (with wind chills). It’s been in the negative degrees the past few days and I have been a bit of a pansy lately!

  463. Alvaro Costa

    Here in Brasília, Brazil it’s never cold, so you can run the whole year throgh.

  464. Chris Koboldt

    It seems this must be the year of the cold run. For one reason or another, ok likely for 2 reasons, those 2 being 6 month old twins, most of my runs these days are either before they get up, or after they are asleep. These days that means dark, and cold.
    Spotted the ’09 Boston jacket in your self portrait. Nice!

  465. Patrik

    My last cold run (1 week ago) was a long distance run (2h5min) with -11 c and windy, but I have run in below -20 before….

  466. Bernard Maughan

    Cold is relative. I live in Singapore where daytime temps rarely fall below 30C/86F. Christmas 2011 I visited my in-laws an hour outside Winnipeg, MB,Canada. To over come the feasting and excesses of the season, I ran every day I could. The first day, I overdressed for -5 C and sweated for an hour, the next I under-dressed for -11 but felt OK. After a couple of days I thought I had it down, and felt pretty good on most runs. After a week my wife’s Dad asked me to take the dog with me. I hurried to get dressed and go, so the dog could do its business. After some preamble with the dog I set out on a 12km run. After 3km I felt pretty cold, and my nether regions were colder than usual, by 6 I had worked out that I had forgotten to put shorts on under my tights, and things were definitely frosty. I had a spare pair of gloves, so shoved them down my tights at the turnaround and managed to get home without things falling off. I checked the temp as I came in: -14 C. Definitely coldest run, and lesson learned – check the temps and put shorts on before every run.

  467. tal kman

    swimming in a 6 degrees lake, last winter.
    Now that was COLD!!!

  468. Dan

    Running 01/01/13 in the wind and rain because I had to start the year off right! THANKS

  469. Chris Grainge

    Moderately chilly was a run last week here on the South Coast of the UK… but my coldest exercise activity has to be swimming in the Southern Atlantic ocean, a few miles off the antarctic peninsula, between icebergs… dry suit – obviously, chilly – definitely, the most stunning thing I’ve done – absolutely…

  470. Yoran

    My coldest was was last week, -6. Can’t wait for spring…brrrrr

  471. Jason

    Tough Mudder in Ohio, April of last year. 40* at 9AM, first obstacle was jumping into an ice bath, then had to run 13 mi. after that…

  472. Dawn B

    I live in Michigan- every run, bike, swim between October and April is cold!! I did a triathlon in NY in October, air temp was 50ish, water temp wasn’t much higher – brrrrr

  473. Lara

    The coldest I’ve run in was about 4 or 5 degrees F. I was wearing a Timex Ironman watch and I guess the battery was on its last legs because the cold caused it to die completely.

  474. a year ago riding my MTB in the freezing winter and snowy weather my front suspension oil got frozen and riding it back to the beginning of the trail (20km) was pretty painful in many ways.
    Let me tell me say that wife and me were happy we had already 2 healthy kiddo’s :-)

  475. Dan

    I did an afternoon run last weekend and the temp was low 30’s and very windy. I was dressed for it, so the run as actually very nice. Two days later it was back into the mid 60’s and sunny!! Gotta Love the South.

  476. John

    Snowshoe race a few years ago. Cold at the start but warmed up quick since running with snowshoes strapped to your feet is heck of a lot of work.

  477. Steffen

    My run might not be the coldest, but my eyes always gets watery in really cold and windy conditions. On a morning run before school, I ended up with a shattered eye lid after the run. Didn’t notice the tear while running, but the eye sure didn’t feel good once I came back home. The run felt amazing though. No one else was outside running, so I was getting a head start on the world.
    If I didn’t run with any opposition or in tough conditions I’d be weak. Challenges builds character.

  478. Given that I live in FL, my “cold” runs are probably not considered cold to anyone else :) I’d say my coldest run happened a few weeks ago (since I’m a fairly new runner) when it was cold and raining…wasn’t my ideal run or my best run but I got it done! :)

  479. bIran kimberlin

    One time here in Florida I had to ride when it was 50 out lololol. It was rough!

  480. Zhiquan Yeo

    Earlier this week! felt like -15 deg C, 2 hats, 2 gloves, 2 layers of running tops and i still felt cold!

  481. Aida

    My coldest run, I remember that one. It was around -14 °C (6 °F) in the very east side of Germany, and, well, it was cold. It took a couple of breaths on my run for the the vapor to condense in my eyelashes and… freeze! suddenly closing my eyes! Of course, I rubbed them and continue running: and now I’m here to tell… :)

  482. Bjørn Berg

    My coldest workout; skiing in Haltdalen (Norway) in -27 C degrees…..

  483. Jelliman

    When running, it’s not the cold that I’m worried about it’s the wind chills.

  484. Randee

    I’m a wus about the cold – so my coldest ride was in my basement on the spin bike. bbrrrr 55 degrees 😉

  485. I remember running winter days at -10 degrees Celsius. When you are in shape and want, no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

  486. René Smit

    Ran a couple of times in fresh snow .. When you look back you see only your footprints.. Also you automatically turn into a snowman when you run against the wind blowing all the snow against you

  487. Eirik Fjeld

    One of my many runs during winter where I live. Cold (-15C) and windy make the runs freezing.

  488. Sarah

    As a northern girl (South Dakota), I’ve had many cold runs. Or I should say, that was before I fell in love with running and I avoided many cold runs. I’ve since moved to FL and my definition of cold runs have changed dramatically. Now when it’s 45 I bundle up in a ridiculous amount of layers. My coldest run however was probably my first half marathon. At 55* it wasn’t truly cold. However it rained the entire time and I was ill- informed on proper gear and wore cotton sweats and a cotton long sleeved Tshirt. My poor attire choices made what could have been a rainy run into a very cold run that took me an entire day to warm up after.

  489. I ran through the night in the Susitna 100 in Alaska in February. It was the first and last time I ran in my down jacket!!

  490. JP

    I don’t run at cold, -20C is some limit. No special memories – whether the brains have been in ice or I think they are just normal runs.

  491. Anders Majland

    Some years ago I had some shifting problems with the gears on my mtb because of the cables freezing.

    So I took the bicycle indoor. It worked but was a bad decision…

    For back out in the cold I had to stop at red light going down a hill after ~5km – and then the brake cables was frozen as well …

    Can’t remember how cold it was, but cold enough to freeze the brake cables solid in just 5km …

  492. Thorsten

    Last year I did my coldest triathlon. Start time 6:30am, water temperature was about 14 degree celsius. after swimming I had major problems to get the feeling in my toes back. in transition zone I was not able to dress my socks. so I throw the socks back to the transition back. not a good idea :-( cycling shoes and cold toes with numbness is not a good combination. I tried the whole ride to revitalize my toes, without success. I was bending my toes for more then a hour. finally, when I start running – a breeze of feeling was coming back. new symptom – my feet has gone to sleep, brrrrrggghhh. the run was terrible but I finished it with a great time and I was happy to see the finish line and a warm pair of socks in dry shoes :-) triathlon competitors are tough guys.

  493. Stefan

    I skipped my evening run yesterday. It’s been -10C in Berlin and with a 10h car ride today, I couldn’t be bothered. But on Sunday I’ll definitely go. The forecast is -16C 😉

  494. Anton Ascher

    My coldest training was in the north of Sweden. Skiing in -25c. Going downhill in 45km/h was pure pain. But more painful was going uphill in the lift. The wind were blowing quite hard and when I was waiting in the lift all I was longing for was a hot coco. :)

  495. Kristopher

    Actually it was just las night! We’ve been hit hard in the Northeast! -38C with the windchill. Running is faster than a car that won’t start! 😛

  496. Luc Dancause

    I live in the Montreal (PQ, Canada) area and the winters are often “cold”. I remember once i was running along the St-Lawrence, the wind was strong and iand one of my contact lens froze!!! another time, i had to take a “nature break” for a #2… And no… It didn’t freeze instantly but i made it fast!

  497. Jeff

    Training for a marathon doing 18 mile run in sleet and 0 degrees on isolated country roads. Couldn’t feel below my chest for over 2 hours but did it.

  498. Gina

    My coldest run so far has been in the 40’s and not to bad! Usually if it’s cold in the morning, I’ll just wait til it warms up and run laster.

  499. Tim

    My coldest run was -5 degrees during a winter interval exercise. With a steady wind blowing the feeling temputure was -15 or even lower .. :S

  500. My coldest run was this week. The windchill was -16F. My eyelashes & eyebrows were crusted with ice.

  501. Today’s temperature seems only -8 celsius but last saturday was -14. I started running only last winter so not so cold as some of the cycling rides from earlier and colder winters. Finland is the location :)

    A pic of me @ -23: link to

  502. Randy Cantu

    Running the Modic Trail on New Years Eve a few years ago, woefully underdressed.

  503. Amber S.

    I am from Florida so one time I went on a run in 60 degrees- it was horrible! Thought I was going to freeze. :)

  504. Martin

    My coldest run recently was at minus 17 degr. C close to the Lake of Constance in Germany at 6 am and in darkness (before the family woke up). I was sort of prepared with a face mask, double ski gloves and a bottle of warm tea which froze after an hour. Going to Finland next week at warm minus 7 degr. C ; ) would love to join you for a run when next in Paris. Best wishes, Martin

  505. Pablo

    Definitely my coldest run was in Horsens, Denmark. I went there for an exchange program during college and it was the first time I ran in the snow. By the end of the 10k I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes. Yap, it was verryyyy cold.

  506. Tord

    I have been running in -20°C some weeks ago. I came back with an impressive ice-beard. I guess it was very appealing for the ladies. Everyone was looking at me anyhow. :-)
    You must get one for yourself when you arrive. It is more or less mandatory here in Sweden.

  507. Simon

    I was teaching english in eastern Slovakia a few years back, and went out for a ride in February. My water bottle top froze shut in 10 minutes and my cyclo computer died 20 minutes later, I took that as a sign and headed back.

  508. Jeroen

    my coldest run was probably last week when it was -10*C in Holland and I nearly lost a toe or two..

  509. Shelly L.

    My coldest run included freezing rain, blowing wind and temps below freezing (can’t recall the exact temp). I’m not sure the ends of my ears have recovered yet and that was a couple years ago!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  510. Ziv Sade

    just finished today a 70.3 race in Israel in Eilat mountens that called – the IsraMan – one of the competitors was Chris Lieto. it was freazing cold due to bight differenceses and the run was one of my hard ones – my leg toes frozen.

  511. Yesterday was genuinely my birthday (not the reason to win the watch) and the snow of Britain is still to melt. Having only recovered from injury i was puffing hard and my glasses were steamed up. I should have cleared my glasses but I saw a red light through the blur and decided to chase it down the path. I finally caught it and found out it was a bike not a fellow runner. enjoyed the ego boost.

  512. Chris

    I’d much rather run in 95• degree hear than cold. I was even cold after an 8 mile run on the treadmill at the gym the other day! Yet, every year, I do a little Valentines Day 5k with friends – because it was the first race I ever did – when I first started running – and even though I don’t run with that training group anymore, we like to meet up, race, and catch up afterwards. I think it was under 30 at the start last year. Way too cold for me!!

  513. Brian

    I rode 18 miles each way to work in -7C temperatures for a week a few winters ago…. and got pneumonia! Never felt so bad, but was back on the bike 2 weeks later.

    Ran a 20 mile training run in 0C 2 weeks ago and was very comfortable in running tights and t-shirt – it must be the wind on the bike that causes the problems.

  514. Denis

    My coldest run: this would be 2012 Ljubljana Marathon 10k run, with lots of snow, and i was running without goretex :( totaly wet shoes, legs…..etc and i couldn’t feel my toes
    And this where my running starts… and nevertheless i’m still running, especially if it’s snowing, and bellow zero. Best times are in those conditions :)

  515. Oh wow, how fitting!! I am still trying to warm up from last Sunday’s long and painful run in -17C where half of it was done with a 50kph headwind. I ran for 1h15 and 11.6km, I pushed myself like this in memory of a friend who passed away the day before and who never hesitated to go out there and face the elements, no matter what. RIP Ron.

  516. Reece d

    Coldest runs? I live in New England, the bulk of my runs are cold 😉

  517. The coldest cycling I have done here in Australia was around 0 Celsius which is probably nice spring weather for you guys in the northern hemisphere. But growing up in the north east of Iran, I vividly recall a particular morning that was reported to be -32 Celsius morning with strong snow blizzard. That morning I woke up to be greeted with very bright white windows covered almost to the top with snow. I was stunned thinking we had had a heavy snow fall that covered the house to the roof! But when I tried to open the windows, I realised it was just a thin veneer of snow from the blizzard. No one can have more fun in snow than children can.

  518. Maris

    My First Adventure run this year was in Smarde (Latvia)19.01.2013. The weather was (-15.. -19 C). The Terrain was very brutal (swampy and virtually no roads). The only moving way was by foot or snowshoes..because the snow depth in some place was 20cm – 40cm (swamp lowland) but on the frozen bog lakes, beneath the snow was ice free water as – wet feet guaranteed!!!…but after a few seconds from water is not no sign becauce running shoes has been transformed into a frosted ice cube who gives the feet addition unnecessary kg..
    Overall withal this run / walk i was pleased because the most important thing was for me not to die in these harsh weather conditions, what I feared the most..

  519. Bill Fish

    My coldest run was last Tuesday on our local mountain bike trail.

  520. Just yesterday I ran in 15 degree (feels like -1) temps, and I’m about to head out for an hour in 10 degree (feels like -3) weather. New England is taking some getting used to….

  521. Tanza

    Coldest run was about 5 years ago. It was one day in February and about -15C.

  522. Dean Shears

    Right at the end of 2011 when coming back from an injury. The weather dropped to -8C overnight with an early morning half marathon..

    Despite putting on those layers, standing around at the start line meant it took the first five kilometres before I got any feeling into my gloved fingers. Of course, as these things always go, I was completely overheating during the finishing sprint before freezing on the painful walk back to the car. The only saving grace of the whole event was the massive hot chocolate with cream!

  523. Just this past Tuesday in the St. Louis area – a 10 mile run in the mid teens with a mild head wind. Hopefully the weather on the day of the marathon in March will be warmer. :)

  524. Rich Cameron

    Out in Chamonix a couple of years back late at night, minus 20, headtorch on….ran past not one, not two but three pairs of ‘eyes’ looking at me in the forest that scared the s*** out of me. Never knew what they were and never run a faster time… :-)

  525. Kev Dwyer

    Sunday morning 8:00 am chain ferry to Studland beach. It is February and I have the hangover from hell after too much ale.
    The tide is in which means the run starts with 3 miles of soft sand and a bitter easterly wind blowing sleet into my face. By mile 2 my face is frozen, at mile 3 we leave the beach and start the climb towards Old Harry, exposed to the elements for another 3 miles before turning with the wind behind us. I am now hangover free, cold and happy.

  526. Arnon

    Since we don’t really have extra cold weather here in Israel, I can tell about my wettest run. It was a 15KM run which started at around 5:00AM. It was a cool morning with a very light drizzle at the start of the run which changed back and forth to light rain.
    As soon as I was out of the city, with no place to hide, the skies opened and heavy rain started to fall. In minutes I was soaked, my shoes were all wet as there was nowhere on the road without puddles.
    I turned back and headed home only to find the streets over flowing with water like small rivers.
    After about 35 minutes I got home dripping from head to toe.

    Last time I go out on a run without checking the weather forecast…..

  527. Haukur

    +15c is not numerically cold by the standards of this thread, but swimming in an English channel relay (no wetsuit) took some serious warming up afterward.

  528. Jonathan Martel

    My coldest run was -15 Celcius (5 F). That was a perfect (slow) run. Dry and crisp snow make a fine noise that keen you running in tempo. Now with temperature below -25 celcius (-13 F) here in Montreal (Canada), I’m suffering on my Bushido !

  529. Lex

    my coldest swim was in march last year. the water was about 15*C. my coldest bikeride was on a mtb I think. about -5*C

  530. Lindsey A.

    My coldest run was probably 10 years ago with the best group of running buddies in MD. I think we were all in denial because the day was beautiful, but less than 10 degrees out. We ran bundled up, but only made it a mile out when we noticed everyone’s eyelashes and eyebrows were iced over. Crazy! So we turned, headed in and celebrated with hot tea and cocoa. Win win!

  531. Marcos B

    My coldest run was during Agentinian winter last year 6 AM in Buenos Aires. It was dark and cold! 4 degrees Celcius, very windy. I was training for my first IM and woldnt miss a run !

  532. My coldest run was in Brunswick, Maine back in 1991 or 1992, when it was -5F with 20-25 mph winds, I ran 3.0 miles and wished that I hadn’t. Yesterday it w -5F with 10-15 mph winds and I got smart and went to the gym and ran on the treadmill ;-).

  533. Al

    Cold ass day at -17C and I went out for a long run and the last time I ever did that at that temp. Water in fuel belt became slushies and the sweat from my head dripped down my headphone cords and made huge icicles which everyone in the elevator pointed out when I got home. Looked way too funny.

  534. Assaf

    Well, living in a pretty hot country like mine, the cold we experience is not really cold… but i remember once, i run a race in a really cold weather… so cold i had a cold!!! (pun intended) but dispute being sick i got 4th place with only 8 minuets off my personal best.

  535. Tyler

    Mid-January training run with a friend in -10°F, with a 30mph wind.
    It was on the training schedule, and neither of us were too bright.

  536. Oscar

    What started as a light snow turned into freezing rain and sleet by mile 6…and of course this was an out and back. I was completely drenched by the time I got home, and of course freezing. Not my best memory of track and field conditioning!

  537. ghislain

    This was on the 28th of December in Montreal after a 50 cm record breaking snowfall . Temperature was below -13 with some chilly wind. A great memorable run with a lovely sunrise. I had to run on the road as sidewalks were not cleaned up yet. Great time jumping in 1 m thick snow to let the cars pass over me ! In such situation I love my Salomon Speed Cross 3 CS.

  538. David

    Last Sunday – 2* C and snowing and icy. My hour long run was my first ever really in cold and snow. Surprisingly fun actually.

  539. Kim Bo Jensen

    My coldest bike ride (not a runner) was probally a ride in Sweden on a training camp (lives in Denmark). Around -10C and some wind.

  540. sonny

    running here in my country was simply amazing. its not cold and not hot. only warm but still hazy out there which kept me from running :)
    oh ray, i wish i can have that fr910xt lol.

  541. Daniel

    This Friday gone, about freezing and snow and Ice everywhere, my fel running shoes seemed to work a treat though :)

  542. Jean-Francois Gagne

    In south Quebec, Canada, the last few days, i have been running in the coldest weather ever. it is minus 30 celcius (windshield – 48 celcius). This weekend we are doing the Hypothermic Half Marathon and with an afternoon start it should be a “warm” minus 15C.

  543. Baltapoga

    My coldest run something about -15. But not so long also because of that. Trees were beautiful and way not so slippery. I love winter

  544. kristof

    Running thru Karkonosze mountain range 25miles in -25C.

  545. Wim

    Last week at minus 7 °C probably was one of the coldest…

  546. Andrew Dickson

    Rock Springs Wyoming – a 6 mile run in -22 celcuis when a snow storm came on heavy. Luckly for me a familiar golden arch provided some restbite from the whiteout conditions

  547. Kimberly

    I’ve mostly been running on the treadmill this winter, but when I run outdoors in the winter it’s typically over my lunch hour at work. My coldest outdoor activity was back in college when the high was -21F, the university didn’t cancel classes, and I had to walk 2 miles to class. There was a hill in the middle of the route, so yes, I really did have to go uphill both ways.

  548. Mike P

    Brrr, I did a freezing mountain bike ride up to Mt. Mitchell in early January.I had to practice some ice skating skills on some of the trail.

  549. Matt F

    I was heading out to run the Frosty 5k in February a couple years back. Central North Carolina isn’t known for being cold and I showed up to run in shorts and a singlet. As we all stood around to start the race it started dragging on. Turns out the start gun had frozen, instead the race director yelled “BANG” into the megaphone. Turned out when I got home it was 6F without the windchill. It took hours to warm back up again.

  550. Nobody has equipment to clear roads of snow where I live in the southern US, but it snows here occasionally. Once the snow stuck for a week and I got to run some icy patches that just wouldn’t melt. Would have been a rare occasion to try out Yaktrax if I had some! I have friends up north who deal with worse and still manage to run, so I don’t have any excuse when it’s “cold” here.

  551. I run next to Lake Ontario all-year round. The wind whips in off the lake (the day before yesterday it was minus 28C with the windchill – I hit the treadmill!) so you get some ‘interesting’ conditions especially when the days are short. A few years ago I slipped on black ice and managed to concuss myself. All I remember is trying to figure out why I was lying down looking up at the sky. I walked around in a fog for days.

  552. David Bird

    Ha. I don’t run if its cold (I’ll never reach my full potential). However last week on the bike I came off on black ice. Never saw it. Next I felt my head hit the ground luckily wearing a helmet. Cracked it right through.
    So sitting on the ice waiting for vision to correct itself and hoping I’d not broken my head was my coldest!

  553. Bastian Sembdner-Braun

    running whole winter long in my youth, down to minus 10 without problems.
    A few weeks ago i tried wintertraining outdoors and BAM got a fierce cold immediately, last “cold-training” for me, i switched back to indoor trainers. ;o)

  554. James

    Running in Toronto, Canada. It has been cold this week. Did a night run and icicles started to form on my eyebrows.

  555. Rafael Tadashi

    Since I´m from Brazil, I don´t have a too cold story to tell. But the coldest one was cycling, and I was so cold feeling the wind in my face that morning I almost got to cover my entire head with my jacket´s hood (only eyes and nose uncovered). After that I started considering running as well (since I don´t get the speed to have trouble with the wind LOL). Now I cycle and run, pretty much thanks to that day.

  556. Stephani Mrzena

    Until recently, I lived my entire life in the suburbs of Seattle (Holla Issaquah!) so I’ve had my share of cold runs. My coldest was not a run, but a hike up to the top of Mailbox Peak, which is along the I-90 corridor just outside Seattle’s Eastside on the fringe of the Cascade Mountain range. Expecting temps in the 40’s and 50’s, I packed one light jacket and no gloves. It is an almost vertical hike, and a little over 3 hours of climbing later, I reached the top with icicles on my nose. I had been to mountain peaks and canyon valleys, but had never been as cold as I was that day. Moral: Be prepared! Silly hikers! :)

  557. Anand

    I feel cold even in 10C! So many runs in December around that temperature..brrr..!

  558. Pat sommo

    It was so cold my eyelashes froze. That’s cold!!

  559. David C

    The 2009 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 5k was for me the worst. It snowed heavily overnight then peaked above freezing just before sunrise. I stood with 14k of the 40k registered runs who dared to show at the start line. I remember standing in piles of snow and slush for over an hour in my running shoes until I could no longer feel my feet. My wife there to cheer me on was in her ski gear.

    By the time we started running I was not alone. The entire was crowd was screaming/yelling in amazement at the pain of collectively running on what felt like peg legs with no feet attached. It certainly improved my a mile or two in and we enjoyed the rest of the run in the frozen city.

  560. Weekend in January in Wales, was about -5/10 with a good bit of snow down. Off-road shoes, winter kit on and hit the hills. Nothing for miles around and absolute bliss!

  561. bobbi

    I’ve had lots of cold runs. Last weekend it was 15ish and i had my best 10 miler in recent memory even tho i was worried about how it would be.

  562. Brodov Dima

    Jerusalem…. Marathon and I have a dream – Sub3. On the starting line it start to rain, on the 10K i am already soaking wet. The wind it trying to stop me and and my short pans were definitely not the best decision 😉
    On the 25K the hail starts… The worst part was the after i finished since i had nothing worm to wear – this was COLD !

  563. Mike

    Our friend was leaving to go back to school so we decided to do one final ride. Well we live in Florida but of course that morning it was 40 degrees and we were totally unprepared. 3 layers was not nearly enough to keep the chill from invading our bones.

  564. Sarah Löhr

    never did real training in the cold, but last spring we started the openwater swimming quite early, this felt damn cold, even with surf hood

  565. Hmmm, depends on whether it’s how cold I felt, or the actual temperature! The “Run to the beat” half marathon in London started at about 4C, all of us waiting around in shorts and t-shirts for the delayed start. But I’ve gone out bundled up in long sleeves and leggings with ice on the ground…

  566. Matthew Owen

    My coldest run was this morning, 25F and windchill 15F and snowing. Still managed a 6:50 pace for 6 miles.

  567. Julian

    My coldest run was last year in the first days of January at about -12°C. I went for a 20km run and just at the turning point it began to snow and storm that much that I had to focus more on the way than on running. No fun.

  568. Marianne Roberge

    I started running last summer and I did not want to train indoors for the winter (Quebec, Canada winter…-20oC….). I got the right gear and clothes to run outdoors. My coldest run was yesterday’s…at a lovely -25oC! It was great and gave me the right to brag!

  569. Logan

    I can’t say that I’ve done too much running in the cold lately. It was 25F here the other day when I went out for a quick run. It was a bit chilly, but pretty manageable with all of the sweet new gear my wife just got me. I did do a MTB ride with some coworkers a couple of years ago that started when temperatures were in the teens. More body parts were numb than not at the end of that ride. Why do the same temperatures never seem to be as cold when you go skiing?

  570. Michael S

    Mine was actually a few days ago. It was 0 degrees F in Chicago and I thought it’d be cute to try for a short run by Lake Michigan. When I stepped outside it was very cold but not totally unmanageable. As I approached the lake however… All I can say is ICE WIND! I don’t know what the wind chill was by the lake but it must have been -20F or worse. I retreated inside to keep my face from falling off. Treadmill time!

  571. Gabriel M

    Easy: running in New Haven, CT. Winter 2009. -13 C. Unforgettable.

  572. Axell

    My coldest running session I conducted when I was 16 years old. I was pretty poor at the time. My club mates had given me old running gears so I could train with them. However – I had only one pair of shorts. That day it was -5C. I conducted the session in shorts… The legs were nicely red afterwards. The week after I got a couple of discarded pants.

    Welcome to Sweden.. next week will be a bit warmer (we had -17C in Stockholm, Thursday :0)

  573. Jochen

    -17 C in december, no feeling in my fingers :-O

  574. Ray Franco

    We don’t have winter here in the Philippines unlike most of you guys, but the coldest run I ever had was yesterday morning, before dawn – but nothing (I mean nothing) compared to those negative temps above this comment.

  575. Jen

    I think in DC about 3 yard ago! Literally the snot was freezing as it was draining out of my nose! My eyes were to cold to blink! I think it was like 19 degrees and the wind chill made it feel like it was 5! Burrrr!

  576. Walter