Because it’s cold: Garmin FR910XT Giveaway


Tonight (well, last night by time you read this), I was running.  It seems like I’m always running.  It was cold.  Now to think of it, it seems like I’m always running in the cold too.

Though not as cold as many of you have had over the past few days.  I’m going to Stockholm on Sunday night for a few days, and I see it’s cold there too.  I told my boss I wanted to go somewhere warm next.  Instead, he signed me up for something in Ukraine. It says it’s –11*C there right now (12*F).  Not warm.

The point being, I was cold on tonight’s run. And that’s all that matters.  And because it was cold (for me, and thus probably you), I’m going to give you a reconciliation prize: A Garmin Forerunner 910XT

Well, not all of you.  That would be a lot of FR910XT’s to give away.  More than I have.

In case your wondering about my reconciliation prize, I ate cookies. Chocolate chip in case you were wondering.

This time to enter the giveaway:

Just drop me a quick line or two about your coldest run.  Or, if you’re not a runner, then cycling.  Or failing that, swimming.  And failing that…well…work with me here, ok?  It can even be a blurry cold memory – just like the self-portrait I took tonight…

Some of you said in the survey there wasn’t enough self-portraits these days on the blog.  See, gotta be careful on what you ask for.


Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (January 27th, 2013).  I’ll be giving away one FR910XT with heart rate strap.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday (unless I freeze to death in Sweden first).

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I semi-recently announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead (CLOSED NOW).  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No fashion models or horse whisperers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Tim Carpenter

    Doesn’t get very cold in Western Australia so would be running from our accommodation to the “bar”, a.k.a. a room with some bottles on the wall, at Ny Alesund, location of the northern most post office in the world (78′ 55” north).

    p.s. this page just won’t load on an iPhone because it’s so large!

  2. Martin Haugen

    When doing summer sports -5 is cold. With the same clothes I do crosscountry skiing in -15 (and even down to -28 with one layer more). Its all in your head. Focus on what you are doing and don’t let the cold take some of your determination to have a great workout.

    Pro tip: Don’t push too hard (+ 85%) in the cold. You might get a problem with your breath the next days.

  3. J

    Yesterdays run was the coldest I have ever run. 7 degrees in NY. Wore 2 pairs of gloves and after 13 miles, I couldnt feel my fingers. Rest of my body was great, but fingers were freezing. Had an amazing run though so I cant complain

  4. Raneyj

    I went for a run in Vladivostok, Russia across a frozen bay at -10F. Didn’t have the right clothes for that run. I’m from New Orleans, and we definitely don’t see temps like that. At some point you just lose feeling everywhere.

    • WolfPackDave

      My coldest run was the Mt Evans Ascent in CO a couple of years ago. The temperature was comfortable and there was no wind at the start line. By the time I finished the 14+ miles and 4,000 ft elevation gain, the temperature had dropped 30 degrees and the wind was gusting to as much as 50 mph. I got so cold so fast that I didn’t even know I was cold. When I crossed the finish line, the race medical crew grabbed me and took me to the medical truck because they recognized my hypothermia symptoms. Before this event, I did not know that one’s body can lose a lot of heat, never feel cold, and experience hypothermia. It was interesting how quickly hypothermia can sneak up on a person (don’t even feel the cold). The symptoms that I experience included clumsiness, difficulty thinking, apathy, and a strange euphoria. I learned to be better prepared for the next run of this type.

  5. KostasLab

    Coldest run must have been something like 7C? Not that much i know, but considering where i live…

  6. Ricou

    My wife would love the watch even if she HATES runing in the cold!

  7. Scott Heldman

    I took my wife on our very first run together (first again). It was 32 degrees with a stiff north wind here in Charlotte. Since we’re new to running, it felt super cold to us.

  8. Chad Materniak

    Last year I went for a 14-mile run on the W&OD trail during an ice storm. It wasn’t so much the temperature that made it uncomfortable, it was the ice bouncing off my face for the duration. Towards the end, it was rather painful.

  9. Amanda Uhlrich

    Last year I was running in the arctic with a huge group of penguins, when we were suddenly being chased by a polar bear. It was terrifying, but my Garmin clocked one of my fastest times ever. Worth it.

  10. Biking 50 km to work on March 1st 2012 at -3C for 2 hours.

  11. Chris

    The ride that sticks out most in my mind wasn’t actually that cold. Just checked my garmin data & it was a balmy 42 deg F in Raleigh, NC. What made it so awful was that we were woefully under prepared. I agreed to ride with a buddy trying to get back into shape shortly after sunrise because that was the only time he had available. Finger-less gloves, shorts, and a thin short sleeved base layer under my jersey, bright and early, well… cloudy. We passed a pair of full fingered gloves back & forth during the ride & called it quits after only 16 miles. The route had a short descent where I routinely hit 40 mph, on this occasion I couldn’t bear to go at any speed over 25.

  12. My coldest run ever was just recently; the Vondelpark 10k in Amsterdam. Around 20* F with a strong wind in our faces for one half of each of the 3 loops. But I PR’d anyway!

  13. Alan Torrigino

    Day after Christmas this year. 30 inches of snow on the ground. Freshly plowed roads. Snowing. Running through the middle of Squaw Valley south of McCloud, CA located on the Southeast side of Mt. Shasta. I was planning on a 6k run. Sights and sounds were stunning. Ran a bit further. As I got further into the depths of the valley the cold air had consolidated along the road. I ran harder to generate more heat, with little effect. Was happy that Dad, spouse, son and dog were soon to arrive with the truck to pick me up. So I kept running, another 15 minutes and no pick up. Kept running and still no pick up. Because I was afraid of getting to cold if I stopped I kept running and running and running. They finally showed up exactly at the 10k mark. Coldest, most beautiful and coolest run of the year! Ha, Ha, Thanks for helping me bring up this memory. What a cool morning run that was!

  14. Larry

    It was -45 F wind chills here last week (Northern MN). Had to run outside just to say I did. Just finished a half marathon yesterday, negative wind chills all race and a 2 F high temp, snotcicles were a common sight.

  15. Liz

    When training for my first marathon, I went on a run while it was freezing rain. It was my second-to-last long run, so missing it wasn’t an option. I remember very vividly having the rain hit my hands and bounce back to hit my in the face. It was character-building for sure.

  16. Rufus

    Trail running 2 winters ago. Cruising downhill which led to a wooden bride across a pond. The temperature was 15 F, and the bridge had a sheet of ice covering it. Hit the bridge at an angle to keep up momentum and immediately lost my footing, finding myself waist deep in a frozen pond with a nasty headache. The next three miles were worse than any ultra.

  17. chris

    one morning it was hoovering around 1-2 degrees and my dog stepped outside and then took a sniff and turned right back in and went back to bed. I followed suit. Too cold for fido = to cold for me.

  18. antoine

    It was a few month ago, a 15K run with my brother in snowy France… running on ice and without knowing what the snow was hidding below. I don’t know how we managed not to lose an ankle that day!

  19. bre

    Coldest run ever was a 10 miler in Afghanistan last January. It was 8 F and windy (not sure what the wind chill was but it had to be sub zero).

  20. Lucy D'Aloia

    Are you kidding me, its treadmill all the way this time of the year…

  21. John Pendleton

    Coldest run was this Christmas Day in Chicago. But as a swimmer and cyclist growing up i Chicago there were many days where I went to swim practice well below freezing. As far as cycling the coldest day I rode i think it was right around freezing. Luckily I go to school in florida now!

  22. Robert Pineau

    Last weekend I was at my cottage and I had parked my car about 2 km from the cottage to avoid getting snowed in overnight. Sunday morning I walked to get the car and move it closer to the cottage, not really paying attention to the temperature I simply put on a fleece over a tshirt and started out. It was -18C at the time, but I didn’t feel so bad until I turned the corner and got into the wind. Of course with only a fleece on there was nothing stopping the wind, so I really felt it. I figured I would run a bit to warm up, but I was now into a headwind, but since I had to get there I continued on. By the time I reached the car I was choking on the cold air and almost puking. I wasn’t cold anymore though….

  23. Jonas Brehmer

    One of my coldest runs was yesterday. I’ve been on a training camp for cross-country skiing, and yesterday we took a break for skiing to go for an 18K run in -20 C. Luckily about halfway we found a small cabin where we could get some warmth before continuing back to our place. On the way back the sun came up over the hills and the pace picked up. Overall, a very nice run.

  24. Marcos

    One of so many nights when training with my Under 17 mates… [sigh] long ago.
    Feeling nostalgic now… dam it.

  25. Clive Tunley

    Running on the beach in the snow was very chilly.

  26. Ronnie

    Running in Louisiana is generally not too cold. But a few years ago ran when it was 30 degrees and wet – Awful.

  27. Vincent C

    Living in Norway, I experienced a run by -27°C three years ago. I went into a marsh (I ran into the forest), 1st my shoes frozed, then my winter socks did too, and finally my toes start to get really cold. I went back to the car and realised that my toes started to freeze as well. I was lucky, it wasn’t that bad yet! Well, I learned that I should avoid water when it is so cold! or maybe just stay home…

  28. Petteri

    Finland – during winter time it can get a somewhat cold here, coldest run so far this year was -16°C… But it was still very nice.

  29. Andrew

    Last year biking in 0 degree weather with a 15mph wind. Going up the hills were nice, but the wind chill on the downhill was killer. It was so cold going down hill that I had to use my brakes to keep the wind chill down. That was the ride where I decided to purchase lobster gloves…second best investment after the bike itself.

  30. Thomas

    Did a late fall distance swim race in Long Island Sound. After an hour and half, at the end of the race there are people to help you out of the water since your feet are numb and walking is “interesting”. I will be back next year…

  31. EC

    12F on Jan 1st of this year…first step towards a HM i signed up for. I have not missed a training session or distance so far.

  32. s z

    Today’s race in -6°C, but the coldest run in -12°C, of course with lovely wind, and snowfall.

  33. Tommies

    Last sunday, The ice trail 30km (near Paris) in the snow. 3h15 in the forrest with snow
    the hardest was to joint the line by car.
    GLoves forget and Frozen camelbag

  34. Jerry Nelligan

    My coldest run this year was Monday night, it was 4 degrees which was not that bad but the 30mph wind made it 25 below windchill. I was running with two other people, one had to go back after a mile because her hands were numb. Going into the wind I needed a facemask, but when I was not with the wind I needed to pull it down, then when I went back it to the wind it would be frozen and take a minute to thaw it. The big problem is that I get sweaty and then running into wind my front freezes, when it get’s that cold with wind I have never been able to do more than 12 miles. I only did 8 miles Monday night, but the chill I got from that run did not seem to go away for a full day. I took a shower right after to try to normalize my system, but it did not do the trick. I must admit that Tuesday I did not run outside, but I was back out there on Wednesday.

  35. Mat Evans

    Yesterday I went for a 9.5 mile run in the snow here in Sheffield UK. Unfortunately it wasn’t cold enough! My feet got soaked in some slushy woods at about mile 6. That was a cold run home!

  36. Philip White

    While maybe not the worst cold I’ve ever run in, the one in which I suffered the most was Promise Land 2012. A 50k in April on a day that was supposed to be mild in temperature resulted in freezing rain and hail around mile 20. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt made for a rather chilly six hours.

  37. Marcin D.

    It was about -5 C, my first run in the Polish Bieszczady. It was great!

  38. Tom Meese

    2 yrs ago, running at 5:00am and 12 degrees. Worked up a bit of a sweat and at the halfway point (farthest point from home) pulled a hamstring…had to walk back and nearly froze with the extra (and unwelcome) body moisture.

  39. esq

    Huh, guys, the coldest runs and rides are performing in Russia!
    We have a traditional ride called «Circle of friendship» every february. This is a trail ride between two cities with crossing the river in the middle, for about 100km in deadly freezing conditions, from -20 to -30°C depends how cold the winter is.
    Ask boss for trip in Russia, there is where the real cold is ,)

  40. Derek N

    In May the waters are supposed to be warmer, but the swim in 12C water off Jericho Beach (Vancouver) left me thinking you can’t swim for long when your you can’t feel anything.

  41. Laurens

    Last week it was very cold here, -11 & foggy (Netherlands). I went for a run and took the wrong gloves. Windblockers. My fingers got frozen up badly during this 30min short run. Didn’t notice how bad until I got home. Took 45mins and I cried for 30min of them. Could feel the blood crackling trough my fingers. I’m no wimp by all means, this pain was horrible.

    Don’t think I’ll make this mistake ever again.

  42. baton Rouge

    One long run last winter. The temperature was near -25°C. At -30°C the next day I decided not to go outdoors and to work instead in a gym. This winter it’s little warmer)

  43. Georg

    I dont really have a cold sports expirience…

    The coldest thing i remember was when i was a kid and was outside with a friend. We walked to the lakes and i thought it was a good idea to test the ice by jumping on it.
    You can imagine what happened…

    I had to walk a not too short way home and my clothes were frozen when i was back…

    yeah thats it.

  44. Alex

    My coldest run was most certainly of my own making. Instead of going for my workout at a more reasonable time and temperature, I instead went at almost ten at night. The wind was so cold it physically hurt my face. The run wasn’t so much to workout as it was to just preserve my body temperature. It probably didn’t help that I’m often stupid about bundling up, and wore just shorts and a tshirt. Not my best plan. But I put in my miles, and made it through! Only took me about 30 minutes in the shower to warm back up.

  45. Mike

    I’ve commuted by bike when it was -13F. But my coldest race was in the high 20s with rain/snow for ~3 hours.

  46. Hannes

    This winter I had my coldest run and bike riding today, somewhere between -5 and -10 °C.

  47. German

    it was in Hunstville, AL Marathon when the temperature was about 29F.

  48. Antonio Cruz

    I hope i’m still on time.

  49. Lochin

    It was in Alpharetta, GA in a 5K and was around 32F

  50. Jay

    Coldest run was the other night. 10;30pm 7 degrees above 0. The windchill was somewhere around -20. Today is my Bi

  51. Kasper Vainio

    Almost every year at this time the temperature sensor shows readings -5 … -20°C and I’m stupid enough to go out and run.

  52. DreamDog

    Stockholm, Copenhagen, Montreal …. I’ve had several really cold runs, but the worst ones were when temperatures near freezing combined with unexpected rain and wind on a long run.

  53. Rob B.

    -6 degrees F (-21 degrees C) in February in SE Michigan training for a spring marathon. It’s tough training for those early season Marathons in Michigan!

  54. 12 mile run in buildup to marathon training.

  55. Diogo Valente

    My hometown, Aveiro (Portugal) is near the sea and very windy, so most of my winter runs are pretty cold. It’s also when I run faster… the hot shower awaits!

  56. Naim

    my coldest run is 5C one late evening.. It’s considered cold where I’m from. Do I get extra points for running barefoot?

  57. Matt T

    Last Wednesday’s run was -5F. Layering helps.

  58. The coldest run was recent as I live in Florida. I visited New Jersey at Christmas time (2012) The temperatures as you might imagine are quite a contrast. Florida winter temps average 50-60 degrees. I ran in temps of 15-20 degrees, AND was staying in Atlantic City, right of the Atlantic ocean. I wore running tights, 2 pairs of socks, gloves, and several layers of technical shirts. Still too cold for my Florida (thinned out) blood. 🙂 Brrr, lol.

  59. Janne

    Coldest ride was two years ago home from my job on a friday after 4 PM. The temerature was down at some -15 deg C and the wind was blowing at 10m/s from some 45 deg off front on my right side. So my right side cheek, toes and fingers where quite cold already less than halfway of that 35 km ride on unplowed sidewalks. At 25 km my legs started to cramp, but I eventually did it all the way without any injuries. Not one of those very pleasant memories…

  60. Peyton Biggs

    Huffing For Stuffing 5k on Thanksgiving Day while on vacation in Bozeman, MT. I’m not sure what the actual temp was, but it was COLD! It had been cold and dry all week, then we had precipitation all night the day before the run. Not only the coldest 5k I’ve done, but also the iciest!

  61. Stephanos

    My coldest run was in Boston during a snowstorm. It was about 25 degrees but since they salt the sidewalks there was a mix of snow, ice, and puddles of slush everywhere. I made the mistake of running down Harvard Street and spent most of the 9 mile run trying not to fall or spray slush on people walking!

  62. Chris G

    It’s not a running/biking/swimming story, nor as bad as some of these, but I played hockey at this one rink that had a roof, but no walls (aside from pillars to hold up the roof). It was probably 20 degrees in the locker rooms getting ready (heaters were broken), and probably 15 degrees on the ice. As a goalie, taking a shot off the stick in that sort of weather is quite uncomfortable.

  63. KPTriVa

    Coldest swim was the Kinetic sprint a few years ago withno wetsuit – had a fast swim though.

  64. Murray Jones

    Early season Triathlons this year. Water temps around 13C which was good for numb face hands and feet. I think feeling came back to my feet half way through the run

  65. Daniel

    -7°C after work in January 2012. I quit winter running in the dark late afternoons this year because it only gives my sore throats. I bought a trainer to ride my race bike instead.

  66. Tom Smith

    take your pic of any of our winter morning training runs in balmy Bavaria while stationed there in the late 80’s

  67. Argiris Roussos

    During a night mountain bike ride in Athens the temp dropped to -3°C. The winds were so strong that all my fingers were numb. Nice times…

  68. JP in MN

    One frigid Minnesota morning I left the house for an 8 mile out and back. Unfortunately, the wind was a little more blustery than expected and I was not wearing the right clothing (thinnest running tights and no wind briefs). About halfway, I started to experience quite a bit of discomfort with my “equipment” if you know what I mean. So I had to stop in the woods along the running path and use my hands to warm up said “equipment” twice while working my way be home. Needless to say, I’ve not made this mistake again.

  69. Pedro Fradique

    Well, not a big story, a run a week ago, and my ears were hurting me for the wind, not that cold, but windy…
    Thanks for the giveaways

  70. Doug Johnson

    A haiku:

    Suppressing a cough
    Inhaling ice, passing snow
    Joyful morning run


  71. Mircea

    I biked last week in the mountains on snow. It wasn’t that cold… just -2. The bad thing is that it was wet snow because one day before it was raining….so of course it was extremely hard and we could see that we were getting nowhere so we bailed after 10 Km. better cold then cold and wet is what I say 🙂


  72. Jacek

    Two years ago: 8km run in -20C. The sky was clear and air really dry so it was not as bad as one could think…

  73. Brian Pederson

    I don’t remember all the details but I do remember coming back from a run and I was so cold my hands wouldn’t work. I could turn the key to start the car, ugh!

  74. Juan Otavo

    Running in Atlanta on 2009 (-2C), It was so cold that I have to entered to a target store that it was on my route to buy a some gloves and something to cover my ears. I usually train in warm weather since I’m form Colombia.

  75. Green Unicorn Power

    A ride on my horse in the blizzard of 96′ roof caved on the indoor was tons of fun!

  76. Zampus

    Not long ago, i went out to a near hill for an easy run at 5pm, sun still shining and 5ºC. I took the wrong path somewhere and almost got lost. Two hours later I was still running back home, darkness allaround and and -5ºC and strong chilly wind. I have never been in hypothermia, but I think i was pretty close thay day.

  77. Eric

    Michigan in January…cold but beautiful after a fresh snowfall.

  78. Håkan Marklund

    Welcome to Sweden! A warm welcome…

    My coldest run was actually not in the winter, it was when I found myself running through a hailstorm. Helped me find some extra speed! Not sure if it was summer or spring when it happened but it wasn’t very pleasant.

    Lowest temperature during a run? Not sure, around -20*C maybe?

  79. Adam Pockett

    I went for a seafront run in the snow with the temp well below freezing. After picking myself up off the floor for the third time i decided to call it a day, and go home and order some yak trax. Really enjoy running in those conditions now, it’s a great way to push you on to a massive PB.

  80. Jason Newville

    In Duluth, MN. It was about -15 F with -25 to -35 with windchill a bunch of decided that it would be “fun” to get out and run because if we could run with it that could we could run in anything. I think we managed about 3 miles before we were frozen solid from the clothes icing over.

  81. Jordi

    Running in the Granollers (Spain) race last year. Around -3º C maybe.

  82. Charlotte Smith

    Really enjoying parkrun on Saturday mornings this time of year. I was concerned that the cold would put me off running over the winter, but it’s great to have a free to enter weekly event to keep me focused. The group coffee afterwards is always greatly appreciated.

  83. Alicia S

    Not a fan of running in the cold, though this morning was a cold one by my book around 0 C in my morning run.

  84. Joanna

    my coldest run was on a snow covered golf course in northern michigan. so much fun!

  85. Charles Gloor

    My coldest bike run was in Switzerland many years ago. I was a teenager going on a 220km ride from one grand-mother to the other, a special trip alone with my dad. This included going over the 1’500m high Brunig pass. We left at 6 in the morning with the temperature around freezing. No equipment, no gloves, just plain old bikes.

    Going-up was fine, but coming down my hands got so cold and numb I couldn’t properly brake anymore. We had to stop every now and then to breath some warmth back into our hands to continue.

    Lesson learned. Travel with the right equipment for the right trip.

  86. Gabriel

    I was running outside last week in -23c and was having fun and enjoying the sun. On the way back the wind was so bitter and cold I had to shove my neck warmer into my pants to warm up a precious body part 😉

  87. Gerard Thijssen

    My coldest sport event was a 200km skating event, Weissensee, Austria, Januari 2012.
    De start was minus 17 (C) and it never got over minus 7 (C).

    I finished the event in 10 hours. So, for that amount of time, the FR910 would be perfect! On top of that, Last Friday I crushed the glass front of my Garmin Fr610, again, while skating 200km on the Weissensee. So,….this Fr910 would be perfect!

    Regards and keep up de good site!

  88. Mark Wiliams

    I had a runny nose for a couple of days buts decided to run any way. When I got back home I actually had snot frozen on my face. My wife had a good laugh about that.

  89. Roelof

    Yesterday I went outdoor ice skating near Elburg, The Netherlands. -2 Celsius but with a strong wind. Hard work against the cold wind but effortlessly with the wind coming from behind. A nice interval training.

  90. Thanks for the site, Ray!

    Running in the recent snow has been lots of fun, but my coldest training session ever might have been in my previous sport: a rowing training camp in the winter, on the River Trent in Nottingham, with hands freezing to the oar handles, and longer and longer icicles forming on the blades!


  91. Peter Surnak

    Hey, probably the coldest was just last week, one hour in -7C and windy. With windstopper jacket, cap, gloves and adequate pace, after a while, it was actually really enjoyable experience. Frosty snow under each step, I really like running on the snow.

  92. Kenneth

    Tried to swim 50 m in 2 degrees “warm” water… No wetsuit…. Had give up after about 30 m 🙁

  93. Damien

    This weekend, started to run around the local hill. Hadn’t counted on compacted snow having turned to ice, underfoot, and the bity wind…. was still fun

  94. Dan W

    10 days ago. 5 inches of snow on the ground outside and for some reason, I decided to take a run. It was only for an hour but it felt like hours. -2C apparently, I probably should have worn gloves. Oh well, you live and learn.

    Thanks for a great site, keep up the good work.

  95. Ciaran K

    Just last week, out on the track. Sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, gale force winds and an interval session. Yeeha! Topped it off with some speed work at the end. Doubt I could’ve been running/sliding very fast though!

  96. jenny padilla

    florida girl here… anything under 40 is cold. sissy i know but ill be out there in a parka if need be 😉

  97. quarks

    Coldest bicycle ride was -15C to work in the morning and it was very icey.
    But at least the evening before on fresh snow, I bet all cars.

  98. Mike

    Not so cold in MS (the lowest i have run in is only about 20 degrees Fahrenheit) but the Houston marathon was a little cool with 30 degree windchills and rain

  99. Yu Zheng

    Out running on a 10 degree day. Like the cold air.

  100. Glen

    It was not a run, but Fire Watch duty in the small hour of the morning during a field training exercise at basic training. As I stood watch with an empty m-4, in a cold that was well below 0 on an army base in the middle of Missouri…I seriously reconsider my thought processes….

  101. Christoffer J

    My coldest run was about -4 C but fairly windy and I didn’t have my running jacket I usually have at that temperature but instead a long sleeve tee and it was a bit too cold. I had to solve it by running faster than normal, which I liked anyway.

  102. Jeff W

    I once went on a 6 mile run during a snow storm…taught me that good thermal gear is well worth the money.

  103. garrop

    PR at -2C at Vitoria-Gasteiz HM in 2009. Wonder how much faster that could have been with better temperature. Had to run over ice as well…

  104. JoltinJoe

    Ran 5 straight days in near 0 degrees weather. Love the cold weather over hot days.

  105. George

    A late December run in northern Wisconsin. Was running with my girlfriend at the time, on a road covered in snow, and she told me how motivating it was to run out there. When I asked why it was so motivating, she said, “if you stop to walk, you might freeze to death.” Pretty motivating, indeed.

  106. Robert Nelson

    Count me in. Ran 9 miles yesterday in 19 degree Philadelphia.

  107. Amy

    My coldest run this year was this morning, I ran 9 miles before the sun came up and it was 18 degrees. I had little beads of ice on my hat and my hair from sweat. I wore 3 long sleeve tech shirts and a winter running jacket, tights and pants. I’m ready for spring!

  108. 9miler in 19 degrees @ 10:00 in the city of brotherly love on 26Jan13.

  109. Luc Simoneau

    Here in Quebec this week we hit a low of -31C which is pretty cold in my perspective. Went for a run but didn’t get too far, air was too cold for the lungs and had to turn back.
    Can’t wait for the temperature to rise this week around -10C!!!

  110. Julio

    Competed in a 5K New Year Day Run at Lincoln Park, Chicago Il. USA along Lake Michigan. Temp was 0 degrees Fahrenheit, but with a wind chill of -10 degrees running in snow over ankle height.

  111. Fabio Reis

    I live in Brazil and we dont have snow here. I was once travelling by sourth Argentina and for some dumb reason i think I could manage to make a quick run at -5ºC. Results? I got a sick flu and almost ruined the end of the trip. Til this date, my girlfriend remember this bad idea.

  112. Corimal

    No snow in Australia but heavy rain combined with 40kph wind gusts at the start of a 130km Tour Down Under bike ride – soggy and freezing all the way!

  113. Pedro Navarro

    My coldest run was today! I went out for a run a forgot my gloves so my hands went numb and got all swollen, especially the fingertips. Sometimes during the run I had to put the under my armpits to see if I could get them at least a little warm but nothing worked. The got so swollen that two fingertips cracked a bit and I got a little blood coming out!

  114. Chris Gutman

    Coldest run in recent memory – earlier this week, windchill was -11 F! Ran on an indoor track for the next run.

  115. João Veiga

    Skiing with -20ºC….can’t feel my fingers and when I arrived home I put my fingers at a heater and still don’t feel anything….so 2 nights at hospital

  116. In Nashville we have cold days, but not many REALLY cold days. However, a cold run is not always about the thermometer. I would actually argue that “cold” is a function of how fast you could get die as a result of the low temperature.

    Hence, 32˚ and RAINING is miserable.

    A couple of week ago I had just that experience. It looked like the rain was going to hold off long enough to run. Instead, it held off long enough for me to get to the furthest point from my house. It was a VERY COLD 5 miles home.

  117. I complete a triathlon in 48 degree weather!!! Try biking in 48 degrees when you’re soaking wet. It took me days to defrost!

  118. Jon

    Snowboarded once in -12 when I lived in Colorado. That was dumb. Ran just this past week and according to the internet, the highest temp reached for the day was 8*, and I ran at night, soooo I’m guessing it was around zero.

  119. Coldest run was also in your current Country… In France, more specifically in a village town near Fontainebleau, in a winter night in 2001. Wow, that made me feel brave, even though it lasted for only 15′ or so… 🙂

  120. Jon Delmore

    this past tuesday predawn run was 3 degrees with a 15mph breeze. Its time spring!

  121. Jon Delmore

    this past tuesday predawn run was 3 degrees with a 15mph breeze. Its time for spring!

  122. Robert Holcomb

    6 GAP CENTURY in cold/rain. Miserable….

  123. Jeff Boldt

    Managed to ride the first three days in December in South Dakota – a rare treat. Coldest weather I’ve ridden in but a one-year cycling newbie!

  124. Mary Gutman

    Well I am a wimp, so the coldest I run outside is about 20 F – other than that, its the indoor track or treadmill for me!

  125. Jeff Boldt

    Managed to ride the first three days in December in South Dakota – a rare treat. Coldest weather have ridden in but I am a one-year cycling newbie!

  126. Marc Dowdell

    I was training for my 1st marathon & had a 20 mile long run scheduled for January in Edmonton, Canada. -30C & wind, and too young to know how bad an idea that was 🙂

  127. Elena A.

    My coldest run was back in Russia at -25C and a strong wind. Don’t wanna repeat. 8)

  128. Jeff Boldt

    Managed to ride the first three days in December in South Dakota – a rare treat.

  129. Jeff Boldt

    Managed to ride the first three days in December in South Dakota, a rare treat.

  130. Cole Simmons

    Going for a ride in near-freezing temps in a sleeveless jersey (no arm warmers) and shorts! I read the high that day, but not the low and that was a brutal ride!

  131. Alex

    Coldest moment would have to be the Arctic Enema obstacle at Tough Mudder…body wanted to completely shutdown

  132. Andres Bolanos

    Not too much cold here in tropical Costa Rica but my coldest run was during a vacation in Las Vegas. It was around 34F so a couple of layers pulled the job. Pura vida

  133. Greg Peters

    My friend and I were training for our first marathon in 1993 and went running the Gorge Road in our hometown in New Brunswick (Canada) and it was below -40 C with the windchill index. We got frostbite on our faces. We soon learned from another running companion that putting a thin layer of vaseline on our face will help at that temperature. It worked , and still works when it gets that cold. Currently our temperature is a balmy -21.

  134. jvictoria

    Rode my bike in Chicago last year at 7 deg fahrenheit…. Brrrr very cold… So cold the grease in my cable housings froze and was stuck riding in the same gear for 40 miles… We took a picture on some ice sculptures in our kit… always spooks people when they associate biking and ice sculptures…

  135. CA

    One very cold day when I had just started to bike. Went on a group ride in sweat pants, a sweat shirt (or 2) and a windbreaker. Got sweaty, and everyone knows what cotton does when it’s wet and the temperatures are cold, right?

  136. Gordon Harvey

    9 deree f. was in my second year of running and had no idea how to dress for a run. so shorts, thin running shorts, and an under armour cold gear shirt. gloves and a knit cap. ya know how when you get a shower after a frigid run, things seem to tingle and kinda hurt as blood flow comes back, and the skin returns to normal temps. yah. my “man parts” did that. next purchase? tights!

  137. Bryan V

    I ran my coldest half marathon in a cold desert morning.. Which was I think was in the mid 30’s when the race started. My toes and fingers were numb. It was something I do not want to do again. That’s why I hate super cold runs… Espically at night!

  138. My coldest run when I was visiting Lake Tahoe a few weeks back. I ran 3 miles in -10. I normally think anything in the 30s is cold so this was definitely a shock for me! But I’m glad I did it 🙂

  139. Ricky Bailey

    12 miles 15 degrees, on Huckleberry Trail in VA. Trail covered in snow by the time run was over. Surely had others that were colder but this was the prettiest.

  140. Bryan V

    I ran a half marathon in the middle of Nov in a desert morning which the start of the race, it was in the mid 30’s. My fingers and toes were numb. This is why I hate running in the cold!

  141. Marco

    Christmas eve 2012 in Fargo, ND. -3F with windchill… icicles in my beard and tears in my eyes. Literally.

  142. Just recently on the National Mall in DC — 6 degrees with the wind chill! I forgot my gloves, so it was just 2.5 miles before I fled back to the office.

  143. ToddChing

    Cross Country Ski Race, Air Temp of -15F, windchill much cooler. Forgot my sunglasses at home, consequently frozen tear ducts for 2 weeks after the race. I never knew that could happen! Had a great race though so that makes it all the more worthwhile!

  144. Sherry Rini

    Living in South Florida, not many cold days….maybe love 50s? But I loved every moment of the cool air!

  145. Frosty

    Riding in the hilly Dandenongs outside Melbourne, Australia with my father in law. It would have been 5 degrees celsius, windy and raining and it took 45 minutes to ascend up the side of the mountain. Going down the mountain I couldn’t feel my hands.

  146. Milan Skrecek

    Back in January 1998 I was working in the oilfield in northern BC but I was coming back to my summer job with the Alberta Rapattack program (rappelling out of helicopters and fighting forest fires). To stay fit out in the middle of no-where I would go out for a run after my shift was done for the day. In the dark in the middle of the boreal forest it was a fresh -38 C which is about -36 F.

  147. Rob Radcliff

    Running right on the Potomac in 1995 – December. Cold – wet – windy. Really nasty.

  148. Connie B

    Coldest run was the unexpectedly cold Mississippi Blues Marathon in 2010. Starting line temps with the wind chill were 9 degrees. Not quite what I was expecting for a January marathon in a southern state. Took 3 miles to warm up, then the rest of the races was comfortable. But when I stopped, it took no time at all for the body temps to drop and severe shivering to set in. Cold can be scary stuff! Be careful out there everyone!

  149. Josh

    Last week some of my morning runs were -5F.

  150. Dan

    This afternoons run was 20F, but have run as cold as 0F.

  151. Coldest run wasn’t as cold as these days in the NE. It was around 29ºF but what made it cold is that it was a brick run and before the sunrise. Finished the bike in the warm basement and got out sweaty for a 30min brick. Never felt that cold and took it out on the drivers that didn’t leave me any space.

  152. Mike Weiland

    Coldest cycling -15 in Laramie Wyoming

  153. Mike Weiland

    Coldest cycling -15F in Laramie Wyoming

  154. Chris Sebastian

    Training for a early Half Ironman and having to do building base miles in January. Being from Texas anything below 37 degrees on a bike is enough to freeze me to the bone.

  155. Leandro

    My coldest run so far has been -10C here in Calgary, Alberta. I was too warm though, should have lost the mid layer.

  156. mary podbielski

    Coldest swimming was in mid October of last year doing a triathlon in Chestertown, MD. The water temperature was so shocking that I kept having spasms to my face every time I tried to put it in the water. The swim was one of my worst swims ever. I don’t know what the water temperature was, but I don’t want to swim like that again.

  157. Matt Goode

    I ran a 5K on a frozen Lake Skaneateles. I’ve run on colder days, but something about running on water…

    link to

  158. So far, my coldest run was -19C (with wind) during a snowstorm earlier this week. For proof, there are some photos on my post here: link to

  159. Chris Woolery

    I’m a Texan so it has to be every morning I have to put on a long sleeve shirt. The long sleeve shirt and gloves usually come out at around 50 degrees! Plus hand warmers! Stop laughing.

  160. My coolest run was a long run on country roads that started with a gentle snowfall but ended up being horizontal sleet right into my face. My hot bath and hot chocolate was very welcome after that run.

  161. Samantha Glass

    Coldest run was a half-marathon last January. Temps were in the 20s with into-the-wind the whole course. At least it was a neighborhood course, and I was quite artfully bundled.
    Coldest stand up paddling was last October while providing safety for a local open water swim: temps were again in the 20s, with fog coming off the water. We all had on multiple layers and I discovered that I could paddle with hand warmers in my gloves.

  162. Kevin V

    Not many cold runs…..10 degrees in the Tennessee mountains is about as cold as it gets for me.

  163. Bill

    Coldest — #1 summer in San Francisco #2 Thule Greenland -20F

  164. Annelise M

    So far, my coldest run was -24C (-11F) in Montreal, Canada. With windchill it felt like -36C. I managed to grit my teeth and push through but after 7km, my eyelids were freezing shut, icicles were hanging off of my eyebrows and I couldn’t feel my bum, let alone my toes. It was a seriously intense run (only seconded by my 15km in a snowstorm last year with snowbanks almost up to my knees), but since then I have decided to revise my temperature limits to a max of -25C with windchill (not before!). Oh! Canada, you never fail to deliver interesting run conditions!

  165. If I freeze while running, please don’t draw a sexual organ on my face!

  166. Marc M.

    NYRR Manhattan half marathon in 2011. 14 degrees and snow.

  167. Dunhill Deodores

    Coldest run was a 32Km race in Manila last September 2012. We were running in intermittent heavy rain and in the last 10Km, cold wind was blowing from Manila Bay making the run extra cold.

  168. John Telford

    For my first marathon build up, I ran an 18 miler in about 28degrees F. Which isn’t that cold, but I made the mistake of taking an icebath right after for too long. This made my capillaries a little too “leaky” for too long causing my whole body to have an allergic reaction putting me in the ER until the massive doses of benedryl kicked in.
    I survived and have some great pictures of my deformed face.
    Next time. Warm shower first 🙂

  169. Mark Allen

    A couple years ago I went for a night run in dreadful winter conditions. Single digit wind chill and blowing, wet snow. Not only was I chilled to the bone, but my eyes were freezing shut. When I got back home I had icicles hanging off of my face. That was the strongest statement I’ve ever made about how much I hate running on the treadmill…seeing as I have one in my basement, I have a photo of the ice man if you want to see it!

  170. Trace Rogers

    Coldest run I have completed was in -1’F in Boise Idaho this past Tuesday morning. Crazy cold front the past few weeks. Didn’t feel too bad though will the crazy amount of layers I had on!

  171. Daniel636

    It was bad enough being in NE Pennsylvania in February, the run started cold, but then it turned into a snow and sleet storm. But being out in the muck, alone in the whole town, turned it into a fun run.

  172. Sam

    I know is not nice too run outside in winter. Here is – 36 celcius :O !!! (Québec – Canada)

  173. Dan McGowan

    Love a cold run when the air burns your lungs for a bit and the temps cause your nose hairs to freeze together!

  174. Christopher Lyle

    I got nothing for a cold run!! I live in Southern California so you can consider me spoiled by the weather here. The coldest thing that happens to me on my runs is my friends pushing me in the ocean unexpectedly as a joke. That isn’t even close to a polar bears and penguin experience!

  175. Noah Rosenthal

    Last week here in Wisconsin. We were pushing -20ºF with wind chill. Some hand warmers in the gloves and two pairs of socks did the trick!

  176. Normand Frenière

    In February 2005 on Saint-Jean Lake in Québec, Canada, I had my worst ski run on the frosen lake. After winter camping on the lake, the day was horrible due to the cold (-25C) and mostly to the strong winds. It was almost an emergency situation. Any uncovered skin could have frozen. But what good memories!

  177. Clayton Dewberry

    That is a lot of cold wx runners!

    It’s not that cold in the Bay Area – although we’ve had a cold snap in January with high twenties in the morning and cool afternoons – making runs and mt. Bike rides very chilly!

    For cold we head up to Truckee. It was minus nine last time we were skiing!

  178. Michael

    Waiting on staton island before my first marathon, the NYC marathon, in 2007 I was so cold I wanted to cry. I didn’t dress appropriately for the incredibly long wait. But I warmed up once I started racing and went on to a fine finishing time.

  179. Sergiy

    My coldest run was in Calgary, Canada. I run outside my third time in my life and it was -11C. It was pretty cold as for me.

  180. AcaTri ST

    Coldest run ever was last Friday under 12F conditions: I manage to last only 50mins! :O) yep… I know others here have run under more tough conditions but that’s just my personal experience!

  181. Gede A

    Running in mount salak. Heavy rain and gusting winds!

  182. Ralu Sunt

    Coldest walk happened in Eastern Europe believe it or not and perhaps was during my recent visit to RO

  183. It never gets super cold in TX, but it certainly feels cold when running in the dark before work.

    Thanks for the contest!

  184. Nathan Dorward

    My coldest run was last winter, January 18, 2012. I ran at lunch because it had “warmed up” by noon. It was a balmy -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit), without the wind chill. Factoring in wind chill it was easily -35.

  185. DS

    Not many years around here but I can tell you today that swimming class was really cold on me… despite calling for help I was asked to cross my arms and get warm while close to the shallow stairs… other participants were really reallly cold just like me!

  186. Jessica Sant

    This is only my 2nd winter as a runner, so I haven’t had too many cold runs yet. Coldest was last week during the inauguration. I watched President Obama get sworn in and then went for a chilly 5 mile run. I love my PowerStretch hoodie. Keeps me perfectly warm, as long as I keep moving at a good pace.

  187. Dave

    Last wednesday it was single digits here in Ohio. Did a 10 mile interval out and back not realizing the wind was at my back the way out. Then it started to snow and my beard completely froze on the way back to my truck.

  188. Sally

    My coldest memory is shoveling about 4 feet of snow off our driveway. It took about a few hours. Not quite an official sporting event but fitness-related nonetheless…just entering the giveway so i can surprise my triathlon husband with the ultimate in sports gadgets. It would be priceless if pull this one out.

  189. Derek

    Recently went to swim at my local outdoor pool and thought that it was weird that no one else was swimming. After I dove in I found out that the pool heater was broken and the water was pretty cold. I still got half of my laps in before thinking hypothermia wasn’t worth it.

  190. JP Savard

    I remember getting frozen eyes in one of my first cross-country race ( in Canada at -17C). since then I wear glasses when it’s really cold!

  191. Nalves

    -11C during the Palisades trail run this week. Seeing the sun coming up thru GW bridge and knowing that the next 4 hours would be mine….

  192. Joe

    Coldest bike ride. 3 degrees air temp. -12 with windchill.

  193. Ranjith Sajja

    My coldest run is in Bhutan (3500mt altitude) during a vacation 3 years ago and coldest biking expedition is at Rohtang Pass (Himalayan range) at 4200mt altitude during a snow blizzard on a full moon night for 5 KM before the conditions turned too risky for anyone of us to continue safely.

  194. Well, I just lost my Garmin 500 and I’m miserable about it, so here it goes…

    I attended University in Portland, Oregon. I made barely enough money to live and pay for school, and I bike commuted everywhere, at all times of the year. My coldest ride was in January, 1991. It was well below freezing out (probably about 25º F, and I was riding in a short-sleeve jersey and spandex shorts because I had no arm warmers or jacket except for a big, bulky denim and wool monstrosity that was impossible to ride in. I was warmest under my backpack, and I found that I could keep fron freezing by sprinting and pushing as hard as I could on the climbs, and getting into the tiniest of tucks on the descents. I was completely miserable. I actually had ice frozen on my arms when I got home.

    As a result of this, I can handle pretty cold weather without much more than the same outfit I wore that day. That being said, I now own arm warmers.

  195. Apavlak

    I ran a couple times with it was about 0F with a 30mph wind. Made for some cold runs.

  196. Sean

    Today on a mountain bike ride my eye lashes stuck together.

  197. Mike

    It’s the wind that gets me. I can deal with cold (down to any normal winter temps we get in NC) by bundling up and keeping warm by running. But the wind cuts right through the layers. The worst I can remember was a mid-winter run with temps just below freezing and a steady wind. I had to slip a plastic bag down the front of my tights to keep my bits from freezing, and my face was so cold that it took a while before I’d thawed out enough to form words after I finished.

  198. John G

    Training ride in SC 2 or 3 years ago in Jan. Wx was WAY off… Cold snap hit and I didn’t bring enough of my damn-Yankee bike gear. Thought my feet might actually freeze and all off on a couple of rides. Actually used sandwich bags to help insulate my toes.

  199. Gabe Hanlen

    Coldest swim by far in Svalbard, Arctic Circle. Don’t know exact temp, but the ice around me wasn’t exactly melting!

  200. Greg Livingston

    My coldest run was probably two years ago, at the St Patrick’s Dash in Jamestown, NY. I typically stick to the treadmill until the weather get’s warmer!

  201. Matt Amargo

    25F run in Chicago during Thanksgiving. For a San Diego, CA boy that was a bit chilly, especially since all i was wearing was shorts and a old race t-shirt.

  202. Stephanie Girling

    I live in San Antonio, TX so running in the “cold” is a very relative term!! I will, however, NEVER forget my very first 1/2 marathon. It had been in the 70’s the day prior (and week prior) and a cold front happened to slip on in over night. I’ll never forget waiting (as a newbie I was in one of the last corrals) in below freezing weather. I hit my “bite me” zone before we even started!!

  203. Jon

    Coldest run was durning a midwestern December night. I wasn’t dressed for it and it started raining / sleeting and I FROZE!

  204. sgs

    Does mildly cool early morning Louisiana swamp fog count? If so, I’m in!

  205. Coldest so far… had to be about 55 degrees and windy, about two weeks ago. I meet a friend after work to run three times a week and I didn’t have time to run home first. I wasn’t dressed for the cold at all – and we cut the run short because we were both freezing. It had been 80 degrees the day before, and we expected more of the same. Yes, we are spoiled in Florida.