Photo of the day: Racing (triathlon?) bikes on water

Last weekend while bumbling around at the northern of the two Paris beach areas, I caught sight of three people racing across the canal’s watery mass…on bikes.  At first glance, it would be an aquatic race – but then upon thinking about it a second longer, they were actually riding a legit bike on the water.  In effect – consolidating the first and second legs of the triathlon. I’d consider that outright brilliant.  Why swim when you can bike-swim?


If you look closure, you’ll notice that the bike creation is actually a catamaran of sorts, similar to the little paddle boats you find in lakes all over the world.  Of course, once you add a saddle, chain, chaining and pedals – it becomes a whole new beast.


My personal favorite though is the fact that the bikes come with baskets – I like that kinda thinking.


My only question would be – exactly what leg of a relay would this qualify for? Swim or bike?  And do they make a treadmill boat?

Things to ponder.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!  And thanks for reading!

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  1. Anonymous

    Alexandria to D.C. commute on the Potomac…..perfect for this…what ever you call it….

  2. Not sure how to “like” this…
    Excellent idea though, except for the waves. Well, and the “traditional” history of triathlon.

  3. Here is your water treadmill:
    link to
    Karnazes runs on it… he was planning to run to hawaii but they did not let him.

  4. I did something very similar last week in Canada…part of a run brick! Garmin data included!link to

  5. You’ve really never seen a hydrobike? Really? Google the term.

  6. Nope, first time for everything.

  7. Just surprised given how much you travel and see.