Big DC Rainmaker announcement coming Tuesday!


Things have been pretty busy here in these parts lately, really busy.  But, on Tuesday, we’ll be announcing something pretty big.  Really big.  Like, life changing big!

Why Tuesday?  Well, I could tell you Monday, but then that would preempt my usual Monday post about my weekend (which will include this past week in Florida – tons of awesomeness), plus, it gives you more time ponder what exactly I’ll be announcing.

There are so many possibilities, the potential is really limitless.  Like a bottomless pit of M&M’s from Costco limitless.

Are we adopting albino hamsters?

Am I designing my own GPS watch for deep ocean exploration?

Are we going to tandem bike across the country…while juggling?

See, lots of options.

Give it your best shot.  There’s no prize this time, except of course bragging rights.  Which – might just be worth something…someday.

(Note: Those ‘in the know’ don’t qualify – that’s considered insider trading – and we don’t want to have anyone removed from future any giveaways as a result of such ballot fraud.)


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  1. margreat


  2. Anonymous

    definitely a little dcrainmaker on the way…

  3. Running for president. Hey, you’re starting a little late but we’d vote for you even if we are Aussies.

  4. dave

    One of my best friends told me that watching your wife give birth is like watching someone burn down your favourite bar.

    However, if that’s what it is, CONGRATS!

  5. Anonymous

    You must be the new director sportif of Radio Shack. I might have thought that you’d got a spot on the Tour de France team, but I think Horner probably beat you out. Watch out, Fabian just won the Swiss Time Trial Championship again, so he’s going to be tough to beat in the prologue.

    Our, you bought Lance’s bib for Kona.

  6. I think That the girl is becoming THE mom. Birth expected in november or december..

    In case im right, congratulations!

  7. Bicycle built for three?

  8. Anonymous

    you “expected” news leads me to think that you need to start reviewing these: link to


  9. I vote for baby or sponsorship! Or how about both!

  10. Ian

    You’ve finally caved and the Girl will be getting her bunny.

  11. Congratulations! Rainmaker has become the Babymaker!

    If it’s not baby news, you may need to rectify that promptly to avoid disappointing all the “baby”-guesser… 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    You have quit your day job and will be Blogging full time while pursuing a professional Triathlon career while juggling your time between DC and LA where you will be hosting your new TV show on Discovery Channel . Either that or jail time.

  13. Giving up work for full time blogging?

  14. The new website you asked for developer help with a while ago is going to go live packed full of awesome features?

  15. Running the site full time

  16. You’re gonna get married!
    Or you’re gonna get a baby!

    Hello sleepless nights! 😉

  17. How about Twins…

  18. I agree with the majority, baby it is

  19. A dedicated website with sponsorship and/or a little girl on the way!

  20. Martin

    A bunny for the girl to celebrate the baby being on it’s way.

  21. I guess its going to become a TRIo: “The Girl, The Boss and The Little DCRainmaker”.

    If this is the case: Congrats!

  22. Seems like an easy guess: baby coming!
    congrats from Pineapple Land!

  23. You’ll gonna change your hair color?

  24. Swim N Bike

    You and The Girl, made the best of both your “Off Season” and she’s getting her Bunny..


  25. Well the chances are it’s a baby! Congratulations! Would be really funny if it is something entirely different!

  26. Nothing to guess, congratulation to the future parents!

  27. As long as it isn´t something like I´m shortening my reviews, or quiting the blog, it should be good news.
    On the other hand, if most of the commenters are right, congratulations. You´ll have a few months of living hell between birth and when he/she starts to sleep all night long, but the first smile is worth anything… as well as the complete acceptance and trust of the early years…

  28. Pat

    I’ll say baby too, but I’ll up the ante and say twins!!!

  29. You’re taking a job with Garmin, CycleOps, Timex or the like and moving to Colorado, Arizona, or California so you train in awesome weather to hearts content. OR you guys are welcoming a little one into this world and going to be having some wonderful adventures in Parenting. I have 3 of those little rascals and could write an unending blog about it. It is so fun,tiring,rewarding, frustrating all at the same time. Can’t wait to see which it is you two.

  30. Baby…

    I have three little gippers, no end of fun

  31. my guess is that you are moving!

  32. Anonymous

    Al-Qaida recruitment for TT Kabul tank-RPG race this summer? 😀

  33. Kim

    As a compliance officer, i appreciate your comment about inside info 😉

    With that being said….baby!! Or youre going pro?!

  34. So many baby guesses before me. Need to kick it up.

    Baby GIRL, 12/12/2012 PM.

    And the bunny. 🙂

  35. Wow! The possibilities are endless. Of course you could go baby which would be very exciting for you both. Or it could be pro blogging. Or maybe Bertie’s Bakery is becoming a reality with a storefront and commercial equipment? Or a sponsorship for racing. Or a new job on a device company’s R&D team. Or…Or…Or…

  36. My gut instinct was baby, but since that seems ubiquitous, I’ll go with: new job, more in line with the blog (, or perhaps just a major refresh of the site.
    OR (this is my fav) you’ve been asked to live-blog or otherwise cover the London Olympics for a major publication. You’re there already, why not?
    But if it is a baby, CONGRATS!

  37. Ken

    New sunglasses?

  38. Its gotta be a baby, the timing is just too perfect.

  39. Switching to decaf?

    Going to Kona?

    Corporate sponsorship?

  40. Baby, Moving, covering the Tour via motorbike, or the bakery is finally opening.

    That should cover it.

  41. Shark week is getting a whole lot more techie?!

  42. I’d go with new baby on the way.

  43. I’m thinking baby, too. But I like Chris’ guess. Maybe you’re quitting your day job and doing the tri/blogging thing full time.

  44. Mark J. in Dallas


  45. husband/wife recipricol sex changes!

  46. My guess is you are adopting a baby Great White Shark. And you are waiting until Tuesday to make the announcement because the guys from the TV Show “Tanked” need the weekend to finish up the 75,000 Gallon aquarium going into your place.

    This just makes too much sense not to happen …

  47. pgmnv

    Has you being a triathlete, I’am gonna bet on babies… triplets to be exact! 😉

  48. Launching a gadget blog with new design and branding. Fitness focused. Maybe a new writer/reviewer or two.

    Because the existing established gadget blogs don’t get the athlete market (or seem to care about it), so this is already the closest such thing.

    That’s what I’m selfishly hoping for.

  49. guess 1: With Lance out of the picture you decided to race Kona pro as the clear favorite.

    guess 2: After the success of modeling the Bia women’s GPS watch, you decided to branch out and you will be showering us with lavish reviews on your opinion of the fit and function of various sports bras.

  50. Two guesses… Bertie 2 – Electric Boogaloo or Triathlete: The Next Generation. Technically one guess I suppose…

  51. You are changing the web site from “DC Rainmaker” to DC Babymaker”?

  52. Scott

    That I won ALL the giveaways from last week???

  53. Nick M

    hmm.. Seattle Rainmaker?

  54. I knew you’d start unicycling!

  55. You’re moving to France is my guess 🙂

  56. I think Bertie’s bakery has a bun in the oven

  57. Let me be the hundredth person to guess baby… I sense upcoming reviews about running strollers and bike trailers. Here’s my two cents:
    1) BOB is the best pure running stroller.
    2) Chariot makes a nice bike trailer that can be converted into a running stroller.

  58. you just remember you forgot to include the flying shark in the give it away and you will do it next tuesday!

  59. You’re giving up cupcakes and cookies in favor of an all bacon diet?

  60. While i’m very interested in the exciting announcement…. My Friday might be spent looking for a bottomless pit of M&M’s from costco…

  61. As everyone else said: L’il Rainmaker version 1.0 is coming

  62. Guillermo

    Oh no!!! She talked you into it, you are moving to Canada ?!?!?!


  63. Anonymous

    You’re finally getting the girl a bunny!! (or a baby…)

  64. BG

    A little DC Rainmaker on the way … Congratulations!

  65. Okay, As thrilling as a new baby is, I’m going to guess that you two are moving. Maybe to Canada or someplace else that is exciting?

  66. Seems like most people think it’s a baby. Could be moving though… Or maybe quitting the job to be a full time blogger.

  67. DS

    Congratulations, Mr. Vice-President.

  68. Let’s do some sleuthing:
    1. You are giving away stuff like nobody’s business. 2. “The Girl” just unloaded a bunch of cakes. 3. You said, “We’ll announce on Tuesday…” and normally your posts are singular (“I think”, “I went”). So, you are making room for “something” or moving. It’s been said a bunch of times already…but I’m going with the making room for something…which is probably a Mini-Maker.

  69. Anonymous

    I think That the girl is becoming the mom and u the new director sportif of Katusha team.

    Mazal TOV

    doron from tel aviv

  70. I think you’ll be doing baby jogger and baby trailer reviews…

  71. Looking forward to all the reviews for running strollers and babye bike carriers/trailers.

  72. Just to be different – sex change?

  73. Matte

    I dont think it´s a baby, i think it´s the new homepage/theme! 🙂

  74. Leslie V

    You’re going pro?

  75. You’ve been hired as a consultant by Garmin.

  76. YNWA Steve

    I’m still laughing at Dave’s comment about the bar burning down, and as a new father who has experienced that trauma I can vouch. That said, my guess is the girl has finally worn you down and you are acquiring a rabbit.

  77. you’re getting sponsored

  78. Baby. No doubt about it.

  79. Ditching your day job.

    –Craig Huggart

  80. Twins? (A more specific type of baby guess!)

  81. I see “baby” is well covered. So I’m going with “triplets”. 😉

  82. I am going to go with a baby, wearing a Garmin!

  83. Garmin has hired you to be their new head of product development? No? Then I guess I’ll have to throw in with nearly everyone else and say baby. Whatever good thing it is, congratulations!

  84. My vote is for baby as well.

  85. wow on the # of baby comments… no pressure there Ray! Love the ‘shark week gets techie’… selfishly just wishing you move to austin so I can ‘borrow’ some of your toys. all that said my guess is some kinda value add to your blogging – partnership that allows you to still do what you do best and that is review tri products!

  86. My first thought was baby as well.

  87. Anonymous

    Need tri tech reviews, info, best pricing? There’ll be a DCRainmaker App for that!


  88. Don

    My initial thought was RELOCATION!

    You’ve been cleaning out the closet, so to speak and you’ll have to change your ‘name’ to MD Rainmaker or VA Rainmaker.

    My second thought was SPONSORSHIP!

    After your comments on Lance and the importance of the sport being brought into the main stream, it could allow others to make a living with triathlon.

    But, after seeing some of the other comments and the proximity of wedding, honeymoon and multiple trips, I think I’ll through my hat in the BABY ring.

    Looking forward to Tuesday!

    Don in Baltimore

  89. Bummer! Now I thought I could finally win something……

  90. Finally dropping your day job, since your tech blogging and related activities have become higher-margin endeavors than workin’ for The Man!

  91. a Boy! 🙂

  92. You are renting your place and moving to Europe.

    Matias & Katie Palavecino

  93. Anonymous

    definitely pregos

  94. I need some bicycle trailer reviews so I hope it’s a raindrop! haha

  95. Either moving out of the area, buying a house or having a kid

  96. Lee

    Twins….one for each bike.

  97. dccrymaker – baby!

  98. Anonymous

    Reporting on Baby monitors instead of HR monitors..?

  99. buying a baby seat for your tri bike?

  100. You have single-handedly rescused the NASA space program and will be the first non-astronaut to test out their new one-manned space plane.


  101. brucelan

    Apple Computer loses its CEO and a few months later DCR has big news…

    Movin to Cupertino to lead the fruit company to a $1000/per share valuation.

  102. Anonymous

    I hoping to get to sport the Rainmaker on my wrist and on my stem.

  103. Anonymous

    My money is on baby… how do you find the time lol

  104. Baby seems like a popular guess, so I’m going to guess moving instead. Maybe your recent spring cleaning is prepping for this.

  105. GS

    1. Baby, obviously. 2. Garmin is improving their water resistance to 100 meters, less obviously. Congratulations if it’s #1!

  106. Anonymous

    Since “everyone” already said baby–did you put the gps tracker on your swimmer similar to your luggage when flying?!

  107. I think you’re moving too

  108. Anonymous

    Leading a management buy out of a well known chocolate milk producer?

  109. You have new reality show where the girl writes tri trech and you bake cookies. Am I right DC Cookiebaker?

  110. Anonymous

    You are coming out of the closet? 😛

  111. jefi

    Nike+ Website gets HTML5 interface (haha) or maybe…

    a little rainmaker?

  112. Even though my guess is “baby” I want to buck the trend, so I will guess that you are going to move to Paris. Because why not.

  113. I agree with the move to Paris comment.

  114. so does moving over to Word Press account for a big announcement? I know you have been talking about it for a while but not sure if that is big news….but…we are all here reading.

  115. You & The Girl are moving into an abandoned Amazon warehouse because last weekend’s giveaway extraveganza failed to put even the slightest dent in your treasure trove of electronic goodies.

  116. Review of Polar’s “all in one” GPS onboard tri watch

  117. I want to say Baby like everyone else.
    But I will guess somethign else.

    I dont think its moving, You have set your town home up pretty nicely to make a move below what I think is probable.

    But given your recent connections with some of the companies, I like the idea of designing your own software/hardware for training.

    Either that or the Gril is getting a bakery finally.

  118. It’s a baby or Engagement!

  119. You’re writing a book.

  120. A big move back to Seattle to raise you new bambino.

  121. In Spain we say babies come from Paris. So there you have it!

  122. Batman

    You are going to give birth to garmin vector pedal because tired of f*** waiting? You are great

  123. Babies would be the obvious answer, but maybe the cupcake bakery could be an alternative….

  124. Congratulations on the miracle that has been provided to you two. Consider yourselves exceptionally lucky to be able to announce the upcoming birth of your child!

  125. Change of job. Moving into Fitness device industry

  126. Free beer for all!!!

  127. Anonymous

    You’re finally coming out. Congrats!

  128. Congratulations, Ray. Let us know, if it is boy or girl!

  129. You’ll meet me?

    Nah, too obvious, must be a puppy.

  130. I bet it’s a bunny!

  131. RWJ

    You’re really a brunette and have been dying your hair all this time? I’d like to take my winnings in yen please and thank you.

  132. My money’s on a mini-DC triathlete being on the way.

  133. I vote for a baby too 😉 Big changes in a triathlete life !

  134. The new web page with all kinds of new functionality or the addition of the pitter patter of little feet (and a few sleepless nights!).

  135. My votes:
    #1 – Baby Maker – Auguri!
    #2 – Going pro – Not tri pro but blog pro or fitness industry pro
    #3 – Relocation overseas?
    Either way, best of luck, and if #1 proves to be true, let me know if you need tips on how to involve your baby in your training!

  136. I would like to revise my earlier guess. I’m now guessing that your announcement is going to be that you bought your $800 bike.

  137. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.