Timex Marathon GPS Giveaway!


With less than a week left in May, spring is flying by!  I’ve been trying to plan out weekends for the next two months, coveting a way to spend each weekend day, usually in the great outdoors.  And often based around training or racing schedules.

Tonight ended up being a perfect BBQ night after a nearly 2hr brick with hill repeats, and thus hopefully the start of many more warm spring hill & BBQ nights.  So with no more complex reason than that, I’m giving away a Timex Marathon GPS unit.


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).  Simply answer the question below:

What are your training and/or racing plans for this weekend ahead (Apr 27-29th)?

For those curious, I’ll be doing a 10-mile trail run at Fountainhead on Saturday, and a 40ish mile bike ride on Skyline on Sunday.  Definitely looking forward to both!

The entry period will run until Friday Apr 27th, 2012 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. The winner will get a brand new Timex Marathon GPS unit.

As I do from time to time (though, it’s been a while), this particular giveaway is sponsored by one of the site sponsors (BeMultisport.com), which is an online sports device retailer based just down the road from me.  They paid for the unit, though I’ll pay for the shipping (which, come to think of it, if you’re in Uzbekistan may actually end costing more than the unit itself…).  As always, supporting site sponsors helps support the site.  Circle of life thing.


(Note: If you’re active duty US military and deployed, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you. Thanks all!)


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  1. Avoiding the rain!

  2. Daniel

    first of all thanks for offering this whole giveaway thing! Also keep on blogging. I like especially your reviews!

  3. Joe

    12 miles this weekend and hot yoga. Joy!

  4. Saturday 40-50m hilly road ride, no doubt in the rain

    Sunday 11m easy run no doubt in the rain

    ..not long till the 1st half iron….hoorah!

  5. Jeroen

    friday night: wedding party
    saturday morning: 20k run with hangover
    sunday: interval training
    monday: 10k run in the morning, drinking in the afternoon (national holiday in Holland)

    it’s gonna be a tough weekend ;-)

  6. Hopefully 50-55 bike ride followed by a 6 mile run on Saturday. Following that up with 12 mile run Sunday morning. Three training weeks until Florida 70.3.

  7. John Onofre Dizon

    10k run with my brother!

    email: p3ckstar@yahoo.com

  8. Friday is off the bike day
    Saturday will be a hilly solo 2.5hr bike ride
    Sunday is a long ride with the group.

  9. 2 months into training, I blew my left meniscus…so I wont be running but will be hitting the weights.

  10. Same old weekend training planned, Sat AM short swim and run while the kids are at swim practice and Sunday a bike ride. Bought the wife a Soleus 1.0 (based on the review here of course!) and sure I’ll have to go out with her for a bit to make sure she understands how to use it.

  11. derNate

    4 day weekend here – so, Saturday 15km tempo run, Sunday 100km ride through Alsace (northern France), Monday 10km easy run and Tuesday 14km run on the track.


  12. 20+ mile mountain run training for Jemez Mountain 50.

  13. Stuck at work for the weekend.
    But the Yarra River Trail in Melbourne (Australia) was great today

  14. A family 5k walk for the hospital and then on Sun my first sprint Tri of the season with an indoor pool swim and outside ride and run. Should be fun to start the season officially.

  15. 70 Mile bike.
    12 Mile run.
    Unlimited mimosa brunch!

  16. carol

    I direct a training program for Jeff Galloway, people who want to run a good 10k – we’re training for the Peachtree Road Race in July – 3 miles tomorrow including a timed mile to gauge progress!

  17. Will be on the bike getting ready for the May 12th Mission 18 Adventure race that I am participating in.

  18. I’d love to get a 30 to 40 mile bike ride in. Outdoors would be great, but depending on how the kids behave I might have to watch a movie on the trainer.

  19. Morten H.

    bright site ! I’m always enjoying the product reviews.

    If you drop by Denmark, pls. join out 12hour MTB race here http://www.h12.dk – if you just write a race review :-)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. This weekend I am scrambling to find a sitter for my kiddos since I over looked a trail 10 miler that I always run. In fact I have held the Female Master’s record since the race started. I would really not like missing it but with no sitter (yet) and a soccer game that starts soon after my race would finish, this may be the year I DNS. Fingers crossed that isn’t the case but….

    Since I am looking at a 100 miler on the 12-13 of May, I won’t cry to much about not racing. I’ll just run my training miles and keep the legs fresh and hungry for a race. If I can’t bribe a friend or family to help out with the kids.

  22. I will ‘partecipate’ (impossible to win!) to the “Coppa Friuli” competition in Italy. It’s the 5th race on 9 and go just 8Km

  23. Kevin Reen

    headed out for long bike on Sat and then a 2 hour run sat. would love to know how far I go!

  24. Two 90 minute TrainerRoad workouts bookending a weekend away with my wife.

  25. Anonymous

    Christopher406….It’s snowing now with 12″ predicted above 7000′.That’ll have me getting out my AT ski outfit this weekend to climb for some turns at the closed ski area. Love your blog…I’m hooked.

  26. No race plans for me but a nice long run Saturday morning

  27. I´m plannig for a 50km ride in sunday…

  28. 45 mile training ride in prep for a century in June, this will be my longest ride of my life so far.

  29. Training for a 70.3 race in Eastern Island on June 1st, so long ride on Saturday and running some 20k Sunday morning.

  30. I’ll be getting my 5 mile trail run in at Gunpowder in Baltimore preparing for the Northface DC race in June! YEAH!!

  31. run outside! The weather here in Montreal has been ridiculously cold and rainy in the past 2 weeks.

  32. Still in recovery from Big D (Dallas, TX) two weeks ago, so maybe 10-12 miles this weekend. Cheers! Nick Kaminski

  33. I will be resting, very hard week of training or maybe just a jog in the beach!!

  34. Billy Flores

    April 27th- 20mile run 8:00-8:15min pace
    April 28th- 25mile bike (spin)
    April 29th- 100mile bike@ 190watts/6mile run @7:15min pace

    : )

  35. n

    i read you often and i wish i win this !!
    have a nice day
    Nikos from Greece

  36. Typical off season workouts…

    Saturday – 45 miles on the bike
    Sunday – 6 mile run followed by some COLD beer.

  37. It’s been a busy week, so I’m going to relax this weekend by starting friday with a 8 km run, saturday a mountainbike trail of about 25 km with my mates and on sunday the wife and I will make a 15 km hike in hilly south of holland to enjoy the blossoming of the fruit trees.

    Grtz to all

  38. I’m doing a 10 miler with my running club. Hoping for decent weather.

    Jason H.

  39. I’m doing a 10 miler with my running club. Hoping for decent weather.

    Jason H.

  40. Apparently, I’ll be doing 4×1 mile repeats Saturday and a hilly 30 mile ride on Sunday.

  41. Sidelined with a stubborn calf muscle tear I’m planning on doing some intense cross-training in the form of heavy-duty gardening, at a friends house on Saturday, and at home on Sunday. Hopefully will find time for a 50 mile low intensity bike ride on Sunday morning.

  42. j_u_k_i

    Friday cyclocross ride 57km done
    Saturday and sunday about 100km road bike rides

  43. tking8@comcast.net

    Continuing my prep for my first NPC Bikini competition with a bike to the gym Saturday for a leg workout and then an 8 mile run on Sunday with a friend, followed by an upper body strength workout at the gym. Getting lean!

  44. 2 trainings in the Alps on the bike in France around the Saleve and La Clusaz! Probablz 5-6hrs of pure fun…

  45. vacyclist68 is training for 2500 mile Great Divide Bike Ride in July. This weekend will have riding the W&OD trail with my YAK in toe.

  46. 5 rides – 1 long interval day, z2 ride, 1 short interval day, mtb tempo, mtb long



  48. On Saturday, following an easy 5 mile run, I will be going hard in a 50 meter outdoor pool. On Sunday, I will be biking 50 miles in the hills. Can’t wait!


  49. I am testing out the Garmin 910xt on a simple ride around my area. Considering my first entry into a triathlon.

  50. Training – Saturday, cross train + upper body strength training
    Sunday – swim, 4x100m scull drills, 1x100m bilateral breathing drills, 10x50m 20 sec intervals, 1x100m warm down

  51. Jules C.

    Loved your review of the product by the way!

    I’ll be working Saturday unfortunately.

    Planning a 90-120min long run on Sunday!

  52. I’m coming off an injury, so it’s a bit of a slow weekend. I’ll be aiming at doing runs on back to back days for the first time in 6 weeks.
    Saturday: 3 mi run
    Sunday: 3 mi run

  53. I ran 10 mi today with my wife and felt great. Hopefully an easier, shorter run later this weekend.

  54. 5km hilly run on Saturday. 10km flat on Sunday

  55. This week training for the Copenhagen Marathon with the last long run

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. I will have my last long run before the Copenhagen Marathone

  58. Saturday I have an easy 8 mile long run and shooting for a 40ish mile bike ride on Sunday. Bring on the weekend!!

  59. recently joined a learn to run 10k program…planning to do so practice runs to be able to keep up with group next week! (resending as I did not leave email last time! lol)

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. I’m training for a 10k race so it’s going to be a run filled weekend. Also going to fit in a easy bike in there somewhere!

    Derick (from Toronto)

  62. Happy Runner

    This weekend? Pike’s Peek 10K, its my traditional “crappy winter is over and now its Spring” race.

  63. Hill repeats Sat. morning with an easy 8 miler in the afternoon.

  64. Friday: hockey tournament game 1
    Saturday: game 2
    Sunday: semi’s and finals

    Sunday could be a rest day if we don’t make it that far!

  65. Starting a taper before my first 50k.

  66. This would be great for my next marathon.

  67. This would be great for my next marathon.

  68. It would be nice to wear this watch around my wrist for a half-marathon.

  69. There’s a cycle path along a disused railway line that starts near to where I live. It goes through a town about 15 miles away so I’m planning a run up there and a bus journey back.

  70. Hi DC , greetings from New Zealand.

    I’m an ex marathon runner who now tries to look after the body by running off road- so I’ll be doing some bush running in a 14000ha regional park just down the road from where I live.

    Regards, Nigel.

  71. I’m tapering for a 10k the week after but will still be at parkrun on Saturday (a UK weekly 5k time trial). Should be a good weekend!

  72. I’ll be running in the James Joyce Ramble 10k in Dedham, Mass. Wonderful course and actors in costume posted along the route reading selections from the author. If that’s not inspire enough…

  73. Anonymous

    Run, bike, paddle… getting ready for an adventure race next weekend!

  74. i have a charity 5k race this Sat morning. sounds easy compared to what i read in comments :-) (like 25k, 35k… )

  75. La montre compte, nos jambes courent, les deux utilisent de l’énergie ;-)

  76. Angie M

    Nothing on Saturday except packet pickup for Iron Girl half marathon on Sunday in Columbia, MD.

  77. 15 mile run on saturday and a 2hr bike ride on sunday. thanks

  78. Long Run. 12 miles this weekend.

  79. Got accepted to NYC Marathon. Time to train seriously, starting this weekend. Plus some biking, hopefully.

  80. Thanks for putting together another give away! Its awesome! Cheers from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  81. Planning on running my first 10K at the Minuteman Race, Westport CT

  82. Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be running a 2 – Mile Tempo Run bright and early tomorrow.

  83. No racing this weekend, I have to work, but I did just sign up for my first post-chemo half marathon (Rock n Roll in San Diego)!

  84. Anonymous

    I had great plans for tons of training for this weekend, but unfortunately I will be working on my car tonight and into tomorrow some, my soccer game got cancelled, and I have to go into work both days. Basically my long run, long ride, and the other stuff will have to be squeezed in if there is time. Maybe a new timex will make up for this???


  85. Coffee ride on Saturday, nice and easy, run an d swim Sunday.

  86. Looks like rain for most of this weekend so sat may be stuck inside at the gym and sunday, if sun does come out, will hopefully include a 30 mile ride.

  87. Evy

    Training for my first tri and planning for a solid bike ride tomorrow.

  88. 5k today, country run.
    4-6 miles tomorrow high gear trail outside Hibernia. Hopefully fly fishing after.
    Rest day Sunday enjoying the start of the Philadelphia Flyers in the second round.

    I enjoy your reviews dude, keep up the great work!

  89. kd

    Hmm it’s 11:57 pm as I type this out. :) running 8 or 10 miles as a final long run before the Pittsburgh marathon next weekend.

  90. Chris L.

    A 2 hour bike ride on both Saturday and Sunday.

  91. I do not have a race in sight!

    But I do plan to continue with the training.

    I will run 3 miles in the morning, and 3 miles in the evening. That’s what I’ve been doing.

    There are no races in sight because where I’m at (Lahore, Pakistan), there are no races. Period. There was a Marathon in March, an event arranged after about 6 years perhaps. I just showed up. Ended up completing it. Hence, was hooked.

    I as of now, have no equipment. I remember going through 11 sports shop and still couldn’t find cycling shorts! The Garmin dealership here only sells GPS devices to be used by telecom engineers.

    Heck, still have to find a place to buy a decent cycling helmet. Have to ‘source’ all these things from abroad. Somehow. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

    Have decided on the Garmin multisport 310, after reading your review (that’s how I came to your site).

    But, my plans are larger than anything I’ve ever thought possible. Although this will sound like a joke if there eve was one, I am planning for a half Ironman. Sorry, I said ‘planning’. I meant ‘training’.

    I don’t know anyone who has ever run a triathlon. Nothing comes up when I search for triathletes here.

    Been contemplating this for over a year. Now I know it’s not a ‘fad’ or a phase. I ‘am’ hooked. :/

    A dual challenge if there was one: train for an event that I am totally ‘uncomfortable’ with. And earn enough to actually afford it. And they said golf is expensive.

  92. Anonymous

    Training for a race Ragnar Nw

    My google I’d isn’t working…

    Jim B aka cal mag

  93. Big Jim

    What’s a former 71 yr old ultra guy with a hip replacement to do? Well much to my wife’s dismay, I started walking marathons! Now my only goal is the cut off time. You can actually cruise along pretty nicely at a 10-11 min pace. Next yr, I might try the Ice Age Trail 50 mi run; did the 1st 5 of them ages ago.

  94. frank kahley

    Well with the GPS on my wrist we’d find places easier wouldn’t get lost and know how many miles we walk I’d love to win one