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Just a quick post before the main post of the day in a bit…

If you remember way back to the big survey I did in February one of the items that you expressed interest in was guest posts from some companies.  Not in a PR/marketing sense (none of us want any of that action), but rather in a ‘How we do it’ sense.  For example – how exactly does a given company take their products from back of the napkin ideas to your hands.  There’s a lot of interest from a number of sports technology related companies on this front, but I really want to hear from you folks.

In an attempt to keep poking at Google+, I’ve started a bit of a discussion there.  I’m finding this an interesting way to do it simply because it allows more interaction amongst yourselves around ideas.  It’s also nice in that it lacks some of the formality of a blog post or the limitations of Twitter.  It’s almost like mini-forums.


So, without further ado – feel free to wander on over and leave your comments…or leave your comments on someone else’s comments.  Or just read the comments.  And if you can’t leave a comment there, you know you’ll always feel my comment love here as well.  Comment away!


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  1. Hi Ray, I was really interested to check out your Google+ site but the link doesn’t send me to your page… it just pulls up the general Google+ home page saying “sorry, we’re over capacity.”

  2. Hi Jennifer. Sorry about that! It sounds like you may have had a brief transient error there with Google+ availability. Anyone should have been able to view that link, without a G+ account.

  3. Drew

    Im having the same issues as Jennifer.

    The links take me to a Google+ page that informs me that Google+ is in limited field trials and they are full up.

    My guess is that Google+ is running on limited server capacity and they don’t want people over running and crashing it.

    As for guest posts, sure I would like to see technology insiders discussing things like how something works or where things are going in the future. Marketing spam would be unfortunate.

    Congrats on the wedding BTW. I’m 2 years into my sentence myself ;-)

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