Last Week in Review–July 17th, 2011


(Note: A bit delayed since I was on my honeymoon the last few weeks, but I figured some of you might like some mid-week link reading of stuff I wrote or found interesting last week)

I’ve long since wondered what to do with all the random tidbits of things I collect each week – or the little thoughts that don’t quite make for a full post. But I finally came up with a solution: The Week in Review Post. This takes the place of my Weekly Mailbag – which is over on Slowtwitch. These are just quick snippets of things that I’ve found interesting. Nice and easy weekend reading.

So with that, let’s get into the action!

Weekly Mailbag over at
Since I’m on vacation…these were too!

You can read all my past weekly mailbags at Slowtwitch here. Or the pre-Slowtwitch days here.

Posts over on the Men’s Health/Gatorade/Urbanathlon Blog:
In addition to all my writings here, I also cover a bunch of topics over on the Men’s Health Urbanathlon blog. Here’s the goods from the past week:

Tuesday: The Stair Climb Part II- Training Indoors
Thursday: The White Stuff

Note that I post over there on Tuesday and Thursday, and Sarah posts on Monday and Wednesday. It’s a tag-team event.

Posts this past week on
Here’s what made the main stage here on the main stage here on

Sunday: Week in Review–July 10th, 2011
Monday: Time Capsule Trip Report- Flying the Concorde
Tuesday: FINIS AquaPulse In Depth Review
Wednesday: Spending time with the ANT+ enabled spin bike
Thursday: Tip of the day- How I manage 15+ Heart Rate Straps

Stuff that I found interesting around the interwebs:
While I was on my honeymoon, I did have a bit of time lounging around on the cruise ship deck to read various things, mostly via my phone.  Here’s what I found a bit interesting:

1) Emergency heart operation on Normann Stadler – Quick little article, merely a note more than anything else – but hopefully he gets well soon!

2) New Triathlon/Cycling Retailer to open store with wind tunnel.  Ok, this is pretty sweet…even if it’s on the other side of the country.

3) Swimsense and Sport Tracks are now fully integrated.  Cool stuff if you have a Swimsense unit, and if you use Sport Tracks.  Like peanut butter and jelly.  Also note that Swimsense is doing a beta of updates via their software client, so if you have a unit – check that out too!

4) A link for the ladies.  This site focuses on pro cyclists that would appeal most in bed.  Thanks for SSB for the link…pure awesome.  And guys – the writing is hilarious, so it’s worth a read.  The content is perfectly safe for work, though the site name is questionable (just hover), so you may want consider saving it for later.

5) FINIS joins ANT+ Alliance: You may have seen my hint at this I my AquaPulse post…well, now it’s official.  I can just about guarantee cool stuff will be coming from this shortly.

6) Bicycle Shop Museum Owner: “I guess you can say I was a hoarder of bike stuff”…yes…yes you could. (via Emily)

7) Jawbone gets into connected health.  Interesting stuff, wonder how this will play out longer term. (via Ben Rubin)  And here’s another article about it from Wired.

8) Zeo looking for feedback on Sleep & Sex Study.  These are the folks behind the Zeo sleep analysis machine that I think is pretty cool. If you’ve got opinions here, swing on over.

9) You in the DC area? Want to have your race bib forever in Pacers?  Well, simple enough, follow the directions at the link as they bib a massive 20th anniversary memorialized bib thingy.

10) 10 Things to know about swimming TSS: An interesting article over on the TP blog about using TSS in swimming.  Good stuff.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got!  Fear not though, I’ve been saving away stuff from this week like a squirrel stashing away nuts – so plenty of stuff for another post at the end of the week.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Anonymous

    I would argue that the link for the ladies is not safe for work…the site content is fine, but the URL name is probably going to get some people in trouble with IT!

  2. brian

    glad you’re back to the posting…Hope to see a few posts on your tour de france thoughts now that you’re back!!!