One simple reason why I love watching pro cycling

In light of the world apparently ending on Saturday, and failing that, a bunch of cycling careers getting even more dorked up on Sunday evening during 60 minutes.  So I figured I’d share a brief shot from the Tour of California today that might just make it better.

I was watching along this evening using the online page/tracker/live video they have.  Which aside from the (lame) fact that it only shows you the last hour or so, is pretty cool.  I was on my laptop doing something else at the time, but keeping the tracker open on another computer in my peripheral vision.  That’s when I noticed a giant antlered animal on the course.

Oh, no wait.  Nevermind, that’s not an animal.

That’s just some crazy cycling fan from California.  All’s cool now – totally understandable.

I mean, once you put it in that context, a man running uphill at impressive speed kitted out in a crimson cycling uniform with 5’ high antlers surgically attached using steel bolts to a brilliant yellow football helmet, seems perfectly normal.


And because it’s possible the above snapshot isn’t clear enough – let me help you out a bit with some stylish digital zoom:


There ya go.  That probably makes it more clear.

Turns out, Antler Man has a bit of history (awesome pics there btw).  And, by the looks of things, he’s actually from Montana. And he’s apparently also wearing mountain bike shoes/cleats as well.  That’s hardcore, yet it doesn’t phase me somehow.  Though I typically expect it from our European cycling friends during their Grand Tours, us American’s as a whole haven’t quite elevated to that level yet.

But that’s what I love about cycling.  We need some of that in triathlon and running races.  I wish I could see Antler Man on Sunday during my race – I’m sure it would be motivating on the bike or run.  Concerning if I saw him on the swim though…especially since it’s a point to point swim from an island to shore.

Have a great weekend all!


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  1. Actually, during one of my MTB-races last year, we were joined by a moose running beside us in the middle of the forrest. I must admit it sharpened my senses a bit as I was focusing on working the terrain at the same time as trying to figure out the moose`s heading.

    I imagine he went back and told his moose friends about the strange encounters with some bike riders during his morning run.

  2. Anonymous

    I think you are having trouble with naming colors. The helmet is not orange, it’s yellow.

  3. Ann

    It is motivational to see something like that during a race. Anything that makes you laugh at something or at your self is AWSOME. Even a forced big smile on your face can help turn your negative thougths around. 2011 Martian Invasion in Dearborn (April) I saw a guy with a FULL rubber alien mask on. He ran the whole 26.2 miles with the full mask on. I was told he does it every year. Made me laugh and continue on running and running and running.
    GOOD LUCK on your race Sunday!

  4. Have you ever run Bloomsday Ray? We usually have a guy in a giant inflated Vulture at the top of Doomsday Hill, although I didn’t actually see him this year.

  5. Ray, I really enjoyed this post. After reading it, I have a question and a comment.

    First the question: I haven’t closely followed Hamilton’s allegations that Armstrong doped, but am curious as to whether any one knows (whether Armstrong did it or not) why Hamilton is going after his former teammate.

    Now the comment: I love the guy in the antlers. Enthusiasm inspires and is infectious. The world needs more wag and less bark.


  6. While I would love antler man to cheer for me, I wonder if some of those pros are pissed that some dude with antlers is running as fast as they are biking up that hill…

  7. haha, I love crazy cycling fans. At the Eugene Marathon this year there were some awesome super fans. One guy was dressed like Will Ferrell in the cowbell skit and was banging away on a cowbell least 5 different places along the course. Don’t know how he did it, but it was very fun.

  8. Anonymous

    “Antler Man” is indeed proudly waering a University of Montana Grizzley kit.

  9. We had a couple guys like that, one of whom had antlers on his helmet, on one of the steeper climbs at IMCdA last year. Very funny and motivating!