Garmin Forerunner 610 Giveaway

You know that new Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS-enabled touch screen watch that was just announced last week?  Well, I’ve got one to giveaway to you – all my best buds!


And the best thing is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a comment below.  Yup, you’re just one comment away from a brand new yet not exactly fully available GPS watch.  See, the Forerunner 610 won’t be available at your favorite running store until May 6th, but I’m happy to give one brand new never touched FR610 with the new fangled premium heart rate strap away to you…right now.


So how’d I get one of these rare finds to giveaway?  Well, I’ve got friends in high places.

Ok, not really.

I just have friends in Boston.  The same Boston that had the Boston Marathon expo this past weekend where a stash of them was for sale.  After a few quick phone calls and a FedEx shipment later my friends got me, and thus by extension you, all hooked up!

(P.S. – Did you know there’s also a Boston in Indiana and Georgia?  As well as even South Africa and the Philippines.  Check out all these crazy alternate Boston cities.  Yes, I know, more information than you wanted to know.)

At any rate, all you’ve gotta do down below is tell me any funny Easter stories of your own.  For example – did you ever find a plastic egg in the house 9 months later…and were the jelly beans still edible?  If you don’t celebrate the bunny, no worries – what’s your planned workout this weekend?

The contest will run until Monday April 25th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner FR610 (with HR strap).  It’ll be sent out Tuesday morning and you should have it a day or so later – more than 10 days ahead of everyone else (except those pesky London and Boston marathon folks…but they don’t count, they’re still limping around from last weekend).

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.  In short – I provide and giveaway everything here, these are not sponsored by Garmin.  Thanks all!)

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  1. Plan to do a 60K ride on Saturday followed by a 10K run on Sunday morning, a happy bunny.

  2. Planned workout: Eat lots of chocolate. Race bike while feeling the effects of copious amounts of chocolate in my system, and thus forcing me to not want to touch chocolate for a few months.

  3. I plan to relax and nurse my ankle back to health. I am asking my bunny to bring me a roller for Easter instead of chocolate.

  4. When I was 5 and an only child, the Easter bunny brought me a 2-wheeler (bike). Hence forth, Easter was known as ‘Eastmas’…but sadly, the subsequent Easters were never quite as bountiful (as I was soon a big sister…and the Eastmas Bunnyman became poorer). 🙂

  5. My easter plan this year is to have a Peeps duel in the microwave. Winner picks the swim workout.

  6. It is my birthday on the 24th!! So I plan to go for a barefoot run and then eat my very first leg of turkey (those things are massive!)

  7. No funny easter stories, but my workout this weekend involves too much travel with the family on BC ferries!

  8. Plan to do a 20 mile run on Sunday. Last long run before the 1st marathon.

  9. No funny Easter Stories, but I did fill 1035 plastic eggs today! Tomorrow they get hid…

  10. Hi Dc,

    Love reading your blog and really appreciate the hard work (eg: how does the Forerunner Calorie count calories).

    Would love to win the Forerunne. I would be the first in Australia and wear it with pride in the Gold Coast Marathon.

    ta shaun

  11. One Easter for a family gathering my younger cousin who was in HS and on the Track team was talking smack about his running times, so I challenged him to race, right then. We went out to the street in front of the house and I blew him away in a sprint distance of 5 mailboxes. And did I mention I was wearing my Easter’s best, khakis and dress shoes.

  12. KP Tan

    If all goes according to plan, will be running everyday from now till Sunday with a variety of work-outs.

  13. Plan to do a slow 2 hour MTB ride and half-hour run, not necessary in that order. Trying to recover from achilles tendonitis.

  14. Short story: Mignon eggs are real egg shells filled with chocolate mix — a nice Easter tradition in Northern Europe since about 1896. When I was visiting Finland a couple of years ago, I purchased some for my friends and family. Mostly reception was great — it is pretty cool and contains a lot of chocolate! My father-in-law was less fascinated. He left his mignon egg in the freezer and tried to boil it for breakfast a couple of days later.
    FIY: link to

  15. This weekend im gonna go to a small island, drink gin and tonics and relax. Ive earned it. Maybe some open water swimming to keep the muscles active

  16. My father brought my sister and I to a public park when we were maybe 4 – 6 year old kids for a big easter egg hunt. We got there a minute or two after the organizer said “go” so we hurried out to find eggs in the huge grass field. Other kids had taken all of the nearby eggs and just as we were about to grab our first eggs of the hunt we hear Dad yell “No, no, no, not the brown eggs!”.

  17. Bragged about you in the ladies locker room. Showered up after having my husband and I’s first date night in a racquetball lesson.

  18. NT from Q

    Cheeky little 50 mile ride on the back of a pool session. Keep up the good work

  19. When I was 8 years old, my dad had me go into the attic to get our Easter baskets. He was sure to give me the old “only step on the boards speech” before I entered the attic. To my defense, there was crap everywhere and I couldn;t see where the boards were and I cam e crashing down into the garage, followed by our easter baskets!

  20. Marc

    My planned workout is relaxing with the family over Easter. Bike is not happy after a crash yesterday 🙁

  21. Nice. Another excellent competition. Thanks for doing this.


  22. after 2 weeks off due to an injury (something to do with barefoot running…), i’ll try to get back on track with the training for my first half marathon!
    a few easy runs and on Sunday, the longest distance I’ve recorded so far (22-24 km)

  23. no special easter plan. just relax

  24. Planned workout 4km pool swim in saturday And just a Little Bit of cycling (50) with girlfriend in sunday

  25. Baked yams, but instead of using marshmallows, use peeps! A variety of colors would be cool; blue, yellow, pink. They have/had white ones that had sparkles on them too. Peeps rule!

  26. omg, I want this sooooo bad! my workout “plan” for the weekend is to get out rock climbing to celebrate the end of this semester 🙂

  27. It could be great to have new garmin watch

  28. we used to leave cut-paper bunny foot prints in a path around the house leading to a basket filled with goodies for the kids. now they just want the goodies and grimace at the fake tracks.

    great giveaway, i could certainly use one.

    following you since the beginning as i was searching for info on the edge 705…

  29. Being a Brit we get the Friday and Monday off around Easter (and the same the following weekend thanks to the Royal wedding!) so my training plans are: big ride Friday, MTB Saturday, Club ride Sunday and another long ride Monday. I’m spending Easter in the saddle!

  30. On saturday, i’ll try to finish my first olympic distance triathlon… there’ll probably be a recovery training on sunday.

  31. Never one a giveway like this, hopefully this one will be my first!

    Greets from The Netherlands

    Tom Smulders

  32. Cool giveaway! Much sleeker than my 310XT

  33. Workout for this weekend: Long run, by time instead of distance. Trying to get acclimated to the heat, because it’s pretty much already summer in central Florida. During the run I will have my fingers crossed that the random number generator gods smile upon me.

  34. planned workout: do visita iglesia photowalk then 21km walk to my friends and co-runners.

  35. jancam81

    When I was 5yrs old or so I swore up and down that I’d seen the Easter Bunny’s shadow on my bedroom wall. As if it would add credibility, I insisted he was wearing blue overalls 😛

  36. Just got myself a brandnew 310XT yesterday, but this one sounds really interesting 🙂

  37. Wifey and I were planning to run a 10K this Easter weekend, but with thunderstorms on the horizon, we’ll probably just cuddle up on the sofa and watch some DVDs… Oh, and eat lots of chocolate!

  38. Years ago I used to made a small piece of one of my Easter eggs last till next Easter… But now I have given up Chocolate for Lent I can’t wait to stuff myself with Chocolate Easter Bunnies.

  39. I’m going to be chasing rabbits on the Big Island in the Hawaii State Time Trial Championship race this weekend. Individual on Saturday and team on Sunday. And then I’m whipping up some deep fried cadbury creme eggs after.

  40. Some easy swimming for me this Easter as I’m still nursing sore knees after running the Marathon de Paris.

    It was emmigrants from Boston, Lincolnshire in the UK that named Boston, MA after their home town.

  41. Thanks for the giveaway — count me in!! Cheers!

  42. I plan to do a 100k ride saturday morning before flying over to the other side of Norway to joint my family for a 600k car ride back home on sunday.

  43. great watch…too bad its not triathlon made…but being a gadget man I still want one…thanks for all the hard work Ray!

  44. Thanks for the chance! I’m doing a 2-day hike on the Israel trail.

  45. I have no plans for Easter other than enjoying the delicious European chocolate bunnies!


  46. Thanks! I like this new Garmin….

  47. just planning to do a 15K run over the weekend!

  48. easy 50k ride, have to give my knee some more rest. Oh and of course lots of eggs 🙂

  49. Its my birthday on the 23rd, so I’ll be celebrating that and my cycling will take second place. Hopefully manage to go to Tokai Forest (Cape Town, South Africa) on Monday morning.

  50. Easter plan? try to find time for running while staying with my family. Oh, and I need to buy my nephew an easter cake for monday (no bunnies or eggs in my country)

  51. Working out and then going tona friends house for dinner.

  52. I am planning to find some new routes to bicycle over the nearby Mountains. Last time it was nearly 1,5 hours uphill and then down over the other side in about 20 minutes and I saw over 20 deers and one marten eating a dead deer. Totally a bit over 30K. And what is the best thing here in Japan is that all routes are covered by tarmac.

    Your blog is really great! I have been following it few months now. especially your reviews are great! Thank you!

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. We live in Italy (U.S. Army stationed overseas), so Easter & Easter Monday (called Pasquetta) will be very quiet days here. As such, I’ll be spending Easter morning running. I’ll be spending Easter afternoon recovering from aforementioned run & maybe doing some gardening/yardwork/dogwalking.

  55. Plan to ride in Maui on my birthday trip (thanks wifey). If I have the guts I’ll ride up Haleakala, but I think Ryder Hesjedal’s record is safe. I’m a Yukoner, so the heat will clip my wings a little. Then I gorge on the chocolate bunnies (ears first of course). Shout out to your girl from a former Newfoundlander.

  56. My planned workout is a long MTB and a long racebike ride, because in the past two weeks i hardly did any training 🙂

  57. what a fantastic giveaway! thanls for the chance! Easter…the only funny stories are that my kids ate afraid of the Easter Bunny.
    the one at our mall is really creepy, I’d be scared of him also if I was 5! workout this week: week 11 of training plan for half marathon #2 with a 12 miles on Sunday!

  58. Weekend workout…*gulp*, I plan to run my first half, but things are looking a little touch and go at the moment because of a recent month of rest I took. 3 hour cut off and I ran 10k in 1h10min on Sunday, but going to give it my all.

    PS: thanks for all the reviews, they are phenomenal.

  59. CH

    Making plans for my forth coming season startup camp, Nordic skiing. That involved lots of trail running and MTB. Love your blogg!

  60. On the lookout for an easter bunny! Best wishes from a long-term reader from Germany! Yeah



  62. I’m planning an early morning run (8 miles?) on Friday with a colleague, then probably a short run (4 miles) on Saturday and my long run (12 miles) Sunday or Monday. Training for a 10k race in 10 days time.

  63. 150k ride in the French alps! only 2500 climbing meters. will need chocolate to recover this Easter weekend for sure..

  64. Ok I’m in and I hope for 610 🙂

  65. plan to add more swim & bike to my running training plan. Thanks!

  66. Keith O

    I don’t know what kind of mood the Easter Bunny was in one year when I was a kid, but inside those plastic eggs we hunted at Grandma’s we found mostly candy, but also some coins (US and foreign currency), stones, hardware store items, fishing tackle, and a few IOUs.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. As I register for a sprint triathlon at the end of May (first in a year!) I will be starting training seriously this week-end… taking advantage of visiting grand-ma who lives in the country side South of France to do long bike rides, swim in the lake and run… much better than in Paris! Of course, there will be Easter Chocolate and my 30th bday celebration just before!!

  69. Hey Ray – good on you for giving the watch away. No eggs for me after puking up on expired pineapple chocolate eggs last year (NB: I didn’t realise they were expired until said experience. Probably will go for a couple of runs… Cheers Jason.

  70. I have the perfect Easter story!! Last year,
    My sister and I were in charge of hiding the eggs at the park for our the younger siblings in our family. the day before,they had picked out a place that they were going to have the hunt and have lunch. So we were on our way to the park but my sister had forgot her camera, so I made a quick U-turn and went back home. This added like an extra 30-40 mins to our trip. When we arrived the kids had found and opened some plastic eggs already. We immediately ran over to the parent and they had thought we hid those… and as soon as she had explained to me, this lady came over and saw me with a bag full of eggs, and she says ” i guess those are ours then”. I laughed, glad she took to so kindly.

  71. Hi
    Writing from Finland. I would like to try FR610 here because people say that Finland is so poor periferia that even gps wont work here.
    It would help me find home after i have runned away from polarbears and Santa.
    Best Regards Petteri

  72. I (24) was still running around with my two sisters (21 and 22) last year is search of easter eggs that my parents hid in their garden… And all three of us were rather competitive to be honest. Growing up doesn’t have to ruin the fun!

  73. Great review on the 610. Good thing I held off on the 410.

  74. long ride on saturday, relaxing on sunday, 1hr20 easy run on monday.

    great giveaway, as always!

  75. Can’t recall a funny Easter story, but the weather should be nice this weekend so I plan to make a long cycling foray into the Marin Headlands (North of San Francisco), followed by a ~15k trail run up some lung-burning hills. Spring is definitely in the air!

  76. CKee

    Saturday, still undecided between a 140km+ group ride or just riding a couple of easy 45km loops near home with wife for company 🙂 Sunday, 15-ish km easy run.

  77. looking forward to a toblerone easter egg there are savage

  78. Plan to do an aquathalon in Lake 288 in Houston. A quick 400 swim and 1 mile run!

  79. Lovely weather forecast here in the English Midlands for the Easter weekend. Plenty of pedalling in order!

    Nice giveaway Ray!



  80. I’m going to run my first 1/2 marathon on 8. May..
    Hoping to get close to 1h 40m
    That watch looks great!

  81. Hallo DC, You can put me up for an entry. My Easter plans is basically church, family, lots of food and hopefully a couple of runs (5-7km) during the weekend, with a long run on Saturday or Sunday (17-22km). A Forerunner 610 wouldn’t be too bad either 😉

  82. Doing a 10km race on Easter Sunday morning – went out with 2 friends to run the course on Monday night … no GPSs so we had no real clue where the 10km point was … I think I did 10.3km – now if I’d had a FR610 rather than a FR60 …

  83. No funny Easter Stories but I’m ready for my first marathon would like to wear it!
    Tks for all hard work and plenty of useful info you’re giving us.

  84. Planning to recover from my HIM last weekend and go for a nice slow 2 hour OWS. Pick me pick me! Enjoy the weekend ray.

  85. Plans for Easter: recovery runs + don’t give up in fighting my thyroid problems 🙂

  86. No funny stories here but I’m ready for my first half marathon after a long stop (not wanted) so will be more than happy to wear it.
    Tks for all your useful info here and hard work.

  87. For the first time ever I’m going to “celebrate” the eastern bunny! My wife’s parents invited us for eastern brunch. My wife and I got all exited and even arranged a eastern breakfast with my sister. My family never celebrated eastern like this. For the first time ever I’m exited about eastern ;-).

  88. When I was young (about a year or 5/6) I ran inside yelling “papa papa I just saw the easter bunny!”. A few months later friends told me that the easter bunny did not exist and that it in fact was your father and mother which were hiding the chocolate eggs. Crying I ran home telling my father “they told me the easter bunny doesn’t exist and that it is in fact you who is hiding the eggs”. My father quickly responded “Well I never have seen the easter bunny but you have told me that you’ve seen it right?”. My tears dried up and I said “yes I have”, made me enjoy searching for easter eggs a few years longer… 🙂

  89. I’ll leave for a training camp in Spain on Friday evening. Saturday’s plan is an easy swim and short ride (20K), then a morning swim on Sunday, about 100K ride and an 8K run.

  90. Plan to join a group ride! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  91. Will be “helping” my 2 kids eat the mountain of easter eggs that have been bought for them 🙂 and try and squeeze a run in their somewhere 🙂

  92. 120km ride on Saturday, and 16km run (longest in 18 months) on Sunday!

  93. I did a 110k ride yesterday, but my plans for the weekend include a road ride of at least 60k and a trail run of at least 16k. It’s late autumn/early winter here though so I’m hoping the weather gods are kind.

  94. I’m so looking forward to my easter training, as its my first training in 9 weeks since diagnosis and surgery on a hernia, so a nice gentle 3/4k for me in un-seasonal 20c sunshine

  95. oh please let it be me 🙂

  96. Last weekend before flying to Mallorca for two weeks of training camp and the Mallorca Triathlon. So training volume will increase to more than 30h a week 😉

  97. What an Eggciting competition. I’ll be Eggstatic if I find a 610 Hopping its way over that Atlantic.

    Mostly riding the weekend couple of Century rides to knock out.

    Thats all Yolks!

  98. My childhood Easter stories always involved me finding the most eggs and then sulking when I was forced to share them equally between all my younger siblings!
    Luckily I am much better at sharing now. I would love this watch! 🙂

  99. VJ

    Already have 310 XT but it would be nice to have this one too.

  100. running a hilly 5k in preparation for my first ever (sprint) triathlon at the same lake!

    eating chocolate easter eggs when i am done. well, maybe a few the day before too..

  101. One tip don’t hide chocolate eggs in a warm location when it rains it will melt before the kids get to them. Ask my dad….

  102. No funny easter stories, but I have a 15 month old daughter, I imagine it will be really hard for me to hide her eggs without eating the candy inside them first. This weekend I’m just doing a couple easy runs.

    Thanks for all the giveaways!

  103. Plan to do excessive eating eating with both sides of the family, drink beer and a very slow 18k run/roll after all the lamb preparing for a half marathon next month.

  104. Great review, Sat a 1.2 mile swim, a 60 mile bike, then I get to be the Easter Bunny!

  105. It is Springfest here in Stuttgart, so we’ll celebrate easter with liter beers and dancing on tables. Normal sunday, you know.

  106. Plan to do a 8km run on Friday and a slow long 14km run on Sunday.

  107. Flying to LA thid weekend (from Hong Kong!) so planning to take it relatively easy. Maybe a 10K run or something?

  108. Well, most likely will need a few 1 hour runs throughout the lazy, warm weekend… just to feel I’m still alive.

  109. In Brisbane Australia we get a 5 day weekend for Easter, that means 2 swims, 2 runs, a decent ride and maybe some chocolate 🙂

  110. My mother once hid a bunch of Easter eggs in the back yard – and most were found. Sadly, the rest were found by their dog, who ultimately ended up at the vet’s getting his stomach pumped.

    He lived – but since then, the eggs have been less well-hid 🙂

  111. Hello,
    Regards from Spain
    Do you know when Garmin Forerunner 610 will be available in Europe?

  112. We get a five-day weekend down here in Sydney thanks to Anzac day. Hopefully the training plan will involve a 50 mile ride, a couple of 20 milers and starting week 7 of the couch 2 5k running program.

    All that and eating hot cross buns from the bakery around the corner!

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Miquel Gratacos

    Hello from Barcelona!! trainning for my first Sprint!!
    Great job on your blog!!

  115. No funny stories yet, though with a 5yo and a 7yo, I’m sure a few are in the making. After my latest brush with a near-stress fracture, I’m building mileage very slowly, so my planned run this weekend is an easy six, just now building back to 25+ mpw. This is way tougher than going hard all the time. Thanks, Ray.

  116. Do a long run, enjoying the sun and some easter chocolate.

  117. Hello from Barcelona!! trainning for my first Sprint!!
    Great job on your blog!!

  118. Long run, preparing for a half and a full marathon in May!

  119. considering a sprint tri this month so testing my shape.
    openwater swim following with about 12K Ride and 5K Run.

  120. I’ve got the longest run I’ve done so far on the schedule for Easter Sunday. Then, hopefully, a nice long nap.

  121. So cool, Ray!
    After Monday/Tuesday with 30K+44K running in the woods and under the sun, the next week-end will be studious: report & journalist’s view of the 24 hours France championship 🙂

  122. Dunhill Deodores

    A 1hr 45min long run with my wife on Sunday.

  123. I would love to receive this watch! Happy Eastern, Ray!

  124. Finishing up my first week of a 20 week training plan with the end result being that I cross the finish line of my very first 1/2 Iron distance tri(Beach2Battleship)!
    Saturday, my wife & I are going hiking and Sunday is “Speed Day” in the pool followed by 45 minutes on the indoor trainer. Have a great weekend all! And if I win the FR610, I am giving it to my friend and training partner!

  125. wow! amazing 🙂
    I cannot recall any interesting past Easter Capers-just fond memories of being with my family and my closest cousin and I dressing up in our Easter best-
    This year my daughter is 2 1/2 so she actually is aware of the Easter Bunny etc. so hubby and I are going to do a big Egg Hunt around the yard for her–it’ll be fun.
    Training as usual–up early for a long run then the games will begin.

  126. I am planning a relaxing weekend after 2 consecutive weekends of competitive races. The FR 610 will be an additional motivation to train harder for my 1st half-marathon in May.

  127. I’m going to a party saturday night, on the french atlantic coast.

    I will run on the beach sunday morning, my goal is a sub 40min 10km in June.

  128. G

    No funny story unfortunately, and since I’m a week away from the St. Croix Ironman 70.3 this weekend will involve packing and trying to limit the training – 3 or 4 hour brick on Saturday, 1.5 – 2.75 hour brick on Sunday depending on how I feel. Giddy-up!

  129. I plan on carbo loading on Peeps!

  130. I plan on an easy run to shake those Boston Mass hills right out of my legs.

  131. We’re planning to enjoy a seafood dinner with friends on Sunday evening. Otherwise, I plan to relax and complete workouts four and five of the week.

  132. Hope to do 2 sets of 2 hill repeats over this long weekend – link to
    Happy Running.

  133. It would be great to have a FR 610 for giveaway!

  134. David Nguyen

    Well, I was going to buy a new watch (not decided which one yet) since my ol’405 doesn’t charge anymore (it always displays 100% charge so I believe that it doesn’t really charge and usually when I unplug it, it show the low battery alert just when I get around the block).
    So you can see why you need to pick me (ok I know you don’t pick the winner), and the new 610 will perfectly replace my dying 405 (which has gone through over 11 000 km so it’s time for its retirement).
    Thanks, if you send me the 610, I’ll let you know if it works in France.

  135. Ray, have a great weekend!

  136. Plan on a lazy 18 km run on Saturday before attacking a large Dark Chocolate bunny on Sunday

  137. Thanks so much for your reviews and updates. Love reading them.

  138. My plans..hmmm just not to eat too much 😉

  139. Easter sunrise service on the beach with the fams

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. I will be celebrating Easter down in Piedmont, Italy with friends. It will consist of 5 days of cycling through the region and of course some sampling of the local wines!

  142. Getting my 8 months old godchild his first ride this easter! A “learn-to-walk”-push-cart! Getting myself a nice 190k-ride through yet bikewise uncharted territory. Happy days…

  143. Your reviews are awesome. I want a watch!

  144. No special plan for easter, but this Garmin watch would be a nice easter gift !

  145. Ben Winterroth

    I’ve got IM St. George in a few weeks so I’ll be tapering. The watch would definitely help with the race!

  146. I’m returning from a plantar fascia tear so I’m hoping for an easy six miles.

  147. DC

    Just started running and like to read you’re extended reviews and information on you’re blog.

    Thanks for that.

  148. When my wife was little she and her brother used to have an ice cream tub each to store their easter eggs in. My wife used to eat all of hers but her brother eeked his out and made it last until Christmas. So my wife used to steal his when he wasn’t looking. He only recently found out why his chocolate suddenly started disappearing so fast!

  149. I am house sitting for a friend here in sunny London, they have a roof terrace, so I might run around on that..

  150. No Easter for me, but do plan on an easy run Saturday and hopefully a nice 30-40 mile ride Sunday.

  151. My Wife and I were at the Rumpuss in Bumpass this Sunday, and we saw the rented RV trailer parked alongside the building… Remembering how you rented an RV for the event last year, I thought for sure you had done it again this year. I almost went up and knocked on the door to see if I could meet you… But then later I read your race report and discovered you had stayed at a hotel. That could have been an awkward situation!

    Training this weekend – doing the Tour Du Carroll.

  152. This week-end I am travelling for work to San Francisco and planned to visit by running the full city, long hill here I come!

  153. 20 mile LSR on Sunday. It’s going be hot hot hot (for the UK at least) – yuk!

  154. No real plans for Easter, got a torn meniscus waiting for surgery. So for me, it’s reading time 🙂


  155. Planned workout? Not a lot. Going on holiday with the family.
    Minimum amount of choccy. Can’t afford the extra weight going up hills!

  156. Kevin V

    No funny easter stories but plan some swimming, a lot more running and whole lot of biking. Last big weekend before the season opener.

  157. easter egg hunt with the kids

  158. DC your the greatest. For those of us that are technologically challanged, you get us thru the day.

  159. 40 mile ride on Saturday, 10 mile run on Sunday before church.

  160. I was five and dressed in my Easter dress ready to go to church. Mom let me go outside to the car (after a big rain) and found me sitting in a puddle of mud!

  161. My planned workouts, if the weather conditions are ok, are

    Swim (open waters fartlek series) -Bike (60 to 100km each day)
    Run (strides and recovery races)

  162. Plan to get a short run and a bike ride in, hopefully!

  163. Great watch and dreat site!

  164. Don’t have any funny Easter stories, but I plan on getting a 12 mile run in Sunday morning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Not sure about workout plans – I’ll be volunteering all weekend at a Tae Kwon Do tournament, though, supporting my friends!

  166. Every year, my husband would receive an easter basket from his mother…and every year he would put the entire thing (candy and all) into a box marked “easter decorations”. After we got married, imagine my surprise when I discovered several years worth of old candy in that box! Nasty!

  167. Easter was all ways at my grandparents house… They had a huge tree lined backyard. Well there was always this old station wagon parked in the back yard for storage i guess. One of my aunts decided to hide an Easter Egg in he exhaust pipe. My little cousin found it but by the time he retrieved the egg his entire arm was black from sticking his arm in the exhaust pipe!
    Plan to swim saturday and sunday, then ride 45 mi sat and run 6mi on sunday.
    Thanks again!

  168. Sign me up please! I’ve been intrigued by all of your Garmin pieces. I may have to check them out further!

  169. Soon off to Fuerteventura, Spain (from Sweden) for a week of Triathlon training. The only easter connection will be the breakfast omelette. That is my plan!

  170. Sign me up! I need a new garmin! No running plans this weekend- we ave family in town– trying to load up the miles this week to prepare for the Easter bunny chocolate.

  171. Well, not my own story but still. My mom once told me that when she was young she decided one year to decorate some eggs for Easter. So she took them from the fridge and painted them with a ton of really nice colors. She decided to hide them into her closet until Easter arrived.

    Two things happened, first she dropped one on the floor and broke it, which was a bit sad. But the worst of all, she didn’t know that she had to empty them, so you can imagine the smell 😉

  172. I just started triathalon training about 2 months ago. I used to race bicycle competitively. If only i could swim.

  173. I would not mind a new watch. It would also be nice to run outside without a winter hat this weekend.

  174. My 2 year old son keeps putting on the bunny ears is hopping around the house in anticipation of the Easter Bunny – Norman, the dog, doesn’t like the bunny ears so much. P.S. Finished a 5K in sub 20:00 accomplishing a major goal of mine:)

  175. Plan a 2 hour ride with a short run Saturday and then Sunday is a 1 hour run. No bunny here.

  176. Love your blog, even though been doing Tri’s for many years I still learn from your posts.


  177. I’ve got a 35K long run planned this weekend, my longest training run yet, I’ve ran further during my first marathon, but still quite the distance.

    And we have found chocolate in the cupboard 6 months after easter, wasn’t allowed to eat it 🙁

  178. Pick me you random generator.

  179. Good job at Rumpass, any chance we’ll see a 610 cake? 🙂

  180. No bunny here. Race preparation on saturday, bike race on sunday.

  181. We hide eggs every year, but we never find all of them. Where do the lost eggs go? Maybe we need a congressional hearing! Please pick me, I can be random.

  182. Never found a plastic egg some months later, but I did once find a real egg that had been used at an Easter egg hunt at my Grandmothers. Found under some brush that I was cleaning up. This was a few years after we had stopped having egg hunts at my Grandmothers, since all the grand children were now too old for the hunt. No telling how old the egg was.

  183. Not really funny ha, ha, but… My wife, dog, and I are driving 14 hours to spend 28 hours with family in Ohio.

  184. I have some swim work planned for the weekend. Really trying to get under 14 min. for my half mile time

  185. I’m planning a nice 40 mile road ride on Saturday and an easy 15 mile trail ride, on the mtb bike, Sunday morning…

  186. The Garmin FR610 looks great. Would great company on my runs!

  187. Hoping to run 6m this weekend. Nothing much for the people on this forum, but I need to slowly ramp up again.

  188. I have a 22 miler on Saturday morning in Ann Arbor in preparation for the Pittsburgh Marathon. Thanks

  189. I don’t plan to see the Easter Bunny too much on my run this weekend. Looking forward to a down week. Today is 8 yassos, a swim thursday or friday, saturday will be an easy 8, and hopefully a ride on sunday. But who knows? It’s currently snowing in MN!

  190. Hopefully a 10 mile run Saturday morning to make up for all the eating I’ll do in the afternoon/evening. Also, thanks for all of the giveaways!

  191. Garmin 610 will be a great tool to have to prep for a marathon here in Western Australia, the long run will be this Easter sunday…

  192. I plan on doing a 5 mile run on Saturday and a long relaxing bike ride on Sunday morning. Happy Easter!

  193. I will try to take advantage of the weather while training before hunting the eggs

  194. This comment has been removed by the author.

  195. A few years ago during Easter we still had our decorated Christmas tree standing in our living room. This was written in a newspaper with a short note about us.


  196. Jason V

    Count me in! Brick on Saturday, long slow run on Sunday…

  197. No funny Easter stories, but plan to get a 10 mile run in between travel on Saturday. Headed to St. Louis to catch a Cardinals game. I wonder how long or if anyone has attempted to run from KC to St. Louis? That would be intersting!

  198. Planned workout – 11 mile race simulation 6 easy then 5 at pace +30 seconds. AWWW YYEEEEAHHH

  199. Shane W

    I’m tapering down for the Providence marathon on 5/1, so this weekend is just an easy 8 mile run and a couple hours on the bike.

  200. Anonymous

    I’ll be eating lamb and chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday and then trying to work it all off in the “Corsa dei Vovi”, an 11 km race at Treviso on Monday morning – let’s hope I can keep everything down!


  201. 70 mile ride on Saturday and a 14 mile run on Sunday with lots of visiting family in between.

  202. This comment has been removed by the author.

  203. My Easter will have a lot of training and not much chocolate. I am preparing myself for the Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon, in July.
    Really appreciate your blog.

  204. Don’t have any funny stories, since I haven’t looked for easter eggs since I was 9, so I will give you my saturday workout. Plan is a 20 mile bike ride followed by a open water swim in the chesapeake bay. Gotta love cold water!

  205. Phil P

    My planned workout is to spread 8 yards of river sand over the backyard. Should take a good 2 days.

  206. Planned workout: Regeneration after Vienna City Marathon and start of the cycling season: 2 rides 50 to 100k each with small hills.

  207. I plan to start (shall I say restart) p90x Sunday. Yikes!

  208. I’ve got an easy run and the last long run in my half marathon training cycle to get out of the way before Easter festivities at the in-laws on Sunday…

  209. When I was little, I was a fierce Easter Egg hunter. With elbows blazing, I knocked all those other little girls and boys away!!!

    Happy Easter. 🙂

  210. Planned workout: eat traditional Finnish mämmi – which looks and tastes horrible. This (luckily) seems to be disappearing tradition…

    Also maybe 10K run and testing the new bicycle just to compensate the “mämmi” eating.

  211. Stretch, Rumble Roller aka Rumblr, more stretch, more Rumblr and lots of jelly beans.

  212. Planned workout-5 mile barefoot run on Sunday.

  213. Wow! Awesome giveaway. I plan to ride 50 miles on Saturday, and run 10 and perhaps swim (if I can find a pool open) 3,500 yards on Sunday.

    Happy Easter.


  214. I plan to do some jiu jitsu on Sunday, and then relax the remainder of the day.

  215. Don’t have any funny Easter stories but I’m doing a 70 mile bike ride and 10 mile run this weekend.

  216. Plan is for a 25 mile run on Saturday, then a nice relaxing Easter Sunday with my daughter.

  217. Tim K

    One year I waited until 2 weeks after Easter to get my chocolate. It was 90% off! Scary how many chocolate bunnies I got for ten bucks. This year I’ll try a “course” that I created and downloaded for my new Edge 800. And I want to find out how far I walk when I cut my grass.

  218. Kaves

    I’m in! Easter in Cape Cod, long runs by the ocean and swims in full wetsuit in pond!

  219. Cool! Of course my husband would steal it from me and then I’d be relegated to using the 310 but whatever – still cool!

  220. I’ve got a brick workout planned in-between brunch with The Wife’s family and dinner with my own. Weeeee!

  221. A long run & lots of food!

  222. Planning on get over this cold soon to go running again

  223. Planning to do my first outdoor ride on my new Felt B14 TT bike 🙂

  224. This comment has been removed by the author.

  225. when I was very young i placed a whole bunch of peeps in the microwave to make one big happy peep,but all i got was a gooey mess that mom made me clean up.

  226. The easter bunny always brings candy, but the easter pig used to bring me superhero underwear!

  227. Well just finished my first Boston and plan to spend Easter this year in sunny Florida. Yet, the only funny Easter moment I can think of right off, is the family showing up at the annual Easter Country Club Buffet…problem was it was a week early, so there wasn’t anything set up.

  228. I saw the new Garmin at the Boston Marathon. It’s slick. I think the interface will need another firmware update – but overall its a beautiful training watch.

  229. Ironically, I’m headed to Boston for Easter. Two easy runs on tap.

  230. I plan to do a short group run this weekend (5-7 miles) and some weight training. Also have to dye a bunch of eggs for my kids first Easter egg hunt. I’m sure I will have some funny stories after this weekend. Have a good weekend, Ray!

  231. I’m having knee pain from IT Band issues right now, so it hurts to run at any speed BUT full speed. With my first Tri of the year coming up in a few weeks,I’m not comfortable not running at all, so I plan on doing really hard intervals, followed by lots and lots of ice, and maybe a little chocolate for desert after Easter Ham with Family.

  232. This weekend I’m biking for 3hrs then a short transition run for Saturday. Sunday is another 1hr bike ride then a long 90min run. A Garmin 610 would be so useful for my long runs. Thanks,

  233. This weekend I plan to do a 12 mile run.

  234. Tried to make one big happy peep when I was younger by putting a bunch in the microwave, all i got was a big gooey mess that mom made me clean up

  235. I grew up in England, so the big thing over there was to see how many huge chocolate eggs you received. Then you would go back to school and compare number of eggs with your friends.

  236. When I was a kid in the 70’s our family decided to take a family picture. My Dad, Brother and myself are all in leisure suits. What a hidous site!

  237. What a guy!…you stoke my gear lust with your excellent review, then a giveaway 🙂 I celebrate the bunny, whether cute and fuzzy, chocolate or peep variety, but have no funny stories. So, this weekend – debating an evening 5k on Friday (bike/run short brik in am), Sat just a short easy run (usual long run day) b/c I have to be at an all day event. Sunday, looking to do 7miles or more as it’s sort of a cutback week in my plan.

  238. Long run for Sunday. Ride on Saturday. I’m Jewish, but all of my reglious holidays are spent “atoning” or “doing penance” in seeking spiritual or physical bliss. Either with wheels or on foot. The endorphin rapture will take me soon…

  239. Last year for the kids easter egg hunt we put the plastic eggs with chocolate in them out too early. While we ate lunch they roasted in the sun and by the time the hunt happened, the chocolate was very squishy and messy. No chocolate for the kiddos!

  240. great running weather these days. hopefully it doesn’t get too hot too soon

  241. Thanks for the 610 Giveaway. I Plan to do a long trail run at the Jefferson Memorial Forest following family activities.

  242. plan to run 50-60 miles fri-sun!

  243. This comment has been removed by the author.

  244. Will be working on completing a brick workout of swim/run

  245. When I was seven, we (my family) had an Easter egg hunt indoors on account of the weather. My sister and I ran all over finding the eggs hidden in some very strange places. While in the garage a spied an egg resting atop a handle that was propped against the wall. Little did I know that the handle was part of a hoe! Needless to say I ran as quickly as I could to get the egg. However, just before reaching it I stepped on the base of the hoe and it was thrust towards me in an instant! It made contact with my forehead, subsequently knocking me out cold! When I came too, my mother, father and sister were all standing over me starring at my forehead with concern. Of course my sister was kind of laughing, but what kid wouldn’t laugh; I now had a huge black and blue Easter egg shaped bump on my forehead! Happy Easter!

  246. I remain convinced to this day that, at 4 years old, I saw the Easter Bunny’s shadow outside my room. You can never tell me different.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  247. I found a chocolate egg in my pocket after it went through the laundry. That kinda sucked

  248. Well I’ve just had a tooth out so no chocolate for me over Easter – def not funny for me but everyone here is laughing 🙁

  249. big bucks, big bucks…no whammies…


  250. no funny stories and no training plans this weekend either.. do i still qualify??

  251. This weekend will be a long ride with my dad on Friday and Saturday -and a run on Sunday!

  252. CarlosG
    With an amazing weather forecast for the following days(Netherlands) 25C (77F)will be going out for my 1st open water swim, 1500m, of the year in Zaanvoort aan Zee, not looking forward to the “fight” with the wetsuit though.

  253. Planning a 90k ride on Saturday followed by a 15k run on Sunday.

  254. I will be doing an 8 mile run this Saturday morning, pool time afterwards & enjoying Easter services with the family on Sunday.

    PS – Awesome blog site, thanks for sharing your expertise.

  255. I’m SGT Marcano currently deployed to Afghanistan, just been trying to run 4 to 5 mile around the FOB whenever possible.

  256. No Easter for me, but I do plan to do a nice easy long run this weekend. Just coming back from a running injury and I’ve been able to run for a week without pain!

  257. Biggest Easter shenanigans were when I had a Significant Birthday fall on the Saturday of the weekend. Less said the better. I’ll tell you my training plan instead: now the legs are recovering from last weekend’s marathon, get out and see how many miles they’ll handle!

  258. Anonymous

    No funny stories. Would love to win this watch!! thanks…Denise N

  259. Not a funny story, but one year (before triathlon) my dad and I went out golfing the day before Easter and I got a hole-in-one.

  260. I was scared to death of the easter bunny at the mall and would never ever ever get my picture taken with him. That thing is scary!!

  261. 16 miles this weekend.

  262. No funny Easter stories. Long ride planned for Saturday. Medium ride planned for Sunday before hosting Easter dinner of crab cakes. Local strawberries are in so angle food cake to show them off for dessert.

  263. I am recovering from SLC marathon, so probably a nice easy 13 miler this weekend.

  264. When I was little I sat on the Easter Bunny’s lap and he smelled like beer and passed out.

  265. No super funny Easter story, but planning on a brick ride/run this weekend prep for my first Tri in May! Thanks for the contest! Awesome!

  266. Ben

    Chillin at the Beach – run when I want – how much I feel – lots of sleeping

  267. Weekend workout will be one last “long” run before my 1/2 on May 1st. Nice and slow 10-12 miler on Sunday.

  268. This comment has been removed by the author.

  269. I don’t know if this is funny, but one Easter when I was like 6 I was doing an Easter egg hunt in my grandparents’ backyard, and a nail pierced my leg. OUCH! I probably should have gotten stitches, but didn’t, and now the scar is still there 20 years later. But, it reminds me of Easter at my grandparents’, which were good memories, so in a way it’s special 🙂

  270. I have a lazy uncle who was in charge of bringing the chocolates to stuff into the plastic eggs one year. Completely forgot to do so and instead stuffed them with dollar bills. Had one with a 20 dollar bill as the grand prize. To make things short… no one ever found the 20 until a couple of years later, doing some yard work, I unearthed the egg from under a rock… That went towards a nice tri top!

  271. When I was a kid I painted eggs all by myself and hide them around the house. The only thing I forgot to do is boil them. Some of them broke, big mess.

  272. This comment has been removed by the author.

  273. We’ll go for a nice run and eat some Cadbury mini eggs.

  274. Working – running

  275. My mom used to make scavenger hunts for us to find our baskets. She tried to make the clues rhyme, and they were ALWAYS hilariously awful.

  276. I will be completing my 479th consecutive run, enjoying family, and filling up on jelly beans.

  277. My planned workout is to ride 100 km on friday and another 60 km on sunday. Hopefully find some eastereggs.

  278. My Mom hid an egg of candy in the dryer on one of the side things. We never found it, she forgot about it and we ended up with some chocolately clothes that needed rewashing afterwards.

  279. 10 mile run on Saturday. One week away from running the Kentucky Derby Festival marathon. Can’t wait. Love the blog.

  280. No funny Easter, or Easter Bunny story, and the forecast rains this weekend are trying to dash my outdoor training plans, but with a brand new Garmin 610 on my wrist, I wouldn’t let a bit of rain stop me!

  281. FR610 highly required to find my way back after easter hunt next sunday !

  282. Plan to do a longue distance duathlon in north of France 10K/80K/10K on sunday.

  283. No workouts plans, just a 5K race -the “Bunny Hop” on Saturday. The rest of the weekend will be spent working on the house! I’d rather be riding my bike!

  284. When you’re an entrepreneur you tend to forget that holidays are approaching since “vacation days” don’t really exist in your world. So I didn’t quite realize that Easter was upon us until I read this post. 😛 I never lose track of my training schedule, though, and this Saturday calls for a timed 5k training run followed by Sunday’s hour-long aerobic (heart rate zone 1) recovery jog. Happy Easter, everyone!

  285. One year when I was a young kid, my sister & I went to my grandma’s house for easter weekend. The saturday before easter service, we got into my grandma’s makeup and somehow decided to use her lipstick as indian face paint….which somehow morphed into painting both of our ENTIRE faces solid red with lipstick. We thought it was pretty…. neat until we realized we could not get the lipstick to come off our faces! I remember my grandma scrubbed our faces for a long time trying to get it off. Alas, we still had a sort of odd, bright red glow in that year’s easter sunday pictures.

  286. Taking it easy this weekend with a long slow run on Sunday. Probably 10 miles.

  287. A few years back my mother in law lost all the Easter Candy. She has a mild case of hording, so losing it is understandable. After 6 months she found it and we got peanut butter eggs and marshmallow peeps for Halloween.

  288. Will it make me run faster?!

  289. 18 mile run – my longest run ever!

  290. Thanks for the running the contest! I’ve been wanting to upgrade my Garmin and winning won would be perfect.

    My plan is to enjoy a Peep S’more and head out for a nice 10 mile run on Saturday and hopefully a nice 20 mi bike on Sunday morning.

    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

  291. Don’t celebrate the bunny, just the peeps. As for workouts, I have an 8 mile long run planned. It will be the end of my two-week recovery from a calf injury that sidelined me for two weeks. After this run I can finally start full on training for my next race, which is coming up soon!

  292. Jake C

    Headed to Seattle for Easter to see my 6mo. nephew. Won’t have bike so will just be running doing hill training that’s typically only possible on a treadmill in flat Eastern ND! Can’t wait!

  293. Another giveaway? … Santa? Is it you??

  294. WOW what a great offer. Would love to win!

  295. No funny Easter stories, just a 3 HR ride/20min transition run on Sat and short 40 min run on Sunday.

  296. I’m visiting my grandparents this weekend in sunny Florida! I plan to bike 90 miles on Easter Sunday -Naples to Captiva Island and back.

  297. No rest for the weary, 35 mile bike ride followed by a short run.

  298. Weekend plans are to get together with family. We’ve gotten old enough that we’re now hiding eggs for neices and nephews but it’s always great to get the one egg from Grandma with a check, green > chocolate.

    After all the hunting and eating it’s time to get out and exercise.

  299. 13 Mile run Saturday. Sunday off because I like being married!

  300. Ray,
    Great saying hello to you this weekend in Bumpass…I’m sure it was you parked along the side of the run route taking pictures on Friday afternoon…we waved as we drove by.
    Anyway, I lack funny Easter stories, so instead I’ll bore you with the details of my 1.5 hour run and 4.0 hour bike ride…my coach is evil.

  301. 40k time trial bike and 16 mile run are my plans for Saturday and Sunday.

  302. I don’t have any funny stories other than my kisser deathly afraid of the big bad Easter bunny. I’d love to try this watch out, it looks amazing! Thanks for the giveaway and the great site!

  303. just trying to get a Garmin 610 for less than the retail price!

  304. When I was 7 I had a nearly catastrophic event when I managed to eat 12 Cadbury creme eggs in one sitting. Face covered in chocolate, I was slipping into a food coma when all of the sudden the sugar rush came about. I literally ran around the house outside looking for more Cadbury eggs hidden around the yard. When non were to be found, I had to switch to jelly beans, but it wasn’t the delicious fondant filling. To this day, I still have a raging addiction to those wonderful eggs.

  305. Edwin Loh

    Well, this year I’m going to celebrate Easter on airports and airplanes. Maybe they’ll have chocolates on the plane!

  306. 40k time trial bike and 16 mile run are my plan for Saturday and Sunday.

  307. Looks awesome, could come in handy for my tri training!

  308. When I was a kid, we had an easter egg hunt outside, I picked up an egg I found, put it in my basket, and went about the hunt. When we got back inside, we started opening our plastic eggs and hard boiled eggs. Turns out we didn’t have any hard boiled eggs…. I had picked up a snake egg… Luckily no one ate it.

  309. Every year I buy peeps and pretend they are for my kids (17 and 21 men). I eat them on my way home from the store. I am shameless 🙂

    I remember my parents hiding money in the big golden egg (empty panty hose container). Those were the days when a $1 was huge!


    Count Me in 😉
    Iver had finding easter eggs, and your parents wrote down they hide 50 eggs and you comeback with 51 eggs? well that’s last year “lost” egg 😉

  311. 22209

    Planned workout: 8 mile run on Saturday. Strategize hitting up of post-Easter candy sales.

  312. Every year I buy peeps and pretend they are for my kids (17 and 21 men). I eat them on my way home from the store. I am shameless 🙂

    I remember my parents hiding money in the big golden egg (empty panty hose container). Those were the days when a $1 was huge!

  313. Gonna ride 95K to my mum’s beach house Wednesday – stay with my family – run every day (and swim Friday) and ride the 95K back again – training done 🙂

  314. I’m in for the 610! Here’s to hitting the lottery 🙂

  315. My mom was an expert Easter Basket Hider… some years we would cry and cry until she finally helped us find our baskets…in the oven, the dishwasher, the washing machine/dryer.

  316. No funny easter stories but this weekend should see me getting in a 20mile run before I start my taper for the Edinburgh marathon.
    Really enjoyed my Kilomathon (26.2km) last weekend.

  317. I don’t have a funny Easter story but I plan to do a 10K run on Easter Sunday. 🙂

  318. My Easter story has to do with our dog, Kenny. One year, early in our marriage, my wife and I decided to dye eggs. We dyed them, left them on the counter to dry and went out to dinner. Upon our return we discovered that Kenny had eaten almost a whole dozen hard boiled eggs (shells and all). Needless to say, about 24 hours later, Kenny was very anxious to get outside.

  319. It’s a weekend for runs – long and easy both days!

  320. 22209

    Connection timed-out on original comment attempt .. sorry if it actually went through and this becomes a repeat!

    Planned weekend workout: 8 mile run. Strategize hitting up of post-Easter candy sales.

  321. Hi Ray!

    I just want to check if the display protection is less fragile than on Nike+ GPS watch.
    Count me in twice (retweet also ;))!

    btw. Very nice blog.


    Count Me in 😉
    Iver had finding easter eggs, and your parents wrote down they hide 50 eggs and you comeback with 51 eggs? well that’s last year “lost” egg 😉

  323. My workout this weekend is to pack up everything I own and move it into a new apartment

  324. We’ve got perfect weather these days her on the other side of that big ocean, so my Easter will be spent outside running. Btw, I’m planning to get one of those “If you see me collapse, please hit ‘Pause’ on my garmin.” t-shirts:)

  325. When I was 5, I was so upset about the frilly dress my mom made me wear for Easter. I hated frills and lace. I did however find the “golden egg” with $5 inside at the community egg hung, and had the local paper photographer take my pic, but in the pic my arms are crossed and I’m snarling b/c my pic would be in the paper wearing that darn pink frilly dress!!

  326. I’m from another country and I don;t really celebrate eastern the same way you guys do. I’ll be working out in the morning (Short Ride – long Run)!

  327. This comment has been removed by the author.

  328. Woke up to a surprisingly snowy Easter morning to see bunny prints over the front yard. Ranked up with best Easter ever.
    Found out last year that my parents had let our pet rabbit out the night before to leave the prints, but she got away and the parents had to look around the neighbourhood for an hour to get her back. They have mixed opinions about that year…

  329. No funny Easter stories, this year will be a long run Saturday, and then SHOCKER will be going out to 9:30 club on Saturday night! Very excited to see Femi Kuti and hopefully I can stay up, all the training means I haven’t been up past 11 in a long time!

  330. Plan to do a 5 mile on saturday if the snow clears up!

  331. I’m planning on a 10 mile tempo run tomorrow. A 6 mile run in huaraches Friday. And end up the week with a 14 mile long run.

  332. When I lived in Hungary as a youngster my grandfather would hide a lot of the Easter eggs in the manure pile out back for the egg hunt. He got a great kick out of me trying to dig them out of the pile. I’ll never forget his laugh.

  333. One entrie!! Great Blog!

  334. Plan to do a 2k bike ride with the children on Sunday, and 20k of rollerskiing on Monday, Oh ya.

  335. Thanks for the give away. Hope I win


    When I was 7 and had an Easter egg hunt at my grandmas for the first time she hid plastic egss but was not aware that you were suppose to place candy inside them so when my brother and I found them all we got were empty cheap eggs, we cried. I cant wait to have kids and do the same to them 🙂

  337. Planing a 21k run this weekend. The 610 would come in real handy!

  338. Patricia Garrido

    Great!! Best Regards!!

  339. I will be getting married.

  340. Probably do some shorter but faster runs to prepare for a 5k next weekend! Plus running with family since they’re in town visit!

    Oh, and lots of chocolate bunnies afterword!

  341. Planning on a 20k run and learning how to put the new caravan up.

  342. I’d love to win it!!!

  343. I recently moved to NYC – well if you consider 4 months ago recent. Anyway, I am training for my first triathlon – a half ironman – and have found the challenges of training in the greatest city in the world (sarcasm) to be, well, interesting. For instance, this morning I went out for a 7 mile run. I was sporting my Garmin Forerunner 405 to get an accurate mileage, pace and calorie count. What I ended up with was none of the above. All the infrastructure (think building, bridges, sewer rats, etc.) in the Big City, my Garmin has trouble maintaining satellite reception. The first time I ran in the City, I was amazed when I checked my watch and saw that mile 3 was a brisk 4 minute per mile pace while mile 4 was a not-so-impressive 10 minute pace. One solution to this would be to buy the foot pod, but sometimes seeing that 4 minute mile pace gives me just the boost of confidence I need to make me feel like training for a half IM while working 80+ hours a week isn’t that crazy after all. Of course my ego is kept in check when my next mile ticks in a good 5 minutes slower!

  344. Still happy with my Garmin Forerunner 305. Have a great day.

  345. When I was a kid, my Mom would hide the Easter eggs and our dog would follow after her and eat them all.

  346. I recently moved to NYC – well if you consider 4 months ago recent. Anyway, I am training for my first triathlon – a half ironman – and have found the challenges of training in the greatest city in the world (sarcasm) to be, well, interesting. For instance, this morning I went out for a 7 mile run. I was sporting my Garmin Forerunner 405 to get an accurate mileage, pace and calorie count. What I ended up with was none of the above. All the infrastructure (think building, bridges, sewer rats, etc.) in the Big City, my Garmin has trouble maintaining satellite reception. The first time I ran in the City, I was amazed when I checked my watch and saw that mile 3 was a brisk 4 minute per mile pace while mile 4 was a not-so-impressive 10 minute pace. One solution to this would be to buy the foot pod, but sometimes seeing that 4 minute mile pace gives me just the boost of confidence I need to make me feel like training for a half IM while working 80+ hours a week isn’t that crazy after all. Of course my ego is kept in check when my next mile ticks in a good 5 minutes slower!

  347. Anonymous

    I plan to start running again after a disastrous first marathon last year.
    – Eric in Naples, Florida

  348. I plan to eat some ice cream since I gave that up for lent!

  349. Cwilly73

    Christmas time our daughter tells us she doesn’t believe in Santa. Same daughter loses a tooth and tells us she doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. With Easter coming she asks us if the Easter Bunny will hide eggs inside or outside this year? Of all three this is the one she believes…

  350. No funny Easter stories that I can recall other than eating too many chocolate bunnies and peeps! Helping out some teammates that are signed up for IMTX this weekend by pacing them during a 100 mile bike ride…should be interesting.

  351. Planning on a nice 10k run right after sunrise. Thanks for the giveaways

  352. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. This weekend’s workout is likely to be a 30 mile trail run in the driving rain. Maybe watch some migrating whales from the cliff tops too…

  353. Planned workout is a 10 mile run, one week away from my first marathon, it will be a slow and easy one.

  354. I’ll put my name in for this.

  355. Racing and then sleeping in and brunching!

  356. This year I’ll leave on Easter Saturday for holiday to Oman.

  357. We visited friends during Easter as a kid and I woke up and started looking for eggs. Only problem my friends family did not hide easter eggs. I look forever but found nothing. Very disappointing. My work out, hopefully a 30 to 40 mile ride and 10 mile run. Thanks for the chance to win.

  358. I plan on using peeps as my nutrition — the packaging is pretty similar to shot bloks.

  359. Long Saturday run; long Sunday bike.

  360. Will do a short 5 mile trail run. First Easter since my 102.5 year old granny died last year. Will miss seeing her with her Easter bunny ears on.

  361. this watch looks so cool….

  362. Planning a post easter training surge fuelled by guilt at having eaten so much chocolate – Providing I receive the right amount of chocolate of course ;o)

  363. My funny easter story is one that happened just last year. Our uncles decided to have an Easter Boot Camp. The prize was a plastic egg with money in it, amount unknown. But everyone had to do an exercise that they called out, like 20 pushups…then they gave us a clue and we got to run around the yard and find it. After a few min, another exercise and another clue. By the end we were all a bunch of sweaty relatives stinking up the house playing board games.

  364. My younger sister had recently broken her leg skiing and was in a cast for Easter. Having a flare for the dramatic and being known to be a bit cranky, when it came time to get our pictures taken, the ten year old decided to throw a fit, because the weather was cold and pictures were going to be outside. After much screaming and yelling, she stormed off, but being in a cast, her storm was more a limp. As the family began to laugh, she became even more angry and fell into a bush in a effort to get away from everyone. We never laughed harder. She however was not amused.

  365. Another great offer. Hapy to be in — and happy I have no tragic eating story to share!

  366. This comment has been removed by the author.

  367. I’ll be running my first 50K trail race this weekend and plan to be recovering on Sunday. Would love to try out the 610. 🙂

  368. Gavin H

    A church I went to last year dropped 2000 eggs from an airplane and lets just say he was a bit off target and seeing everyone run for cover and being pelted by eggs was pretty funny. (No one injured)

  369. Would live to win the 610! Great blog BTW

  370. Best Easter stories involve finding my Easter basket in truly bizarre places, courtesy of my dad. Dishwasher? Check. Bathtub? Check. Garbage can? Check.

  371. No good easter stories. Just an open water swim, some running, and biking this weekend. Maybe an easter brunch.

  372. When I was a kid, my father told me that chocolate Easter bunnies were bunnies that had retired from active egg-delivering Easter bunny duties. He said that they all were eventually frozen as milk chocolate statues to be eaten by greedy children the world over. Then he laughed. He laughed like a madman while chewing into one of those chocolate bunnies and saying “So long Reginald” through a mouthful of ears. Reginald was the name given to all rabbits by Zoltrex, the overlord who ran the whole show. Or so my father told me.
    *none of that is true

  373. Wow, Garmin is really kicking out cool gear in the past 12 months. This tiny wrist GPS is the coolest!

  374. At least 2 hours of trainer + swimming so that I can pig out at Easter Dinner!

  375. Whoo-Hoo!!! Count me in!

    Hopefully the sun will come out on Saturday for an easy 2hour ride and then an easy 10-12mi run on Sunday.

  376. Fra

    Plan to eat a lot!

  377. We don’t really do easter; and this year it will be all about recovering from jetlag (flying to FL from Europe this friday), so I plan to have either a nice run or swim to clear my head.

    And hopefully not pass out in the heat… @_@

  378. Hoping to get a run and ride in this weekend.

  379. Kate B.

    Greetings! When my brother and I were young we enjoyed a yearly Easter egg hunt at Grandma’s with a bunch of cousins and neighbor kids… One year, my brother went missing for a bit and my parents found him sitting by my Grandma’s beautiful flower arrangement sticking pussy willows up his nose!! Ha!

    As for this weekend- 10 mile run with old friends along Lake Michigan and then a Milwaukee Brewer game on Sunday… All while wearing bunny ears 🙂

  380. I’m afraid I don’t have funny Easter story, so I’ll answer the second part of the question. For me, this Easter weekend is all about resurrecting my commitment to living active. After a long winter, I’m planning on doing my first run in almost 5 months. So nothing to brag about, just an easy run to get back into it!

    – Yogi from

  381. milo617

    Days off from work, but wife has the to do list ready for stuff to be fixed around the house. Oh boy! Easter should be drive to Mexico, and camp out with the family. Thanks for the giveaways Ray!

  382. Visiting family this weekend so after skiing Friday, I’m on near-total rest until Monday morning, though I may throw in an hour of yoga on Saturday. I need the break and can’t wait.

  383. Saturday is a 50K trail race followed by Sunday recovering and enjoying the holiday with my kids (maybe eat some chocolate). 🙂

  384. Fvrunner

    No funny Easter bunny stories herd, but plans for the weekend include 10 miles on the trails at Umstead park.

  385. The Easter bunny paid his annual visit to our house when I was a kid – and brought a couple of cute hamsters for my sister. Unfortunately – our Black Lab found the hamsters before we did and only left us remnants! Funny in retrospect, not so funny back then!

  386. Gonna be biking the 35 miles to my parents house this Sunday morning, followed by a 30 min brick run, just in time to sit down and gorge on our Easter feast!

  387. I just came across two years of aged (as in stale and hard as a rock) Peeps in a drawer the other day as I was desperately searching for some chocolate. If they had been chocolate covered, flavored, or filled I would have eaten them right away. I have a 9 mile run scheduled for the weekend…my longest run ever :-). I sure could use a fancy new Garmin 610! C’mon random number generator…make me the winner!!!

  388. Just really long walks for me over the weekend

  389. Planned workout: 2-2.5 hour ride followed by transition run on Sat, 1.5 hour base run on Sunday.

  390. Rest week so easy ride and run.

  391. The Easter bunny paid it’s annual visit back when I was a kid and left a nice present for my sister – 2 Hamsters! Unfortunately – our Black lab found them before we did and all that was left were remnants. Funny in retrospect -not so funny back then!

  392. i proposed to my wife by hiding her engagement ring in an easter egg! 6 years of blissful marriage, three boys and still going strong!

  393. Anonymous

    searching for hours to find an egg, that was literally 6 inches above my sightline – so I was looking (almost) right at it for the whole time. Great amusement was had by others….

  394. yep…I would like to have one of those…..thanx

    8 miler for Saturday, 16 miler for Sunday then pig (turkey) out time

  395. Nobody in my family actually eats Peeps, but my mom still buys them. So we started a tradition: Peep Wars. Two combatants are armed with toothpicks and placed in the microwave facing each other with the timer set for one minute. First one to pierce the other wins!

  396. This Friday the family (hubby and kids and I) are going hiking in a remote area in Southern Utah in search of Indian petroglyphs. It should be nice 6 mile round trip. Saturday will be an easy 8 mile run, and my son will do a 25 mile bike for his Cycling merit badge. Going to be a busy weekend!
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  397. Forerunner wouldn’t be a bad upgrade from the Edge I use on runs now. Thanks for the opp.

  398. Anonymous

    No funny stories, with three kids there are many eggs though. Joel Neely

  399. Joel Neely

    Many eggs many stories

  400. Easter for me is a 9 mile run (prepping for late May 10 mile race, half marathon in August) followed by church and good eating with my kids, wife, and parents. Should be great. Thanks Ray, have a happy Easter!

  401. Tomorrow i’ll have some rest, i’m going to Milan, Italy. Then for Monday, a 30k ride followed by a 10k run.

    Greetings from France !

  402. Hi Ray- I’m the one who said hi at Rumpus and told you my husband loves you- he’d love ME even more if I could win this for him.
    Plan for this weekend:Recovery run Sat, easy bike Sun.
    Thanks! Becca

  403. This comment has been removed by the author.

  404. I will be spending Easter weekend packing to go to St. Croix 70.3 triathlon. I wear a Garmin every day and would love to have the new one.

  405. Count me again. One day it will be my day. Happy Easter!

  406. for easter i’m planning on takign it easy and only doing 1 MTB ride and maybe squeeze in 2 xfit sessions. would love a 610 to track it on though 🙂

  407. Jeff LaPlume

    My workout this weekend is a 30 min tempo run (6:50 pace) followed by a 60 min long run (8:45 pace)on Sunday. Happy Easter!

  408. I want this one. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  409. SBHNO

    I gave up all sweets for lent and just finished a 70.3 on Sunday. I intend to eat a grotesque amount of dessert, have a cocktail and go play golf badly (does it count as a workout if I walk?).

  410. Can’t think of a funny Easter story…but on top of my weekend workouts I get to install a 100′ french drain in the yard!

  411. liebs45

    Hi DC! Jewish so no Easter story but had a fairytale of a weekend: Fri 4/15 was my 39th birthday, and at noon I was notified that I am one of 200 people in the world to be chosen to compete in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI on 10.8.11! I am still on cloud 9; have always considered myself fortunate but never a “lucky” person-but this makes up for an entire lifetime of luck!

    Submitting this not only because fairy-tale story, but because you can imagine the financial burden I just got hot with to bring my family to HI. A device like this, one that I would use everyday in training and racing, would be infinitely appreciated and utilized!

    Regardless of outcome, happy holidays to you and yours, and to everybody reading this.

    Jon L.

  412. I’m the fourth of five kids, so I naturally tend to feel like I get shafted. So, during the Easter Egg hunt one year, I was the first one to find my allotment of eggs (yay!). I sat there, confident I had finally gotten the eggs with the most money.

    I got nothing but change. My little sister got every single bill worth more than $5.

  413. One year, instead of chocolate, my dad made me a beer bunny. Tall beer can — feet and ears from white and pink felt, nicely and discretely attached with duct tape. There were googly eyes on the front and then one of those animal masks/noses wrapped around. Perfect Easter gift!

  414. No real workout planned since I’m on call for work, but hoping to squeeze in a ride and run.

  415. DanM

    Thanks Ray! No funny easter stories but my workouts are all being done to counter all of the Reeses peanut butter eggs I’ve been eating. They’re just too good to resist.

  416. Thanks for the giveaway! And dang it, I forgot about Easter. That’s going to really mess up my workout plans. (See how I’ve got my priorities straight?)

  417. Plan to do a 3mi “long run” after coming from an injury with my phone as tracking device. Since I couldn’t run for 7 weeks, my dog was mad and ate my old Forerunner. So I am in need for a new one!

  418. Regular weekend workout – mtn bike ride Sat and some indoor climbing Sun

  419. My exercise plan is to do a extended run on Good Friday morning and hopefully not wear myself out too much as I have a family golf outing in the afternoon.

    – Erik

  420. Planning a 10K run on Saturday with some friends. Swimming lesson cancelled due to Easter. Also have to buy Easter candy for daughters and hide it – nearly forgot!

  421. Planned workout: chasing after kids while they hunt for eggs!

  422. I plan on enjoying the time off and going for a bike ride. My fingers are crossed for good weather and for the giveaway.

  423. Anonymous

    This is not so much funny but cute. When my daughter was 3 I hid little chocolate eggs on every other stair coming down the stairs in our townhouse. She was so excited finding them at the time -and seeing the pattern of every other step…it was so cute. I forgot about that for 15 years until she was talking to me last night and reminded me of it. (Which is also cute in it’s own way.) – Susan in Shoreview MN

  424. On Saturday I’m gonna bunny hop myself to a 5K run. Sunday, heading to the trails for some mountain biking and some grilling with the family.

  425. No funny Easter stories come to mind but I have my first one hour run coming up this weekend after coming back from an injury for the last six weeks.

  426. Easter will be a little different for us this year. First one as empty nesters. Sunday will be a recovery day after Saturday’s long run so I’ll be taking it easy relaxing with my wife.

  427. When I was maybe 2, my parents wanted to go skiing, so they put me in the skis that attach to snowboots and left me at the bottom. Well there is this kid (me) kind of cute (back then) wandering around, so they brought me over to the easter egg hunt. These were the foil wrapped chocolate kind.

    They yelled go – and well no other kids (mostly much bigger) had these stupid skis in the way so I could not get to any of the eggs before the rest of them. I didn’t much care, I was just doing what I was told (I actually listened well to my elders back then).

    The adults in charge felt awful that here I was, empty handed but for my big giant feet. So they bought me a candy bar – I scored – that was much better chocolate than the eggs had 🙂

    I will be racing Quabbin on saturday so Sunday will be some sort of recovery workout….tbd.

    -Cat London

  428. Hmm, can’t think of any funny easter stories.

    This weekend I’ll be mending my knee in hopes of getting to the start AND finish of my marathon 10 days away! There will be lots of time spent in the pool for sure.

  429. This comment has been removed by the author.

  430. This comment has been removed by the author.

  431. No funny stories but plan on doing 60 miles on bike Friday, followed by a 10 mile run on Saturday. Sunday will allow me to indulge in chocolate!!
    Great blog. Have a fantastic Easter

  432. detall

    detall. Being Jewish we don’t celebrate Easter so I have no story to share. I do have some good Passover stories though. Anyway my older foreruner 305 last week failed to hold a charge and Garmin will repair for $80. since the new 610 is a few weeks away, I entered the giveaway

  433. This comment has been removed by the author.

  434. Heading to Northern Michigan where there isn’t much else to do but hang out with the family and get in a run or two.

  435. Loving your site. The “how to not decapitate your bike” article was great, and resolved the debate (between my wife and I) about whether to go with a root or trailer hitch mounted bike carrier.

    Hope to see you at a race this summer, I’m in DC as well and train with TPR.

  436. Looking forward to checking out how that touchscreen can handle -20F winters and the onslaught of sweat that I tend to emit in the summer.

    Weekend workout… Run 10-13 miles and bike 20-30 Saturday. Hopefully get a good 50+ mile ride in Sunday.

  437. Big neighborhood egg hunt and one of the neighbors dressed up in a bunny suite and I just remember being absolutely terrified. Now it makes me think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “Run away, run away”. It is just a little rabbit . . .

    Also, for the weekend, 1hr/20min brick on Saturday and a swim and run on Sunday.

  438. Plan this weekend is to get high on chocolate and do yard work, hopefully the chocolate buzz will help with the enthusiasm to get out and do the yard work.

  439. I want to know why when we were kids we used love egg rolling – run down a pretty steep hill chasing the eggs and then run back up again. Now of course we call this hill reps and we dread the thought…

    Maybe I should break out the painted eggs again..?

  440. On Sunday 13 mile hill run planned to prep for my upcoming trail marathon. Rest on Saturday

  441. Love the looks of this watch. Hope I win!

  442. I want to know why when we were kids we used to happily chase painted eggs down a steep hill and then run back up many times to do it over again.

    Now we call it hill reps and dread the thought…

    Maybe I should break out the eggs again…

  443. Last training run before the OKC Memorial marathon!

  444. Greatest giveaway ever!
    Count me it.

    Planning an 84KM mountain bike race this weekend.

  445. My Easter Weekend Celebration starts tomorrow with a morning swim followed by a solo 100K ride.
    Friday I’m taking things off-road, 30K mountain bike ride, 10K trail run, and an Atlantic dip before joining the girlfriend for a suntan on South Beach.
    On saturday I’m gonna ride to a Spartan Race in North Miami Beach (60K)to watch my brother demolish the field.
    On Sunday I’ll squeeze-in an early 100K on the bike before church with the girlfriend, then I’m off to my parents for the Easter Feast.
    Have you noticed that there’s very little running involved all weekend? That’s cause I’ll saving myself for when I received the 610.

    Enjoy your Easter Weekend!

  446. Well, all I can say is that chocolate eggs found 6 months later under the sofa cushion are not edible, tried it for you 😉
    Keep up the great work Ray!

  447. Count me in for one! I can remember multiple Easter’s where the holiday fell on daylight savings time and we showed up to church an hour late.

  448. Hopefully, my wife wont mess up with my eggs, so I will be able to workout this weekend. Happy Easter !

  449. I plan to hike a little mountain near my house. I’ll be the first hike of the season.

  450. please put me in. Puked up candy from eating to much when I was 5.

  451. Thanks Ray! 2 1/2 hr brick scheduled for Saturday and 1 1/2 hr run on Sunday. Thankfully the weather has finally warmed up!

    No fun Easter stories, but eating lost of Matzo during Passover always throws a wrench in my training nutrition…..

  452. I am going to do a brick on saturday and I LOVE free stuff!!!

  453. CharlesH

    Planned workout…hill repeats.

  454. 11 mile easy run on easter!!!

  455. Hi DC Rainmaker, thanks for the contest. If I win, I should be getting the FR610 just in time for my last long run before I start to taper for Ironman Texas! Whoop Whoop!!!

    Regards, SMORENOG

  456. No funny Easter stories here either, but I’ve got a 10km easy run on the weekend – I’m tapering for the Vancouver Marathon at the end of this month.

  457. I was five years old riding my favorite big wheel cruising around the neighborhood with my brothers. After miles of riding, we headed home to dream about the upcoming Easter Holiday (it was two days away). We lived at the bottom of a big hill so we always pushed ourselves as fast as we could down the hill. As we chased each other, I was too late on my brakes and slammed into my Grandmother’s ’76 Buick LeSabre. Needless to say, my whole face was a wreck with a black eye, split lip, cuts and bruises. On Sunday, we had our Easter family picture taken in my best outfit with all my cuts and bruises. My Mom still kids me to this day that there was more “color” on my face than the Easter eggs we painted. Ride on…

  458. croethler – The dog got into my son’s easter basket. While the jelly beans and Peeps weren’t to her liking, based on the ‘biological evidence’ in the backyard, she loved the Hershey Kisses and Cadbury eggs… Foil wrappers and plastic grass adorned the landscape over the course of the next week. Fortunately,the dog showed no ill effects from the ‘poison’ chocolate.

  459. Brian L @ 72764

    Easter workout plans include a run and a swim. Easter celebration plans include a family egg hunt with my 3 1/2 year old and 10 day old boys!

  460. I plan to do a 3 hour ride, 90min run, and a bunch of time chasing the kiddies around 🙂

  461. Funny Bunny Story: My kindergarten-aged Daughter wrote a letter to “EB” this week, “Deer Eester Buneey, plees giv me a big choklit buneey so I can share with frendz. Love, Cassie”

    Weekend workout is a long-ish run on Saturday and long bike/transition run on Sunday.

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!!

  462. Recovering from a bout of overtraining. Easter weekend workout, thus, consists of season 6 of Lost (appropriate Easter entertainment, right?) and eating sugar coated marshmallows in the shape of baby chickens. #delicioussugarcoma

  463. PS: Really hoping for some luck, since I lost my Forerunner somewhere between the Finish Line and transition at Galveston 70.3!!!

  464. We’re planning on riding 50 on saturday and a short one on sunday. We’re off to a late start this year 🙁

  465. Alta59

    I am the Easter bunny and I need that watch!

  466. Brick workout followed by 6 hour car dive to my mother-in-laws house. Wow can you say party! Think I might take my bike and ride home.

  467. We’re planning on doing a 50 mile ride on Saturday and a short one Sunday

  468. The Irish government has put a warrant out for the arrest of the Easter Bunny due to tax “egg”vasion, stating chocolate eggs have dropped in value since the recession. The Easter Bunny is hold up in Switzerland where he’s awaiting an “egg”xtradition order… 😉 {sorry, best I could do off the cuff).

    So given this awful news of Easter being cancelled in Ireland, a Garmin FR610 (+ an easter egg 🙂 would go along way to helping me cross the finish line in Ironman 70.3 in Galway in Sept…

    Tks DC, keep up the good work, (just started following you on twitter)!


  469. I’m just hoping it doesn’t snow again this weekend. Last week I came home from church, changed into cycling gear, walked out to the garage, and it started snowing.

  470. Years ago my mother mailed me my Easter basket and given our deep southern location I had a ‘solid’ melted chocolate basket!

  471. Yup. Jelly beans are a bit stale, but edible when found at Thanksgiving. Scary, huh? Put my name in the computer pot, please.


  472. I always remember the year we found peeps in the easter baskets…from last year…

  473. Mom made a point of getting me a new “Sunday suit” each Easter. I grew up in the 70’s, so most of them were of the polyester leisure suit variety. Looking back, there’s not much funnier than the white leisure suit from Easter 1975 – a true classic!

  474. The plan is to build one super-duper ultra-delux treehouse/clubhouse for my godson.

  475. Bryan F

    We actually just found an egg from last year, a month ago, jelly beans intact. We chose to not eat them…

    Weekend workout plan is to hit the muddy trails with the dog.

    Thanks for your generosity with these contests!


  476. I would LOVE to tell a funny Easter story, but I don’t really have any.

    Moreover, I’d love to tell you what training I have planned. However, I’m laid up with an injury. 🙁 Winning the Garmin would surely help me get back on the road to recovery, though!

  477. Hope my quads are recovered from downhill running last Sat. so I can ski fresh Montana powder all weekend!

  478. I once left an easter egg in my front jacket pocket, only to find it again the next year coming out in pieces and smelling really bad as I was jumping around in the backyard.

    And this weekend I’ll be nursing my ankle back to health. That and maybe doing a 2000m benchmark swim, because why not?

  479. Thanks for the entertaining, informative site. Giveaways like the 610 are pretty cool too.


  480. Planned workout involves chasing after my daughter on the hunt for Easter Eggs. Call it a speed and agility workout.

  481. My easter’s haven’t been funny, but I’m headed to the Easter Hill Country Cycling Tour for 3 days of cycling this weekend. 🙂

  482. Chris

    Thanks for all the great reviews! Much appreciated.

  483. Years ago we went to my Grandmother’s for Easter, and as always brought our dog along. One of the days we were there the whole family decided to go out for lunch, leaving our dog at my Grandma’s house to hold down the fort.

    When we returned from lunch we went back to relaxing and conversing with each other when someone questioned who had eaten all of the Easter candy that had been set out on one of the tables. No one stepped forward to admit they were the one who over-indulged in the candy. Later that day it became very obvious who had enjoyed all of the candy when we let our dog outside to do his business and his poop was quite festive with aluminum foil wrapping of all different colors. It was an interesting sight.

    Luckily, ingesting that much candy and chocolate didn’t harm him at all. Just a ridiculous story that our family recalls on occassions.

  484. 4 hour ride on Saturday followed by a 2-3 hour ride on Sunday

  485. A few miles in the early each day with quick stride rate and then 9.5 miles walk/run in the afternoon. I’ll probably throw a bike or swim in each day. White chocolate bunnies rule!

  486. Anonymous

    Planned workout: Make my exercise adverse Mother in law walk around the neighborhood while she is visiting. And get a 70 mile bike ride in if possible.

  487. No funny Easter stories either. BUT, on tap for this weekend….bike test! Yikes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  488. I plan to eat my body weight in Easter eggs this weekend. It’ll be like an endurance for my digestive system!

  489. Can’t think of a funny Easter story though there has to be one in my past. This weekend is all cycling with 60mi on Saturday and 45mi on Sunday. All tempo pace for endurance.

  490. If no rain in Chi town 30 miler bike on Saturday and a short run with the kids Easter morning – eating chocolate eggs all the way!

  491. I think my most memorable Easter Story would be when I was around 7 or 8 years old. My mom would hide eggs each year and this time I couldn’t find the final egg…and of course my mom couldn’t remember where she hide them all!

    So a few months later, we found the offending egg buried behind some old books on the bookcase! That took FOREVER to get the stink out of the house.

  492. I plan to start running again after recovering from my first ultra marathon. Probably 13 – 17 slow miles.

  493. I thought an egg would be hiding inside a box in the back yard. But it wasn’t an egg. The rain unearthed a shoebox where my childhood dog was buried in the back yard. Oh, not a great Easter Day that was.

  494. Really enjoy your blog and would love to win the new Garmin! For Easter I plan to do 3 miles at most. Mostly relax and hang out with my wife and boys and just enjoy them all day!

  495. Easter plans are to head to the parents and in-laws. Planning do a 18km on Sunday with Dad-in-law, hubby, our tri-training buddy. May try to get a weights and step class in with my Mom-in-law too on Sat (just so she doesn’t feel left out of the celebrations). Then it’s 2 family Easter dinners!!

  496. Plan on heading home after a 4 month tour in the middle east. Booya.

  497. Headed to Amsterdam for vacay this Friday. May get funny easter stories trying to get into a church there on Sunday. Hoping to get in a long run, and to find a pool for a quick swim.

  498. While visiting my grandparents in south Florida, my sister and I were hiding easter eggs. The real boiled and dyed kind. I place one on the fireplace mantel (yes, even in Florida) and it fell into some sort of hole and I couldn’t reach it. Instead of telling an adult, I just left it there. I can just imagine once that egg, which probably cracked when it fell, started to smell and no one would know what was the cause. Ew!

  499. I’m going to do some trail runs. 10 miles on saturday and probably 15-20 on sunday. Recovering from my first ultra marathon, so taking it easy.

  500. Ha! I am inspired to make a funny Easter story. I may challenge my sister and fellow runner, to a Running of the Peeps challenge, where the first person to the checkpoint gets marshmallow-y goodness.

  501. Will be eating chocolate Je

  502. I have kids. We have an Easter egg hunt around the yard every year. I find old plastic eggs around the garden all year. Any now way is anyone eating those things!

  503. Ramping up the training for Hawaii 70.3 and doing 70 mile ride followed by 10 mile run. Easter recovery will require lots of dark chocolate and peanut butter cups!

  504. 40 mile ride Friday, 8 mile run Saturday, followed by Easter activities in the afternoon.

  505. Nice giveaway Ray…thanks!

  506. Our funny Easter story is this year, where when we opened the Easter supplies bin – all of the baskets still had candy in them from last year.

    What can I say, my wife likes to put stuff away, even if you’re not done using it. It makes dinner parties awkward 🙂

  507. Fra

    Hope I’ll win

  508. Hopefully I can do a 6-8mi run on Saturday. Gearing up for a Fall marathon. Right now recovering from a mild cold, but hoping to shake it off by the weekend.

  509. I grew up in Southeast Louisiana. One Easter morning, my uncle hit a duck with his truck, got stuck in the side mirror. He rung its neck on the side of the road. We at that duck later that day.
    Happy Easter, and good luck to all!

  510. My plan is to keep working on my 5K run walk program. Easter will be the start of week four of a nine week program. My goal is to be in a Marathon 1 year from now. This would be an amazing tool for the next year.

  511. I will be getting the last vertical feet of the ski season – before I then focus on rebuilding the running base that I’ve neglected all season!

  512. 12 miles HMP+20… maybe I’ll add on a couple miles so I can eat some more Easter candy!

  513. I plan to tandem bike “commute” to my dad’s house for Easter.

  514. Hopefully I can do a 6-8mi run on Saturday. Gearing up for a Fall marathon. Right now recovering from a mild cold, but hoping to shake it off by the weekend.

  515. Anonymous

    planned workout is a long run and cross training with a double header ball game. Oh and running to the games and back for extra insult and junk miles.

  516. Here’s hoping for the best… Thanks for all the great reviews, advice, and articles!

  517. running the Cleveland 10-miler on Saturday 🙂

    really excited about it!

  518. I think the most famed Easter Egg Hunt lore is when my father (err…Easter bunny), known for incredibly creative and difficult hiding of eggs, actually had to write down, by room, where the eggs were hidden. Otherwise we were likely to be searching until after dark. It’s a family tradition I’m sure my sister and I will carry on!

    Thanks for such a generous offer!

  519. Paul Crady

    No funny stories here but I am running a nine mile progression run on Saturday. Not too long but I’m a ways out from SF marathon.

    Love the site and all the good info.

  520. Celebrating Easter in Houston with family,… and no snow… and temps above 40… and lots of running. Resurrection of the soul.

  521. I can’t wait to eat eat Easter candy and hope to win an FR 610 in the meantime. Sounds like a perfect weekend plan.

  522. LCswims

    Eating Easter dinner and my little cousin looked out the window in the dining room to see a rabbit sitting in the side yard. She completely freaked out. To this day (15 years later) we all still talk about the year we saw the ‘real’ Easter Bunny during dinner. 🙂

    Thanks for the contest! Love your site!

  523. Finding plastic eggs stolen by the resident wildlife on the local trails about a mile from the field where the egg hunt is held all throughout last May.

  524. tom

    Looking forward to the first legit ride of the year following the Boston Marathon!

  525. So about a week after Easter, my 2 year old son, who does not talk much, had gotten into his closet and drawn on the shelves and walls with crayon. We said, “WHAT HAPPENED? WHO DID THIS?”. He blamed it on the Easter Bunny, “The Easter Bunny did it.” I can’t believe the bouncing one actually leaves him a basket every year after being thrown under the bus like that…

  526. Planned Workout: Quick 5k run on Saturday followed by many laps around Hains Point on the bike Sunday. With lots of rest and packing before a travel week for work.

  527. Two runs and a charity bike ride event with my 23 month old son.

  528. One year at Easter while we were chatting in the living room after dinner, my brother’s dog managed to get up on the table and eat the entire remains of our Easter ham. We thought he was going to die. Not funny at the time, but now it’s a favorite Easter story.

  529. Feeling lucky today…

  530. Zoe S

    saturday morning race followed by a sunday afternoon ride (if the weather holds up)!

  531. We hide plastic eggs filled with candy around the house for the kids to find, and my then-six-year-old daughter was so enamored of this that she spent the next week re-hiding and finding the eggs. We finally got tired of having plastic egg halves strewn around the house and had her collect them all in a bucket to put away until the next year. The next year my wife and I sat down to fill the plastic eggs with candy while watching a movie. After a while my wife commented that I was putting the filled eggs back in the bucket with the empty ones. I denied this, and after a bit of investigation we figured out that my daughter, the year before, had wanted to recreate the egg hunt so completely that she had refilled the eggs with her brother’s easter candy, a fact we hadn’t caught before we put the eggs away for the year.

  532. Growing up my parents always got me chocolate Easter bunnies for Easter, but I couldn’t make myself eat something with a big smiling face on it. So, I just stashed them in my closet. When I moved off to college my parents went through my room cleaning everything out and stumbled on 10-11 year of stashed chocolate rabbits. A few of them were even white (but they didn’t start out that way).

  533. Heartbreak Hill Brick. Should be free of marathoners.

  534. Dad always hid the eggs. The rule was they would be in plain sight. Still were always insanely hard to find. He had to track where he put them to avoid lost egg syndrome.

  535. I’m always in for give away. Thanks!

  536. C

    Yeah, I am a sucker for new toys. May be this will motivate me to run regularly 🙂

  537. Another recovery 4 mile run as I try to get over patellar tendonitis.

  538. This would look really good on my arm at my HM on 5/7!

  539. Planned workout this week, chillax!

  540. Last year the “Easter Bunny” put the eggs out early AM, but an industrious squirrel stole most and stashed them way up in a tree before we noticed. Our small kids now think the Bunny has a wicked side — cruelly hiding eggs out of reach, and all.

  541. My daily workout: sleep 4 hours because of my 3 kids (Sam, Laura,Iván – that is really my daily triathlon 😉 and after that 1 hour of swimming pool at 7am, go to work, lunch break with no lunch but 4×1000@4m10km+stretching and some evening cycleops watts at home (6x4min@300watts, 2 min recover in between)…
    And easter will be the same, without work 😉 bsaically with 3 kids everyday is groundhog day ;-b

    and… sure: lots of swiss chocolate bunnies: living in EU has a few advantages like having the best chocolate everywhere!

    Thanks and hugs,


  542. Planning on doing some WW Kayaking basic skills review and drills on Friday. Kayaking a river on Saturday afternoon, and then rafting a local river on Easter Monday to finish off the great weekend!

  543. Not a super funny Easter incident but I started riding bike in 1st week of feb after 15 yes or so, I did 860 miles so far and am training for STP in one day. This weekend I am doing 80 miles on Saturday and 40 on Sunday. Yay! SO much fun.

  544. I love the blog, very informative and a great inspiration.

    Did a nice 70 mile last weekend and will do this weekend for training to cycle the UK coast to coast 🙂

    Have a happy easter


  545. For Easter weekend, I plan to run 20 miles in preparation for my May marathon. I hope this snow stops soon…

  546. Plan to have fun with family and friends, and I hope I don’t drink too much the night before. That’s when I forget where I hid the easter eggs…and months later, I find my son eating hard candy at 5am!!

  547. The sun is supposed to shine all weekend, so we are planning on a couple of loooong rides on the fun bikes this weekend!

  548. I plan to run 6 miles on Saturday. THen pig out on ham, rolls and all the fixins on Sunday!

    As for a funny Easter Story…hmmm…not too funny, but at my grandma’s house we always had to find ALL of the eggs with our name on them before we could have our Easter Basket, and this would often take hours. The first year I brought my husband to the festivities, my husband could not find his last egg…we looked and looked and it was just not to be found…We are quite certain that my cousin’s son (who happens to have the same name as my husband) walked away with his last egg, but for a long time we were searching for that final egg..My husband can’t seem to forget the event and being forced to keep looking for hours!

    I would really love to win this as my birthday IS May 6th…the day it is released..that is some extra good luck right?

  549. Nina C.

    When I was 7 or 8, I left my Easter basket full of candy out and we came back from church and the dogs had eaten ALL my jelly beans, cookies, etc…luckily I had already eaten the chocolate. I’m pretty sure my parents were ready to kill me.

  550. Saturday easy bike ride and short run on Sunday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  551. Jellyfish

    Plan to fill a hollow, chocolate bunny with crunchy peanut butter, eat it all and probably make myself sick.

  552. just planning on some easy maintenance runs and chaseing the kids (spring break)

  553. I plan to do an epic 110km, 1700m vertical bike ride on what feels like not enough training…

  554. highly appreciate all your product reviews.

    as i build my base to do sub-40 10K this winter, i would love to have one of those. thanks!

  555. 90 minute bike 60 minute run brick on Sunday.

  556. Easter plans include 1000 yd. TT in the pool on Sat. and an easy run after all the eggy-churchy goodness calms down.

    Have a great week and keep up the great blogging!

  557. I am stuck with a Data Center maintenance work this days, but if all goes well I will go out for a bike ride this weekend.

  558. Oddly enough I’m going to easter church on Saturday night then hitt’n the Columbia Gorge for some good trail running on easter its self.

  559. Easter plans are to carry on riding daily.

  560. I like the form factor of this watch. I wonder how the touch screen will hold up, though. Thanks for posting about it!

  561. Noahsdad08

    I have a 12mile run planned for saturday with a 20 min bike cool down. Sunday Morning i will probably sit on the bike trainer for an hour.

  562. Goal this weekend:
    8 x :30 @ 500watts.
    I’ll have a bucket nearby.

  563. First tri of the year was on Sunday. 43 degrees with 20mph winds. The bike leg was cold.

  564. Count on me for the giveaway.

  565. Unfortunately, my planned workout this weekend is resting my sore IT band. Boo.

  566. My favorite funny Easter memory is the time I won a Garmin 610 with heartstrap in a dcrainmaker giveway. Oh good times, good times! What, that didn’t really happen? And it isn’t funny?

    Oh, in that case it has to be finding the unfound eggs weeks or months later by their smell. When you’re a kid anything involving bad smells is mega-funny.

  567. What a coincidence I was just thinking yesterday is it time for me to transition froim polar to garmin? Hmmm….

  568. It must have been around the time I was 6-7 years old. Got up in the middle of the night for a pre-dawn easter egg hunt to ensure I got the best eggs. Parents found me in the morning, passed out in the living room covered in chocolate and empty wrappers.

  569. I really wish I had some fun easter stories. But alas, I’m just planning on running a quick 13 miles and then going to town on some peeps. Thanks for the contest!!!

  570. My girls like to play/hide the plastic eggs year round so I end up finding them in places I never thought they’d fit!

    Awesome giveaway. I am sure there will be MANY people entering so congrats to who ever wins!

    Best Regards!

  571. When I was a kid, we used to hunt eggs at my grandparents. There as always one hidden under my grandfather’s hat.

    Nice long 22 miler this weekend…

  572. Hope I am the lucky guy to get this beauty.

  573. I’ll be out for a long ride and run on the Olympic Penninsula! Yay for good weather!

    And I’ll be watching my kids chase around some little chicks around the coup.

  574. Doing 11 miles this weekend, weather is better on Sunday so decisions decisions!

  575. My workout will consist of hiding 1,000 eggs on Sunday morning (my workplace sponsors an Easter egg hunt), and supervising scores of children in the mad dash to find them all. Then, it’s off to the trail for a 5-mile run, followed by a series of push-ups and sit-ups!

  576. Hi Ray, no funny Easter stories to tell but I will no doubt bolster the choc milk post training drink with some of the solid variety. Have a great break. Gareth

  577. Big workouts on tap. 4 hour ride one day, double-digit run the next. Happy Easter!

  578. Am in grad school and it’s the end of the semester so my workout will be the walk from my place to the school’s library (about 1.5 miles) and typing….lots and lots of typing. Does that count?

  579. Hid a hard boiled egg inside a plastic egg shell and found it after a year. It was gross inside and not to mention how yucky the smell was. Ewwww.

  580. On the easter weekend I planned to do my long run (35 km) but instead I got sick. Now I am not even able to get out of my bed.

  581. I’m going to Huaraz to accompany some people during the celebrations! On Sunday I have planned my long run!

  582. Easter was a big deal in my house (not unlike another commenter’s Eastmas). Every year, we got a new animal to try and raise — bunnies, ducklings, one year it was a baby squirrel my dad rescued. Did you know baby squirrels love Froot Loops? It’s true! Sadly, none of the animals left in our charge lasted until the next Easter…

    Easter Sunday is one week prior to my first tri of the season (Wildflower), so I’m looking forward to a nice and easy ride as part of my taper.

  583. Not a funny story but can not wait for some starburst jelly beans.

  584. as a kid at an Easter egg hunt, there were golden eggs hidden with a prize of a real bunny. Before the hunt started my friends went out to find the gold eggs and move them to a place only they would know. At the start of the hunt they ran to there golden eggs and returned to get there live bunny’s. When showing there parent the prize, one father was not happy about the new pet and gave him the choice of giving up the bunny or having rabbet stew for dinner… yum

  585. I’m afraid i don’t have a good easter story! Did my first tri (sprint) on the 17th and am super pumped to do more!

    Doing a 90min ride today and 45min run.

  586. On more than one occasion I’ve found stray easter eggs with my lawn mower the weekend after. Talk about explosive!

    Thanks a bunch for the 610 review. I can’t imagine a more comprehensive one, and it’s made me think about “accidentally” dropping my 305. 🙂

  587. When I was a wee little boy, my brother came downstairs to the basement on Easter and told me that everyone upstairs was eating my chocolate Easter Bunny! WTF!? I go flying to the steps and slip on the linoleum floor and bash my two front teeth into the stairs and bend them back 45 degrees! What an Easter! Luckily (and this hurts though) my aunt is a dental hygienist, and was competent enough to know she could just pull, yes pull, the teeth back into place. OMG that hurt even worse! Worst Easter ever, but always garners a quick quote from my brother on Easter every year which I promptly flick him off for.

  588. Easter egg hunt during a trail run, the only problem when we found them not sure we wanted to bend down to pick them up since ours legs were so tired from all the climbs.

  589. Every year when we were kids my mom would hide the Easter baskets for me, my brother, and eventually my sister to find. When my little sister was born, it became fun all over again because we were quite a bit older than her. Also, our baskets were not just candy . . the Easter Bunny was very good at putting some little toy or token for us to play with on that day too. One year Mr. Bunny tried to add something new to our baskets. So, we all find our baskets and proceed to bring them to the kitchen to go over our goodies. Well, my little sister won’t touch her basket. We’re all trying to ask her why (she was about 2 at the time) and she finally blurts out – “The Easter Bunny pooped in my basket!!!” My mom had decided to add chocolate covered raisins in the grass!!! 😀 Now that my sister is 31 we always talk about how the Easter Bunny is going to poop in our baskets . . and she relays just how horrified she was to see that he had relieved himself in her basket!! LOL! Definitely a family story that doesn’t die.

  590. 7 mile run Saturday and a 11 mile run Sunday

  591. When I was younger my mom would dress me and my two older brothers in matching Eater outfits and it was usually something ridiculous and pink. Thankfully that only lasted a few years!!

  592. Long run on the dykes near home is planned for a beautiful sunny day in BC!

  593. Anonymous



    doron from tel aviv

  594. I plan on running 12 miles on my six year wedding anniversary.

  595. Much to my chagrin, last Easter we adopted a real bunny. She is the gift that keeps on giving – of the rabbit raisin variety!

  596. This comment has been removed by the author.

  597. Planned workout: Saturday 15 km and Sunday 18 km

  598. Weekend Workout: Marathon eating of chocolate, jelly beans, and any other sugary, tasty items!

  599. Well, I can’t think of any funny Easter stories off hand. I think this weekend I’ll still be doing some recovery runs after last weekend’s marathon, and hopefully take the bike outside for the first time this year!

  600. When I was six, I won a chocolate bunny in an Easter egg hunt, left it in the car during brunch, and was left with a chocolate puddle and two eyes.

  601. I would love to win this! We have Easter picnics with the family for fun. I am glad to hear you are coming to St. George for the ironman, we live close and it is beautiful! Good luck!

  602. The new Garmin looks very sleek – I’d love to see how that translates in terms of functionality and readability. Also, it will be interesting to see how it fares against the upcoming Polar RCX5.

  603. I asked my 4 yr old daughter what Easter was all about and she said “Easter is when Jesus turns into an Bunny”

  604. Going to run before hitting the family buffet. I’ve tried running after once, and it was not pretty. I consider this reverse carb loading more effective.

  605. Two hour run on Saturday, two hour bike on Sunday. My Garmin 405 battery charge doesn’t hold past the 3 hour mark anymore, so an upgrade is in the near future.

  606. I’m training for an Iornman. I have a 8 mile run Sat. 16 on Sun.
    45 min swimm Saturday and a 35 mile bike Sunday

  607. I must say, your one lucky guy to be testing out all the latest new gadgets! I am extremely interested in the Garmin 610. I was going to purchase a 310 but decided to wait until something came out that was a little sleeker looking. Looks like Garmin has finally got a watch that I could comfortably purchase/wear. Unless that is if I win this draw! hehehe… Keep up the great gear reviews and good luck with ur tri’s!

  608. Jen Who Loves Pie

    Gonna run 13 or 14 miles and keep my fingers crossed for good weather for the Broad Street Run on May 1st.

    (Oh, and eat Peeps. Will run for Peeps.)

  609. If I add a Garmin 610 to my Garmin 310XT, I’ll have a Garmin 920XT!

  610. If I add a Garmin 610 to my Garmin 310XT, I’ll have a Garmin 920XT!

  611. No crazy Easter Bunny stories, but I am looking forward to the Cry Baby 100K from West Bicycles here in Knoxville this weekend. First real test of the legs this year.

  612. I’m opting for an “adult easter egg hunt” this weekend… think adult beverages instead of chocolates. And of course a bike workout too!

  613. I have this odd memory of dying Easter Eggs with my parents and sister while watching Die Hard 2 on TV. I mean, why were my parents letting me watch this at such a young age? And while participating in an Easter tradition? So odd.

  614. Jeff

    No workout this weekend. Saving my energy to deliver all those eggs.

  615. I’ve followed your blog for 3 years now, and haven’t commented yet. But this seems like a great time to start. My season up here in Saskatoon Canada doesn’t officially kick off until May 28th, for the Saskatchewan Half Marathon so I’m still building up to race volumes. But this weekend is 25km run on Saturday, 100km ride on Sunday, and then a bit of rest on Monday.
    Hmm, Easter story? Not really, just the run of the mill eat turkey-get tired story. Yum, turkey! Good luck this race season!

  616. Joshua Bro

    Hello Ray,

    Great reviews i have spent three days of this week reading a few of them and they are so great. Still up in the air on getting a 310xt or this new 610. Can’t wait to see the full review of the nike+ gps watch too.

  617. This comment has been removed by the author.

  618. here the bunny comes and its may daughter 5th birthday so double party

  619. We are going to the beach! I love running on the coast…one of my favorite places!

  620. Ray,

    Great reviews have spent a few days reading about all the great new tech out there. Keep up the great reviews. and thanks.

  621. I was so distracted by the 610 that I (nearly) forgot about the Easter Story / weekend workout:

    When we were kids, my parents who liked the idea to go for an all-family-members walk around the fields and woods, used to hide the Easter eggs (and other goodies) the morning before the joint walk nearby the path (sort of to incentivize their three walking-lazy kids). So, on one of those specific Easter sundays, we went on this “Easter walk”, each of us kids trying to beat the others in finding the most chocolate goodies. However, on that day regardless how hard we looked, we could not find any. Also my parents were startled as there the goodies were not any longer where they had hidden them. After a collective, but futile search we went back home. Later that day we learned that the kids of the neighbours had discovered our Easter eggs earlier that day and happily collected them.

    Lesson learned: I will not hide Easter eggs for my kids outside the house this sunday. Rather, I will hit the road for a long bike ride (~ 4h) followed by a run.

  622. would love this for my wife. She thinks it is cute. As you must know from the girl cute is good

  623. Anonymous

    I am training for the Blood Sweat and Gears century. This will be my first mt. century. About 2 months to go.


  624. Hello Mr. Dc Rainmaker,

    This weekend will be nice and quick like all the rest, lol..I will have a pretty soggy and wet one. I will throw the kids outside in the back and let them find the eggs, and then run in the house and promise me they dont get hit by lightening…lol Again Like I said very quick and short.. DID I mention void the tornados??????

  625. Scott F.

    I can neither confirm, nor deny that I have pulled this prank……..fill the plastic Easter egs with the nasty tasting jelly beans. I’m talking about the ones that taste like puke, garbage, etc.
    And a side note…. do NOT forget which eggs have the gross jelly beans & which ones have the tasty jelly beans.