Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway

Because it’s almost Cherry Blossom time here in DC (one more week!).  Because you’re probably contemplating getting back outdoors for workouts (except you lucky fools in Hawaii, you don’t count).  Because it’s pretty…and maybe just a little bit because you know you want it…

So I’m giving away a brand new Garmin Forerunner 310XT.

Garmin 310XT with the blossoms

Here’s my in depth review if you aren’t familiar with the little orange device. Though, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll love it.

I’m going to do this giveaway a bit different than before – just to mix things up a bit.  Simply provide an answer to the below question and you’ll be entered:

What’s your funniest training moment to date?

Or, you can just say ‘Hi’.  Either way – one comment, one entry.

See, that’s pretty painless, right? If ya have technical questions, thoughts/comments/diatribes/poems regarding the FR310XT specifically, use that post page for those writings.

The contest will run until Monday March 28th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner 310XT (with HR strap).

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed, and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.  Thanks all!)


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  1. Funniest moment failing to unclip at a service station and falling over on the side walk in front of everyone.

  2. realising i’d forgotten my bike shoes during a swim/bike block.

  3. 20km into a ride, realising I’d forgotten my helmet! Then spending the 20km back imagining cops at every corner.

  4. Lee Acker

    “Hi” 🙂

  5. I dont know if ive had a funny moment in training, but 5 miles into a ride realizing i forgot my helmet led to 5 miles back deathly afraid i was going to fall. it was pretty funny when i got home.

  6. Shortly after moving to Singapore I started running to explore the neighborhoods, unfortunately during one run I got so curious about what was ahead of me that I completely forgot to turn back and just kept on running until I was exhausted and lost, and had to walk all the way back for the better part of 2 hours

  7. Thought I would try out this theory about cadence training on a track bike riding through a scenice, and hilly for any bike, terrain. I geared this bad boy low and took off…the first big hill I got to I cranked right on up and felt strong as my thighs were getting their burn on, and I’m pumped for the descent…oh ohhh I’m spinning at the top of the hill and this thing is long steep and on a turn…well unfortunately I couldn’t keep up and my back wheel hopped at the bottom and I almost tacoed my wheel….it wanted to go but held on so the next 15 miles back home were pretty embarrassing as my wheel hourglassed on every revolution…the guys I was riding with laughed for weeks about it.

  8. Training with the team with our brand new jammers which are way way tight! It’s funny hearing how everyone squeeze into theirs. 🙂

  9. Coming up to roadworks while riding and all traffic had slowed down. I thought I’d be clever and “go around” all the traffic. Came up to a man with a lollipop sign saying “Stop”. So I stopped suddenly, forgot to take my shoes out of the pedals and fell over in front of all the traffic. Lollipop man came over to ask if I was OK. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine”! Though pride was dented.

  10. Not spotting a speed bump and launching the bike into the air. Made worst but the fact i was drinking water and changing gears are the same time. Managed to save the bike but soaked the guy behind me when the water bottle hit the ground.

  11. Melissa V.

    Taking a wrong turn on a training ride, turning a 50 mile bike ride into 90, pretty classic really.

  12. Wardrobe malfunction with the Speedo

  13. how do you know that i posted on facebook and here?

  14. it didnot happen with me but with a friend, who while running a crow crashed into him and hit him on the chest, makes me crack up everytime!

  15. Anthony S.

    Dressed as a witch for a Halloween drive and falling over my broom.

  16. being Mooned by a car full of high schoolers while I was out on my bike.

  17. Putting on a pair of bike shorts ordered from China only to find that what I thought in the online picture were white stripes down the side of the shorts were actually see-through and showed my hips and half my hairy white ass in all its glory. I picture the peleton in China riding around in these…

  18. Racing my second sprint tri to find out (only through pictures) that I wore my helmet backwards the entire time!

  19. garts

    early morning runs for me are other peoples late night finishes… some pretty interesting stuff seen then….

  20. Just about every workout for me is pretty hilarious!

  21. Having to call my girlfriend to pick me up after bonking on a ride.

  22. Cycling with a group I didn’t know, on a route I didn’t know and them suddenly stopping at a light I didn’t expect them to and me losing my balance not being able to unclip fast enough and falling straight over with many many witnesses.

  23. My training is always deadly serious and nothing amusing is permitted.

  24. Tucker

    Funniest moment had to be when I rode the bike portion of my first tri with the front brake engaged.

  25. Robert Stuart
  26. Hi. Love the blog, Ray. Thanks for doing these giveaways.

  27. While getting ready for a race at camp pendleton, I needed to pee, so I waited in line, my turn came up, I went in and started to dry heave from the stench, but still needed to pee. so i’m dry heaving trying not to pee on myself, and of course I had a LONG pee at least it felt that way. I open the door and a beautiful girl was standing there as it was her turn, I didn’t have the heart to say anything and just bolted. I’m sure she thought it was me that destroyed the bathroom.

    At mile 11 of IM Kona, I really needed to use a porta potty. I opened the door to one and clearly the wind had blown it over at some point of the race because there was poo everywhere, there was not a wall that was clean, I ended up shuffling to mile 12 after refusing to enter, that was probably the longest mile of the entire race.

  28. Hi! 😛 Not really a funny moment, but my running group have this motto in our singlets: “Hindi masyadong mabibilis, pero cute” (We’re not very fast, but we’re cute) and every time we run together, people will say “Hi, cute!” or “I’d like to join your group too!”

  29. No matter how you dice it: training is not funny… well, except seeing DC rainmaker jump into frozen rivers; that’s is fun-ny.

  30. I was running indoors on a treadmill and the power cut out. Needless to say, the treadmill was at full speed and I flew over the front of the treadmill.

  31. I was cycling up a mountain 2 weekends ago. I met up with a guy who is training for Ironman Canada, and I mentioned how I was trying to convince my wife that she should bike the mountain with me while I pulled our 9-month-old daughter in a trailer. After going for a while, I mentioned I probably overestimating my current fitness to my wife. Ten minutes later we passed a girl on a mountain bike with a fully loaded trailor. I turned around at 2,000 feet; on my way down, she was still headed up.

  32. I’d have to say bringing a tri-bike into our Y’s outdoor pool.. preceding to swim a workout in a tri suit, then run out and get back on the bike, navigating a bunch of high school girls laying around the pool. Did i mention the part about falling back into the pool, with my bike?…oops

    *heres to being lucky

  33. Hi! Whats happening?

  34. Fell off while saying hi!


  35. Hi. Wish I had something funny to say.

  36. Massimiliano Flego

    Hi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and thanks for your great blog!!!!

  37. Hi,

    I can’t think of a funny training story. Sure I must have plenty, but you probably had to be there…

  38. Mathew Pottinger

    I got caught outside in an extreme hailstorm on the other side of my city with nothing but my singlet and Lycra shorts – now I carry a wallet or cellphone just in case the weather decides to change its mind again.

  39. Well I was about 3metres from my front door and heard my back wheel rub just as I pushed off on my bike. ‘no probs’ I thought ‘I’ll just stop a sec it’ll probably just be the break I need to move about a bit’ …. I then proceeded to completely forget I had my right foot already clipped in so when I went to put it down I couldn’t…. So inevitably I ‘fell’ down, tried to commando roll out of it whilst attached to my bike…… My neighbours couldn’t quite believe what I was up to (it was a lovely day so they were out gardening)…. I didn’t ride that day,… I had some how managed to explode my seat off the seat rails in the fall and gave myself one of the biggest bruises on my arse cheek ever!!!….

  40. funniest…well not for me but for the people behind me I guess..falling off the treadmill during speedwork…

  41. Forgetting the treadmill in the gym took a while to slow down after a new personal best – you can guess the rest!

  42. realizing my old swim shorts were already transparent AFTER my swim

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Hy, it has been in my first tri – a sprint race in england. After finishing a good swim in the mid of the field after 10miles on the bike i realised that i was gone the wrong way. U-turn made, back on track, last in the field. Finished 2nd last at the end but had great fun.

  45. Just this morning! My trainer and I were working out in a children’s playground in a local park. It was surfaced with that rubbery safety tile stuff, and the morning was slightly damp. Just as I was starting some shuttle runs my trainer noted the surface was a bit slippery. At that same moment my left leg went one way, my right leg the other, and suddenly I was on my back glad to have not ruptured an abductor. Needless to say there were lots of witnesses to my clumsiness.

  46. Breaking a pedal and biking back 30K. My left leg now has a huge edge on the right one.

  47. Snow surfing down steep hills on a long winter run. In some places there were seracs that I’d jump on until I fell through and slid down the slope. And then proceed to run on very uneven frozen snow covered ground in a very remote area where noone would find me in time if I fell and broke my leg. Good fun. 🙂

  48. Two days ago… Had my brand new Garmin Edge 800 setup on the bike and ready for the first ride. Had a flat after 250 meters… Funny when look back at it now – but two days ago…? Well lets just say that I got verified that the heart rate strap and the Edge could indeed show high values 🙂

  49. Sharting during the swim… Sharting on the bike… And sharting on the run… I’ve got problems, dude.

  50. my short fall down while running!

  51. My personal laugh (but until this comment a secret) … I got lost on my second run ever. Took me some time to figure out the way back.

    Since that is my secret I must tell my wife’s “laugh”. After my second run ever last December I was almost unable to walk up the stairs … she thought it was pretty funny :-(.

  52. Running first time with my vibram 5fingers with higher cadence and people looking on me.


  53. I don’t train…fun isn’t it?

  54. I do not remember, sorry! 🙂

  55. Tripping over a crack in the sidewalk two weeks after the Philly Marathon last year… ended up with 14 stichtes in my right knee and on crutches for two weeks! Serious but also funny at the same time!

  56. It happened during a descent that I knew a few years ago. Me and my buddy behind me were already on the way home when I “suddenly” (once again I knew the decent) saw a sharp left turn and already before I got into it I knew I’m going down. I had two choices: 1. try to make it and kiss the tarmac or 2. go straight ahead and into the grazing fields. Some how the soft grass (although on a steep hill) seemed more attractive choice. I went ahead and made a stunt worthy of the Cirque du Soleil: both me and my bike made a backflip or two – I don’t remember BUT neither of us were seriously hurt or damaged. And then my buddy riding behind me almost fell to, not because of the sharp left turn but because he was laughing to what happened to me when he realized I was not hurt.
    And that’s my story.

  57. Hi Ray, please count 2 (facebook).

  58. I’d have to say each and everytime I go to do an outside run (like you said, easing from indoor to outdoor training) and my eyes water like crazy because of the wind – feel like people that see me think i am crying as i run!

  59. Funniest training moment: Moved to Australia, and obviously realized that they drove and rode and ran on the opposite side of the street. Did NOT know they also swam on the opposite side of the lane… first time I head into a pool, swimming in the normal direction… I COLLIDE head on with another swimmer so hard that I see stars. My head hurt for a week afterwards.

  60. Getting up early for a nice jog, out of the house running and realized that I’m without shorts. Hi 🙂

  61. Bernard Maughan

    I think my funniest training moment was after a pretty hard 200km ride coming home to my girlfriend’s house and putting on my compression tights. I’d just moved in with her so she hadn’t seen me wearing them yet. She freaked at the time but obviously got over that her man wears tights as she’s now my wife!

  62. Getting my bike nicked from outside the pool is not Funny. But having to walk/get the train home in full lycra triathlete uniform; I can see how that’s pretty amusing.

  63. Going for a run in the middle of the boonies in France and getting completely lost — without a cell phone or any knowledge of French. Thank goodness for the “return to set point” on my Forerunner 405, otherwise, I’d still be out there 🙂

  64. Funniest moment?
    Having an early morning run in the streets of Paris ans sayin: “allo” to the street cleaners…

  65. Two days ago I was doing interval training in preparation for my marathon on 4/9. This particular evening I was running barefoot, as I often do, and since it was 9 PM at night, I was wearing my Under Armour coldgear running tights along with a Nike running shirt, doing intervals around quad baseball diamonds (like a pie with four slices, each a baseball field). I chose to run here since I only run barefoot during the daytime or when I can see and this particular quad baseball field is one of the few well lit places this time of night. So, I’m doing my sprints and a parks and recreation officer starts “tailing me” in his vehicle around the baseball diamonds as I’m running. When I walk for my first 90 second rest interval he pulls up in his truck and calls out, “Hey! What are you doing son? It looks like you’re running barefoot in a wetsuit. That’s wild.” I’ve been pulled over before, but it’s usually for my shoddy driving. Pulled over while running? This was definitely a first for me.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Doing an early morning run with some colleagues on “las RAmblas” in Barcelona, while on business travel. Where a local (I still think drunk) lady hit me on my butt…

  68. Just broke the glass of my old 310XT

  69. riding around my condo carpark till my garmin clicked over 180km whilst IM training.

    sadest moment was realising I had come home from my worst race ever without my garmin….guttered!

  70. My 305 is getting old 😉

  71. Dunhill Deodores

    hi 🙂

  72. Hi, I’d love one of these!

  73. Halfway through a training ride had stopped for more water, coming back to my bike two “older” and a little out of shape roadies staring and pointing at the new Speed Concept and Quarq powermeter. This is how the conversation went:
    Me: Morning
    Roadie: Hi, how you like that (pointing at the Quarq)
    Me: Yeah it’s awesome, works really well
    Roadie: So how’s your balance now?
    Me: Ummm, not sure what you mean?
    Roadie: You know the balance between left and right leg, are they even now?
    Me: Yeah, ummm it’s great (and beat a hasty retreat before I burst out laughing…)

    Seems these guys somehow thought a Quarq worth just under $2,000 was there to help me see if both legs were working the same amount… priceless!

  74. Hi 🙂
    Calculating my cadence in my head and not noticing that the street was going a little to the left = meet the asphalt 🙂

  75. During a training run my watch suddenly said slow down. I slowed down but according to the watch my speed just kept increasing. back home it turned out that the GPS has placed me somewhere else and while I was slowing down my watch calculated the speed from moving from the wrong location to my current correct location. Quite weird standing still and still see an increase in current speed.

  76. It wasn’t funny at the time for me but others found it most amusing, fortunatly I can see the funny side now.

    Brused my heal and also gave myself achilles tendonitis from playing dance revolution on the xbox kinect…..six weaks later I can almost walk normally!!

  77. I suppose this is training related… after a training ride I had a couple of errands to make. A bunch of people were looking at me kind of funny, but I thought it was because of my “odd clothes”. Well, when I got home I walked in and my family started laughing. After looking in the mirror I had a horrible case of “helmet head”. I had 3 very distinct spike strips caused by the vents in the helmet.

    Even though my wife laughed at me, this entry is for her, so hopefully she can have a 310xt of her very own.

    Thanks Ray!

  78. Being the only one in my swim-team to do one length (50m) butterfly without taking a breath, and therefore getting the afternoon session off.

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Fra

    Training is pain and suffer!

  81. Fell over on my bike the first day I got it. Slowed down next to a guy who looked like he had a flat to see if he needed help and just fell over sideways right in front of him cause I couldn’t get unclipped.

  82. pete_roon

    Just this week. Second ride out with SPD’s, and after overtaking the lorry advertising “proud sponsor of UK Athletics” at roadworks, didn’t manage to unclip… you can guess the rest.

    It’ll be funny when the pain has gone!

  83. Battery of FR60 died after the winter duathlon (I was getting back to home already) and wasted all stats. OK, OK, I should replace the battery when it’s getting close to depletion, I know… And that was my first sports event ever 🙂

  84. i once did a training with my best friend who during the training asked himself who is shouting for him. we realized that it was a sheep standing next to us making his normal noise but it was really like the german short version “mihi” for name michael. training was almost not possible after this because we had to laugh so much

  85. I was out for a run in the woods in the evening hours, after 10minutes hr monitors battery was empty, twenty minutes later when I was in the middle of nowhere, my headlight died too 🙂

  86. fatbik3r of Melbourne AU

    did not see the uneven pavement while running then tripped, rolled twice then got up and ran again like nothing happened.. sore hands and knees for the next few days though

  87. Realizing I had left my front wheel back home in the garage. Major fail. After the second time of doing this I’ve since gotten a different roof rack that secures the entire bike!

  88. Bob McAllaster

    Hi DC,
    Since I am in Hawaii, and we can train pretty much all year, I guess my entry won’t count?
    Training stories–having more than one pair of the same trail shoe and showing up for a trail run with two left shoes.Oops!

  89. Funny / embarrasing moment in racing was last September when I only realised after jumping onto my bike out of T1 that I had clipped my shoes onto the wrong pedals. Being a sprint, I didn’t stop, but 20k with your shoes on the wrong feet just aint comfortable!!

  90. Edwin Lo

    Funniest moment: on holidays, after a long and hard run I used the ‘back to start’ function on the 305. It guided me home perfectly: my house was only 10 yards away…but also 200 yards lower. So, another 5 miles of running to get home…

  91. Funny, well… sweating and moaning on a 13% 1 km climb when a elderly cyclist on an e-bike is passing and greeting me at a speed of over +25km/h. In the descent I got him eventually 🙂

  92. WOW! How cool is this!
    Funniest training moment?
    I left on an early morning long runlast summer and I must have been still asleep when I got ready. For the first 2 miles I kept wondering why my running tights felt a little funny and bunched up.
    Yeah, they were on backwards. Dashed off into the woods to the side of the road to switch them around and there was this older couple walking with their doggy who got to witness this whole thing. I am sure they are still wondering what I was doing…..

  93. Nothing really interesting…swimming into others count?

  94. KC Krane

    I don’t have any funny training stories to share so I will share this:
    Hello and Happy Spring!


  95. I thought a group of runners coming toward me were people that I knew (from a group of visually impaired runners). So I started waving my arms and shouting. Only when they were practically on top of me, did I realize that I had no idea who they were (and vice versa!). I laughed for the rest of the run (and am now thinking that I need a volunteer to run with me on my own runs!)

  96. Getting trapped on a trail by a defensive swan…I had to find a long way home, but it made for a longer run 🙂

  97. when i saw a runner run over another runner because of stupidity. 😀

  98. Take my running too seriosuly now I know how fun I’m: Will change.

  99. last spring I was caught by surprise when it started heavily snowing on a climb I did. It got up to the point where I just didn’t have enough traction and had to push my road bike the last 200m to the top.

  100. Getting to the gym after work and realizing I had not grabbed my sports bra, ended up changing and still running a few miles in my regular bra.

  101. 2 counts of the same offence your honour, riding over grids that were missing a bar, the resulting gap being the same width as my wheel plus 2mm each side… The second time was right outside work where about 120 colleagues were waiting for a bus. Luckily the hi vis top and shorts rendered me virtually invisible…

  102. On a training run I was passing by some farmland when a couple of horses decided to get intimate with each other. Awkward.

  103. learning how to use SPD pedals on my mountain bike….

  104. Hello from the great white north

  105. Once I was riding with my wife, we got to a stop light. I stop and unclip my right foot. She got next to me, to my left, and was unable to unclip so she just grabbed me. But my left foot was still cliped …

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  106. My funniest training moment is probably when I tripped and did an awesome nose dive fall with a roll on Chicago’s lake front path. I rolled right up onto my feet. The guy behind me looked at me with a face that said, WTF happened? I continued my run.

  107. During a training run with the temperature in the single digits, I needed to make an “adjustment” in the groin area. Initially, I thought some chaffing had started to occur, but to my dismay I quickly realized that my extremities had begun to freeze! It turns out that I foolishly put on cotton briefs, and they were completely soaked with sweat. I was about 6 miles away from home at this point and began to panic a bit. The only choice I had was to use one of my gloves! So I crammed a glove in there, pulled my sleeve down over my hand and started to run again. About ten minutes later I noticed it wasn’t getting much better. So off with the second glove and down with the sleeve! I ran another ten minutes and realized I was mostly back to normal. I ended up running about 13 miles that day. The funny part was wondering if the cars passing by noticed that I wasn’t wearing gloves, or the bulge in my pants!

  108. Being attacked endlessly by an angry magpie while cycling. Me cycling, not the magpie. Okay, not so funny for me, but bloody hilarious for anyone watching me trying to shoo it away.

  109. J

    Fell asleep while biking (end of a very long ride, had to work really late the day before).

    Fell asleep mid tent pitch a little later.

    The ride was really beautiful though.

  110. Hi. I forgot my helmet one morning, setting off a mad scramble for a Wal Mart, where I bought the first helmet I could find. Not terribly “funny” but true.

  111. Turning a 35 mile ride into a nearly 50 mile ride with one wrong turn (while leading a group of 10 ladies). Never hear the end of it….

  112. Hi Ray!

    My funniest moment was when I went our for a run in my favourite orange t-shirt… What’s funny about that?

    Well, it all started when a apiarist went by in truck car with couple of beehives at the back.

    Apparently, bees like orange color, so instantaneously they went after me. I ended up tossing that t-shirt into ditch and running away with more than 10 stings all over my body 🙂

  113. No funny momments to date, I’m pretty new at this… that could change with a brand new 310XT though =)

  114. No really good stories I can think of so I will just say Hi! – Thanks!

  115. Once, i was running, seeking for a rowing club in a new place, i got to the piece of water, saw some rowing boats on the river, wondered to turn either left or right to seek the rowing club.
    I choose the right and ran for 75 minutes to reach the rowing club that was standing behind the 1st building had I turn on the left.

  116. Running with a male partner and needed to go… and not just pee, but there was no porta potty insight. Typically I would have just found a try, but we had not been running together very long.

    I held it for 4 miles and spent the rest of the day in pain. Serious pain. NOT a good idea and I will NEVER do that again.

    When I told him the next day, he was furious with me and declared, if it was him, he would have found the closest tree.

  117. My funny training moments are all fashion related – the 310XT would be a great accessory for my Boston outfit.


  118. Hi Ray… I have a story, but since it is about a significant other I might get in trouble for sharing it, so I won’t…

  119. When I was just getting into running/triathlons, I went for what was to be an easy 3 mile run. My wife had just done a 4 mile bike and spoke of how easy and flat it was. I tried to run the same route, but in reverse. All was well until a fork in the road. I should not have taken the fork for “Hession Hill Road”. It was not flat! Two hours later I stumbled home after walking over 6 miles, mostly uphill or down.

  120. 35 miles into ride and my chain snapped, long walk to the next town.

  121. almost getting arrested at Prince William Forest after a friend and i drove in the wrong entrance and ended up in the restricted area. we found a building labeled visitor information and went inside (door was unlocked). It tripped an alarm and we were questioned for about 20 minutes, and had the car searched. I joked that there is nothing we could hide in our cycling clothes – but that didn’t go over very well.

  122. Checking my weight after a workout. Stepped on the scale and it cracked down the middle. Lots of running happened after that.

  123. Maybe I’ll win this one to replace my 305!

  124. KerryB

    No really funny stories, just love the training and the Garmin will make a good addition to my “All the gear, no idea” get-up 😉

  125. When I tried to stand up to check the AC located in the ceiling of the spinning room. I forgot that pedals on a spinning bike don’t stop instantaniously…


  126. Thao N.

    Maybe I will have funny moments training with a FR 310XT 🙂

  127. Getting to the pool and realizing that I had forgotten my bathing suit

  128. Not sure I have a funny story except for the usual “poop” stories. Haha! Thanks for putting on the contest – I’m in!

  129. Driving 50 miles for an MTB ride to find I’d packed shoes with Crank Bros. cleats to use with my SPD pedals. Oh, how I laughed! 🙁

  130. Funniest/ embarrassing moment was running the ING New York City Marathon last year and after a porta john stop around Mile 20 I failed to realize that I had TP stuck to my shorts.

  131. I bike commute as part of my training and last summer I saw that a DC summer rain storm was coming soon, so instead of riding I took the bus home, but the bus stop is 2 miles from my house, and it hadn’t started raining so I was sure I could “beat the rain” so as I was riding home the storm hit, and I was drenched within seconds. Now if I had ridden the full way home it wouldn’t have been a big deal to get so wet because I would have changed into biking clothes, but since I was only riding 2 miles I rode in my work outfit, which that day was a pair of WHITE pants, which when got wet became SEE-THROUGH!!!! So I mooned my neighbors while being fully dressed.

  132. Hola! Ca Va! Aloha! Hi!

  133. Coming back to training in the gym after a long layoff, I was quite confident in pushing a 40-pounder on the chest press with a bar. Oops! Ended with the bar crushing my chest and had to let the weights fall with a loud noise that the whole gym heard and watched! Hurt my self-confidence, not my chest! Excellent blog!

  134. Picking up someone else’s bike at the start of a La Mans style bike race.
    Not sure he thought it was funny…

  135. Just last Tuesday – in the evening i went out for 10k run. After first 3k on the regular road i ran in the trees and realized batteries in my headlamp just ran out and i couldn’t see anything. It was quite stupid of me i didnt check them before and potentially dangeous, as something could hit me on my way back, but as it had happy end… it turned to be quite funny 😉

  136. andy

    Hellooooooooooooooooo 🙂

    andrew nagy


  137. James Anderson

    Probably falling of a windtrainer

  138. Hi! No real embarasing moments but sure could use that Garmin as I’m still using a 301!

  139. This cracks me up to see all the comments when you’re giving something free away, pretty impressive though to see how many people follow your blog Ray. As always keep up the good work.

  140. It was definitely funny to watch me on my first training swim at the pool.

  141. Just a hello as well. Wish I had a funny moment to share!

  142. Dog chases on the bike. It’s never funny at the time, but I can always laugh afterwards, because they’ve never knocked me over, and I’ve yet to be bitten. I’ve never climbed faster than with a dog nipping at my heels… great for the heart rate too.

  143. Funny moment training was probably on a cycling ride when i fell over clipped in while i was stopping to talk to a cute girl i knew…

  144. My funniest training moment was probably getting ready to ride down off the levee bike trail I train on, only to find out I was coming in quite too fast and having my wheels come out from under me in the wet grass, then waving and laughing (glad to be okay) to a few cyclists who looked very concerned as they rode by.

  145. Arriving at the pool for a lap swim and realizing that I only packed a beach bikini. Made for some interesting flip turns…

  146. running into parking meter.. funny in a three stooges kind of way. I didnt laugh at the time but my training partners sure did

  147. Coming to a slow rolling stop, unclipping my right foot, leaning left and eating pavement. Right in front of a plant, where 3 people asked me if I was okay. After assuring them the only thing I hurt was my pride, I biked off red faced and laughing at myself.

  148. I don’t train.. I live. lol

    But my funniest moment also involved clipless pedals. I fell over right in front of the garage.

  149. Being pulled into a river by my dogs whilst out running with them. At least everyone who saw it thought it was…

  150. I’ll drop a “hi” for you…I just woke up and am in no position to try to find something funny right now! Erin in ND

  151. It’s not all /that/ funny, but I was out for a quick ride and pretty much in the zone. So I’m cruising along down a bike lane, all hunched over focused on form and cadence when I felt someone reach out and grab my shoulder and say something. As you can imagine it was quite surprising, I didn’t recognize the voice and could figure out how they would have gotten close enough without me seeing them first. It was even more surprising when I figured out it wasn’t a person, but a bird trying to land on my back and the “talking” I heard was probably the bird’s reaction to my flinch as it’s landing space turned into a shifting platform.

    I saw that bird on the return trip, it eyed me as I went by 🙂

  152. Too many tripping incidents to choose just one.

  153. Chris N

    i’ve had a few dreams that involved me swimming nude at masters practice and not being embarrassed about it. not sure what that is about.

  154. clip-less peddles are always fun.

  155. My first time riding my road bike alone(2nd time riding it ever), I was going down a busy stretch of roadway here on LI. I didn’t want to have to get stuck at a very busy intersection ahead so I decided to cut up a side street. Said side street has a hill that is upwards of an 11% grade. I slowed to make the turn onto the side street, never even though about shifting to a lower gear and by the time I was 3/4 of the way up my legs and all forward motion stopped, I started to tip, fell and did a backwards somersault with my bike still attached.

    Lotsa injured pride that day.

  156. A friend of mine ran into a pole because he was watching a couple of girls play tennis

  157. Looking back at it; its funny. I was on my first group ride and we had to stop at an intersection. We all started rolling again and someone yelled car back when I was in the middle of the intersection. So I push hard on my pedal and my shoe must not have been clipped in. I slide about 40 yards. I was fine until the railroad tracks. At that point I had to lay the bike down. I came out fine but I do not recommend riding on the top tube.

  158. I think all mine involve failure to unclip on the bike.

  159. I remember this one time I accidentally the whole time during my run!!!


  160. Looking at the comments, I’ve forgotten my helmet, didn’t unclip in time while stopping, and I’ll just say hi.

  161. I have only raced twice so no funny moments yet.

  162. Riding with friends as each of us resited movie quotes like parts of the script from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Shake and Bake!

  163. During my first snowless trail run of the season, I was listening to “Blinded Me with Science.” The line “She’s poetry in motion” came through my headphones just as I caught my foot on a tree root and skidded to a stop on my face. Thank you Thomas Dolby for supplying my life’s soundtrack.

  164. The time I had to take a leak along the hike and bike trail not knowing there was a driveway just on the other side of the short stretch of woods before a field. Surprise!

  165. I was biking some snowy singletrack, the trial was firm, but of the trail was two feet of soft snow. I was riding along and got off track, got bogged down in the deep snow, and slowly fell over sideways. My feet stayed on the pedals, and when I got back up, I had made a perfect snow biker angel!

  166. Hi,

    I had a trail trainning in Arrábida, Portugal, a month ago that I’ve organized for some of my friends. A lovely circuit with hard climbs, river crossing, mud… We where like kids 🙂

  167. Anonymous

    It was funny to see this on my running workout

    link to sports-tracker.com

  168. Multiple attempts at locating restroom facilities (e.g. a porta pot) in a suburban environment.

  169. First I am new to this blog but love it and read it everyday. Thanks.

    My funniest moments actually have been in races. First there was the time at the Mussleman Tri, where I was just coming out of T2, looking down attaching my number belt. All of a sudden I was flying sidways through the air ended up sprawled on the ground. I looked up and see this young woman all of about 115 lbs, she had run into me and sent me flying. After my embarrament I got up and began the run.

    Or there was the time at the North Face Challenge, a trail run at Bear Mountain State Park, where I somehow got off the well marked, designated race route and got lost, finally finishing an hr after the cutoff time. A search party was being formed to look for me…


  170. Hi Ray! Pick me, pick me!! haha

  171. realizing I was singing out loud during a treadmill run at the local fitness club. I got lots of funny stares.

  172. Riding my mountain bike on the road from the house to the trailhead, I passed a couple of teenage girls walking on the sidewalk, who are apparently terrified of the sound of Shimano shifters in action, as they both let out an ear-piercing scream as I shifted while passing them. Not good for the eardrum!

  173. Having, uh, intestinal issues on a training ride with no commercial facilities available and having to go to a random house to ask to use the bathroom…not so much funny as embarrassing!!

  174. Shane W

    I’d have to say my first time ever riding with proper bike shoes/pedals on my brand new tri bike. I probably spent almost as much time on the ground as in the saddle.

  175. Other than falling over b/c I forgot to unclip (seems like a common thing here)

    At the time I didn’t think it was funny but I had only been riding my bike for a month and I went on a ride on the moose man 70.3 course and went up a mountain….it was steep half way up this crazy hill my training partner say “you know how to stand and ride right”

    I learn best by doing and made it almost to the top and got off and walked the resr

  176. I drove 1 1/2 hours out to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a long Sunday ride, only to realize I left my front wheel at home. Clearly I didn’t get a ride in that day.

  177. Matt D

    I was biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail and a squirrel ran out in front of me. I tried to swerve around the squirrel but lost control on some sand. I had the tires slide out from under me and ended up skidding in the “turtle” position for a while. I had some road rash but no major injuries.

    Two weeks later, while riding with my brother on the CCRT, I slowed down to tell him that we were at the spot where I crashed. As I looked over at him to say “This is where I fell…”, I inadvertantly veered off the trail and ran straight into a tree. My brother swears that he saw a squirrel laughing at me.


  178. HI! I hope I win!!! 😛

  179. Here I go again. This time I will win, lol.

  180. During a recent trail run I had to stop and relieve myself. Hadn’t seen anyone on the trail yet so I just pulled right off the side of the trail. Well about that time a group of ladies come running down the trail. Only slightly awkward 🙂

  181. Running in Munich, Germany was a fantastic experience … until I got lost. When I would try and ask directions one of three things would happen; a) they did not speak english, b) they spoke english but I couldn’t understand their accent, or c) I could understand them but the pronounciation of their 12 syllable street names left me confused. GabelsbergerstraBe … how are you supposed to remember that name in you head?

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  184. Was finishing up a long run with my dog who pulled all the way out and dragged all the way back. When we finally got to the end of the run, she got a huge burst of energy when she spotted a ratty old sock along the sidewalk. I was tired, hot, and mad as the leash and my arm were flying everywhere to wrestle her away from the decomposing footwear. When we finally passed the sock and got ready to cross the intersection before us, I realized a cop had been sitting in his car watching the entire thing. He called out and asked if everything was “under control”…

    I don’t think my face has ever gotten that red again–to be hot, tired, boiling mad, and finish it off with a heavy dose of embarrassment.

  185. On an early morning run getting trapped in a cul-de-sac by a skunk.

  186. Hi, thanks for a great blog, I really enjoy reading every single post.

  187. My funniest moment was actually in a race. I thought I would be slick and clip my shoes in to the pedals for a quick T1. Once out of transition and to the mount line, I did my running mount and pedaled away. Once I got enough speed, I started to put my feet in and realized that I had clipped the shoes on the WRONG SIDE!

  188. SAC

    I’ve tripped and fallen face first while running multiple times. You would think I would learn….

  189. I don’t know if I have any funny training moments. I think that might say something about my training. That it’s boring. Better step it up a notch!

  190. Locked myself out of a rental car during a run in St. Paul in winter. (Stopped after a lap around a lake to change hats.) Alarm going off, keys and phone inside the car, getting really cold. Didn’t know any local phone #s, but actually found a nearby indoor pay phone–with a phone book!–and had $1 in my jacket, for which I got change. Ran around in circles to stay warm while I waited for the lockout service to get through rush hour traffic.

  191. Hi there!! A fun moment – when I was doing an adventure race, the first river we had to cross, I was jumping from rock to rock, trying not to get wet. By the end of the race, after hours and hours, I was crossing rivers neck deep. Who cares if you get wet? 🙂

    Love your blog!

  192. It was on a bike leg where I took a corner too fast and ended up going off road. Several expletives were voiced coupled with my bike filled with grass and mud. Live and learn.

  193. Hey, great review of the swimsense! Love mine and bought it after reading your blog!

  194. On an early morning run I got trapped in a cul-de-sac by a skunk.

  195. Tried to hotshot track stand it in front of some people crossing a road, obviously fell over. Ended up with a hole in the back of my shorts which proceed to reveal my right cheek over the next 25 miles.

  196. Funniest moment was blacking out and falling onto the floor after a crazy biking workout at my gym. It wasn’t super funny at the time, and my wife was a little embarrassed, but it’s all laughs now!

  197. Love the blog, ready to win a garmin!

  198. 1st ride on a road bike…did not know how to down-shift and got in the biggest gear on a downhill – only to struggle mightily on the subsequent uphill. Good strength training. 😉

  199. GeeKay

    great contest, love the blog!

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  201. Running one morning on a street near my house. My husband was driving to work, and slowed down beside me to say hi. A cop then slowed down behind him, and asked me if he was bothering me. I almost said yes 🙂

  202. quite a few years ago i was finishing up a training ride and had to stop at a raised lift bridge over a shipping canal. I slowly rolled past all the stopped cars and took my place at the front of the line. I unclipped my right foot, somehow lost my balance and fell over onto my left side – still clipped in! Quite embarassing for me, but i assume it was funny for everyone watching!

  203. Tim B

    I was watching TV while riding on the rollers and started zoning out. Fortunately, I was facing the door to the room and it was open. I was able to grab the doorframe as my bike left the room (with me on it) at 20mph. A new 310XT could log my max heartrate spike if that ever happens again.

  204. Funniest training moment…My girl used an old swimsuit she hadn’t worn in years. Dove into the pool and started to swim, only to realize the elastic had all dry rotted and her suit wasn’t exactly covering everything it was intended to!

  205. My most embarrassing moments was bonking on my first 6 hour mountain bike race. I had it in the bag until the end of my 4th hour when my legs said go and my gut said NO. I had to casually walk back to my car and “re-center” myself. I was able to come back and ride one more lap but I missed the cut off. Oh well.

  206. When I first started riding, I came to a stop at an intersection and failed to unclip, resulting in a not so graceful tip and fall to the right. I spent the next few days teaching myself how to stop and unclip.

  207. B French

    So many moments… this one wasn’t funny as much as enjoyable – on a long ride, I went by a guy in full kilt marching up and down his driveway, playing bagpipes. I definitely slowed down for that one!

  208. Anonymous


    doron from tel aviv

  209. Was running along when I swear I stepped in a hole and fell. Except when I got myself dusted off, there was no hole.

  210. Snot rockets that end up on your face, shirt or anywhwere on you after a bad launch…

  211. My funniest moment was when, while running the same path as a group of very cute guys, I ran straight into a low-hanging tree branch. The pain to my head was *nothing* compared to my wounded ego.

  212. Ben


    Thanks again for the give-away!

    w1b888 at gmail dot com

  213. I like laughing at myself!

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  215. can’t remember anything recently besides running the other day and spitting, but with the way the wind was blowing most of it smacked me right in my face. a van was headed down the street and saw it all. i waited until it passed to wipe my face with my sleeve :-/

  216. Jake Jendusa

    HI 🙂

  217. Getting clotheslined by a tree branch while looking at the ground on a trail run…swept clean off of my feet, cartoon style. Ouch!

  218. I am an astronomer and I travel to high mountaintops several times a year, and I usually bring my racing bike with me. Last year I was working on Tenerife, and I went for a ride on one of the afternoons. While I was descending with 70 km/h on a straight steep road, a car came next to me in the other lane, so I got a bit nervous (what is he doing there? leave me alone!!!) and looked there, to realise that it is the guy from the reception of the “astronomers’ hotel” and he is just waving at me 😀 That was fun 🙂

  219. I fell during the most recent Shamrock half marathon. I tripped on a cone (stupid cones, coming out of nowhere, tripping people…), fell in slow motion, caught myself with my hands, and nimbly picked myself back up again. A voice from the crowd yelled, “I give it a 9.8!”

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  221. Hi, your blog is the best! 🙂

  222. Funniest moment was first time I used clip-in pedals. My brother and I went mountain biking on a fairly gnarly trail and I got high-centered on a log. Unfortunately, I forgot I had my feet clipped in and so my efforts to put a foot down to stabilize myself went for naught. I fell over sideways, in extreme slow motion, still seated on the bike in perfect form.

  223. I was on a treadmill at a gym thankfully far from home, and a DVD of Saturday Night Live Jeopardy skits was playing on the TV .. at some point I realized that I was laughing out loud while running on a treadmill surrounded by strangers.

  224. Well, it’s not really “funny,” but back in high school I got pulled over for speeding while out on a training ride…I was doing 50 in a 25…granted, it was a crazy steep downhill and I was in a full tuck. Looking back, it was a dumb move, but it’s a moment I’ll never forget!

  225. When my mom ran over a fish on her bike.

  226. Realizing a week before running my first half marathon, that the treadmill I had trained with was measuring miles while my training plan was in kilometers. I remember being frustrated that I ran slower on the treadmill – there are 1.6 kms in a mile. 🙂

  227. When doing a Bike/Run brick getting halfway through the run part and realizing that I’m still wearing my helmet.

  228. Had to be the first time clipping in. Brand new bike was scratched on the first ride.

  229. Nina

    Went out with a friend for our first ride with clipless pedals….i laughed hysterically when she fell over basically a standstill and then I proceeded to eat my words when I did the exact same thing about 5 mins later.

  230. Doing a whole 10K run with my shirt inside out.

  231. Funniest training moment… biking through the woods, winding trail, kept running into a couple that was trying to have…relations.

  232. Hi! Great blog, always a pleasure to read.

  233. Erik Bakker

    Somebody I know during a cycle event farted, not realizing somebody was in his wheel. Quite embarrassing 🙂

  234. While hunting in North Central South Dakota this fall I went for a 5am run but forgot my head lamp. Once I left the city limits it was so dark that I couldn’t see the road and got lost. I had to use my cell phone to find out where I was and wait til dawn to find my way back.

  235. Hmmm Funniest moment, going on a group ride, and choosing to ride the 36 miler because of time, missing the 36 mile / 56 mile fork in the road and riding 75 miles trying to back track and find the correct route. I managed to ride through the better part of 5 counties on this little ride, but still made it back in time for my appointment. Awesome!

  236. I’m still a newbie trainer (just a few 5ks under my belt and looking forward to my first 8k, 10k and Half this year), and I have no real funny moments. But my running friend was pooed on by a bird once, lol. :o)

  237. Falling off my new bike 6 times in the first week of owning it, all due to forgetting I was clipped in. Quite a common experience I think.

  238. Thanks for all the great info

  239. wasn’t me but in a group ride last week the president of our cycling club and very experienced rider fell at a stoplight when he forgot to unclip

  240. I’m pretty boring I guess. I don’t have a super funny training story.

  241. Falling off my rollers while trying to use the remote to change the channel on the TV.

  242. i lost my 310 last year and a lot of people find that funny. 🙁

  243. Realizing a biking partner had used something akin to Mad Alchemy product (if you dont know, look it up) instead of their chamois cream

  244. Breaking my chain on a group ride and not being able to fix it with a multi-tool on the road side. I had to get “pushed” by my friends to the closest bike shop since my bike was reduced to a very expensive scooter at that point! The worst part was having to get pushed past the cafe that all the local cyclists stop at and get jeered unmercifully for my predicament!

  245. SBH

    Probably realizing I was wearing a few of my “snot rockets” from my morning ride while getting coffee after. It looked like I had lost a wrestling match with mutant slugs.

  246. Blowing out a tube and realizing I didn’t have a spare, pushing my bike home.

  247. While on a 80 mile ride with my brother and his friend around the Burlington area, the friend crashed and ended up with a busted wheel and bad road rash. My brother’s spoke broke and the derailer wasn’t working properly. They called a friend to come pick them up. I thought I finished the day unscathed, but with two miles to go, a car door took me out while passing through downtown Burlington. It just wasn’t our day!

  248. Running on what I thought were trails until I came face to face with a rather large cow. We eyed each other for a few seconds and then I beat a hasty retreat.

  249. Paul Crady

    Finding out after the end of a 5K race that the shirt they had given me and I had put on because I was freezing was on backwards for the whole race…

  250. My 305 is on it’s last leg. I could use a replacement.

  251. Not during training, but still one of my favorite stories. Remember the viral video “Powerthirst” from a few years ago? (link to youtube.com) During a race, while running past the aid station, everyone was calling out what they were holding. I heard calls of “water, water, water!” and “gatorade!” until the last table, at which point a young man looks me square in the eye and shouts: “POWERTHIRST!” Needless to say, I took a drink from him, and went on to PR the run!

  252. Clearly I need to start cycling because they have much funnier stories than the runners.

  253. When noobs come ride with us,, my teammates put them at easy by pointing out all the street lights I’ve puked at waiting for the green light. My own personal map of the stars

  254. Gave an old man a thumps up for his terrible driving skills. He thought my thumb was my middle finger, he then proceeds to pull off the road (attempting to door me) and yelling “I am gonna kick your lil ass”. I flew passed his truck, then decdided that a bike vs truck isn’t a good fight. I stopped on the side of the road and waited for him to drive back up to me. I calmly explained that I did not shoot him a bird and he should relax. I don’t think he understood that I would have had no problem knocking out a 70 year old man.

  255. The sheer act of me being addicted to running again after a 25 year hiatus is itself hilarity on a cosmic scale.

    However, I remain undeterred in my quest to compete in a marathon by year’s end, regardless of how many 70-something-year-old-ladies with hip problems power walk past me during my training sessions.

    I yet endure the shame caused by curious youngsters who ask, “Mommy, what’s wrong with that man? Why is he limping, wheezing and whimpering ‘ouch’?”

    And, I persevere with stoic resolve the parental reply, “Oh, it’s just the Couch Potato Comeback, dear,” as they stroll on by — blast them, the speed demons.

    But, yes, Rainmaker, oh yes; I endure.

  256. Joel Neely

    I am currently trainig for Ironman Florida 2011. Two weekends ago I got sprayed by a skunk on Saturday’s 70 mile bike ride and was bitten by a dog on Sunday’s 12 mile run. Funny now, but at the time….not so much

  257. As a sailor I have a pretty colorful vocabulary…except while mountain biking. You could have heard the laughing from my girlfriend the first time I fell over and shouted, “Dag Nabbit!”

    When running in a group I like to fall to the back and then slap a stop sign with my hand, start screaming in “pain,” and rolling on the ground. Everyone else is so freaked out…I laugh every time!

  258. YNWA Steve

    Running on a treadmill on a cruise ship during relatively high seas was a bad choice. Tried to wipe my face with a towel, but lost balance and shot off the back of the machine during a busy gym time on a sea day.

    Doing my first sprint set in the dark and running full speed into a heavy gauge wire between two posts. I had a huge bruise across my stomach for about a month. I’m lucky I didn’t cut myself in half.

  259. I wish I had a funny workout moment to share, but I can’t think of anything. I’d love to be entered into the giveaway anyway. Thanks!

  260. Funny in retrospect, awful at the time: here in Texas you don’t get many cold days, so you don’t think much about the “below 32* and the pool is closed” rule. I hopped in at 6am, swam about 500m, and then was given the bad news by a very nice lifeguard. I argued that it surely felt like 33* but he wasn’t having it. Got out, went home, and slept…

  261. Annual event, forgetting to clip out and remembering on the way down that it is time for my yearly zero-speed crash.

  262. Great blog, keep it going.
    Rgds K

  263. In college when I rowed, I was put in a pair for the morning practice and it was my first time. I got in the boat with the other rower we were just pushing away from the dock and we both leaned the wrong direction and flipped. We weren’t even 5 feet from the dock. The coach sent us home after we stopped laughing and put the boat back…

  264. Funniest moment was while on a training ride. I stopped to use a water fountain because I had forgotten my water bottle, and as I was pulling away from the water fountain, my foot hit my front tire, and I went down in a heap because I was still clipped in on one side. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t on the corner of a very busy intersection with tons of car around. Very embarrassing.

  265. No funny stories, but sure could use the 310XT! 🙂

  266. Anonymous

    Knocking over the bike rack in my first practice tri.

  267. This is kind of a recurring embarrassing moment, but if I am running on a treadmill and watching something like basketball or tennis, I find myself slowly moving side to side with the action until I’ve nearly run myself off the treadmill. Only once have I actually fallen off the side, though.

  268. Back when I got my try bike I could not wait to get out and ride it. I was gonna fly. I rode a course that was taking me 51 minutes on my road bike so I was surely going to PR. I finish at the light in front of my neighborhood and see 55 minutes. I am dejected. Then I look down and see my front break rubbing the front wheel.

  269. Heading out for a training ride, I noticed the front tire looked a little flat, so I unclogged my right foot and leaned left. Pretty embarrassing to dump the bike right there in the driveway while my wife died laughing in the garage.

  270. Removing wheels to fit 3 bikes inside a car and, after 2 hrs drive, realising that we left one of the wheels in the garage 🙂

  271. Leaving T2 in a race with my aero helmet on backwards. Yep I was one of those guys. Luckily I figured it out in the first quarter mile and got it corrected before the race photographer snapped my pic.

  272. Alan W. Yueh

    I’m only a couple of weeks into group riding and am learning about riding from the Carpenter-Finney classic, “Training for Cycling.” (At least I’m smart enough to read when I’m NOT riding…)

    I had just read the section on turning by Davis, who notes that you want to “push the the bike down” as it leans over, which helps with angulation, etc.

    Anyway, last turn of the ride is a slightly-downhill ~100 degree right turn. We all spread out in a widely separated single file, and I shoot toward the front. I start the turn with a beautiful pre-turn, and start pushing the bike down. The bike responds by making a beautiful, high-speed arc. I’m thinking, “Wow, I must look great because it feels great. Oh, now it feels like my back wheel just started sliding sideways.” My back wheel “lost purchase” and I went down.

    I had to write-up a ride report later to poke fun at my mishap. Still kind of embarrassing to crash in front of the ride group who had just welcomed me in a few weeks earlier.


  273. EW in DC

    “hi” ! 🙂

  274. Let’s see……….rode 40km of an 80km ride with my shorts on backwards…we started in the dark early morning so I didn’t notice, just felt kind of funny.

  275. Nothing like running on a busy road when “nature calls!” Had to (very) quickly find some cover for relief! After that I felt like a true runner!

  276. Using a new brand of tri shorts after an hour ride I’m walking around and notice some looks towards my way at shorts level – I gander down and see that there is a fur patch poking through the material – two things learned from that day – don’t use a new piece of equipment in public and man-scape

  277. Shannon D

    Riding my bike in my tiny hometown last summer I came to a stop at a stoplight. After a full 30 seconds of sitting stopped with one foot clipped in, I lost my balance and fell over. It wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if there hadn’t been a 70 year old man at the light too. He gave me some advice for next time which I humbly took and moved on.

  278. M

    Hi – Don’t really have any funny training moments…most funny things happen to me during races, etc. Like barrel rolling down a hill during a trail run b/c I tripped…

  279. My funniest moment is watching me try to swim in a straight line. It never fails but I always end up adding a good 200 yds onto my swim. I’ve video of this moment too…sigh..

  280. Travis Mann

    Once I went on a 40 mi bike ride right when it was getting colder up here in the Midwest. I didn’t have any proper riding pants so I just grabbed a pair of running pants I hadn’t worn in about two years and threw them on over my shorts. About 20 miles into the ride I realized that the pants were really tight and that the blood wasn’t circulating through my legs properly, thus causing some intense cramping. As it was really cold I couldn’t take the pants off so I just pulled them down halfway and finished the ride. Imagine the thoughts that went through peoples heads when they saw me riding with my pants pulled down!

  281. Maybe less funny than gross, but feeling the uncontrollable urge to go #2 on a run… fortunately it was dark, there was a telephone pole backed by woods nearby, and at 6 in the morning in my neighborhood no one is out! Hope that’s worth a forerunner, ha ha

  282. Didn’t happen to me but a friend of mine got bit by a squirrel on his run and had to get a rabies shot just in case … no joke 🙂

  283. Dan Mc

    Practicing peeing on the bike for an Ironman is pretty embarrassing even though I was alone.

  284. “Funniest” moment: Going numb for two weeks after the first time I rode my TT bike…

  285. I’m starting a triathlon blog and added your site as one of my favorites, and found the contest by clicking on my link to make sure it worked. Most of my funny moments involve forgetting clothing needed to train at work during lunch. Driving to the pool and no swimsuit. Getting all changed to run and realizing I had forgotten shoes.

  286. I ran out of water and got dehydrated on a trail run. I started getting dizzy and light headed and my hands and feet started swelling. Luckily I found a short cut to a road. The road had almost no traffic, but after a while a car came. I flagged it down and the older couple inside took me to me car. Thankfully they had some water and cookies in the car. They were pretty worried about me driving, but the recovery was pretty quick for me after getting some water and sugar in my system.

  287. I was on a speed run one morning in the dark, finished and looked at the avg pace to see how I did and I was extremely pleased with what I saw. Yelped in the dark and when I got inside my wife asked why I was making so much noise. Turns out the GPS on the Garmin was off, the footpod didn’t work right, and the avg pace was off by over 30sec per mile…I’ll never live it down around my house.

  288. never wear white tights on a run after a wet poo. tyre marks were visible a mile behind.


  289. Not necessarily funny, but a fond memory: For my first Tri I didn’t have a road bike so I borrowed one from my friend’s dad. The bike was probably twice as old as me. I felt pretty embarassed with all the shiny TT bikes around me. But during the bike split I met someone with a bike almost as old as mine and he said ‘Nice Bike Man. I thought I had the oldest bike here.’. So, everything was fine again…

    Also: Hi.

  290. while doing a run in, a very cute chick crossed the street, I kept looking and looking and not paying attention to where I am going and did not notice a wide canal in front of me. I fell into it. most embarrassing thing is that just across the street was a bus stop full of people waiting for their ride… tsk!. i just pretended as if nothing happened and went on my way. it was quite a while before i ran along that same road where the bus stop was as i was so embarrassed someone would recognize me. 😛

  291. Learning to ride a bike that turns the wrong way. You turn left and it goes right.

  292. Miguel Lopez

    Hi Ray!

  293. One chilly May afternoon we were on the river doing strainer training (Swiftwater Rescue Training) where you have to swim over a fake strainer/tree in the water. I went over the strainer but as I was under I hit a submerged rock with my ‘privates’ and ended up crawling out of the water holding my crotch because it hurt so bad. If you think it doesn’t hurt girls to get hit down there…you’re wrong! I was black and blue for a couple of weeks after that…

  294. Many a funny moments training. Whether it be the invisible crack I have tripped over while running only to pop up quickly to see how many cars were driving by at the time, or trying to run on ice in the dead of winter and feeling pretty good until I try to round a corner too quickly… Too many to count!
    Thanks for the awesome site and of course your generosity.

  295. Hi! Love the blog and reviews.

  296. milo617

    Running past a group of older ladies and having them whistle as I passed by. LOL

  297. Having what was one of the greatest runs I’ve had where I completed a 10k training run an a 7min mile pace, chatted with some runners on the way home as I passed, felt great about myself, sat on the toilet after the run and looking at the watch to review my splits, sweaty hands drop the watch on its face, crack the screen and there goes my old 310xt.

  298. Hi! Hi… good job!!

  299. Definitely falling over in front of a bunch of people because I was tired and didn’t unclip fast enough. I also posted on Facebook.

  300. Swimming in bath tub-warm water at Lake Anna with the DC Rainmaker after being chased down by a random guy in his pick up truck!

  301. when new to clipless pedals I fell over at a stop sign during a group ride. people were not please.

  302. Nothing funny here, except how slow I can be!!

  303. I don’t have any funny training stories. So I will just say, “Hi, Ray.”

  304. Forgetting to unclip at an intersection and falling. I avoided eye contact with anyone until the light had changed.

  305. This comment has been removed by the author.

  306. Anonymous

    Many years ago I was running with my younger brother. He ran RIGHT into one of those wire support ropes (that help hold up poles) and crashed to the sidewalk…. because he was checking out a pretty girl on the other side of the street. (He was ok except for a scraped knee and feeling a bit sheepish.) Susan in Shoreview

  307. Maybe not funny but definitely my most embarrassing moment. My swimsuit was fine when I put it on but when I got out of the water and started walking away I discovered about 4-5 inches of the seam in the crotch of my suit had given out.

  308. On the annual Bob Cook Mt. Evans Memorial race in Colorado from Idaho Springs to the top of Mt Evans (14,200′) I forgot my bike shoes at home, a 2h drive. Finding shoes was a nightmare and I ended up with no warmup time! I was fortunate enough to have someone lend me his shoes and I had a PR for the race that day. Trying to find shoes distracted me from the usual race routine, it doesn’t hurt to change gear unexpectedly!

  309. I came to a complete stop at a busy intersection and couldn’t unclip (and w/out anything to brace myself against) I tipped over onto the sidewalk.

    It still took me almost a min. to unclip while on the ground. At least all the folks in their cars got a good laugh =)

  310. Hello! That’s so kind & generous of u!

  311. Hi there.

    My funniest moment was at my first triathlon over the olympic distance.
    Right before the race started i put the time-chip on my leg.
    After the swim i noticed, that lost the chip.
    So.. No regular time taken at my first competition.

  312. Hi, from a very sunny UK.

  313. André J.S.G.

    nice Garmin !!

  314. My funniest training moment was when I stumbled over my feet on a treadmill, literally sending teals head-over-heels .

  315. funniest moment was first fall with clipless pedals. my riding buddy stopped to adjust something and i turned back for him. as i was turning around beside him i unclipped on the outside (typical side) and began falling over into the left u-turn, which happened to be the side i WASN’T unclipped. he got a good laugh.

  316. Need it. Love the blog!

  317. I’m not that funny, but I was running with a friend when a someone we knew yelled “Hi” from a car. The resulting thud was my friend running right into a stop sign. He ended up needing stitches for that.
    Fingers crossed for a Garmin.

  318. Yay, what an exciting giveaway!

    I don’t really have any funny training stories, although one time I was out running with my cross country team through the inner city my college is located in. A school bus pulled up next to us and the kids inside opened all the windows and were yelling “run, white girls, run” at us! The worst part was the bus kept stopping so we kept catching back up to them 🙂

  319. 10 miles into a run I was supposed to be doing with a friend I ran into them on the far side of town. He was also doing his run..

  320. I did an entire triathlon with earplugs still in my ear from the swim.

  321. f

    Hi thanks for the opportunity.

  322. Last spring, after not being able to run for two months due to ITB syndrome, I was walking a lot. When I was recovering I usually walked for a few km’s to warm up a little before running. One time doing so I was passed by a very slowrunning couple right before I had planned to start running. I’m sure they thought I was kind of strange when passing them right after, sort of like I couldn’t handle people passing me. Oh well. 🙂

  323. Vermont is cold. Running in winter in Vermont is colder. Wear appropriate wind protection as the windchill can be FIERCE. Wear appropriate wind protection EVERYWHERE. Otherwise, your significant other will laugh at you and not “feel your pain” as you attempt to warm up below the belt.

  324. Mārtiņš

    Hej, pick me!

  325. Only funny training memory I can think of is the time the kamikaze bunny rabbit (yes, bunny rabbit) tried to crash me off my bike.

    I was out riding with friends when the terror bunny came out of the woods in full sprint, head first into my back tire. My tire fish-tailed, big time, but I was able to hold on and stay upright.

    To this day, everytime we ride past that same spot I make sure to be on high alert. I know he’s there; just waiting to finish me off.

  326. made a wrong turn once that resulted in an extra 5 miles of running!

  327. Funniest tri moment today would have to be peeing during the run portion of my last sprint tri. To disguise it i grabbed two cups of water when i ran past the aide station and poured them ever so slowly over my head, never breaking stride. PR Baby!

  328. Coming out of Aquatic Park, swimming in the SF Bay, and realizing I had split the butt on my wetsuit and given all the tourist in Fisherman’s Wharf a good show on the way back to my car. Well, maybe not a good show since that’s before I got into shape.

  329. Once found a plastic toy gun that looked very real out in the woods at the turn around point of an 18 mile out-and-back. Picked it up and pointed it at my training partner, who immediately began flipping out. He thought I’d gone nuts and hidden it at the exact point we were turning around, waiting for him, LOL.

  330. I forgot swim trunks on a trip to the lake to swim with my tri club. It’s a 30-minute drive, so I swam in my boxers. The member’s honored me at the next meeting as “most dedicated swimmer” and I was presented with some fancy smiley-face boxers.

  331. Hi! Love the blog. Probably funniest was forgetting to unclip at a light during a group ride and falling into EVERYONE. I took six people down with me that day. Ah, to be a newbie.

  332. wow…awesome…love reading your blog….thx

    Alex from Toronto

  333. No funny moments yet – only been training a few weeks but I’m sure there will be MANY to come!

  334. Tripping and falling while adjusting my sweat soaked glasses. I wound up doing a somersault while wearing my hydration belt that carries a full-sized water bottle.

    I would love to win the Garmin!

  335. Flatting and then having two bad tubes right in front of the guy’s house who I had made fun of for all the tubes he bought at our shop. Karma…..

  336. Zoe S

    Failing to unclip and falling in front of people or nearly wiping out on a treadmill that I didn’t realize was on!

  337. Zoe S

    Failing to unclip and falling in front of people or nearly wiping out on a treadmill that I didn’t realize was on!

  338. I’m just going to say “Hi”!

  339. On my way home from a training ride I once saw a guy running down the road with no shoes on being chased by someone that I’m pretty sure was a transvestite. Another guy in a car comes screeching past and yells “get in!” to the guy being chased and they take off together. The transvestite then sat down in the middle of the road. Oh yeah and this was all happened in a suburban area. I still lol when I try to figure out why this event was taking place!

  340. Tripping over my own feet and falling while trying to stop my watch at a finish line in a race.

  341. Funniest training moment came when I was when with a group of 4 others (including my young son and his friend) we thought that we would cut the route short and climb up this hill to cut off about 5k in distance (long winding route). Normally the hill is not too bad when walking it is quite steep but doable.

    However I ended going up and down 3 time to get the kids bikes as they could not climb and have the bikes at the same time, should have just done the extra 5k.

  342. kyle k

    on a late night mountain climb coming up on a wild boar in the bushes – I dont know who was more scared, me or him!

  343. Brian From MV

    Hi, ray!

  344. I think the funniest one, was when I went to the Y, two weeks before I signed up for a trainer, The day of, I arrived about 30 minutes early and so the trainer went ahead and started our session. It was the hardest hour of my life. I did things that I only could wish I could really do. After I was done and basically dead. I went to go get my id from the front desk rep, and she adv me that I was a no show to my training. I advised her that I just got done. She stated that, that was for a lady that is a regular, hard hitter that does body strengthing. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH on me….

  345. Driving for 2 hours to get to a great location for a ride on the hills and noticing that I had forgoten my ciclyng shoes

  346. Funniest is also the most embarrassing… so I rather keep it to myself. Thanks for a great blog!

  347. Funniest moment: I had finished my 100km ride and able to climb the garage with the shoes clipped on, and just when I thought everything was safe, and saying hi to my wife, fell over the floor w/o reason… Hehehe…

  348. Mary

    In Mississippi, being chased by some crazy, striped flies… I’ve never run faster!

  349. In Mississippi, being chased by some crazy, striped flies… I’ve never run faster!

  350. Hi Ray.

    I almost had a deer run into me while out riding – I think we were both equally surprised and scared. It had to be pretty funny to watch us attempting to avoid the collision!

  351. Anonymous

    I met my family halfway into a ride for some time at the playground and didn’t unclip when I pulled up to the stroller. We’ll it rolled away since the brake wasn’t on and down I went with the kids very concerned. We documented in the following weeks how skin can grow back. Lee

  352. Running 3km into my run with my helmet still on, then realising that it was easier to keep it on than to carry it.

  353. Falling off the treadmill at the gym. I can’t be the only person!

  354. Getting over my fears of getting dumped off my bike trainer, setting it up, getting on for the first time…and getting dumped off.

  355. Falling off the treadmill at the gym. I can’t be the only person!

  356. Dropped my water bottle at a stop light with my left foot still clipped into the pedal. The water bottle rolled to the left, I reached for it, and down I went. Happened in front of about 5 cars.

  357. I had one just the other day on vacation. Running along the Vegas strip with tons of people around and two older ladies decide they are lost and instead of asking the folks walking near them where to go, guess what we should flag down the runner and make him stop and tell us. I stopped thinking they needed help, well I guess they kind of did.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  358. Attacked two times by an owl on an early morning training run…

  359. Jason Schultz

    Not me, but a friend – stopped for an emergency bathroom break while running. Didn’t check to make sure the TP cleared the compression shorts before leaving the bathroom, though. He ran almost 2 miles with about 9″ of TP flying behind him before a car honked and he figured out why we were laughing.

  360. Jason Schultz

    Same guy, different day – we were riding a 50 mile bike trip and a car full of very beautiful high schoolers drove by waving at us, and he ran into a mailbox. His wife still teases him about that one!

  361. Same old story…failure to unclip, yada yada yada, falling down in a parking lot. People laugh. I bleed.

  362. Not A funny comment, but do you have any information about how to compare portions(say specific climbs) of all your rides in sporttracks? I have tried to use unique routes plug-in with limited success.

  363. Funniest moment: learning to eat on the bike. On my first attempt, I tucked the spent wrapper in the leg of my shorts. Next thing I knew the back of my knee was sticking on every pedal stroke. So, smart girl that I am, I decided to smear it around so it wouldn’t be so sticky. Of course, this got gu all over my hand. So I decided to lick it off (bear in mind, I was newb so I had the requisite bike grease on the hand as well). It was then that I had to hit my brakes, and thus got gu all over my handlebars as well.

    By the time we got back to the shop, the guys could not stop laughing at the hot, sticky mess I’d made of myself and my bike. To this day, they call me “Honey”.

  364. My funniest moment was bringing my mountain bike shoes to a spin class on my road bike!

  365. This morning; running; going in the bushes with a coyote stairing at me on the river.

  366. This morning was all about jumping into the bushes ever minutes – stupid gi system.

  367. Drive 4hr to visit in-laws and a run with a friend and forget running shoes!

  368. Funniest moment was falling out of a trainer and creating a domino effect on a rack of bikes next to the trainer (I was in a bike shop getting a fit).

  369. I was training for a 13.1 and was doing my long run. Trying to fix my Garmin 101 and tripped and fell. About 7 miles later I realized my gatorade bottle had fallen off. Needless to say I got rid of the clip on bottles after that.

  370. Funniest moment of training, and one of the funniest in my life. I was running with my brother and we were at a stop light, and it was close to 90 degrees out which is blistering for Maine. At the other side of the intersection are these two overweight white kids dressed all gangster. They are being really obnoxious to us, but we are just trying to ignore them the best we can. Well the leader yells over to us “Must suck to be you guys” because we are sweating our balls of and my brother instantly responds “It must suck to be obese!” That didn’t do too much but anger them, but it was funny. Then as soon as the walk signal turns on as we pass them in the cross walk my brother yells to them “Why don’t you go and deep throat another Twinkie!” at which pointI lost it, and almost caused a motorcyclist to fall off his bike at the light.

  371. Riding out in Douglas, Arizona amazed at how fast I was going and how much the altitude drop was helping me (I’m from Denver). Turning around to realize that there was huge tailwind that was pushing me the whole way and now I was riding into it and only averaging 12 mph.

  372. Thanks for all the great info Ray. No funny training stories, but a couple of good race ones for the next giveaway contest.

  373. Funniest moment: cycling in the giro dolomiti with 12.000 cyclists, coming up to a familiar name, suggesting i knew his family, which appeared to be true!

  374. Having really bright underwear that showed through parts of my training capris

  375. While out on a run, I caught up to a very pretty runner. As I went to pass her, I turned to say good morning, just as my left foot got caught in the shoe string loop for my right shoe. I slammed face first into the pavement right next to her. I looked up to see her continue on her way…laughing fairly loudly. I took the first turn to avoid seeing her again.

  376. Unclipping one foot from my pedals, leaning, and falling the other way – flailing to unclip and catch my bike…

  377. matt2395

    Running next to my wife on the treadmill while she rides the bike on the trainer. I like to tell her she’s going too slow if she can’t go faster than my running speed.

  378. Falling off my bike after being clipped in for the first time!

  379. Funny in an ow kind of way. Tripped on a root and fell. Injury free except my water bottle waist pack was on and bruised my back when I rolled.

  380. Funniest training moment was choosing to run w/o socks and bodyglide for the first time. I was late meeting my partner and decided to head out the door anyway. I made it 2 miles before I decided it was better to run barefoot than get blisters. I finished the last 6 miles only to have bloody blisters on the bottom of my feet as well. Lesson learned.

  381. Doing my first brick, after the bike ride, feeling (and probably looking like) a newborn giraffe trying to walk for the first time!

  382. Happened pretty recently, I was running early in the morning past a group of drunk guys when one of them started to run with me and suddenly kissed me in the face! Didn’t expect it at all, but turned out to be a very funny moment… BTW, congrats on the outstanding site!

  383. My funniest training moment to date would be overtaking a tractor while on my road bike during a TT.

  384. Choosing to run without socks or bodyglide that resulted in bloody blisters all over my feet. Funny as I look back on it. Thanks for the great blog.

  385. Probably not the only one like this, but getting “almost” to the top of a steep hill, in the wrong gear and running out of steam- fell right over.

  386. Being chased by 2 dogs while cycling. Impressed they chase as fast as I’m cycling.

  387. Carrying my bike several miles home after a series of flats exhausted my supply of patches and CO2 (no hand pump), then realizing that I could have locked the bike to something and come back for it.

  388. JaseFM

    Jumping in the pool with my hat and glasses on!

  389. Not a funny training moment, but I thought it was funny that I came to your blog to figure out which garmin I should buy and here you are hosting a giveaway. I think I can wait to make that purchase until after I don’t win your giveaway. Thanks!

  390. Rode 20 miles with out a problem. Forgot to unclip when I was stopped in my garage. Down I went.

  391. Dropped my shorts will changing into trunks.. but forgot to put the trunks on before I left the change area.. needless to say I didn’t forget to do this again!

  392. On one of my favorite routes, I came up to my favorite road that is flat for miles through horse pastures. But, the whole stretch was under construction and one side of the yellow lines was closed. Not wanting to wait for the flag man to wave me through, I went on the other side of the construction cones and had the whole lane to myself. After 2 miles, I heard this clunking sound. It grew louder and louder and when I looked down at my tires, I saw pavement caked to it- it had been building up in layers until it became thick enough to knock my fork. I then realized that the construction being done was repaving. I looked behind me and saw this thin groove in the road that stretched back for…about 2 miles!

  393. Training fun … hmmm, well there was that one time out on the trails without a bathroom in sight … yeah.

  394. Funniest moment was basically falling asleep at the handlebars from pure exhaustion and flying over a curb… losing the car keys… and still riding another 50 miles to find the keys. good times.

  395. showing up at the outdoor Detroit velodrome when I was a cyclist only to find someone driving around the track in a beat up Lincoln Continental.

  396. I would have to say running in the snow.

  397. I was stopping at a stoplight and couldn’t unclip. I had to reach out and hold myself up on the car next to me. The driver wasn’t too happy about it, but I didn’t fall.

  398. This comment has been removed by the author.

  399. I ran into the side of a parked car in the middle of a parking lot. I did the right thing though and found the owner, fessed up and paid for the damage.

  400. Being a runner and always wearing boxer briefs I decided that they go under cycling shorts as well. Though it was a short ride the chaffing was terrible and I learned my lesson!

  401. Hi! Thanks for a great blog!

  402. Blowing out the crotch on my jammers coming out of the pool. Always a good look.

  403. Tripping on hidden barbed wire and faceplanting onto a fallen log – no injury so funny.

  404. leaving my bike helmet on for a run. I was thankfully reminded of it as i got out of the driveway by my chuckling training partner.

  405. Wiping out on my bike in front of the carpool lane at a Middle School…several soccer moms came to my aide.

  406. Ronald Wilkens here.

    Saying hello 🙂

  407. I was riding my hybrid in a metric century, and about 15 mile into it, I was getting super tired and couldn’t keep my speed up like I usually could. I was getting passed by all of the slower members of my group and getting super frustrated. Earlier that week, I had undergone a fitting on my bike, and I was blaming the new bike position for making me slow and tired.

    We get to the 25 mile rest stop, and I’m thinking I would be lucky to finish a 50. Fortunately, my husband noticed that one side of my rear v-brake was detached, causing it to continuously rub on my wheel. A quick fix and I was back on my way.

    We all know to check that I’m not riding with my “parking brake” on!

  408. Funniest moment: skipping a bathroom stop at the National Zoo at the tail end of a 22 mile run. Thinking I could manage 2 miles without stopping resulted in a duck into the woods to relieve myself behind a big rotted out tree. I was mortified. Still am…

  409. Funniest running moment…hmmmmm. I did see a woman that had to squat next to the porta potty – couldn’t wait in line. Funny for me, not for her

  410. This comment has been removed by the author.

  411. Not really a training run, but the seat post on my mtn bike broke off after landing a hard jump with about a mile left on the course. Needless to say I took it nice and slow that last mile avoiding as many obstacles as I could.

  412. First ever pool workout. Dove in to a crowded lane, lost my goggles, limped to the far end and got out in shame. Never saw the pool again–Tri result…DFLed the swim, but didn’t lose my googles thus the training paid off.

  413. Hi.

    (Not training, but falling before the official start line of my first (and only) century. Lots of witnesses, and a loud “oooh” from the “crowd.”)

  414. Scariest equals funniest. I decided to run a little too close to dusk one day after work. On my way back I unexpectedly became blinded by oncoming traffic headlights, I decided to trust that I knew where the sidewalk was (because I’m a genius). The sidewalk zigged, I didn’t. I very nearly ran behind a guardrail into a stream that ran under the road. Fortunately my catlike reflexes saved my life, unfortunately my catlike IQ kept me from slowing down or stopping once I realized I was blinded. I now have a snazzy headlamp for such occasions.

  415. ..overdosing on tiger blood, to complement my Adonis dna so that I could be duh, WINNING! (especially this contest 🙂

    As always, thx for all you do Ray!

  416. Looking at my watch to see where I was in the interval and running into a light pole…

  417. Blocked by a cow for ten minutes on road only for bikers 🙂
    Count me for 3

  418. Funniest.. and most painful training/racing moment is running into a parked Park Service Vehicle during the first mile of a Half IM. Broke a rib, had a PR bike split after I got up, DNF’d the run because of difficulty breathing.

  419. Just Sunday, I T-boned into another cyclist who was leaving his driveway without looking for oncoming traffic. It is only funny because no one (including bikes) were hurt!

  420. The funniest moment was when I fell because I stopped but I forgot that
    was with clipless pedals 😉

  421. I honestly can not think of a funny story… Would still really like to win! 😉

    THANKS for putting the giveaway together once again!

  422. Funniest moment…..without a doubt unclipping (or attempting too) and taking out three other riders in the process. Did i forget to mention that they were all cat 1-2 riders 🙂

  423. How about… not being able to train? I was meeting a friend for a ride. We were starting about an hour’s drive away from home, and when I arrived at our meeting point, I realized I forgot my bike! Doh!

  424. Travis M

    I had a similar experience to Davidson, except mine was with a squirrel. I think the woodland creatures are plotting to take back their territories.

  425. New clipless mnt bike pedals so I was practicing in my driveway before going out. Decided everything was good and I would do a few wheelies! About broke both wrists as I went over backwards and couldn’t get my feet out

  426. Small group of us running shirtless on a warm summer morning. A homeless woman having a bad day took one look at us and angrily said, “You look like a bunch of baboons!”

  427. Failing to realize that a champions league game had just ended made my 30 min run a 1h walk in some very crowded streets but with very happy lads,

  428. A

    I tend to run and sing at the same time during shorter workouts, does that count? lol ppl give me the 0.o

  429. A

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  430. Anonymous

    hi ray!
    jon in dc

  431. the day i was chased by satan himself… aka a dog… you can read about it here… link to theclydesdale.blogspot.com

  432. Funniest moment was missing the wall on a flip turn and having the dude in the next lane laugh at me. I’m still not very good at flip turns.

  433. Running is serious business; no funny moments allowed.

  434. On reflection, I’m taking this training thing way too serious.

  435. Hi 🙂
    While riding my bike on some sandy hills the road ended suddenly 😀
    I was riding downhill on sand when I’ve made otb(fly over the board 🙂 ). I had only one thought on my mind “don’t fall on the head”. I felt on my back (had downwards) and had my pants full with sand 😀 I was laughing afterwards from myself 🙂

  436. Not securing my bike tight enough on my trainer and falling off. Twice. On 2 different occasions. You’d like I would have learned after the first time.

  437. Hi from the UK 🙂

  438. Realizing that the conversation I was having while running behind my friend was both un-PC and very audible to the person he was running behind.

  439. Rick Bancroft

    I was stopped by a cop once on my bicycle. He was complaining my bike light was too bright. He made me re-aim it and sent me on my way. (That was the old Cateye Stadium 3). Kudos, Cateye!

  440. Realizing I left my front wheel at home after arriving to a group ride locale!

  441. Anonymous

    From Av8rTx jeffnmimi@cableone.net

    All my training moments are a comedy of errors, awkwardness and slap stick. Thanks for the contest!

  442. Stopped at a busy intersection and forgot to unclip. Fell over and people started honing their horns.

  443. Julia Nagy

    Halfway through the bike leg of Longhorn 70.3, one of my feet suddenly came loose from the bike… the pedal had come unscrewed from the crank, but it was still clipped to my shoe. I spent 15 minutes on the side of the road trying to screw the pedal back onto the bike with the shoe still attached before figuring out how to pry them apart.

  444. Realizing that what I was saying while running behind my friend was both clearly heard by the person in front of him and quite embarrassing to me. Whoops.

  445. I hit a patch of mud on the concrete while running and fell. I’m a new runner and it was pretty embarrassing. 🙂

  446. My funny training stories almost always involve situations where I probably should have been seriously injured, and they’e only really funny because I wasn’t.

    I suppose the time I rode 160kms and was late to pick up my now wife and siser-in-law from the airport after she got back from her first marathon would be funny, in a block comedy dort of way, to someone who wasn’t me…

  447. The one incident that springs in mind is one lunchtime run when a school girl whistled after me and shouted “Hey Baby!”

    Things is – she was about 15. I was 40!

  448. Crashing bike on a speed bump because I wasn’t paying attention.

  449. Riding my bike a couple of years ago in rural MS, with yellow jersey on, 9AM on a Sunday MORNING, old man sitting on the porch drinking a quart of beer yells to me, “GO LANCE ARMSTRONG”. About fell off the bike laughing, LA has got to be the most famous man on the planet if this dude knows who he is!

  450. Enjoying the comments.

    Funniest moment was at my first charity bike ride one week after I had gotten clipless pedals. My team, the Pepsico sponsored Cheesy Riders, was the host and we started up front. The first stop at an intersection I fell over despite a week of no incidents. A rider spotting me on the ground with a jersey featuring Chester Cheetah shouted out, “It ain’t easy being cheesy!”

  451. Whether or not it’s the funniest I’m not certain but it is a recent moment from many, I was running on the treadmill where I have logged more miles this winter than during any winter prior thanks to a cranky 2 year old when that same 2 year old comes into the room; naked. The lack of clothing was really nothing new so my run continued as planned.
    I was happily running away amused by the youngest playing with various toys and teasing our playful cat.
    The cat had a habit of taking small toys and putting them in “it’s” room aka the laundry room. I can only assume that a stolen toy was the catalyst for the ensuing actions of my 2 year old because I can not figure out any other reason why he would pee on the cat!
    Chalk it up to the few; and there are only a few, good reasons to cut a run short.

  452. Kate S.

    Hi great blog 🙂

  453. Hi, Cool giveaway. Linked here from another blog I follow “Make a Run For It”

    Look forward to checking your site out, especially as triathalons will hopefully be in my near future after my current marathon training (Big Sur is next).

  454. Went on a “date run” with my now husband. He told me we were going for a short run and we ended up over 6 miles. He wasn’t laughing when I finished with him,

  455. count me in pleeeaasse

  456. Hasse

    Yesterday my running friends had a funny moment. After one hour of jogging we were all going for a shower and I went to my car to pick up my bag with dry clothes. As I took out the bag my dry underwear fell out and into a puddle of water………

  457. Paul Bunyar

    Once while running down a sidewalk, I was coming close to a couple of Killdeer. One was going out in the street. The other off back behind me into a open field. It was obvious they were trying to get me to follow them. But I needed to stick to the sidewalk. Then suddenly I understood their need to have me go a different direction as I had to quickly tiptoe and dodge their three, young, fuzzy offspring.

  458. I got lost along trails not farther than some kilometers from my workplace… i had to look for the highway and follow it until somewhere I knew…

  459. The realization that every step I took on the treadmill was accompanied by a little flatulence.

  460. Almost certainly the time I made a wrong turn, ended up going up a way too steep hill, stalled, then fell over before I could unclip. Right in front of this gal…

  461. Anonymous

    Falling over my feet and falling on main street in town. Denise N

  462. At the end of a race last Fall, I had an all-out sprint with a man pushing his son in a stroller. I beat him by :03 seconds. Did I feel guilty? Yeah, a little… especially knowing that he was probably laughing on the inside b/c I could only beat a stroller-toting man by all of :03 seconds.

    Maybe a 310XT would help me pace better so I don’t end up seeing him at the finish line THIS fall.

  463. I once left for a long ride with my bike crusing along the canals when I was joined by a fellow cyclist.
    I noteced he was not wearing a helmet and tough by myself what a nutcase.
    When I was finaly at home and turned up my driveway I noticed my helmet laying on the the table… turned out I totaly forgot putting on mine as well and didn’t even notice….. I felt like a complet jackass.

  464. Caught myself trying to get more “aero” but I was on my trainer.. indoors. My coach said she’d let me borrow her aero helmet next time to cut down on the drag. 😉

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  465. Running before dawn and being bitten on the foot by a dog. Not serious but scared the hell out of me and tore my shoe up. The funny part was going back to the house to inform the owners once the sun had risen, only to realize the dog was a yorkie and no bigger than my size 13 runner shoes.

  466. Had to be the time when I was doing hill repeats and a police officer got a report that some guy was passing back and forth in front of a house (it was the base of the hill where I was walking for recovery). Officer drove up as I just started a set and thought I was running from him so he put on the lights and chased me in his car up the hill. About halfway up, I realized what was happening and stopped with my hands in the air. The officer quickly understood what I was doing but not before I yacked 2 feet from his police car.

  467. Definitely when I fell over at at stop light after failing to unclip because I was distracted by the Porsche that pulled up next to me. Haven’t done that since

  468. When I first got my bike I didn’t know how to clip out of my pedals. I came to a stop and it was a slow fall to the left. I learned very quickly after that!!!!!

  469. Having to borrow my wife’s 310XT because my 405CX died. Thanks for the contest.

  470. Last night on a 6 mile run I chased my buddy for a couple blocks calling out his name several times…it wasn’t him.

  471. Having my 405 set to “avg” pace and HR rather than instant at the start of a run. Then using it, rather than how I feel to pace myself… “What? So slow? Such low HR? Push harder…” Took me a good half mile of running faster and faster until I figured it out.

  472. This comment has been removed by the author.

  473. Staring at another runner, nearly tripped and fell in front of a group of runners who knew I was staring at the runner..:-).

  474. Funniest moment was Swan diving into the pool… swimming a whole lap under water and realizing that my bathing shorts was still in the other end where i dove in… Embarrassing to say the least 😉

  475. Not being able to unclip fast enough while on my first group ride through Adams Morgan and as a result crashed into some construction materials when a guy ran across the street unexpectedly. Rode the whole way with blood gushing down my leg.

  476. Forgetting to unclip on a ride with friends from work.

    Brian from Little Rock

  477. Most embarrassing moment – I was just getting used to clipless pedals and totally laid out in the middle of M st. Just so happened to be a Saturday afternoon when the Georgetown Cupcake line was at its peak of about 85 people. Great!

    Email: dctri26.2@gmail.com

  478. forgetting to unclip. Not funny till later

  479. Just after I topped a hill while doing my run in an unfamiliar neighborhood I dodged around an overgrown bush. As soon as my foot landed one step beyond that bush a “friendly” dog came barreling at me at top speed! I’ve never been so thankful for invisible radio fencing in my life. The next day, when I ran past the same dog didn’t even lift his head, guess he one giant spike in my HRM was enough!

  480. Can I get it? I’d love that!

  481. Everytime I try to swim…

  482. Just recently, in the second leg of a training duathlon, I tripped, headed towards a faceplant, turned a somersault, popped right back up and kept on running. I had run several steps before I’d even processed what had happened.

  483. Hey-ya!

    I always find it pretty funny when I bonk, at least once I recover

  484. During a cycling ride I made a right turn onto a very steep hill and since I wasn’t expecting it I was in the wrong gear. Since I’m a total potty mouth I shouted out a number of curse words and then realized a family with small children were standing on the sidewalk next to me.

  485. Not really a funny or training moment, but when I was in school there was a set of races made up of large loops and small loops. To barrier off the large loop from the small for the people who weren’t running large loops hay bales were laid across the junction where they merged. Watching groups of people come charging down a hill and then leap over hay bales and into a pool of muddy water on the other side kept reminding me of horse races and made me smile!

  486. This comment has been removed by the author.

  487. I was on a second date with my fiance–a bike ride. I really had to pee so I found a small bush on the side of the road. Well, I didn’t get my pants down all the way and pee’d on half of my shorts. Road back 20 miles with a nice wet spot—I tried to let him lead! = ) HAHA! See what us females have to go through? Every now and again he calls me Pee-Pee-Pants!

  488. This story is more memorable than funny. I once rode up a 45 min climb up Montebello Road to Mount Black, which is in a Palo Alto reserve, but didn’t give myself enough daylight. It got dark, and my headlight ran out of batteries. The descent down the other side on Page Mill does not have streetlights. I would wait 2-3 minutes at a time for a car to come and then would follow the car for 3 or 4 corners until the head and taillights weren’t visible, then wait some more time.

    When I got home my wrists were sore from riding my (terrible) cantilever brakes the whole way down.

  489. We were on a midnight run after work. It was pretty cold at the start. I had just purchased a new pair of tights. I didnt realize that I had not tied the draw string. Well, everyone got to see a different moon that night!! Whoops!! I got a phone number or two also!

  490. I wonder how many people are going to say their funniest moment is tipping over at a stop due to unclipping improperly … that would have to be mine (and it has happened on more than one occasion!)

  491. I wonder how many people are going to say their funniest moment is tipping over at a stop due to unclipping improperly … that would have to be mine (and it has happened on more than one occasion!)

  492. …being offered a beer by a bunch of middle aged men playing croquet…water stop style while I was riding my bike by them one lonely afternoon…at which point I decided maybe I had taken too many laps around the same loop…I can’t confirm or deny that I may have taken the beer….

  493. Hey, Ray! I don’t really have a very funny story but would like to win the watch! 🙂

  494. Funniest moment was doing a mountain bike ride. I made it through a nice hard technical section and stopped where my friends were waiting for everyone. Unclipped one side and proceeded to fall to the other. My friends couldn’t stop laughing. Luckily I feel into a nice soft pile of moss and not the rocks all around me

  495. I’m a new triathlete, although I’m all injured at the moment. Anyway, last year, I did 3 Sprint Tris in a single month. Survived them all, and even did them on my 15-year-old mountain bike (didn’t want the high cost investment yet).

    So, I’m riding back to my car after the Celebration Tri, happy to have done all uninjured . . . and fell off my bike, right onto my knee.

    The injury to my knee left a huge gash on my knee, literally in the shape of a heart. 😉 Good thing I’m a Skeptic, otherwise I would have thought it was a “sign.”

  496. Finishing a race and puking on the timer at the end.

  497. In the median at an intersection there was a 4 inch thick metal pole with a button to trigger the pedestrian crossing lights. I stopped in the median and rather than unclip I decided to just grab the pole. Turns out the pole was designed to not damage cars if it gets hit. Imagine the Weebles wobble kind of thing, it didn’t fall down but I did.

  498. love the blog. fingers crossed!

  499. College water polo…suit ripped in a Canadian tournament. Swam back to bench holding suit up.

  500. steve_n_houston

    Not realizing my chain was off the front ring, clipping in, spinning like a mad man and going no where until I fell over.

  501. Can’t think of a funny entry offhand, but I do love your blog and check it every day. Thanks for keeping it up!

  502. let’s just say, a sports bra malfunction!

  503. While practicing transitions in front of my house, neighbors gathered on their front porches, beers in hand, just to watch.

  504. I have no funny training stories yet, nut I do love your blog so there is my entry. Thanks!

  505. Gavin

    Jogging by a group of birds sitting on a powerline, when they decided to attack about 6 of them dive bombed me. I managed to get away.

  506. I had a squirrel try to dive through the spokes of my front wheel as I was riding about 18 MPH. He didn’t make it sadly. He bounced off the wheel, hit my foot, then shuffled off the side of the road. Scared the crap out of me.

  507. I have had treadmills power off on me mid-run which causes me to run into the console. I don’t use that treadmill at the gym anymore. I am sure just seeing me struggle through my training is pretty entertaining for spectators. Maybe I should sell tickets.

  508. about drowning myself in the pool by non-purposeful taking on of the water. As I stood up and hacked the water out I had a few water jazzersizer ladies ask if I needed help.

  509. Giving my new carbon road bike a nice tuneup only to overs-shift into the spokes and break off my derailleur and damage by PowerTap wheel … oops!

  510. I laugh about it now, but it was not funny at the time. We were on the Big Island training and riding the Kona IM course. We stopped and filled up bottles and had 40 miles to go. Right after that the wind picked up. When we hit the next water stop we decided not to stop because we still had tons of water and only 30 miles to go. At one point we both realized we were out of water (I had been for about 15 minutes). I said ‘don’t worry, there’s a little convenience store just ahead’ and after every little hill it did not appear. But I was insistent there was a little store just ahead. I’ve ridden that course close to 50 times, but the person i was with had never ridden it, so she was trusting me. There is no little store out in the middle of the lava fields north of the Kona airport. No matter how hard I insisted it was there. Needless to say when we got to Kona we both drank about 2 gallons of water. We still laugh about my delusions from the heat and wind.

  511. Hi. Did anyone say that yet?

  512. On early morning runs, having to avoid the cane toads in the dark.

    Great Giveaway Ray !

  513. On early morning runs avoiding the cane toads lurking on the path

    Great Giveaway Ray !!

  514. Catching up to my training partner at IMC who I thought was slowing down so we can chat…. instead he was having a piss and I got sprayed in the wind coming up to say hi!

  515. Darragh

    Funniest training moment; on a club training run a climb (the Conor Pass here in Ireland) had broken the group up entirely and I was neck and neck with one of my clubmates, both of us chewing the handlebars as we came to a viewing point below a small lake on the way to the summit.

    Ahead was a tour bus stopped with maybe two dozen French tourists taking snaps of the scenery. Seeing us approach the cameras turned our way and the cheering started – ALLEZ! ALLEZ! ALLEZ!!

    My pulse was in my head, HR running along the red line and could swear my eyeballs were sweating (!) but given the foreign-cycle-supporter flash mob there was nothing to do but for us to grin & put a sprint on – till we cleared the next bend anyhow and got another serving of bar tape anyhow!

    Never discount the extra wattage accessable given a group of cheering French spectators!!

  516. First MTB ride down at Appin (NSW, AUS) … getting half way down came across a curve in the trail, which happened to be concrete covered in leaves, and damp from the light rain … realizing i was going to stack about 20m or so before i did. My 405CX if you zoom in enough on garmin connect picks up where i stacked, and the short loop i had to walk to ‘collect myself’ rofl

  517. Brian L @ 72764

    In my first triathlon I rode a borrowed bike. About 2 miles into the ride I dropped my water bottle and it got caught on the chainstay. No problem I though, until I slowed down and it got sucked in between the spokes and the chainstay. Fortunately only one spoke broke and the wobble wasn’t severe, but I didn’t know enough to release the rear brake so I finished the race with a dragging brake.

  518. Hey Ray,
    I didn’t know how to pump up my tires so I had to ask my neighbors…Now I know you have to unscrew that little thingy.

  519. Best blog around. Best reviews too!

  520. You have to laugh at yourself when you try and balance on your bike at a stop light then realize you are going to fall and don’t unclip in time.

  521. I swallowed a bee, and it stung my tongue.

  522. Getting stung on the lip about halfway round my normal ride. Rode the return leg drooling uncontrollably as half of every mouthful of drink ended up on me/ toptube/ road. Got a few looks from tourists in my hometown that day.

  523. Double front flip in a bike crash… well at least it was funny for the people who watched the scene!

  524. Limegren

    During an interval workout I forgot to leave my lap field on my FR60, I stopped after 5. (set of 6) The next guy in the group yelled at me that we had one more yet, I pretty much screamed the F-bomb in front of the coach. (didn’t know he was there)

    Gosh I hate stern talking-to’s…

  525. i ran a route backwards one morning (early morning) earlier this winter and because i didn’t recognize the views going this way i tried to enter the wrong house!