September Garmin 310XT Giveaway Results!

Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway! Sorry for the delay, I was up rather late last night…err…this morning with work, and then back again before sunrise.  So things got a bit delayed.  That said there were just under 900 individual comment entries into the giveaway, and another bunch from Active Duty folks.

I then took all the entries and sorted through them like I usually do to ensure everyone gets the correct number of entries.  This means in total 1525 entries.  After which, I went the route of simple and used to generate a number between 1 and 1525.  The lucky winner was number 512!


And the winner is: ‘Tri Dave’



Congrats Dave!  Please contact me with your shipping info so I can get your new Forerunner 310XT on its way to ya!

Oh – and Dave – a music teacher and triathlete, also has a blog, which you can check out here.

For those that didn’t win – don’t worry – you can still go out and pick up your very own little orange watch and enjoy it for the rest of the tri season and the upcoming fall running season (or, if you’re upside-down in Madagascar, some other whacky season). 

And if you utilize the link above, you help to support more giveaways like this.  It’s sorta like recycling: Utilize linkage > More Giveaways > More good stuffs for you.

Thanks all and have a great weekend!


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  1. Nice giveaaway, congratulation to the winner.

  2. Congrats to Tri Dave, I’ll be sure to visit your blog!

  3. congrats to tridave!

  4. Thanks Ray! Thanks for the kick in the pants to update my blog. Working out has been going on, but not too much blogging. Best wishes!

  5. Wes

    I demand a recount! I’m taking this all the way to the Supreme Court!


  6. CONGRATS Tri Dave! I guess I’ll use up my Edge 500 for the remainder of the season until Garmin releases another unit =)

  7. DC,
    I just ordered my 310xt and quick release kit through your onsite link. I am a “charter” Prime user. The link went right through to my Prime account. One day shipping and it’s here tomorrow. NIce parlay. DC Rainmaker to Amazon Prime. I will open the box with your detailed review on the screen. Thanks again for your excellent body of work. Z.