Withings WiFi Scale Giveaway Results

Wow…holy cow – there were 323 entries into the giveaway contest in the last seven days for the Withings WiFi Scale.  Which is just simply incredible!  I definitely appreciate all the comments made, especially the ones about the blog!

When the giveaway it closed at midnight (just a short bit ago here on the East Coast), the cutting began!

Earlier in the evening I had converted the comments into a massive spreadsheet, and then spliced out each entry, plus the extra entries (twitter and blog mention).  Each entry included the exact date/time so I could easily reference it back to an actual human.


After that was all set and the clock struck midnight, the printing began – and many pages later (and a run to find more printer paper), it completed:


The next step – the cutting out of hundreds upon hundreds of individual items.  This would mark the only non-enjoyable part of the giveaway.  Thus…I outsourced this.  To the Girl. 

I explained that I had an ‘Arts and Crafts’ project, if she wanted to help out.  She was thinking glue sticks, construction paper, and perhaps some sewing.  So she happily agreed.  Excitement like a little kid in grade school.

So off she went to get her scissors and start on ‘the project’.


Until about a quarter of the way through the cutting out of each and every individual entry.  At which point she started to mutiny.  Mumbling something about wanting to play with colorful glue sticks and magic markers.

I offered to get her an Oreo cookie.

She ignored me and kept on cutting…


Finally, the time came for the drawing.  I contemplated walking outside and asking a random impartial runner along the path in front of my place to pick a number out of the hat.  But then I realized it was 1:00AM – I might not like who I ran into (or runs into me).  The next option was my two turtles, but getting them to pull an entry out of a hat may take a really really long time.  So that left…The Girl.  She did the actual pulling of names.

And thus…the pulling:


And the winner is:


Congrats to Mark (at 8:25AM on June 2nd)!  Please e-mail me (my e-mail is on the sidebar) so I can get your goods shipped off to ya!

(And, just for fun, we pulled a second name…ya know, just in case Mark doesn’t claim it, which was Nick Barnwell.  Nick – you may now begin to say: Ugh!)


And, even if you didn’t win – you can still pickup the Withings Scale and enjoy it anyway.  As you’ve probably seen in the comments posted to the In Depth Review, people love the scale – myself included.  Really nothing bad to say about it!  And if you use the link above, you help support the blog and future giveaways like this.

Thanks for entering/commenting, and thanks for reading!  I’m looking forward to doing something like this again…


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  1. I didn’t win, but thanks for the time and effort anyway mate. Oh, and thanks to your good lady for the cutting duties! :-)



  2. thanks again, and I was earnest about the offer about riding if you’re ever in Sacramento. I’m a member of edhtriclub.com and I’d love to meet you.

    anyway, can’t ride now (or type well), I crashed and tore part of my finger off, but you never know – it appears you do some traveling,

  3. Jen

    Cute way to do the giveaway… wished it was me, but congrats, Mark (and Nick if Mark doesn’t claim it).

  4. Leave it to you to even make a drawing a good reading! Thanks for going through All the effort to make it so legal…felt like iwas watching a lotto drawing it was done so professionally! I think I will have to copy your way for my camera giveaway.

  5. Would you post some photos of your turtles?

  6. Thanks so much, Ray, this is absolutely awesome. I emailed my address to you separately.

    Nick, so sorry to have squeaked in ahead of you.

    I’d like to thank all the little people for making this possible.

  7. roy

    Hi Ray,

    Great post as allways.

    Hope my post doesn’t get you in trouble with the girl.

    Next time try to pick a random name through the Excel.
    just write:
    This will pick a name at random from your list in column A.


  8. @realmarkcanlas

    MAN!!! I saw that “mark” won it and I was like “Hmmmm could it be me?”