Washington DC Capitol Cupid’s Undies Run

Earlier in the week a few friends (almost all simultaneously) shot me an e-mail about an upcoming ‘run’ around the Capitol building here in DC.  Except, unlike most running events that round the rotunda, this particular one lacked one key aspect – clothing.  Well, the majority of clothing anyways…

But, I’m no stranger to underwear runs.  After all, they’re basically just like the swimsuits I wear during races.

So a group of friends and I showed up shortly before 2PM (finally, a reasonable start time for a running race…brilliant!) at a local bar (again, another moment of brilliance!) near the capitol.


Inside the bar, over 400 folks were stripping down to their favorite bedroom garments and preparing for the almost 2-mile run.  Though the crowd soon spilled outside where there was quite a bit of local media waiting, enjoying taking pictures of the athletes.  I’m guessing it sure beat taking pictures of snowplows…


A few minutes later the organizers gave a brief speech about the purpose of the run – to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation – as well as some information about the route.


And without too much more fanfare, we were off…in a very very very long single file line.  The snow banks meant it was single track for much of the initial stretch, before we got to the wider (and better plowed) sidewalks on the Capitol grounds.


Here we are heading down the south side of the Capitol:


We rounded the front of the Capitol grounds and many folks paused to take photos – because there’s nothing more picturesque than a group of folks in underwear standing in front of the Capitol of the United States of America.  Plenty of locals and tourists stopped to watch the parade stream by, along with the US Capitol Police enjoying the spectacle as well.


(That’s me…and my totally awesome smurf valentine’s boxers I found at Target.)

Despite the freezing temperatures, some folks were simply not content with merely running almost-naked for two miles.  They wanted to take it to the next level.  The pinnacle.  The capital of cold…you could say.  So they did the only thing they could (well, actually, there’s another thing that they could do…but that would probably get them arrested)…snow angels:

IMGP9475 IMGP9479

Now, despite the cold associated with snow angels, I’d argue that the frozen creekside plunge that Rob and I did back a few weeks ago was a bit more hardcore.  Just sayin’…. 😉

Speaking of hardcore…One area that clearly separated the runners from the runners was the hill heading up the side of the capitol. It’s one of the steepest little jaunts you can run up in the city, and it never disappoints in slowing down the competition.  We dominated it.


After cresting the hill we headed back on the home stretch paralleling the back of the capitol…


…and wandering past the US Supreme Court building.  Rob took that opportunity to ponder a bit of the historical significance of the moment.


Not long later we were within sight of the finish line (the bar of course!) – but some folks were still looking for their valentine:


Everyone else meanwhile was simply looking for the warmth of the bar…


After all, it’s not every day you walk into a bar and see sights like this:


(Btw, there’s a few more pictures inside the bar from this article as well…)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Kim

    Sweet! What a fun run! I bet there was much merriment at the bar afterwards-ice already broke and all!

    Nice boxers too!! 🙂

  2. Rob is a cutie! Just sayin 😉

    Fun run!

  3. Hysterical! now that’s having some running fun.

  4. Bob

    Hysterical! That has to be a fun time.

  5. Nice, increible, amazing, funny, and cool pis, brave guys !!! Here in Spain the news of bad weather in Washintong DC are very bad!
    Best regards from spain , you know how to have fun !!!!

  6. That is awesome! Wish there was one of those around here, we could do those runs until June!

  7. What a great run! I am doing something similar on the ski slopes. I am doing a Bikini Ski next weekend. Nothing formal just a stupid Christi triok for the Crohns and Colitis foundation.

  8. Super Fun! So when do you get to leave for VBC for the Olympics?

  9. Kim

    Um hm I second audreys comment,

    Wish boston had an undies run!

  10. My husband is in DC this week and remarked that he hadn’t seen so much snow since he lived in upstate NY. You all are CRAZY to run in your underwear outside but it sure does look like fun 🙂

  11. Ah, now the mention of Rob on Audrey’s blog makes sense…

  12. Great pics! I didn’t lug my camera during the run. Thanks for the link, too.

    Cupid’s Undie Run is having a Happy Hour on Saturday, 2/27 @ 7:00 p.m. at the Pour House. The official reason for the gathering is to pick up your t-shirt. But, stop by if you would like to mingle. Maybe, there will be a Rob sighting.

  13. James

    My daughter is one of the kids who benefit from the work of the Children’s Tumor Foundation. I can’t say how great it is to see a little exposure for it on such a great blog.