Tuesday Tidbits

Lacking the time or thought capabilities to put together a solid and lengthy post, I present you many little tidbits…

Garmin FR-60:
I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but Garmin sent me out a FR-60 running/cycling watch to review.  Actually, it was at my request.  I had requested it because of the BC-1000 I’m also reviewing (see below).  Anyway, I’ve been using it since before Christmas, and thus far I really really really like it.  Like, almost more than the Garmin 310XT type like it.  Now, it’s a different type of watch than the 310XT.  For starters, it looks like a normal watch (way smaller than the Garmin 405 for example).  Secondly, it doesn’t have GPS, but does utilize a foot-pod and cadence sensor(s) for run and bike distance measuring.  Thirdly, it’s a lot cheaper.

(Ok, the only ‘activity’ picture I have handy at the moment is actually from scuba diving with it in the Maldives…go figure.  I needs to get on the ball with pics for the review…)

But, the reason I really like it, is the battery lasts a YEAR.  Yes, a year – no charging daily.  To me, it’s my normal every day watch, to the pool, to the grocery store, everywhere.  Oh, and because I usually always wear running shoes 100% of the time anyway, it makes it super easy to simply turn on and track how many miles I walk in a given day (or on a given trip).  Anyway…a detailed review is forthcoming in the next few weeks probably.

Interesting series on weight loss:
If you don’t follow the Sports Scientist blog, you should.  For one, they’re really smart.  And two, they’re really really smart.  They’re two sports related PhD’s that talk through a lot of sports and performance type things, often focusing on elite athletics, but occasionally bringing it back to the masses.  In this case, they’ve been posting an cool series on weight loss in the generic sense, but also tying it with how it affects performance athletics.

This is interesting because (in my mind) there are so many crappy books and diet plans out there, and these guys help to really understand the science behind many of the faux-diets and the realities of how the human body works.  It’s also interesting because they talk to how both simple and complex weight loss is and can be.  Here’s a tiny intro snippet:

Anyways, check them out here…good stuff.

Tanita BC-1000:
I know I did mention this at some point…Back before Christmas I got the Tanita folks to send over a BC-1000 to test out and write up a review.  I’ve been getting into the groove of using it since returning back to this continent.

It’s a pretty cool device.  It syncs wirelessly to the Garmin FR-60 and 310XT, and also then sends to the data to Garmin Connect, which then shows up as below:
image I find it funny it thinks I’m 12 years old.  :)

Like the Garmin FR-60 review, this review in the works as well and also inbound in the next 2-3 weeks.  Want to use it for a solid month post-coming back from travel before I give ya’ll my thoughts on it.

Sunset Hills:
Today was a double workout day.  In some ways, it’s the most difficult day I have in the course of the week.  Not necessarily from a pure workout difficulty standpoint, but from a time and energy balance perspective on a weekday.

Earlier in the morning I knocked out an hour long swim, which included lots of 50’s, and a handful of 25’s.  I even managed to squeak one more second off my 25y pace from last week, down to 14s.  Though, they are always at the very end of the work, and with a pull buoy, so a bit slower than I could probably do if fresh.  But I’m making progress on short speed – which is important for a season focused on short course…
After work I set out into the sunset for my hill workout.

While this workout is supposed to be on a treadmill, this time of year I’m not even going to bother trying to go to the gym and getting a treadmill for 80 minutes.  Just not possible with 20 and 30 minute time limits on equipment, and everyone there knocking down New Years resolutions.  I’ve been poking around a bit to try and find a good deal on a used treadmill on Craigslist, but alas I should have done that months ago – not now when everyone is buying them to use twice before reselling them.
So I instead just ran to the nice mile long hill right near my place.  This time my graphs turned out really damn pretty.  Like, super pretty.  Even Coach Alan said so:

See…he likes me.   Or at least my workout.  Well ok…his workout…my execution.  Anyway, here’s the pretty graph:

Post hills there’s only one thing to replenish those 1,000+ calories lost… A 1,000 calorie burrito, from Chipotle.  Woot!



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  1. Yeah, I had to laugh that the Tanita thinks you are 12 as well. That would be a cool little tool, but me and technology are not on good terms with each other and I am sure it would not give me a readout or it would tell me I am 75.

    I had Chipotle’s on Sunday and the gal making my soft tacos gave me extra goodness in my tacos and I did not ask for extra yummies. YES!

  2. Love the info from the BC-1000, although I’m not sure if I would want to know that much information about myself…I am a woman after all and sometimes it just best if I think I’m fitter than I actually am!

    Wow, that sunset picture is beautiful…mainly because there is no snow in it…

  3. Sport Sci Blog is awesome. Anytime you want to read over-analyzed sports stuff, that’s the place to go. But when they hit on a topic of interest, they go to great lengths to cover all angles. And they hit on all sports too, which is nice.

  4. I like the pictures of goggles on the floaty!

    Good work out there with your effort to make such a nice graph.

  5. i have the FR-60 and love it. but, and this won’t pertain to you because the men’s model doesn’t have the same problem, but the women’s model has stiffer plastic and a stiffer shape, i don’t see why it has to be that way since it’s not carrying a GPS unit. also, i wish that garmin would have the same menus in all their models.

    ok i’m zipping it now, and waiting for your review!

  6. Thanks for the link to the Sports Scientist site. Maybe 2 PhDs can talk some sense into a certain PhD I know who’s dealing with nutrition and athletic performance issues.

    And, indeed, our Tanita scale also says I’m years younger than I am (13-16, depending on the day). But I’m nowhere close to your BF %, that’s for sure!

  7. FORTY THREE HUNDRED? I’m taking up triathlon just so I can eat like that.

  8. Nat

    Garmin just has the best stuff! Oooh I love it! I also started a new blog, check it out if you get time on occasion, any ironman tips you have would be great!
    link to mnironjourney.blogspot.com

  9. Wolf

    Nice recap on the FR-60. Quick question – how easy is the lap button to hit. I’m looking for a watch for the track to easily count laps, repeats, etc. Been looking at the new Ironman model with its touchface lap count. I love Garmin, though, so I’m at a crossroads. Thanks,

  10. Hi Wolf-

    It’s super easy. I find it easier than the Ironman watches I’ve had. But perhaps because I’ve grown so used to the Garmin layout.

    I’ve been using it both in the pool and on runs to do laps, and it’s just a simple button press.

    I hope to have a fully detailed write-up of the FR-60 in the next 7-10 days, roughly. Started the in depth process of picture documentation today.