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The Weekend: Motorola MOTOACTV, Zeo Mobile, Jawbone Up, long battery tests

I didn’t exactly plan on having as many different gadgets arrive this weekend as occurred – it just sorta happened.  But holy cow – there’s some really cool stuff in here!  Like increda-cool. I can’t wait to get full in … Read More Here

Sport Tracks adds Zeo Support and Training Analysis

I like seeing integration between hardware and software companies.  It allows all of us to access our data in ways that the hardware vendor may not have originally envisioned.  One of these days I’ll write up a post on the … Read More Here

Zeo – In Depth Product Review

WARNING: Zeo has since gone out of business. When I first heard about the Zeo I assumed it was simply yet another device that ‘measures’ sleep.  But once I got the unit and started to dig into it, I realized … Read More Here

A weekend in Seattle

For me, this past weekend was all about recovery.  But the real kicker was… I wasn’t actually recovering from anything.  Well, any training or race event anyway. Instead, I was recovering from the effects of 40,000+ miles of travel in … Read More Here

ZEO, Fitbit and other tidbits

First off – sorry for the slight silence the last few days.  I’ve been fighting a cough for the last three weeks, and it seemed to be winning the war over the last few days.  Between the 12-14 hour workdays … Read More Here