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MyTriRack Transition Rack Review

There’s a lot of ways you can reduce your total time in triathlon.  The most common being you can swim faster, bike faster, or run faster. To get faster at each of those individual sports you either need to train … Read More Here

A Weekend Peaking in Transition

This weekend was the last push before the first triathlon race of the year occurring next weekend.  Since next weekend’s race isn’t an ‘A’ race, the goal is focused more on a steady build to Boise 70.3, exactly 8 weeks … Read More Here

Many many loops….transition practice!

With a race just over 24 hours away, it was time to get in some much needed transition practice.  Why practice transitions you ask?  Well, it’s easy free time.  Sure, people always say ‘free time’, but that’s not exactly true … Read More Here

In Transition…T1…T1…T1…

After last evening’s 90 minute swim (back and forth a gazillion times), it was time to quickly pack up the automotive transition area and head over to the coach’s place to go through transition ‘refinement’ and practice. Translation: He must … Read More Here