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Friday Fun Video: How we got the treadmill underground into the DCR Cave

Earlier this week in my post about the DCR Cave, I noted the addition of a treadmill to the space.  However, getting the treadmill to where you saw it was not quite the cake-walk we had hoped it would be.  Rather, … Read More Here

The new DC Rainmaker Cave…and new Bertie’s Cake Studio in Paris!

This announcement has been a super-long time coming.  As in, babies have been made in less time.  Almost exactly one year ago The Girl and I started looking at expansion space – both for The CupCakery as well as a … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Woah, this was a crazy busy weekend for us.  Pretty close to about as jam-packed as I think we can make things fit.  Here’s the low-down (and this is skipping all sorts of stuff like a company that came and … Read More Here