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The Bia women’s GPS watch: My detailed thoughts

A couple weeks ago a new entrant to the GPS-enabled sports watch bounced onto the scene via Kickstarter, the Bia watch.  This unit is forthcoming in being targeted and designed directly at women.  So I’m first going to go through … Read More Here

Updates on Garmin Vector and new Garmin GPS watch

Note: Please see in depth post on Vector “Everything you ever wanted to know about the Garmin Vector pedal based power meter” posted here (it’s a whole lot more detailed and in depth, and includes comprehensive Q&A with the Garmin … Read More Here

My Sports Technology Predictions for 2011

I’m back at it again – giving my predictions for what’s coming down the pipeline for the 2011 year.  Last year’s predictions post became one of my popular and regularly read posts…and, for good measure – the vast majority of … Read More Here

The Ironman Access Country Club Program? Maybe…maybe not…

For most that saw World Triathlon Corporations (WTC) e-mail announcement on Wednesday, or heard about it online, the initial reaction tended to be of anger – if not outright disgust.  However, the more I dug into responses from folks on … Read More Here

Separating product timeline fact from fantasy: Interbike Edition

Now that some of the hype has died down a bit from Interbike, it’s time to take a look at what exactly all these vendors have promised…and which ones might actually meet their promises. But as is always the case, … Read More Here