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How to learn from the Marine Corps Marathon App Fiasco Failboat

For those of you outside the DC area, you may be unaware of all the trouble that occurred over the past few days when one of the nation’s largest marathons contracted an app to be put together to allow racers … Read More Here

Marine Corps Marathon Time-lapse and Photos

There’s no bigger race in Washington DC than the Marine Corps Marathon, and – in the case of this weekend, no better weather than today’s for the race. The Girl and I headed out before sunrise to stake out our … Read More Here

Race Reminders: NYC Triathlon Early Registration, IM 70.3 Race Openings & Marine Corps Marathon App

It’s that time of year where the most popular triathlons for next year start to open…and sell out just as quickly.  The first wave of these starts later this week, with many of the other big names occurring over the … Read More Here

A 10K, a marathon and wilderness in between

Let’s try and keep this weekend recap quick. On Friday night myself and two friends drove down to Charlottesville, VA to run in a 10K race there (Bad to the Bone 10K aka Charlottesville Fall Classic).  (I’m in the lower … Read More Here

The 2008 Marine Corps Marathon Race Report

7:56AM – Sitting in the port-a-potty losing a pound or so.  The race starts in 4 minutes, about a quarter of a mile away.  Uhh…yeah. But, we manage to make it to our spot near the 3:30ish marker just as … Read More Here

Ready to rumble..or tumble and bumble…

Boy has this been a fun 12 hours.  Took the redeye from Seattle last night and landed around 7:15AM into Dulles this morning.  That picture is on arrival.  it looks like crap outside, and I felt like crap after landing.  … Read More Here