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A Week of Sunshine Swim/Bike/Run/Hike in Mallorca

Last week was a busy one, packed with cycling, running, swimming, hiking, and all sorts of other things. I was down on the Spanish island of Mallorca, a short 2ish hour flight from home in Amsterdam, putting in the miles. … Read More Here

Four Days of Swim/Bike/Run Amazingness in Mallorca

I’ve been down in Mallorca since earlier this week, for a jam-packed slate of daily swim/bike/run workouts, with a side boatload of photo and video shooting. This trip was almost exclusively about testing a slate of devices set for review … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Mallorca

From Wednesday of last week until last night, I was down in Mallorca, which is a small Spanish island located in the Mediterranean.  It’s a super-quick journey from Paris, yet has mostly warm and sunny weather, even this time of … Read More Here

A weekend enjoying a Spanish island

After zipping back from work meetings in New York City, The Girl and I caught a flight down to Palma de Mallorca (a Spanish island), via Barcelona.  They are two relatively quick flights from Paris.  The first about 80 minutes, … Read More Here