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Paris Super Sprint Triathlon 2016 Race Report

This past Sunday was the Paris Super Sprint Triathlon, which is an indoor tri held annually here and put on by Expatriés – one of the local triathlon clubs.  Like all early season indoor triathlons, it’s a great way to … Read More Here

Paris Super Sprint Triathlon 2014 Race Report

Regular readers will remember back a few months ago me mentioning that I was signing up for an early season triathlon.  Here in sorta-northern Europe, that means still indoor swimming.  Though, with the weather as of late it easily could … Read More Here

How to kick butt in indoor triathlon races

This past weekend’s indoor triathlon race got me thinking about how indoor triathlons are in many ways very different tactically than outdoor triathlons.  Sure, both have swim/bike/run objectives – but the way in which different indoor races are run forces … Read More Here

2012 Equinox Indoor Triathlon Race Report

As you’ve probably noticed – I’ve been super hesitant on publishing a race schedule this year.  Not because I don’t want y’all to know where I’m racing – but rather simply because I don’t know where I’m racing much more … Read More Here

Seattle Rainman Triathlon 2010 Race Report

If there were ever a triathlon to do, having one virtually named after oneself seems like the kinda event I’d want to start with.  I heard about the Rainman Indoor Triathlon back a few months ago, and a bit later … Read More Here