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A Kochi, India Runaround

Welcome to India, the land of a billion people, nearly as many bikes, and countless interesting places to run.  Despite having flown over India more times than I can remember in the past two years, it’s been almost exactly two … Read More Here

Bikes of India: A review in astounding cyclery

Back in November and December during a few different trips to India I took quite a few photos of cyclists.  Now, if you remember some of my previous posts about things that occurred on the roadways of India, than you … Read More Here

The India Runaround

With my work completed yesterday (Thursday), I had the morning in Delhi to do as I saw fit before my flight later this afternoon.  I initially thought I might go do some touristy stuff, but after it was found out … Read More Here

India Part II: Crouching Tiger

(Quick note: You can see the first half of my brief trip to India here in Part I) As a general rule of thumb, when you want to go see unique things in the wild, it takes a bit of … Read More Here

India Part I: “For some things, there are no explanations”

We arrived into Delhi, India – the country of 1.2 billion people – quite late Tuesday night…errr, rather Wednesday morning I guess.  We were supposed to be there Tuesday night – but because the coffee pot on the airplane wouldn’t … Read More Here