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Garmin Forerunner 410 In Depth Review

When the Forerunner 410 was introduced recently, the first question on everyone’s mind was: Has the touch bezel been improved?  The second question was – how does this stack up against the current crop of GPS devices out there.  Well, … Read More Here

A look at the new Garmin FR410 Touch Bezel

(Note: This is a bit of a teaser on the FR410, the full FR410 will be posted later this week.  Thanks!) There is no watch out on the market today that’s quite like the Forerunner 410, except of course its … Read More Here

Back in the ice…

I arrived back in the United States from India on Saturday morning at 5:14AM…which I was pretty excited about.  Mostly because it was over an hour prior to our scheduled time.  Secondly, because I had run out of movies to … Read More Here

Swimsense, FR410, Garmin Connect & Bing, and Giveaway Results….oh my!

[Note: If you’re looking for my In Depth Swimsense Review – you’ll want to mosey on over there.] I’ve got just a few minutes before my flight takes off, so before they get into the final boarding calls I wanted … Read More Here