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Garmin decides not to add Left/Right power or TSS/NP/IF to Forerunner 310XT

While checking on status for the forthcoming Edge 500 and FR310XT firmware updates that were scheduled to add the TrainingPeaks Metrics of TSS/NP/IF to the Edge 500, Edge 800, Forerunner 310XT and Forerunner 910XT – I got word that the … Read More Here

An inside look at downloading FR310XT workouts to the web without a computer

You may remember quite a while back I showed off the Wahoo Fitness iPhone dongle.  This handy dandy little white pod the size of a quarter plugs into the bottom of your iPhone/iPod and allows connections to ANT+ devices such … Read More Here

2010 Athlete Gadget Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when people stampede into their local mall in search of the perfect gift.  But choosing gifts for an endurance athlete can be tough.  Endurance athletes are picky by nature – for example, you’d never dream … Read More Here